i feel so much for lillian

One of the reasons Supergirl struggled all season is because they failed to juggle far more plot lines than they could handle. And this all came to a head in the finale, because despite all of these plot lines basically none of them paid off.

Jeremiah Danvers and Cadmus? No payoff there. We haven’t seen him since he fought with Hank Henshaw and the only time anyone seems to remember him is in the face of Lillian Luthor.

Speaking of Lillian Luthor? What about the whole Cadmus story line? Not resolved; she still runs Cadmus and it’ll likely still be a problem. But what about her and Lena? Okay, so they worked together to make the lead thing. But we don’t see them at all beyond this. Lena still doesn’t like her (rightfully so) and Lillian really didn’t cause any problems so nothing really came out of them in this finale.

But what about Lena? Like I said, there really was no payoff with her mother. No payoff with Rhea because they didn’t interact all episode. And her friendship with Kara/Supergirl didn’t really have a payoff either. They barely interact in the episode. You can’t even say that it paid off because she made Supergirl that remote. Because A) That could’ve just as easily been Winn’s doing and B) That seemed to more so come from a place of distrusting her mother.

So what about Winn? He helps, but does he really have his own plot? No. His biggest plot all season was Lyra and even though she got a mention this episode, she has been MIA for several.

Well, what about James? If you think James has had any sort of payoff all season, I could laugh at you. He was almost entirely absent from the finale. He’s barely been present for a plot all season to even have a payoff. The whole Guardian plot? I honestly don’t understand at this point. At the beginning, this was a big thing he really wanted to do. But these last few episodes it seems like they’re almost trying to undo this whole plot.

What about J’onn? Honestly, his story arc this season with M’gann might actually be the only one with a payoff. He’s happy to see her again, and he is not at all put off by the white martians she brings to help.

Cat Grant? Honestly, her return was one of the biggest things carrying these last two episodes. Her return was great and helpful to the plot, but because she has been gone it’s not like we’ve been following an arc of hers all season, waiting to see a payoff with her.

Alex? Alex had almost no impact in the finale. Honestly, had she not been in it nothing would’ve changed. And what about her big arcs this season? Her dad and Cadmus? All we got out of that was her distrust of Lillian Luthor which really didn’t affect anything. And Sanvers? They should have left it at “I hope so”. Sure that would’ve been a little disappointing for shippers but Alex’s proposal takes away from her whole arc this season with Maggie. Alex was really learning to grow into herself through this relationship and now it just feels disjointed with a rushed proposal that really doesn’t even make sense. They just said “I love you” like two episodes ago where not much time has passed.

But the lack of payoff that pisses me off the most has to do with Mon-El and Kara. And this really has nothing to do with shipping.

Do you like Mon-El? Then you should probably be pissed that they gave you so much of him all season only to take him away. Don’t like Mon-El? Even if you’re happy he’s gone, you should still be pissed that they spent so much time on him this season for him to wind up completely gone anyway.

So with him now gone, that begs the question of whether or not the entire Daxam plot had any payoff and the answer is no. With them being off of Earth for good, they won’t directly affect the show going forward.

As for indirectly? Mon-El is arguably the only Daxamite that had any impact on every other character, but I don’t think anyone expects Alex or James or Winn to be affected by him being gone.

The only person he was ever intended to impact was Kara. And for what? The purpose of breaking her? People may argue that he developed through Kara all season. But Kara didn’t develop through him all season and guess what? She’s the goddamn protagonist and he’s gone now anyway. So her lack of development all season really shines now.

The scene where Mon-El leaves is all about how “no matter where he ends up he’ll be better because of her”.

And I think that sums up the season pretty well. It’s all about him, not Kara. You can argue that he didn’t grow at all anyway, and really almost none of the characters have. And even if all of that were true, he’s gone anyway so it doesn’t matter. Just like how pretty much every plot of this season doesn’t matter because none of them paid off in anyway.

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A prompt, if I may? :) To celebrate Catco's 20th anniversary, Supergirl agrees to a televised interview with Cat Grant. It's a smash in the ratings, of course, and some viewers notice the chemistry and sexual tension...which leads to some angst and feelings being revealed. :)

“Like forty percent of these comments are about you staring at Cat with heart eyes,” Winn said, scrolling through Youtube comments in the middle of the DEO. “I mean, they aren’t wrong.”

“Winn!” Kara hissed, leaning over him and closing out of the page before J’onn caught him goofing off at work again. He’d already been given several stern talking to’s about it. A pout formed on her face and she crossed her arms over her crest. “I do not stare at Cat.”

“Everyone stares at Cat.” Maggie piped in, leaning back in the chair beside Winn at the console. “You are not an exception.”

“You’re not even supposed to be here,” Kara said, pointing at her threateningly. “You’re supposed to be at work.”

“I can’t believe we’re even wasting time talking about the ‘heart eyes’ comments,” Maggie said, pretending to ignore Kara completely. “Cat spent half the interview trying to act like she wasn’t ready to climb Kara like a tree.”

“I can’t hear you,” Kara muttered, walking away from the two newest annoyances in her life. Not that she could really get away from it; it seemed everyone had something to say about the interview she’d volunteered to give Cat after she’d helped save everyone from the Daxamite invasion. It seemed about the only way she could really thank her for coming back just in time. And it had actually went really well. People had loved it, she hadn’t given away too many secrets about herself or her work at the DEO, and she hadn’t completely embarrassed herself. Or, that’s what she’d thought before people start dissecting every single detail of her interaction with Cat.

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Lena Luthor Appreciation Week

Day 4 (April 20): Favorite Quote

I picked three because it’s Lena and I can’t pick just one.

2x08 Medusa

(Laughs) You know, that door’s not really an entrance. (Pause) You know, actually, I just- I just wanted to thank you for earlier on. Not only did you save the lives of countless numbers of my employees but mine as well-

Now I need your help.


  • This was possibly one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen. She was so flustered here. She was stuttering and using her hands a lot and just couldn’t stop smiling as soon as she saw Supergirl. She had just watched Supergirl get thrown against her L Corp sign and get injured, thus sparking that iconic Very Worried Look™ (that is reserved for the love interest whenever the hero gets hurt, mind you) and what is the first thing Lena does when she sees her again? She thanks her for saving the lives of her employees. She’s such a caring and genuine person. Her life was the only one we saw in danger and she still starts with thanking Supergirl for not letting any of her employees get hurt. I’m curious what she would have said if Supergirl hadn’t cut her off but Lena Luthor was about to do anything Supergirl asked of her.
  • Anything
  • A N Y T H I N G

2x12 Luthors

She [Lillian] wants to see me.

