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Music Series: Perfect by Ed Sheeran

Oooh, Ed, Ed, Ed….you’ve done it again….

Unless you are new here on my blog, you know that Ed’s songs make me swoon. It can’t be helped if you are a hopeless romantic like myself. We all wish for someone to love us the way he loves the woman in this song, which he wrote for his girlfriend, and co-wrote with his brother. It is absolutely one of those beautifully sweet love songs that makes you wipe a tear as you realize how alone and lonely you are without a person to love you like the man in this song loves his girl…or is that just me…sniff sniff…

(And please forgive me, everyone…I’m going through a day where I feel like everything I write is shit, so I hope someone likes it. The demons of the mind are a horrible thing.)

Thank you, Anon, for reading and requesting. I had this one on my list to write already, so I’m happy someone else loves it as much as I do. This is “Perfect” by Ed Sheeran. I am posting the Acoustic Version of this song on Spotify because I like it even more than the original, and you can find it as well on my Harry Styles Imagines playlist on Spotify. xo



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I have no words, really. How fucking immature are people. You problably don’t know how hurts if someone take away your partner, the day after you make a number of relationship. Just, why you want to see a person suffer on it? I want to see you in the situation on Drinks.

I’m really sorry for him, so much, he is a really good person and he don’t deserve it.

If you want to have a relationship, stay SURE to have it, don’t stay with someone if you already have another crush. If you have a crush, this can be not love. Crush and love is SO MUCH different. If you make this everytime you just make people bad and more times you can have horrible problems with who you stay.

If you have this broke, STAY STRONG. I know how much is it, because I already feel it. I know if you think it make you bad, this is totally normal and understable. But stay positive. Don’t reply on these people, because probably you have more after. Make something you like, this can perfectly help for distract yourself and stay calm. Eat, sleep, play videogames, everything.

Try to delete your love for this person, don’t try to wait to stay togheter or something like this, because the person isn’t a good partner.

@drinksss I hope you can stay fine and listen my advices. I know we don’t talk, but really, I know what you feel and I want you strong.

It makes me sad when I come across a post about how s4 was just bad and not actually something fake or horrible on purpose because I still want to believe so badly that it will get fixed, but it’s hard, and it doesn’t take all that much to make me start thinking otherwise, but then I have this heavy weight in my chest, and I hate that feeling, and I just want to keep having hope.  Also, I want to not have so much emotion invested in a fucking tv show ffs.

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Im not sure if im in an abusive home, but for the past 3 years of my life, my mother has non stop made me feel worthless, always putting me down and making me feel like nothing. Its either intimidating me into doing something or shattering my confidence. I have horrible self esteem because of it Then she turns around and says she cares, but i have not a clue what to think of it, and now im locked away in my room and not allowed to come out even if im thirsty or hungry. I just need clarification

That is emotional abuse/manipulation. Not letting you leave for food and drink is neglect. I am so sorry.

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Just curious...why do a lot of people on Tumblr hate Hugh Hefner? I’m just curious because I’m not into Playboy and so don’t really know anything about him. But we got one side saying he was a huge feminist and supporter of women and the other side saying he was horrible and objectified women. I’ve seen you post a bit on the topic so I was hoping maybe you can help with this question.

Hugh Hefner was not a huge feminist and supporter of women and anyone who says he was has their head up their ass or gains some social benefit by saying so (i.e., men). I know that’s harshly phrased, but I feel very strongly about this and I have a lot of anger about it. Women who claim that things like Playboy are empowering make me want to scream.

Playboy was about making it easier for men to get laid and objectify women. That’s what his support of access to abortion and birth control was about, lessening the consequences of sex for men. There was zero concern for women as human beings. Zero. He printed erotic photos of Brooke Shields when she was ten years old. Playboy printed articles promoting pedophilia. Real pedophilia. He posted nude photos of Marilyn Monroe against her will. 

Playboy promoted sexual freedom for men. It great narrowed sexual freedom of expression for women by spreading and promoting narrow and artificial ideals as to how women were meant to be sexual. The idea of female sexuality he sold was of women who were moulded into male fantasies. It had nothing to do with female desire, it was all about male desire and making women more sexually available to them. 

Here’s an article: Hugh Hefner was the ultimate enemy of women – no feminist anywhere will shed a tear at his death

Another: No, Hugh Hefner Did Not Love Women

Another: Playboy, Brooke Shields and the fetishisation of young girls

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"Let’s be honest, Simon suddenly fancying Oliver was complete and utter Bullshit" he has been hitting on Oliver since season 3.....

Hmm, if his interactions with Oliver are supposed to constitute “hitting on” then he needs some serious lessons in seduction.

