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Run!BTS Ep 12 was such a bless, we don’t have just Jikook being kink trashs, Taegi “You’re drunk, go to home please”, VHope so in love, Sope being soulmates™, Namjin married couple, Yoonmin “haven’t we seen each other at a cathedral?”, Yoonjin dad jokes, Jinmin 60cm shoulders fanboy, Taekookmin being kink trashs pt2

We’ve BTS actually acknowledging all the abuse that they made us go through since 2013

“This character wasn’t written for a Latina, so I feel a huge responsibility to represent Latinas in a great way. Isabelle could be a role model to girls in general, and especially Latin girls who want to look up to someone” - Emeraude Toubia

“I’m Latina, but this role wasn’t originally written for a Latina girl—it was for a white girl. So by casting me, ABC is breaking the mold. They are opening doors to girls like me, and I hope they keep doing that.” -Emeraude Toubia

And now all of a sudden after the show is getting backlash for using a very harmful latinx stereotype with Isabelle’s storyline we get this:

Que pinga es esto. No merecemos esto.

The Three Pillars theory of Azula

Azula is one of the most fascinating and complex villains in children’s media, or indeed in any media.  She is both abuser and victim, both deeply cruel and deeply afraid.  Often, discussion of her breaks into two camps, either she was born the way she is, or that she was abused, and she was made into the character we see onscreen by that abuse.  Either she is a “psychopath” (an outdated term that has been widely misunderstood and keeps shifting in meaning), and she was born the way she is, and she either wasn’t abused, or abuse didn’t affect her, or she was abused, and how she was raised made her into who she is.  I don’t think either of those positions are correct.  There is no code that says that predators don’t abuse other predators, and there is nothing in the world that makes abuse magically not damaging.  I have spent a great deal of time figuring out what makes this character tick, and what made her stop ticking at the end.  So how did nurture and nature come together to make Azula?  Bear with me, it’s a bit of a story.

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I just found that blog and already enjoy your writing very much! Are you taking prompts? If yes, then: body swap between neurodivergent and neurotypical person. It would be so exciting, to see that story in your style 💖

It’s taken me a while to get to this prompt! I didn’t want to take it lightly since I’m neurotypical. I talked to one of my friends who’s neurodivergent, so hopefully her help allowed me to do this prompt justice!


Ashley wakes up well-rested with the memory of falling asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow the night before.

This is her first clue.

The second is the alarm blaring next to her head, a constantly increasing BRRR BRRRR BRRRR sound. It’s annoying, but not painfully so, not like nails in her head, and she’s just…irritated. That’s all.

Her third clue comes when she sits up and sees her best friend Sera across the room.

“Sera…?” Ashley asks and then stops. That wasn’t her voice. She looks down. This isn’t her body. “Oh. I’m Sera.”

It’s not common–though it’s not uncommon either–to switch bodies. Typically kids grow out of it around 12, they stop coming home in their friend’s body, stop charging down the stairs to announce to Mr. and Mrs. So-and-so that their kid will be home soon, they switched last night, no worries, is that breakfast? 

What is uncommon is the fact that Ashley switched. Switching requires a close bond, being on the same frequency as the other person, and she’s definitely not on the same frequency as Sera.

Or she didn’t think they were.

“We really are friends,” she says out loud, surprised. There’s none of the instinctive fear rising at the thought, no inner voice saying that she’s probably reading this wrong, nothing. She just feels…warm.

“Sera?” Mrs. Henderson says from outside the door. She has to raise her voice a little to be heard over the still-blaring alarm. “Honey, are you okay? Your alarm’s been going for a while.”

Ashley stares at the door, speechless. The alarm is loud, painfully so, but she’d still heard Mrs. Henderson. The alarm had almost faded when she focused on Mrs. Henderson’s voice. Normally she would have had to turn the alarm off to sort out all the input, she might have even had to sit quietly for a while just to get the sound out of her head, but this body had prioritized it instantly.

Instinctively, Ashley wraps her arms around herself, but, instead of being comforted, she’s just…wrapping her arms around herself.

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life is a fist fight
and you’ve given the devil a gun.
—  oh, sinner, you better run | a.m.

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Whatever happened to... gay/straight/bi at what point did all this other stuff come into play?

It’s not like gay, straight, and bi people have disappeared, those still very much exist. But some people found they don’t really fit into those categories, and therefore made some that did. For example, I do not feel like bisexual represents my attraction. So I label myself as pansexual as I feel that is what fits me most.

Yuri on ICE
Yuri on ICE

Okay but guys remember how Viktor revealed that the part where the drums start is the part where Viktor became Yuri’s coach in the previous episode?

That just made the song so much deeper for me. 

The first part where only the piano is heard, represents when Yuri was all alone and depressed and lacked all confidence.
Then, Yuri meets Viktor, and the drums start playing. Notice how the piano starts to get so much more upbeat and how perfectly it flows along with the drums? That is the part where Yuri really starts to develop himself as a person; the moment Viktor came into his life. 

And then, the drums leave for a moment, and the piano suddenly get’s so much slower. I feel like this represents Yuri being alone with his thoughts again, trying to figure out why he was suddenly feeling so “upbeat”and happy, because it confused him.
Then, as the piano starts to pick up the pace again, that is the moment that he finally begins to realize: his true feelings for Viktor. His feelings of love. 

