i feel so sorry for tom


Ok i’m kind of a huge loser and needed to draw this stuff to get it out of my system and I feel like I put enough time into it to… post it to my main blog. 

I imagine Tom and Janna would have a great friendship where Janna is constantly giving Tom near heart-attacks. I actually want to draw more just general interaction stuff for them for fun, so I’ll do that later. I figured I’d post these on their own though. 


My dear Hal,

you look absolutely delicious all wet and rumpled. Your hands are the most beautiful ones I ever saw. All slender, with delicate fingers and so long. And I’d love to lick that throat of yours. Touch that bulging vein with my tongue. You are sexy beyond description and make me think about debauchery things. My mind wanders to places that make me equally wet as you are. You are really filthy and dirty. And I don’t mean that in a good way. The mud is coming of in pieces from your skin. Please take a bath in something else than wine or ale. I’d help you with that. 

You’re the Hero

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Title: You are te Hero Peter Parker x, reader

Summary: Spiderman gets in a little bit of trouble, and he just doesn’t know if he was going to survive, until someone steps in. 

Just a cute little imagine for you (Just kidding it isn’t little it's’ almost 3000 words I am so sorry I need to need to be stopped) Anyways I hope you like it and omg Tom Holland stop being so cute. Anyways I hope you enjoy!

Peter woke up with the worst headache in the world and had no idea where he was waking up too. The city sirens rang in the background and the cool lights shined and blinded his vision. He groaned and tried to get up, but a sharp pain stopped him in the stomach. It wasn’t until he felt his whole body ache did he notice that there was a pair of cold, delicate hands hovering over his stomach did he notice that someone else was with him. He tried to get up from the floor, but the hands laid a wet tissue that stung his cuts.

“Oh, what are you doing to me?” Peter complained as he fully came through. He looked at the kind face that tended to his wounds. He noticed that his costume shirt was off, mainly to tend to the wounds on his stomach, but it seems his savior has kept on his face mask. The lady looked up at him and smiled. She looked about the same age as Peter, but she had the kindest and most playful eyes he has ever witnessed. “Looks like Spiderman has gotten in a big boy fight, hasn’t he?” The girl teased as she took out a large bandage for one of the scrapes on his body. Peter smirked under the mask.

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  • Mary: [holding Robert's hand over her stomach so he can feel George kick] Sorry this is taking so long, he kicked for everyone else.
  • Matthew: It’s hard for the little guy to perform under pressure.
  • Tom: Top ten things Matthew said on his wedding night.
  • Robert: Woah! It was small, but I think I felt something!
  • Edith: Top ten things Mary said on her wedding night.
  • [Mary laughs]
  • Matthew: Stop laughing at it, Mary!
  • Everyone: Top ten things Matthew said on his wedding night!
First Impressions - Peter Parker (TH)

First Impressions - Peter Parker (TH)

Words: 1535 (yeah sorry I wasn’t planning on it being this long)

Warnings: None but I got major feels while writing so

Summary: You, an Avenger on Team Iron Man, go to help Tony recruit Peter for the fight in Germany.

A/N: I feel like everyone who writes Peter imagines has written one of these so I decided I would write one for what would happen if I went with Tony. It is still written in in second person. This may actually be my favourite imagine I’ve ever written and I think the worst bit is that I didn’t need to look up half the dialogue for this I just know the whole script hehe. I am going to do a Part 2 to this for the airport scene so stay tuned. Remember to send Peter imagine requests via asks. :)

“Remind me why I’m here?” You said as you stood in an elevator with Tony Stark next to you.

“Well, Y/N, seen as you are still a teenager your lack of experience and youth will come in handy.” Tony answered you briefly.

“I still don’t understand.” You were being rather blunt now.

“This kid needs to see that we need him and seen as we already have you on the team, he will see that even though he is still a kid, he will still be useful.”

“That makes no sense.”

“Good, or it might not work.” Tony flashed you a confident smile as the elevator stopped moving and the doors open.

You were going to protest again but Tony had already walked out of the elevator. You were aware the general plan for this, Tony’s grant cover and all of that. But you were still asking questions.

Tony had stopped outside one of the flat’s doors and you joined him.

“I don’t need to tell you to behave do I?” Tony said.

You rolled your eyes at him and he knocked on the door. Almost instantly a woman answered the door and Tony leapt into his classic Stark Charm. I was introduced as a colleague and I smiled politely from just behind Tony.

“Can we come in?” Tony said.

“Yes of course!” She said and opened the door wider for us to go in.

The flat was nice. Something you had never had because of being trained away from a home from quite a young age.

The woman motioned for us to take a seat on the couch and Tony did. You thought it’d be best if you left a space for her so she and Tony could talk properly. You took a seat on a chair that was nearby.

She was very hospitable and gave you drinks. Tony was introduced to walnut-date loaf for the first time which you thought was interesting to watch.

“So Mr Stark, how can I help you?” The woman, who you had learnt was called May, sat down next to Tony on the couch like you had wanted her to.

Tony proceeded with his ‘I am here to offer your nephew, Peter, a special grant’ speech, which went down quite well. She seemed surprised at first that she hadn’t been told about it by Peter, but how would she when it doesn’t really exist.

Tony then asked if we could talk with Peter and she said that he should be home from school any moment. You wondered how old this kid actually was.

You were sitting with you back to the door but you did hear a key in the lock and then it open.

“How was school today?” May called as Tony turned to wink at you.

“Okay.” A boy said, “There’s this crazy car parked outside.”

You scoffed internally at this kid’s appreciation for Tony’s preferred mode of transport. Not that you minded when you were in it though, expensive sports cars were kind of crazy.

The guy came to stand behind the couch and pulled head phone out of his ears.

Tony you have picked well. You thought studying him as the guys smile faltered a bit from confusion, but then it came back when he realised who was sitting in front of him.

“Oh Mr Parker.” Tony said nonchalantly. You just said there silently until you needed to make an appearance.

“What?… What are you doing… hey,um I’m Peter.” Okay you had to admit this guy was cute.

“Tony.” Tony said motioning to himself, “ And this is Y/N.”

You grinned at Peter from over in your chair as Peter noticed you for the first time.

“Hey…” He said as his smile widened.

“W-what are you doing here?” Peter said just about taking his eyes off you and looking back at Tony on the couch.

“About time we met. You get my emails right?” Tony winked noticeably at Peter as you just sat observing what was happening.

Peter somehow caught on that Tony was bluffing his way through this and helped him. May went on to ask Peter about how she didn’t know about the 'grant’ and Peter successfully bluffed his way out of it as well as Tony was doing. You were impressed.

“It’s so hard for me to believe she’s someone’s Aunt.” Tony said and you sighed and rolled your eyes again.

“Well we come in all shapes and sizes.” May justified and you caught Peter’s eye and raised your eyebrows. Peter’s smirk matching yours.

“5 minutes with him?” Tony asked pointing to Peter.


Tony got up and you followed Peter to his room. Once inside Tony locked the door. He then spat out the walnut-date loaf into Peter’s bin.

“As walnut-date loafs go, that wasn’t that bad.”