In S3 he treated Oliver purely as an object to antagonise Connor with, to the point where even Oliver was pretty much side eyeing the guy. That comment he made about “You can penetrate him but never his inner circle” - pure shit stirring and again designed to make Connor look bad rather than make Oliver feel good. Absolutely nothing gave any indication that he had any real interest in Oliver whatsoever. Oliver even read him for filth at Wes’ memorial and told him he was a horrible person so his great come on wasn’t exactly working.

Their season 4 interactions have been minimal bar basic workplace niceties and Oliver keeping him sweet to keep him quiet and out of their business. 

So excuse me if I don’t buy his sudden proclamation that he only hates Connor because he has Oliver and Simons jealous because literally nothing in the show has ever truly backed that up. Him using Oliver to get at connor out of sheer affection for Oliver just doesn’t quite cut it?

Now if he’d suddenly confessed to being an asshole to Connor because he fancied HIM… despite it being a fucking cliché cos it just plays into the stereotype that Connor’s the hot one… I might have bought it that he was taking such an aggressive interest in Connor and his relationship out of a mix of  jealousy of him half assing it and still succeeding and sheer internalised self loathing with a side of “please notice me" 

la escargot:._ That feeling when you come back to a muse after caving to your urge for sins that you have very little chances of writing on said muse only to just end up blinking and then ask “…Where am I?” And then I laughed at a post concerning Music of the Night and I immediately felt like I came back home.

So I wanna do some shit. But I don’t even know where to begin since I’ve dallied away for so damn long.

Nothing gets me going like a character acting against type in a way that doesn’t feel OOC, but that makes them more complex and interesting

Like I loved seeing this brave, pure-hearted, selfless protector, Magnus, arguing on the side of something horrible and heinous in The Stolen Century but you get why he sees it that way?

And stuff like amoral, selfish Taako being the one who chooses to be a mentor to a young child-

There’s something so satisfying about seeing Taako, especially (my fave obvs) who is introduced as this really shitty, oblivious and inept guy, and he turns out to be the craftiest, cleverest, most competent one of the bunch. and unexpectedly kind to boot…

While Magnus, who I’d say is presented as this direct, thoughtless strongman whose whole character is based on action, but then he ends up the one who gives up his physical strength and has to be the one negotiating, strategizing, and coming up with ideas i love it

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I can’t socially or physically transition. Not because I ain’t allowed, but because I’d feel horrible doing it to my family. I’ve lied to my parents about being trans twice, simply because it didn’t seem to go down well. I know they’d let me transition, but it would be horribly awkward. I don’t have any sibling so I’m really close to my cousins, and I’m afraid being trans would put a wall between or friendship. Is it bad that I won’t transition because of silly reasons like that?

Not at all. Transition is your choice to make, and if you don’t want it that’s fine! -Matt

The Hybrid game you didn’t know you needed

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Valkyria Chronicles is a masterpiece in it’s own, and the fact that I was so unaware of such a clever mix of popular genres for so long truly upsets me.

Mechanically this game is a half turnbased half real time action point tactical jrpg. It’s epic. And beyond the combat mechanics and strategy element plsyers can recruit different people each who have their own personalities, pet peeves, romances, crushes, bigotry, and allergies! It’s truly amazing how much work has been put into making you feel horrible when one of your favourite characters aren’t able to be saved, and leave their crush lonely for the rest of the game.

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Valkyria Chronicles makes the player care, it’s no longer just a mindless strategy game with pawns on a table, these are people that feel far deeper than any other support characters I’ve witnessed.

“p.s. yes I am embarassed to be found sleeping.”

This one was a wee bit hard because the twins don’t really have much for them in art aside from their ask icons and some older drawings, so I hope it’s okay that I took a bit of liberty on the outfits. 

Pappa and Russ belong to @cursetale

hey jack cotton on teeth

anyways a reason why cotton is something that gets under people’s skin is because your mouth is naturally wet and it’s always wet with saliva. when the cotton absorbs that moisture in your mouth and makes you feel horrible, it’s because it lost that natural feeling. when your mouth stops producing saliva, it means something is wrong and it’s so unnatural to your mouth that even a minor feeling such as the cotton or wood touching your teeth can take away that moisture and familiarity and make you feel Not Good


