i feel so bad when any guy or girl tries to date his daughter

Faithfully (Bucky Rockstar AU)

Characters: reader, Bucky, OC Ava Barnes, Steve, Clint, Tony, Wanda.

Summary: Being on the road with your rockstar husband had it’s challenges. What if you found out he was unfaithful? (Avengers AU)

Warnings: babies, pregnancy, possible cheating, tiny bit of language, sex mentions, drinking, nudity, bit of angst, mostly fluff. 

Word Count: 3k (including lyrics)

Song Inspiration: Faithfully by Journey

Tags are at the bottom

A/N: Oof. This idea struck me like lightning. I’ve been working on another fic but felt a little stuck. This one flowed out of me in the space of a few hours. I freaking love Journey and this story! I’ve sacrificed quite a bit of sleep to finish, so I hope it was worth it!! Please let me know your thoughts! Love you guys!! :)



Originally posted by veronikaphoenix

Brushing your fingertip over perfect round cheeks while marveling at gorgeous long lashes and her tiny pout, you fell in love all over again. This little person had your heart. Well. A good portion of it. Speaking of your heart…

You heard rustling in the next “room” followed by the partition sliding aside. Bucky stumbled out of the bedroom, rubbing a hand over his face. His chin-length hair stuck out in ten different directions and he was clad in only a pair of boxers.

“Morning, handsome,” you greeted him with an amused smile.

He let out a groan, “What time is it?”

“Almost noon.”

“And…where are we?”

You chuckled, “Somewhere in the midwest, I think. St. Louis, maybe?”

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“You’re a terrible father” - Tony Stark x Daughter!reader

Love the idea. And really, I kinda take any requests :D. Thank you for this one, it’s right here, hope you like it :

(My masterlist blog here : https://ella-ravenwood-archives.tumblr.com)


It was the twentieth fucking time you tried to call your father, Anthony Stark, and you fell, once again, on his stupid voice saying that he was “too busy to answer” and that he’d “call back” but “probably not”. Damn that man. 

In your entire life on this Earth, you were pretty sure he never picked you up on time somewhere. Never, ever. He was just always late, so much that you came up with a trick of actually telling the wrong times for him to be on time. If something was at 6pm, you’d tell him it was at 4. But even with that trick, he still often managed to be fucking late. Which is why most of the time, your stepmother came to get you. But Pepper, wasn’t available today. 

You smiled, thinking about your “stepmother”. You were so glad she was in your life, being pretty sure that if your dad never had the help, he probably would have lost custody of you before you reach the age of 1…You considered Pepper your real mother. You never met your biological mom as she just dumped you in front of your dad’s house, with a note. One paternity test later, and it was confirmed you were his…You were the first step to his transformation, the first to help him become the man he was today. Better. 

So you grew up with Pepper around. She filled in brilliantly the mother role, even before she actually started dating your father (you remember the day you finally convinced him to just tell her his feelings, and smiled).

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Bangtan Spells Compilations: Protective.

Hello lovelies! How are you all doing? We hope good. This time we come with an awesome theme, and that is protectiveness. In here you will find scenarios in which your BTS boy protects you, and in some of them you protect him. We think you all will enjoy this as much we do, thank you for reading!


  • Cheap Thrills: You are supposed to hate each other in public, but things are way different behind closed doors, when the secret of your romance is found, Jin is decided to protect you and stand by your side through the hell and drama of it. Genre: Romance / Drama.
  • Flashing Lights: When you get to experience what being an idol is like, your boyfriend get suddenly protective because he’s not sure if he’s ready to share you with the rest of the country and all your new male fans. Genre: Fluff / Romance.
  • Personal Affairs: Your new professor is too attractive for his own good, you fell for him with each new class you attended but your love is forbidden so when the university’s authorities find out, Jin has to stand for you in front of them to protect you from all the harm. Genre: Romance / Drama.
  • The Rhythm of The Rain: Bodyguard AU. Jin is supposed to be only your bodyguard, but that changed when you met each other better and fell in love, so he’s willing to protect you from anything even if he has to risk his life for that. Genre: Romance / Drama.


  • Into you: Bodyguard AU. You are a famous actress and Yoongi is your bodyguard, when you go to a party with your pretend boyfriend Jimin and get bored your rather dangerous bodyguard decides to make his move and show you his other side. Based on Into You by Ariana Grande. Genre: Romance.
  • Soft Glow: You had a rough past, being involved with drugs and having to live in the streets because of it, but now that you are better your life is good by Yoongi’s side, when he learns an intern in Big Hit found out about your past and started bullying you he protects you. Genre: Angst / Fluff.
  • The Chaser: Bodyguard AU. You are a heir and Yoongi is your bodyguard, after your father’s death your mother asks Yoongi to watch your every move, but Yoongi has his eyes on you without anyone telling him, he’s set to protect you and go after you no matter what. Genre: Romance / Drama.
  • Safe Haven: You come from an abusive relationship, one time Yoongi and you are fighting and in the anger he lift his hand and you flinch, Yoongi realizes what is wrong and swears to protect you. Genre: Angst / Drama.
  • Daddy’s Girl:  Yoongi’s gets overprotective when he sees his little girl hand in hand with Taehyung’s son. Genre: Family / Friendship. 
  • Tainted Love: Demon AU. Yoongi is a feared demon king who is overprotective of you, his lover. You love him and want to be with him but it is difficult for you to adapt to his world, Yoongi knows the threats of his world and is determined to protect you at any cost. Genre: Romance / Drama.
  • Tempestuous: Assassin AU. Yoongi is a trained assassin with the mission to kill certain drug mob, when you, the girl of said drug lord gets in the crossfire Yoongi decided to use you as an advantage, only that as you learn more about each other you find out he’s not entirely evil and he discovers his will to save you and protect you from your past abusive relationship. Genre: Romance / Drama.
  • Count On Me: You are being bullied at school, when your boyfriend Yoongi finds out he goes to school to protect you. Genre: Romance / Drama. Warning: Bullying.
  • Breathe Into Me: You have been keeping secrets from Yoongi, you have a huge fight because Yoongi thinks you are cheating on him, when you go out alone after that and your cars you get scared so you call Yoongi who gets very protective even more after hearing the truth of your secret. Genre: Romance / Drama.
  • Through The Fire: A girl starts stalking you after the news of your relationship with Yoongi goes out and you start receiving a lot of hate, you try to keep it together until one night she gets inside your home and tries to hurt you but Yoongi is there to protect you. Genre: Romance / Drama. 
  • Pour Some Sugar On Me: Yoongi is the owner of a themed cafe and you are a regular customer of whom he has a crush on. When he sees you with your boyfriend he’s disappointed but when he sees you fighting Yoongi decided to intervene. Genre: Fluff / Romance.
  • I Was Made For Loving You: Soldier AU. In the midst of a war you got separated from your sister trying to desperately escape from the bombings that started to hit your town. Finding yourself with no place to hide you run into a laconic soldier that gets you through the night. Genre: Angst / Fluff.


  • The Girl Is Mine: You have a fight and break up because Hoseok is too jealous, later he protects you from a guy who was trying to touch you.
  • Make You Believe: Hoseok is your boss, but he has a crush on you, when he notices an intern bothering you, he gets all protective and pretends he’s dating you to save you. Genre: Romance.


  • Unexpected Knight: Namjoon doesn’t know you, but you caught his eyes at that exciting new bar and when he noticed a greasy guy bothering you despite you turning him down Namjoon decides to stand up for you and pretend to be your boyfriend so the guy leaves you alone. Genre: Fluff.


  • To Hold You: Jimin is a vampire prince who wants to introduce you, his human girlfriend, to his world, so he takes you to meet his family and his palace because he loves you, and because of that same love, he protects you from everyone, even of his own kind. Genre: Fluff / Romance.
  • Just This Time:  You had never met a guy so clueless and prone to attract accidents and problems as Jimin, but you can’t help to protect him each time, to his luck. Genre: Fluff.
    Let Them All Know: You + BTS go to a club and meet your ex. Your boyfriend Jimin gets jealous and protective of you. Genre: Fluff / Romance.
  • Like Match and Gasoline: You’re rather quiet and usually decided to stay by yourself, until you met Jimin, he protects you from your mean classmates and takes care of you, until you can open up and allow yourself to love him. Genre:  Romance.


  • With You: You are both idols, but when your relationship goes public and the hate is too big to bare you decide to leave the industry to protect each other. Genre: Romance / Drama.
  • For You I Will: You have a boyfriend that is too possessive, none of your friends approve of him including your best friend, Taehyung. When he gets aggressive with you Taehyung steps in to protect you. Genre: Fluff / Drama.
  • No One Else’s: Werewolf AU. Taehyung and you just found out you are mates, he’s very protective of you and very jealous of all the guys who you could be close with, but because of the past you are in a love-hate relationship with him. 
  • I’d Do Anything: Taehyung and the rest of BTS are the high school’s bad boys, you don’t want to get too close to him because of it, but when some guys start bullying you Taehyung steps up to protect you. Genre: Romance. Warning: Bullying.
  • Devoted To You: When Taehyung finds out your boss is bullying you he wants to do something to protect you, but you assure you can control the situation but for Taehyung can’t keep himself with crossed arms when you need to be protected. Genre: Romance. Warning: Bullying.


  • Fire Line: Mafia AU. Jungkook falls in love with you, the daughter of a well known ganster organization, so even if he knows it’s dangerous he doesn’t go away, he’s determined to be with you and he doesn’t hesitate to protect you from people who wants to get you because of your father. Genre: Romance.
  • Blessings: The boys go to meet your newborn daughter and Jungkook gets protective. Genre: Romance / Family.
  • Here I Am: When everyone finds out you are dating Jungkook, the most popular guy in school, no one believes you but your boyfriend Jungkook sticks by your side. Genre: Romance / Drama. Warning: Bullying.
  • Shared Fates: Prince AU. Jungkook is a prince so when the castle falls because of a riot he’s taken out hurt and his adviser can’t think no one better to save him but you, a bandit from the streets that know your way around. The problem is Jungkook can’t accept help that well and you think he’s a prince full of himself.
  • Play For Keeps: When your relationship is made public all the fans are outraged, but between them sasaengs decide to take revenge on you, they bully and harass you. You don’t want to tell Jungkook but you did tell to the other members until one day he sees it. Genre: Romance / Drama. Warning: Bullying.