You watched as Peter watched Tony’s every move as if that would explain why Tony was here really. You sat down on the edge of Peter’s bed as Tony went on to examine the various pieces of tech Peter has out on his desk.

Tony continued to make conversation about nothing and you wondered when he was actually going to include you. You had dazed off a bit when Tony spoke to you.


“Hmm yeah?”

“Show Peter the videos.”

“Right.” You took out your hand tablet and projected the videos Tony had sent you earlier.

“A question of the rhetorical variety, that’s you right?” Tony said to Peter, as Peter watched what you were showing him.

“Uh, no.” Peter said defensively.

You had to admit that you were actually impressed. The guy wearing the red suit in the videos was pretty cool.

Tony wasn’t satisfied with that answer. He complimented Peter on his abilities as Peter tried to say that they were just videos off the internet, edited ones.

You noticed that there was a trap door on the ceiling. You saw a wooden pole balancing against the wall and guessed it was there to help open it. While the boys were occupied with their conversing, you took it and pushed it open. Something was going to fall down on you so you moved to the side as Peter realised what you were doing and grabbed it and pushed it into a box.

You turned to look at Tony smugly. Peter had leant up casually against the wall and folded his arms across his chest.

You turned to Peter and tried smiled warmly at him so he wouldn’t put his guard up. Tony had moved to stand next to you.

“So you’re the Spider-ling?” Tony said. Not a hint of sarcasm in his voice at all for once.

“Crime fighting Spider?” You pitched in whether it was necessary or not.

“Spider-boy?” Tony finished.

Peter pushed his weight off the wall but kept his arms crossed. “S- Spider-Man.”

“Not in that onesie your not.”

“It’s not a onesie.”

“Who else knows about this, Peter?” You asked him. Tony was going to end up backing Peter into a corner with this one. You could see why he wanted to bring someone along who was Peter’s age. Thinking about it, Peter did look exactly your age.

“No-one.” He said quietly.

“Not even your freakishly attractive Aunt?” Tony mumbled. You rolled your eyes. Tony was going to end up freaking this guy out before you recruited him.

“No no no, if she knew she would freak out and if she freaks out, I freak out.”

You sighed and Tony went to sit down next to Peter who was sitting on the bed.

“You ever been to Germany?” Tony said bluntly. Great you were just going to jump straight into this.


“Oh you’ll love it!”

“I can’t go to Germany!”

You stood in front of the two of them, arms crossed.

“Why?” You said.

Peter looked up at you, “I… I’ve got homework.”

You smirked at this.

“I’m going to pretend you didn’t say that.” Tony said and it was his turn to roll his eyes.

Tony stood up and walked past you towards the door. “Might be dangerous. I’ll have to tell your Aunt…”

Tony reached for the door handle but Peter stood up quickly and shot a web at Tony’s hand stopping him. You stood next to Peter and admired his accuracy. This guy was definitely growing on you.

“Okay Spider-Man." You said and you saw Peter visibly stand up straighter. You grinned widely at him.

"Now get me out of this.” Tony said.

“Yeah sorry.” Peter gushed.

This was going to be fun.

Hope you enjoyed! Remember to request! :)

A Subtle Crush (Tom Riddle x Reader)

Tom’s eyes veered away from his textbooks as he heard a collision in the hallway he was walking down. He was making his way down to Slughorn’s Potions class, when he witnessed this unexpected mishap.

A girl with (H/L) (H/C) haired had been accidentally bumped into by a boy, leading to papers and notebooks flying everywhere. Immediately, the girl bent down to help pick up everything.

“I’m so sorry!” the boy exclaimed, handing over the parchment that didn’t belong to him. “I wasn’t looking -”

“Don’t worry about it!” Her sweet voice replied, a bright smile on her face as she returned the boy’s things as well. Taking her stuff from him, she brushed off her robes and Tom took note of the house colours she wore. “It happens to everyone! Don’t feel bad. Are you okay?”

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“Now the monsters can’t get you.” {Peter Parker x Reader}

A/N: Hey everyone, so this is my first fic up on this account. I wanted to start a new tumblr for fanfiction, so that I can write a lot more. A little disclaimer: I am from Australia! So if I make any mistakes referring to American schooling or context in general, I’m sorry!!! I’m absolutely in love with Tom Holland at the moment, and his Peter Parker too. I’ve always loved Spider-Man, and am so excited for Homecoming next year. I’m going to be writing fics for different people and characters, and Tom and Peter will be just two of them. If you have any requests, please do send, and I’ll try and write them! I hope you enjoy : )

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader
Summary: Fluff!!! You force Peter, your best friend, to watch a horror movie with you. He gets terrified. Later on, feelings are confessed…
Word Count: 2.6K

I knocked on the door of the apartment where Peter and his Aunt May live. The door opened only seconds later, revealing a smiling Peter Parker.
  Peter and I have been friends since the first day of Middle School, when he was sitting alone in our first class together. I noticed that he looked nervous, and I decided to befriend him. It seemed like a good idea since I didn’t know anyone else, and it seemed like he didn’t either. He was shy to begin with, but we soon hit it off and became close friends. Now he is one of my best friends, and we’re in our last year of High School together.
  “Hey,” he said, and reached out to hug me.
  “Hey Pete,” I said and hugged him back, or as much as I could since I was holding two bags. Peter noticed and reached for them.
  “Let me get them for you.”
  “Thanks,” I said and followed him into the apartment. Peter walked into his room and placed the bags down at the end of his bed.
  “Aunt May’s going to be staying overnight now after the meeting, it’s too far to travel back,” Peter said and smiled at me. I could see a glint of mischief in his eye making me smile back.
  “Okay, that’s fine. So movie night and food?” I asked, moving to leap on Peter’s bed and falling back. He did the same thing. Peter kicked my shoe with his and I looked over at him.
  “What movies do you want to watch?” Peter asked, and I smirked at him. He was going to love this.
  “A horror movie. I know just the one,” I grinned at him. I watched in amusement as Peter’s eyes widened. He groaned and turned to face the ceiling.
  Peter always refuses to watch horror movies because he’s terrified of them. He tries to act like it’s because he doesn’t like them and isn’t too scared, but I know otherwise. We’ve only watched one full horror movie together, because the other times Peter walked out of the room and refused to come back until it was turned off.
  “Please Pete, come on,” I whined, “it’s just a movie, it’s not even real. We could even have the lights on, if that made you feel better.”
  He turned his head to look at me, frowning and thinking.
  “Although having the lights on kind of defeats the purpose, and I’d rather have them on-” Peter rolled his eyes and interrupted me with another groan. He turned to face the ceiling again, covering his face with his arm.
  “Y/N,” Peter whined.
  “Okay fine!” I said, sitting up to lean on my elbow and look down at him, “we can have the light in the kitchen on!” Peter moved his arm so he could see me, and I grinned at him. “Please Peter! It’ll be fine, it’s not that bad.”
  He dropped his arm from his face and sat up on the edge of the bed, “I hate these movies, and you know that.” I sat up too, waiting for his decision. Peter looked over at me, “what movie is it?”
  I stared at him and blinked, “Insidious two.”
  “Agh! Y/N!” Peter cried out.

