i feel something's missing but what

Tomorrow, Colin will be at the New Jersey convention, answering questions and meeting fans and being a little cupcake all over the place.

So I’d like to take a moment to beg the fans attending this convention to please, please, please heed the following advice. Mind you, I’m not telling any of you what to do - you’re all free-thinking folks who can (and will) do whatever you like, and that’s fine, but please consider these things, as well.

  • WATCH SOME OLD PANEL FOOTAGE if you haven’t already. I have a feeling most of the people following fandom hijinks on Tumblr are exactly the folks who don’t need this advice, but every time I see someone ask him something he’s answered already at each of the last five conventions, a part of my soul freaking DIES. Yes, this goes for “How much do you miss Jen?” and “Do you miss Captain Swan?” questions. He’s been asked them. They’ve been answered. Stop already.
  • DON’T ASK ‘OLD STANDBY’ QUESTIONS. “What superpower would you want?” or “What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?” have been asked so many times. We already know the answers, and they’re not that interesting in the first place.
  • KEEP HIS FAMILY OUT OF IT. If you’re in a meet and greet and you send best wishes to his family, that’s probably okay. However, it’s best to keep his family out of panel questions entirely. He’s made it very clear he doesn’t want to talk about them extensively with fans and there’s simply no need to put him in that kind of position.
  • BE RESPECTFUL. Look, I admit I love it when he gets asked saucy questions. And yes, he’s fucking adorable when he stammers or blushes. But remember, he’s a real human being with real feelings. Make sure if you’re going to toe the line that you’re on the right side of it. No one should ever make him feel truly uncomfortable or disrespected. You might feel like you know him intimately, but you don’t. You’re a stranger to him - and if a question or comment would sound skeevy to you coming from a stranger, it’s gonna be just as skeevy to him.
  • DON’T ASK FOR SPOILERS. He’s not going to give away anything about upcoming episodes, so don’t waste your precious time with him asking for them. He’s just going to say that he can’t say anything about it… and move on to the next question. Disappointing for you, and boring for others at the panel or watching at home.
  • DON’T ASK HIM AND JEN TO DO THINGS. Colin tends to be very accommodating on his own and will usually recite lines or sing a little or do whatever fans ask of him, within reason. Jen, however, does not. In a dual panel, you’ll end up wasting your question if you ask the two of them to sing lines from their duet or do just about anything else. It will most likely be a no. One exception might be the “head on shoulder” shtick from SDCC - but as they’ve already done that this summer, it might still be a no even on that one.
  • ASK HIM INTERESTING THINGS. I recently saw an interview with John Cleese and he was asked for the most interesting question a fan had ever asked him. He recited a story from ages ago, when an older lady stood up and had the whole, ‘Excuse me, I do hope this question is acceptable…’ and then followed this up with, “Did the Queen kill Diana?” Decades later, he still remembered this woman and her question - and it still made him laugh. I’m not telling you to ask Colin if the Queen killed Diana, since he likely wouldn’t find it as funny as Mr. Cleese did, but you could ask him something equally off-the-wall and unexpected. Something to make him laugh. Something he’ll have FUN answering… and something he’ll REMEMBER fondly.

So what SHOULD you ask him? Well, here’s some ideas:

  • How happy was he to get to play Old Hook again? Go on, let him gush about it now that he finally can XD
  • How hard was it to not move or blink in 6x20?
  • Does he ever visit Tumblr to see fans’ craziness? XD
  • What’s he think about Pluto (that’s messed up, right)?
  • What’s his favorite scene with [someone other than Jen]? He gets asked a million times for his favorite CS scene, but I bet no one’s ever asked him for his favorite scene with Sam Witwer or Raphael Sbarge.
  • How’s he managed to cultivate such an awesome pain face?
  • What’s his wildest green screen story? We know about Jen and the huge green donut and Josh and the giant pickle… What’s his weirdest moment with the green screen?
  • Is he going to dress up for Halloween? As what/who?
  • What’s something he improvised or added to a scene that he’s most proud of?
  • Print out a screencap of that shirt from The Clinic and ask him if he remembers it and if he thinks it’s as bad as we do.
  • What’s his favorite bad joke or pun?
  • Does he feel cheated by the fact that Hook’s costumes are always so similar to each other or straight-up the same thing?
  • Ask him about knocking his head on the floor coming out of the portal in 6x17, because I’m pretty sure that wasn’t in the script.
  • What’s he think about that body pillow? XD
  • Preface this question with some explanation about how you feel like he might be uniquely qualified to answer something you’ve been pondering about for quite some time now, or you’ve traveled a long way to learn from his expertise after all of his time working with them… and then finish by asking if krakens have bad breath.
  • Is filming intense scenes like the underworld dungeon scenes in S5 fun or are they uncomfortable and awkward?
  • Are his family and friends still teasing him about his fame and what crazy things his fans do? Because someone created a version of Botticelli’s Birth of Venus with him as Venus and someone needs to be teasing him about it, like, pronto.
  • Ask him (or anyone, I’m not fucking picky people) about this fucking horse head in this fucking set photo. For the love of fuck, I need to know what this horse is doing there. [insert more swearing]
  • Check out my Questions for Colin tag for some more off-the-wall questions to ask our favorite guy.

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Okay i'm sorry to bother but can u explain to me why HOME is such a gay af song. I mean i 28299/% support it i guess i just don't see it? In the lyrics and stuff so ilcan u explain or link me somewhere bc i'm lost ksjsjs sorry to bother thanks❤️

Nonnie,,,I love you so much for sending me this ask bc I can be extra af, but aLSO how can you not see the gayness in this song skjfskgh  im really sorry for answering just now btw whoops

Okay so, let’s talk about the lyrics yeah? This is how I interpret them, so this is just my opinion but I know gay ppl like me will agree

Make a little conversation
So long I’ve been waiting
To let go of myself and feel alive

So many nights I thought it over
Told myself I kind of liked her
But there was something missing in her eyes

First we have these lyrics, they talk about how they try to convince themselves that they kinda like a girl, but there is something missing. Of course when you are gay and you start to discover your orientation, you might feel internalized homophobia, so like you try to convince yourself that you are straight because that’s ‘‘the normal thing’’ and that you have to like a person of your opposite gender at least a bit, but of course that ends up not good because you are just hiding yourself.

I was stumbling, looking in the dark
With an empty heart

Then, we have these lyrics, the person feels lost and empty because they feel they are alone and no one can help them and they will always have to hide who they truly are or that no one feels like them.

But you say you feel the same

So then the person meets another person who is just like them and who feels just the same, so they start feeling valid and that it is okay to feel how you feel and to feel attracted to people no matter their gender/orientation/etc.

Could we ever be enough?
Baby we could be enough

I feel that with these lyrics they mean like they are enough and their feelings are real and valid, and they don’t have to fake being something else because it’s okay to be who you are and that’s more than enough. And the person who they met is reassuring that.

And it’s alright
Calling out for somebody to hold tonight
When you’re lost, I’ll find the way
I’ll be your light

Here the lyrics talk about how it is okay to ask for help or opinions when you are confused about your orientation, or gender or anything. There will be people out there who will love to help you and try to figure out who you are.

You’ll never feel like you’re alone
I’ll make this feel like home.

These lyrics are the most important to me because once again, if you are part of the lgbtqiap+ community, most of the time when you are in a place where you don’t know a lot of people from that community you might feel very lonely and that no one will truly understand you. So it feels really nice if you have someone there who will support you and who you are no matter what (for example me and my partner, they are my home for multiple reasons but one of them is because they made me feel valid and loved)

So hot that I couldn’t take it
Want to wake up and see your face
And remember how good it was being here last night

To be honest I feel that with these lyrics the person is trying to say how good it feels to spend time with the other person because they don’t have to hide themselves and they feel safe around the other person.