What do you think she wants?

Probably to tell me that my outfit in court was horrible and that I need a makeover.

  • Oh my poor sweet Lena. Did you hear how her voice trembled here? She’s so sure that her mother has called her 12 different times just to insult her. She might have been saying this in a joking manner but the way she said it made me positive that there was truth in it. She said Lillian had been like this since the day she met her. Since she was four years old. Manipulating her. Making fun of her. Making her feel like she was nothing and didn’t belong with them. Lena grew up with someone who constantly put down everything about her, who obviously never loved her, since she was four years old. And I’m pretty sure I started tearing up as soon as she said this.

2x12 Luthors

Don’t hurt her!

  • Three simple words that I just love so much.
  • If she knows that’s Kara, then Lena’s watching her best friend (someone she cares about so MUCH and who actually came for her) getting hurt in front of her eyes by her mother. She’s watching Kara, Kara, writhing in pain on the ground while her mother laughs above her and jokes about hurting her more and Lena’s just begging Lillian to stop because she can’t handle watching Kara being tortured.
  • If she doesn’t know Supergirl is Kara, then Lena’s just revealed how much she cares for Supergirl as well. Not that she wouldn’t care if it was someone she didn’t know but the vehemence behind her words show that she has a personal stake in this. Supergirl is her friend. Supergirl (and Kara) believed in her innocence and came to get her and Lena’s pleading with her mother to stop hurting Supergirl and just like that, a Luthor and a Super show that they are more than their family’s history. They’ve chosen their own paths and it’s one that brings them together, not further apart.
  • And whether or not she knows, Lena tried to fight back in a situation she was essentially powerless in. She saw Kara/Supergirl on the ground and rushed forward to help her despite being between two super-powered men. She had to be held back, thrown to the ground and knocked unconscious but she did all that she could to stop her mother.

So in the Supergirl 2x21 promo we see Kara, Cat, and Lillian Luthor all in the same room discussing how to save the city aka we see Kara, Cat, and a person with a very different sense of morality all in the same room discussing how to save the city. Where have we seen this before? In the second to last episode of season 1. That episode centered around Kara, Cat, and Maxwell Lord all debating what the best way to stop Non was between dropping a bomb like Max wanted to or inspiring them with hope like Cat inspired Kara to do. I hope 2x21 parallels 1x19 in more ways than just setting up a scene with similar characters. 

I hope we get Cat inspiring Kara again. I hope we get Kara realizing what makes her a true hero, how she brings out the best in people by assuming the best in people. I want an ethical debate between Cat and Lillian on how far is too far when you are trying to protect the city. I hope we get women supporting women in all different ways. There is such an opportunity to get plenty of moments that feel like season 1 in these next two episodes, ones where the writers realize the depth of these amazing, complex characters they have created. 

I want to see Kara’s struggle with her Kryptonian history, particularly with how the mistakes that Krypton made caused Daxam to die as well. I want to see Kara angry again because she lost so much. I hope the writers remember how Kara’s grief and anger are such important pieces of her character. I want a scene where Kara shares a piece of her past with Cat like in season 1. Between telling Cat that her parents died in 1x05, explaining how she doesn’t get a second chance with her mom and she wishes her mom were here to ask her if she is happy in 1x11, expressing how she loves National city so much because every time she helps somebody she feels like their light becomes a part of her in 1x16, and revealing that although she loved her mother she didn’t save Krypton like she promised in 1x19, and so many more, Cat has always been the person that Kara really opens up to. I feel like the reason that losing Cat Grant really hurt the show was not just because Cat Grant was an amazing character, but also because she was so important to Kara’s growth as Kara trusted her enough to share all of the pain that she has been through with her, both as Kara and Supergirl.

I am so happy that Cat Grant is back for the final two episodes and I really hope the writers take advantage of her being back and we get some great Kara/Cat scenes as well as some parallels with the Kara/Cat/Lillian scenes.

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Fluffy hc: Kara has never had to worry about being cold and she's never really had to warm someone up so the first time Lena complains shes cold Kara panics and burries her in fluffy blankets and even turns the heat up then realizes how ridiculous it is when Lena looks like she's being suffocated from all of those blankets and just apologizes while Lena just stares. Is she supposed to be annoyed someone finally cares this much or grateful? Lillian didn't give her a handbook to people caring

I feel like there are a lot of ‘human’ things that Kara just doesn’t understand and over reacts on? Like the first time Lena gets sick? or hurt? or anytime Lena complains about anything really. because Kara just wants to fix it?

And at first Lena is a little annoyed, because she takes it as Kara not thinking she can handle herself. but then she realizes that Kara just cares so much. And it scares her at first because no one’s ever cared for her like that. But after a while she realizes that she loves how much Kara takes care of her -that she brings her food when she forgets to eat, that she makes sure she goes home at a decent hour and she just feels so loved!!


“I want you to have it.”

Lillian frowns, her eyes darting between Madeleine and the stroller. “Why?” she demands. “What’s wrong with it?”

“Nothing! I accidentally ordered it in the black fabric instead of the black melange, and the company refuses to exchange it. Besides, I know how badly you need a stroller, Lilly. I’ve seen the hand-me-down garage sale junker you’re currently using, and I worry that poor Milo will fall right out of it!”

“Are you… Are you sure?” she breathes. “I won’t accept charity, Maddie, and it looks really expensive…”

“I’m positive! It’s all yours. I’ve already bought another one anyway, so if you don’t take it then I’d probably just end up shoving this one into a closet somewhere and forgetting about it. I would much rather give it to a friend who can get some use out of it.”

Lillian studies Madeleine’s face for a moment before bounding over to hug her. “I don’t know what to say!” she exclaims. “Thank you so much!”

“Thank you for taking it off my hands,” Maddie beams.

“How are you feeling?” Lillian asks as she fondly pats her companion’s swollen belly. “Are you ready to meet your baby?”

“I’m ready to not be pregnant anymore,” she replies with a laugh. “My obstetrician says it should be any day now.”