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Edd- Thomas. Stop.

Edd- The last thing I want you to do right  now is to be alone.

Edd- Sit back down.

Edd- I hate it when you cry,

Edd- Haven’t seen it in a while,

Edd- I’m so sorry that you feel that way,

Edd- I-I just got so excited that Tord was finally back, I didn’t know that I pushed you off to the side..

Edd- B-but I’m glad that you said something, I really am.

Edd- But please understand that I don’t like you like that,

Edd- And you cant make me like you like that.

Edd- I’m happy to stay friends with you, but that’s all I want, okay?


Tom- y-yeah…

You’re an idiot

Request: hello! can i request something? the reader is new to peter’s school and they start talking and then the reader starts to have feeling for peter but he likes liz, times passes and peter realize that he likes the reader back? can it be angsty&fluffy? sorry if its too much!

Pairing: Peter Parker + Reader

Warnings: angst and fluff!! (I’m pretty bad at angst so forgive me!!)

Notes: I’m the worst at writing that is all xoxo

Sophomore year was supposed to be my hardest year – it was supposed to be hard for me to make friends, everyone had already known each other from the year before, then there was the fact of me being too shy, to the point that I’d rather shove myself into a locker than attempt to even a single ‘hi’ to anyone looking at me. The key phrase here is ‘supposed to’ – Peter Parker made everything that much easier for me, the moment I walked through the door.

I walked into the school building seven minutes after the final bell rang, my anxiety crept up to me knowing I’d have to walk into an already-started classroom and interrupt the teacher, I took my time walking down the hall, heading to my classroom. I turned around hearing someone running behind me, but before I could glance at the person their body slammed into mine and threw us on the floor. I ended up lying on top of the person who collided into me, their hands wounded around my waist. I heard a mumbled ‘shit’ and finally looked down at the person who bumped into me – a boy, a cute boy, with brown hair and brown eyes and very – very – strong arms.

“Shit, I’m sorry – I just, I’m late again. I – I didn’t see you! I’m sorry.” He rushed to lift both of us up, his arms still around my waist. I glanced down and looked up at him, my cheeks almost as red as his – I’m assuming. “Sorry – again.” His hands immediately left my waist as one landed on his hip and the other carded through his hair. I looked down at my schedule, realizing I had no idea where I was going. I looked back up and smiled softly, feeling bad that he was so embarrassed.

“It’s cool, but to make it up to me you can show me where room 304 is?” He smiled widely and nodded quickly. “Sure! I’m going there anyway! AP Physics, huh?” I nodded as he held his hand out to me. I shook it and we went on walking.

“I’m Peter. Uh – Peter Parker.”

“(Y/F/N) (Y/L/N).”

“Are you serious? How did you get a better score than me?” Peter threw his arms up drastically, signaling between both of our papers. I rolled my eyes and laughed as his gaze fell forward again, watching where he was walking.

“I only score two percent higher, Peter. Don’t be ridiculous. I could tutor you if you want.” I teased him, shoving him slightly. When he didn’t say anything, I turned around to look at him. He looked like he was in a trance, his pace lagging a couple of feet behind. I tried to follow his gaze, my eyes falling onto Liz Allen. I rolled my eyes and quickened my pace, trying to get to catch up to Ned at his locker so I didn’t have to mope over Peter being an oblivious idiot.

Since Peter and I met sophomore year, we’ve been inseparable since. Getting to know someone for two years was fun, but when it came to harboring a crush on said person for almost two years was exhausting, and having to watch them like someone else was just ridiculously pathetic – especially when you didn’t do anything to stop yourself from liking them.

“Hey Ned!” I bumped his shoulder slightly with mine as he shut his locker. He smiled down at me. “Where’s our third musketeer?” I rolled my eyes at the mention of Peter, nodding toward Liz, who was now speaking to Peter. I looked up at Ned again to catch him rolling his eyes, too. “That kid is painfully stupid.” My eyebrows pulled together in question.

“What are you talking about?” He shot me an incredulous look. “What?”

“Oh, come on! You and Peter have been destined to fall in love since he threw himself on top of you two years ago,” my cheeks flared a little, also growing a little irritated that Ned knew that I liked Peter and Peter didn’t.

“Shut up,” I shoved him again, “he didn’t throw himself at me, he bumped into me… hard.” Our conversation was cut short as Peter rushed up to us, out of breath.

“Did you guys see that?” He rushed out, giving us exasperated looks when we shrugged our shoulders, “Liz was talking to me! Like, actually talking to me! We had a real conversation!”

“Oh? About what?” Ned leaned against the lockers, shooting Peter a non-believing look.

“Well, it was – well, I mean it was about the school campaign,” I laughed lightly as Ned rolled his eyes, “but! But, we talked about strategy for, like, four minutes!” Ned started walking out the door as we both followed him. “Anyway, she also got my number.” This caused Ned and me to stop in our tracks, wide-eyes and mouth-gaping at Peter as he gave us a cocky smirk.

“How’d you swing that, Romeo?”

“I told her that if she ever needed help with the campaign, I’d be happy to lend a hand.” I huffed before starting to walk back to my apartment.

“(Y/N)! Where’re you going?”

“Home! I’ll see you guys on Monday.” I sighed dramatically as I felt Peter’s hand clutch mine, ignoring the tingling sensation it shot through me. “What?”

“We’re still on for tonight, right? It’s movie night.” I smiled slightly as he mentioned our bi-weekly movie night. He stuck out his bottom look in a weak attempt to shoot you a pleading look. Your smile widened as you nodded. “Good, I’d be extremely sad if you ditched our date.” My cheeks flared a little at the word ‘date’, knowing he used it loosely. “See you tonight!” He pecked my cheek before walking back to Ned. I continued to smile as I walked to my apartment.

“Alright, which is next? Back to the Future or Peter Pan?” I looked behind me to see Peter reaching for his phone as it vibrated.

“Hm, surprise m – holy shit!” I jumped from his sudden outburst.

“Jesus, Peter! What’s wrong?” I saw him collecting his things frantically, causing me to worry as I reached to grab his jacket from him.

“Liz texted me! She wants me to come over to help her with something.” I dropped his jacket on the ground in front of the door. I turned around and gave him what I assumed was a disapproving look. “What?”

“You’re ditching movie night to help Liz with a stupid campaign?”

“I – come on, it’s not stupid.”

“Peter, it’s a high school campaign – will it matter next year?” He hesitated before rolling his eyes at me.

“Come on, you know I like Liz.” I threw my hands up. “What?”

“Why? Why do you like Liz? Is it because of everything you don’t have in common? Is it the fact that you’re both nothing alike? Is it because she’s friends with everyone who torments you everyday? Hm, you’re right, Peter! What’s not to like?” His mouth was open as he stared at me with wide eyes. His face contorted to one of anger after a beat of silence.

“You know what? Screw you! God forbid I like a girl who isn’t you, right?” My whole demeanor changed as my shoulders slumped and I looked at him like he had two heads.

“Get out.”


