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Identity Part Three (Peter Parker x Reader)

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Word Count: 996

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

AN: You can read part one , two , four and five here :)

“Holy fuck.” The profanities left your mouth in a whisper as you stood in shock at the gruesome Lizard creature that stood before you. It was like your mind stopped working as you stood helplessly before one of the infamous villains of New York City, The Lizard. His blood thirsty yellow eyes stared down at you hungrily as his deep voice roared loudly; echoing off the walls. "Run!“ 

You didn’t need to be told twice before you sprinted down the hall, but it wasn’t fast enough. A few seconds later you felt a gigantic claw grab you by the waist almost effortlessly and lift you in the air as you whimpered in fear. The disgusting beast brought you closer to his face causing a tear to slip down your face. This was it, you were going to die. Bracing yourself for your death that was sure to come you squeezed your eyes shut tight. 

"Put the girl down ya big creep." The creatures head whipped around, a low growl erupting from it’s body at the sight of the vigilante in red and blue perched at the window to your left. "Spider-man!" The sound of his name brought relief to your body. He was here, Peter or whoever he is was here and you were going to be saved. You were going to be okay.

"Yup that’s me. Now let her go.” The hero threatened which only caused the Lizard to emit a sinister chuckle. "I’ve got a better idea, go fetch!“ At his words you felt your body being thrown through the air and out the window beside you. Ear piercing screams left your mouth as you fell towards the ground, you were surely gone for now. Waiting for the deadly impact you flinched in terror, however it never came as your fall was broken by a pair of arms wrapped tightly around your waist. "Just hold on and do as I say." 

At the sound of his familiar voice you instantly relaxed into his hold, releasing a breath you didn’t know you were holding in. You nodded your head against his chest, never feeling so weak and defenceless before in your life. Spider-man lands on the other side of the school, still able to hear the monster now not too far away. Gently placing you onto the ground he guides you into a nearby empty classroom to hide. Another roar echos throughout the school causing a shiver to travel down your spine. Another tear fell at the sound, just thinking about the beast caused your body to tremble with fear. 

"Hey it’s okay. You’re gonna have to hide out here though while I take care of that guy, but you’re gonna be fine okay. I’ll come back when it’s safe alright?” He spoke reassuringly, carefully wiping away the tears that now covered your cheeks as if you were a delicate flower that could fall apart at the slightest touch. 

 "T-thank you Peter.“ You managed to choke out in between sobs, not even worried about his reaction. Who Peter wanted to be and what he wanted to do in his spare time was the least of both your worries right now. You were sure if he wasn’t wearing his mask right now shock would be written all over his face. "How did you…?" 

Sniffling you lightly pulled away from his close proximity mustering a small smile. "Don’t worry just go and kick that things ass.” A chuckle left your mouth at the end of your sentence which Peter smiled at, even if you couldn’t see it. “No problem, just remember to keep quiet." 

With that he was gone leaving the door shut behind you as you hid behind the teachers desk at the front of the classroom. The shock of almost dying twice finally got to you as somewhere in between the fighting you passed out on the cold dirty classroom tiles. 

When your eyes opened again they were met with a ceiling, your body feeling comfortably rested as it was tucked away in a bed that didn’t belong to you. The last thing you remembered was being in a classroom and Peter leaving to fight the Lizard guy. Turning your head to observe your surroundings you sat up on the bed. Your eyes landed on a familiar shirtless boy who seemed to be unaware of your consciousness as he began to remove the bottom half of his suit, the sight making your cheeks darken to a rosy colour.

"P-peter?” You voice came out hoarse, a result from the deep slumber you’d just awoken from. Immediately at the sound of your voice he snaps his head in your direction, a look of relief splashed across his face at the sight of you. “Y/N you’re awake. I was getting worried for a second there." 

Without thinking twice you abruptly wrapped your arms around the boy, engulfing him in an unexpected hug. His shoulders stiffened at first but quickly relaxed as he hugged you in return. "Thank you. Thank you so much. I don’t know how to thank you enough-" 

"You don’t have to, honestly.” You knew his words were truthful as that was the type of person Peter was. He was undeniably selfless. But you knew he deserved more than what he got in life, he deserved the world. "But you saved me Peter. I was so scared, I thought I was gonna die and-“ 

You didn’t get to finish your sentence as tears began to fall down your face uncontrollably as you remembered your near death experience. Peter tightened his grip on your body as your rested your head on his bare shoulder, not having any second thoughts about leaning into his touch. "Hey, hey don’t cry, you’re okay now. That won’t ever happen to you again I promise. You don’t ever have to go through that feeling again. Because i’m always gonna be there to catch you when you fall. I promise you that Y/N.”

Iron Crown (III)

Author: kpopfanfictrash

Pairing: You / Jinyoung

Rating: R

Warning: Domestic abuse

Word Count: 6,071

Summary: As the Crown Princess of Vitus, your land has always been peaceful. When your power-hungry Uncle decides to stop paying the tithe though, things take a turn for the worse. The vampires who reside in the mountains are not happy and in retaliation - they set their sights on you.

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Moon of Fire Part ii (Sastiel Sequel)

Thank you so much to everyone who showed their love for the first of part of Moon of Fire! Special mention to @thebookdiviner for her amazing, beautiful, gorgeous aesthetics edit for part i as well!

If you haven’t read A Court of Fire and Dreams:
Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV and Part V.