Still high with a little feeling
I see the smile as it starts to creep in
It was there, I saw it in your eyes

These are other very important lyrics for me. Remember how at the beginning they use she/her pronouns, but now they use you instead of her. That’s something that honestly only people from the lgbtqiap+ community will understand. How it goes from ‘‘I should like this person because that’s what society tells me, even though I don’t even like them that much, but that’s the ‘right thing’’ to ‘‘I feel safe and everything that I always wanted to feel around you, and what it was missing with other people I could find it with you even if society thinks my love for you is wrong’’.

The change of pronouns is a very important thing specially because most songs by 1d are very gendered and heterosexual so knowing that this song has that big change is something that we shouldn’t sleep on.

This got long af but I’m not even sorry lmao. I hope this helped you to understand more about the song nonnie 💜

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How does a fucking stallion get pregnant... Is there something I missed?

Mod: Yes, I explained a bit ago that Nemo is an Omegaverse character. If you don’t know what the Omegaverse is then feel free to look it up. Now I would like to kindly ask that you all please stop questioning why he can get pregnant. I’m not gonna answer this anymore.

Pride Prompt Request

This was requested by anon: 85. “I need to tell you something.” With pride?

(gif belongs to of-badges-and-guns)

Pride overheard you talking to Percy about a date you went on last night.  He didn’t mean to eavesdrop, but he was curious as to where you went last night.  He silently scolded himself for not asking you on a date himself.  

The agent had to tell you about his feelings.  He knew that if he didn’t, he would regret it for the rest of his life.  Pride didn’t want to miss out on what could be just because he was too nervous to say something.

“[Y/N] you’re with me,” Pride said as he grabbed the keys from his desk, retrieving his gun from the filing cabinet.  “We’re gonna go for a little ride.”  

You got up from your desk slowly, raising an eyebrow at the agent.  You grabbed your phone and followed Pride out of the office.  The first few minutes in the car were quiet and you weren’t sure what this was about.

“I need to tell you somethin’,” Pride spoke, breaking the silence.  He pulled to a stop outside of your favorite bakery.  “I don’t want you goin’ on dates with guys I don’t know.”

“Dwayne, what-.”

“Lemme finish,” Pride interrupted.  “I want you to go on dates with me.”  Pride shifted in his seat and he could see the blush on your cheeks.  “That is, if ya want to.”

“Of course,” you said, nervously rubbing your arm.  “Did you bring me to my favorite bakery for a date?  Or am I here for breakfast?”

“Both,” Pride smiled, opening his door.

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Reveling in Richonne

#97: The Discovery (7x16)

So this moment is really sweet cuz we see the pure relief of Carl and Rick when they discover that Michonne is not the one who fell. 😊

But first, there’s this super subtle interesting thing that I noticed throughout this battle scene.

Rick and Carl have just been saved by the tiger and they realize the squad has rolled up and is ready to help them take down the Saviors. They go into action mode and we get this whole little fight sequence.

And what I noticed is that, if you watch, anytime they cut to Rick he doesn’t feel the same. Like not just physically cuz of the bullet wound. You can tell, even in these little action moments, that he’s lost a crucial part of him and he feels like something is missing. At least to me lol.

Like he’s fighting and he’s doing the motions cuz he has that survival instinct but I always appreciated this little detail of him not just jumping right back into fight mode like nothing else happened. You’re still very aware that he thinks he might have just lost Michonne and you can still tell he’s off because of this.

Like there’s a natural shock and daze due to everything else going on, but it’s amped up for him cuz as far as he knows he’s just lost the love of his life. I appreciate that this doesn’t seem to be forgotten, like I know she’s still on his mind rn even in all this madness.

And I think this is confirmed by the fact that after the fight the very first thing we see of Rick is him and Carl running over to the place where they believe Michonne fell.