“Go! Go hang out with Liz, go jump off our roof and swing off into the sunset together for all I care! Just – just, get out!” Both of our breathing was the only thing that was heard in my small living room. We both stood and stared at each other, waiting for the other to break the silence. Finally, he walked up to me, picked up his jacket and slammed the door after leaving.  I walked to my couch, dialing Ned and asking him if he could come over.

I fell asleep at around eleven o’clock, eventually crying myself out against Ned before he tucked me in and left. I woke up to the sound of light tapping on my window. I looked out to see none other than the friendly neighborhood asshat. I looked at my clock and saw it read 11:26. I opened my window but didn’t let Peter in. “What are you doing here?” He reached up and pulled his mask off, showing a sheepish smile on his face.

“Can I come in?” I looked outside into the quiet – and cold – streets of New York before moving to the side and allowing Peter to step in.

“Okay, why are you here?” I looked up at him to see him playing with his fingers. He sat on the edge of my bed, placing his mask down on my bedside table and patting the spot next to him. I sat on the desk chair instead, waiting for him to speak. He looked up and sighed at my choice of seating.

“I’m such an idiot.”

“That’s one word for you.” I heard him chuckle, cursing myself when I felt myself smile faintly at the sound. He stood up and kneeled in front of me.

“I’m so sorry,” his hands came up to unfold my arms, “what I said to you – god, that was such a dick move. I – I just, shit, I don’t even know. I thought I liked Liz –” “Thought?” “Yeah, I don’t like Liz.” His hands began blindly playing with my fingers.

“If you don’t like Liz then why did you ditch me?”

“I don’t know, I really thought I liked Liz. But, then I got there and I couldn’t even stand being in the same room alone with her for more than forty minutes. I kept thinking about how we didn’t have anything in common, and how badly her friends have treated me, you know she didn’t even try to apologize when I brought that up to her.” He stood up, pulling me with him, him leading us to my bed. “I just kept thinking about how much I’d rather be with you.”

“Peter,” I stopped talking when he shook his head.

“No, please, just let me get this out.” I nodded for him to continue. “It took me actually being with Liz to realize that the only person I’d want to be around is you – like, I want to be with you, all the time if I could. Liz is cool, but,” his right hand came to rest on my cheek, “she isn’t you. And, I don’t know why I ever thought she could be.” My breathing hitched as he leaned toward me. “Would you totally hate me if I kissed you right now?” His voice was brought down to a whisper. As soon as I shook my head his lips were on mine. Both of his hands rested on my face, pulling me impossibly closer. His hands dropped to the back of my neck, tilting me upwards to deepen the kiss.

“Peter,” I sighed into him as he pulled away. His breath hit my face as he rested his forehead on mine.


“You are an idiot.” He laughed slightly before nodding. “But, I wouldn’t like you any other way.” He pecked me again before pulling away completely, smiling widely at me.

“Good, you’re kind of stuck with me now.”

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Tom: Of course he’ll pick his side, not like I’m his best friend or anything 

Edd: T-Tom wait! I’m sorry! 

Tom: C’mon Tom it’s just a story. Come back and we’ll sort something out.

Tom: You’ve picked who you’d rather be with Edd! So fuck off back with that him and stay out of my way! 

Edd: I-

[Tell him out you feel]

[Tell him to calm down]

[Walk back inside] 

Say You Won’t Let Go

Request- Can you do an imagine kinda like the song ‘Say you won’t let go’ by James Arthur?

AN- Let’s do this, and I’ve been writing so much, ever so sorry, also ask if you’d like to be tagged in my crappy writing

Send in requests

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I met you in the dark
You lit me up
You made me feel as though
I was enough.

“Get the fuck off me!”

Peter could hear the shouts the second he stepped outside for some fresh air, after the party got a bit too stuffy and claustrophobic for him. It took him a while to finally find the back door, but when he did, he was happy to see the garden was practically empty, apart from the occasional person. And the couple that very making out on a smallish bench in the far corner, hidden in the shadows.

He must of been the only one to hear the noises, probably due to his now heightened senses, which often became too much for him to handle.

Walking towards the corner of the house, where some bins and stiff were being kept, and just beyond the metal containers, he could see a girl pinned against the fence and a much larger guy holding her there, despite her trying to push him off.

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Call The Midwife 6.01


  • Coloured photos in the title sequence to reflect the changes in the times LITTLE THINGS GUYS I LOVE IT
  • Tim is so grown up answering the telephone and sassing patients
  • Do you think Patsy left behind any written records of her cocktails cos god knows I could do with one
  • I literally spent most of that episode growling at Sister Ursula
  • I shouted kiss at the screen when Patsy and Delia were having their conversation
  • And again when Dr. and Nurse Turner were having the baby talk
  • And I groaned when Barbara and Tom kissed
  • Seriously guys not in public please
  • Delia’s versions of Patsy was SO CUTE
  • I feel so sorry for Sister Mary Cynthia she’s so kind and sweet and I wanted her to have a storyline but not bloody depression for god’s sakes
  • Sister Julienne being unable to stand up for everyone and it’s tearing her apart
  • Phyllis’s face when she was at that party omg same Phyllis
  • Barbara buying her own ring because she is a strong, independent woman
  • I can’t believe that it only lasts an hour! How does it mess with me so much in that amount of time????
  • me: *takes a deep breath*
  • me: i lo-
  • anyone who has spent five seconds around me ever: yes, you love eddsworld. we know, you love eddsworld so much. it's the light of your life, you love it so much, you just love eddsworld. we KNOW , you love eddsworld. you fucking love eddsworld ok we know, we get it, YOU LOVE EDDSWORLD. WE GET IT.
Cooties (Peter Parker x Reader)

Hey Lovebugs! I am so sorry that it’s taken so long for the next imagine, but it’s here now.

Prompt : The reader breaks her ankle at a gymnastics competition and Peter makes her feel better with kisses.

It was only last week that I’d taken a tumble while in a gymnastics competition. Usually I am perfect when performing on the balance beam, but in the semifinals my dismount was uneven. I’d landed on my ankle with such force that I fell over, further deducting points from my score. With the land, I heard a crack and my leg felt like it was in flames. The medics came in with the gurney to carry me out; my parents staring over their shoulders. The whole scene would have made me embarrassed if I wasn’t in excruciating pain. The hospital visit went by quickly and I was at home on the sofa by eight that night.

Jane the Virgin was on tv. I had a bowl of popcorn and m&ms on the floor; my ankle elevated on so many cushions my legs were practically a right angle. Mum has always been a bit overprotective. I was so engrossed in the show that I didn’t hear my mum open the front door. I felt a pair of soft lips on my forehead and grinned. 

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“Hey (Y/N),” Peter whispered in my ear before sitting on the ground by the popcorn bowl. “Hey handsome,” I whispered back. I kissed him behind his ear before lying back again into the comfort of the couch. We sat silently for a while before I felt him lace his fingers with mine softly. A little hum of agreement came from my mouth before a yawn fell from my lips. A little chuckle came from his mouth before he leaned over and kissed me gently. Another hum came from my lips as my hand went to cradle his face. Jane the Virgin forgotten, he turned around without removing his mouth from mine. His hand caressed my cheek as my hand to the nape of his neck.

