i feel sooo much better today


Sooo, I try to be as honest as I can. Last night, I ate. Again. That’s 2 nights in a row. Ughhh. I don’t even be hungry. I just want to eat. I kept it Keto foods, but still. On the way home from work, I was so close to going to McDonald’s, but I talked myself out of it and turned around and just went home. I told myself if I’m going to eat anything, it’ll be keto foods. Still not good, but I’m trying here lol.

I wish I would’ve never started eating carb dense foods again because now I have cravings like a MF. Ughhh it sucks. But I’m going to do better, I promise this to myself.

I did get up before 8 today and got motivated by a friend. I was just laying in bed when he told me he was up early to go to the gym. So I was like lemme get my ass up and goooo too. I went to the park (my little park) and initially planned to do 3 miles, but I did 2 instead. I didn’t wanna push myself too much especially with it being hot out there and I didn’t bring any water.

I must say, I feel sooo good. There was another girl there, she was running thoo. And all I could think was, “wow, you’re passing me up again?” Hahah! I’m not the fastest walker, but ima get there. Today’s day 1. I planned on going just 3 days a week for right now, but idk. May go the rest of the week. I feel sooo good. The sun was out, but there was also a cool breeze accompanying him. It was perfect.

Thank you @xtinedancefit for being some inspiration and motivation to me. You have pushed me as well and you don’t know how much I appreciate that and you. You’re absolutely amazing, doll! 😘😘

Prayer Request!

So, in reference to my last post lol, I am seriously thinking about going to nursing school to become a registered nurse and maybe eventually even become a nurse practitioner! I don’t want to jump into doing this without knowing if this is what God wants me to do so prayers that this will all work out if it is what God wants me to do would be nice! Thank you all!

On a side note, I am doing much much mentally better now. I’ve been taking my pills again so whoop whoop i’m in a great mood and in a good state right now!!!! Thank you all sooo so so so much for your prayers, you guys mean a lot to me and I love you all because Jesus does!! Much much love and God Bless yall!

Allergy Season

Request: Could you do a super fluffy imagine of Frank where y/n is sick?

It’s that time of the year again, allergy season. As pollen coated the air, a cold hit me like a brick wall. When my allergies began to work on me, Frank hovered over me like a hawk. He wouldn’t let me leave my room, insisting he’ll take care of what ever I needed and it wasn’t a big deal at all. “Frank, it’s okay. I can do it-”

“No no no, I got it. Just stay in bed, your feeling warmer today than yesterday” The thermostat beeped, Frank studied the results and frowned. “Yep, I was right. Your 102 today. Do you feel better at all”

“I feel Frank, really” I wheezed out, my throat still hasn’t recovered.

“Because you sound sooo much better” He chuckled, brushing the hair out of my face to kiss my nose. “I better go get the medicine, try to get some sleep while i’m gone”

After 45 minutes of flipping through channels, I heard the front door open along with the shuffling of plastic bags. Frank walked in the room quietly, trying to hold multiple bags at once. “Frankiiiiie…” I whined, making him jump.

“Jesus christ y/n, I thought you were sleeping” He giggled bashfully, still clutching his chest.

“I’m sorry, what did you get? That’s a shit ton of medicine”

“Yep, I cleaned out the whole pharmacy” He laughed when I raised an eyebrow at him. “I got some stuff I thought would make you feel better. Some ice cream, bath beads, movies, etc. Even all of your dumb chick flicks” I gasped dramatically, putting my hand on his shoulder.

“You got…the rom coms”

“Every cheesy rom com at WalMart” 

“Aw Frankie, you do love me”

“If I knew stupid, sappy movies were the key to your heart, I would have bought these months ago when I was stuck in the friendzone” 

“Oh yeah, cause I would have banged you instantly. If only you would have bought them sooner”

“Hahaha you’re so funny” Frank smirked, setting the gifts aside to lay down next to me. I shivered, his skin felt ice cold against mine. I nuzzled my head deeper into his jacket, feeling sleep beginning to creep up on me. He kissed the top of my head. “Go to sleep baby”

“Can you stay with me?”


