i feel so horrible for making these


Because of the genetic disorder I’ve got I have a scar from every cut I’ve ever gotten due to not healing well or at all. Bug bites and holes from tiny cysts take up to a month and a half to heal over, and always leave a large raised scar. pretty much everyone who’s ever known me has at some point or another asked me about them and honestly they make me feel horrible. Especially because of the cysts I often feel like my skin is rotting off. I hate it a lot. But I finally figured out what I want to do. 

I wanna turn my scars into stars. I’ve always had a love of nautical things, and I love the look of old maps, especially star maps and constellations. so the idea is to make them feel special by making my OWN constellations. 

If I got this tattoo I’d finally be able to look at my own arms and not hate my body. It’s definitely a long time off cause I have no idea how much it’s gonna cost and I am extremely very poor and I think I have approximately $2.67 in my bank account until I get another commission and I’ve still got a queue to get through, but maybe one day. Hopefully one day. 

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"Viktor Nikiforov (on Yuuri's phone)" I hate people like that, I really do. It's just horrible, and impersonal and... And...;; I remember one time I discover one of my friends has me that way in his phone and I was "why do you hate that much!?" It hurts 〒▽〒

I honestly have no strong feelings about it. I list everyone by first and last name in my phone because it makes searching through my phone contacts much easier to find, especially if you know more than one person with the same name. Plus I like being organised and so i prefer contacts like that. But I think that Viktor is definitely the kind of person to prefer pet names and emojis

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When did you started sketching and what inspired you to continue one as if it was a normal task if you know what I mean

I started sketching since I was a child. I drew comics every day after school and my only reader was my younger brother haha. When I left graduate school and got my first job I stopped drawing for a while and it felt horrible. I decided to start again and this blog was my first step in terms on sharing my work openly on the internet. It was scary at first but it’s great to know people can relate to my work. Having that support really motivates me to keep going and the ability to be creative on a regular basis just makes me feel so much better about my life. 

Hope this was useful! x


I feel and look horrible but Snapchat makes me look somewhat okay

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what time will the acceptance letters be sent out? will you post when they're all sent?

Hello! Thanks for your question. I hope you don’t mind me turning it into an announcement!

Yes, we will be making an announcement once all letters have been sent!

Our intention is to send a letter to everyone, but in the case that you don’t receive one, please feel free to message us!

Letters will be sent in batches, so please wait until we announce that all letters are sent!

There isn’t a specific time that letters will be sent out, but I’ll try to make a post when we begin sending emails, just to keep you all updated!

As a reminder, now would be a good time to add settersnacezine@gmail.com to your contacts in order to (hopefully) avoid the email going into the spam folder!

You’ll know the email is from us because “Setters N Ace Zine” will be in the subject line.

Good luck to everyone and thank you all for applying!

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1 3 and 4

1. “@” people you want to be friends with

i’m probably forgetting some people but

@sunshinemiranda @niinarosario @manuelmiranduh @fragmentofmymind @imagineham @imdedicatingeverydaytoyou @psychedemigod @linsnavi @adothoe 


3. the last text you sent to someone?

“facetime me hoe i miss your face” 

me and amber are best friend goals tbh

4. do you have a nsfw blog?


also this has literally nothing to do with the asks but my neighbors just literally painted their house black and i have never seen something so horrible in my life and i feel like this is the kind of information that i’m obligated to share with you guys but i didnt have the energy to make a separate post

risky asks

Would You Rather ft. MidCin Suitors

Thanks for the tag, @destinedatmidnight and @acrispyapple

Rules: Copy and answer them
Tag your MidCin fellow bloggers! 
@emigotchi @arcane-demesne @harajuku-cookie @leorysxi @tykira45 @ all of you that want to do it, I tag you ;w;

Would you rather assist Alyn in battle or Leo in politics?

I am the type that would rather punch their way through shit, but I feel like politics makes a bigger difference (even tho I hate is sfm). So I will help Leo in politics and make dem horrible nobles cry.

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Would you rather wear Byron’s eye patch for a month or wear Albert’s glasses for a year?

Idk Al’s prescription, and I already wear my own glasses. So I will wear Byron’s eyepatch on my bad eye and wear my glasses over it (bc im a cool kid).

You accidentally destroyed something. Would you rather it be Robert’s masterpiece that he was working on for months, or Leo’s childhood scrapbook?

