i feel so much for lillian

SuperCorp & Sanvers w/ kids

I was talking to @lesbianlena about this and I really gotta make a masterpost of headcanons bc I have Feels™

  • Alex and Maggie would get kids first.
  • Lena wouldn’t want kids bc she’s scared she’d be like Lillian and she doesn’t want that.
  • Kara reassures her that she’d be the best mom bc she’s already a great wife with so much love to give and also she’s seen her with Alex’s kids
  • Sanvers kids LOVE their auntie Lena
  • Lena’s not really comfortable around (Sanvers’) kids at first bc she just doesn’t know how to act around them. But she loves them so much.
  • She buys them something and then they’re like “thanks, auntie Lena!” and hug her for the first time anD LENA JUST MELTS
  • @lesbianlena​: omg imagine them just thinking she’s so amazing and smart??? imagine if alex and maggie had a kid around like 3yo and it’s the time for “but why?” kind of questions and the kid just being so curious and asking about lena about Science and lena being patient and trying to explain as simply as she can
  • She wants those kids to have everything so she spoils them. But then Kara tells her that she shouldn’t buy kids toys that their parents can’t afford. She thinks that it makes Alex and Maggie uncomfortable and also they’re trying to teach their kids to value things other than money
  • Sanvers kids would ofc want to play with guns bc their mommies are their heroes. Lena is horrified and is like “pls let me take them to theater instead”
  • Kids still love guns more, but Lena tried XD
  • OK OK BUT Kara and Lena would adopt older kids, bc those kids have less chances to be adopted and they just really want to give kids their best chances and they can afford to spoil them
  • Kara wants a big, loving family bc she’s used to having one. Lena wants the same bc she never had one.
  • Lena remembers how Lillian tried to buy her love with expensive gifts so she stops with those. She notices that quality time with the fam is all that the kids need :3
  • Their son would eat so much food and Lena would be like “are u sure that he’s not a kryptonian?”
  • Alex and Maggie would take the kids to park at least twice a week. Bc they’re really busy with work but they made a promise not to let that get in the way of their parenting
  • Maggie loves making sandcastles with kids ok this is 100% canon I know this
  • Alex reads them bedtime stories. Or sometimes tells them about her missions as if they were stories
  • Kara just reaaally wants to take all of the kids flying but she doesn’t wanna burden them with that secret when they’re so young
  • ok but what if one of Kara’s kids wants to become a cop, and one of Alex’s kids wants to be a journalist like auntie Kara
  • also one of the kids would want to be a scientist and both Lena and Alex are just so damn happy to have someone to share that with
  • ok but all 4 of them (Kara, Lena, Maggie, Alex) are scared of mama Danvers bc they think that she’s like the ultimate awesome mom and they think that they can’t compare. but Eliza thinks that they’re doing a great job w/ kids
  • Maggie’s parents would also come to visit and maybe babysit the kids sometimes
  • JAMES AND WINN AS UNCLES. just all the piggyback rides tbh
  • Uncle Winn would play games with them 24/7 and James would make them fall in love with photography
  • Imagine how full their house would be at Thanksgiving or Christmas
  • I want James to be a dad, too. Maybe James and Lucy would have a kid? Is that still a healthy relationship? It could be.
  • Ok but gay uncles Winn and Mon-El
  • Family photo with all of them in front of a huge Christmas tree, they’ve never been happier.

pls add more I just love this

i have a lot of mixed feelings after episode 13. after this whole season so far, basically.

everything is messy. like, ridiculously. there’s a lot of good ideas, dont get me wrong, but its jumpy and all over the place. lena luthor should have been in the show more consistently, the same way lucy lane was in season 1. lillian luthor should be a more consistent villain like maxwell lord. what about Alex’s dad? the show doesnt even have anything to ground itself to? like season 1 it would always come back to kara needing to be at catco for ms grant and the whole double life thing, this time its like???? whats going on? i want to see kara being a journalist, but its like occasionally mentioned here or there. it wasn’t even looked at in this episode!!!

im angry bc there are so many characters that have great potential and are being sidelined for idk iffy romance? maggie sawyer, i wanna know more about her. lena luthor, james, winn, alex, heck even mon-el couldve been interesting if there’d been more of a focus on world building with daxam. not to mention that kara doesnt even have a story or direction? its legit just kind of random mish mash here and there, she saves the world, im confused.

lol then the queerbaiting. its queerbaiting. its a new type of queerbaiting bc the network is probably aware that they should try and keep their audience by having sanvers as a happy, canon couple but the amount of people who’ve said to me they thought supercorp was canon until they thought otherwise is almost ridiculous at this point. people. who dont watch the show. sayign they legit thought lena and kara were in a relationship. ?????? and i just look the relationship between mon-el and kara has been written so shittily and horribly. they argued in today’s episode and kara made some damn good points and yet she still decided that he was worth a shot? like whaaaaaaat? no girl stay far far away until he’s been written as a better person thx.

the reason i say mixed feelings is bc there is no doubt in my mind that the network, the CW, are forcing the writers’ hand. im a film student, i get how it all works, networks like the CW (which is owned by one of the big hollywood players/companies, Warner Bros.) aren’t about to take ‘risks’ (ie interracial relationships, more up front and centre lgbt relationships, theres other things but i cant think of them rn). its a product. they need to sell it. sadly, the kara mon-el relationship is one. they use sanvers to target the lgbt demographic. it kills me, bc these networks and hollywood majors completely kill decent tv and film for the sake of ratings and money, etc etc. 

supergirl season 1 was completely phenomenal, and i am so disappointed in season 2. 

