i feel so pedo

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‘Angry friendless smol who calms down considerably in the presence of the particular one who’s patient with them and reaches out to befriend them and they encourage each other to be better’ ship is my jam.

anonymous asked:

I honestly feel sorry for that Dylan Mackie cause like he gets bullied a lot and I feel really sorry for him❤️He's actually good looking❤️Fit😍But seriously, if your like good mates with him, you'd be on his side all the time!❤️He's happy to have a good mate like you Ryan! But you don't see it and that!!! So I honesty think you should start being a better mate to him! Like a guy like him shouldn't get bullied, getting called a pedo for hanging about with you! I feel so sorry for him!!❤️❤️X

Me to ngl, I will try like and if he ever gets called a pedo I’ll be having words with whoever said it xx