Moon of Fire:
Part i, Part ii, Part iii, Part iv, Part v


“Bring her back,” Kastiel had shouted, clawing at the floorboards in the House of Mist. “Bring her back!”
“She’s gone, Kastiel,” Amren said, pulling him to his feet.
Kastiel shook his head. “How do you know? How do you know where she went, if she’s alright, if she’s made it? How do you know?”
Amren’s mouth was about to open, about to make a sound, before Kastiel was yanked from his dream.
He was sweaty, despite the open windows that let the cool breeze of the night in. He wished the dream hadn’t ended so abruptly, so he could hear Amren’s steady voice, explaining to him everything so vividly, so clearly, as if to say how could you ever doubt me, Kastiel?
Now, he lay awake in the bed he’d shared with Seraphine.
It was cold and empty—just as he was.
Though he couldn’t shake that feeling, that undeniable dread at the thought of Seraphine gone from him. Somewhere he couldn’t go.
I came alive when I met you she had said to him.
Yet she still left.
And he didn’t come with her.
The shadows rippled in the corner of his eye. Anyone who wouldn’t have known what to look for could have easily mistaken it for nothing. Though Kastiel knew better.
“Father asked you to spy on me again?” he said into the shadows.
“Not quite,” Azriel said, appearing at the foot of his bed. “I’m just here to check on you.”
Kastiel turned those words over and over in his head. He couldn’t understand what exactly he was feeling—couldn’t even put it into words. But he was certain on one thing—he shouldn’t have let Seraphine’s fingers slip from his hands. He shouldn’t have let her go through the portal alone, without him, without telling her how he felt. Letting Seraphine go was the biggest mistake of his life.
“I’m going to get her back. I’m going to tell her.”
He met his uncle’s eyes and shifted to the side of the bed to make room.
Azriel laid down next to him and together, they comforted each other in their silence.

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Out Of Sight Part 3 - Auston Matthews

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Warnings: Cursing again I think?

Word Count: 1258

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4

*Auston’s POV*

 I quickly walk out of the front door of my building, instantly feeling the warm July breeze in Toronto. I start jogging two blocks down the street to Mitch’s building. Looking here first since he’s one of the only two people I have told about our relationship. He was also the first to know so Y/N has known him longer.

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“Jungkook Cheated.” Finale 2 of 2 - Alternative Ending ~

Part. 1 ☜  ☞ Part. 2 ☜ ☞ Part. 3 ☜ ☞ Part. 4 ☜ ☞ Finale 1 of 2 ☜ Finale 1 of 2 Alternative Ending ✓

Y/N’s p.o.v ~

It’s been three days since he last messaged me, it’s been five since we broke up and our meant to be 3rd year is in two days time, not that it even matters anymore, but a part of me wants him to try harder. Wanting to reconcile, to have some sort of closure between us. I miss him - more than I could ever explain with words, it feels empty without him, I feel as though there’s a huge hole in my heart that even with time it won’t heal because it’s that badly damaged. I want him back, what he did was wrong, and I shouldn’t take him back but I don’t want to throw away what we had. What we had was beautiful, so incredible that it still makes my heart skip a beat every time I think back on those dates, those moments we had.

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I really Heard the lyrics to Rehab By Rihanna tonight. I am sure they resonant with many in different relationships. Perhaps we are all in a “rehab” of sorts in different phases of our lives as we go though this life experience.

However, no matter the pain in experiences.. I am glad that I opened the door. Love is eternal and always there. ❤️💙💚💛💜


“Baby, baby
When we first met, I never felt something so strong
You were like my lover and my best friend
All wrapped in one with a ribbon on it
And all of a sudden you went and left
I didn’t know how to follow
It’s like a shock that spun me around
And now my heart’s dead
I feel so empty and hollow

And I never gave myself to another the way I gave it to you
You don’t even recognize the ways you hurt me, do you?
It’s gonna take a miracle to bring me back
And you’re the one to blame
And now I feel like

Oh, you’re the reason why I’m thinking
I don’t wanna smoke on these cigarettes no more
I guess that’s what I get for wishful thinking
I should’ve never let you enter my door
Next time you wanna go on and leave
I should just let you go on and do it
‘Cause now I’m using like I bleed

It’s like I checked into rehab
And, baby, you’re my disease
It’s like I checked into rehab
And, baby, you’re my disease
I gotta check into rehab
'Cause, baby, you’re my disease
I gotta check into rehab
'Cause, baby, you’re my disease

Damn, ain’t it crazy when you’re love swept?
You’d do anything for the one you love
'Cause anytime that you needed me I’d be there
It’s like you were my favorite drug
The only problem is that you was using me
In a different way than I was using you
But now that I know it’s not meant to be
It gotta go, I gotta wean myself off of you

And I never gave myself to another the way I gave it to you
You don’t even recognize the way you hurt me, do you?
It’s gonna take a miracle to bring me back
And you’re the one to blame
'Cause now I feel like

Oh, you’re the reason why I’m thinking
I don’t wanna smoke on these cigarettes no more
I guess that’s what I get for wishful thinking
I should’ve never let you enter my door
Next time you wanna go on and leave
I should just let you go on and do it
'Cause now I’m using like I bleed

It’s like I checked into rehab
And, baby, you’re my disease
It’s like I checked into rehab
And, baby, you’re my disease
I gotta check into rehab
'Cause, baby, you’re my disease
I gotta check into rehab
'Cause, baby, you’re my disease

(Uh, uh, now, ladies, gimme that)
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh-oh-oh, oh, oh, oh
(Uh, now gimme that)
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh-oh-oh, oh, oh, oh
(My ladies, gimme that)
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh-oh-oh, oh, oh, oh
(Uh, now gimme that)
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh-oh-oh, oh, oh, oh

Oh, you’re the reason why I’m thinking
I don’t wanna smoke on these cigarettes no more
I guess that’s what I get for wishful thinking
I should’ve never let you enter my door
Next time you wanna go on and leave
I should just let you go on and do it
'Cause now I’m using like I bleed

It’s like I checked into rehab
And, baby, you’re my disease
It’s like I checked into rehab
And, baby, you’re my disease
I gotta check into rehab
'Cause, baby, you’re my disease
I gotta check into rehab
'Cause, baby, you’re my disease”

i know i’m young, i have my whole life ahead of me to find the one. i get that. yesterday though, i felt had found the one. i thought he was my whole life.. it hurts so bad to know i will wake up every morning now to him not being there. god, it hurts so fucking bad..
—  will you stay? // m.b

Here’s my breakdown of what happened at C2E2!