“That’s so exciting!” she sighs. “And you still don’t know what you’re having?”

Maddie shakes her head. “I think it’s a boy, but Westley seems convinced that I’m having a girl.”

“You’re still seeing Westley?” Lillian scowls.

“Yes. I don’t know why I shouldn’t.”

“Because you’re married!”

Madeleine rolls her eyes. “West and I are just friends, and you know it.”

“I know that you two would be a lot more than ‘ just friends’ if you had your say about it.”

“Maybe, maybe not,” she shrugs. “But it doesn’t matter. Westley has made it perfectly clear that he’s not interested in anything more than a platonic relationship. And besides, he’s dating some other woman now anyway.”

Lillian’s eyes widen. “Who is she?”

“I refuse to discuss it, but you can ask him yourself here shortly. We have dinner plans, and I told him to pick me up from your place at six.”

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Is so hard to like Lillian because she has hurt Lena so much all her life but at the same time how can you not love her?! Like, as a character? Brenda is amazing and Lillian is too, to be honest. Did you see her smug face in the promo and sneek peak? It's funny because I kinda see Lena in her, or like I see where Lena gets some of her personality. I'm so excited for tonight!

You took the words right out of my mouth love! I feel so conflicted when it comes to Lillian. As an individual, I want love her and love to hate her, you know? She adds something very interesting to the show. Naturally, I cannot stand the idea of how she treats/manipulates Lena and what we know she must have put Lena through during her childhood.

But ugh… she’s such a badass?? And yes, I definitely yelled at that expression.

And I do love her scenes with Lena. They have an interesting dynamic that is so great to see. Katie and Brenda’s chemistry is great and it is even better knowing their fondness for one another and their characters.


Letter to Cyn, 23rd August, 1965 (Their 3rd wedding anniversary)
There were 8 pages originally, but today only the last 2 pages can be seen. ‘Dot’ is Dot Jarlett, their housekeeper at Kenwood while ‘Lil’ was Lillian Powell, Cynthia’s mother (these names are mentioned in the letter so I thought I’d include who they were if some people didn’t know.)
In the letter he states how much he misses and loves her and Julian and how he feels guilty about his behaviour as a Father. This letter is a glimpse of the love he DID have for Julian contrary to the belief from people that he didn’t love him. Perhaps the missing pages were torn up by Cynthia finding them too hard to read? (The smudges on the pages could be Cynthia’s tears? Or even John’s tears as in the letter he claims to be tearing up) Or maybe they just got lost after all of the house moves she did. The pages than can be read say:

…what we said about it. It’s not that much bother really, is it? When you think about it- 'cause I’m sure Dot and Lil’ and Bennis, Tommy, wee Jocky, etc. can understand something as simple as us wanting to be alone for a day- I don’t mean Julian tho’- I mean don’t pack him off to Dots or anywhere- I really miss him as a person now- do you know what I mean, he’s not so much 'The baby’ or 'my baby’ any more, he’s a real living part of me now, you know he’s Julian and everything and I can’t wait to see him, I miss him more than I’ve ever done before- I think it’s been a slow process my feeling like a real father! I hope all of this is clear and understandable. I spend hours in dressing rooms and things thinking about the times I’ve wasted not being with him- and playing with him when I keep reading bloody newspapers and other shit whilst he’s in the room with me and I’ve decided it’s ALL WRONG! He doesn’t see enough of me as it is and I really want him to know and love me, and miss me like I seem to be missing both of you so much.
I’ll go now 'cause i’m bringing myself down thinking about what a thoughtless bastard I seem to be- and it’s only sort of three o'clock in the afternoon, it seems like the wrong time of day to feel so emotional- I really feel like crying- it’s stupid- and I’m choking up now as I’m writing- I don’t know what’s the matter with me- it’s not the tour that’s so different from other tours- I mean having lots of laughs (you know the type hee! hee!) but in between the laughs there’s such a drop- I mean there seems to be no in-between feelings.
Anyway i’m going to go now so this letter doesn’t get too draggy.
I love you very much.
To Cyn
PS Say hello to Charly etc. for me.
PPS I think you can ring me, if you have a phone there try- if not i’ll see you in about a week.
271-65 65
PPPS It’s Monday the 23rd today and I leave this house next Monday the 30th of August- so try to ring.

Did you know...

“Did you know he was dating Kara Danvers?” Lena asked feeling the jealousy rise within her. True, she had let Kara keep her secret. She felt it wasn’t her place to out her. They were friends. Best friends. All the signs were there that they were possibly becoming more, so Lena was going to let Kara tell her in her own time. If she wasn’t ready to reveal herself as Supergirl yet, Lena was fine with that. What she wasn’t fine with was the fact that Kara clearly seemed to care far more for Mike or Mon-El than she had led her to believe. She hadn’t told her “Mike” was an alien. She hadn’t shared that “Mike” was the reason an entire alien species had invaded Earth.

“Mike seems nice.” She wondered why Kara had ignored the comment. It seems that perhaps Kara didn’t trust her. Why all the secrecy, unless Kara still believed that somehow she was a threat? A true Luthor.

When that door opened on the Daxam ship and Lena saw her standing there, she had been so happy. For an instant. “Kara Danvers sent me to….blah, blah, blah.” She was tired of EVERYONE lying to her. Despite the lie, she had noticed her Mother & had hoped that maybe Kara was just trying to keep her secret from Lillian. Lena had been kidnapped BECAUSE of her. Well, partly. She had expected honesty from Kara after that. Instead, all she got was a sorry from Supergirl as she dumped her back off at L-Corp.

When she got back to L-Corp it really started to sink in. Her Mother hadn’t changed & her best friend was lying to her. She had torn that ridiculous red dress off her body, gone down to the L-corp showers inside her personal gym & just cried. She never cried anywhere else. She could blame her puffy, swollen eyes on too much chlorine in the water.

It didn’t make her feel much better, so once she was dressed, she went for her favorite pain killer. The overly expensive scotch. She’d sent everyone else home. There was an alien invasion happening after all.

She tried, in her drunkenness, to rationalize why Kara hadn’t been entirely honest. Clearly, there was more to this than friendship. The surprise visits, the rescues, the way Kara looked at her…

Maybe she was making it all up in her head.

“I will always protect you.”