Like I’d bet money that’s the first place Rick wanted to go and he went as soon as he had the chance.

It was such a precious and heartbreaking shot to see these two Grimes boys running over to see if their matriarch hadn’t made it. Like truly these boys need her and you know they had to be trying to brace themselves for the worse but they had to run and see anyway.

Like I love that amidst all the chaos, their priority was to get over there and see her.

I remember when I saw the garbage patch kid on the ground I was like “So Garbage Patch Karate Kid, remember how you said “we win”? Well uh my homegirl Michonne, it looks like…

And then I love Rick and Carl’s response when they discover it was a garbage patch kid who was the one to fall.☺️

The amount of joy and shock is so evident and I love that you briefly see Rick give an impressed look to Carl like “Dang, Michonne really ain’t nothing to play with” lol. 

Like I know when Rick saw this trash chick on the ground the direct quote from his mind was "My girl’s the baddest chick in the game.” Direct quote, y'all. 😋

And you can see Rick slowly but surely finding his center again. Like when he saw her fall the light left him and you see that light come back just upon knowing she wasn’t the one who fell. 

And Carl’s so happy and impressed too and it’s cute to see him excitedly run to find her.

I just love that these boys are so eager to see her. Like they were going to find her no matter what, cuz she’s immediate family and they know it.

So they run off to give us another piece of Richonne/Grimes 2.0 gold. Won’t He do it! 🙌🏾😊

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Can you do something for Edward Midford? The plot being along the lines of him finding out the phantomhive servants are assassins. It would be much appreciated.

Shout-out to @theoriginalgodsgirlrachel for helpng me! She’s like the Kuro guru and I love her so much ugh if you’re not following her you’re missing out on quality content <33333

Edward froze, feeling as though someone had just injected ice water straight into his veins. “What?!” He hissed, hardly daring to believe what he was hearing. Ciel’s servants are assassins? Why wasn’t he told about this beforehand? 

Just as he started to feel angry, a calming thought washed over Edward, once again stopping him in his tracks. Elizabeth is as safe as I am when she’s here, away from me. All at once, he stopped being angry and instead felt relief at the now guaranteed safety of his sister. Nothing would ever harm his sister and now he could be sure of that fact, no matter where she was.

One thing was still bothering him, though. Just because his sister was safe when she was there, did that make Ciel think that he was a suitable match for Elizabeth? Edward clenched his fists, feeling murderously protective of her.

“My respect and admiration for you may have just increased, but you’re still not fit to marry my sister, Ciel!”

Ciel sighed. How boring.

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(Not a confession) Can you sumbit confessions if they involve other shows/movies?

I’m gonna be honest: it depends if the mods get the reference. I don’t like making edits for something that I do not get at all, I feel like it’s missing something or I’m not doing it justice. Sometimes we can Google around and find what it’s referring to and piece something together, sometimes it’s not that easy or still doesn’t come across right, if that makes any sense.
If you’re going to send a confession about something that you’re not sure if we’d get, you can always make the edit yourself (be sure to follow our guidelines! under “Can I make a picture confession on my own and send it?”).

-Admin Maki

OK people keep pointing this out and honestly it’s so true?

When Keith is leaving this is Pidge’s reaction, she’s visibly sad and you can tell she’s obviously going to miss him

And Allura is sad too, but she seems more proud of Keith because he’s going off to do what he wants to do

But then there’s Lance?? 

I don’t even know what he’s really feeling tbh, he just looks like he’s trying so hard to hold something back, like he’s pretending to be OK when he really isn’t. And I don’t think they focused in on his reaction for no reason (especially when they could have showed Hunk, Coran, or even Shiro again) this obviously means something. 