I spent Friday attending professional panels for the comics industry, which probably deserves a post of its own, but I don’t think anyone is interested in me talking shop. But Saturday was devoted to Agents of SHIELD stuff with Iain and Liz. I had an amazing time and so many awesome things happened. Truly it was the best con experience I’ve ever had and, as @bigfunnywords (HEY Tumblr finally let me tag you!) said, I lived my best life. I’ll try to do the tl;dr version but this will probably get long.

Putting the rest behind a cut for your scrolling convenience.

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The more I think about it, the more I realize just how TRAGIC silver’s end was. I know everyone has already said it, but JESUS. I’ve been wanting Flint to get a hug so bad and for so long that I forgot Silver needed one too. FROM FLINT. AND HE DIDN’T GET IT. NO SIGNS OF PHYSICAL AFFECTION. He loved Flint so much despite the fact that he never really FELT his touch. I mean, not that they haven’t touched at times, but I mean, THAT kind of touch, yk? And now, not only he never got to know what flint’s touch felt like, but he’s also never going to see him again, and he knows it. He’ll most likely feel his presence at every moment, but he’s never going to talk to him again. Can you imagine how much he has (or will have) to say, but flint is just..so far away? When he decided Flint’s happiness and peace were more important than his own, he probably didn’t realize how much HE was losing. When he did, it was too late. All those words he didn’t say will be left unsaid. Flint was the one who made Silver the man he is. His story wasn’t one to tell until Flint came into his life, and now it seems that he feels empty. He’s missing one piece, the most important part of his life. And as much as he loves Madi (and he loves her SO MUCH) he knows, as flint said, it will not be enough. He’s always gonna mourn and long for Flint. I believe he’s going to climb that hill everyday in the hope to see the Walrus, magically brough back to life with her Captain Flint. Even though he’s too smart not to know that’s never going to happen.



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xxno-wayxx said: Sherlock x reader. Reader has a miscarriage?

Warnings: miscarriage and depression.

A/N: this is probably one of the most angsty things I have ever written but I do love write angst. Also, please don’t read this if it is a sensitive topic for you. Also, I added a season four quote in here as I thought it was necessary as it fit the writing. Anyway, I hope you enjoy! xxx

He wished you’d say something. He wished you'd laugh. He wished you’d smile. Oh how he loved your smile. The way your lips curved and captured joy with the ray of sunshine of your face. The way your eyes lit up and sparkled. That hadn’t occurred in a long while.



You kept him sane. He could listen to you for hours and not tire of your voice, your sweet melodic voice. Sherlock would be fascinated by you, despite your belief that you were quite ordinary. He was also in love with you; an emotion he denied feeling for a while. However, when the time came for him to care for you, he couldn’t. You’d shut him out completely. You’d shut everyone since the trip to the hospital…



You awoke with labour-like pains in the middle of the night. You screamed out in agony and pools of blood was running down your leg.

“It’s only six months!” You cried out in both pain and agony. You clung to Sherlock as he held you in his arms. “This cannot be happening.” Your wails could be heard from downstairs so Mrs Hudson, fearing the worst, came up to your flat but Sherlock sent her swiftly away as she entered the bedroom.

“I’m going to call an ambulance,” Sherlock whispered softly to you. He went to leave you to get his phone as the pair of you had just so happened to leave your phones in the living room. When he pulled away to leave, you clung to him tighter so he picked you up and carried you with him when he went to retrieve the phone. He knew moving would make the pain increase but you wouldn’t leave him.



Everything seemed to go in a blur until you had to give birth. That was very slow and full of torment. Sherlock was by your side through it all. He tried to stay strong for you. In the end, you were left on the bed with your tiny child in your arms. Nothing could have brought her round. You could do nothing but look down at her and weep. But you didn’t weep. You just felt empty. Sherlock felt the same but a single tear trickled down his face. It’s not like Sherlock didn’t care. He cared a lot as he loved you and your baby, that you unfortunately lost. You cried buckets after the birth but as soon as she was placed in her arms, all emotion was lost from your exterior. Sherlock hated the thought of you bottling it all inside.

“She needs a name,” You stated. Sherlock nodded in agreement.


“And a middle name?”

Sherlock thought. “Elizabeth. Melody Elizabeth Holmes.”

“My little Melody.”



“Y/N,” Sherlock called. “I’ve made you a cup of tea.” Sherlock never made anyone tea and he knew you wouldn’t drink it but he wanted to try. You were stood by the window gazing out at the street below. You’d been stood there for around an hour lost in your thoughts like usual. You’d been like this for three months. Your body had healed relatively quickly but you were mentally unstable. You rarely ate or drank and you hardly slept. You only slept after the miscarriage and you felt absolutely exhausted. Well, you did feel incredibly tired for the next three months but couldn’t bring yourself to sleep. When you did sleep, you didn’t want to wake up.



“Y/N,” Sherlock repeated the tea. This time you slowly turned your head to face him. You frame was thin, due to the lack of eating and you had heavy bags under your eyes.

“I’m fine,” You replied quietly. That wasn’t the voice Sherlock was used to hearing as it was broken one.

“You haven’t done anything today, have you?”

No reply.

“Have you eaten?”

No reply.

He sighed. “Y/N, you need help.”

“My baby needed help.” Your eyes welled up. Sherlock took this as a good sign. It was awful to see you cry but he detested seeing you so isolated from the world. This was your first emotional outburst since the day you lost your child.

“I killed her, Sherlock!” You screamed as the flood of tears streamed down the cheeks that were once rosie.

“No,” Sherlock said sternly and walked over to you. He put his hands on your shoulders. “This is not your fault. It was inevitable.”