Then, the drums kick in again, Yuri opens up to Viktor about his feelings and Viktor “meets him where he is”, playing along with the pace the piano is already in to create the most beautiful music. 

Together they create such a beautiful harmony. The piano and the upbeat drums.  Yuri and Viktor. Yuri on Ice. 

our wounds will scar.

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You just killed me there sorry thank you so much

She’s Perfect

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Request from Anon : Hi I was wondering if you could write something about a Metamorphi magi! reader x Newt? They meet for the first time at Tina’s and Queenie’s apartment and the reader finds Newt attractive and her hair changes red (its normally brown) and Newt wonders what the color means.

Word Count : 2823

Part 1 : You’re Different
Part 2 : She’s Beautiful

A/N : I’m alive! Haha I’m so sorry about the delay guys, I hope you like it! 
Something to keep  in mind though, I switch between POVs a little bit in here, it’s mainly Newt with a sprinkle of Y/N. 
Oh and if you’re wondering why her hair keeps changing different colors, I thought I’d use the color to represent how she’s feeling/thinking so here’s a little cheat sheet : 
Auburn Brown - Newt (LOL)
Grey - confusion
Blonde - caution
Red - love

Newt looked back at his friends utterly confused and slightly hurt about what just happened. Jacob equally as confused as Newt, he was having a nice conversation with Y/N when the mood turned sour. Maybe he was talking about himself too much.

Queenie placed a hand on his knee and gave him a reassuring smile. “It wasn’t you, honey.”

“Then what was?” Newt looked at her with determination in his eyes. He wanted to set this right but he needed to know what he’d be apologizing for first. He turned to Queenie because he knew that she’d have the answers to his dilemma. Being a legilimens, she must have heard Y/N’s thoughts. “Please…I need to know.”

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This is my farewell to ISLAND magazine and my thank you to Brandon Graham ( @royalboiler ) and Emma Rios for bringing it to life for 15 issues. This thing started out as a one or two page thing but I decided that didn’t live up to my feelings for ISLAND so I hunkered down and made this. This represents a lot of 4AMs and a lot of caffeine and it probably shows around the edges but it’s sincere. It’s my response to Brandon’s drawing of he and Emma scuttling the Island, but ISLAND didn’t sink, badass Islands fly. We’ve all saved a piece of the Island and it’s going to keep flying around for a long time and deservedly so.
So thanks, and I look forward to what’s coming next.

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I love The Nanny so much!! I feel like Niles represents all shippers lol

He does!

The show was great.  And I even loved me some Niles x C.C. Babcock.  

Some people refuse to watch because of Fran Drescher’s voice…

but she was so endearing and her comic timing was excellent

I remember watching the Lambchop episode (set to Chariots of Fire) with my whole family back in the day and every single person was laughing so hard they were crying. I feel like true laugh out loud comedy is hard to find on TV these days. Now things are more ironic and witty.  This show was just so pure.

Does the “one day without a chronic illness/disability is worth more than a whole life with a chronic illness/disability” aspect of Everything Everything bother anybody else?

So since I’ve been doing some research on the term homoflexible, I feel like there should be a word to describe that concept. There’s a whole spectrum of bisexuality and pansexuality but I feel like the term bisexual doesn’t really represent me. But to me, lesbian is like an absolute. I know girls who identify as lesbians and have had or currently have or are open to a boyfriend. But I wouldn’t want to identify as a lesbian because I feel like people would question it and be like “well you’re not really a lesbian because you have a bf”.

I feel like I’m completely into girls and then guys are just kind of like… I’m not attracted to them.. but if a really cool one that really really sparks my interest comes along, then I might be down to date him. I identified as a lesbian before I met the guy I’m dating now.

So neither bisexual nor lesbian really perfectly suit me. Lesbian would be confusing to explain and bisexual doesn’t really represent my whole sexuality I feel. So I think we should make some kind of term for “homoflexible”. And yeah that could work as a label but idk it feels like saying “homosexual” or something like that and I feel like we need a better term maybe? I’ve seen a lot of girls who feel the same way as me, too. They like 95% like girls but that 5% not liking girls makes them feel like they can’t call themselves lesbians. So yeah it’d be cool if we could create a term for this!

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What's that animal in your icon, is it an OC of yours?

it’s an anthro of a fakemon I made a while back, a ghost eeveelution called Phanteon.

I liked the design enough that I decided to make it my ‘sona, so it’d be a more original design and not just an espeon like before (besides, my espeon kind of became his own character so I don’t feel he represents me well any more)

Pokedex entries:

Entry 1- This Pokemon loves making others nervous. When it finds someone, it often hides in the dark and follows them for hours on end, giving them a feeling of being watched.

Entry 2- It enjoys nothing more than to see someone uneasy. It’s not uncommon for this Pokemon to knock things over when no one’s looking to get this result.

Entry 3- Because this Pokemon dislikes being seen, it thrives mainly in the night hours. It likes to rub against peoples’ legs in the dark and jump up on their beds when they try to sleep, and disappears the moment they look.

Entry 4- Due to it’s nature of jumping on beds when people are in bed, it’s been told in myths that this Pokemon steals peoples’ breath while they sleep.