Considering his “Yeah, who am I going to make fun of?” Came after Pidge’s “We’re really going to miss you.” It’s pretty obvious he’s going to miss Keith…But just for making fun of him? That seems a bit empty and he’s most likely not saying everything he feels, because you know, this is Lance. He hides his true emotions underneath his confidence and charm, even though he has more insecurities/problems than anyone else out there. Every once in a while though they do slip out, and I think it almost did here but he was doing his best to hold it back for the sake of the team. 

So honestly…I wonder how he was really feeling in this moment to see Keith go… 


If the writers really wanted to, they would’ve found a way to make Peridot coming to the rescue mission work, because think about how interesting it would’ve been if Peridot came instead of Pearl! 

We could’ve seen how she would’ve reacted to seeing her former leader, Yellow Diamond, being in such an emotional state regarding Pink Diamond! We could’ve seen the inner turmoil inside her; about how she still thinks about Homeworld and how conflicted she feels about going against everything she ever believed in, that she was literally made for, for the Crystal Gems! We could’ve seen how it became Peridot’s CHOICE (as opposed to initally being FORCED) to stay with the Crystal Gems OR, alternatively, have some foreshadowing of a future rift between the Crystal Gems and her, maybe even have her siding with Steven about being bent in learning the truth about Rose Quartz and what happened between her and Pink diamond! 

We could’ve! Had so much character depth! with Peridot!! 

god my absolute favorite feeling is devouring a book, when you get so into the pages and the words that you have to stop your eyes from skipping lines and force yourself to read every word, when you’re so impatient for what happens next that you can’t sit still while reading, when you have to re read whole pages because you were too busy predicting and anticipating that you missed the actual events, when you read a part that’s too good for words and you have to close the book and scream into your pillow, that’s what reading a truly great book is about and the feeling is even better when you haven’t found a book like that in a long time and then you stumble across one and something inside of you awakens

Instagram Is A Tiny Speck In The Ginormous Oil Painting of Life

One topic I think about obsessively: Instagram. More specifically, the psychological effect it has on me.

A while ago I posted a tweet saying I felt conflicted about social media, and the responses I got were surprising. People said that Facebook gave them anxiety, only going on certain sites when their mood was stable, whilst others deleted and re-activated their accounts regularly.

Illustration by Ana Galvan

I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with these platforms but they have so many pros that it makes them hard to quit. They connect me to like-minded people, are informative, make me laugh and give me an instant connection to my fanbase. It’s amazing to feel a level of relation in real time. However, in the last year I’ve noticed that every time I go on Instagram I feel kind of flat + zapped afterwards, like somebody has literally sat on my brain for 5 minutes. It’s oddly deflating.

Social media apps are designed to make us addicted to them. Human behaviour is reward based and each time we get a “like” or a message, our brains release a hit of dopamine, which makes us feel rrrreeeeal good (until the dopamine level drops and we feel real bad). Instagram is basically digital meth. So, for the past year I’ve been deleting the app off my phone for large periods of time, then re-downloading it if I want to post something. Interestingly, the feeling I get upon returning is always the same: I’ve missed nothing!

I understand social media’s appeal most when in relation to constructing a fantasy world. I’ve used it as a creative tool on every album I’ve made. Tumblr was key to “Electra Heart” and Twitter was key to “FROOT”. But what at first seemed like an opportunity to communicate our thoughts in an uncensored way has become a vehicle for us to present ourselves in the way that we would like to be seen by others. And this is what makes me feel weird about posting sometimes. A review I read of the film ’Ingrid Goes West’ nailed this feeling: “We use these platforms to lie and intentionally curate our lives”. The curating part hits a chord with me. It makes me feel icky, because I’ve surely, if subconsciously, done this - the majority of us have if we’re using the platform. How do I get around that and use it in a healthier way? Do I just delete the whole thing or do I need to be aware of the reason I want to post something? i.e. Is it to share an image I love, or is to make people think of me in a certain way? The latter creeps me out. It scares me.