My thoughts on “Luthors”...

Thank god, finally an ep that’s reminiscent of season 1.  Yes there were unnecessary, mildly annoying moments too but the foundation of family/friends supporting each other, working through their differences, and communicating was there.  Which made the annoying moments less annoying.  You feel me?

  • Superfamily time!  They’re all together, interacting, having fun, being supportive of Alex and Maggie’s relationship.  I’ve missed THIS so much.
  • “I am human” Lena dropping hints about Kara’s not-so-human identity like bombshells.  Cat Grant would be proud.
  • I love that Kara and Lena are open with each other.  Their conversations have witty *coughs* flirtatious *coughs* banter but without sacrificing mutual understanding, seriousness, and heart.  I appreciate that.
  • Lillian Luthor is a manipulative bitch but damn is she convincing.
  • Atta girl Kara!  You’re doing so well this ep.  Standing up to Snapper, James, etc.  Not backing down from anyone and doing what you know is right.  Now that’s what I wanna see. 
  • EVE.  I could kiss you.  You are the true mvp for mentioning “Miss Grant”.  I miss Cat.
  • “Don’t hurt her!”  The way Lena’s voice breaks at the end.  What sort of romantic, desperately trying to protect each other trope is this.
  • Please tell me Lena regained consciousness mid-flight.  Supergirl is carrying her and asdfghjkl !!!!
  • Aww Kara and James made up.  They’re having a game night!  I could cry.  This is perfect.
  • Why are you like this?  Overflowing Kara’s office (Thank You for finally acknowledging the office Cat gave her) with flowers.  Going from friends to family to you’re my hero in a matter of seconds.  Lena has no chill and I am living.
  • Mr. Mxyzptlk I love you.  You have impeccable timing. I’M LAUGHING SO HARD

Letter to Cyn, 23rd August, 1965 (Their 3rd wedding anniversary)
There were 8 pages originally, but today only the last 2 pages can be seen. ‘Dot’ is Dot Jarlett, their housekeeper at Kenwood while ‘Lil’ was Lillian Powell, Cynthia’s mother (these names are mentioned in the letter so I thought I’d include who they were if some people didn’t know.)
In the letter he states how much he misses and loves her and Julian and how he feels guilty about his behaviour as a Father. This letter is a glimpse of the love he DID have for Julian contrary to the belief from people that he didn’t love him. Perhaps the missing pages were torn up by Cynthia finding them too hard to read? (The smudges on the pages could be Cynthia’s tears? Or even John’s tears as in the letter he claims to be tearing up) Or maybe they just got lost after all of the house moves she did. The pages than can be read say:

…what we said about it. It’s not that much bother really, is it? When you think about it- 'cause I’m sure Dot and Lil’ and Bennis, Tommy, wee Jocky, etc. can understand something as simple as us wanting to be alone for a day- I don’t mean Julian tho’- I mean don’t pack him off to Dots or anywhere- I really miss him as a person now- do you know what I mean, he’s not so much 'The baby’ or 'my baby’ any more, he’s a real living part of me now, you know he’s Julian and everything and I can’t wait to see him, I miss him more than I’ve ever done before- I think it’s been a slow process my feeling like a real father! I hope all of this is clear and understandable. I spend hours in dressing rooms and things thinking about the times I’ve wasted not being with him- and playing with him when I keep reading bloody newspapers and other shit whilst he’s in the room with me and I’ve decided it’s ALL WRONG! He doesn’t see enough of me as it is and I really want him to know and love me, and miss me like I seem to be missing both of you so much.
I’ll go now 'cause i’m bringing myself down thinking about what a thoughtless bastard I seem to be- and it’s only sort of three o'clock in the afternoon, it seems like the wrong time of day to feel so emotional- I really feel like crying- it’s stupid- and I’m choking up now as I’m writing- I don’t know what’s the matter with me- it’s not the tour that’s so different from other tours- I mean having lots of laughs (you know the type hee! hee!) but in between the laughs there’s such a drop- I mean there seems to be no in-between feelings.
Anyway i’m going to go now so this letter doesn’t get too draggy.
I love you very much.
To Cyn
PS Say hello to Charly etc. for me.
PPS I think you can ring me, if you have a phone there try- if not i’ll see you in about a week.
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