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One foot out, had a shiver running down my spine, the second foot causing a blanket of goosebumps over my skin. The exposure of cold from the sudden change in temperature - after removing myself from the warm and steamy bathroom, into Justin and I’s bedroom - had me dashing over to the bed in an attempt to warm up. 

The warm, messy bed was silky soft around my near bare body, leaving me with a satisfied sensation of emotions. With a towel draped over my small, damp figure, hair dripping slightly of disregarded water, I yelped in sudden contact as a furry warmth grazed over my leg.

Justin was oddly enough mumbling incomprehensible words beside me, to god knows who - but I chose to ignore his strange behaviour and instead twisted around to spot a fluffy little yorkie terrier sniffing around the disheveled bed sheets.

“Esther…” I spoke softly, enjoying the quiet and lazy day we had decided to encounter. Her head perked up at the sound of my voice, ears scavenging her surroundings as she slowly and lazily approached me, burying her body under my arms. 

As if just noticing Esther and I for the first time, Justin suddenly turned over and looked at Esther and I. He seemed to be looking for something for a second before he began clicking his fingers, and in a raspy, lazy voice called, “Esther, come over here - come here.”

Esther quickly dashed out of my grasp, running over to her ‘father’s’ side - who had suddenly let out a rather ungraceful yawn. It was only then I realised he was holding his phone, pointing towards her.

Not thinking much of it, I smiled down at the two before scooting closer to Justin’s side, cuddling up to his arm. With one arm draped around me, still gripping his phone, and the other petting Esther in a soothing way, he suddenly mumbled “You need a bath.” under his breath. 

My eyebrows furrowed, a small and confused smile on my face as I peered up at him. “If that was your way at telling me I smell - it wasn’t very subtle. And I literally just got out of the shower.” I rasped in a quiet tone.

Justin’s eyes flickered away from his phone towards mine, laughing slightly at my comment. “I can tell baby, which is why I wasn’t talking to you. I meant Esther.”

“Oh…” I blushed scattering off the bed. 

With a sway in my hips, I strutted over to the closet, slipping on the first pair of sweats and tank top I could find. Once returning back into the room, I noticed Justin sputtering irrelevant sentences with his phone in a rather close proximity to his face.

“’What in Gods name are you doing?” I yawned, stretching out across the bed sideways.

Justin glanced over at me but it was so quick and sudden, I honestly could of just imagined it. His free hand extended over to run his fingers through my hair as he usually would when we cuddle, soothing me to no extent.

I smiled and hummed into the bed sheets with content at the feeling, silently listening to Justin draw in and release a loud breath through his nose. All until the feeling of Justin’s hand was removed from my body, the sounds of his dog tag necklace being fumbled around with ringing through the air afterwards..

Slowly, my face lifted out of the silky sheets, only to catch sight of Justin balancing the tag on his lips, with his phone still high in his face.

“Your so weird. What the hell are you doing?” I chuckled, crawling forward. 

Justin didn’t respond, instead drawing another obnoxiously loud breath through his nostrils. Anxiously with a giggle, I turned over flat on my back, and slid my head onto Justins chest, peeking up at his phone. 

It wasn’t until I was met with a mirroring reflection of half my head peeking onto Justin’s screen in a very unattractive angle that I drew back in shock. “Oh God your live streaming.” I said in horror. 

“Yeah…” He laughed. 

“And I just put my head in the screen, I looked like a troll.”

Justin chuckled, using his hand to grip my head in an aggressive but gentle way and pulled my head down to plant a kiss on my temple while squeezing my cheeks together. I groaned in annoyance and swatted his hands away, pouting like a four year old afterwards. 

I exceeded a deep sigh, shuffling off the mattress, but not before bending down and giving Justin a warm kiss on the lips. As I stalked back towards the bathroom, deciding it was time I did something with my mess of hair, it wasn’t until Justin called out to me that an Idea had suddenly popped into my head.

“Alright I’m gonna end the stream.”

A smirk settled on my face at the realisation that we were going to be alone - completely alone in a few seconds and I couldn’t help but get a little excited at the plan brewing in my head. 

Everything was adding up.

I’m home alone. I’m having a lazy day. My boyfriend is here with me. And no one is here to interrupt. Why didn’t I think of this sooner?!

With a pimp in my step, I discontinued my trail to the bathroom and took a re-route, practically running over to the closet.

After gliding my hand along the many, many choices of clothes I had in store, I finally settled into the section where all my nightwear hung, including a nice and wide selection of Lingerie and silk slips. Something I’ve come to learn Justin is a big fan of.