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I love your art so much I'm glad you're feeling better

Oh dear lord… This is when a was under the weather, without voice and really bad.. Thank you for your concern! Like you could see tumblr isn’t send me any notifications and I hadn’t realised until today… Sooo sorry please forgive me! Thank you so much for being worried about me… Your so sweet! now I’m fine… I can’t eat ice-cream like I want to do it, because here is winter, but seriously ice creams are better in winter XD See you! And thanks!

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i feel sooo much better today… sometimes, maybe, crying is a good vent?? i dont know why i almost never do it? and im mostly not having pain today either… was i having physical tension pain because of emotional issues. i got my bullshit out and now i can enjoy things again… thank u to everyone who said nice things last night

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I was just wondering today how you're doing. Hope you feel better, girl! Don't get too lost in your thoughts though 🌼 Emotions and feelings come and go and nothing remains as it is, neither do you xx Sending you some good vibes ☀

Daaamn those good vibes have made my day! I feel sooo much better than last week, it ust proves how right you are - I have changed massively in days! Much love and thanks xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Everyone’s got their own kind of medication. Some people drink, some people do drugs, some people binge watch tv shows, for some people it’s junk food, others it’s shopping, makeup, dieting, self harm, partying, flirting, empty relationships….. Some people hop around from escape to escape. I definitely do. There are soooo many ways to run from your feelings. It can be small, like you had a stressful day so you buy yourself a pint of ice cream and watch Netflix. It can be big, like your parents are abusive so you get drunk and take a bunch of pills. I know people who’ve done both. Obviously the first one isn’t as destructive as the second but are either of them really okay? Is it really a good idea to always run to those temporary fixes??
But whatever you do, you do something. Make no mistake about that. The one thing that really ticks me off is when people judge other people for the way they medicate as if they themselves don’t have anything they do that’s bad. Some people’s problems are more obvious than others but we ALL have problems. We all have pain that runs deep. We all have a real fear of inadequacy. We all fall asleep some nights feeling like we didn’t do enough, or like we did too much and we’re too far gone. We ALL feel hopeless sometimes. Some people feel sad more often than others but we all have sadness inside, whether or not we access it on a regular basis. Just because you or someone you know is out of touch doesn’t mean you or they are not sad. (NOT saying you have to be sad all the time to be in touch with yourself, just saying if anyone thinks they are literally never sad then they are most likely a bit out of touch…)
Please never feel like there’s something wrong with you because your life isn’t perfect. Nobody has a perfect life, I don’t care how fun their snapchat story looks or how fabulous their instagram is. Everyone’s story has something really really messed up about it and that’s okay. For some people it’s something awful that happened to them, or a lot of awful things they went through. For other people, it’s things that didn’t happen to them, love they didn’t receive. Neglect. The presence of torture and the absence of love are equal in my opinion, they screw people up the same way.
There’s no need to measure your pain against others to make yourself feel better or worse. Whatever happened to you or whatever you missed out on, your pain is real. Your feelings are valid. You didn’t deserve that. You deserve better. A lot better. You deserve to be happy. You deserve to feel loved and appreciated and accepted and safe in your world and it’s really sad if you don’t. It’s a very sad thing but it doesn’t have to be that way. The good news is YOU can change that. You can be the first one to love and accept and protect yourself and get your head into a place where you understand just how much you deserve in life. And once you do that, YOU can be the one to seek out people who appreciate and respect and want you and create a beautiful reality where you exist in the light with people who care and whom you care about. You need other people. We can’t do this alone. Life was made to be shared with the people around us. It’s SO much better that way.
But anyway, my main point in writing this is to bring attention to escapism. I’m just looking around lately and seeing how much we are all just medicating throughout the day, avoiding stress from today or pain from the past. We’re all just running from our feelings sooo much and we really need to stop. It’s not about what you’re doing, because some medications (as I call them) are harmless, but it’s about why. If you’re doing something to make yourself feel better that’s not directly fixing the problem, maybe stop for a second and ask yourself if that’s really a productive thing to be doing. Like maybe pause Netflix and just journal for a bit. Write down what you’re thinking about, what’s bothering you. Go through your emotions. Take your headphones out when you’re on a walk and just think. Go through your mind and see if anything is wrong. Just get in touch with yourself from time to time and make sure YOU are giving yourself enough attention and support and allowing yourself enough time to breathe and relax and express. Cry if you need to, call someone and talk about it, write a letter to someone telling them how they hurt you, just do something to make things better. You deserve it. There’s nothing wrong with watching tv from time to time or enjoying a treat here and there, just make sure you’re not using it as a way to escape your problems. You deserve to be happy. You are worth the time it takes to go through your feelings and deal with them. You are worthy of solutions.
God bless.