Illustration by Allegra Lockstadt

Recently, a friend said he had been going through a difficult period, so he hadn’t gone on Instagram for about a month. “Why would I? Everyone is having such a great time”. Ohhh, the digital illusion of happiness. OK, some people are genuinely having a great time, and they want to share that great time with you, but they’re not having a good time all the time. And that’s the key to remember when we’re embarking on a scrolling spree into the darkest depths of existential hell at 2am. Social media is a tiny speck in the ginormous oil painting of human life. We all have problems. We present the good parts of ourselves because it’s anathema to document the true nature of our lives, which inevitably consist of moments of disappointment, loneliness and embarrassment. None of these things look pretty or cool (no, not EVEN if you put the Mayfair filter on top of them), and I can totally see how it all started out innocently. We all love sharing special moments, but because these moments hold social currency online, we’re now doing only that. It’s easy to see how people can feel disappointed when their own lives don’t measure up in a similar way.

Illustration by Lan Truong

We’re still in the infancy of the internet, trying to navigate technology in a way that is beneficial to our lives, but I sense a shift towards a desire to portray our lives more realistically. I notice more people sharing an experience or story in the caption of a selfie/ photograph that provides more of a picture of their life than the actual photo ever could. But I still wonder how we can evolve online culture into a space that is less image-focused/ self-driven, because I worry about the psychological effects that an image-focused culture might have on a young person’s self-esteem. 20 years ago, posting a stream of pictures of only my face would have been considered borderline narcissistic, but now it’s normal. And I’m not judging this - I’m talking from the perspective of someone who has done this a’plenty and who has been a part of that culture, particularly at the height of an album campaign. Maybe all Instagram has done is magnify what seems to have always been true, that humans value beauty to excess.

Ok, I’ll end this post by saying this: If I never go on Instagram again, my life won’t lack anything because of it. Assuming I use it 20 minutes a day, I’ll get back 122 hours a year - for free! The reality is, I’ll probably continue to use it, but it’s important to me to see these platform for what they are, not what they appear to be. They’re addictive, comparative, take my time and give little back in return.

I’ll leave you with my fave comment which came from @FKASimon.

Quite, Simon, Quite.

Love, Marina

Ask a question or a share a thought here!


It’s not your fault, you don’t deserve this sort of pain as for any discriminated queer person. Your parents are supposed to love and support you as they have since they day you came into this world. You are forever beautiful and protected by this community. There will always be people you can communicate with to give you advice on what to do, I’m sorry your parents treat you this way. You matter as much as anyone else, your health matters and your happiness. Your identity is forever valid. Take care of yourself.

(Please add anything if I missed something. I feel like this isn’t enough I’m saying.)

BTS React to gf stealing/wearing their boxers

@keulla:  Hi would you like to make BTS reaction to their gf likes to wear boxer (either its theirs or she buy it herself)? It’ll will be fluff or smut is up to you^^

Thank you for the request love, and sorry for the Hiatus/Wait. I miss doing these, so while I don’t feel 100% I’m still going to put in some effort. :) Hope you guys understand. 


He thinks it’s cute, and seeing you walk around his bedroom clad only in his boxers and one of his oversized t-shirts is something he’ll never take for granted. 

Now, that doesn’t mean it’s what he prefers to see you in. You know exactly what he prefers to see you in:

“Baby, you’be been wearing those boxers a lot lately, why don’t you wear something a little sexier, huh?”

“I really want you to put on something dirty for me. C’mon, treat me right.”

Originally posted by bangthebae


He is obsessed

He doesn’t even care that you literally stole them, not asking for a pair directly. Which in itself shows you how much he likes the image. Jungkook doesn’t share cloths. 

Would want you to model for him a little bit, so he can take some pics for those long nights on the road. 

“Please, it’s the least you can do since you stole them.”

“Don’t you feel a little bit bad about being a theif? This is how you can make it up to me.”