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“Ewwww!” said my little sister loudly, “(Y/N) and Peter are sharing cooties!” Peter’s cheeks turned red and he pulled away. Annoyed, I whispered dramatically to him, “Ignore her please, just keep kissing me. It takes away all the pain.” He chuckled and gave me a peck before turning to my sister. “I’ll give you gummy bears if you don’t tell your mum,” he whispered loudly to her. “Okay!” she whispered back at the same volume. He took a bag of gummy bears out of his pocket and put them in her hands. “Now scram,” he said playfully and she ran up the stairs, not forgetting to turn around at the top to see you and Peter giggling with your foreheads pressed together.

Winter Break: Part Ten

Summary: Your brother, Sebastian Stan, is taking you for a little vacation and internship scouting with him on the set of Captain America: Civil War. On the trip, interesting friendships are made, and Spider-Man doesn’t stay your least favorite superhero.

Characters: Sebastian Stan, Chris Evans, Anthony Mackie, Tom Holland, Scarlett Johansson, Chadwick Boseman, Robert Downey Jr., Paul Rudd, Daniel Bruhl, Don Cheadle, Elizabeth Olsen, Jeremy Renner, Paul Bettany

Word Count: 2.8k words

A/N: heyyy sorry I didn’t update yesterday, I had a couple of things going on and I almost fell asleep while writing the ending part, so I didn’t want to upload it and it be crappy. anywayyys I liked writing this, even though it sorta feels weird, I haven’t written mushy feelings in a while, so I guess I’ll just see how you guys all like it. enjoy (:

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You sit impatiently on your bed in your hotel room, wearing tight black skinny jeans and a maroon long sleeve t-shirt for your evening with Tom, the hem of the shirt twisted in your left hand. You hold your broken phone against your ear, listening to the dial tone ring once, twice, three times, and just before the fourth ring, the call is answered.

“Hello?” a groggy voice asks.

“Damon,” you sigh, sinking towards the floor. “How are you feeling?”

There’s a pause, and you hear Damon rustle around. “I’m…okay.”

“How’s your head?” you ask, “Mark told me you got stitches and a concussion.”

“Yeah,” Damon says softly. “A broken wrist too.”

You had anticipated Damon being disappointed about his wrist injury, and you suck your bottom lip.

“Actual football season is over for us though,” you say, “you’re only missing spring flag football.”

“I guess,” Damon exhales, and you hear him move around again. “What’s going on with you? It’s like, seven there, right?”

“Oh fuck,” you curse. “I woke you up, didn’t I?”

“It’s okay,” Damon yawns. “They aren’t letting me sleep so I’ve been staring at my ceiling.”

“I’m sorry,” you say, pursing your lips together.

“Don’t worry about it (Y/N),” Damon tells you. “What are you up to? How’s the internship coming?”

“The Russos want me for a year,” you reply, beginning to smile again. “Anthony said when Joe found out from Sebastian that I wanted an internship, he started making plans around me being with them.”

“That’s amazing (Y/N),” Damon responds, sounding awed. “You’re going to meet a shit ton of people.”

You chuckle. “I’m going to be bringing home books for Max with autographs in them.”

Damon snorts, and his bed creaks.

“Did I tell you she got a hold of Sebastian’s sweatshirt he left in her car?” he asks.

“No,” you gasp. “He blamed me hiding that from him!”

“Yeah well,” Damon continues, “she told Chris and I that she’s tacked to her wall.”

“Oh my God,” you say, rubbing your face. “Get a picture of it and send it to me so Sebastian can see it.”

“Yes ma’am,” Damon chuckles, and exhales. You glance over at the time on the clock, and jolt when you see it’s six fifty-eight.

“Hey D,” you say, standing back up and dusting off your jeans. “I’ve got to go.”

“Whatcha got to do?” he asks as you search the hotel room for your shoes.

“Go on a date,” you reply, finding your left shoe near the door.

“Fun,” Damon drawls. “With who? I don’t need to fly to Germany and set a Nazi right, do I?”

You laugh, and shake your head. “Not all Germans are Nazis, D, and I’m pretty sure Tom is British.”

“Tom…” Damon grasps for a name. “Tom Holland, the dude that’s playing Spider-Man.”

“Yes sir,” you nod.

“Isn’t he like, sixteen?” Damon questions, and you almost trip over your own feet as you snort. “Come on, (your first initial). If you’re going to go out with someone younger than you, I expected it to be Forest.”

“Funny,” you reply dryly, spotting your right shoe under Damon’s varsity jacket on the couch. “He’s nineteen.”

“Too old,” Damon instantly says. “You’re only eighteen.”

“I’m sorry, did I accidently call my brother?” you respond sarcastically, picking your cash and room key off of the dresser top. You open and close your room door, making sure it’s locked before setting out towards the elevator.

“One of them,” Damon says lightheartedly. “I know Chris and Forest are still expecting a sisterly call.”

“I’m sure Max will do,” you smile, “and I called all three of you the other night. Max and Jamie are the only two not answering my texts.”

“Pretty sure Max has been on the road with her family for that camping trip they go on,” Damon assumes. “Jamie never answers anyone anyways.”

“True,” you remark, pressing the lobby button. “D, I really got to go.”

“Fine, fine,” Damon huffs. “I hope you have fun, (your first initial). You deserve it.”

“Thank you,” you reply, seeing yourself smile in the elevator mirror. “I hope you feel better soon, Damon. Don’t do anything stupid while I’m gone.”

“You really love that damn movie, don’t you?” he sighs, and then says in a bored tone, “How can I? You’re taking all the stupid with you.”

“You love it too,” you smirk, and step out of the elevator as the doors open, relieved to not yet see Tom. “Bye Damon, text me if anything changes.”

“Does hiccupping count as a change?” Damon asks sardonically, and adds, “Have fun, (Y/N). Be safe. Love you.”

“You too, D,” you reply, and hang the phone up as you shove it into your back pocket. You hurry down the bend of the corner, running straight into Tom himself.

“Oh!” you yelp, and he grapples for your arms before he falls.

“Looks like you got me back, love,” he chuckles, holding the backs of your biceps with his fingers digging into your shirt.

“Looks like it,” you say, equally amused.

“Are you ready for dinner?” he asks, finally having let of you and gives you a shy smile.

“Yeah,” you nod, feeling flustered. “Yeah, I am.”

“Great,” Tom grins, and offers his hand out to you. As you take it, his long fingers grasp the space between yours, warmth from his palm diffusing into yours. He pulls you through your interconnected hands, towards the front of the lobby, but he completely bypasses the restaurant entrance.

“Tom,” you say, looking behind you and then at him in confusion.

“Don’t worry,” he winks, and your stomach suddenly becomes weightless as his smile renews itself. “We’re going on an adventure.”

“An adventure?” you question, a smile matching his. “Where?”

He doesn’t reply, only holding the hotel entrance door open for you and motioning for you to follow him. You didn’t have a choice, since you weren’t going to let of him, and yet, you were ready to follow him through the foreign country.

“Have you ever been to Germany before this?” he asks you a few minutes into the walk. You envy the jacket he’s wearing.

