i feel sorry for some people

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any blog recs?

ahhh sure !! (this is not all my mutuals btw im just too heckin lazy but ily all akjssakka im so sorry) 

my love - @princessdan

some lovely pals - @pugjumper @luminousphil @formsprings @thunderhowell @philiplesty @serenephil @hearcomesthesunflower @danhowellgifs @pliquori @articulatehowell @springphil @doddle-phan @bloomingphil @philledwithstars @dangelical @arcticlester @cloverphan @lester-nerd @danopoly @sharkdan @fringegaps @angelphannie @ivorylester @smileyphil @puritylester @dantea @prettydan @orchidan @lightninginthenightsky @buzzbeelester 

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Hey can you please rec some cool harries? I've been on hiatus and everyone I used to follow is deactivated or changed URL and I no idea who they are 🤔 Lol

@androgynoustyles, @abutterflyonhistummy @holo-styles @extravirgo @rideshotgun @7thofhapril @warriormum @herecomesharry @egotstyles @harrysfashioncampaign @habibharry @guccisweater @holo2017 @hi-mr-styles @accidentalharrie @ifheartscouldfly @adorkablehazza @harrysfilm @thatspartofyou @harryandgaga @tweedygal @heswaymore @hazzwatch @harryslovelylocks @brittohmy @holoharry @theharrystyleseffect, @truelovealwayshurts @larrysoatmeal @kenbutnobarbie, @starlightsf25, @harrysvoice @harryknows @happilystrongintheclouds @glee-harry-styles @stylesinthewild @actingharold @methodharry @whoopsharrystyles @artistharry @coveredinclovers @@bitoflovehate  @percybinchshelley@hardcoreharrie @prancingboots @ithadmefromhello @tutututuk @nokaejoong @harrystylesfiles @babustyles @robotharru @millionharry @stockholmsstyles @harrysolomusic @as-happy-as @harryisclever @stylininmi @springtimeharrie @harryandjefe @savage-styles @rocketmommy @mysticalharry @maythestylebewithyou @leaningtowerofhazza @alltimestyles @hardystyls @herefortheharry @harrehmadness @sometimescake @stylesmclovin @harryqstyles @itstakeiteasyonme @actorharry @foreverlivingwhileimyoung @divineharry @stylesstate @hazoffstyles @hershelandjerome @twoshipscolliding @glowstickstyles 

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Fogs are not fucking regular omnivores- they should only be on such a diet with vet approval and heavy regulation. Otherwise, feed your damn dog the proper food. They can't take the same shit we humans can because they haven't evolved that way. I'm sorry, I just don't want people STARVING their animals so they can feel better about it

There is a difference between feeding your dog a primarily meat diet with some non-meat sources and completely all out starving your dog. Vets are the only reliable source for what your pet should eat, but common sense can tell you NOT to feed your dog or cat a vegan or vegetarian diet without vet approval. Btw, your wording between the last post and this one changed. You originally said they’re not omnivores period but this time you said “regular omnivores” and “regulation” meaning you understand that they can stomach some non meat sources in controlled portions.  I’m sure you mean well but you seem like you’re not 100% committed to your understanding of the facts either. If you do work in a pet store then you can simply just tell customers that they should discuss their dog’s nutrition with a vet because, in the end, you’re not an expert. -Abby

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I feel uncomfortable exposing any of my blogs as none if them have anything to do with being mer, sorry. I know that some boys are okay with being called 'mermaid'. It's just that too many people use it as the gender neutral and i cry about this a lot because I feel like no one acknowledges my existence. But I guess thats just cryptid life, huh? I hope your boy mermaid friend has a nice day. Sorry for being upset about his post - mer anon.

You’re fine ! I’m gonna make a Merman post for you ok ?

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Who would you say are the best gif makers in the robron emmerdale fandom? I need some recs pls!

