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daily reminder that having a service dog for being mentally ill doesn’t mean you’re weak or taking service dogs from “those who need them”. service dogs are for anybody that needs help, not just psychically disabled people. being autistic and having a service dog is valid, having ptsd and needing a service dog is valid, it doesn’t matter who you are or what you need help with, doggos are for lots of different people and you aren’t weak for needing one

I feel like if Lance and Keith became a thing they would definitely eventually elope in the heat of the moment right before/maybe right after a big battle and have Zero regrets. Except they’re both fucking trainwrecks so not only did they not discuss this with the other paladins before hand they absolutely forget to tell them for Ages after. It’s kind of a natural progression because there was so much going on when they actually got married that they weren’t really screaming it from the rooftops, and then afterward things were a little stilted because they were both worried the other would regret it and want to go back on their decision, so they quietly decided that they’d not tell anyone until they talked it over. And then after they did finally talk there were more battles, and crazy Voltron bullshit and by the time things settled down they completely forgot that they hadn’t told anybody.

And then it would come out in the weirdest way possible like. They save some planet and one of them gets offered a princess to marry and everyone’s panicking because they can’t refuse without a really good reason without offending the whole government, but they’re just like “I appreciate the offer but we’re already married so no dice”. And afterward they get pulled aside by concerned friends like “Okay that was a smart move but you guys are gonna have to act married the whole time we’re here or he’s gonna catch on.” And they’re like “We don’t have to act?” “Yes you do if the king figures out you lied we’re in big trouble.”

And there is a long silence and Lance and Keith exchange mildly horrified looks. “I thought you would have-” “I kind of assumed-” “did we not…?”

“There is a very real possibility we forgot to tell you something kind of important.”

  • what she says: i'm fine.
  • what she means: bob morley is so fucking beautiful. how the fuck does one person look so beautiful every single day since they were born. it sincerely baffles me that this man (bob morley) born on december 20, 1984 in kyneton, australia, looks so fucking beautiful. hes so beautiful. his muscles are beautiful. his face is beautiful. his personality is beautiful. his accent is beautiful. i dont know what we as a human race did to deserve this escaped da vinci sculpture-turned-human but we have him and hes so fucking beautiful. bob morley is so beautiful.

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BSD Week 2016 || Day 4: Poetry

➥ OPTION B || Opening
/Ending || TRASH CANDY

So just lead the way- Oh, Oblivion… smiling upon the void:
I don’t care if you break me-if that’s what will satisfy you!


🔶⚫️ (she/they)

i have important friends + theyre always busy but i love them and i support them w my whole heart, id cross galaxies for them


The new episode had me feeling some kinda way so I decided to create some Crystal Gem-inspired cocktails. This is my Rose Quartz take on a Pink Russian in case any of you nerds wanted to try it out! It turned out absolutely delicious and was kind of like a spiked smoothie–I’ll definitely be making this one again and I’ll create some recipes for other gems too.

-1 ounce Tequila Rose strawberry cream liqueur
-1.5 ounces Pinnacle whipped cream vodka
-1 whole banana
-½ cup frozen strawberries
-1/3 cup milk or light cream
-1 organic rose flower (garnish)

DIRECTIONS: Place all ingredients except the rose into a blender and purée until smooth and slightly frothy. Add granulated sugar or additional liquor to taste. Gently rinse the flower, cut the stem as close as you possibly can without allowing the rose to fall apart, and remove the sepals (green petal-like structures at the base of the flower). Pour the blended mixture into a glass of your choice (a large, round-bodied wine glass works best), place the flower on top, and serve.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Rose flowers are edible but it’s important to use only organic roses when garnishing food to prevent the consumption of pesticides!