BONUS! There are many kinds of protection, this list was a bit more physical but you can also find how your BTS boy protects you emotionally in this one

Bangtan Spells Compilation: When You Need Comfort.

BONUS 2! Also here you have the typical older brother overprotectiveness.

Bangtan Spells Compilation: Dating You Brother’s Friend.

BONUS 3! And because we are feeling extra here is a list of you taking care of each other when you are sick, or of him taking care of you on your period.

Bangtan Spells Compilation: Take Care Of Me.

Coming Out

Characters: Uncle!Dean x Niece!Reader, Father!Sam x Daughter!Reader (Reader is a teenager, age not stated but arounbd 16 or 17)

Words: 1180

Summary: The reader talks to her uncle about figuring out her sexuality. Once she figures it out, she tells her dad that she’s bi-sexual. 

Warnings: talk about sexuality, crying, bi-sexuality 

Hey guys. This is a special story to me, very special. I wanted to write and post it this month because it’s Pride month, and it seems more than appropriate. I’ll talk more about it all at the end of the one shot, so enjoy. 

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Week 6!  Thank you to all of the amazing writers listed below!  You guys are so wonderful and I’m so happy that I get to read all of these spectacular fics every week! 😊💞💞💞💞💞

Fics that are NSFW have been removed!  Thank you for understanding!

@aubzylynn - Dating Pre-Serum Steve - Hi :] I followed you recently, and I’m glad I did. I like your Bucky cuddle drabbles, and I think you’re really talented. If it’s not too much trouble, could you maybe do a headcannon for dating pre-serum Steve? Thanks 💜. Steve x Reader

@avengerofyourheartGirls’ Night In - It’s ladies night at the tower, complete with a Gilmore Girls marathon,  junk food, and friendly rivalries when a surprise visitor puts a twist on the evening’s events. (spoilers for Gilmore Girls, if you haven’t seen it yet). Scott x Reader

@avengerofyourheartIn the Arms of Justice Pt 18 - Reader is a witness to a crime, tying her to the investigation as well as the police involved. She never would have guessed how that one night would continue to change her life years later.  Bucky x Reader

@bovariaAmong the Crowd (Soulmate AU) - Soulmates’ worlds go from black and white to colors when they are in the same room for the first time. Bucky is a famous actor in the middle of a convention, trying to find his soulmate, you.  Bucky x Reader

@bovariaBy Way of Spontaneity (Part 12) - On a whim, Bucky declares you to be his girlfriend to his grandma and mother. They’re eager to meet you and he asks you to pretend to be with him for just one dinner with his family. But is that really all? Bucky x Reader

@brighterlights#DateMeBuckyBarnes (Part 15) - When Hollywood’s heartthrob Bucky Barnes breaks up with his girlfriend, you jokingly tag him in a selfie on Instagram to express your desire to date him. What you don’t expect is a response from the man himself [Modern AU].  Bucky x Reader

@brighterlightsRoommates (Bad Vibes) - When your friend moves out to pursue a career overseas, you find yourself sharing your apartment with a handsome stranger. Inspired by the Filipino TV series titled Single/Single [Modern AU].  Bucky x Reader

@buckyywiththegoodhair - A Lesson in Love (Emergency) - (College!AU) In which you’re assigned to write a story about romance, a subject you know nothing about, and Bucky, a hopeless romantic, offers you his assistance.  Bucky x Reader 

@buckyywiththegoodhairPokémon Go - In which Pokémon Go is Steve’s ticket to spending more time with you.  Steve x Reader

@buckyywiththegoodhair - Serenity - In which Sam is the best source of serenity after a long day of work.  Sam x Reader

@canumoveyourseatup-noMicrowave Melodrama - An unexpected guest drops by the tower and puts a damper on your day.  Avengers x Reader

@dabblinginmarvel - Apologize - Prompt: “Apologize” by OneRepublic. Peter Parker Imagine

@dabblinginmarvel - Jailbreak - You and Loki have been together for years. Despite the things he has done, you have stuck with him. This time, it was his turn to stick with you. You were imprisoned in Asgard for a crime you didn’t commit after he “dies” and Loki ends up storming the place to release you.  Loki x Reader

@explicitfandoms - Untitled - Can I request Prompts 15 & 34 with tony stark rescuing his daughter from a bad date?  Tony x Reader

@explicitfandoms - Untitled - Could you write 88 and 142 with bucky?  Bucky x Reader

@girl-next-door-writes - Hello Neighbour - Living next door to Tony Stark is, unsurprisingly, a little bit of a nightmare but how much could you take before you are seriously planning to sneak in and murder the inconsiderate ass in his sleep?  Tony x Reader

@hellomissmabel“Anything for my best girl” - For your celebration drabble challenge: the Reader wants nothing more than to travel to a country without it being an Avengers crisis, but there is never any time. Bucky understands how upset she is, and how much she needs it, and organises the best holiday he possibly can for the two of them. Again, congratulations!!! - @youandb. Bucky x Reader

@imaginingbucky11. “Why are there four dogs in our house? We don’t own four dogs. We don’t even own one.”  Sebastian x Reader

@imaginingbucky - Let’s Dance - Happy Birthday @avengerofyourheart 🌟You are one of the hardest working, kindest, and amazing people that I know! I’m so glad to be able to call you my friend! ❤️ Steve x Reader

@imaginingbucky - Untitled - Here’s some Sam fluff in honor of @buckysberrie birthday!! You’re the sweetest person and I hope you have an incredible day! You deserve it!  Sam x Reader

@italwaysendsinafighttThe Night Ahead (Part 2) - bucky came out of cryostasis after just a few months. with the help of steve, he’s trying to piece the fractions of his mind back together. while flipping through old HYDRA files, he remembers something from his days as the winter soldier: you.  Bucky x Reader

@iwillbeinmynestCool Down Chapter 10 - Steve slips up and makes a confession. How will you react? And will it last?  Steve x Reader

@iwillbeinmynest - Idiot Jar - Prompt: 50. “I’m starting and idiot jar. Anytime you do or say anything idiotic, you have to put at least a dollar in it -more depending on how stupid the thing you said or did was.” Avengers x Reader

@just-some-drabblesThe Friendly Wager (Part 2), (Part 3)- AU. Reader and Bucky Barnes are neighbors and best friends. After yet another bad date, reader comes home to find Bucky with his typical weekend target. They decide to make a wager about dating, but is there more on the line than reader cares to admit?  Bucky x Reader

@knittingknerdyKintsugi - Your friend takes your photo and makes you feel better about your scar.  You hope it can do the same for Bucky. Bucky x Reader

@marvelingatthewondermagical, truly - You find solace in the huge library in Avengers HQ and it’s always just you there, which is partly why you love it so much. One day, you find Bucky in the library, and you quickly decide the library’s much nicer with him in it.  Bucky x Reader

@marvelingatthewonderyour love will be safe with me - Clint and reader are best friends. But is that all they are?  Clint x Reader

@mrshopkirkWhere have all the flowers gone? - You live next to the Barnes’ family and Steven Rogers, growing up together. When the boy that got you pregnant takes off, Bucky, Rebecca and Steve become your family. Your life takes you to too many graveyards, mourning Bucky, Steve and the cruel faith that seems to hunt the name Barnes.  Bucky Imagine

@mynamespaigexLife in the Fast Lane (Intro) - (Racing AU) Who knew having sex with a total stranger in a gas station restroom after racing them on the highway would flip your whole world around.  Bucky x Reader

@pickledmoonactual love guru bucky barnes - Reader has secretly liked Steve for the longest time, but she thinks she’s not good enough for him (she’s just Tony’s research assistant with ZERO fighting skills) and that he’s with Sharon (which hurts her a lot). Until Steve becomes all jealous and overprotective when guys flirted with her. Tiny angst with lotsa fluff? Thanks!  Steve x Reader

@serzhantkrisSomething Worth Fighting For- 1 - You’ve just begun to settle into life as an Avenger when a mission gone awry divides the team in half, and a familiar face shows up just in time to make you second guess your every choice.  Bucky x Reader

@soldatbarnesThis Is War Masterlist - After being rejected by your best friend Bucky, Sam sets you up with one of his friends, on the condition that if the date doesn’t go well, you have to sign up for a dating app. The date doesn’t go well. As you begin to look for love in other places, Bucky starts to feel something he never felt before. Jealous.  Bucky x Reader

@volklanaFalling In Love In A Coffeeshop (Part Three) - Set in the aftermath of Civil War when Tony is attempting to heal and forgive, when he meets you at a chance meeting in a small town coffee shop will both of your lives be affected forever? Also if you have seen the movie We Bought A Zoo (2011), I imagine reader’s fashion sense and general personality to be quite like Scarlett Johansson’s character Kelly. So her setting is going to be a ranger in a wildlife park setting.  Tony x Reader

@whyisbuckysoMisfire [Chap. 4]- Ending - The four times Bucky tries to ask you out and fails.  Bucky x Reader

@you-and-bucky - Both My Hands Bucky x Reader

My Type of Guy - Stiles Stilinski Imagine [Smut]

Author: dylanowhy

Summary: Scott McCall invites you to the schools senior prom, as friends of course, but there is this certain dark haired boy who has been pushing your buttons lately. Who would have thought that later on he’d be pushing you into a pile of gym mats.

Pairings: Stiles Stilinski x Reader

Warnings: Language. Smut. Unprotected Sex.