It was a hard choice - deciding which to wear. There were so many choices but I was rather satisfied with the black VS one I settled on. With a few straps and a couple laces, I was fully clothed in a nice lingerie which can I just say, I looked stunning in. Actually, more like half clothed. It was rather revealing.  Perfect.

As all this was done, slight mumbling was heard outside the door from Justin. Was he on the phone. Maybe. But why was he telling jokes? And two whom?

“Why did  Adelle cross the road?” he began but I blocked out all sound after that. It was time to freshen up, not be caught up in Justin’s random questions towards whoever he was talking to. 

My hair was quickly thrown into the perfect messy bun and I was done. So simple, yet so effective.

After running my eyes over my reflection in the body length mirror, I then slowly and seductively began walking out of the closet, nestling myself on the doorway staring down at Justin who was now just glaring at his phone with an arm above his head, fingers scratching his scalp.

It was silent for a few minutes I must say before his gaze fell, and finally landed on mine, just realising I was standing there. 

And as his eyes met my figure, they instantly began bulging out of his head. Mouth opened and tongue slightly stuck out as if a puppy awaiting a nice bowl of water after a long run. Thirsty much.

I allowed my hand to glide up the frame of the door, my hip popping out to the side more giving him a better pose in the outfit. Slowly, I began excelling forward, eyes burning into the honey orbs of my boyfriend who seemed to be in shock at my surprise.

Just when my knees hit the bed, I lifted them and began crawling over to him, his eyes watching my every move with lustful orbs - awaiting my every move.

My legs swung over his body, straddling his crotch area with a smirk. 

“Like what you see?” I whispered into his ear before nibbling at the flesh of his ear lobe. 

And as if it was my voice that had snapped him out of his gaze, his body went stiff as rock, eyes almost guilt ridden as he cleared his throat in a warning manner.

“Uh….babe.” He says almost apologetically. 

“Mmm?” I hummed whilst making my way down towards his jaw.

He pulled his head back before jerking in the direction beside him. My eyes slowly worked up only to realise that Justin’s hand was hovering over us, his phone intact with an ongoing live stream displayed. 

Comments were flowing in like crazy but I couldn’t bring myself to read them. I was too busy trying to hide my flushed and embarrassed face. The palms of my hands flew over my cheeks, fingers shielding my eyes which were squeezed shut.  

I was just caught in front of thousands of people, a lot of which who were probably recording - trying to seduce my boyfriend in a revealing lingerie on camera. Great. 

A wicked chuckled escaped Justin’s lips as he grabbed a hold of the back of my head and pulled my flushed face into the vail of his chest, rubbing soothingly to calm me down. he was obviously finding this rather humourous.

I whimpered disapprovingly into his chest, and as he received the message, he smiled, leaned down to kiss my hair, then pulled back smiling up at the camera.

“Bye.” Was all he said before the screen went blank.

Request are being written.


Guys - thank you so much! I just found out that four of my stories made it to the Destiel Fan Survey Favs Collection and I’m so excited! Really - if you’ve been on my AO3, you know what writing means to me, so I won’t bore you with all that again, but just - I’m so happy right now, you have no idea. Thank you!

These were your favourite of mine -

Autrement, Danger - or, The Account of an Exceedingly Long Day (M, 30K, tags: Sirenssort ofBased on a Tumblr PostExistential CrisisCrack Treated SeriouslyDean is Bad at FeelingsSam is a SweetheartCastiel Is So DoneSome Japanese FolkloreObnoxious French TitleWill Probably End with Sex in a Hot TubupdateyepHot Tub Sexand alsoDeclarations Of LoveCastiel’s True Form

When Dean looks at it, he sees Cas, and he’s not happy about it.
When Sam looks at it, he sees Jess, which is even more unfair and fucked up.
And when Cas looks at it - hell, who knows what Cas is even thinking? Dean is not asking him, because he really doesn’t care - like, at all.

