i feel so guilty

girls don’t want boys girls want 10000x more star wars femslash content than there currently is


“I think that… I think that until you’ve fought those battles yourself, until you’ve had the guts to stand up for who you are, you should be really fucking careful talking about and putting yourself above Gay Pride.”

excuse me, excuse me attention please. i am desperately searching for some laid back ass plots and partners. i’m talking texts and chats and messaging back and forth bc yes we love our chars and our plot but we are just too damn busy or we can’t get in the right mindset to write something perfect rn. partners i can hc with in the middle of the night bc we have sO MANY IDEAS that may become a reality but there’s no rush for it. you know what i mean? like yes let’s start a para one day but while i put off writing (bc i’m lazy af or at work or you’re busy or dealing with life) let’s have them texting or a little gif chat or phone call. let’s start a dozen different plots and pairings (bc we always take on too many) and there’s no rush. let’s be scattered and start multiple paras at a time and some are long and some aren’t and it’s just no big deal. just something fun and relaxed where there’s no need to feel bad ab not having a ton of muse or time. am i making sense. come to me pls.

Hey friends!! ❤️❤️❤️

Just wanted to apologize for my inactivity Tbh! I’ve been in a weird uninspired funk and I’ve been trying to get out of it but I’ve been so unable to open my game ??? It’s horrible

So I’m really sorry for this I promise I’m trying and I’ll get back to regularly posting soon enough!! Love u all!!

I don’t think anyone will fully understand how much I want Tim to be unapologetically angry at everyone when he comes back.

Maybe it’s just me but… if I’m having a conversation with someone and they don’t hear something I said or don’t get it, and ask me to explain it again, it makes me so unbelievably pissed off?? Suddenly I feel like they don’t understand me, never have, and they’re just beneath me so it’s not worth my time to explain it to them. Basically they can fuck off and the conversation is over after that.

i know marichat window kisses are a thing but you know what else should be a thing? ladrien window kisses