The words stung. Always? She was so confused. Of course Lillian chose to appear at exactly that moment. She always seemed to sense when Lena was at her weakest. Dropping in like a scorpion, ready to strike. Despite her Mother once again trying to turn her to the darkside, Lena fought her. It was these little revenges that gave her something. Some sort of joy. Some sort of happiness. Using Lex’s Kryptonian killer to instead aid the very race he’d hoped to eradicate made her smile. Not just because it pissed Lillian off, but because it would be a small little revenge against Kara as well.

She would save them all. Aliens & humans. All of them. THIS would prove to Kara that she had no prejudices.

“Mon-El would have to leave.”

Lena couldn’t help herself. She felt the jealousy rise within her. As Supergirl, Kara seemed so….alien. She stood there, cold & distant, beside the “hero” that had sent her brother to prison. She felt the hurt & sadness & pain & loneliness all at once. She looked directly into her eyes and all she could do was ask, “Did you know…”

SuperCorp & Sanvers w/ kids

I was talking to @lesbianlena about this and I really gotta make a masterpost of headcanons bc I have Feels™

  • Alex and Maggie would get kids first.
  • Lena wouldn’t want kids bc she’s scared she’d be like Lillian and she doesn’t want that.
  • Kara reassures her that she’d be the best mom bc she’s already a great wife with so much love to give and also she’s seen her with Alex’s kids
  • Sanvers kids LOVE their auntie Lena
  • Lena’s not really comfortable around (Sanvers’) kids at first bc she just doesn’t know how to act around them. But she loves them so much.
  • She buys them something and then they’re like “thanks, auntie Lena!” and hug her for the first time anD LENA JUST MELTS
  • @lesbianlena​: omg imagine them just thinking she’s so amazing and smart??? imagine if alex and maggie had a kid around like 3yo and it’s the time for “but why?” kind of questions and the kid just being so curious and asking about lena about Science and lena being patient and trying to explain as simply as she can
  • She wants those kids to have everything so she spoils them. But then Kara tells her that she shouldn’t buy kids toys that their parents can’t afford. She thinks that it makes Alex and Maggie uncomfortable and also they’re trying to teach their kids to value things other than money
  • Sanvers kids would ofc want to play with guns bc their mommies are their heroes. Lena is horrified and is like “pls let me take them to theater instead”
  • Kids still love guns more, but Lena tried XD
  • OK OK BUT Kara and Lena would adopt older kids, bc those kids have less chances to be adopted and they just really want to give kids their best chances and they can afford to spoil them
  • Kara wants a big, loving family bc she’s used to having one. Lena wants the same bc she never had one.
  • Lena remembers how Lillian tried to buy her love with expensive gifts so she stops with those. She notices that quality time with the fam is all that the kids need :3
  • Their son would eat so much food and Lena would be like “are u sure that he’s not a kryptonian?”
  • Alex and Maggie would take the kids to park at least twice a week. Bc they’re really busy with work but they made a promise not to let that get in the way of their parenting
  • Maggie loves making sandcastles with kids ok this is 100% canon I know this
  • Alex reads them bedtime stories. Or sometimes tells them about her missions as if they were stories
  • Kara just reaaally wants to take all of the kids flying but she doesn’t wanna burden them with that secret when they’re so young
  • ok but what if one of Kara’s kids wants to become a cop, and one of Alex’s kids wants to be a journalist like auntie Kara
  • also one of the kids would want to be a scientist and both Lena and Alex are just so damn happy to have someone to share that with
  • ok but all 4 of them (Kara, Lena, Maggie, Alex) are scared of mama Danvers bc they think that she’s like the ultimate awesome mom and they think that they can’t compare. but Eliza thinks that they’re doing a great job w/ kids
  • Maggie’s parents would also come to visit and maybe babysit the kids sometimes
  • JAMES AND WINN AS UNCLES. just all the piggyback rides tbh
  • Uncle Winn would play games with them 24/7 and James would make them fall in love with photography
  • Imagine how full their house would be at Thanksgiving or Christmas
  • I want James to be a dad, too. Maybe James and Lucy would have a kid? Is that still a healthy relationship? It could be.
  • Ok but gay uncles Winn and Mon-El
  • Family photo with all of them in front of a huge Christmas tree, they’ve never been happier.

pls add more I just love this

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I honestly truly hope that Lillian doesn't die this season. And not only because I love Brenda and her scenes with Katie. But also because even though I hate Lillian there's still a part of Lena that loves her, and she would be so sad to watch her die. She doesn't need more heartbreak this season. I actually kinda want Lillian to steps up for her once she realizes what Rhea is doing. Maybe she's even helping in that scene they have in the season finale? She would want the daxamites to go away...

Same, love. Same. Despite everything, that would be a very heavy blow for Lena. I have a strong feeling she won’t. She is very much tied to Lena’s development. Not to imply that Lena has no characterization without her, that is the furthest from the case. But she has definitely played an integral role and there is potential to continue building on that.

Depending on how crucial Lillian and Cadmus are against the invasion, I can definitely see Lillian and the organization having a lingering presence where they aren’t necessarily a big bad but they are either still at odds or teetering the line of being a resourceful potential ally or adversary. It’s hard to envision anything there without pulling receipts from the comics and I admit my research is a bit faulty there. I think the fact that whatever is happening also involves Winn is also I good sign! Fingers crossed!

I definitely think that Rhea’s manipulation of Lena will hit a nerve with Lillian. She loves Lena, albeit in her own way, and her anti-alien narrative will play a role in her morality and choices in the final episodes. That much can be pulled from what she said in Crossfire about fighting for her son and daughter. She wouldn’t have even mentioned Lena if there was no love there. So for all the reasons mentioned, I would like to see her sticking around as well.

(Also Brenda is amazing and she adores Katie as much as we all do so I want more of them please!)

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Heya! I love your blog, it's full of positive vibes. So, I don't know anything about the comics, but would it be too impossible to think that Mon-El is the one to end up evil by the season's end? I'm not sure I would want it, cause it would probably create more drama between him and Kara, but I can kind of see it as a possibility. Since Lena would be too obvious and I don't think they would want to write him off permanently.

Hey there love!! Thank you so much! 💗 I do recall seeing some theorizing that pointed to how it wouldn’t necessarily be surprising if that was the case. However, based on some speculation I have seen from those that are way more familiar than I am, and my limited research in order to keep up with said speculations, I have a feeling that won’t be the case.