Word Count: 2957

Originally posted by teenwolf--imagines

Some said he had dark hair, perfect to match his light-hearted eyes. However, you had never seen him up close before, always admiring him from a distance. You had known about Stile for years, ever since 5th grade when all he ever did was talk about baseball and Lydia Martin, but you’ve never approached him, always too afraid to speak, thinking that you would make a fool of yourself. Most people looked over the mole blessed boy, and you never quite understood how. There was so much more to him than anyone gave him credit for. The loud whistle sounding from Coach is what snapped you back to reality, bringing your attention back to the point, his hair. From the distance you sat it seemed light, a deep honey brown color that shined in the sunlight, complementing his soft pale skin that was being slightly washed out by the deep red covering his body. He was doing some type of dance, it almost made you snort, apparently he made a shot, something that was rare coming from him. It’s not like he was a bad lacrosse player, he was just never given the chance to show what he was really made of.

“What do you think Scott is going to do since Kira is not here anymore?” One of the many gossiping girls of Beacon Hills asked another, watching as Scott and Stiles high fived each other, bright smiles on their faces. “I am hoping he is open for trying new things, being with different people.” The other replied, it made you roll your eyes. You weren’t sure what happened to Kira, no one really was. Her father had given light detail and acted like it was no big deal his daughter went off in the middle of the school year, it had always made you curious, but you never were one to push any buttons. You actually cringed when you thought about what the girls across from you were talking about. There was a dance coming up at the end of the week, something about being seniors and how it was important to have one last dance. It was also known as prom, but you didn’t like to use the term. The theme was masquerade, and almost everyone had a date. Of course, you did not fall in the line of people who were going with a significant other, but that didn’t bother you. You had better things to do then to dance in a pool of sweat with some guy who only asked you because he wants to get lucky. No, you did not need to go to —.

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Here’s an updated list of all my work in one easy to find place! I was having some problems with the links on the old one so hopefully this one works a little better!

*          *          *          *


Choices: Part 1 - AJ’s girlfriend works behind the scenes on SmackDown. The two have always kept personal and professional separate but when AJ’s emotions get the best of him, and he decides to confront Shane in the parking lot, will he lose more than just his job? Angst.

Choices: Part 2 - AJ attacks Shane in the parking lot even after you begged him not to. You confront him, and he has to face the consequences of his actions. Angst.

Choices: Part 3 -  AJ catches a bartender flirting with his now ex-girlfriend, and his jealous side comes out as he tries to win her back. Angst. Smut. WARNING-Daddy Kink

A Little Too Tipsy – AJ is out for a few drinks with Anderson and Gallows when a cute girl at the bar catches his eye and tries to make a move.


Nerves - Baron is going to dinner with your parents for the first time, and he’s extremely nervous at your house. Fluff.

Space - You and Baron are dating, and you have to kiss AJ Styles as part of a romantic storyline for TV. You get into a fight and break up, and then he sees you with another Superstar. His jealous side comes out. Angst.

Just a Friend - You and Baron have been friends for years but when you bump into an ex-boyfriend, will Baron’s true feelings for you come out? Fluff.

All I Want – You have some anxiety and Baron comforts you and makes you feel better. Fluff.

Tension You’re Corey Graves’ little sister but you secretly have a crush on his best friend Baron Corbin. But Baron seems to hate you and you are always arguing. He wins his first championship and runs into you backstage where another argument begins before some sexual tension is relieved. Angst. Smut.

Work It OutReader and Baron hate each other. The tension between them gets to be too much for Corey, and so he locks them in an apartment and tells them to work it out. Angry sex happens. Angst and smut.

Wanna Try That AgainYou and Dean Ambrose go out for a few drinks as friends without telling Baron. Baron finds out, and his jealous side comes out. He takes you to the hotel and you argue before having a little dominant makeup sex. Then fluffy cuddle time after the sex. Angst. Smut. Fluff.


Happier - Braun is out with some friends when he sees his ex-girlfriend with another guy. He realizes she looks happier. He finds her walking alone in the rain later that night and takes her home.(Based off Ed Sheeran’s ‘Happier’) Angst. Smut. Fluff.


Drunken Calls - You and Dean are best friends, and he calls you in the middle of the night when he’s drunk and needs someone to come pick him up. The following morning Dean’s true feelings come out. Angst. Smut. Fluff. 

Come Find Her - Baron makes his feud with Dean personal by kidnapping the one person that means everything to Dean, his girlfriend. Fluff. 

What’s the Magic Word - Dean comes over to your place for a movie night. It’s his turn to pick the movie, and he chooses a horror movie. The two of you wrestle over the remote on the couch. Fluff. 

I’m Sorry - Dean sees Roman kiss you on the cheek, and his jealous side comes out. Dean snaps at you and makes you cry, and he tries to make it better. Make-up sex ensues. Angst. Fluff 

You Love Her - You and Dean are riding with Roman and his wife. Roman catches a cute moment between you and Dean in the car and asks Dean if he loves you. Dean admits he’s fallen hard for you. Fluff. 

Don’t Leave Me - Dean gets into a car accident, and you fight with everything you have to save him. Sad. Fluff.


Prize of a Lifetime - You are married to Enzo Amore and are the little sister of the Bella Twins. You have your first match at Wrestlemania against Lana and Rusev and finally get the Wrestlemania Moment you’ve always wanted. Fluff.


Don’t Let Go - You and Finn go to a water park with some other superstars. There’s a scary ride, and you’re nervous, but Finn assures you that he will be right there. Fluff  

Go Home - You and Finn get into a fight and you go to your parents’ house for the night. Finn waits outside all night to try and win your heart back. Fluff.  

Be Mine -  You are at a bar a couple of blocks away from the hotel everyone’s staying at. Sami drunkenly flirts with you which has Finn seeing red. He takes you back to his hotel room to show you who you belong with. Fluff. Smut.

Runaway LoveYou and Finn are best friends, and it’s your wedding day. Finn has secretly been in love with you but never told you. He decides to leave WWE and go home to Ireland. You race to the airport to stop him before he can get on the plane so that you can tell him that you love him too. Fluff.


Crowd Goes Wild – Sami comes home early to find you dancing in the kitchen in his shirt and your underwear. Fluff and smut ensue. Fluff. Smut. 

Proving It – You’re Mick Foley’s daughter and Sami overhears your dad questioning how much of a man he is. Sami then asks for a fight with Braun Strowman to prove how much of a man he is. Angst. Fluff. 


Just a Dream - You have a bad dream about Seth leaving you and can’t fall back asleep. You call him, and he calms you down until you fall asleep. Fluff. 

Don’t Have to RushBased off the song Toothbrush by DNCE. Seth and reader have had a Friends With Benefits relationship going on but one morning after, Seth and Y/n realize the other person is all they’ve ever wanted. Fluff. Slight Angst. Smut.


Four Years -  You and Tye broke up four years ago when he left to go chase his wrestling dreams. You now work for WWE and run into him backstage and the feelings you’ve been fighting for four years come rushing back. Slight Angst. and little bit of fluff.


More Than Friends - You and TJ have been friends for as long as you can remember. You’ve liked TJ as more than a friend, but he’s never given you any reason to think he feels the same. You plan a date, and when TJ finds out, he tells you his real feelings. Fluff. 

Off Limits (Skam - Chris x OC) Part 1

Pairing: Chris x OC

Requested by anon. I turned this into an OC thing because I’m trying to distance myself from the reader inserts. But you can just overlook the first name and simply imagine it’s you. I will probably physically describe OC at some point, since you requested she’s William’s sister, I figured they’d look alike.

Synopsis: Mara Magnusson has always had everything she ever wanted in life, except for one thing. The boyish charm of her brother’s childhood friend had wrecked her poor heart and ruined her for any other guy – you can trust her, she has tried. She could see the way he looked at her, though she knew there were rules about not hitting on your best friend’s little sister. Luckily for her, there were no restrictions when it was the other way around.

Word count: 1.4k

A/N: From now on I won’t be able to spend my entire days writing like I did with Play Me, so to make sure you won’t have to wait too long between each chapter I decided to write short chapters (yes, Yours Truly has finally decided to become a reasonable person) Enjoy this little foretaste!


>>> Part 2

Other Chris x OC fic: Play Me

Some things are simply not meant to be. Even when people maximized their chances by doing everything in their power to achieve their goal, it wasn’t always enough. Like in this maddening scene in Titanic where Jack can’t get on the floating door, and after everything he has gone through to be with Rose, he just dies. Well, maybe this was a little bit dramatic, chances are you won’t die in real life, you will just be really, really frustrated because all your efforts are thrown into the trash. But she was drifting from the subject.

Somehow, Mara’s brother had befriended the one guy who was simultaneously the absolute worst and the best thing that has ever happened to her. William and Chris were inseparable friends since- since always. As far as her memory goes, Chris has always been in their lives. He was like family to a certain extent – and that was precisely her problem.

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single dad jimin au part 2! (part 1)

+ after that night jimin starts to look a lot more attractive to jungkook. he’s always thought he was a good looking man but suddenly he’s starting to see him in a different light. he notices how his dress shirts cling to his torso, and how soft his lips look and his butt looks amazing in any pants

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AO3 fic masterlist

Here’s a masterlist of all of my AO3 fics!

I’ll sort them by rating, but I’ll add other details too~

Last updated: June 5th 2017

Rating: General Audiences

Blanket Fort - Saeyoung x MC/Reader, but that’s in the background. You show Saeran how to make a blanket fort, and start telling stories in it.

Valentine’s Day Gift - Saeran x Reader. You get your boyfriend a Valentine’s gift, and he gets you a better (and cuter) one in return.

Rating: Teen and up audiences

Critical Hit - A multi-chaptered Saeyoung/707 x MC/Reader fic. Based after the secret endings, and has developing relationships between Saeyoung and MC with Saeran as he’s in hospital. Unfinished.

For your safety - Angsty 707 x MC/Reader oneshot based on one of 707′s bad endings. Completed, as it is a oneshot.

Welcome - No prevalent relationship, but the main characters are Reader/MC and Unknown. Oneshot with the events leading up to the prologue bad ending. Also, It’s the first part of my In The Unknown series on there.

True Happiness - Multi-chaptered fic on the developing relationship between Unknown and MC/Reader at Mint Eye, with her being his assistant. Sequel to Welcome. Unfinished.

Caring - Saeran x Reader oneshot, basically summarised as Saeran looking after reader in the morning following a ‘busy night’ together.

