i feel so empty and alone like a black hole

The thoughts in my mind are often racing at top speed, swirling around like a tornado, destroying everything in its path
But she manages to calm the storm with her sunlight
She clears the grey skies and makes them blue again
She shines her light everywhere the darkness touches and I don’t feel so scared anymore

The space in my chest often feels like a black hole, sucking up all my energy until I’m empty, and there lies my heart, bloody and beating in the midst of darkness
But my little astronaut braves the eternal prison
She lights her way with constellations and galaxies I didn’t even know were inside of me
She makes this black hole seem not as black as it’s been painted and I don’t feel so empty anymore

I am shattered pieces lying on the ground, alone and broken
I am an accident waiting to happen, I cause more pain than I mean to, don’t touch me, it’ll only hurt you
But she doesn’t even put on her gloves before she pieces me together again
And she does it so carefully, she handles me with the care I need
In her hands, I don’t feel so broken anymore

—  (cc, 2016)