Personal Space (G, 1K, tags: Sad and HappyCastiel FeelsPoor DeanCastiel and Dean Winchester Need to Use Their WordsApocalypsethere is always an apocalypse somewhereHumans are complicatedAnthropologyDeclarations Of Love(sort of)I Blame TumblrEpisode: s05e03 Free to Be You and Me)

(That infamous discussion we never saw; story set early in season 5)

The Way Out (M, 70K, tags: Angst and FeelsPininggeneral miseryFriendshipan hour of wolves and shattered shieldsTime TravelFirst KissFirst TimeDeclarations Of Loveunethical use of John DonneTeam Free WillYoung Winchesterswelcome to Florencechristmas cheerChristmas GloomProfound BondUndying LoveCanon CompliantDean/Cas Big Bang Challenge 2016)

Things are going pretty good, which is why Dean should have seen it coming. Sam and Toni are so in love it’s disgusting, the big monsters are all gone or dead, and Dean and Cas - yeah, okay, so they kissed and now they’re kind of together, okay? Shut up.

No, the second Dean had caught himself thinking about food processors and beach holidays, he should have fucking known his happy ending would turn around and kick him in his fucking teeth. And now it has, and they’re supposed to get on a damn plane and put on monkey suits and have Christmas dinner at Lord and Lady Bevell’s, and Dean just can’t - he can’t face it, he can’t breathe, he can’t even see through the injustice of it all, because Cas - Cas -

Tell me why. I deserve that much, at least.

The Law of Equivalent Exchange (M, 60K, tags: Angst and FeelsPOV CastielAngel CastielHuman CastielCastiel’s True FormTrue LoveFirst KissFirst TimePre-CanonPost-CanonCanon CompliantAncient GreeceBiblical ReferencesMiddle AgesMousquetaire | MusketeerParis (City)GermanyImmortalityEpisode: s03e16 No Rest for the WickedEpisode: s04e01 Lazarus RisingEpisode: s04e02 Are You There God? It’s Me Dean WinchesterEpisode: s04e03 In the BeginningEpisode: s04e07 It’s the Great Pumpkin Sam WinchesterEpisode: s04e08 Wishful ThinkingEpisode: s04e16 On the Head of a PinEpisode: s04e22 Lucifer RisingEpisode: s05e03 Free to Be You and MeEpisode: s05e22 Swan SongEpisode: s06e06 You Can’t Handle The TruthEpisode: s06e20 The Man Who Would Be KingEpisode: s06e21 Let It BleedEpisode: s08e02 What’s Up Tiger Mommy?Episode: s08e17 Goodbye StrangerEpisode: s08e23 SacrificeEpisode: s09e06 Heaven Can’t WaitEpisode: s10e22 The PrisonerEpisode: s10e23 My Brother’s KeeperEpisode: s11e04 Baby)

“And what’s the point of it?”

“Of love? There isn’t one. Loving is its own purpose.”

- and I can’t wait to go through the whole collection properly and discover all the other works people voted for. @unforth-ninawaters - thank you so much for taking the time to do this, you’re the best. <3

Alright, YOI Fandom. You did it once again.

Just when I thought I was free of the hellbent hype that is Yuri!!! On Ice, it just keeps getting worse by the minute.

You guys have done lots of stuff, pretty Extra™ stuff.

You guys have:

⚪Sent death threats to those who criticize YOI

⚪Hijacked Yuzuru Hanyu’s wikipedia page/profile/info and changed it to be all about Katsuki Yuuri

⚪Harassed other people who enjoy other sports-themed animes and deemed them as “queerbait” (mostly attacking Free! and Haikyuu!!)

⚪Told Levi Ackerman to “fuck off” just because he shares the same birthday date as Viktor Nikforov (the date is December 25th, by the way)

⚪Hijacked famous ice-skaters’ social networks by sending their messages telling the ice skaters to leave their wives to find a man

⚪Attacked Sara Crispino for no reason at all, just because she was chatting with Katsuki

⚪Constantly flooded the Killing Stalking tag with unrelated trash

⚪Hogged all of the Crunchyroll’s awards, even the ones that were totally UNRELATED to YOI’s plot (Best Villain: Katsuki’s anxiety episodes/the steamed buns that Maccachin ate; Best Hero: Mitsurou Kubo, am I right?)

⚪Were openly acephobic/biphobic

⚪Sued Hallmark for Love on Ice being eerily similar to YOI (when in reality Love on Ice was a book series before YOI got popular)

⚪Purposedly ERASE Tennis no Ouji-sama/The Prince of Tennis (Around since 1999. Baka Pair. 2009 OVA. You’re welcome.)

⚪Made Tumblr go out of order after the twelth episode

⚪And most recently: Hijacked the figure skating tag, comparing real life ice-skaters to their precious gay anime.

Congratufuckinglations, YOI Fandom! You managed to be more annoying, toxic and obnoxious than the Hetalia and Steven Universe Fandoms COMBINED.

