i feel so guilty

anonymous asked:

I wish you would write a fic where.... Louis calls zayn to congratulate him on the success of pillowtalk and they end up having a heart to heart

……………………………see, you say you want me to write this but I think you underestimate how much pain I could fit into this tiny prompt

so louis is on twitter and he keeps seeing talk about pillowtalk and he finally caves and listens to it. he hasn’t yet, and he hasn’t heard it at all yet bc he hasn’t listened to the radio. hasn’t had the chance even if wanted to bc he’s been so busy with freddie. but he finally has a moment to breathe and maybe it’s just the exhaustion, but he listens to the song. he listens to it - can’t quite bring himself to watch the video - but he listens to it. and he says fuck it and decides to call zayn. he’s too tired to think twice, too tired to even try and still be angry with him, too tired for anything but wanting things to be okay again and thinking maybe we can fix this

but zayn doesn’t pick up. he doesn’t answer and louis sits there stunned and leaves a voicemail that’s just silence bc he’s too shocked to hang up.

and that would just be the beginning of this fic

I’m sad now. How can I sleep like that?