Lol I will not be responsible for taking more of whatever is left of Leo’s childhood. So I will accidentally destroy Robert’s. A good artist can bounce back and fix whatever mess (if not, I can help restore it, since I can paint). Plus Robert is nice af, he will forgive me!

Would you rather wrestle with Byron in a pool of jell-o or do Rayvis’ hair in braids?

Do Ray’s hair! I don’t want any Jell-O up any crevices lmao. Annnnnd, I would hate that sticky feeling.

Would you rather have your favourite suitor accidentally know about your sexual fantasies or have the sexy letter Byron sent be read aloud to the bureaucrats?

If my favorite suitor doesn’t know about my sexual fantasies, then how are we supposed to act upon it? LOL. So let Louis know all my kinks and then we can have fun with em together~

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Would you rather declare war on Stein or resign as a princess?

Resign as a princess. I don’t want to govern people anyways I can’t even govern my own life.

Would you rather be stuck in your study with your fav suitor *YOU’RE NOT IN A RELATIONSHIP* and fart nastily and loudly or be stuck with your least fav and hear him talk and complain all the time?

I don’t even fart in front of my bestfriend lmao. I will listen to least fave talk and complain for blackmail purposes lol.

Would you rather booty slap your favourite suitor publicly or be booty slapped by your least favourite secretly?

I love slappin dem booties, let me slap that Louis booty in front of the whole fckn kingdom

Would you rather let Louis teach you how to twerk or learn pole dancing from Sid?

OK BUT I WANT TO SEE LOUIS TWERK…BUTT, (heh) I will choose to learn pole dancing from Sid. Because damn pole dancing is hard and requires a lot of strength! And looks cool! So I will learn that with Sid.

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Would you rather have your favourite suitor kiss your least favourite or have yourself kiss your least favourite?

This is awesome bc I whore Louis out to everyone, and this is actually one of my fave ships. So YES LOUIS KISS ALYN ALL DAY ALL NIGHT

Would you rather have Nico catch you having sex or catch Sid having sex?

Fuck I wanna catch Sid having hot, passionate sex with Louis i am fine with this

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Would you rather marry your favourite suitor but not have babies or not marry but have babies?

Also awesome bc I don’t plan on breeding. (but my fave suitor probably wants to adopt a whole frikkin orphanage)

Would you rather have a long sexy kiss with Giles or awkward cute kiss with Albert?

Aw man why not both! I guess awk kisses with Albert bc I like fluff more than smut.

Would you rather walk around the castle in your lingerie for three days or never change your attire for a month?

never change my clothes for a month lol. I can be like a cartoon character! :D

Sangwoo’s reaction and why it’s significant

I see a lot of people either disappointed over Sangwoo’s reaction or bemused because they expected it. I think there’s more to it. When I read the chapter, I noticed a few important things that I would like to point out. First, it’s important to remind everyone that Sangwoo is not a normal person. His way of dealing with trauma is to confront it, and exterminate the problem at its core. Sangwoo does not like feeling vulnerable. It diminishes his masculinity. It reminds him too much of his past, and of his mother who–like Bum–seemed to be the type of person who was easily taken advantage of. Frankly, weakness and indecisiveness just piss him off.

This brings me to my next few points:

When Bum spoke of his trauma, it reminded Sangwoo too much of his mother. 

Now, please note. We don’t know how Sangwoo’s parents perished. Some assume he killed them both, but that doesn’t make sense. Personally, with how Sangwoo speaks of mother with fondness, even I find it hard to believe that Sangwoo killed his own mother. (My theory is Sangwoo’s dad killed her during a domestic abuse episode and in turn, Sangwoo killed his dad.)

If you remember, there was that one scene way back when where it depicted “Sangwoo’s” hands around his mother’s neck, but I don’t think those were his hands. Sangwoo was hallucinating. 

That’s not from his point of view. It’s from his Dad’s point of view. And do you see that smile. Do you see how his mother isn’t fighting back? That’s stayed with him forever. His mother just taking it isn’t something that he’s forgotten. And what does Bum do? He takes it, just like his mother. He doesn’t stab his abuser, like Sangwoo suggests. He doesn’t do anything, because he’s afraid. So Sangwoo, whether consciously or not, starts drawing parallels: Bum (My Mom) is a weak person, who allowed his Uncle (My Father) to abuse him (her).