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i hope you feel a bit better today nowi. Maybe one of these days we'll watch fate series together if you want to?

i love you so much magz i hope u are doing well also !! i am thank u very much ,, and omg one day i should hav a big rabbit fr fate w friends nd folloers tht woudl b sooo good

thank u so much magz u are seriously the best <3


once again, @texasisfrigginhot and i went out and came back with a little more than we expected.


Bath and Body Works (i mean holy fuck)
Office Depot (sooo many phone cases lol)
LOFT (SO FUCKING EASY got lots of shirts for my friends, i didnt show pictures of like 3 other ones that i got)
Urban Outfitters (i got a motherfucking wall tapestry????)
Sephora (i feel like i could have done so much better, but i like ulta more so ill just go in again another time lol)
Kendra Scott (hehehee)
and our university bookstore bc no one has time or money to pay $200 for a textbook you will open once.

my kitty decided to make an appearance again because she’s cute and she knows it 😍❤️

today was a relatively good day.

~Fly away~
Picture made by me :)
Thank you sooo much my amazing Assassins for your many get well soon wishes :D that had me so cheered :D i feel better today :) Thank you so much big hug to you all :3

#14 Clothes are getting too small

A/N Hey everyone! Ok you probably hate me because I haven’t written in soooo long but I’ve been EXTREMELY busy and I honestly haven’t had time. :( I’m going to start again though so I hope you like it! 

Ashton- You groan in frustration as you toss yet another shirt into the ‘doesn’t fit’ pile. You sighed and looked down at your growing stomach. You loved your baby girl more than anything in the world but all the weight you put on made you feel like a monster. A single tear slipped down your cheek just as Ashton walked into the room. “Hey baby what’s wrong?” He came up behind you and wrapped his arms around your body placing his hands on your stomach and resting his chin on your head. “None of my clothes fit Ash! I’m massive!.” “No you’re not! That’s just our baby sweet heart.Trust me nobody thinks your fat. And even if they did I would still love you so why does it matter? You’re so beautiful.” He whispered softly to you and he kissed your neck. You smirked. “Well I still don’t have anything to wear. I didn’t go maternity shopping yet.” He walked over to his side of the closet and slid the doors open. 'My closet is your closet babe.“ You grabbed one of your favorite hoodies that he owned and tossed it over your tank top. "See sweetie you look great.” “Thank you. I love you Ashton.”  

