i feel so proud to be her fan

my thoughts on selja

although i don’t usually give reactions about haters like selja, i just felt the need to express my feelings about this.

i know she says that she’s an exo-l, but would exo honestly be proud of a fan like her?

and even though i know that her threats are nothing but words, it still scares me.

as an army, hearing threats about a member of a band that you’re stanning is so freaking frustrating. we love these boys so much to the point that life would never be the same without them.

and as an exo-l, i’m ashamed to be in the same fandom as this so called “selja,” - i hope she stops hiding herself behind all the hate that she’s throwing and come to her senses. i just wish she realizes that people are getting hurt with what she’s doing.

if she’s doing all of this just for her own fame - then she has achieved it AND I HOPE SHE STOPS! i also hope she realizes that hating on bts for the sake of exo IS NOT DOING EXO ANY GOOD WHATSOEVER. she’s just bringing down the exo-l fandom’s name.

I’m so proud of Disney’s Team of Researchers when it came to making Moana, because it made me, a proud Polynesian girl feel relatable to a Disney character. Now Polynesia consist of many islands, each with their own unique style. I thought it would be nice to share some of the elements used in Moana from my own Polynesian culture, the Maori culture, so that Moana fans can understand the significance or just something new. 

Te Fiti’s Heart

This Spiral Pattern is known as a ‘Koru’ and can be found in many types of Maori Art including: Carvings, Jewellery, Tattoos and Paintings. It is inspired by a plant native to New Zealand known as ‘Ponga’ or ‘The Silver Fern’.

Her Heart is also inspired by a rock precious to our people called ‘Pounamu’ or ‘Green stone’ which is a variant of Jade. We use it mainly for Jewellery nowadays but it was also used to make weapons back in the day. 


A Hongi is a traditional greeting and farewell used by Maori people by pressing noses. It symbolises exchanging the breath of life to one another.

Moana uses the Hongi several times in the movie but her Hongi with Te Fiti seems like the most important and special to me. 

Moana’s Necklace

Moana’s Necklace is made out of a Abalone Shell which we call ‘Paua’ and can be found throughout many countries around the world, however the featured shell here is a type you find in New Zealand  once you polish back its nacre. The shell is used in our arts including: Carvings and Jewellery.

There are so many more elements used in this movie from the other Polynesian Islands that I cannot name but hopefully someone else can add to this post to share our beautiful and rich cultures. 

Someone here told me to do a fan art of Inuyasha kissing Kagome on forehead so here’s the request darling ^^

I couldn’t but think of a sad scene where Kagome is having a trouble and Inuyasha kiss her on forehead saying that everything will be fine :“) ( I just love when Inuyasha plays the comforter part ~ omggg le feels ! <3 )

I’ve been thinking of making a fanfiction out of this but I’m not a good writer sniff sniff :”””)





Dude remember when you were a potato? (btw you will always be a potato to me. Sorry. :D)
Now look at you, you look like an actual Model. What happened?
I remember when Rian was kind of like Zack, never really talking and always kind of shy and being in the background.
And i feel like when they got more popular, so around Don’t Panic Era, Rian got out of his shell more, became more confident and talked alot more during interviews.
I Always thought he was a very funny guy but now he is just hilarious!
And the way he treats his Girlfriend, god he adores her, she is the love of his life and he makes that clear to whoever crosses his way and it is the most adorable thing ever. You can see him being so proud of her and being her number 1 fan.
This is real love right there you guys!
He is 29 now, can you believe that? Looking at the picture on the left i think of the “circles” music video and how young they all looked, it is weird seeing them as adults. 
But they all just got way funnier, and matured alot (well everyone but jacky boy. :D) And i just love seeing them grow up.
Especially Rian cause he changed a whole lot but at the same time he didn’t change that much.
It is hard to explain.
I just always get so happy when i look at him cause he never seems sad.
And i bet he could cheer anyone up.
I couldn’t be more proud of this guy!
Rian happy 29th Birthday! :)

to me amber is such an inspirational person. i just cant explain it differently, i’m so proud to be her fan and support her through messages and buying her albums and songs and all that stuff, because i want this person to feel happy because she makes me happy. i get happy when i watch her ranting monkey videos, especially when she covers such heavy subjects. i might not always send feedback, or comment how i loved the video, but her videos always touch me in some way and i am so grateful to her

Estorra Headcanons


  • Used to own a cat when she was really little, but it ran away. The cat was part of the reason why she decided to be a Meif'wa in the game.
  • Found the galaxy cat during her first week of playing the game and used to spend entire game days talking to it before she met Rune and Simon.
  • Honestly loves Rune and Simon with all her heart. They’re like siblings to her.
  • Will stab you if you talk crap about either of them or Owen.

I can’t think of much for her tbh because there’s so much gonna come from her backstorywise and I have no idea.