I think it would be moderately interesting as it actually would be a bigger twist than Lena, Lillian, or President Marsden. As you said, Lena would be too obvious (and a travesty of writing), Lillian is even more obvious. I can imagine Lillian not being the big bad of season 3 though. Just as she turned out not to be so far this season. Bad? Yes. The biggest threat to NC? No.

Now that we know the President is Durlan, I think a lot points to her and possibly a return of the Dominators. Again, that’s just with my limited knowledge.

Do You, I Do: Chapter Six

~I am so sorry for the delay everyone, life has gotten in the way. I hope you all enjoy this. Thing will be getting tense from here on out for our newlyweds. ohmyjoshiferr and I hope you enjoy this. Chapter seven will be out soon!!


She figured it was just the hormones again. Josh called her, sounding rushed and out of breath, saying he’ll meet her there because otherwise they would both be late.

Her stomach twisted into knots and she was sure it wasn’t because of the baby.Ever since Josh had started the process for producing this film, Jennifer couldn’t remember the name, he had started acting different. Coming home later, more short tempered.

She tried to understand, she really did. Acting was way different but coming home tired and even a little frustrated was never rare.Jennifer’s thoughts were broken when a nurse called her name. “Mrs. Hutcherson?”

“Hi,” She said with a sweet smile. The nurse smiled back, setting some items on a counter beside her. Only when she was about to begin talking again did Josh rush through the door.“I’m here! I’m here.” He said hurriedly, causing a scene. Jennifer’s gaze fell to the ground in disappointment. Josh tried to lift her chin to place a quick peck to her lips but with her hand flat on his chest she pushed him into the seat next to her. “Sit down. We’ll talk about this later.”“I’m sorry,” he mumbled, resting his hand on her thigh.

Jennifer scowled at him, moving his hand from her leg. The nurse had left the room momentarily, leaving them alone for the first time that morning.Before he even had a chance to speak, Jennifer spoke up. “I don’t want to hear your excuse.”“Jen, you know why.”

“Josh,” She fumed, “I just said I don’t want to talk about this, okay? It’s supposed to be a happy day and I would appreciate it if you didn’t go fucking it up for me.”

His jaw dropped. “For you? Are you forgetting that’s it’s my child too?”

“Oh no, I am very aware. Trust me.” She rolled her eyes and her hands gripped the cushioned bed underneath her harshly. Jennifer cut her eyes to him. “It’s your fault we’re in this mess."His mouth shut tight, his anger more than visible from the clenching of his jaw. "You know what? You’re right. This is supposed to be a happy day and I’m not arguing with you.”

“Good,” Jennifer commented, crossing her arms like a cocky five-year old. “I don’t deserve it.”

Josh scoffed loudly, letting almost turn into a laugh. “The amount of shit I’ve had to-”

His rant was cut off by the sound of the door opening once again.Jennifer’s doctor smiled widely. “Hey, you two! Ready to find out if this is a boy or a girl?"Completely caught off guard, Jennifer’s lips twisted into a tight smile. Josh did the same.

"We’re both excited.” Jennifer lied. It was a cover lie but she really was excited. She just wished they hadn’t gotten into an argument. They had both been looking forward to this moment more than anything.“Alright! Let’s get started!”

Jennifer gave a weary smile, suddenly more than nervous about all of this happening. She laid back on the cold, hard table as the doctor readied her equipment. Josh stood on the other end of the room watching silently.Her hands gripped at the sides of the bed again, wishing Josh was right next her now.“Alright.” The doctor hummed, before placing her cold hands on Jennifer’s stomach feeling around. The baby within her kicked eagerly.A quiet giggle slipped from her lips at the feeling. The first time she felt a kick she almost fell on the floor. It was more scary than enjoyable but now feeling the baby kick only filled her with endless joy.“Josh,” the doctor quipped, “Are you not going to stand by Jennifer? Usually the two of you are all over each other."The smile dropped from Jennifer’s lips just slightly. Josh locked eyes with her, searching for an answer.

"I just… um I didn’t- I should um,” He rambled and stuttered not quite wanting to tell the doctor what had happened before. The look in Jennifer’s eyes practically pulled him to her though. He set down his jacket and stood directly next to her. She held out her hand immediately for him to hold and he gladly took it in his. The feeling almost felt like everything was okay again.Josh leaned down and rested his forehead on hers. “I’m so sorry.”

She placed a quick peck on his lips, making up for the one she had denied before. “Later,” She whispered.

Josh nodded. “I know.”

He mouthed. The doctor clasped her hands together and grinned. “Okay, Jennifer. I’m gonna put this jelly on your belly, and we’ll see the sex."Jennifer giggled again in excitement, squeezing Josh’s hands just a little bit tighter.

“That rhymed- oh!” She jumped at the cold gel on her skin.The pair watched the screen with anticipation as the doctor moved the camera across Jennifer’s belly.

"Okay, it looks like,” She said narrowing her eyes. “You’re having a girl!"They were both speechless with happiness. Jennifer’s lip quivered just slightly, tears pooling up in her eyes; almost like everything really just hit her for the first time. She looked up at Josh to see his eyes slightly glossed over as well, never batting an eye away from the screen.

"That’s our girl,” Josh said kissing Jennifer’s temple. “You were right all along.”

Her hand covered her mouth in disbelief squeezing his hand impossibly tight.“Oh my god!” Jennifer exclaimed. “She’s so tiny.”

Josh and Jennifer continued to watch the screen as their little one moved.“I know,” He responded in awe.Josh looked over at Jennifer, who had a few tears trickling down her cheeks. “I love you, Jen.”

“I love you so much,” She smiled, her cheeks beginning to hurt from grinning so hard.

“Congratulations you two!” The doctor says after cleaning up Jennifer. “Let me get these printed and you can be on your way. I’ll see you in two weeks.”

As soon as she walked out of the room, Jennifer slipped off the the bed and crushed herself to Josh. Her baby bump got in the way just a bit but he pulled her even closer, leaning his forehead on hers.“Jen, I’m so sorry,” he mumbled. “I know,” She sighed, “But you made it. That’s all that matters."He tried to apologize again, but Jennifer stopped him with her lips. It wasn’t much; just a gentle touch of her lips to his but needed in every way."We’re having a little girl,” She whispered in awe, smiling against his lips.Josh nodded. “No dating till she’s thirty.”