“Then who’s fault is it?”

“There a several causes that can cause it-”

“But what if the cause is me? What if I have a problem.”

Sherlock sighed. "Approximately 60 percent of miscarriages are caused by mismatched chromosomes. So, if you blame yourself, then you will also have to blame me. Also, most miscarriages are a one time thing so this may not be a problem with you. Please, my love, stop hurting yourself.“

"I just…” You couldn’t think of the right word. “Hurt. Sherlock, I just hurt. I feel so empty. It’s been three months. I should have my little girl with me now. New-born and alive and healthy and… She’s not.”

“We can’t bring her back though.”


“I will help you. Everyone will help you. However, you need to realise that I…" A lump formed in his throat. "I lost my child too and now I worry that I’ll lose you.”

“I’m so sorry.” Only now did you realise the pain you put him through. “I didn’t mean for this. I didn’t mean to put you through any pain. I was selfish.”

“No you weren’t selfish. Your baby died, our baby died!” He sighed. “It’s okay.”

“But it’s not!”

“No but it is what it is. We will get help and we’ll get through this together.”

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Could you please do a Regulus x Hermione with the prompt: trespassing? <3 <3 <3

“I told you to stay out of my room.”

Hermione almost collapsed when she heard the petulant voice. It sounded so much like a young Sirius.  That was impossible though; Sirius had died, gone through the veil, and left Harry horribly adrift.  They were all adrift now, of course.  The three of them - her, Harry, and Ron - all trapped in this filthy townhouse as they tried to make sense of the clues Dumbledore had left them. Kreacher cooked, and fussed, but good meals didn’t keep them from feeling stuck.   She’d taken to poking through empty rooms because she had to be doing something. She couldn’t just sit and read and reread the fairy tale book she’d been left.

She didn’t think she’d find the answer to how to get the locket from Umbridge, much less how to find the rest of the horcruxes, from The Tale of the Three Brothers.

“I said get out.  No trespassing.”

A pile of laundry on the bed sat up and resolved into a boy.  Dark hair sat atop pale skin and almost black eyes.  His face looked blotchy, as if he’d been crying.  Those eyes were rimmed with red.   “Who are you?” he asked in the poshest accent she’d ever heard.  He made the Queen sound like mere received pronunciation.  He might have been from a different century. 

Hermione smoothed her jumper almost unconsciously at his stare.  She knew none of them looked their best.  She’d packed quite a bit, but you could only wear the same things so many times in a row before it felt horrid no matter how clean it was.  “I’m Hermione Granger,” she said, determined to press onwards.  “Who are you?”

“How did you get in here?” they both asked at the same time, then looked at one another.

“This is my house,” he said.  “This is my room.  You’re the one who needs to explain things.”

“Regulus,” she breathed out.  He was dead.  He was gone.  He was sitting in front of her looking annoyed that she’d had the temerity to come into his room.

He was bloody good looking.  

She sank down onto a wooden chair, ignoring the wadded Quidditch banner sitting on it, and tried to think.  This wasn’t possible, but neither were so many things.  Regulus Black was in his room.  Was she in his time?  Was he in hers? Could they use him in the horcrux hunt?  Would he kiss her?  He’d been a blood purist, hadn’t he?  Probably not, then.  

Maybe she should kill him.  He was a Death Eater, after all.  She tried to look at his arm as surreptitiously as she could but she’d never been good at being subtle and he shoved his sleeve up.  “Take a look, then,” he said.  “You can go tell Mum I did it just like she told me I ought.”

“I’m not here from your mother,” Hermione said.  She was at a total loss.  His mother was dead.  He was dead.    She took a deep breath.  “Did you really want to be a Death Eater.”

The look on his face answered that.  He wasn’t going to start crying in front of her, but keeping himself calm was almost breaking him.

“Want to help us kill him?” she asked.

Oh, the spark of hope in his eyes.  It was wary.  He didn’t trust her at all.  But he was desperate enough to grab on to even the tiniest branch that might save him from drowning. 

She put one foot back across the threshold of the door into what she hoped was her time, and reached a hand out to him.  He took it without hesitation and she pulled his across.  He hadn’t been in the present for more than moment before she heard the gargled shriek of a house elf truly happy for the first time in years.  

She managed to get out of the way just in time to see Kreacher fling himself at Regulus Black’s knees.  “You found him,” the elf said, or she thought he said through all his sobbing.  “Master is back.  Miss Hermione found him!”

She wondered how she was going to explain this to Ron.  And Harry.  But mostly Ron.  She decided she didn’t want to think too hard about why she was so sure it would be harder to talk to Ron about this and just led Regulus Black through what remained of his house down to the kitchen.  They had a lot to talk about.

Before you came into my life, I was just an empty shell. I went through days without feeling and believing that I deserve happiness. But when I met you, when our eyes connected, I felt something different. The truth is you made me a better person. You made me believe in myself. You taught me how to love. I am able to feel, love, and just be myself because you loved me when I couldn’t find the reason to do so. Even though it didn’t work between us and you now have somebody else, just know that you are my everlasting first love.
Hello || Joe (pt 2)

Joe masterpost found here

Word count - 1,524

Summary - The one after the drunken honesty.

(part 1)


You were awake long before Joe was. Worried that Joe may wake up with no recollection of the night before, you had him sleep in your bed while you stayed on the couch. Sure, it had you tossing and turning all night, but you thought that was better than waking up to Joe’s confused and hungover face.

As soon as the sun started to peek through your windows, you were out of bed. You made yourself a cup of coffee and walked out to your porch, dragging a blanket out with you. You sat on your patio couch, tucking your feet underneath you and pulling the blanket over your lap. You were dressed in shorts and a jumper, and with a blanket covering your legs, you were quite comfortable in the brisk March air.