“I don’t know!” - Oneshot. Poor Saeran having a panic attack post-secret endings…

Chores - Saeyoung’s mess being a risk to everyone’s health, Saeran and MC try to tidy up. Oneshot.

Papa’s Girl - Fourth part of my In The Unknown series, where Saeran and MC/Reader now have a daughter together. Unfinished. On a temporary hiatus.

The Art of Saeran Choi - MC is an artist and makes something for Saeran. It in turn makes him want to take up doing some art, with MC’s help. Unfinished, and most likely will be updated on a whim.

No use crying over spilled ice cream…? - Unknown/Saeran x Reader fic. The two of you get into some ice cream based situations… Oneshot.

Cuddling - MC/Reader x 707/Saeyoung, and some unrequited love from Saeran for MC/Reader. You and Saeyoung are watching a film together, and Saeran wants to join in. Oneshot.

Exhaustion - Jumin X MC/Reader. Jumin ends up working himself to the point that he collapses from exhaustion, so you have to look after him. Unfinished.

VFA: Vampire Fundraising Association…? - Mystic Messenger Vampire AU. MC is bitten by somebody at the RFA party, and turns into a vampire… then they discover that the rest of the RFA are vampires too. No determined ships yet. Unfinished.

The Drawing - This was a gift for a friend, in which Saeran (as Unknown) is trying to find out what MC was keeping hidden from him. Oneshot.

Zen’s Gifts - Zen x MC. Zen decides to get MC some gifts due to their one year anniversary approaching! Oneshot.

Bad Party Ending - MC doesn’t feel as though she fits in with the RFA, and gets an invitation from a mysterious person at the party. Oneshot.

A hacker’s investigation - Zen x MC/Zen x 707 x MC. Fic from post-Zen route, from 707′s point of view as he tries to find out the identity of the hacker. Unfinished.

Little Hana Kim - Yoosung x MC. Yoosung adapting to being a father with MC! Unfinished.

Beckoning of a Siren - Siren Zen AU. Zen x MC. The RFA go on holiday celebrating the success of the recent party… But MC keeps getting into trouble due to a rumour surrounding a Siren known as ‘Zen’.

A guy in glasses - Saeran/Unknown x MC/Reader. Saeran has an incident with his contact lenses.

The world in reverse - Unknown/Saeran x MC/Reader. Mystic Messenger role-swap AU.

Fear of Biting - 707/Saeyoung x MC/Reader. Everything about your relationship had been fine up to the point where Saeyoung started avoiding you. When you and even Saeran began to worry about him, Saeran makes a discovery about what is bothering his brother. You are a human, Saeyoung is a vampire.

Rating: Mature

A Snowy Angel - Jumin x MC/Reader fic, based just after Jumin’s Christmas episode ending. Completed. A sequel is in planning.

To Finish His Work… - 707/Saeyoung x MC/Reader, alternate take on his route. Vanderwood kidnaps MC to make 707 get his work finished. Oneshot.

Somebody New - Zen x OC/Reader (named Hyemi Han). Without being aware of it, one of Jumin’s half-siblings attends an RFA party… Unfinished.

Absence - Yoosung x MC/Reader. MC is one of Yoosung’s classmates, and happens to live a few floors below Rika’s apartment. On a day where MC asks for Yoosung to escort her home due to feeling as though she was being followed, a strange app downloads on her phone… Based on prologue bad ending. Unfinished.

Providing Support - Saeyoung/707 x MC/Reader. Something bad happens when MC and Saeyoung are out, leaving Saeran stuck in the difficult position of being the supporter and not the supported. Unfinished.

Senses - V x MC/Reader. You and V become friends following your first RFA party, but a few weeks later, he turned blind. V wants you to help him adjust to life without sight. Unfinished

Recovery - Saeran x Reader. You have to go to therapy, and at one point, a man called Saeran used to do the same. But why did he stop going? Was he safe…? Alive….? Unfinished. Fic on temporary hiatus.

Turning Them - Saeran/Unknown x MC/Reader. You are the only human member of the RFA. Everyone else is a vampire, except Saeran - he isn’t a fully-fledged vampire yet. Somebody has plans to do with that… And all for the sake of bringing the RFA to paradise.

Rating: Explicit

Confessions - V x MC/Reader. V escorts you back to Rika’s apartment after the RFA party, and makes a surprising confession. Oneshot.

Companions - Unknown/Saeran x MC/Reader. 3rd part of In the Unknown series. MC is not just Saeran’s assistant now - she’s his girlfriend. The Saviour seems to approve… at first. Completed. My most popular fic to date!

Provoke Him - Unknown/Saeran x MC/Reader AND 707/Saeyoung x MC/Reader. After MC goes off with the hacker, 707 is desperate to bring her back. But after the discovery over just who the hacker is… He makes a drastic decision leading to a surprising change in affiliations. Completed.

Sleepless Night - Saeran x Reader/MC. After you said that you’ll be there for him at any time, Saeran asks for you late at night. The following consequences are surprising yet nice for you… Not so good for Saeyoung’s car though.

Together - Unknown/Saeran x Reader. The two of you are members of Mint Eye, and are known as a close to unstoppable pair. But the Saviour involves you both in the absorption of the RFA into Mint Eye… And Saeran needs reassurance that you won’t fall for his twin in the process. Unfinished.

Taken, and losing the will for freedom - Unknown/Saeran x MC/reader. MC is going home after a night out when she is asked for directions by a stranger. The next day, she is asked to find somebody at the exact same address… Unfinished.

Ignorance Isn’t Bliss - 707/Saeyoung x MC/Reader and Unknown/Saeran x MC/Reader (though it isn’t a polyamorous relationship). After Saeyoung had ignored you for days, you had enough. You ask for Saeran to take you back to Rika’s apartment. Completed.

Punishment for escape - Unknown/Saeran x Reader. You try to escape when you are meant to be his assistant… So he punishes you in response.

Fangs aren’t just for biting - Saeran/Unknown x MC/Reader. Saeran invites you around to the bunker for the day, saying that he couldn’t go outside to visit whilst it was during the day. You weren’t expecting to make the discovery that Saeran - and the RFA - were vampires in a very out of the ordinary love confession.

Bitten by Twins - 707/Saeyoung x MC/Reader x Saeran/Unknown. You’re a human living with two vampires - the Choi twins, for that matter. To stay with them, you have to let them feed off your blood… But when you are no longer needed for that, what do they do? They bite you.

Originally posted by theoutsiders-imagine

Not my gif. Gif credit goes to the amazing creators!

Anonymous said:Hcs for dally dating a british lady-like girl pls?

A/N: Heya lovely! Thanks so much for requesting this, I really enjoyed writing this! I hope that it’s everything that you imagined, sweetheart! Sorry that it took awhile to write. - Admin Kat 💟

Headcanon’s for Dallas Winston Dating a British Lady-like Girl:

- Dally showing you all the fun things to do around Tulsa.

- Your parent(s) being revolted by Dallas; and you also objecting to things he does or/and says.

- “C’mon! Relax a little, Doll!” he’d insist with a beer in hand. “Your parents won’t appreciate their daughter looking older than them.

- Being dragged to Buck’s, only to command to be brought home!

- I believe that there’ll be more tension in the relationship. This is due to your different social classes: It isn’t so much that you’ll always be aggravating Dal, - unless he’s in a spiteful mood-, it is more likely that he’ll say or do something to upset you.

- “Alright, then tail your high-class ass back to England if you really think that I give a damn, Lady.” 

- Dally teaching you to ‘have fun’ and to ‘live a little’.

- “Babe, say watermelon again!

- “Watermelon?

- Teaching each other the two different lingo’s and actually finding it quite entertaining.

- “I believe that you call sweets, candy?

- “Yeah, but why the hell are rich folk called ‘posh’? It makes no sense. Actually, it makes you sound like you all have something up your- Ow!

- “That’s enough!

- Doing great impressions of one another.

- Begging Dallas to do an English accent, but him refusing indignantly, much to your disappointment.

- The gang loving you.

- Like seriously, ADORING you!!! 

- They’d be soooo freaking protective of you and you’d become their sister.

- Two-bit poking fun at your accent a lot.

- The gang calling you and your accent hot whenever Dallas isn’t around.

- Helping Pony with his homework.

- Getting Johnny to talk more often, - despite what happened with Dallas’s past girlfriend, Sylvia -.

- Darry looking out for you.

- Steve practically fixing your car for free.

- Sodapop being your emotional support.

- All of them becoming your best friend’s and brothers.

- “I told you they weren’t so bad, huh?” Dal would grimly grin at you.

- Dallas and the gang finding out that you can get pretty tough and to the point, which only makes you sound hotter because of your accent.

- Guys flirting with you all the time, which drives Dallas nuts because you’re his and only his.

- Tim flirting with you to piss off Dallas, but he does actually think you’re hot as hell.

- Going to parties and breaking the rules, which your parents desperately hate.

- “I’m positively sure that my mother and father will hate me for this, Dallas.” you’d state rather anxiously.

- “You wanna know what I think?

- “What’s that?

- He’d pull you super close and whisper to you real smoothly, his icy eyes warm with mischief, “Then let them.

- You not being a big fan of all the girls that are into Dallas.

- “They’re trashy! A bunch of revolting tramps…” You’d object hotly, fists clenched tightly and rattling at your sides.

- Dal teaching you how to cuss black and blue, but you rarely ever do use such horrid language.

- “That’s my girl!” He’d grin callously as you cuss someone out. 

- Basically being grounded forever and sneaking out all of the time. 

- Dallas teaching you how to fight in case someone tries to jump you, but you getting embarrassed about it, in which Dallas teases you and you punch him hard in the arm. 

 - “You’ve got a pretty good swing there, for a girl.” He’d simper. 

- “Why I ought to-

- ”I ain’t always gonna be around, you know. You aren’t in your pretty little neighborhood in England any more. Down here, you could get knifed like that!“ He’d demonstrate with the snap of his rough fingers. 

- Dallas not giving up fighting, most of the nasty things he does or rumbles for you, no matter how much concern that you have over it, there isn’t any changing Dallas. 

- Fights.