Oh wow, there’s SO many amazing gif makers in this fandom I’m guaranteed to miss someone so I’m so so sorry if I do.. these are the ones that come to my head straight away;

@dingleminyard @lizzzzoo @emiliagrant @aarondingel @dingleautomotives @charitydingle @thisdamndesire @iwantmessedup @isabellaofparma @apositivelifeaffirmingway @inloveamateursatbest @sorenkingsley @sugdndingle @justleavemebreathless @robertsugdn @itwasjustmisplaced

Feeling so awful nowadays AND very busy, don’t really wanna be on tumblr and not even SHEITH could help, but this blog needs me, and you, all sheith shippers and VLD fandom, I always hope you’ll overcome your problems and always have a great day!

Some part of this fandom is shitty sometimes (or always?) but don’t be discouraged! Fandom meant to be a fun place and people who says otherwise aren’t even worth your time. At all.

Sorry for blabbering lol but like I always say: have a great day for all of you! You all deserve to be happy and loved! Stay strong! You can do it!

Holy crumbs there’s a lot more asks that I never answered than I remembered…

Sorry for everyone who I never replied to– I read them all and I do my best to answer them thoughtfully, but sometimes (especially lately) I don’t have time to respond.

Please don’t take it personally! I still love hearing all your ideas whenever you feel like sharing. :D

to speak in some frankly nerdy hannibal terms here

i’ve got one hell of a person suit carefully assembled stitch by stitch and it’s starting to bite me in the ass

cause a.) i’mm wearing it more often than i’m taking it off lately
b.) it’s making it increasingly hard for me to feel believed when i tell people truths about myself. such as:
“i’m depressed/mentally ill” (really? you seem like you’re motivated and together!)
“i’m introverted/a homebody/don’t like socializing” (but you come off as such a people person!)
“i’m in trouble i need help” (but you’re always talking about how you’re getting it together!)
“i’m bad, i can be unempathetic, i have trouble caring about others, i grow tired of people, i worry i lack empathy” (but you’re so nice, you give off the impression you care so much about people, you seem so kind)

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Hey sup. I know youre weeabootale won't be as active, but just wanna say I LOVE THIS AU. It's awesome to know there's someone who feels the same way about the UT fandom. :) Yeah that's about it. Yeah bai.

Hi! Sorry for being so late jzjxjsbxks'dosldfbslx’d

Thank you very much!
And yeeeah… the Undertale fandom is such a strange fandom ha ha-
But it does have some really amazing a cute people too-


ive been getting harassed by this one anon tonight and she/he is saying some pretty nasty stuff and im honestly just not in the mood for this crap today so im going to take my lazy ass and go to bed because it 1am and im just feeling very defeated and not up to editing and posting what I wanted to.

i hope you guys understand and im sorry if I’m letting you down im just in need of some loving rn🙍🏽

i promise ill post tomorrow!! love you guys, and please just keep this as a reminder that there is alot of vulgar people on the internet and you just gotta keep n eye out ❤🌈💐💛🤴🏼

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I wanna join but I don't want to be ignored

I understand that fear, and firstly I’d like to say that I’m sorry it’s a concern you have. I’m sure it doesn’t feel nice, and that anxiety can be pretty paralyzing. 

I’ve said this before, and I still stand by it: our members have been some of the nicest people I’ve come across in rp. Our dash is not always the most active, and compared to some of the groups I’ve seen, we actually have a small number of people in our group, but that’s what I really enjoy about us. Posts don’t get drowned, people are generally pretty social with each other on the dash when they’re online, and it’s easy to keep track of what’s going on. I know I can safely say that none of my characters have ever felt ignored, and I think I speak for the other mods and their characters as well in that aspect. The group is very inclusive and welcoming, and I’m really proud of that.

I do have to say, though, that you get what you put into it. If you don’t make an effort to reach out and befriend people, it can be pretty easy to feel ignored. Not everyone who’s joined has found a home within the group, which is unfortunate, but expected. When people have had concerns about fitting in, and have actually come to me or the other mods, we do try very hard to deal with that, and help characters find the plots or people they’re looking for. 

It’s all about communication and effort, at the end of the day. 