While your body was comfortable, your mind was going mad. Would Joe remember anything when he woke up? Was he drunkenly rambling the night before, or did he really feel the way he expressed? Did you want him to remember? What would happen if he did remember? You weren’t sure you wanted any of those questions to be answered.

Of course though, they had to be. Joe had woken up and was now sitting beside you, a coffee cup in his own hands. “I helped myself,” he mumbled. “Hope you don’t mind.”

“It’s okay,” you said. “Did you find the Advil?”

“Same drawer as always,” he said back. You nodded, staring back off into the skyline. The sun was still rising. “I’m sorry I called you,” he said, breaking the silence between you. “That was wrong.”

“You were drunk,” you said. “I understand.” You paused, taking a sip of your coffee. Joe did so as well. “Do you remember what happened?” you asked quietly.

“Some of it,” he mumbled, his lips still close to his mug. He took another sip. “Enough to know that we should talk about some stuff.”

You stared down at your coffee cup, your heart beating too fast for your liking. “I don’t know what there is to talk about,” you lied blatantly. 

“Can you just,” Joe sighed. “For a few minutes, can you just knock your walls down, just long enough for us to talk?” You sighed, still avoiding eye contact completely with Joe. “You said you still love me,” he said gently. You finally willed yourself to look at him to see that his blue eyes were already staring at you.

You snorted, “That much you remember.”

“(Y/N),” Joe sighed. “Please.”

“I don’t know what you want me to say,” you mumbled.

“Tell me that I heard you right,” he was almost begging now. “Tell me that you still love me.” You sighed, looking down at your mug again.

“Yeah, I still love you,” you said quietly, thinking back to your phone conversation with him the night before. “You’re kind of hard to let go of.”

You still wouldn’t look up at Joe. You stared at the small amount of coffee still swirling at the bottom of your mug as if it was more interesting than the sun slowly rising in the sky. Suddenly, you felt Joe’s hand on top of yours, rubbing his thumb on your skin. It was as if you had gone back in time, remembering all of the moments you had sat with him on his balcony, talking about random things, counting the stars in the sky, fighting and then making up. And then the proposal where you handed him back the ring you couldn’t take and walked out of his life.

In that instant, you started crying. Tears were rolling down your cheeks and you were crying almost silently. You had walked away from the best thing that ever happened to you for what? Safety? Security? Assurance that he could never leave you if you left him first? “You know,” you finally said, sniffing whilst trying to control your tears, “my grandpa left my grandpa when I was 5. And my dad left my mom when I was 12. I just, the man has walked out of every marriage I’ve ever seen. I could be in a relationship with you because I convinced myself that we were safe as long as we never got married. Then, well then you proposed and all I could see was my 12 year old self sitting on the couch with my mom while she tried to explain to me what she meant by Dad’s not coming back. I felt like I was drowning in the outcomes of every marriage that I’ve ever seen fail. I didn’t want that to be us.”

Joe continued to just rub your arm with his thumb. He didn’t make any moves closer to you, not wanting to break down another wall when you didn’t yet want him to. “You could’ve talked to me,” he said quietly. “I thought you stopped loving me. It fucked me up so bad, (Y/N).”

“I know,” you said, covering your face with your hands. Your breath was shaky and you felt tears on your face again. The guilt you had been carrying was so heavy, the weight of it was finally crashing down on you. “I’m so sorry.”

“Hey, it’s alright,” Joe said quietly, pulling your hands away from your face. His eyes locked with yours and you instantly felt a sense of relief. His eyes always had a way of doing that to you. “You still breathing, yeah?” he said, his thumb resuming the gentle rub on your arm. “You’re alright. You’re alright.” You nodded, sniffing again to compose yourself.

“I’m just so sorry,” you repeated. “I can see it in your eyes that you’re tired. You look sickly, Joe.” And it was true. The bags under his eyes were horrendous and his skin looked pale. He looked even thinner than usual, like he hadn’t been eating properly in months. “Joe when was the last time you ate something?”

“I eat,” he said defensively.

“Like a meal, Joe,” you said.

“I don’t know,” he mumbled, brushing some hair out of his face. “This isn’t about me right now.”

“Joseph you’re not well!” you said sternly. “I don’t like this.” Your thumbs brushed across his face, under his eyes and to his temples. He immediately closed his eyes at your touch. “This is my fault, isn’t it?”

“I’m alright,” he said, his voice small.

“You’re lying,” you said. “I can hear it in your voice.”

Joe sighed, “I told you last night that I just, I don’t know how to be over you. I was bad and then I was okay and now I feel empty again. I’m trying so hard, (Y/N), you gotta know that.” He paused, forcing a smile on his face again, “You’re doing good though, yeah?”

“No, I’m not,” you said firmly, your words slightly shocking you. This was the first time you actually admitted this to yourself, let alone to Joe. “No, I’m not doing good. I let go of the one person who could put up with me because I was afraid. And now, well now I just feel sad all the time. I feel sad and alone and I want to call someone to tell them how I feel but the only person I can think to call is you. I love you. I love you so fucking much that it’s killing me right now to see you like this. If I could take all your pain and put it on my shoulders, I would. Because I’m the one who deserves it. I’m the one who hurt you so I should be suffering. I just want everything to go back to how it was because I have never been happier than during those three years when I was with you. So no Joe, I’m not good. I feel empty and I’m trying to fill myself back up but there’s a hole in my heart and it’s shaped a whole lot like you and I can’t fill that back up on my own.”

Joe pressed his lips against yours so quickly, you almost jumped. The feeling was so familiar, though, that you instantly relaxed and kissed him back. His hands were on your face and yours were around his neck, loving the way his hair felt against your finger tips again. You weren’t sure who pulled away from the kiss, but when you did, your foreheads stayed pressed up against each others. “I’m so in love with you,” Joe whispered. “And we don’t have to get married. Not right now. Not ever if you don’t want to.”