- Make out sessions that don’t always lead to more because you’re much more respectable and don’t want to have sex in a T-Bird on the side of some deserted road. 

- Dallas still not knowing how to handle your waterworks. 

- You being unsure of how to say ’I love you’ to Dallas because he shows his feelings for you in ways that you find rather different from the norm, so you don’t say it; but there are many times where Dallas will let you know he cares through his actions. 

- Getting jumped because Dallas has a target on his back, but soon those individuals find out not to breathe next to you again or even think about you. 

- ”You touch her again and I swear you’ll be a dead man.“ He would growl out.

 - Dallas attempting to avoid carrying knives or heaters around with you, because he thinks that arguments are not only a drag but so is the whining and discontent over it all. 

- ”You’re a no good hood, Dallas Winston!

 - ”Call me when you’ve found something more original to call me!“ He’d yell back at you. 

- Dallas telling you stories about New York, in which actually scares you and he reassures you that it he wouldn’t let shit like that get within a fifteen mile radius of you. 

- You telling Dallas some of the things you did back in England, which bores the shit out of him, but you eventually tell him the ‘not-so’ innocent things you’ve done yourself, which instantaneously picks up his interest.

- Dallas teasing you and helping you grow more of a funny bone. 

- ”Wanna go skinny dipping, doll?“ He’d grin. 

- ”Only if Two-bit can come along.“ You’d sneer back at him to his surprise. 

- ”What?!“ Dallas would bark. 

- ”I’m just kidding! Two-bit’s passed out anyway.“ You’d laugh. 

 - Wearing Dallas’s leather jacket and him nonchalantly telling you to keep it because it looks better on you. 

- Despite being opposites and arguing a lot, the pair of you can have quite the lot of fun. The pair of you may lock heads but there’s something about you two that makes the pair of you fit together.

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London’s Calling

1 || 2 || 3 || 4 || 5 || 6 || 7 || 8 || 9 ||

Chapter Ten: Damage Control

Word Count: 1993

☏ ☏ ☏ ☏

Riley Matthews had never felt more fire burning beneath her skin then she did after her phone argument with Lucas. Riley is pacing around the room when her mother enters. Riley jumps in fright. 

“You’re up early,” Topanga says as she sets her briefcase down on the table, opens the fridge and takes out the juice. 

Riley mumbles an excuse and sits herself on the sofa not wanting to arouse suspicion. 

“Did Finn get off to soccer okay?” Topanga asks as she pours herself a glass of OJ. 

“Yep,” Riley says bluntly. 

“Is everything okay, honey?” Topanga gives her daughter a quizzical look. 

Riley contemplates venting to her mother but before she can fully think it through Riley’s muttering, “Boys stink.” 

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Take A Stand: Star of Ceartais Chapter 1: Dreams and Reality

(An/ Whoa that was quick! Thanks for clicking to continue the story, so without further ado let’s get cracking with this chapter. Thanks to @ziegelzeig and @nick-and-judy-daily for the art in this chapter)

Here’s the fanfiction.net link…https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12439999/2/Take-A-Stand-Star-Of-Ceartais

Chapter 1- Dreams and Reality.

Robyn needed to relieve some stress after pouring her heart out to Luna, the teen had retreated into her bedroom and began jabbing at the punching bag that hung from the ceiling. Luna was sitting on her sister’s bed playing a beat em’ up game on Robyn’s games console, the doctor wanted to stick around until Nick and Judy got home just so she could calm her parents down when they inevitably started telling Robyn off. “Man I miss videogames.” Luna sighed as she defeated her virtual opponent and waited for the next round to loud.

“Then when why don’t you buy a console? You’re rich enough.” Robyn replied, delivering a high kick to the punch bag.

“It’s having the time that’s the issue, between work, hanging out with my friends and making time for…” Luna began to answer absentmindedly before silencing herself, she was such a blabbermouth that she’d even snitch on herself sometimes.

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Joker’s Daughter Part 2

“Daddy! You’re home!!” You cy, scrambling down the stairs, “I missed you!”

“Hello, Princess! How’s my favorite girl?”

“I’m the best, daddy! I had so much fun with, Uncle Frost! “

The Joker grinned, “I’m sure you did, Pumpkin. Did Frosty keep you busy while daddy handled business?”

“Yup!” You glance behind him, confused, “Where’s momma?”

“She wanted to spend some time with Poison Ivy tonight.” The Joker grinned, “The girls have a plan for Batsy”

You giggle and clap your hands, “I hope they have fun! But” you clear your throat, “daddy can I have something?”

“You can have whatever you want, princess! You know that!” you can already see the manic glint in your daddy’s eyes, he’s already plotting how to get whatever it is to you.

“I want the Red Hood” You try to sound confident, but don’t know if you managed it.

Daddy stiffens immediately and hold you at arm’s length, “Why would you want him? You can have anyone, Princess! Why would you choose him?”

“He isn’t scared of you! That’s why!”

“Y/N …”

“You make everyone scared of you, daddy! I just want someone who will love me for me! Not for your power!” You can feel tears building up in your eyes.

“Sorry to interrupts, Mr. J but your wife is on the phone”

The Joker growled and pushed you towards your uncle, “Take her up to her room, Frost. I have business tonight”


“No, Princess. You are gonna stay here tonight, I need to take care of a few things”

You nod and quietly turn to follow Uncle Frost. You really wish that you had waited fro momma to come home, but you were just too excited to wait! Momma and daddy’s relationship had gotten better ever since she got pregnant. According to Auntie Ivy it had been really bad in the beginning, that daddy had hurt momma a lot, but it hadn’t been that way for a while.

“Do you think daddy’s mad at me, Uncle Frost?” you whisper.

“I think he was just surprised, Princess. You know he would give you anything, but you asked for a vigilante that is constantly trying to ruin Mr. J’s plans. The Red Hood seems to have a particular disliking for Mr. J too, so your father might have been a little upset”

“I met him today, Uncle Frost. I met the Red Hood, he saved me”

Frost stopped and quickly spun you around, “What do you mean he saved you?”

“When I ran away, there was a guy in the alley who grabbed me” You didn’t really see it as a big deal, but uncle Frost’s eyes widened in horror, “He didn’t touch me! Don’t worry! Red Hood beat him up for me!”

“Why didn’t you tell me about this?” Frost hissed.

“I don’t want you to tell daddy! Please don’t!” You beg, you decide to pull out the puppy-dog eyes. Uncle Frost can’t resist those, so reluctantly he nods, “And then Hoodie and I started talking, and I gave him a kiss! And he said that he wanted to see me again! But I want to see him outside of the Hood. I want daddy to not hurt him!”

Uncle Frost sighed, “I know you really want this, and I know you don’t want him to be hurt. I also know you and Mr. J know exactly who they are under the mask. You have to give him a little time, sweetheart. He has to get used to the thought of you growing up, you know he’ll always see you as his princess.”

You wrap your uncle in a tight hug and nuzzle against him, “I really want him, Uncle Frost”

“I know you do, but you have to be patient”

“I will, promise”

“And you can’t run away anymore! You scared the shit out of me! If something had happened to you …”

“But nothing did! Nothing happened! Red Hood stopped it! It’s like I have a guardian angel watching over me!”

“Yeah, a guardian angel who likes to beat up your father, and who likes to use a gun”

You giggle, “But you like to use a gun, Uncle Frost!”

“I suppose I do, but Mr. J know I’ll die to protect you. Will your Red Hood?”

Once again you manage to slip away from your guards, this time however you head up to the rooftops instead of into an alley.

“Y/N!! Y/N!! Not again!! Where are you?!?”

You can’t help but laugh at your Uncle Frost’s distressed voice, “Silly Uncle Frost, as if I would give up this far into the game!”

“And what are you doing all the way up here, Princess?”

You whirl around, your blue and purple streaked hair twirling around you, “Hoodie!!”

Red Hood jumped down from the taller building, landing silently next to you, “Did you run away again?”

“I had to!” You jut your bottom lip out in a pout, “Daddy’s been trying to keep me in the house. I wanted to see you. I missed you”

Jason chuckled, pulling his helmet off, “You missed me?”

“Of course I did, sugar! Daddy tried to get me to forget about you! He brought home a bunch of guys from his club, but I didn’t want any of them!! I only want you, Jaybird” You whisper, wrapping your arms around his neck.

Jason grinned, “It’s been a week, doll. I thought you forgot about me”

You put one hand on your chest, “I would never forget about you!”

The safety on a gun clicks off from behind you and in an instant Jason had you pushed behind him.

“Step away from my daughter” Your momma snarled

“No momma! Don’t shoot him!!” You try to get around Jason, you know that momma won’t hurt you, but she has no problem hurting anyone in the Batfamily.

Jason just continues to hold you behind him, “I’m not going to hurt her, Harley. She hasn’t done anything wrong”

“Yeah, and the minute she does you’re going to turn against her. You’re going to hurt my princess, and I’m not going to let you do that, I’m not going to let anyone hurt her” Momma ended up screaming at the end. She raised the gun, ready to shoot.

“Please!” you sob, “Please don’t hurt him”

“Your daddy told me about your infatuation, honey. Puddin’ said you wanted to see him for a date, and then Frosty said that you had managed to get away from the guards and from the house. I knew exactly where my girl was heading, so all I had to do was find Red Hood here, and I knew I would find you”

“Momma please, I’ll go with you. I won’t see him anymore, I promise. Just-just don’t hurt him” you beg.

“No” Jason snapped, “I won’t just give up on you like that, Y/N! You’ve proven that you’re different, that you aren’t a killer, or at least that you don’t kill without due cause.”

“You’ll let her go, Hood, or I’ll shoot you”

“I said no” Jason growled

“Jason please, just let me go, I don’t want her to hurt you, you know momma will. She won’t hesitate”

“You have until the count of three to let my Princess go. One” the gun cocked, “two” momma aims right for Jason’s chest, and you tense, “Three” the gun goes off.


Happy @ineedthesons (This one is slightly longer)

103) She’s my daughter, I can read her diary

132) I have reasons. You wouldn’t get it.