It’s history repeating itself and Sangwoo fucking hates it. So when Sangwoo reacts hostilely to Bum’s story, it’s not that he’s incapable of emotion or that he doesn’t “get” that Bum’s been raped. Quite the opposite.

He’s throwing a tantrum. He’s upset Bum was assaulted. In his head, Bum practically allowed it. And this anger shows in some fucked up way, he’s started to like Bum. I wouldn’t say “cherish”, because I’m not sure Sangwoo is capable of that, but he cares about Bum in a way that’s like his mother but not quite. (I think more so like a pet then a partner.) He knows what happened to Bum and what it all means, but he’s unable to act sympathetically, because he just wished that Bum (unlike his mother) could have fought back. Now let me say, this isn’t an attempt to justify Sangwoo’s reaction.

I’m a victim of sexual assault. I know, more than anyone, how fear can paralyze you into submission. I sympathize with Bum. I feel horrible for him. But Sangwoo isn’t, again, a normal person. He’s a sociopath. So Sangwoo doesn’t see that. He just sees two things: Bum didn’t try. Bum disappoints me. And it infuriates Sangwoo, because in a way, Bum’s uncle wins. Just like Sangwoo’s father won when he abused his mother. 

Sangwoo is hurt.

Most importantly, Sangwoo’s selfish.

His emotions are the only thing that matter to him.

Bum’s feelings mean nothing.

Last point: 

I think Sangwoo was planning to have sex with Bum.

Okay, I know, another stretch. But if you think about the last chain of events, it makes sense. Sangwoo has started to develop feelings for Bum. Not just emotionally, but sexually. Now given this new piece of information, I think Sangwoo is not only angry that Bum didn’t fight back, but that the abuser has been with Bum in an intimate way before he has. I think Sangwoo assumed Bum was a virgin, and he had planned on consummating their “relationship” very soon. The fact that Bum’s uncle already has done so… someone who’s abused Bum and reminds him of his Father… Well…

For him, that’s a turn off, and a let down.

“p.s. yes I am embarassed to be found sleeping.”

Self Care

It’s Mental Health Month. May 1st. The beginning of it. I just want to post some tips on what I find useful when I feel anxious, depressed or lonely. Some tips on how to care for yourself mixed in here too. I know what it’s like to feel like nothing is going to work out and you feel like there is no point anymore. I still get sad from time to time but here is what I try to do to lower those horrible feelings. 

  1. Music 
    When I feel down I put on my chill playlist and listen to the songs. Not just recognize that the song is playing. I listen to every word, every beat, every instrument that makes a sound. I listen so hard that I forget everything else around me and forget everything that is going on in my head for a while. This actually really helps and especially if it’s a slow song, something that matches my mood. 
  2. Reading 
    Reading is one of my favourite things to do. I’m in love with words. And getting deep into one of my favourite books helps me forget for a while. Grab something to drink and maybe a snack, find a quiet and comfy place to relax and let yourself fall into a book. 
  3. Eat 
    When I feel depressed my appetite can go away pretty quickly. But if you don’t eat, you’ll feel even more tired and low. And that’s not good. So eat. Not junk food. Maybe a treat every now and again but make sure to eat healthy too. Fruit or vegetables. Maybe make some type of sandwhich or maybe eat a bowl of porridge. Whatever you want to make. But remember, not always junk food. And drink lot’s and lot’s of water. 
  4. Shower or bath 
    If you feel all ugh, and ew take a long warm shower or a bath full of bubbles. Taking a shower or bath might help you feel more relaxed and feel more taken care of. And keeping yourself fresh and clean will help help boost your system. 
  5. Fresh air 
    When I’m down, I get lazy. So the whole ‘take a long walk’ thing doesn’t go with me. What I like to do instead is open a window and stand there or take a chair and sit near there. I’m getting fresh air into my lungs which is good and I don’t need to get up and go outside to do it. Now getting exercise is a good thing to do too because it’ll boost your system also. But when you really can’t get up and walk far, just go to a window and read or listen to music.
  6. Cry 
    Yes crying is on this list. When you really need to let those tears out, just do it. If you’re in a place you feel comfortable enough to do it. Let it all out, for however long you need to. Crying doesn’t make you weak or a loser or whatever you think it makes you. It helps you. Instead of holding all those feelings in, you can let them out by crying. So just do it because a cry every now and again, will make you feel a little better. Hopefully. 
  7. Decorate and change it up
    This may be an odd one but it helps me. When I’m sad I’ll look up some quotes that I really like, write them on some paper and decorate the paper and stick it on my wall. Or sometimes I sift things around. If I think something in my room would look better in a different position then I’ll move it. I’ll maybe take some things down and hang something new up instead. Tidy my room too if it needs it. This helps because I’m focusing on other things. Where will this go? Does this look good on this wall? Things like that. Try it and see. 
  8.  Breathe 
    When I feel like I can’t breathe, I remember that I just need to take a minute. Look at my surroundings. What’s the colour of the walls? Breathe. What’s in the room? Breathe. What’s the weather like outside? Breathe. What’s my favourite food? Breathe. Do I have any plans this week? Breathe. Ask yourself some questions. Answer them and breathe. Breathe, breathe and breathe. Don’t let you make yourself small. Think bigger than what that stupid annoying voice in your head is telling you. Breathe. Because you’re worth it.