“No,” you admit, shaking your head, “but I’ve been to London a few times.”

“Well,” Tom clicks his tongue, pulling you closer to the edge of the sidewalk that was nearest to the buildings to let the rest of civilian traffic pass by. “I was wondering if you’d been here before because we are utterly and undoubtedly lost in Germany.”

You stare at him for one long moment, Tom fidgets, and then you suddenly laugh. It scares him at first, and then he cracks and gives an embarrassed smile as he rubs the back of his neck.

“We’ve been walking for five minutes and we’re already lost?” you ask, having been smiling so long it hurt your cheeks.

“Yeah,” Tom begins, craning his neck to look around. “I have no idea where we are. I don’t read German.”

“Well, you’re in luck,” you say brightly, “because I do. Where do we need to go?”
Tom blushes. “I don’t remember German either.”

“Tom,” you laugh, “you don’t know the name of the place we’re going to?”

“No,” he admits, looking ashamed. “Daniel was helping to remember it but I can’t.”

“I’m teaching you German,” you decide.

“You probably should,” Tom chuckles embarrassedly.  

You look around, standing on your tiptoes for a better view until your eyes lock on a little swinging sign. Die weiße Rose Café.

“Hey,” you say, tugging on the physical joint between you and Tom. “Come on.”


You pretend not to hear him and walk beside him on across the crosswalk.

“Rose Café?” is all you know Tom can read. “Sounds cheesy.”

“It’s cute,” you defend it, and Tom chuckles at your expression.

“Okay love,” he raises his hands and yours in a surrendering gesture, and you roll your eyes, though smiling.

He opens the door for you, and lets go of your hand as you duck under his other arm, entering the café.

“Hallo,” someone calls from inside. “Guten abend.”

“Guten abend,” you reply. (Good evening)

The man that had greeted you and Tom smiles as both you and he approach the counter. It seems like more of a breakfast and lunch sort of place, but the sandwiches were calling to you.

“Was bekomme ich Sie?” the attendant asks. (How can I help you?)

“Do you want to eat here?” you ask Tom, and he gives you a small smile.

“It’s whatever you want,” Tom replies.

You turn back to the attendant and ask if he can speak English. He smiles and nods, switching dialects easily, but still speaking enough broken English that you have to translate both ways for he and Tom.

“That comes in handy, doesn’t it?” Tom chuckles after the man, whose name you had learned was Luka, gives you your dinner and Tom beats you to paying for it.

“Only recently.” You quirk a smile.

Tom’s eyes stay on your face as you purse your lips at your sandwich, trying to decide where to start eating it.

“You’re lovely,” he suddenly says, and your head snaps up, a blush igniting up your neck.

“T-Thank you,” you stutter, caught off guard. He smiles at you again, and picks up his sandwich, taking a bite out of it. You copy him, lifting the bulky thing and end up starting at a corner.

A couple of minutes pass with just the sound of English-turned-German music filling the comfortable silence, and then Tom says, “So what got you into directing and film?”

You’re in the midst of chewing, and you shift awkwardly as you swallow and take a sip of your water.

“Ah, Sebastian, believe it or not,” you reply. “I was around eight when he landed a role in The Covenant. He took me with him on the weekends when our mom was working and I just sort of liked being around the cameras.”

“Sebastian is your full brother, right?” Tom asks, and you look down, clearing your throat.

“Um, no,” you admit. “He’s my half-brother, but it’s not like that between us.”
Tom bites his bottom lip. “I didn’t mean to make you sad.”

“You didn’t,” you shake your head, assuring him. “So, uh, didn’t you say you had brothers the other day?”

“Yeah,” Tom nods, setting his ice tea down. “Three little troublemakers. The twins, Sam and Harry, who are sixteen, and Patrick; he’s twelve.”

“Three younger brothers,” your lips parted in awe. “Jesus, I’d be happy to be the oldest.”

“I am too,” Tom agrees cheerfully, bobbing his head. “I can just drive and drive away from them and they’re stuck home being yelled at by our mum and dad.”

“You’re a great big brother,” you say sarcastically, and he laughs.

“What about you?” he asks. “Is it just you and Sebastian?”

“Yep,” you nod. “Just us.”

“That’s pleasant,” Tom comments.

You shrug, but change the subject. “Why did you want to be an actor?”

“Actually,” Tom begins, “at first I wanted to be a fireman.”

“Boys,” you chuckle. “That’s what Seb told me he wanted to be too.”

“Great minds think alike,” Tom replies, winking again.

The evening went on like that until well after Luka had closed for the evening. Nearing ten, he kindly came to your table and had to ask you both to leave for the evening. You thanked him in German, and Tom in English, and the British actor held the door open for you as you left, encasing your hand in his again.

“Who’s your favorite superhero?” Tom questions as you kick a rock down the sidewalk.

“Captain America,” you reply instantaneously, and put a hand over your mouth to cover your laugh when you remember who Tom actually was.

“Well damn love,” he says, his free hand on his heart. “You can cut a lad deep.”

“Spider-Man is okay,” you compromise, “I just didn’t like the first movies of his to come out.”

“With Tobey Maguire?” Tom asks, raising an eyebrow.

“I have nothing about Tobey,” you say immediately, “I just didn’t think he was the best Spider-Man.”

“I’m pleased to hear I don’t have any competition,” Tom chuckles.

“I think Andrew Garfield was a great one though,” you respond, smirking. Tom makes a noise in the back of his throat and ducks his face into your hair, sighing against your head.

You laugh, and he draws back, putting his arm around your shoulders as you cross the street, retracing your route back to the hotel. The cold weather grips firmly to you, getting under your clothes and into your bones, and you can just barely keep your teeth from chattering.

“It’s freezing,” you shiver, pulling your shirt impossibly tight around yourself.

“Here,” Tom says, pulling off his black jacket from off of himself. He holds it out for you to slip into, and you do, his cologne and body heat engulfing you simultaneously.

“Thank you,” you say gratefully as he holds you close to him again.

The conversation flows into his early childhood interest in Marvel Comics growing up, and into how he had literally walked past Stan Lee while looking for Stan Lee twice.

“Are you sure you don’t actually need glasses?” you chuckle, and Tom gives an exaggerated shrug of his shoulders.

“Peter Parker does,” he supplies.

“Not after he got bit,” you correct him.

“True,” he nods, and opens the hotel lobby door. You walk through it, thanking him, and take his hand again. No other cast or crew members were in sight, in fact, most of the lobby was quiet and you could hear the German music playing quietly from the speakers.

You greet the hotel lobbyists standing behind the counter, and they smile tiredly back as you and Tom walk by them towards the elevators.  

“It was fun going out with you tonight,” Tom says, and you smile as you hit the up button. “I apologize for getting us lost though.”

“It’s okay,” you tell him, grinning. “I liked it a lot.”

“More than Andrew Garfield?” Tom asks, and you roll your eyes, smile still on your face.

“More than Andrew Garfield,” you assure him, and his smile lines deepen.

“Who’s your favorite superhero anyways?” you ask when the elevator door opens to your floor.