Happy’s POV

My daughter and old lady are the best things that ever happened in my life. 20 years with my old lady and our baby, Lucy, just turned 19. I loved being a dad and my baby and I had a great relationship until recently. She was at college not far from the house so she still lived at home but lately she seemed to be a million miles away.

In the past few months she had started coming home late during the weeks and on the weekends she was hardly home at all. Every time I tried to hang out with her she got this guilty look on her face and made up an excuse. She also was extra protective over her diary since her weird behavior started happening. I mean ever since she got her first one when she was 12 she had been protective over her private thoughts but lately she was extra protective over it. We had always had an open relationship though so I never felt the need to check her diary before now.

I talked to my old lady about it and she said that she was probably just dating someone new and didn’t want us to meet them yet because I “scare people off.” I am not as sure, she would of told us if she was seeing someone one, unless she knew I was going to be angry about it. Which means it was someone really bad which I definitely need to know about. At least that was my line of reasoning for what I was doing now. I had her diary in my hands and was playing with the spine. She must of dropped it out of her bag before leaving for school because I found it on the floor next to the couch.

I had been debating on opening and reading it for the past half an hour. I mean what if she’s doing drugs? What if she’s hurting herself? What if someone is hurting her? With that thought I opened the diary. I flipped to a couple months ago when the weird behavior started happening.

Dear Diary,

I’m not a 100 percent sure how it happened but I know that I don’t regret it. I don’t regret any of it, not the way it felt, not the way he made me feel, none of it. He says that it can’t happen again and I know he’s right but fuck I want it to. I want to feel his hands on me again, I want to feel him inside me again. I know he feels guilty and I do too slightly but dad won’t find out.

The door opened and I jumped and closed the diary. I leaned on the counter so my arms were covering it. My old lady rounded the corner and smiled at me.

“Hey baby,” She came over and kissed me. She looked at me and frowned. “What did you do?”

“What makes you think I did something?” I asked defensively.

“Your eyebrow twitches when you feel guilty.” She told me. I cursed her for knowing me so well no one else would of picked up on that. I slowly stood up and nodded to the counter. Her eyes widen and she gasped as she saw the diary. She smacked me hard in the arm.

“Hey!” I said.

“What the hell are you doing reading that!?” She asked with an angry look in her eyes.

She’s my daughter, I can read her diary!” I told her.

“No you can’t! It’s an invasion of privacy!” She yelled at me.

“She fucked someone!” I blurted out. Her eyes widen again.

“Do you… do you know who?” She asked. I shook my head.

“Did you know?” I asked. Those two shared everything.

“No, as far as I knew she was still a virgin.” She said sadly.

“This guy took her virginity!?” I asked angrily.

“She’s fucking 19, Hap. Be happy she’s not 14.” She told me. I grumbled and grabbed the diary again. I flipped to the next page. “Fuck Hap, you are on your own for this.” My old lady shook her head and walked away.

Dear Diary,

He couldn’t keep his eyes away off me. They followed wherever I went and I couldn’t help tease him. If he wasn’t going to do anything but look then he was going to suffer. I understand why he doesn’t want to do it again, I know he thinks he betrayed my dad but I can also see the way he looks at me. The hunger in them, I feel the same way.

My eyebrows furrowed. Betrayed me? Was it a Son that was fucking her? One of my brothers? A mechanic at TM? My hands shook at the idea of it. I turned to the next page.

Dear Diary,

I wore a short skirt and no panties today. When he realized that all of his willpower went out the window. He nearly took me on the fucking bar. This time after we were done, he refused to let me leave and pulled me close to cuddle me. I never expected him to be sweet with me, I thought it was just sex. Eventually I settled in his arms and he kissed me softly. I don’t know what this means but I won’t overanalyze it for now.

I sighed angrily and moved a month ahead in the diary.

Dear Diary,

God he treats me like a princess. I never expected this, it was just supposed to be a one night stand. Well after that I needed more and so did he. He asked me to be his girl a couple days ago. I told him that I’d need to think but I know now I’m going to say yes, especially after last night. He made me dinner and afterwards he pulled me close and we slow danced. After the song ended he made love to me. It was soft and sweet. I think I’m falling for him…

I rubbed a hand over my head and bit my lower lip as I moved to the next page.

Dear Diary,

I told him that I’d be his girl. He was so fucking happy that he kissed me out in the open. We just about got caught by Bobby when he did. When we were alone again, he said he wanted to let people know. He wanted us to actually be together instead of this sneaking around shit. I honestly wanted that too but dad would kill him. I didn’t want him to get hurt because of me. Dad wouldn’t understand though.

I clenched and unclenched my fists. Fuck! Can she just write his fucking name! I flipped to the next month to one of the most recent pages.

Dear Diary,

He brought up telling my dad again. We both feel so guilty about it but I know it’s safer if dad doesn’t find out. I love dad but I love him too. Maybe I should end it. If we’re only ever can be a secret is it worth it. Fuck I don’t know anymore. Everything is confusing.

It was my fault that she was hiding all this. But I don’t blame her for hiding it. I’m itching to kill whoever this is. I turned to the next page which was the newest one.

Dear Diary,

I’m going to end it today. I can’t put the pressure on him to keep us a secret. Every since I made this decision, my stomach has been twisted and in pain. I feel sick and I want to cry. I cried myself to sleep last night. We’ve only been together for a month but we’ve been friends for so much longer. He’s always been there and I can’t stand the thought of him not wanting anything to do with me anymore. I love Tig…

The diary dropped out of my hands. Tig.. Tig… Tig!? Fucking God! I walked out the door, slamming it behind me. I jumped on my bike and raced to the clubhouse. I parked and walked inside.

“Tig!?” I yelled as I went into the clubhouse. I looked around and everyone was staring at me like I had lost my mind. “Where is he!?”

“His dorm.” Bobby said. I stomped back there and knocked hard on the door.

“Coming!” Tig yelled. As soon as the door was opened big enough I grabbed him by his shirt and threw him into the wall. I heard the other guys start running down the hall at the crash but I didn’t care. I was so pissed at him. I grabbed him by the collar of his shirt and lifted him off the ground slightly before I start punching his face over and over. I knew the guys had stopped at the doorway and were watching what was happening but none of them made a move to stop it. Probably because they knew I’d turn on them if they did.

“Dad! Dad! Fuck someone stop him please!” I heard Lucy yell. She pleaded with the guys for another minute before I felt arms start to drag me away from Tig. It took Opie, Chibs, Jax, and Clay to rip me away from Tig. Tig spit some blood out of his mouth and sighed.

“I’m sorry brother.” He said. He knew why I did it and before I could tear out of my brother’s arms, Lucy jumped in front of me.

“Dad, please. It’s not his fault.” She said.

“It’s not, really?” I growled.

“It’s mine, he wanted to stop after the first time and he wanted to tell you when it did continue. I’m the one that wouldn’t let him.”  She told me.

“He still should of! You both should of!” I yelled.

“I know but with the way you are acting now can you blame us!” She yelled back. That shut me up. She did have a point. I stopped fighting the guys hold on me and shrugged them off.

“Do you love her?” I asked Tig who was getting off the ground. He nodded slightly and he grimaced in pain which gave me a sense of satisfaction.

“Yeah I love her a lot, brother.” He told me.

“You hurt her and brother or not, I’ll kill you.” I told him.

“You’ll have to get in line behind me dad.” Lucy said with a smile as she came over and hugged me.

“I don’t like this or understand it but I guess if he’s what you want.” I said with a shrug.  

I have my reasons.You wouldn’t get it.” Lucy said with a giggle and kissed my cheek before going over and checking on Tig. I looked at the rest of the guys who all had similar looks of what the fuck is happening on their faces. I chuckled and walked out of the dorm. Now I had to go face my old lady who was definitely going to yell at me for the trouble I’ve caused today.

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“One Hell of a Lucky Guy”

Steroline (sort of?) AU future fic - prompt what if Caroline meet one of Stefan’s doppelgangers in the future.

Chapter 1

Caroline sat at her desk mired in paperwork for the Salvatore Boarding School’s upcoming enrollment. By the looks of things next semester would have around a dozen new students up almost fifty percent from five years ago. It had been thirty years since she opened the school and overall it had been quite the success, the student body sat at around one hundred students ranging from ages five to seventeen all living on campus.

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Just Friends. (Tom Holland Imagine)

I’ve been wanting to write about Tom Holland/Peter Parker for a while now. So if you have any Spider-Man, Peter Parker, Tom Holland requests, please send them! 


I hope you enjoy!

Originally posted by tomhollanddaily

Naturally, when two young celebrities play lovers on a movie or television show, everyone would speculate that the two are dating or eventually will date. You had a long contract with Marvel ever since you were fourteen. Your character had been introduced as Tony Stark’s daughter in Iron Man 2. Now in Civil War being your third movie in the MCU, you were finally shown a love interest. And that was MCU newbie, Tom Holland. 

In a panel for the new Captain America movie, your characters’ romance had been a main topic of interest for questions. “Tom, did you have to read with (Y/N) when you first auditioned?” A fan asked. You shot up and glared at Sebastian Stan, the only person whom you shared your secret attraction towards the British actor. 

Tom smiled a little. “Oh, yes. I did read with (Y/N) but it wasn’t my first audition. It was when they had their final choices and they had each one of us read with this lovely creature.” He swung his arm around your shoulders and many fans awed at his notion. 

Sebastian cleared his throat and your eyes widened giving him a warning. “Fun fact that not everyone knows, but they had a hard time decided who to choose so they asked (Y/N) who she thought she got along with the most. She chose Tom.” You felt a light blush creeping onto your cheeks as you awkwardly pulled away from Tom. 

“The other guys were old enough to be my dad.” You sassed, making the crowd burst into laughter. 

“This one is for (Y/N), actually.” A new fan questioned after being handed the microphone. “And well, Tom can answer as well, but did the on-screen romance transfer to a real life one as well?” Your jaw clenched, thinking of an answer that wouldn’t give away your huge tiny crush on Tom. 

“No.” You said, softly. “We’re Just Friends.” 