you are the only goddamn thing that gives me peace, the only thing that keeps me still when all I wanna do is fall and shatter, sometimes I feel as if the universe’s crushing weight is too much to handle, that no matter where I look, where I go, that weight will forever stay with me, but you make me feel different, you know that feeling you get when you listen to your favorite song? you fill me up with that feeling, that feeling of sunlight or some poetic shit, sometimes I think about how horrible life is and how ugly the world is then I look at you and I see the way the sunlight hits your eyes and I hear the sound of your laugh and I can’t help but let all my thoughts fade into nothingness, you are beautiful and terrifying and you are so full of everything and everyone and I don’t know how to explain it, you talk about things with so much passion and you dance to songs so freely as if your soul is the one in control of your body, you smile at strangers and their heart melts and I could see it in their eyes, you spit the truth like poison and you stand in bravery while others cower in fear, you leave pieces of yourself wherever you go, in everyone you meet, you stumble upon people, talk about the world and movies and songs and you captive them and you hold them hostage with your eyes and brain and heart, you posses them and they feel you in everything they do, you are beyond my understanding, beyond anyone’s understanding, you make me wish I could have all the time in the world just so I would spend more of it loving the moments I get to share with you, you are deeply under my skin, deeply rooted somewhere in my heart or soul whatever those are, you are the only thing that makes me fall in love with life a little more each day, you are my home.
—  atelophobiaxx // Nada Toghoj


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Excuse me, but... why do you hate when straight woman go to a gay bar? I'm a straight woman and I live in Madrid, and here lot of straight people like going out around the gay area (Chueca). I sometimes go with my boyfriend, with my friends, and sometimes with my gay friends, who are very happy I go out with them in Chueca. For me, going to a gay bar is like going to any other bar. Wouldn't be homophobe if I said, no way I am gonna go to a gay bar/gay area? Sorry for my english.

Hi love. Your English is fine! 

This is a complicated issue, and I will try and speak about it to the best of my ability. First off: if I said I hate when straight women go to gay bars, I was speaking hyperbolically and being reactionary, which is totally my right as a lesbian who seeks safe space the same way any gay man does. But the truth is,  that I don’t SIMPLY hate it, every time, always. I hate the way it changes how gay bars feel to me, and I hate the culture it creates and lends itself to. It’s something I have nuanced and complex feelings about. 

Like, I understand why straight women enjoy going to gay bars. I know often times straight women just want to have a good time and get away from straight men, and as someone who ALSO wants desperately to get away from straight men,  I get how gay bars can provide that space. 

However, many straight women can be super disrespectful to that space because they don’t understand the historical significance of gay bars for gay people. Here are some of the things that are really damaging that I see on the regular. Not all of them are specific things all straight women do at gay bars, but they ARE inevitable affects of the PRESENCE of straight women and straight culture within an LGBTQ space: 

1. straight women sometimes get offended when lesbians hit on them at gay bars, which is absurd because….it’s a gay bar. You’re in our space. I also regularly witness straight women acting particularly disparaging or even DISGUSTED by butch women in gay bars, which really hurts and is so cruel and disrespectful. The amount of times I’ve seen gay men band together with straight women to mock butch culture/appearances is innumerable. 

2. At least in LA, its become such a commonplace thing for LOTS of straight women to go to gay bars, that they out number the amount of lesbians/wlw. First off, this just feels awful and isolating for us, but additionally, it makes lots of wlw so uncomfortable that they don’t feel safe cruising/asking women to dance because the probability of the girl being straight is really high. Can you imagine how lonely, scary, and frustrating this would feel for wlw to go to a bar that is supposed to be FOR THEM and feel afraid and outnumbered by straight women? 

3. Lots of straight women treat gay bars like some wild tourist space.  They get to come to the gay part of town and watch the gays interact in their natural habitat, they get to see crazy wild freaky things like boys in make up and butch girls in plaid and go-go dancers and hot guys making out! How titillating and exciting and funny! Now, I’m not saying you do this, personally, but you have to understand that MANY straight women DO. It feels awful and hurtful to just want to go out and dance and be yourself AWAY from the cruelty and scrutiny of straight people, and end up at a bar where you’re getting watched like a sideshow ANYWAY. 

4. Many straight women bring their boyfriends. For numerous wlw and MANY gay men, straight men are traumatizing. They are our abusers. They’re the last thing we want to see in our safe space. NOTHING makes me feel more unsafe and invaded and shitty at a gay bar than the presence of straight men. And if there are straight women, there are likely going to be straight men, at least eventually.  Now, even aside from them making me feel flat out unsafe an horrible, it’s also just disheartening and irritating to see straight couples taking up space in an LGBTQ environment when I’m literally trying to get away from them! I don’t want to see straight people making out. I don’t to see straight people dancing. I don’t want to see straight people standing by the bar pointing at us. If I wanted all that, I wouldn’t be going to a GAY BAR.  