“Relax. We’re not even thirty yet.” She laughed quietly.“Not much longer,” he joked back. It became quiet between the two of them.

“We’re good right?"She nodded wordlessly but it wasn’t a lie. Everything had to be good. She couldn’t imagine going through this without him.


"Josh! Come here! Quick!” Jennifer called from the living room, where she sat on the couch. She could hear his rapid stomps down the stairs, almost laughing at the terrified look on his face as he reached her.

“What? Are you okay? Is the baby coming?"Jennifer held her head back and laughed. "No! But you have got to feel this!” she said, beckoning to him with her arms.“Shit,” He sighed in relief, pausing a minute to catch his breath. “You can’t scare me like that.”

Jennifer pouted. “This is important.”

“I’m coming. I’m coming.”

He walked over to her, her body sprawled across the couch and reaching her arms out for Josh.Jennifer grabbed his hand and pressed it to her stomach. “Wait for it."As soon as his hand was pressed firmly against her skin, he could feel the fluttering of light kicks. His heart grew about ten sizes.

"Someone’s excited,” He smiled, sliding next to her to put his lips against her stomach instead. He still felt every little kick.“Yeah, well I’m excited to get her out,” Jennifer groaned yet she couldn’t keep the grin off her face. It was such a weird feeling but she couldn’t get enough of it. “Only three more months.” ’ Josh thought, but that isn’t what his mouth said. He didn’t want to let Jennifer know that he alone was also irritable.It was a lot for them to handle so there was no doubt there would be unnecessary arguments but sometimes it really did feel like too much.

But then moments like this contradicted every bad thought.“What do you think about Lillian?” Jennifer said, breaking his thoughts.

“I think I like it."Jennifer grinned, resting her hands on her bulging belly. "You pick the middle name.”

“I think we have to go abstract like the rest.“

"Josh, I swear-”

“What?” He asked with an amused smirk.

“If you suggest any color, fruit, or direction to name our child I’m kicking you out."Josh laughed.

"What about Apple?” He asked, just to see her reaction. She slapped his arm and rolled her eyes. “Oh god, stop it.”

“Don’t you think Lillian Apple Hutcherson sounds good?” Josh asked, laughing.

“It’s sounds like a damn Yankee-candle scent.”

Josh raised an eyebrow. “Yankee-candle?”

“Yes, Yankee-candle. Point is we’re giving our child a normal name.”

“Normal?” Josh quipped. “Like, Lillian Julia Hutcherson?"Her expression softened, her lips in something of a sad smile.

"Josh, that’s so pretty.” She began to bite down on her lip to stop the unnecessary tears that were ready to flow.He groaned.

“Don’t cry, Jen."She immediately scowled and wiped her tears. "Shut up. It’s not my fault."Josh rolled his eyes.

"I know, I know, Jen. It’s my fault. I am the one who knocked you up.”

“That’s not what I said.”

“But that’s what you meant.” Josh deadpanned. She turned to lock eyes with him. She didn’t know where this sudden tension came from but she wouldn’t let it go unresolved.“What the hell just happened?” Jennifer asked, raising up to face Josh.

“You tell me.”

“No,” She stated, “I’m supposed to be the moody pregnant one. Not you.”

Josh sighed, resting his head in his hands. “I’m sorry. I’ve been really worked up lately about this movie and I’m taking it out on you; which is wrong. We start casting tomorrow and filming location is in Sacramento.”

Jennifer’s eyes widened. Sacramento? “That’s over five hours away, Josh."His expression softened, casually brushing his fingers across her shoulders to get her to relax.

"I know but it’s not my decision. It was the best option we had without going too far out of the way.

"Jennifer pouted, her lip quivering. "But what if something happens and you’re not here?"He slid down on the couch so he fit snugly into her side. Normally it was the other way around but the baby had switched things up between them. Josh rested a hand upon her baby bump, gently tracing invisible designs upon it. He could feel the baby start to kick again and it brought a smile to his face. He couldn’t believe they had even made it this far.

"Nothing is going to happen,” He promised, “I swear it."She looked up at him, tears brimming her eyes.

"You don’t know that.”

“Don’t think that way, baby,” He whispered, pressing a kiss to her forehead. Jennifer couldn’t explain how she felt, but something inside her made her stomach twist.

Sports Reporter Riley Matthews whole world is turned upside down with Shortstop Lucas Friar signs with the Yankees, can she keep the secrets she’s held onto for the last thirteen years, can he keep the secrets he’s held onto?

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Riley felt the energy in her body as she stood in the press room. She’d done so many of these she had lost count, but never had she felt like this. She knew exactly why she felt like this, and she hated it. She hated him, only she didn’t, and she hated that.

“You look tense.” Jimmy her camera guy noticed as he set up, “Things okay with you and Reese? I’m guessing not too bad since that giant rock is still on your hand.”

Riley looked down at her left hand which was gripping her microphone, “Reese is perfection, no I’m just not thrilled having to cover this press conference.”

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pab-loco  asked:

As much fun as I'm sure the rest of the Danvers family thanksgiving is going to be, can you imagine the Luthor one? Lillian: "Yes Lex is so great, a true hero, damn that superman for locking him up." Lena: "Mother, I feel like you're intentionally ignoring that time Lex tried to MURDER ME!!"

It’s so sad but I actually imagine Lena working all the way through Thanksgiving? Like I doubt she wants to spend it with her mother and she’s so dedicated to get the company on track. Headcanon that Kara takes her a plate to the office that evening after they’ve finished dinner.