I’m not sure if this makes a lot of sense, I am very tired, but I’ve been thinking about this message since last night, and I didn’t think it was fair of me to let it continue to sit in the inbox. I’d say give it a whirl, and join. I think that if you tried, you could very much find a good place here. 

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So, I don't consider myself part of the LBTA community, since frankly, I think it's bullshit. But one of my friends does, and it actually makes me so angry. She already didn't feel accepted by the wider society because she's bi, but then one day she came crying to me telling me of how some gays in her LGBTA group had basically bashed her for being bi. The basic notion, it was so much more painful to hear that mean stuff from those people, because she thought they'd try to understand.

I’m so sorry for your friend. She didn’t deserve to go through that.

Biphobia is awful enough as it is, but somehow any kind of bigotry is always worse when it comes from people that are convinced, wholeheartedly, that their bigotry is “progressive.”

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At this point as awful as it sounds, I have a hard time trusting cis lesbians and gay men before I know them, because all the hate I've seen makes me assume they hate me. I know it's just regs, not all cis LG people, and I don't want to be so horrible, but I'm scared anyway. Aspec, intersex, trans and nonbinary people, as well as anyone else mga get hate from the same kind of people, so they feel safe. I'm just a horrible person sorry for venting, I don't know what to do

it sounds awful because it is awful, i’m sorry. i’m not denying that you haven’t seen cis lesbians and gay men say horrible shit, because i’ve seen it too and have had to deal with some serious personal shit because of it. but NO ONE of an oppressed group deserves to be judged due to the actions of a few. i can’t condemn lesbian women who say because a bi woman cheated on them they distrust all bi women and then in the next breath say it’s okay for you to distrust lesbians because you’ve seen some say hateful things; it would be complete and utter hypocrisy.

i get that it’s hard when you’ve been hurt but you need to work on it. i’ve seen atrocious things come from lesbians and gay men, yes, but i have also seen atrocious things come from mga, aspec, intersex, trans, and nb people as well. and if there’s anything i’ve learned in the inter-lgbtq world, it’s that the nastiest people tend to be the loudest. you need to be proactive and internally remind yourself that hateful people like that are a minority in the community, otherwise you’ll be complacent in the circle of distrust and hostility that still pollutes the lgbtq+ community. 

you know, I am kind of an asshole. I’m sorry. LeFou deserved to be a better character but some people just need to accept that we (unfortunately) aren’t there yet in terms of representation. I personally think it’d be pretty hard for a company as iconic as Disney to portray a character that’s COMPLETELY seriously LGBT in front of a country that’s generally homo- and transphobic, so I thought it was a nice try. Guess it just flew by me.

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Mod DoomedDirk, it's fine that you're angry or sound angry sounding. Literally what the fuck is wrong with people?? just because some copes differently from you. if you can't respect them get the fuck out. - kark

Exactly! Fuck, just. I know so many survivors who keep to their own lanes and try to keep into themselves as much as possible, and usually suffer because of it, because they don’t feel like they’re allowed to cope with things that actually really help them. And then we get self righteous assholes trying to tell survivors how to cope as if survivors haven’t gone through horrible things and should be? Allowed to cope as what helps them most? I would much rather just have to use the blacklist or block people than yell at a survivor to stop coping with x thing because it’s “”bad””. Like yes. Survivors know the thing is bad. They went through it. That is why they are coping with it by viewing the thing in a healthier way so they can come to terms with and accept what happened at their own pace. 

Some people don’t do that. And that’s okay! Everyone works differently. But there are so, so many blogs out there for people who don’t cope like that, and not a lot of blogs who do allow people to cope as they do. Is it really so bad that we allow that? Especially when most if not all of our mods are survivors who, to some degree, use ships and stuff to cope. This is a safe place for them. It would be damn hypocritical of us, I think if we just… didn’t allow it. “Oh no sorry we don’t allow x asks even though we use x to cope”? It’s ridiculous. We can handle these asks. We know what it’s like. If someone wants help with a canon, or if someone wants something they can cope with, then why not.