“Captain America,” Tom replies swiftly, “and Spider-Man is my fast second.”

“Fanboy,” you say.

“Fangirl.” The corners of his lips rise.

“I’d actually have to like you in order to be a fan of you,” you reply, poking him in the side as you reach your room’s door.

He’s quiet for a moment, and then looks down at you, “And do you like me?”

You pause, meeting his eyes, suddenly aware of your own heartbeat. Slowly, you nod your head and watch the smile like no other Tom has given you blossom across his face.

He leans forward, his fingers clinging to your jaw and his lips pressing a kiss to the side of your face.

“Tom,” you laugh, pulling back and wrapping your arms around his waist. His hands hold both of your shoulders, and his eyes flicker everywhere as he rests his forehead against yours. He’s warm as all hell, considering the cold you’d both just walked back through, and you feel the weight of his jacket around you as the pressure from his head increases. You’re caught up in his presence, unmindful to all else around you as your sense focus on his exhales that are all too quick, and his closeness to you.

You’re nearly certain he can hear your heart beating rapidly against your chest, adrenaline in a quantity like an overdose pumping through every vein in your body.

His hand is sliding across his jacket, fragmented movements on the soft material on your shoulders as he gently comes to rest at the back of your neck, fingers entangled in the roots of your hair. His lips just ghost yours, and the nerves in your face buzz with a certain sense of excitement you haven’t experienced in a long while, and they urge you to smile as Tom dares to press his mouth against yours, just barely more than a brush of his lips.


Tom jumps back from you, and you hit the hotel room door, surprised into silence. You heart beats with a different sort of adrenaline, and dread soon joins the drug when you see the cause of the scare.

Your brother stands with his arms crossed in front of his own door, Chris peeking out next to him, game controller in hand.

“Sebastian,” you reply, getting over your initial startle. You cross your arms as well, and Tom stands a little straighter. Chris sighs.

“It’s past ten o’clock,” Sebastian says, sounding cross.

“It feels more like past four,” you remark sarcastically, referring to your jet lag.

“I’m sorry about that,” Tom pipes up. “I didn’t mean to keep her out so late; we got lost and-”

“Good thing you made it back safely,” your older brother cuts him off, his tone flat of emotion.

“Um,” Tom says awkwardly, glancing between you and Sebastian, unsure of what to do. You can tell he’s struggling, so you drop your arms and hug him.

“Goodnight Tom,” you reply and, to spite Sebastian’s interruption, kiss the side of Tom’s lips, making the British boy turn pink.

“G-Goodnight (Y/N),” Tom stutters, unaware to Sebastian’s glare, and leaves giddily as he wanders away towards the lower floor. You wait until he’s in the elevator to look at your brother and his best friend.



You scowl at him, and jam your key into the door lock, and make sure to slam it in his approaching face.

“(Y/N),” Sebastian says shortly from the other side of the door. “Open up.”

“Hmm,” you reply rhetorically, turning on your bathroom light. “How about I don’t?”

You hear Sebastian grunt, mutter something, and then he’s walking away, the heavy sound of his footsteps becoming increasingly softer until his hotel room door slams as well.

“Dick,” you mutter.


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My Heart Will be There

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Peter Parker X Reader

Kinder Than You – Part 1

Word Count: 2133

Author: Princess Kate (Just kidding it’s Writer Kate… the one who writes)

Warnings: Talks about Stress and Anxiety attacks… sorry if that offends you, but I’m talking about my personal symptoms, and I’m not trying to glorify anxiety, stress, or any other problems whatsoever. 

A/N: HECK YES!!! Two parts in two days! I’m feeling very generous lately… Just kidding, I wanted to surprise you guys since you seemed to like this idea so much… Like I said, sorry about the warnings, but this was originally supposed to be like a way to channel my insecurities, if y’all would remember from part 1. OH YEAH I FORGOT TO MENTION PART 3 IS ON IT’S WAY!!! If you want to be tagged, just asked, I’m totally cool with that… And I’m actually really proud of my ending quote thingy, and yes, I DID COME UP WITH THAT LAST PART BY MYSELF… And I also don’t know why I make these so long since no one is reading anymore, but if you are, Please let me know if you like these little author insights… And go read the stupid fic already.

You were in the kitchen, making a batch of lemon cupcakes while Clint’s kids were watching a movie in the front room. The filling, a raspberry reduction, was almost done, and you were almost ready to start the buttercream frosting. Your phone beeped and a text popped up from Clint.

“Hey, we’re almost home, can you come open the garage?” You read quietly out-loud. You walked into the front room, turned off the TV, and picked up baby Nathaniel. “Cooper, Lila! Your parents are home!” You laughed at their excited faces, and followed them into the garage, pushing the button to deactivate the security system. The kids rushed to their parents as the car rolled in. You put Nathaniel down, and let him toddle towards his parents. You heard the timer go off for the cupcakes, and you slipped back inside. You smiled at the sunny yellow look of the treats. These were Peter’s favorite of the snacks that you would make regularly. When he was younger, he would try to stuff the entire cupcake into his mouth. It was hilarious to watch, but eventually, he learned to savor them, even if that didn’t stop him from eating most of the batch at super-speed. The thought of Peter made you hold your necklace, the one he had given you on your 14th birthday. You missed Peter loads, but the pain was a lot better being far away from him. It had been nearly 3 weeks since you left Stark Tower, and surprisingly, Nat had only accused Clint of kidnapping you a couple hundred times. You started frosting a cooled batch of cupcakes when someone poked your insides making you jump. You nearly dropped the cupcake, and turned to see Clint’s face grinning at you, and you stuck your tongue out at him. Clint had always taken a liking to you, and sometimes treated you like one of his kids, or other times, like his little sister. Overall, your relationship was very strong, like his and Wanda’s. Laura walked in grinning, and you ran up to hug her. Laura had been your mentor with Natasha before she retired, and she was very protective of you too. That’s why you loved coming here when you could sneak away from New York. Lila and Cooper treated you like their big sister, and you were the only person that baby Pietro (as you referred to him, since that was his middle name) would go to besides Laura and Nat. 

“Hey, Y/N! How were the kids?” Laura asked, hugging you tightly. Clint was inspecting the cupcakes for the one with the most frosting, just the way he liked them. Finding a suitable one, he picked it off the counter and bit into it.

“Perfect, as usual.” You smiled, genuinely. 

“Speaking of perfect,” Clint said through a full mouth. “I talked to Steve on Saturday. It seems your excuses were all too perfect. Why didn’t you tell us about the Peter thing?” His looked at you with raised eyebrows, and behind you, Laura was glaring at him. She had told him explicitly not to bring it up bluntly, knowing you would get flustered. Your hand flew up to fidget with your necklace again. It always reminded you of him, but you had been too attached to leave it at home, or even take it off. 

“I didn’t think it was that big of a deal.” You mumbled, lying. Clint and Laura looked at each other again, knowing how much the fight was bothering you.

“Apparently he’s been bugging everyone at that Tower to try and find out how you were doing, since you haven’t been answering any of his calls, either.” Clint poked, and you looked at the floor, biting your lip.