Supergirl Season 2B Wishlist
  • I need to see Kara being a reporter. Last season we saw a lot of Kara being Cat’s assistant but so far we haven’t really gotten to see her reporting. We haven’t really even seen a lot of CatCo now that Cat is gone, which is disappointing. I also want to see more of Kara and Snapper interacting. Actually I just need more Snapper in general (but I need Cat back for some kind of appearance please and thank you).
  • I need to see Alex being the badass DEO agent I fell in love with. She’s had her moments in season 2 so far - one of my favorite badass Alex moments was in 2x02 when she meets Lillian Luthor for the first time, but I feel like since then there hasn’t been much of it and I think a lot of it has to do with the Alex’s coming out story line. Don’t get me wrong I am so happy with Alex’s story this season and I am definitely not complaining, but I’m ready to see Alex kicking ass and taking names again.
  • Speaking of Alex and coming out, I need Maggie and Kara to really bond. I need them to be BFFs. I know when we left off Kara’s pretty salty with Maggie which I think will be a hilarious dynamic to watch, but once Kara realizes how happy Maggie makes Alex she’ll totally fall in love with her (platonic of course). And I think Alex seeing Maggie and Kara being friendly will make her really happy (which makes me happy).
  • I need to see the other characters giving Lena Luthor the thanks she deserves. I was disappointed that none of them got the chance to thank her, not even Supergirl, at the end of 2x08 because she deserves to be showered in apologies and thanks. I think Lena is a great addition to the cast of characters and I really hope she sticks around but I also want to see her interacting with some of the other characters. Actually I just need more Lena Luthor. 
  • This is probably going to make some people angry, but I need Mon-El to take a back seat, which sadly I don’t think it’s going to happen with the aliens that were introduced at the end of 2x08 coming after him. And listen I really wanted to like Mon-El, I really did and I was on the road to really enjoying his character until they made it 100% clear that he was going to be Kara’s new love interest with their kiss in 2x08. I have to say I enjoy their dynamic, but to me it seems like it would work a lot better as a brother/sister relationship, because I need Kara to be Kara, without her pining after some guy, or some guy pining after her. We’ve seen it already and I’m over it.
  • I need more Alex and Winn BROTP. I don’t think that needs much explanation.
Check, Please? Chapter 31

Having gotten caught up in Harry’s unexpected, romantic gesture of bringing me roses and telling me he never wanted my dreams to come true anyway, I half-expected the surprise to be Harry proposing to me in front of everyone.  I nibbled my lip nervously and squeezed his hand over and over (feeling it, he cocked his head and asked if I was okay) as I thought of all the ways it could happen – the boys would catch it on camera in the studio… but would I say yes?  Were Harry and I ready for that?  Of course we were ready… but we were so young… but it didn’t matter, we were going to get married eventually anyways, right?  I glanced casually over at his pants and searched the outside of his pockets for a bulge from a ring box or something… but I saw nothing.  I glanced around the car without trying to make it seem like I was searching for anything, even checking in the back seat.

“You okay?” Harry asked again.  

I laughed and nodded. “Just making sure I got my shoes…” I lied.

“Babe,” Harry chuckled, pointing down at my feet.  "They’re right beside your feet.“  

"Oh, right.”  I finally squeezed my eyes shut and stopped any proposal thoughts from running through my mind anymore.  I don’t know why it made me so nervous to think about. 

When we got to the studio, Harry opened my door for me and grabbed my hand to pull me through the front door and down the hallway.  When we got to the actual studio, confetti exploded into my face.  I tried to jump back but Harry squeezed my hand more tightly and pulled me right through the explosion into the room where I saw the walls were covered in twirled crepe paper and balloons scattered the floor.

“Welcome Home, Scotlan!” all of the boys shouted from different corners of the room.  I laughed as I was engulfed in a tight hug by the four boys and they all tried to talk loudly over one another about how happy they were that I was back.

“How was the interview anyway?”

“We got a cake and ice cream-“

“Holy shit, we thought you were leaving us-“

“I thought ‘there is no way she could leave us…’”

“And here you are!”

“I almost died trying to get the crepe paper on the ceiling-“

“We love you so much-“

A balloon beneath us popped, silencing the boys and scaring a yelp out of me.

“Lads, I said not too many balloons.  You know Scotlan is terrified of balloons,” Harry said matter-of-factly, kicking some of the balloons away from me. 

I laughed nervously and kicked one red balloon gently away myself.  “It’s okay.  This place looks awesome.  The interview was horrible but I don’t care.  I could never leave you all, and I love you too.”  I looked from one boy to the other, each of them beaming as they stood around me. 

Zayn took my hand and lead me toward a man and a woman in the corner of the room who I hadn’t noticed yet.  “Remember how you and I talked about that one photoshoot that we could do promoting uniqueness and such?” Zayn asked.

I nodded and smiled at the man and woman as Zayn pushed me toward them.  The man was much older with a balding head and glasses while his assistant looked like she could be no older than myself.  Her straight, blonde hair was secured back in a tight ponytail that actually worked well with the shape of her face.  I was jealous of her gorgeously long eyelashes.

“Miss Ray, it’s nice to meet you.  I’m Jordan and this is my assistant, Lillian.  We’re from Office Depot.”

I shook the outstretched hand of both Jordan and Lillian as the man kept talking.

“I know that you’re usually more into shooting for fashion, but Zayn here gave us a call about our anti-bullying campaign and said that maybe you all could help us out.  I know a lot of the younger girls of this generation know all about your handsome guys here and we feel that they might be good promoters for this anti-bullying campaign.  The guys and girls might pay more attention to what we’re saying if they have a hot guy telling them to ‘Live Nice.’”  Jordan grinned and laughed.  Lillian blushed all over her face and neck as Louis nudged her arm playfully and winked down at her.

I didn’t realize I had been nodding along the whole time Jordan was talking.  I was thinking about how much it would have meant to me to have someone there encouraging me along when I was being bullied by Therese… but then I remembered Harry.  It was crazy to think about how much I - or how much people in general - try and look for someone important or someone famous to tell us that everything will be okay when really there are more important people, people who actually KNOW us, who can tell us the same things and actually mean it.  I glanced over my shoulder at Harry and smiled, remembering once more just how much he had done for me in my life.  Harry grinned back and me and nodded as if to say, “Yes, we should do this.”  If only everyone had a Harry Styles in their life…

Zayn nudged me when I didn’t say anything for a few seconds, causing me to turn back to Jordan and Lillian and stammer.  “Oh- I’m ea- I mean yes.  Yes I would love that.  It’s a little different from what we usually do but I think it would be a good little break from the norm.”

Jordan shook my hand and I hugged Zayn as Jordan and Lillian worked on some paperwork. 

“We’re doing this shoot today,” Zayn said, pushing me back out of the hug and looking into my eyes.

“Today?” I asked hesitantly.  Normally it took a few days to prepare, if not a few weeks.

“Today,” Zayn confirmed.

Behind him, Harry was nodding vigorously and giving me a toothy grin and a thumbs up.  I giggled when Niall joined him as well as Liam and they all thumbs-upped me and nodded along with Harry.  “Do it! Do it! Do it!” Louis began to shout, grabbing ahold of my shoulders and forcing me up and down. 