“I want to get married, Joe,” you said. “Maybe not right now, but I will marry you. I will. I really will.” Joe smiled and for the first time in a while, it actually made his eyes light up like they used to. With his lips centimeters away from yours, you could feel him smile again.

“Well, I’m glad I kept that ring then.”

And as the sun came up over the horizon, a new day began and the Earth got a fresh start. So did your relationship with Joe.

Thursdays [Part 1]


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Thomas Brodie-Sangster x Reader

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A/N: I’ve been feeling very… strange lately. I don’t really know how to explain it - like empty, kind of sad, okay at the same time? But anyway, that’s not important. I haven’t written in forever and I am severely inspired by Thomas Brodie Sangster’s new photographs from the Boys By Girls Magazine so here’s a little dabble, it was supposed to be a one shot but i’m getting tired and it felt right to end it where it did for now but I’m hoping to continue it (I’m scared that i wont find the time though huhu) Oh, and for the purposes of this I’m just going to ignore that TBS is filming the Death Cure at the moment lol, I hope I’m not too rusty on writing lol and more so, I hope you enjoy !!

The smell of new magazines were never really your favourite. It was this strong, almost rusty smell that punched you right in the nostrils when you pull back the plastic it had been encased in. Sure, when it was just one new magazine it was okay but the girth of the amount of glossy papers you had in your hands counted in a pile of eight. The stench was far from pleasant and this was what? The fifth bundle of new magazines you were placing in the cafe?

A sigh escapes you as you gathered the magazines and tapped their bases on the table to fix them properly before placing them face up on the table. The magazine at the very top of the pile had a masthead that read “Boys By Girls” with a photograph of a dashing young man with long chestnut hair slicked back, alluring dark eyes, toned arms peeking out from a black sleeveless top that was accented with red, and a crooked almost-smile on his lips.

“Ah? Finally fancy one of us English folk?” an accented voice teased as it passed behind you.

You straightened up immediately, eyes wide as they found your always teasing coworker who you were happy to call as not only your new best friend but also your flat mate. “I was just admiring the layout!” you defended as you followed her towards the front of the cafe.

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The Nightmare Returns


Pairing: Void Stiles x Reader

Summary: Hellooo , could you make a void stiles imagine where somehow he comes back and he saves the reader from something and she’s shocked and terrified that he’s back bc he’s totally obsessed with her and he loves her and ya the rest is up to you.. I love your imagines!

Side Note: Sorry this took so long to do! I honestly just didn’t know how to write Void Stiles and thought it was better to leave it, and come back when I had inspiration. I hope you enjoy reading it! x

Things were back to normal, well as normal as they could be after what happened with the Oni and Stiles being possessed by the Nogitsune. The death of Allison took their toll on everyone, you didn’t even want to believe it. You could tell Stiles felt extremely guilty, he hadn’t been himself lately and you knew they was nothing you could say to make it better.

All this change was beginning to be all to much, you hated change especially when it was out of the blue. After the events that took place just mere weeks ago, you weren’t able to sleep so late night walks became routine, and this night wasn’t any different. Usually the walk consisted of just around the neighborhood, however your brain was far too awake so instead of making a right turn, you went straight ahead.

This was one of those situations were you let your feet navigate, and they lead you all the way to the one place you hadn’t visited yet…Allison’s grave. Her tombstone read:

Allison Argent
Beloved Daughter, Beloved Friend
We Protect Those Who Can’t Protect Themselves

Touching the words etched into the tomb, a tear rolled down your cheek. You missed her like crazy, not being able to walk into school and see her in the hallway or stand beside her fighting the newest supernatural creature, left an empty feeling within you.

“I wish you were here Allison, I could really use your strength right now. Scott’s doing fine, he misses you so much, even though he doesn’t say it you can see it in his eyes. Stiles blames himself and no matter how much any of us say it wasn’t his fault, nothing would be able to take away the pain that the Nogitsune left. And Lydia has been so strong, she’s learning everyday how to handle being a banshee, although I know she wishes you were here to help her through it all.”

Taking a breath, this was harder than you ever imagined. “Your dad left with Isaac to go to France, not sure when or if they’re coming back. But I hope they do. We’re all missing apart of ourselves now that your gone, I wish there was a way to bring you back…I’ll give anything for that to happen.”

A heavy breeze made it’s way across the cemetery, wrapping the coat which you nearly didn’t bring tighter around your body, you wiped away the tears and took a moment.

“Guess we had the same idea”,  turning around Stiles was standing a few feet away. But something about him seemed off. “I miss her”, you couldn’t quite put your finger on it, the way Stiles was looking at you remained you of Void Stiles. Brushing the idea away it was a crazy one to begin with.

“Can’t believe she’s really gone”, Stiles whispered now standing beside you. Sighing deeply you leaned onto his shoulder. “Me too”. Being too focused on Allison’s grave, you didn’t notice the way Stiles was looking at you. With a deep sense of admiration almost to the point of obsession.

Checking your phone it hit 1:00am, walking down the dark streets with only light coming from the lamp posts the atmosphere was beyond peaceful. Turning the corner you saw your house coming into view, suddenly a dark figure appeared and grabbed your wrist.

“Hey! Let go of me”, struggling to get away from this hooded stranger fear and panic set in.

Another mysterious figure came literally out of nowhere. “Tisk tisk, that’s no way to treat a lady”.

“Who the hell are you?”, the guy spoke and his voice was deep. He let your wrist go when the other figure stepped forward and the light shone on his appearance. Gasping, this wasn’t possible. If this had occurred a few weeks ago you would have thought it was Stiles, but this wasn’t him…in fact this was the same nightmare repeating itself.

Void Stiles glanced at you and smiled, before coming face to face with the guy. “Someone you wish you’d never meet”.  That one sentence seemed to scare him endlessly and he ran off, leaving you completely alone with the person who played a major role in Allison’s death.