What you didn’t see was how Tom slouched back into his seat, his confidence draining. Did he read into your signs wrong? You leaning into him for comfort, Sebastian and RDJ encouraging him to court you, you resting your head on his shoulder after long car rides? Was it all because you thought of him as just a friend? 

After the panel, you all disbanded to look around the convention and take pictures with any fans. You noticed how distant Tom had been from you throughout the day and whenever you tried to talk to him, he always found something to preoccupy himself with. 

A little girl came up to Tom and hugged his leg. Her mother chased after her, scolding her and apologizing.Tom shook his head and said it was fine before scooping the child up. “Hey, there.” He smiled at the girl. 

“Can Peter and (Y/C/N) be my mommy and daddy?” She asked, looking at him with starry eyes. 

Before Tom could bluntly reply a no, you came up to the pair and smiled at the little girl in his arms. “Of course, baby.” You cooed as the three of you posed to take a picture. Tom handed the girl back to her mother and quickly excused himself to go check out the Spider-Man booth that sat across the convention. “Are you avoiding me?“ You questioned, grabbing onto his arm before he could leave.

“Course not, buddy.” He replied. You looked taken aback by the name. Never in your time of knowing Tom have you ever heard him call you buddy it had always been angel, love, or lovely. “What? Isn’t that what we are? Friends? Buddies?” 

Your shoulders sank down. “Did I offend you?” You asked. “If I did, I’m sorry for saying the truth. We’re just friends, Tom.” 

“What if I don’t want to be?” He snapped. Your eyes widened as you encouraged him to go on. “I like you, (Y/N). It’s a massive crush. When I was called back to read with you, I was so afraid that I’d mess up because you made me so nervous. My palms are sweaty when you’re near me and my heart beats faster than it should. And for you to say that we’re just friends hurts because I thought you felt something more too.” 

He turned to walk away from you but you pulled him back once again. “(Y/N) don’t-” You cut him off by standing on your tip toes and pulling him into a kiss. You pulled away after a few moments, raising your eyebrows at him. “You did that ‘cause you feel bad for me?” 

“I did that because I don’t see you as just a friend.” You muttered. 

In the distance, you couldn’t hear them, but Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan were giving you two knowing looks while Chris Evans had his jaw dropped. “Here’s fifty bucks, fellas.” Chris Evans said handing the two the green paper. “I thought he’d for sure make the first move.” 

Good Girl Ch 21: This Is Not A Date

“This is ridiculous,” Baekhyun groans from my bed where him and a few others are sprawled out on, all voicing their hatred for this whole endeavor.

“I agree with you all, this is being made a bigger deal than needed,” I glare at Tao who is in charge of getting me dressed for my dinner with Jiyong. Like I expected, they couldn’t do much to stop his demand for my company, not that I mind. It felt like forever since someone treated me my age.

“Tao,” Kris growls, “Is the fancy lingerie really necessary?” All twelve men scan me from head to toe, taking in the pretty lace bralette and matching panties I’m standing there wearing.

“It’s cute, plus we get to think about it the whole time she is out and he’ll have no idea how amazing she looks underneath.” Tao smirks devilishly at me.

“And the outfit?” I question staring at the dozen dresses he has thrown on the floor, only one hanging up still, it’s the one that Jiyong sent with a formal invitation to dinner.

“I want to find something close to it so you’re wearing the clothes we bought for you, not the ones that asshole did,” He glares at the beautiful dress. I sigh, tired of this drama, and grab the dress off the hanger before pulling it on. “Baby!” Tao whines.

“Daddy,” I say sternly as I pull on the heels that go with it, “He would notice and get mad. I don’t want to get you guys in trouble for something so small.”

He sighs, coming over he places a hand on my back that brings me close, “You shouldn’t have to be doing things like this, we should have protected you from him.

“You guys are doing a great job protecting me, I’m well fed, happy. And I don’t have to do anything, I’m going because it causes less drama for you and your business and because I enjoy my conversations with Jiyong oppa.”

“I’m very annoyed with how perfect that dress is on you,” Kai pouts from the bed. I click into the closet to give myself a once over. Like normal Chen helped me with my hair so the curls are resting naturally down my back, I let Baekhyun do my makeup, which he is surprisingly very good at. Looking down at my outfit I’m very happy with Jiyong’s choice. It’s a black A-line with a sweetheart neckline that makes my natural curves standout more, the matching stilettos with a bow top it off. Kai is right, it’s perfect, cute but sexy.

“Thank you guys for not rallying and starting a gang war about this.”

Suho chuckles, “Chanyeol tried but with only Kai, Baekhyun, and Sehun backing him, he lost majority vote.”

I eye the giant, “I would go to war for you baby,” He gives me that smile.

“Please don’t, I am not worth a war.”

This time Xiumin approaches me, obviously upset by my words, “You are worth a war a million times over. If he wanted more than dinner, there would be a war without question. If he tires to hurt you or even makes you uncomfortable you tell us, we will start a goddamn war.”

“Daddy, I said no war. We will both behave, have dinner, and he will bring me home.”

“God,” Luhan groans, “I feel like we’re actual fathers getting our daughter ready for her first date.”

“Don’t say that,” Baekhyun shakes his head, “I’m not having thoughts any father should have right now.” Chen swats at him.

“Do I have a curfew?”

“I don’t know, if we can set rules on like that when it comes to something like this,” Suho thinks.

“He should be here in a few, we can talk about it down stairs,” Xiumin decides taking me hand and leading me out of the room with the other boys in tow. By the time we reach the door someone is ringing the doorbell; as expected it’s Jiyong in a nice black suit. He looks right past the boys to me, beaming he walks right in and up to me.

“You look beautiful!” He is grinning ear to ear, I can’t help but smile back at such a handsome face.

“I already want to change my mind,” Xiumin grumbles as he continues pulling me along into the living room.

“You’re new ring goes wonderful with that outfit,” Jiyong scans me, but when he notices the other ring on my hand he stops. “That one, not so much.” He grabs my hand once we reach the living room to look at the new addition. It’s the ring my daddies bought me as soon as we left the office, it’s a beautiful golden ring with xoxo engraved on it and a pretty good-sized diamond on it.

“You’re the one that said they could claim me as well,” I tease the older man.

“I’m regretting it.”

I scoff, “We both know if I’m taking one of these rings off it’s yours.”

He sighs, “I know, forget I said anything. Lets go eat.”

“Wait a minute,” Suho blocks the doorway with Sehun and Kai flanking him, their arms crossed over their chests, now I understand what Baekhyun meant earlier. “We need to talk about a few things before hand.”

“Like what?” Jiyong snaps.

I take my hand away from him to stand closer to Xiumin, “Like what time they want me home, where we will be going, no excessive touching, no running off to Paris.”

“You guys talked about this in detail?” He cocks an eyebrow at me.

“No, you remind me of Jihyo and she tends to forget these kinds of things so I figured you were the same.”

“Fine, what time would you like her home by?” Jiyong cross his arms over his chest and looks at the wall of men in front of the doorway.

“9,” Sehun deadpans.

“It’s already 7. Midnight.”

“She has a bedtime,” Suho says this time.

Jiyong gives me a questioning look, “You weren’t kidding about the whole daddy, rules thing.”

I shrug, “Told you.”

“You are making an acceptation.”

“I agree,” I smile at my daddies. “I promise we will be good.”

“You guys are going to all of that time at a restaurant talking?” Kris doesn’t seem to believe us.

“It’ll take us an hour to get into town, we’ll eat and talk for three and I’ll have her home by midnight.”

They all share a look and I can tell they are about to cave. Grinning big at the idea of my first time out since this all happened I quickly kiss each other daddies on the lips before grabbing Jiyong’s hand and pulling him to the door. I yell over my shoulder, “Love you all, be back tonight!” Jiyong is grinning next to me, he quickly takes the lead throwing me into his black sports car before climbing in on his side.

“I’m not having you back by midnight.” He quickly whips out of the driveway and speeds down the road.

“Shit, at this rate we’ll be in town in half the time,” I pull on my seat belt, worried for my safety.

“They seem very strict.”

I shrug, “They aren’t that bad, more rules than I’ve ever had but I don’t do much anyway.”

“You aren’t a crazy girl with boys blowing up her phone every second of everyday?”

“You are confusing me for Jihyo.”

“There is that name again, Jihyo, I would like to meet this girl if she reminds you of me.”

“She is probably more your type anyway.”

He glances at me, “What makes you think you know my type? We don’t know each other that well for you to know those things.”

“I can just guest.”

“Please tell me what kind of women I like, oh wise Jooyoung.”

I sink lower into my seat as I stare at him, “You like the beautiful bad girl. The one with short skirts and leather pants. She spends more money on her shoes than her rent, that is if she pays for them at all.”

“Not bad, I have to admit. That is a very close description to the sluts I normally fuck with, but very far from the type of girl I see myself in an actual relationship with.”

“Relationship? You want to settle down?”

He nods, “I want nothing more than to have someone at home to welcome me warmly with a smile on their face.”

“That isn’t hard to find.”

“Try living like me Beautiful. My life isn’t simple, most women who see me, fear me, or want me for power. It is hard to find someone like you.” We ride in silence the rest of the way, I feel kind of guilty for assuming so much about him when I know nothing beyond the fact that he’s the head of the mafia. I switch from staring at his face that is being illuminated by the dash and looking out the window into the darkness. When we finally get into town it’s only 7:30, he’s speed only decreases slightly but he continues to follow his own traffic rules. By the time we pull up to the restaurant my hands are cramping from gripping the door handle so hard.

He chuckles as I massage my hands once we step out of the car, “Didn’t mean to scare you.”

I glare at him, “I’m calling bullshit.”

“Come on Beautiful, I’m starving,” He offers me an arm that I wrap mine around. With a little smirk he walks me towards the set of tall black doors, they burst open scaring the crap out of me, I tighten my grip on Jiyong’s arm. “It’s okay, they are just going to greet us.”

“Greet us?”

Beyond the door are two lines, one on their side of the door, all bowing deeply to greet us, but mostly Jiyong. “Welcome Black Dragon,” The group says in unison.

