i feel so vunerable

Tu me rends fou

Kevin Owens x Reader

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#2: You’re always on my mind.

I want to apologize in advance for my horrible french…

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The door swung open violently, crashing against the wall nearby. The loud sound made you jump and you could see Kevin stomping into the room, pacing infront of the lockers franatically mumbeling to himself.

“Is everything alright Kev?” you asked carefully. When he discovered your frightend figure he froze shortly but soon waved you off muttering not understandable sentences in french.

“Are you sure?” you asked again, “Clearly something is bothering you..”

“Ces idiotes…, et leur commentaire…, I’m the face of America! How dare them to underestimate me!” he fumed.

“Who did what?” you asked even more confused than before.

“Et cette ce n'est pas tout!” he shouted.

“And what is it? Just tell me Kevin.” you begged. He remained angry mumbeling curse words in french.

‘Great, the french treatment’ you thought to yourself. When Kevin was agitated he would slip into french without caring if his Counterpart could understand him.

“Qu'est-ce c'est?” you asked in a wobbly french. Your skills weren’t the best and you knew that.

“Qu'est-ce c'est? Tu demandes qu'est-ce c'est?! Tout ma vie je train seulment que quelques-uns stupide connard se moquer de moi! Je suis plus épais, je suis un canadien, tout le monde ris sur moi! Personne aime moi et ca c'est tres tres bon en mon avis! Je n'ai pas des faiblesse. Du moins je pensee. Et maitenant tu viens pour moi et immédiatement les idiotes sont sous ma peau! Pourquoi tu fait cette avec moi?”

“Qui fait qoui?” you asked confused. You had understand words but you couldn’t understand a context.

“Toi! Tu ne quittes plus ma tête! Toujours là, toujours présent! Et l'autre voient mon problem! Juste pas toi! Et le plus mal? Je m'en fous. No, j'aime ça!”

“Sorry but I couldn’t understand the last part… I guess my french isn’t as good as it used to be.” you apologized timidly. Kevins facial expression slipped from anger into disbelief. He bagan to laugh uncontrollably making you uneasy.

“Could you say it again maybe a bit slowler… or even better in english this time? I really want to understand what you said. And I wanna know what’s so funny for you to laugh like that.” you whispered distressed. Kevin sensed your uncomfortableness rushing over to almost touching you with his hand to sooth you but he pulled back at second thought.

“I said that I trained my whole life knowing that everybody would underestimate me, and they do. They laugh at me for any imaginable reason. Except for you. You were always there for me. Without doubt, you were there. And what I was trying to say… Y/N, you’re always on my mind and… I can’t believe I say this but, I feel so vunerable for the first time in my life and I’m ok with it. Because I’m vunerable because of you!” your eyes went wide, mouth gaped to a maximum. Were you asleep? Was this a dream? Or more like a bad joke?

“Come on Y/N, say something.” Kevin nudged your chin in an attempt to close your mouth.

“I… You…” you cleared your throat, “To be honest I’m speechless Kevin.. that’s the last thing I expected…” his face fell into a deep frown. Anger was getting almost his best again, “but let me put it in words you’ll understand: Je t'adore. Non, je t'aime complètement!” Kevin expression softened, a small smile on his lips, barely able to hold back his excitment.

“Come here, right now!” he ordered calm but content, pulling you on your arm to speed up the process so that he could crash his lips against yours.

I’m feeling pretty shitty and very vunerable, so if anyone wants to send me more asks from that list I reblogged earlier, or other questions so I can distract myself, that would be super nice thank you💕