I hope these tips helped. I really do. And please, please REMEMBER… you are beautiful. You are so amazing and this world needs you in it. Maybe you feel like no one cares. But I guarantee you there is somebody out there who thinks the world of you. You are somebody’s moon. You’re that person who lights up the darkness for them. Don’t let your light go out. Stay strong and remember to love yourself and take care of yourself. You guys are more than welcome to ask me something if you need any advice or have any questions. The door is open and you are welcome. 



Langst p1 (bc I plan on doing more of this)

Okay but, i hc Lance as a middle child in a big family (everyone does that but bear with me) so he is used to his feelings being overlooked.

But imagine he doesn’t have physical breakdowns around anyone, that he handles emotional stuff calmly. And he surpresses his emotions until he’s alone. I bet he likes to break things. Because you know it releases tension.

And he can do the scary parent stare. And sorry If my English is shitty.

Like: (i’m very sorry, but i’m trying to make it as bad as possible)

The mission went horrible. Completely and utterly horrible. And they were all angry and tired, some even more so.


“Keith stop it! You can’t just scream at people like that!” Lance put himself between Keith and Pidge. Pidge shakily clenched her tiny fists in the back of his suit.


The team was speechless. They didn’t know how to react. Not even Shiro. They were all gaping at the scene in front of them.

Lance’s eyes watered and sparkled. For a second he seemed to crumble, ready to break down crying. But his demeanor changed instantly. His posture straightened and his eyes dulled.

“I know i’m annoying and useless. But that doesn’t mean you’re allowed to vent your fury on me, or anyone in the team for that matter. You’re obviously distressed right now.” Lance voice is monotonous. And he is starimg right at Keith. He opened his mouth to say something, but Lance glared. “You are not going to intrerrupt when i’m speaking.” He snapped his mouth shut.“ Now you’re going to take a shower and then come back and appologise to Pidge.”

Keith was about to protest. “You are going to do as I said and I do not want to hear a word from you until you make up with Pidge.” There were obvious tears in Keith’s eyes but he nodded and left.

Than Lance turned to Pidge and crouched to her level. His whole expression softened. He put a hand on her cheek

“Hey, Pidge, don’t cry. I know Keith is mean, and I know you didn’t want to put any of us in danger. None of us blames you, not even Keith, even if he doesn’t know that yet. Okay?” He reassured her.

She put a hand on top of his. “Do you really feel like that?”

“Hm? Of course I don’t blame you.”

“No, i mean… Do you really feel like you’re useless?” She clarified. Lance smiled sadly.

“Yes, Pidge, i do. But right now we are focusing on you. Understood?”


“If I promise i’ll talk to you about it tomorrow will you drop it now?” Offered Lance. Pidge didn’t seem convinced but nodded anyway. “Good, now…” He stood up still holding Pidge’s face. He smiled ar the team and fixed them with a look. “ Go wash yourselves. It was a taxing a mission and we all could use some relaxation. Plus, we stink.”

They all scrambled to do as Lance said. Pidge not before hugging the life out of Lance.

Ahhh! Sorry for the long post! And i know Keith would NEVER do that!! Sorry!