Originally posted by myloveseokjin


Okay, but you waking up in the early morning after a great night of just spending time together and sex? Yes. You not being able to locate your own cloths bc you and Tae literally tore the clothes off of each other? Yes. You giving up after looking for 0.3 seconds and just pulling on the silken pair strewn onto the floor? Hell yes. 

Imagine him waking up bc you’re not there to cuddle, groggily reaching out for you, irritated that you’re not there, slowly pulling himself up out of bed and seeing you in them for the first time.

Boy is dumbstuck you look so good. 

“Ahh, jagi it’s too early to get out of bed, don’t you think?” His eyes are so dark, the longing in them off the fucking charts. 

He would push the sheets off of him, palming himself while not once taking his eyes off of you. 

“Seeing you in those. I really wanna fuck you.”

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He would wonder for weeks where his boxers had gone too. When he finds out that the culprit is you, he is a little bit miffed. 

“Those are designer!”

“I never even suspected you! I blamed Joon because he never washes his cloths and always trys to bum!”

“Now I’m going to have to apologize. Do you know how much I hate not being right?”

Originally posted by bwiseoks

J Hope:

You honestly think he can take in the sight of you wearing just his boxers and not throw you over his shoulder? take you to the bedroom? and fuck you so hard you have trouble remembering your own name?

You make a point to steal a couple more pairs, using them to tease him and test his limits. 

You even wear them under your jeans sometimes, bending over that little bit so your waistband rides down and he gets a peak. 

“You’re a menace, sweetheart.”

“Being a tease isn’t very nice. Gotta teach you a lesson huh?”


It becomes a regular thing, because lets face it, Jimin thinks you look best when you’re wearing his clothes. 

“You wearing them tonight?”

“You should, I like seeing you in them.”

“If you do, I’ll be extra sweet to you, yeah?”

It makes the possessive part of him immensely pleased. 

Originally posted by sweaterpawsjimin


“This is a problem, babe.”

“Now I get turned on whenever I see my own boxers! It’s like pavlovs dog.”

“How am I supposed to deal with all of these random boners?”

“This is your fault, take responsibility!”

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Bill, Stan, Richie, Eddie: Scrapes and Bruises

Request  “Can I ask for Bill, Stan, Richie and Eddie getting patched up by their crush/gf? Maybe they had a run in with the clown, or the Bowers gang and got a little roughed up or something.” 

A/N   I re-read this like 100 times trying to see just how repetitive it got and I zoned out every time. My bad rip

Pairing → Bill Denbrough x Reader, Stan Uris x Reader, Richie Tozier x Reader, Eddie Kaspbrak x Reader (She/Her Pronouns)

Warnings  → description of injury, blood


↳ Bill bit his lip and tried to stay quiet as you looked at the wound on his side. He sat on the side of his tub, which you had filled shallowly with warm, clean water. You dunked in a cloth and got to work.

He hummed in pain. He mentally smacked himself upside the head, but at least it was better than crying out in front of you. “Sorry” you murmured. You found some antiseptic balm and uncapped it.

You had both been caught off guard by It. Jumping you both on the way home and landing a long cut on your fearless leader. Your blood boiled as you remembered the strike, and Billy going down, and Bill’s blood boiled as he remembered the fear It had caused you, and your scream.

“Bill” you called “Billy?”

He was trying so hard not to wince that he had zoned out. “Uh-Hm?” he said quick “Wuh-what?”

“This is gonna sting” you gave him an apologetic smile “Sorry”

It didn’t really. And that wasn’t just Bill trying to lie to himself for the sake of saving face. It burned a little, sure, but he was distracted by the feeling of your fingers on his skin. Looking down, he saw you, putting all your effort into being as gentle with him as possible.

His heart swelled.

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thenorthernphoenix  asked:

Do you know why everyone keeps predicting that Lance is gonna die?