I hope you’re all proud. Like wow, you guys are so extra it’s not even funny anymore. You guys give me cancer.

Feel free to send me hatemails, death threats and whatever else, ‘cause I don’t give a flying fuck.

anonymous asked:

Not an ask, but you guys are the best! I feel like there's so much that goes into running this blog that we don't see - reading fics, dealing with easy asks, difficult asks, impatient/obnoxious asks. constantly repeating rules , having your rules questioned, finding fics, updating/fixing tags, answering asks, AND ALL THE THINGS WE DON'T SEE. It can be such a thankless job but we really love and appreciate all you guys do! <3

Also not an ask - wanted to send a gif of Jongdae being a cutie on show champion and saying ‘fighting’ before bursting into giggles along with my previous ask, but tumblr don’t allow links in ask :(

Originally posted by dragonkick

Thank you so much!!! 95% of our followers and asks are fantastic, which makes up for the 5% that arent. And that’s ok about the gif, sweetie, we know you meant it. (next time just @ us!)

-FY!EF Team


story of another us // 5 seconds of summer

OK SO i commissioned my wonderful friend jackie aka matchallama to draw my lone wanderer johanna!!! ♥ 

jackie captured jo perfectly, and just the details and colors and her face! it’s all so perfect!!!! (’: thank you so much, luv!! everyone should definitely commission her next time the chance arises!

So some random ass anti-hinata commented on my PROPERLY TAGGED pro-hinata post with the same made-up bullshit they like to use time and time again when I literally didn’t ask. Should I:

1. Do the mature thing and ignore them, because I don’t actually care all that much, they’re completely irrelevant to my life in the long run, and they’re literally saying the same stuff their fandom does all the time which I already know is wrong because I have a shred of reading comprehension skills

2. Reply with an obnoxious, stupid answer because they never listen to reason anyway and I’m honestly just tired

3. Reply with actual canon evidence that proves their points wrong entirely but that they probably won’t reply to or refuse to understand and use some reading comprehension skills and keep trying to argue with shit that I’ve already proved wrong to them or bring up some irrelevant stuff out of goddamn nowhere

ask-daniel-b-lantern  asked:

Which Overwatch hero would you want most and least to be your roomate

i feel like zenyatta would be the best room mate out of all of them. he seems so personable and chill, but he also doesnt seem the type to be super messy or do something obnoxious in the middle of the night. just a cool dude.

as for least, probably symmetra because i am very messy by nature and i cannot keep a schedule to save my life. she would despise living with me.

Good People

I have a lot of bad days. It doesn’t phase me much anymore because it’s really just part of who I am and I deal with it the best I can. Because we all have to just deal with… life. Mental illness doesn’t make that easier, but, WHATEVER. Anyway, I happen to be having a particularly unpleasant day and I feel really, really bad. So what do I do when I get home from work??? Ha. Scroll through tumblr. Because it’s a quick distraction, but also, more importantly, there are so many kind, understanding, amazing human beings on this site. Even if I don’t talk to some people, as mutuals I feel like I’ve gotten to know you. It’s like this weird experience of just, unspoken understanding. There’s also some stunning creativity! People share their words and their art, and that’s so amazing.

I feel like trash today, but I was honest going to put one of these together anyway. So I’m gonna list everyone who’s been awesome, and then just give it up to some cool artists, and , yeah. It will make me feel better, lol. 

tag bomb under the cut

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@ all the Pearl hate (spoilers)

So i’m already seeing Pearl hate in like every Steven Universe tag, and i feel like this perfectly represents tumblr’s obnoxious habit of jumping to rash conclusions. 

First of all, yes. What Pearl said/did to Greg in this episode was wrong. And the episode at no point acts like she was right. But believe it or not, characters can have flaws. Characters can do bad things. And these characters can still be good people - that’s what makes Steven Universe so great in the first place. These characters are dynamic. They’re very realistic. And what Pearl did is something real people do all the time - they act upon their jealousy. I’m sure almost everyone has felt like Pearl did at some point in their life, and wanted to do something about it, too.

Also, people seem to forget that Pearl and Greg seem to get along rather well in the present day of the show?????

Obviously something changed. I think we should be getting excited over the idea of learning how their relationship developed rather than deciding Pearl is the devil for having jealousy issues at some point in the past.

anonymous asked:

Hi! So you just gave some great advice to CG who have a little, could you expand on that advice for long distance relationships, please. It'd be so helpful! ❤️

Thank you! Lol, I’ll try! Long distance is always hard!