So I was supposed to be making this like 3 goals ago but I’m super lazy and super bad at communicating and I’m also super shy but anyway. I thought it was time to finally do this! (I’m so, so sorry if this messes up your notifs)

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BTS Reaction to Their S/O Being Lovey Dovey

incognito; hi! i was wondering if you could write a reaction maybe?🙈 to their s/o hugging them from behind and whispering “i love you” with their head on his back/shoulder (it depends😹) -this is so soft😭- thank you!

Note: Of course, it’s totally fine anonnie! i needed some fluff to ease my depressing mind from the angst ive been writing lately lol *credit to gif owners*

Jin ➳ As far as he knew, you didn’t like much pda when you two were around the boys or when he was even performing in concert, so when he had gone backstage just to find you engulfing him into your arms and mumbling how much you loved him; a wide grin would situate itself below his nose.

He found you extremely cute, feeling all sorts of giddiness run through him as he gave you a peck on the top of your head, soon lifting your chin to place a sweet kiss onto your lips.  

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Suga ➳ The both of you were at the amusement park, and when you turned to Yoongi to find him looking bored and annoyed, you felt extremely horrible for making the boy come along. So when your arms slithered around his waist, he quickly turned to you with wide eyes and flushed cheeks before you said, “I love you.”

The boys began to catcall, Yoongi smiling brightly but immediately covering his face with his hands to hide his embarrassment even though he wanted more than anything to kiss you and hug you back.

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J-Hope ➳ He was only in the studio talking to Jimin, conversing about the new dance routine when you decided to wrap your arms around him while pressing your cheek to his chest. “Ah, you want me.” He teased, knowing you would only flush and look away but you always ceased to surprise him.

“Always,” you whispered, “I love you so much.” Jimin looked around to try and hide the smile playing on his lips when Hoseok soon picked you up and spun you around; loving how lovey dovey you were being before blowing raspberries to your cheeks.

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RapMonster ➳ The moment you began to lay your head on his lap while he watched tv on the couch, he was shocked once you wrapped your arms clumsily around his waist and muttered an “I love you.”

He looked around frantically, already feeling his cheeks turn several shades of red before a very nervous chuckle would skip past his lips and calm his rapid breathing heart. Running his fingers through your hair and smiling to himself, he knew you meant every word since you barely spoke your feelings which meant everything to him.

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Jimin ➳ Butterflies were bursting in a chaotic furry inside his heart once he felt your tiny arms encircle his waist from behind. His face was gleaming in the color scarlet, smile nearly ripping his cheeks once he turned around just to witness your head slowly lean up to stare at him with your bottom lip tucked out. “I love you,” you told him, and he only laughed.

“What do you want this time?” He asked and you frowned, quickly letting go of him to walk away before he grabbed your arm and yanked you back into his arms. “No no, don’t leave.” He whined, giving your forehead a quick peck.

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V ➳ He was gaming all night and you couldn’t sleep without the man, so, when you found him in the living room, wanting to scold him until you found a large bear between his arms you couldn’t help but squeal internally. Rushing to jump on the couch, you snaked your hands around his body as you told him he was cute, and soon telling him you loved him.

He paused his game, taking your words in before he flashed you a boxy smile. “I love you so much more,” he said, throwing his bear to the side to pull you onto his lap instead.

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Jungkook ➳ The boy looked so out of place when his friends started to pay more attention to you, ripping you away from having your attention on him and talking it up to you like there was no tomorrow. He looked annoyed, quiet even, and your eyes softened before you ignored Hoseok and grabbed your boyfriend’s hand.

Tapping your cheek, he looked to you questioningly. “I love you,” you said, and a very cheeky and shy smile would engrave itself onto his features as he placed a kiss onto your cheek.