Eyeing your house, you could make it to the door and safety inside if you ran like hell. “Y/N I’m not here to hurt you”. Hearing him speak invoked shivers and severe goosebumps. “How the hell are you back?. You died…I saw it”.

“Let’s not get into specifics. I’m back and I don’t plan on going anywhere”. He lifted his hand to brush your cheek, but you backed away. Gripping the phone in your pocket, if you pressed 3 it would immediately call Scott. “Don’t touch me”, using a low tone not that it would help, he did it anyway. “I’ve missed you”.

Before you could hit 3 Void got to the phone first. “Not the smartest idea love. I’m not going to hurt you, I would never dream of it”.

“What do you want?”, being on the verge of tears again this was more frightening than any other creature you had faced so far.

Leaning in closer, he breathed one word into your ear. “You”,

You squeezed your eyes shut to prepare yourself for what was coming next, however silence was all that greeted you. Opening them, Void Stiles was gone and you frantically searched your surroundings to see where he went. Jingling your keys, you ran into the house and made sure every lock was secure.

Breathing heavily against the door, this was the first time you noticed that your hands were shaking. Trying to calm your heartbeat, you collapsed onto the floor utterly consumed with terror from the night’s events.

Jughead x Reader: You Were Mine For The Summer

Warnings: none

*Your POV*

It was July 4th weekend when I first saw him sitting in a booth at Pops. I had come to live with my aunt in Riverdale for the summer and I knew no one. As I walked in through the door, the boy with dark curly hair and a crown on his head looked up at me reluctantly from his computer. I didn’t even know this boy and my palms began to get sweaty at the sight of his appearance. I walked over next to his booth and asked him if I could sit as I explained to him that I was new in town and didn’t have any friends.

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Why every time I miss you I feel the wind get knocked out of me?
I have to sit down
and the feeling crawls out of my chest
and takes over my body.
I’m laying on the bathroom floor,
trying to focus on my breathing,
one, mississippi, inhale
two, mississippi, exhale
because I’ve had one too many panic attacks since you’ve left.
And I’m trying not to feel so empty,
feel as though I’m handling your absence correctly,
but I know no healthy ways of coping,
I’m choking out my tears now after a long day of
three hours wishing I was some place else,
one hour letting rage consume me,
thirty minutes flinching every time I hear a firework,
burning my skin whenever the suicidal urges appear,
trying to find a place where I can be suicidal in peace,
sitting on the steps of my grandmother’s house that I grew up in,
ignoring the thumping music,
trying to stay alive.
And I miss you so much that it’s not helping my depression
and I miss you so much that I get even more lost in my depression
and I’m choking on deadwater
as I drown in my depression,
curling into a ball,
trying to pretend I’m alright,
but I can’t even hide my weeping soul anymore.
vampire!Choi Twins: Bloodbag

Choi Twins x Reader (vampire AU)
Title: Bloodbag

–Unknown has entered the chatroom–

Unknown: …Hello…?
MC: ?
Unknown: Can you see this?
MC: Who are you?
Unknown: I’m sure you’re surprised.
Unknown: It’s not everyday you get a text from a stranger.
Unknown: I’m a bit flustered myself. I found a smartphone at the subway station, but all it had was this messenger app.
Unknown: I want to find the owner, but I don’t see any contact info or call records…
Unknown: I’ve been sending messages with this app but no reply…
Unknown: All I see is an address and some important-looking numbers saved in notes.
Unknown: I’d like to go there myself but I’m currently abroad…
MC: First… who are you?
Unknown: Me? Oh sorry. I didn’t even introduce myself.
Unknown: I’m just… a student studying abroad. I’m Korean.
Unknown: I could tell you my name, but it doesn’t really matter.
Unknown: You won’t find me on search engines. ^^;
MC: I’d like to know anyway.
Unknown: What about that, I will tell you if you do what I’m asking for? ^^
MC: Or I won’t do what you’re asking me for if you don’t give me your name~
Unknown: …
Unknown: So stubborn…
Unknown: Okay then. My name is Saeran. 
Unknown: Will you go there now?
MC: …
MC: I have a bad feeling about this.
Unknown: I told you my name though ^^;
MC: Which doesn’t mean I can trust you…
Unknown: It’s hard to trust a person you just met.
Unknown: But you promised…
MC: …Guess I did…
MC: …Uh…
MC: Send me the address.
Unknown: Th
Unknown: ank
Unknown: you
Unknown: ^^;

The building seemed to be empty. There was a bunch of doors to apartments, but you didn’t hear nor see a single living soul. It was getting late now and the corridors were getting darker and darker, as the light seemed to go off.

Should you really go there? To the address a stranger gave you?

And the code. He sent you the code to the apartment so that you could just enter.

Was it okay to go into someone’s apartment like this…?

No, it was not. And everything inside you spoke so: you shouldn’t go there. You should delete the app, hide your phone and never talk to that stranger again.

Yet you were here. Naively following the stranger’s orders. Going straight into his trap.

You stood in front of the door and hesitated.

You should knock first, shouldn’t you? Maybe someone was indeed inside. That would be weird if you entered the password to this someone’s apartment and just casually walked in.

So you knocked. Once, twice. No one answered. You sighed and, not hesitating anymore, pressed the buttons to insert the password.

The door opened.

You placed your hand on the knob, trying to choose whether or not you should actually go inside.

Of course you shouldn’t.

A while later, the door closed behind your back. You were inside. Your phone vibrated in your pocket, but you didn’t even notice it.

Unknown: Good girl~.

There was a corridor and a bunch of closed doors. What should you do…?

You took out your phone.

MC: I’m inside, what now…?
Unknown: Shouldn’t you leave a note?
MC: Right…
MC: There’s a lot of doors, where should I go? I don’t want to go in somewhere I shouldn’t.
Unknown: You’re a nice person ^^
Unknown: I think you should  go forward. It’s usually the easiest way.
MC: If you say so…

You went to the end of the corridor and placed your hand on the knob.