Two answers:

First one:  IIRC, Shada once made a joke of “Well, Lance dies at one point, so, that’s gonna be fun,” which I pretty much always took as some kind of space antics going down and Lance is not, in fact, going to pull a GoLion Shirogane. Because listen, there is no way in hell they’d drop a dramatic spoiler like that.

Second one: because, and I’m gonna be salty here, people love to watch Lance suffer. I can’t tell you how many people have described Lance on a downward spiral, getting more insecure and more hurt and not smiling or laughing any more when in actuality we’re seeing him growing, gaining confidence, hurdling things that would have emotionally absolutely sunk him before.

Lance is moving beyond the rivalry, and he was never the type to stew over his own issues- as early as s1e4 his response to feeling homesick was to talk to Coran about it and since then, he’s been more articulate and conversational about his feelings, and, those talks have ended well, even if they don’t resolve everything, because, they don’t have to.

The feeling I get is that segments of the fandom, more than they’re having trouble seeing Lance as a person growing in confidence and making positive strides, don’t want to. They don’t want to see him climbing higher and feeling better because for them, Lance’s essential role is to be the wounded, broken victim to be healed by Keith/Shiro/Lotor/somebody’s loving embrace.

Part of it is a perceptive bias in that Lance is very much a support role. He’s very naturally inclined to propping up others. I think that it really bothers me when Lance’s conversation with Keith is taken as just an exercise in insecurity, when it is actually, I think, a powerful statement of Lance’s values: “I don’t want to hold myself up as important at the expense of either you, Shiro, or Allura. I want you to be happy and I’m not afraid to take a back seat if that’s what it takes, because this isn’t a participation game and I’m not entitled to be Special Chosen Boy.”

And Lance is emotional! He’s someone with a lot of feelings, and very heartfelt. But that’s also Lance’s element. Water is something overwhelmingly thematically conflated with the realm of emotions, and for Lance, it’s something that ties him to Earth, and his home- Earth compared to most of the other planets in VLD has vast oceans, and the home Lance misses was right on the beach, on an island.

It creates this visual of Lance, with all of his positive, warm memories of home, as someone who was cradled and beloved by the ocean.

Saying Lance is going to fall prey to emotional turmoil and come apart at the seams is like saying a fish is going to drown. Lance is one of the most stable members of the team, that’s why he’s a leg. Even moving to Red, the main thing he’s done is work to help Keith navigate his own wild, turbulent emotions.

Because if you want to look at people who are prone to leaving their feelings to fester, that’s Keith and Shiro. Keith is the one who’s carrying deep-seated, old emotional wounds and a lot more raw nerves than he realizes, and Shiro’s the one who doesn’t take his own sound psychological advice.

Lance? Lance takes his own advice. When Lance has a bad feeling he finds someone and talks about it. S2e11 showed us that Lance’s audience doesn’t even have to be really good, they can be literally a dog, and Lance will have meaningful conversations with them as a surrogate.

Saying “oh, no, will Lance be able to deal with this emotional conflict?” is like saying “oh, no, will Hunk be able to lift this heavy thing?” Like. Yeah, there is a possibility they could be overwhelmed, but, they’re probably better suited to deal with it than almost anybody else on the team.


The Librarians Shipathon 2017 - Week 6: Flynn & the LiTs

So while the others are researching possible solutions to the latest magical calamity the Clippings Books has provided them, he holds the woman he loves on the stairs and looks over the Library that’s no longer just his.

beautiful writing by imagination-parade

Miss It. (Angsty Harry Styles Blurb)

a/n: Here it is! This is my first ever angst piece, so please be nice haha! But, I hope you enjoy the outcome as much I enjoyed the writing. All the love as always, L. xx

- in which Harry feels like Y/N doesn’t love him anymore.

Harry was so tired. Emotionally drained, one might say. His brain had become too torn on what to think, and his eyes dry from crying. He felt like he couldn’t find peace, even though deep down something was keeping him awake, every single night.

“You know what, Y/N? I miss it.”

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