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PT1: I was a Harrie, I knew he wasn't a het & supported him because he took pride in who he was under the circumstances. However I HATED Louis. Couldn't stand him for just one reason, the fact that he was a homophoeb. I was never fully in the fandom, just kept tabs inn harry and with that you'd see the headlines of Louis. How he broke of a friendship because of gay rumors etc. nonetheless, funnily enough instead of meeting Harry I met Louis and I think I'll hate myself for what I said for the+

Pt2: Rest of my life… I was w my friends celebrating a bachelorette party in Vegas. In this high end club, as you have it Louis was there as well, & I was mad. He was there with his boys nursing drinks and dancing a little. I didn’t watch him the whole night because quiet frankly I was pissed (not to mention my friend was marrying her girlfriend) I went to the bar to order some more drinks & he did as well. He was right beside me & he smiled and asked how I was doing. I snorted right to+

To his face & said something along the lines of “horribly now that a homophobe is talking to me.” And let me tell you, his face literally broke, and my heart did as well , he stuttered and looked at me in shock. Instead of apologizing I said “I love your bandmate for making me feel accepted, you just let me feel isolated and bluntly said wrong.” . He was still so sad and just smiled and said ‘I’m sorry.“ & left. His drinks forgotten until Oli got them. Oli did stare at me and then sighed & +

Pt3: Said ‘don’t believe everything you read,’ . It sat wrong with me for the longest time until I started googling about louis Tomlinson instead of Harry and goddamn it, I had no clue he was forced in the closet, that he was stripped away from his very vibrant rainbow colors & if there’s a way i'all sell my soul to apologize. He deserves all the love and the fact that some think of him as I did breaks me. I’m now a Louie Harrie Larry yet I’ve got the softest side for Louis.  

Okay...first of all, i shouldn't have to even start talking about this 🙄😒

The Voltron fandom for the longest time have been way too toxic

with all the damn extra antis
and the shaladin supporters giving backlash in defense

this is toooo much

and now you’re including @bext-k and @joshkeaton ????

what is wrong with all of you??

not only are you harassing them






oh all of you are so quick to stand up to racism and sexism, discourse based on horrible opinions

but no
if someone has a completely different opinion than you on something as small as a non-canon relationship

“oh no, i don’t give a shit about how this makes you feel. what i’m saying is right. shiros a pedo !!!;!;; i’m so smart !!!.! you’re a pedo too for shipping it ?!!?:!:”

just stop okay?

this is idiotic and childish

you have no idea how many good people have felt the need to leave and just block themselves from something they loved because of antis stupid actions and words

i don’t care about who ships who
or who’s in that ship

because guess what?




Friends Part 9

Summary: You and Bucky are friends for a long time, but lately you start to develop romantic feelings for him. One day one of Tony’s parties everything changes but maybe not the way you wanted or expected.

Paring: Bucky x Reader

Words: 3143

Thank you @amrita31199 you are the best and thank you for correcting so fast,

credits to the gif owners

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8

You look at the giant compound in front of you, with all your courage you ring the doorbell. Bruce answers the door asking gently “What are you doing here? There is nobody home, didn’t you hear about what happened?”

“What happened, Bruce?” Your heart hurts, you are already preparing for the worst “I don’t know all the details, but Hydra wants to make another super soldier. Apparently, they are kidnapping civilians to make the experiments.”

This is so horrible, you feel sorry for all these people that are having their life destroyed but at the same time you are relieved that Bucky is alright and that it is just another mission “Shouldn’t you be there with them?”

You imagined that the Hulk would be helpful in these situations “I wouldn’t be very useful in that situation, they need to be discrete and the Hulk is nothing like that.”  You should go home, it seems like the Universe doesn’t want you two to be together. It is the only explanation.

“Oh I see, I am so sorry to bother you so late. “ You check your phone it is way past midnight “Can you let me know when they get home? I really need to talk to, Bucky.” Bruce opens the front door for you “Why don’t you sleep here tonight? It’s pretty late and Bucky will kill me if something happens to you.”

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Of course.  Of course!  Because obviously when one Rose Quartz goes off the rails, that means the rest of them Are Defective, that the rest of them should just be taken down instead of evaluated based on which of them are loyal and which aren’t.  Because of course you’d just slaughter them all and shove them in a mind-prison from which they’ll never escape.  Because obviously they aren’t individuals, and can’t make their own choices, and not a single one of them would have sided with you over that traitorous murderer.  Ha ha!  Isn’t that silly, individuals.  What even are those!  If one of them’s broken, just throw out the rest.

Steven.  I need you to tear this society a new one.  I want the Diamonds taken down so hard whatever ancient race of sneople created them feels it.  You need to save these people from them, Steven.  The rest of the gems will take time to heal from their indoctrination and this horrible nightmare of a society, but it starts with the Diamonds.

Bring them down.  For everyone they’ve ever victimized.