“OKAY! Okay you crazy motherfu-“ I stopped when I realized Jordan and Lillian were still figuring out paperwork behind us.  “Crazy Mofos…” I muttered quietly enough for just the boys to hear. 

Niall’s laugh echoed around the room.  “Didja hear that, boys?” He asked, putting Liam in a headlock.  “We’re a bunch of Crazy Mofos.”

As each of the boys began to tackle one another, I realized Jordan was ready to do work.  He watched the 5 as they piled onto one another on the floor and I could see him reevaluating his decision to work with us.  Lillian behind him was covering her mouth and giggling.  After I signed off on all of the paperwork, I shouted at the boys to dress themselves and do their own hair since I had no time to call in our usual stylist and since Jordan hadn’t brought one.  Jordan informed us that he wanted most, if not all, of the pictures to be black and white, so the boys stuck with plain black pants and black, gray, or white shirts.  It was funny to see that even without being overly ornate or colorful, the clothing matched the personality of the boy wearing the attire.

“The campaign is called ‘Live Love Move.’  Just come pick which sign you want and stick with it.  It’s what you are promoting as an individual,” Jordan explained to the boys. 

Liam ended up choosing first, picking a sign that said “Live True.”  Louis followed him, picking up a sign and reading aloud, “Live Original.”  Zayn immediately went for the sign that said “Live Unique.” Having seen that one before, I hoped that was the sign he would get.  Niall picked up one of the last two signs and shouted, “LIVE CONFIDENT!” before striking a ridiculous pose and showing off the bicep muscles that he didn’t really have too much of.  We all laughed.  Finally, Harry was handed the last sign, which read, “Live Nice,” two words that seemed so simple and yet, if taken seriously, could do so much. 

I snapped photos of each of they boys with their signs for what seemed like minutes but was really hours.  Time raced past us.  The guys were all so goofy and energetic, more so than other photo shoots that we had, and for a second I almost wish that we had invited Bonnie. 

I had never seen Zayn so animated in my life.  Maybe I should just keep him as my new assistant to take over for Anna.  I wanted to ask him what other ideas he had. 

Any chance he could get, Harry was beside me, touching my waist, holding my hand, asking if he could do anything for me at all, kissing my cheek… I think he was more grateful that I was there instead of at Wentz than he could express with words. 

Niall and Liam had become closer than ever and couldn’t stop talking about a girl Niall had met at his weekly alcohol addicts meeting.  I raised my eyebrows nervously when Niall mentioned that she was addicted to drinking too but had been clean for a few weeks. While I was happy for Niall, I was worried that he might slip back into drinking, especially if he had someone influencing him.  If anyone understood slipping, it was me and Harry. Liam, catching my hesitation whispered to me after Niall left: “It’s okay, I’m still keeping an eye on him.  He’s like the little Irish brother I never had.”

I had never really stopped feeling bad for Louis ever since Anna left.  I hated her, but I had to admit that she and Louis were a perfect match.  I grinned as I shot pictures of Niall and heard Louis chatting with Lillian behind me.

“So do you go to any clubs around here?” Louis asked.

Lillian giggled. “No, I don’t usually go out too much.”

“Ahh, well we are going to have to change that. Why don’t I take you out tonight?”

“All of us?  Or just me and you?”

“Just the two of us tonight.  I’ll show you the ropes so that when we all go out as a group, you’ll be a pro at clubbing.”

I heard Lillian giggle again. “Sounds good.”

I could sense the muffled excitement in Louis’ voice.  “Perfect.”

Not only did Jordan want the boys to do pictures, but also a commercial.  Watching them learn their lines had to be one of the funniest things ever, mainly just because it was so hard for them to seem natural and they couldn’t even memorize just a few words.  Even Harry was way out of his comfort zone.  After about an hour, we decided it would be best to hold up signs with their lines them behind the camera.  I filmed all of them as they said their lines, starting with Liam, Louis, Zayn, Niall, and finishing with Harry.  At that point in the day, I hadn’t bothered trying to tell the boys to stop goofing around because it just added to the commercial.  They were being themselves.  Being unique. 

I was beyond thrilled with the commercial when it was all put together, and I could tell the boys were too.  They all clapped and shook Jordan’s hand.  Louis caught Lillian off-guard by planting a firm kiss on her mouth before turning and high-fiving his fellow-models.  Zayn hugged me tightly for a moment before Harry snatched me up from him and showered me in kisses.  “This was perfect.”

I couldn’t help but feel so much relief and so much happiness that I was still here.  I couldn’t imagine that I would have had the same experience that I did today if I was working at Wentz.  Jordan gathered up all of his things with Lillian and turned to all 6 of us as we stood with our arms around one-another. “I’m sure our CEO will absolutely love this. You all are a fantastic team to work with.”

“We’re not a team.  We’re a family!” Niall yelled, grinning from ear to ear as he looked down the line at each of us. 

“Aww don’t be a cheeseball,” Louis groaned, but he let a quick grin escape his lips as he patted Niall on the shoulder.  I knew Louis was probably thinking exactly what Niall said.  I’m sure we all were.  After Jordan left, none of us moved out of our little semi-circle of side hugs.  We all looked back and forth at each other until Liam poked Zayn in the face and said, “You blinked.”

We laughed.

“Seriously though, no more leaving us, Scotlan,” Louis said, raising his eyebrows.  Niall, Zayn, and Liam all nodded.

“What’s that thing she used to say all the time to get out of something?” Niall asked.

“Check, please?” Zayn said, mimicking my higher-pitched voice.  I reached across the semi-circle and slapped his shoulder. “No check-pleasing away from us ever again.”

I grinned and nodded in agreement.  Harry squeezed my shoulder and kissed me on the side of the head before pulling everyone else closer so that all of our foreheads were all touching.  “You guys are the family I grew up without,“ I said quietly. 

“The fucked-up family,” Harry added.

“Those are the best families…” Liam sang. 

We laughed again.  As I looked around the group, I realized that these were the people I could trust, the people I could laugh with, the people I could be angry at, the people I could come crying to, the people I could be myself around; especially Harry.  As I stared up beside me into his excited green eyes, I realized the worst was behind me.  

The best was yet to come.