“Everyone scram, you scaring my guest,” Heads turn up to look at me at his words. Men and women alike were utterly surprised to see me on his arm, their wide eyes and hanging jaws told me it all. When no one moves Jiyong snaps at them again, “I said scram!” With that they all scattered, creating chaos for a moment as they run around like chickens with their heads cut off.

I laugh, “Do they do this all the time?”

“This is a first, they usually respond right away. They must be distracted by my date.”

“This is not a date,” I deadpan taking my arm away from his.

He pouts, “This is a date.”

“We are two friends out getting dinner.”

“Beautiful,” He huffs.

“Oppa,” I huff back.

He sighs, “Fine, this is not a date. Now may we please go eat?”

“Yes,” I give him a victorious smirk, looping my arm with his once again. He leads me past the beautiful entry way into the darkly lit dining room. I’m surprised to find it empty and all the candles on the table are out. Without hesitation he leads me to the single table with a candle still lit, like a gentleman he pulls out my chair for me. “Did you buy the whole place out?” I tease, placing the napkin on my lap as he takes his seat across from me.

A smirk spreads across his face, “This is my place.”

I roll my eyes, “Of course it is. You didn’t have to close the place down, that is unless you are embarrassed of being seen with me.”

He shakes his head, “I wouldn’t have put that ring on you if I didn’t feel anything but fondness for you. I just want all of your attention.”

“I can focus on someone when other people are in the room, you know.”

“People would be staring, trying to talk to me to be polite, I can’t stand people. I liked the bubble we had at the office, just us, I wanted that again.”

I nod, “Fair enough. What are we going to be having for dinner?”

“You can pick from the menu, we have a very wide variety of foods,” He hands me one of them menus in front of him. “Anything to drink? Martini, wine, margarita?”

“Water is fine.”

“Please get something other than water.”

I sigh, “Fine, some wine would be great with a steak.”

“That is easy enough,” He claps his hands three times, right away there is a man coming from the kitchen doors to our table. The man is probably not much older than me, early twenties, he’s handsome even with such a cold face. “Two glasses of my favorite wine and begin bringing out number three.” The man nods before rushing back into the kitchen without a word.

“So tell me Mr. Mobster, why did you want to have dinner so bad?”

“I’m not 100% sure, it may be the lack of fear in your eyes, or you’re cute curiosity in things you should run away from.”

“Could I ask you something?”

He nods.

“Are you above my daddies?”

“Above in ranking?” I nod. “They are the head of their group, I am the head of mine, we are technically on the same level.”

“What do you mean by technically?”

He relaxes into his chair as he explains, “We may be the same position but our groups are on different levels. We are involved in different things, they are focused on guns, animals, and information.”

“And you?”

“You promise not to be upset?” I hesitate answering, not sure I can promise something when I don’t really know how I will react. After nibbling on my lip for a minute I nod, letting him know to go on. “We deal with drugs, people, and moving money.”

“People,” I echo.

He nods, “Do I need to give you a minute?”

I shake my head as I try to let that information go in one ear and out the other, “Don’t give me time because I will only talk myself into a hole I don’t know if I’ll be able to get myself out of, can we talk about something else?”

He tires to change the conversation, “How was school?”

I’m happy with his attempt but bust out with, “How do you expect me to talk about something as boring as school when you sell people?”

“I sell people,” He confirms.

“How can my daddies think I would get upset at them for selling guns, animals, and information, when you sell people?” For some reason I can’t seem to wrap my mind around how a person could do that to another human being.

“They have to do a lot of bad things to get those things, they have to kill and torture to keep their secrets and to get other peoples’. Like I said Beautiful, my life is not simple. Either is theirs’.”

“How much more dangerous are you than them?”

He doesn’t understand at first, “I don’t know how you want me to answer that.”

“Lets say on like a scale of 1 to 10, what are my daddies?”


“And you?”

“Solid 12.”


“Because they have sort of a democracy amongst each other, they can’t do things unless they have a majority rule. They also have each other, even though they are half siblings they grew up raising each other. They have things to loose, things people could hold over their heads, friends, parents, more family. I, on the other hand, rule alone. I have no one but my right hand men and even most of them are expendable. They all know I wouldn’t bat an eye if they got taken. I’m alone, no friends, no family, no lover.” There is a coldness growing in his eyes that gives me a chill.

I feel the need to be playful to get that horrible look away. “What does that make me? I thought we were friends.”

He cracks a smile, “True, you are, for the first time in my life, my weak spot.”

“Wow, your weak spot already after a few days? What does that get me, a look and a phone call to ask how much the ransomed is?”

“It means I would make sure no one can take you in the first place,” He is suddenly serious again as he stares at me from across the table with affection in his eyes. The first course comes along with a bottle of wine, my mouth is watering at such a delicious sight. The food is absolutely amazing and so is the wine, that I’ve somehow already downed two glasses of. Time flies by quickly with many different conversions that I would have never thought I would talk about, soon the bottle is empty and I’m pretty sure Jiyong is only on his second one by dessert, oops.

“You shouldn’t let me drink.” I’m a bit passed buzzed where my little side has been popping her head into the conversation, giggling like an idiot and making me feel like a dumbass.

He laughs, “I’m happy I did, you are adorable.”

I groan, “Everyone loves me when I’m drunk because I’m so cute and loveable and not a bitch like I am normally.”

“You are not a bitch. I prefer you when you are your normal self, I like your fiest.”

I give him a sad smile, “Thank you for being one of few. My daddies hate it when I’m big.” There it is again, my constant insecurity about how the men who abducted me feel when I’m not little.

“They do not hate you.”

I sniffle, “Yea they do. Xiumin and Kris only scold me now because I want to do things for myself. Kyungsoo won’t let me watch him cook anymore since I keep trying to help but it’s too dangerous. They all just get so distant when I’m myself. I know Chen told me it’s because my big side is too much temptation but I’m calling bullshit! They just hate the real me,” I cry. Once I realize how stupid I’m acting I try to stop the tears but they don’t want to listen. “God I’m such an idiot! Who cries over shit like this?”

Jiyong is around the table with his arm around me shushing me sweetly, “I told you, they do not hate you. I’ve seen them with women they hate, you are a queen in their eyes. Please stop crying.”

“Can you take me home? I just want to go to bed,” I sniffle, letting him wipe away a few of my tears.

“Of course, can you walk?”

I nod but still accept his arm when he offers it. I sway slightly but manage to make it to the car without an incident. The drive home is not as awkward as I thought it would be, we didn’t talk but he refused to let my hand go. It was comforting the way his thumb drew circles around on the back of my hand. He drove the speed limit on the way back, giving me time to cool down before I have to deal with the dozens of questions that we both know are going to come.

Pulling up to the house Jiyong reaches for his door to walk me up, “It’s okay, I can walk to the door myself.”

“Let me walk you in,” He says sternly but I shake my head.

“I was stupid and drank too much of your probably thousand dollar bottle of wine and cried because people don’t like me on only our second time meeting. Let me have some self respect tonight.”


I smile at him gratefully, “Thank you so much for a night Oppa, I had so much fun. I’m sorry for ruining it by crying.”

“I’m happy I was there to comfort you. We’re friends, it’s what I’m here for. If you ever need someone to talk to about this, I’m here. I’ve never been anyone’s person to call when they are upset, but I’d think I could do it for you.”

“So cheesy Oppa,” I laugh. “Thank you again for dinner and being a good friend, I’ll see you again.”

“Of course, you have a good night.”

I give him one last smile before getting out and going to the door. The door is surprisingly unlocked, but I still go inside, locking it behind me. Standing in the door for a minute a sad feeling settle in my belly when the whole house is dark. Did no one wait up for me even after throwing a fit about me going? It’s 1 in the morning so of course they went to bed, why would they wait up for me? I’m a big girl remember? I don’t need anyone to take care of me! Than why do I feel so small right now, why do I feel like crying at the fact that no one cared if I got home okay? Like the baby that I am I start to sniffle once again, not caring now that I’m alone how stupid I might look.

“Joo-ya?” Daddy calls from the living room.

“Daddy.” I say back in a small voice.

I hear him shuffling to me from the living room, “Are you crying? What’s wrong?”

“No one wanted to greet me,” I cry. “No one cared that I got home safe. But I’m a big kid so I shouldn’t cry about stupid things.”

“Are you drunk?”

“Yes I’m drunk! So you should be happy, I’m little right now. I’m small and weak and crying and all I want right now is a hug.”

His arms are around me in a second, holding me to him firmly, kissing my hair, “Why in the world is my baby crying?”

“Because no one was happy that I’m home, because I’ve been big lately. No one likes me when I’m big.”

“Baby, we love you all the time.”

“No!” I snap back pushing out of his embrace. “You have been avoiding me! You constantly ask me where is your little girl, where is she? I’m not always going to be in a little state of mind, why? Because I’m not a little kid! I’m fucking 17 years old. You guys tell me that you love me and that you’ll protect me but I’m calling bullshit on all of that because the moment I become myself you all treat me like I have the plague. I should just leave now before you guys get bored with me so I can still have some pride.”

His arms are around me again, holding me tighter, his is in the crook of my neck, “Don’t say things like that. You are not going anywhere.” He kisses me softly at first on neck, leaving a trail of kisses up to my jaw, just before he reaches my lips he says, “I’ll prove how much I love you.”

On The First Day...

Originally posted by whoeveryoulovethemost

Titled: ‘On the First Day’ 

Pairing: Dean x reader

Word Count: 2,018

Warnings: Angst because why not? Slight fluff, Dean feels, etc. 

A/N: This is part one to a mini au Dean series I wanted to write, so here you go guys! 

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You hadn’t heard the name Dean Winchester in three years or so. Three years ago, Dean was in a rush to get out of a town for what reason you were still not sure of to this day. He reassured you he would be back in no time. You needed to tell him something but Dean never gave you the chance because he already had one foot out the door. Three years later, not a lot has changed, you’re still living with your parents, you still have the same job as you try to get your life together. On that day, you worked the morning to afternoon shift at Sally’s, and in walks a man. You were worried about filling in someone’s else order when they came sauntering in.

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