Why punish survivors when we could be actively helping them in a safer, more controlled environment? Idk it just. Annoys me. We put the warning in the rules to keep people safe, because we know that we can’t appeal to everyone. But people don’t read the rules, and then try to change how we run. No. We won’t. We’re here to help. That also means survivors who cope with their canons or use their canons to cope in different way. 

Coping is so much different than normalizing something or saying “x thing is alright!!!”

- Mod DoomedDirk

i believe in the normalization of platonic love and affection; and i also believe in the normalization of letting people say no to affection. let people say “i’m sorry, i don’t like to be touched” without others getting offended. let people set boundaries without others questioning why they don’t “believe in platonic love.”

just like… some of us have good reasons for not wanting to be touched and tbh a good enough reason should just be “i don’t want to be touched.” please ask first, please don’t be offended if we ask you not to touch us, please stand up for us if you see other people violating our boundaries.

and if you have a friend like me who is touch-shy - we still love you! just be patient. chances are, we’ll warm up over time and you’ll see us shift our boundaries for you. we’re trying most of the time. and if you’re having a hard day, just tell us you need physical affection - 9/10 times if someone says “i just need a hug” i will willingly and gratefully give it; it’s just difficult for me to initiate said hug without a verbal prompt. we’re not cold, we’re not mean, and we still want to be there for you!

touching friends is so great! saying “i love you” and other cheesy things to friends is awesome! please be really gentle with your friends who need different boundaries with this!! we love you too and we want to be there for you but sometimes we can’t be there in the same way! sorry ): okay thank you for listening have a nice day!

One thing about chronic illnesses that people really don’t seem to understand is that rest doesn’t make it better, at best it can slow down how bad you feel at that time or help it feel a bit more bearable but it’ll get worse if it wants to whether you’re resting or not

Sometimes you’ll be forced to rest because you can’t do anything else, but that doesn’t mean resting makes it better. When you’re chronically ill, you don’t get better, and rest definitely doesn’t leave you feeling refreshed and full of energy

If your whole body hurts and it’s painful to move then you have to rest but it’s horrible doing that the whole time, I know you’re supposed to rest when you’re sick but actually a lot of spoonies I’ve talked to hate it and would love to be able to be more active but we can’t - the last thing we want to do is spend more time at home in bed on our own

Resting doesn’t make anything better for me, it just helps to stop it being worse - everything can still hurt if I don’t do anything and I’d be happier if I could go out, even if that would hurt much more


I know a lot of folks feel sorry for deer in the winter, especially when it looks like there’s not much for them to eat. I also know that some people, having seen deer eating gleanings out of fields, think it’s helpful to leave some corn out for the deer. As a nutritionist, I beg you, DON’T. 

Deer are ruminants, which means digestion relies on microbes in their gut to help break down forages. These microbes undergo seasonal changes, and in winter, fiber-digesters are the dominant type. If deer suddenly eat a large amount of starch-rich food, like corn, what few starch-digesting microbes are in the gut quickly get overwhelmed, and acidosis develops. This can lead to a quick, painful death. What started out as kindness becomes cruelty.

Deer take 2-4 weeks to adapt their guts to changes in diet.  In the wild, this happens as the seasons change, and the deer are fine. But if you overwhelm their gut with energy-rich food in a time of the year when they’re living a lot off of high-fiber food and their own fat reserves, it can lead to sickness and often to death. 

Even if it doesn’t kill them, congratulations, your yard is now a place where they expect food. You may have deer fighting for access to the food, or spreading disease. And things that eat deer now know they can find food near your house.  This can be dangerous to people who let their pets outside - coyotes may view small pets as a snack, as can feral dogs. Not to mention the last thing you want is those same predators getting used to people. Increased deer in residential neighborhoods also increases the risk of deer-car collisions.

In the winter, deer are usually living off of the fat reserves they built all year. Unless it is unusually cold and the county is putting out food, best not to. Deer can handle themselves.