i feel sorry for maddy

Fenton Family Christmas

Christmas Truce present for esoulix, who asked for Team Phantom in a college-age Christmas setting. Sorry if it’s a bit late!

“'Twas the Morning of Christmas- though it still felt like night. Probably something to do with the festive ghostly light. He floated through the ghost-zone, listening to carols of spectral moaning, while the weight on his back-”

“Oh my God are you rhyming?” Danielle started groaning.

“Trust me, it’s Christmas Tradition,” Danny told her, glancing back over his shoulder.

“Well stop it,” she mumbled. “Iz…iz…stupid.”

The handsome narrator paused in the middle of typing, less than pleased with this ghost-girl’s Grinchy griping.

“Dude, I said knock it off.”

“I didn’t say anything,” Danny raised a brow.

“No, it’s someone else; aren’t you hearing it now?”

“Oh great this guy again,” Danny glanced around all in vain. “Just ignore him Elle, he’ll probably go away.”


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Rule 47

Previous part can be found here.

Thanks to yourenotascoolasyouthink who read this. Only two more parts after this one. How fun is it that it’s almost over! Anyway, 

Part Twenty

Mamrie doesn’t mean to slam the car door. Or the front door. It just happens, because these two are going to be the death of her.

“Are you insane? There’s a monsoon happening outside! Noah’s about to row, row, row his boat down the street any second now, and you’re just standing right in the middle of it? Not to mention the Grace shaped puddle that’s now occupying the passenger seat of my car. Do you even care if you get sick? What were you thinking?

Mamrie storms off to the bathroom, coming back with a towel and wrapping it around Grace’s shoulders. She pulls her phone from her pocket and taps the screen a few times before setting it down nearby and getting back to removing the small lake that Grace has absorbed.

“Sorry Mames.”


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Jaune is probably such a fucking “no homo” kind of guy at first like

*Jaune falls asleep on Ren’s shoulder*

*wakes up an hour later*



Nora *from the other side of the couch, where she and pyrrha are cuddled into a pretzel*: okay, Jaune

I feel really bad for Johanna Mason

At the end of Mockingjay (both the movie and book) most of the victors get a happy ending. We find out what happens to all of the victors (all the main ones at least) except two, Beetee and Johanna. Based on what we were told about Beetee, he seems like he would do fine. He seems less mentally damaged than most victors and he’s a genius. It’s safe to assume that he does alright after the war.

But Johanna on the other hand, probably not well. She did not fare so well mentally, she likely had an array of mental disorders and a drug addiction to boot, and on top of all that, no one. She made it clear that she had no one she loved, and no one who loved her.

After the war, nearly every person was consumed by reconstruction, either of the nation or of themselves. All the other victors got to work trying to fix themselves and likely received help. But no one loved Johanna, sure some people liked her (such as Katniss and Finnick) but with one dead and the other screwed up so much she wouldn’t ever be OK in her lifetime, there was no one left for Johanna. She wasn’t important like Katniss, she wasn’t smart like Beetee, she wasn’t sweet like Peeta or Annie. She was more like Buttercup than any other character. So she probably was forgotten. Sure she probably had her basic needs met for the rest of her life, but not much else. And then what? She must have had to live the rest of her life trying to cope. But how? Drugs. Alcohol. And even then, she may not have been able to cope. With just Johanna and her thoughts, she probably didn’t make it very long.

I’m not saying she killed herself (she could have though), she probably just lost the will/willpower to continue living. You and I can sit here all day coming up with happy headcanons about how she did but if you look at the facts, I would say they don’t look good for Johanna Mason.

okay its not rad at all but my last follow forever was when i had
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michaelspimp♕nik ily you’re my bestie and yeah you know what I’m feeling and thank you i love you thank you for everything and dealing with my shit nik your extremely gorgeous and your really nice and i love you a loooot okay bbg idk what to put tbh bc i told you everything and I’m really grateful that you’re my friend :-)

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irwhimsical♕ kash lol, you’re my cousin and you’re a little shit. jk that was mean I’m sorry i love you so much. you know every little secret i have tbh and idk why we can’t stop talking. we see each other almost every single day, go to school every single day and yet we still need to call each other and text?? wtf dude how am i not tired of you. we knew each other since day one. well that means i love you lots and lets go to mba and party. (and graduate from high school there)

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