5. Again, at least in LA, it’s so common for straight women to go to gay bars that straight men will actually go to gay bars with the intention of finding straight women, because they KNOW it’s a place where single women congregate. I kid you not, it’s a pick up artist “trick” to go to gay bars. This means, predatory straight men in LGBTQ spaces, trying to hit on women. This INCLUDES WLW because sometimes they can’t tell the difference or literally don’t care!!! I DO NOT WANT to be around straight men, even the ones who are there with their girlfriends, so I ESPECIALLY don’t want to be around the type of straight guy who is looking for a hook up!  I don’t want to be hit on my straight men, I don’t want my bi friends or my femme friends who came to a gay bar looking for solace and to escape unwanted attention to be hit on or checked out by straight men IN THEIR OWN SPACE!!!

I remember the first time a straight man hit on me at a gay bar, I started dancing with him, close and kind of sexy, because it’s not uncommon for lesbians to dance with gay men like that in a playful way. Then, he started touching me, and I thought it was a little weird but was like “whatever he’s probably gay” and THEN HE KISSED ME and it was like my fucking world came crashing down. I felt so terrified and unsafe and dirty, and when I tried to scramble away and was like “Oh my god I’m gay stop” he literally said, and I will never forget this, “I don’t care. You didn’t a minute ago.” 

Whether or not you realize it, the presence of straight women in LGBTQ spaces leads to the eventual normalization of this type of behavior. Straight people and particularly straight men are ALWAYS coopting space that doesn’t belong to them and making it unsafe for LGBTQ people, who are ostracized outsiders who live in danger everywhere else. If I can’t go to a gay bar to get away from these types of men, where can I go? If my friends can’t go to a gay bar to pick up women, where can they go? 

NOW, you mentioned you were from Spain. I have never been to Spain and have relatively no idea what the gay scene/bar scene is like there. Some of this might not be relevant to you personally, and I’m sensitive to the fact I’m speaking from the experience of someone who grew up clubbing in West Hollywood/LA, so this might not apply to you. It might be different in Spain, and I get that you want to support your gay friend when you go out with him. That makes sense to me, and I know there are ways straight women can be respectful in LGBTQ spaces. 

But please, consider all of this. Also, you said something that really stuck out to me: “ For me, going to a gay bar is like going to any other bar.”

That stings, because for us, going to a gay bar is NOT like going to any other bar. Going to a gay bar is like going home, or it should be. You have to understand we don’t get to feel safe or supported most of the time when we exist in the world. We have to seek out those safe spaces, so when those safe spaces get infiltrated by the people who make the rest of the world unsafe for us, IT HURTS. We don’t want gay bars to be like any other bar, they need to be treated as the very specific, historically significant, cultural phenomenon that they are. It’s not just a rainbow on the wall that makes a gay bar a gay bar. I hope that makes sense. 

Further reading here! 

I just want to say something about fic writers. For every writer out there, there is at least one reader whose day you’ve made better, just by posting that thing you were nervous about putting out into the world. One reader who you’ve made smile or cry or laugh or hold their phone close to their face and think “wow wow wow wow wow wow thank you I am so blessed I really needed this today”. There are a lot of days when I can barely read anything, for one reason or another, but then I get a day like today, where I stumble across some fic, and everything just seems okay for a while as I read it. Thank you, to all fic writers, for that feeling. That feeling of “it’s okay” or “hey, I am feeling like shit but you know what, my favourite character is okay today”. You make that happen. Whatever kind of writer you are, however little or well known you are. You make all those horrible, sometimes damn lonely days a little more bearable and worth while and from the bottom of my heart, I just really wanted to say thank you so much.

Much love, a reader xxx  

I’m only 18

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Request: Can you do a oneshot where the reader is an avenger and 18, she meets the team and the guys are being super flirty with her but have no idea that’s she is 18 and when they find out, they’re embarrassed about flirting with her :). Sorry if this super specific and long

Warning: No?

Being the new avenger was exciting. I had been able to shape shift into any person or animal that I wanted to since I was 5 years old. I scared my mother the day I turned into a dog. She could move things with her mind and she wasn’t sure of what I could do until the day we were eating dinner and I decided to act like a dog and turned into one. 

Since then, I would do small things like tricking my friends or I would turn into a bird and fly away. Like Spider-Man, I decided to use it for good. What really caught the public’s eye, was the day a grizzly bear stopped a gas station robbery. That same day Tony Stark and Natasha Romanoff showed up at my house. They explained to me and my mother that they wanted me to join the avengers. Naturally, my mother put up a fight and said I was too young, but I am 18 so legally I can go. Waving goodbye to my mother 6 months later and I was officially part of the team. 

“You should turn into a cat, then when the team crowds around, turn into yourself.” Tony suggested. 