“Y/N, we’re just worried about you. Everyone is.” Laura said, putting her hand on your shoulder. “It’s not healthy to keep all your emotions wrapped up like this. I know it’s hurting you, but Peter is your best friend.”

“And your crush.” Clint wagged his eyebrows as he finished his second cupcake. You and Laura gave him the exact same expression at the same time, and he held back a laugh. 

“There isn’t exactly a lot to talk about.” You said, subconsciously rubbing the fading bruise on your cheek. Clint opened his mouth to retort, but the timer went off for another batch of cupcakes, so you slipped behind him without another word. 


“Bye! I’ll see you guys when the team comes out in a few months!” You called giving Lila, Cooper, Clint, Laura, and Nathaniel a last hug. You climbed into the quinjet, and waved good bye through the window as you flew higher and higher. You sighed happily, missing them already. You were about to settle back to write, but your phone beeped from the depths of your bag. You seriously considered ignoring it, but that always ticked Tony off when you ignored his texts, so you fished around for the device, found it, and clicked it on. A text showed up on the front from Aunt May, and you read the message.

“Hey, Y/N! Listen, I know you’re out of town, but we seriously need a shopping trip! When do you get back in?” May’s happy disposition shown through the text, but you cringed inwardly. You loved May, and she had always taken care of you like she was your mom, but you worried if she would ask you about Peter. You hadn’t taken it very well when Clint had interrogated you, and you had spent that night tossing and turning while memories of the fight swam around your mind. But it was May. She would know not to ask, right? You bit your lip, and texted back quickly.

“I’m flying back in right now.” You read quickly, and pressed send. It was only a second before you got a reply.

“Okay! It’s been long enough! How about tomorrow, Friday, since you guys have school off. I can pick you up at the Tower, I think Peter is going over there for his intern thing, anyway.” You sent affirmation to the plan, and sighed at relief that you would be able to avoid Peter. You settled back into the comfy interior of the jet, and watched the rain that had just begun to pound at the windows. 


“What do you think of this dress, Y/N?” May held up a very tight and form-fitting red dress, that would probably look amazing on you, but you were too self-conscious. You wrinkled your nose, and May put it back smiling. It was Friday, and you were having a great time, and Peter hadn’t been brought up once.

“So, why haven’t you been coming over lately? What happened between you and Peter?” May asked, trying to act nonchalant. Your heart dropped, and you knew your mind had spoken too soon. You looked at May, who was looking at you. 

“Pete- he didn’t tell you what happened?” You asked slowly, surprised that she didn’t know. Peter would always tell May everything. 

“Oh, he told me alright, but I want to hear your side.” May said, flipping through a few more dresses. She looked up at you suddenly with a gray sweater dress. You shook your head, trying to think of something to say.

“Um, I don’t… Well, I…” May smiled at your stumbling words. “What I mean to say is, I was just bugging Peter, obviously, and I sort of happened to walk in on this thing that Peter-” 

“He made out with Liz.” May said, her eyes shining with mischievous intent.

“Well, uh, yeah,” You said, laughing with wonder at how she knew that. “And, uh, Peter just got really mad, and it sort of spiraled into the big fight, and then…” You stopped talking, your side and cheek aching at the memory of what happened next.

“And then?” May asked, wondering what you were talking about. Peter hadn’t mentioned there was a second part to the fight.

“I-uh, I left.” You said, not thinking you would make it through the rest of the full story without breaking down. May knew you were hiding something, but she knew Peter had obviously really hurt you, in multiple ways. So she dropped the topic. The rest of the afternoon passed without mention of Peter, and May took you out for a shake before she dropped you back off at the Tower. On the way back to the Tower, May and you were talking in the car about a movie that you had been meaning to watch forever. 

“Oh, I bought that movie ages ago! You should come over tomorrow night and watch it!” May offered. Your face lit up with excitement, but then you remembered that Peter would probably be there. May saw your excitement dim as you bit your lip, and her concern about you heightened. “Peter won’t be there, he’s sleeping at Ned’s tomorrow night.” You hesitated, but then decided against your doubts. 

“Okay! As long as Peter won’t be there, I don’t want to press my presence on him.” You said, looking out into the bustling streets of New York. May smiled sadly at you, worried about how much Peter had affected you. Before long, you arrived at the Tower, and you said goodbye to May as you hopped out of the car. You ran up to your room, and fell back on your bed. You were alone, and the band of your anxiety quickly tightened around your chest, making it difficult to breathe. You froze on your bed, trying to get a grasp. These had been happening since the fight, but you used every last drop of your energy, and even dipped into some of your power’s supply to keep yourself looking normal and happy around everyone else. You looked at the wall, and counted to 10, the way Bruce had taught you when he found out you had anxiety and severe stress. The hyperventilating stopped, and the shaking started. These symptoms were the ones caused by stress, and you stood up quickly to stretch and try to relieve the tension. Spots started clouding your vision, and you fell back on your bed, trying not to think about how Peter would’ve helped you if he didn’t hate you.


“Peter, I’m home!” May called as she entered the apartment. Peter was sitting on the couch, his knees pulled up to his chest and his face in his hands, the way he curled up when he was worried about something. 

“Hey, May.” He said, his voice muffled and dejected. She put her bag down, and sat on the other side of the couch. 

“I was out with Y/N today.” She said. Peter’s head popped up at the sound of your name.

“She’s back? How did she look? What did she say? Is she okay? Where did you guys go?” Peter asked, the questions that had been building in his mind for a month came swirling out. May smiled sadly, the same way she had looked at you earlier. 

“She’s, um, she’s physically okay as far as I can tell,” Peter looked down again, knowing that you weren’t physically ‘alright’ thanks to him. May continued on slowly. “Peter, she seems really stressed, like the way she would get when she was younger. I think she was trying to hide it, but her hands and shoulders were shaking, and her lips were raw from biting them so much.” Peter put his face back in his hands, and let out a shaky breath. He had done this to you, and it had all been for Liz Allen. He wished he could go back, to save you from all this. 

“Peter, I’m really worried about Y/N. And you. Neither of you know how to survive without the other, and I know you can fix this. She thinks you hate her.” Peter flinched at the sentence. He felt it was too late. Maybe if he had caught you before you left, it wouldn’t be too late. But it was, and he had stopped trying to contact you a week after you left. He had given up on you, even though you had never given up on him. It killed him, just thinking about it. He got up from the couch without saying another word to his aunt. He walked into his room, and pulled out a paper he had saved from one of your old notebooks. He fell back on his bed with it, and read the note with the swirling hand-writing.

Friends forever, 

Never apart.

Maybe by distance,

But never by heart.

It was on of your favorite little quotes, but you had added something to the old saying.

He may not love me

But I do not care

For wherever he is

My heart will be there.

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You can watch an old 1930s movie and you’re crying with the people. All the actors are dead, everyone who worked on it, yet you’re feeling the emotion that that person wanted you to feel. You’re right there again. It’s alive forever, sealed in this bubble. Every time you watch it, the same thing happens. And it’s forever, forever, forever.

I just really wanted to draw these three genderbended…:T

So…please ignore the background…it looks like….