♦Skype dates! In which you could watch movies together! Or play a board game! (Like Candyland, if you both have one!) Or, just sit together doing your own thing. You can do grown up stuff, and they can just color and show you when they’re done! ♥ That’s pretty much how things go IRL anyway!

♦Bedtime stories! Like, this is something you can do just as well as any CG! You can do recordings or read to them on Skype and show them the pictures in the book! Goodnights are so important when you’re long distance!

♦So are good mornings! Check on them every morning! Remind them to brush their teeth, eat, and take their vitamins! If they’re going out, remind them to put on sunscreen! Just be totally over protective, and I promise, they’ll feel little! Send each other pictures all the time while! Throughout your day! You can never send to many pictures!

Couple! This app! Just trust me! There’s thumb print kisses!

♦Tumblr, lol. It sounds vain and lame, but since you two can’t show each other off IRL, tumblr is the next best thing! Reblogs! Tag each other! Be totally obnoxious and in love! ♥ Like you would be IRL. Don’t worry about what anyone else thinks. There’s nothing wrong with being happy and in love. If you’re so happy you want to shout from the roof tops, do it! Just, you know, in blog form! (;

♦Communication. Communication. Communication. Talk. All the time. Throughout the day. You’re long distance; so, talking is all you have. Make the most of it. Send them into little space randomly throughout the day with a, “Who’s my good little boy/girl/one!” If they’re walking somewhere, tell them to look both ways before crossing the street! Twice! Haha! If it feels like it’s too much, ask them. But it probably won’t be! ♥ Also, extra reassurance is needed with a long distance littles. Remind them regularly that they are your little, you love that they’re little, they aren’t a burden, that you’re proud of them, that they’re lovely, protected, and safe! ♥

♦Rules, chores, rewards! Set a few tasks for your little to do every day! I personally am so shitty with rules! So, I go with a few basic rules, but put more emphasis on the daily tasks! Five is a good number! This app is also really chill! I used it when I was a foster mommy! It’s called Chore Monster! Rewards depend on your circumstances, maybe said little can go a small, teenie, tiny shopping while talking to you on the phone! It’ll be almost like you’re there! Or you can buy them a small gift and put together a care package! Or if you’re broke like most of us, a later bed time, extra night night stories, extra sweets, a chore deferment, ect! ♥

I really hope this is helpful! I’m always here to give advice anyway that I can!

Just wanted to take a moment to show my appreciation for you all. I’ve had some first and second-hand experiences with a lot of crappy fandoms. Everything from elitism, to bullying between sub-sects, general obnoxiousness and just flat-out lack of acceptance between people who all love the same thing. It is because of those negative experiences that I find myself constantly feeling SO grateful to the fans of TOME for the amazingly positive experiences they’ve shared with me. I check the Facebook page, the Tumblr tag and my Twitter responses every day and it is always, without a doubt, a pleasure seeing the thoughts of you all. Whether you’ve donated or contributed to the show, done something creative like fanart of fanfiction, or even just simply watched and enjoyed the show…I owe absolutely everything to you, the viewers.

It’s because of my dedicated cast and crew that the show is what it is; I never could’ve done it alone. However, it’s also because of all of your support that the show continues to exist in the first place. You have all given me the distinct privilege of getting to do what I love, storytelling by way of animation, for a living…and as a result, I can only hope that what I’ve created with the help of my friends has been worth it. I hope for that because, anytime I ever see stories from folks about how much the show means to them or that it positively influenced them in some way; in ANY way, it certainly makes it worth it to me.

I don’t know what the future for TOME holds, if anything, but I am eternally appreciative to its fans for their incredible dedication for the past four years. Bottom line: thank you so much for everything.

Calling All Eremika Shippers

Hello! I’m sure many people in the em fandom recognize my url, and know who I am and what I do. Lately, things have been irking me, and I really feel like I need to share with my fellow shippers, because I believe it is important to know. This post isn’t about trying to make everyone feel bad, because that would be solving nothing. However, it is somewhat of a discussion. I do not intend to start drama in any way, shape or form. I also intend for this not to be some dumb fanwank. So please, do not spread ridiculous rumors. I really encourage people to read this, because I think it is important for the sake of this ship. I apologize in advance if this is lengthy.  

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When people ask/demand reylo shippers not to post anything related to reylo in the main tags, I’m like:

Originally posted by yourreactiongifs

Reylo is

1) A part of the SW fandom, so It makes perfect sense to tag it ‘Star Wars The Force Awakens’.