“I can’t” I laughed at him, “When I shape shift, My clothes don’t change with me so I can’t turn back until I’m in my room, usually.” 

“We’ll see about that.” He started thinking to himself. 

“Guys this is y/n” Nat called out t the team.

“Hello” I waved to everyone “I know who you all are already, I read the file.” 

“Nice to meet you” Steve shook my hand. “We didn’t hear much about you, it was suppose to be a surprise.” 

I smiled, looking around the room at the team. I noticed Sam, Bucky, Thor, Peter, and Steve were looking me up and down. I met Sam’s eyes and he winked at me and gave a slow nod of admiration. Bucky looked away quickly, Steve also winked, Thor smirked at me and then walked away, and Peter quickly turned around and started a conversation with Wanda. I noticed Clint and Bruce were watching the same thing I was and looked at me and then the guys and shook their heads. 

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Once everything was finally settled, I made my way to the kitchen to get a small snack, I had finally finished unpacking. I was searching for a snack when I hear someone speak up behind me.

“Nickle for your thoughts?” Steve spoke calmly

“I’m pretty sure it’s penny.” I laughed at him

“I just think your thoughts are worth more” he smiled, raising an eyebrow.

“Really?” I rolled my eyes “That’s so lame” 

“What?” He moved a tad bit closer leaning on the counter. “I just wanted to start a conversation.” He chuckled. 

“So start” I reached for the box of cheez-its, but it was too far up. Steeve reached up above my head and grabbed it. I couldn’t help but look at his bicep. Quickly looking down when our eyes met.

“Like what you see?” Steve smirked “There’s more underneath.” 

I blushed at first and then realized, he is old, I’m still 18 and I don’t think he knows that. Instead of telling him, I laughed at him and walked away. 

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The next person to talk to me was Sam Wilson. I had wandered into the theater room and put a movie in. Sam saw this and wanted to join.

“Can I join you?” He asked as I made my self comfortable on the love-seat, taking up most to the small couch. 

“Sure if you can fit” I joked, moving my legs slightly.

“I played tetris as a kid.” He smirked at me coming closer to the couch.

“Your point?” I asked slightly confused.

“I can make it fit.” He winked at me. I didn’t even react, I just had a straight face and I realized that he didn’t know my age as well, and just like Steve I didn’t tell him. 

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Peter Parker approached me the next day, as I made my way to the kitchen, he tapped my arm.

“Morning y/n” He greeted me with a warm smile.

“Mornin’ Pete” I smiled back. He followed me into the kitchen. 

“Hey y/n,” He got my attention back to him “Can you feel my shirt?”

“Excuse me?” I asked, confused. 

“I’m serious” He held out the bottom of his shirt and I touched the soft fabric.

“What about it?” I was still confused.

“Does it feel like boyfriend material?” I asked seriously. I laughed at him as my cheeks slightly turned red.

“Absolutely not” Tony cut in “Not allowed.” 

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“Why do guys have to be such jerks?” My friend Andrea spoke to me on the phone. I had her on speaker while me, Wanda and Nat sat in the living room.

“I know how you feel Ann. What we need is a genie” I joked. “Three wishes would be nice.” 

“That would help a lot actually” Nat joined

“What’s one thing you would wish for?” Wanda asked “ I would wish for world peace. Typical I know.”

“I’ll have to think about that.” Andrea said on the phone. 

“Ditto” Nat spoke up, thinking quietly.

“I would wish for the perfect guy” I joked, earning a small chuckle from Nat.

“Here I am.” Bucky stood in front of us “What are your other two wishes?”

I couldn’t handle this anymore. I had to tell them how old I was before this got worse. I found it funny but I can’t be this cruel.

“Hey guys” I spoke up walking into the kitchen causing everyone to look at me “I have done some thinking.. Some of you, not naming who, have tried to flirt with me.” all the guys looked at each other. “As flattering as that is, I think you should know something about me, and maybe this will make you rethink some things.” I tried to fight the smile forming on my face. “I’m only 18.” 

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Every single guy, except for Peter, Tony, Bruce, Clint, and Vision, went pale. They froze and looked at each other.

“WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL US BEFORE” Sam yelled, obviously embarrassed.

“I thought it was funny” I laughed at them

“I already knew that” Peter winked at me

“Lady y/n” Thor looked up from the ground “ I wasn’t sure of your age so I didn’t say anything, but I did not expect that” 

“I feel horrible” Steve apologized. Bucky couldn’t bring himself to say anything as he continued to stare at the ground.

There was a long awkward silence as we slowly continued our business. 

“Wait, You guys hit on her?” Tony raised his voice.