  • Honestly, it might as well be canon that she has the fluffiest hair ever.
  • She’s had a thing for Robin Hood since she was a kid.
  • Probably draws shitty fan art of Robin Hood and is always so proud.
  • Probably feels so guilty for stealing so much crap from Estorrians after learning they’re real and constantly throws random gifts at people to make up for it.
  • Actually had a thing for Braxton since she first saw him but ignored it because she thought it was weird. Yet, she somehow doesn’t think her thing for Robin Hood is weird.
  • Has probably tried stealing the thing/guy/person(how do you address it?) on Braxton’s back like, 7 times.
  • Probably the tech/video game nerd IRL and has played every game you can possibly think of.
  • Probably really likes Legend of Zelda.
  • Will whack you with a stick if you touch her hair.
  • Just doesn’t like being touched much in general.


  • Has beautiful luscious hair that makes people who spend hours on their hair go die in a corner with shame and he doesn’t even have to do anything to it.
  • Rune and Aph probably love his hair.
  • It’s a serious problem he let it down once and they almost got killed because they were to distracted by it during a battle. (totally gonna write this btw)
  • Probably visits the library all the time and lots of those times he likes just talking to the librarian.
  • Is really into backstory and is really nosy sometimes with the Estorrians.
  • Is very passionate about music and would probably cry if his guitar broke.
  • Emotional bean.
  • The cinnamon roll of the group Rune and Aph will defend him with their lives.
  • Low key scared of birds.
  • The theater kid.
  • Probably is able to find a way to make the walk to the kitchen from his bedroom an interesting adventure.
  • Probably cries a lot, not even always because he’s sad, just whenever he feels feelings.
  • Also when he sees rainbows.
  • Spends a lot of time talking to Estorrians and learning about them, even before he knew they were real.
  • All the Estorrians that he’s ever talked to probably really like him because he spends so much time just talking to them and getting to know them.
  • Likes trees.

I just really like Dreams of Estorra ok. I love it so much.

oh man, ghostbusters (2016) has taken over my life for a good while now and i need to speak about one particular aspect of it for a second.

you have NO IDEA how refreshing it was to sit in a theatre and watch a ‘family film’ with a *most probably* openly queer character, just chilling. existing. building fucking insane ghost gadgets (which essentially saved everyone). flirting. killing the shit out of paranormal things.

i’ve been a massive fan of kate mckinnon’s for some time, so obviously i was going to be a sucker for holtzy anyway, but, seeing her up on that screen made me feel like a proud mom.

even though it was never confirmed within the movie that holtzmann was in fact a lover of ladies, the little hints here and there were enough to make my heart EXPLODE. she spent the majority of the movie lovingly gazing at all the other ghostbusters, goofily dancing to impress erin, “come here often?”, “i’d talk to  you at an AA meeting”, hell, she was even wearing a shirt which said ‘one of the boys’ on it in one scene. her slightly slightly androgynous dress sense.

it felt so damn good to sit in that room surrounded by people of all ages and genders and see someone so accurately close to me up there. the online haters can say whatever they wish but they’ll never change my opinion on this movie. i’m so grateful it exists. it’s so important. so feminist. SO badass. 

Unpopular opinion time on ‘Symmetra is a strong female character’

All right, so a lot of people in fanarts like to make it that Symmetra’s ‘pair’ makes it that they show her directly about Vishkar’s lies to her, and she was shocked… and that pair says somewhere along the line “I told you so.”

I feel that it kind of devalues Symmetra like some sort of hopeless fool that can’t do anything right on her own, like a damsel in distress needing to be saved from the lies of Vishkar by someone else because she can’t break free on her own. What happens to claims that she’s a strong female character?

It’s just my opinion, but I’d love Symmetra to gather clues about Vishkar’s corruption on her own, deduce on her own, and then take the necessary actions on her own accord, rather than someone else directly showing the lies. Having her interact with others are fine, but don’t make it like they are shoving it to her with “I told you so!” and that becomes the basis why she leaves Vishkar. In other words, she saves herself.

That, to me, would be a stronger creed for a ‘strong woman’.

Symmetra is a strong woman. I say, let it show more. Though it’s just my opinion and I… don’t think I understand fully about what it means to be an autistic person. But I’m sure autistic person would prefer that their idol/hero, who happens to be autistic like themselves, is shown to be self-sufficient and can decide on her own for good things.

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I legit cried because Natasha's speech was so good. I'm still a lil sad Elise didn't get in the top 3 but that speech was fantastic, I'm proud of this fandom, and you had a huge part in that you encouraged and reminded people and helped me encourage people. So, you are very lovely Gabi. - Chapstick anon

I’m just so shaken, like I had a good feeling she was going to win but then her reaction just made me cry ;__;  She did so well!  And thanks! <33 I really didn’t do much XD  It’s all the dedicated fans who voted all day and night and that stupid captcha :’)

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I am so sorry, engazed, you are so kind, you don´t deserve hate anons. I think the relation between John and Sherlock is so so authentic, wonderful and strong, similar to the concept of friendship by Cicero. They don´t need to have sex (and of course, there wouldn´t be any problem if they both wanted to)

Thank you for your support, and to all those who have been so supportive over the last 12 hours. I want to reassure everyone that I wasn’t upset. Being called a bigot of any sort may be shocking and upsetting and feel grossly unjust, but honestly, it doesn’t rock me too much because I know it is untrue. I was mostly bothered that the concern wasn’t addressed to me directly, but to a fan who should not have had to bear the burden of defending me, or defending herself for liking me and my work. That’s what was unfair, putting her in that position.