Luke- You were starting to show a lot now and of course the clothes were getting smaller and smaller. For the past few weeks whenever you were home Luke would let you lounge around in one of his shirts and that was like heaven for you but today Luke had some interviews and you were going to go with so you had to wear some of your own clothes. You tried putting on your favorite summer dress but when you tried to zip it up the zipper broke. You were so annoyed and mad and to make thing worse your hormones were raging. You sat down on the floor and cried. Luke heard and came running upstairs “Why are you crying sweetie? What happened? Talk to me.” He sat down next to you and rubbed your back in small circles. “I’m too big and I broke the zipper on my favorite dress.” You cried into his shoulder. “Well I think you still look absolutely perfect. It’s just a dress don’t worry love we can buy you a new one.” You nodded. “I look fat in every single thing I’ve put on today.” You frowned and stared into your closet. “But your glowing. You should embrace it.” Luke said. “Can we go to the maternity clothes store before we go? I want to at least look a little decent?” “Of course. Come on.” he said as he helped you up. You quickly tossed on one of your oversized sweaters with some leggings and left starting to feel a little better about what Luke said and embrace your baby bump. 

Michael- Today you were in a pretty good mood so you decided to get up early and surprise Michael with breakfast. None of your own shirts fit you anymore so you decided to grab one of Michael’s from the laundry and wear that instead knowing that he wouldn’t mind. A while later he was awoken by the smell of pancakes and he came down the stairs topless. “Have you seen any of my shirts babe?” You turned around to face him and before you could answer he spoke “Oh! Found one!” “Sorry Mikey none of my clothes fit me anymore and this looked so soft and comfy and It smells like you and-” He cut you off “No babe It looks so hot on you. Oh my god. Can you wear one of my shirts everyday?” “Oh stop your just being nice cuz I’m a fatty.” He grabbed your wrist and turned you around again. “Look at me. Don’t you ever say that again ok? You’re the most beautiful thing ever.” You nodded. “he playfully slapped your butt as you turned away to finish the pancakes. "Love you clifford." 

Calum- You were face timing Calum because he was in a different part of Australia for some press they had to do but he would be back the next day. You were talking for about an hour when he noticed that you have been super fidgety. "Did you have too much sugar today Y/N? You can’t sit still.” He laughed. “Ha Ha. No. I’m sooo uncomfortable in these clothes. Nothing of my own fits me right now. This shirt is way to small.” You frowned. “Babe! What are you doing? Why didn’t you just go into my drawer and wear something of mine?” He asked. “I don’t know Cal I didn’t really think of it I guess.” “Go do that right now. I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable sweetie.” You did as he said and you returned wearing his NASA shirt and some sweatpants. “Better?” He asked with a smile. “Yes! Thank you much Calum. I love you! Lifesaver.” “I just want to see you happy babe. It looks so good on you honestly.” “You’re so sweet. Well Griffin and I are super tired so we’re gonna go to bed so we can come see you early at the airport ok?” You asked him. “Of course. I love you both so much. Goodnight.” He blew a kiss to the screen and you pretended to catch it before turning off your laptop and going to sleep. 

A/N I’m not sure if this was any good or not but this is the first chance I’ve had to write and I’m so tired so I didn’t edit it yet but I really wanted to post because I’ve been getting tons of asks about it. Love you all! 



Second day back in the corset! I’m at work and still stealthing in my 24" orchardcorset CS-345, closed to about a 1.5" gap (even though I was able to close it yesterday, it was too much to fast and I need to give it time to get back to a full close). It feels sooo good to be doing this again. In fact, I hurt my ribs in a volley ball accident on Friday and by Monday it hurt to breathe. Two days of corseting have stabilized my ribs and back, giving it more support and, as of today, it’s feeling sooo much better! I’m telling you, if done safely, corseting it a wonderful thing! Kaydee

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Sooo I'm on the spectrum. I've written you before about how much I love that you write Lexa autistic in some of your works. And The 100 was kind of one of those special interest things for me and it's like it was ripped away and I feel terrible. Everything has triggered me today because I felt like my safety blanket burned up or something. It's silly, I'm an adult, but it's how I feel. Anyway, reading your fics and thoughts on the ep made me feel a little better this evening so that's cool.

well just fyi @unicyclehippo & i are writing a rly hap rly GAY boarding school AU w spectrum lexa its lovely & young & funny so look forward to that