i feel so cute in this omg im gonna cry

I love how you’re always like “tag me in the picture when u post it” and then im always just like “im gonna just. submit it”

(—– @memingerss ) I AM SCREAMING!! They’re so CUTE!!! 😭😭😭 this is the best!! Your art is so soft and sweet and I LOVE THESE FOUR TAKING ON MONSTERS LOOK AT pasty Melvin I’m gonna cry 😭Mary afraid for once!! George’s shit eating grin!! THIS IS SO GOOD!! Please feel free to always submit to me (lmao) because I love opening my inbox and seeing BEAUTY
yoongi as your boyfriend

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ok before we start can we take a moment to appreciate hOW BEAUTIFUL HE IS IM GONNA CRY

honestly if yoongi was your boyfriend:

➳ a lot of cuddling in bed

➳ maybe things can get sexual as you both are cuddling idk ;)

➳ a lot of ass grabbing when alone, a lil less in public but he still likes doing it

  ➳ a lot of ass spanking when you’ve been a naughty girl

➳i think he’d be a jealous type 

➳like if someone was checking u out he’d maybe give them a death glare as he grabs ur ass

➳ stares at you while thinking about how  beautiful you are when you’re reading or doing something busy

➳ i don’t think he’d mind if you hugged the other members unless strings gets too attached

➳ rough sex actually depends on what situation u guys were in

➳ like if he got v jealous then yall going str8 to the room

➳ or unless he’s just super horny

➳ i also think that you’d come home to find him on the couch jerking off about u and like his hair would b messy and his shirt would be unbuttoned but still super hot

➳ but when you get jealous he wouldn’t get mad or annoyed

➳ im p sure he’d be very sweet and tell you about how much he loves you

➳ Sometimes he’d come home v late all drunk and would say “it was namjoons fault”

➳there wouldn’t be a lot of i love yous but whenever he’d say it he means it 

➳in his free days you guys would lay on the couch watching netflix while cuddling and eating food but wouldn’t actually netflix and chill

➳whenever you’re laying on your stomach he’d go to u & slap ur ass then walk away

➳ omg whenever you guys would fight it would b SO INTENSE IM CRYING 

➳ when you leave him (not break up) he’d blame everything on him even though if it wasn’t his fault  

➳ then he’d go out and try to find u and won’t give up

➳once found he’d apologize sincerely and for all i know yall gonna end up cuddling in bed, unable to let go of each other 

➳maybe sex but if so then it’d be gentle 

➳ a lotta backhugs

➳ i feel like sometimes he’d complain about lil things but you can’t get over how cute he is so you don’t mind if he complains for 4 hours

➳ if you guys broke up we all know yall gonna end up together again 

➳the members wouldn’t try to bring up the subject cause they’re all scared of yoongi raging 

➳ but they’d take it easy on him

➳ lets say ure out with a friend thats a guy and yoongi catches u, he’d get v jealous

➳ he’d grab u recklessly & giving no damn about the guy u were just with

➳ and then he’d bring u to his house and kiss you and you wouldn’t even try 2 get away cause u miss him as much as he misses u 

➳ then maybe rough sex :)

OkayyyyYyy I’m sorry if this is short and not good i tried tt^tt! which member do you guys want me to do next? c:

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Your chocobro wedding headcanons were so cute im actually crying. Your work is so amazing and I look up to it!! Thank you so much for being here, I hope to see more great things <33333 Ignis though my heart slowly breaks when you write about him 😭

Aw you’re gonna make me cry <3 You’re too sweet omg omg omg. I hope I can keep writing great things haha <3

Lol, I always have to throw in feels with Ignis. I DONT KNOW WHY. ITS MY CURSE LOL

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HEY KEL who are some artists who have inspired your art style one way or another?? also what cons will you be attending in sg this year??

OMG I have so many inspirations tbh so i’m not too good at picking out which one has influenced my style directly??? UmM some artists I LOVE TO DEATH THO are REI, L1ng, JC LEYENDECKER, Dian MZ, Onorobo, James Jean, Akihiko Yoshida, Milkmanner, Paul felix, Annaxiin,sara, Hwei, Nozmo, Phil Noto, Junji Itou, Naoki Urasawa! There’s a longer list on my main blog (it’s very very long and still updating)

As for cons I’ll be at cosfest and EOY (maybe)!  

MORE ASKS UNDER CUT it’s v long im sorry

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It's no problem but thank for both looking and the gif - I love Ziall :) x

Your welcome! :( sorry i couldn’t find the link. and Me too! i love Ziall because they are so f*cking cute!


s-so so cute

omg so cute its hard to hold back

omfg *nosebleed* s-so adorable

ugh sometimes the feels hit too hard

omg Ziall should just fr*cking have a sleepover and take pictures!!!

i-i can see why you ship them!

totally acceptable s-so much love




s-sorry i kinda got overboard and started to have Ziall feels :) -whispers- Ziall is my 2nd shipping

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I feel like you've done more for the fandom in these dank hiatus times than any almost single individual outside the actual Crewniverse. You're a sinfully depraved shitposter extraordinaire, but also a talented, likeable & cute person overall :)

Omg Im gonna cry?????????? I Love you ???????????? Thank you so much I am so so glad to be a part of this fandom and I love making content and I LVOE U THANKS U !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!