You were here anyway. There was no point in avoiding it now.

The door opened and you walked in, casually closing it behind yourself right before having a look at the room.

Your heart literally stopped.

Because you weren’t in this room alone.

“Heh… She actually came.”

“I told you she would.”

“How did you make her though~?”

“She was quite obedient.”

“Right, right… Well, good for you. Have the first bite.”

You didn’t want to know what was going on. But this short conversation made you realize that you’ve got yourself in a trap. How stupid could you be…?

You turned around, going to leave as soon as you were able to. You almost managed to go through the door, when a hand collided with it, shutting it in a violent motion. You jumped away from the person, who was standing beside you now.

But you couldn’t put it all together in your head. Because you were more than one hundred percent sure, that a second ago this person was on the other side of the room. And now he was standing here, glaring at you with his bright, mint eyes.

“Are you going somewhere…?” he asked coldly.

The other boy looked at you two, shifting a bit. He was sitting on the windowsill, a soft smile plastered to his face.

“Don’t be so scary, Saeran” he said cheerfully. “We don’t want her to faint here, do we?”

“No, not yet” the boy answered, his lips curling into a smirk now.

Saeran? You instantly recognized the name.

“You… leaded me here” you realized. “W-what do you two want from me…?” you asked, trying to sound brave, even if your shoulders shivered and your heart was beating so fast that you were almost sure that the boys could hear it. You backed away.

“What do we want from you?” Saeran’s smile dropped as he moved quickly, placing one of his hands on the wall beside you, forbidding you from moving further. “Let me show you.”

He leaned closer and you panicked, in an instinctive motion pushing him away with all your strength.

Once again, you tried to reach the door, but his fingers wrapped around your hair, violently yanking you back. You whined loudly, his other hand grabbing your wrist.

“If I were you, I’d try to be more cooperative.”

“L-let go…” you growled, at least trying to sound more angry than scared. Unsuccessfully.

But Saeran’s patience was running out at this point. He pushed you against the wall, pushing his leg between your thighs to forbid you from running away. His one hand was still holding firmly your wrist, while the other grasped your chin, yanking your head to the side.

“Hold still” he muttered, leaning closer; his warm breath tickled your neck.

You froze. Not because he told you to. The fear just paralyzed you and you were too scared to move.

But, what happened next, was even worse. The pain. The sharp pain of fangs piercing the skin on your neck.

You heard a scream. Were you the one screaming? You didn’t know. The pain itself made your vision blur and your head spin. What was going on? Why did you feel that pain…?

“Shut up…” you heard a mumble. The boy drawn away a bit. You saw red stains around his lips, a bit of the liquid dropped onto his shirt.

The other boy laughed a bit.

“You scared her, see?” he said, jumping off the windowsill. “Or were you too rough?” He came closer and frowned, glancing at the wound. You couldn’t see it yourself, but the throbbing pain didn’t go away even now and you could feel the hot liquid running down your cleavage. The boy chuckled shortly. “Niiice…”

“She’s bleeding, Saeyoung. It’s all going to waste.”

“I won’t mind licking it up.” He grabbed your arm, pulling you to him. Saeran didn’t oppose, only stared as his brother looked down at your trembling form. You were in too much shock to even think about fighting back. “…You still here?” He waved his hand in front of your face and you blinked, curling up a bit.

“L-let go…” you mumbled and he chuckled again.

“Guess you won’t give up easily. That’s more fun for us” he stated, wrapping arms around your waist, not letting you fall as your legs suddenly gave up. “There, there~”

He leaned down to your neck, giving the wound a short lick. His eyes flickered, but he didn’t say a word, running his tongue down your throat. He stopped at the cleavage and inhaled deeply your scent, shuddering at the pleasant feeling of your blood’s scent reaching his nostrils.

Saeran chuckled.

“Can’t resist yourself, do you?”

“That’s… nice” Saeyoung stated a bit incoherently, looking up at your face. You closed your eyes tightly to not see his own, brightening in a dangerous way that made you shiver. “What, why aren’t you looking? Are you so scared that you’re falling asleep?” He blinked, tilting his head to the side. “But it’s not over yet… Stay still, I will wake you up.” He raised gently your chin and pressed his lips against yours, making you open your eyes widely – just like he expected.

Saeran snorted in the background.


Saeyoung glanced at him, but didn’t say a word, parting your lips with his tongue. You whined softly, trying to push him away, but in the next moment his sharp fangs pierced your lip. After a mere second he pulled out roughly, drawing blood from the fresh wound. The red liquid ran down your chin and dropped onto his fingers.

He raised his hand to his mouth, licking the blood off.

“Tempting…” he sighed. “I’m getting even more thirsty now… Brother, come here, or I will drain her before you’re done with it…”

“Don’t even try it” Saeran growled lowly, grabbing your arm from behind and pulling you toward his chest. You struggled weakly, unwarily tilting your head to the side. The motion gave the boy a perfect access to your wound and he leaned down, biting down once more, right above the previous place.

You wriggled against his grasp, but as soon as the pain appeared again, you only cried quietly, keeping still in a sudden realization that moving will only make it worse. You heard Saeran smirk against your neck.

“Good girl” he purred, clearly fond of your submissiveness.

He pulled out and leaned lower, to your collarbone. He bit there once more, drawing even more of the blood that was already staining you whole front. His grasp tightened as his brother held your hand, raising it to his lips to bite it, having his own meal in the meanwhile. 

Your blood was floading out of the wounds, making your head spin from the loss. You quivered, the cool feeling filling you from inside as you slowly gave up, letting your body lay loosely in the boys’ grasp.

“Is she passing out?” Saeyoung asked, watching you intently.

“Seems so. Shame.”

“Not much blood for the both of us in such a fragile body…”

“We will have to wait then…”

“And when she wakes up…”

“…the real fun will begin.”