All the same, I’m proud to be among such kind and thoughtful people, who are here to buoy each other up, not tear each other down.


I think he just doesn’t want the drama surrounding that. People have attacked Steven’s WIFE. They attack EK to this day. So I understand if he wanted to keep his personal life personal.

Publicly denying a relationship doesn’t protect the woman - that only works if the woman isn’t famous. As it stands, publicly denying it makes the woman look bad - it opens her up to accusations of being a fantasist, crazy “stalker”, desperate, manipulative etc. It certainly doesn’t stop his fans hating on her, in fact it makes it worse as they feel they are defending him from her.

The best way to protect a woman you are with, is to be like Steven - be open, proud and make it 100% clear you won’t stand ANY abuse of her.

Seventeen’s reaction to their s/o singing and composing their own music

S.coups:proud af dad boyfriend ‘’ Can my jagi get anymore perfect?’’ you’re Soonyoung btw

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Jeonghan: Always asking you to sing to him. ALWAYS.

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Joshua: *gif* when he hears you singing for the first time

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Jun: ‘’ Okay before anything else just let me say…….I’M YOUR NUMBER ONE FAN. ‘’

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Wonwoo: suddenly feels realy shy and awkward.

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Hoshi: he’d be REEEAAALLLY amazed and probably be like “Why am I finding this out now~?”

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Woozi: For some reason I can see him being like “ Eyyyy~ I made a good choice~” or “ So….Shall we start on that duet now or?” and OVER THE MOON HAPPY

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The8: I actually have no idea how he’d react so the best I could do was this gif so…. yea

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Mingyu: This puppy approves. And he actually would find it kinda hot I don’t know either okay? it’s late

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Seungkwan: “ You. Me. Let’s do this. Who can hit the higher note, leT’S GO”

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his forehead gives me liFE

Vernon:  confused puppy is confused beyond confused me everyday of my life “Did….did a miss something? HOW COME I DIDN’T KNOW?”

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omg he looks so smol and cute and literally like a fetus and I just want to protect him even more now TvT i can’t believe his older than me by 10 months….

hope you liked it! my request box is always open!

I’m such a proud Jennifer Lawrence fan

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Our fans stayed with us for 10 years, I feel we are like family now. When I release new songs, I feel like I’m a child who is waiting for her mother to compliment her. I have lots of songs I want to sing for you. I want to make more happy memories with you. I’ll be the singer which you can look forward to like a rainbow after the rain. Thank you, and I love you.
—  Taeyeon’s VCR message to SONEs at her first solo concert, “Butterfly Kiss.” July 9th, 2016.

When I think about the Vanguard Award and receiving this tonight, all I could think of was my country. They’re going to be so proud. This is the first Vanguard to land anywhere close to my country. And so you know, my success, it started as my dream. But now my success is not my own. It’s my family’s. It’s my fan’s. It’s the Caribbean’s as a whole. It’s women’s, it’s black women’s. So many people feel like their little piece is such a major part of this puzzle, and I have to thank you all for supporting me over and over. Thank you to every director who has taken a chance on me and a chance with my crazy ideas.


I just want to vent about “LEMONADE” real quick.

This album is just so so good. I just want to scream. I feel like anyone who hasn’t heard this album yet is missing out in a huge way. There are no words. Every song tells a story then she provides us with this 1 hour visual to help with painting the picture.. what an artist is supposed to do. I have seen social media rejoice in this project like never before and so many celebrites - actresses, actors, news anchors, radio hosts, singers - you name it, they’re all saying how brilliant and innovating this album is and it’s overwhelming for me as a huge fan of hers to see so much love and out pouring for this project, because it’s THAT good.

So I can only imagine how Bey feels.

I’m so very proud of Bey and I’m proud to call her my fave, she dropped the surprise album/visual in 2013 and had everyone doing the same and she has now OUTDONE what she started by dropping LEMONADE setting the bar even higher. Prince told Beyoncé if she learns the piano the skys the limit.. she learnt the piano and it seems like she’s only going up.. up.. and up..

She outdid her only competition. Herself.

What I got out of the album is that this journey we call life isn’t easy, we all go through it yet, Beyoncé has been given so many lemons, (talent, love, family) to name a few and she’s made lemonade out of it, (a career, a huge fanbase, her own family).

Life has handed each and every one of us our own lemons.. it’s just what we choose to do with them.