2) Features Rey

3)Features Kylo Ren

4) Adam Driver is the Actor who plays Kylo Ren

5)Daisy Ridley is the actress who plays Rey

All these are relevant in the tagging system. They are relevant to gif sets and images such as screenshots and fanart(except NSFW). I understand not tagging them in text posts or fanfic posts because they belong in the reylo tag but the images and gifs in my opinion belong in the main tags, that’s where they go.

One last thing, I don’t think It’s fair to ask a large portion to exclude (that is exactly what you are asking reylo shippers to do) themselves from the main tags when other ships such as FinnRey (which I also ship) and StormPilot (again I also ship) get a free pass and free rein over the main tags. As if reylo shippers do not belong in the Star Wars fandom.

I understand not liking a ship, that’s no problem, I respect that and I’m not going to try to change your opinion on in it. However, I can’t help but feel like if I made a post asking people, for example, Stormpilot shippers, to not put their stuff in the main tags there would be an uproar about it and a completely different reaction then the ones given for such requests.

Reylo shippers are called ‘obnoxious’ and ‘entitled’ for posting in the main tags but other shippers aren’t these things? Double standard, a thing that is happening A LOT in this fandom.

So, please, if it really bothers you so much, please, please, please, just block it. Blacklist it. Tumblr savior it.
That will take all the reylo posts that are in the main tags away and you won’t have to see them. Now, with tumblr mobile, I can’t help you because the tumblr app doesn’t have any of those options because it sucks and if that upsets you, well, blame tumblr for making a non adaptable app.

to celebrate my blog’s first anniversary, i decided to make another follow forever. yay! but first, let me thank all of my followers. i may not have a lot but i’m definitely grateful for your existence. thank you for putting up with my crappy edits, my obnoxious tags, my face, and sometimes, my rants. i would also like to thank those people who have sent messages to me either anon or not. you guys never fail to make me smile. i’ve also made a couple of friends here on tumblr.. this one’s actually unexpected since i’m not good at socializing so… if we’ve conversed before (i dont care if it was just a ‘hi’) i want you to know that you have a special place in my heart. anyway i’m terrible at expressing my feelings through words so i’ll end this by saying that … you’re all beautiful and unique snowflakes and i love you all~ have a great day ahead of you!

fave blogs/people ; mutuals  -  tell me if i missed you


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Finish The Drawing!

Say HELLO to Finish The Drawing! (Again)

**This round we’re going to try it as a text post so I can reblog it without it being obnoxiously long reblogs


Step 1: SAVE this image!

Step 2: DRAW your character of choice meeting the Sheriff under the mistletoe!

Step 3: REPOST/REBLOG with your finished image!

I’ll be reblogging all “Finish The Drawing”’s I’m tagged in and they’ll all be tagged on my blog under “Finish the drawing” for easy search!

Please REBLOG to spread the cheer and ENJOY!


Too Late to Apologize - A Declaration

Did you know that I have a doctorate in political science? Did you know that I have the biggest intellectual lady boner for Thomas Jefferson? Did you know that I will celebrate the Fourth of July even though that wasn’t the day the Declaration of Independence was signed?

As John Adams wrote:

The Second Day of July 1776, will be the most memorable Epocha, in the History of America. I am apt to believe that it will be celebrated, by succeeding Generations, as the great anniversary Festival. It ought to be commemorated, as the Day of Deliverance by solemn Acts of Devotion to God Almighty. It ought to be solemnized with Pomp and Parade, with Shews, Games, Sports, Guns, Bells, Bonfires and Illuminations from one End of this Continent to the other from this Time forward forever more. You will think me transported with Enthusiasm but I am not. I am well aware of the Toil and Blood and Treasure, that it will cost Us to maintain this Declaration, and support and defend these States. Yet through all the Gloom I can see the Rays of ravishing Light and Glory. I can see that the End is more than worth all the Means. And that Posterity will tryumph in that Days Transaction, even altho We should rue it, which I trust in God We shall not. (The Book of Abigail and John: Selected Letters of the Adams Family, 1762-1784, Harvard University Press, 1975, 142).

So, welcome to the other time of the year that I will be obnoxiously patriotic because we may have messed up a lot of things since then, but the Declaration of Independence was one of the things we got right.

Feel free to block the tag ‘fourth of july’ because I will be randomly assaulting you with Sam the Eagle and other forms of web-based Americana for the next twenty four hours. Also, probably more Captain America than normal.

Also also, watch the video. 'Tis awesome.