i feel so bad for finding this funny

I really can not find any explanations for why some people are so full of hatred, especially towards someone they do not know. I have seen many people receiving hate filled messages about Seunghyun and I am confused as to why this is. I have loved bigbang since I was only 6 years old and I certainly feel that he is a warm hearted, sensitive, kind, thoughtful and funny person who, despite suffering with mental illnesses, has achieved great things. Unless you have experiences with mental illness, you could not possibly imagine how bad things must have been for him this year, especially as Korea’s attitude toward mental health leaves a lot to be desired, suicide is never something to be joked about, ever. You do not have to like him really, but you should have a little more compassion in your heart for people, he is a human being, being famous does not change that fact. He did a bad thing but he doesn’t deserve many of the cruel things that have been said about him. If I get one more cruel message about him, I will turn anon off and then we will see who the coward is.

You know a few different times I’ve been asked what my biggest regret in life is and I usually say “I don’t know” but that’s a lie. A fat lie. My biggest regret is one time in 7th grade I broke a glowstick and drew a heart with Sasuke’s name in it on my bedroom wall but if that’s not bad enough you know glowsticks usually fade after a day, right? Well not this one- this one stained the wall so even at a grown ass adult there’s Sasuke’s name in a goddamn giant ass heart on my wall as erasable as the shame in my heart.


**warning: this was supposed to a cute quick post about Nalu but I ended up getting too deep on Natsu’s side of things woops ¯\_(ツ)_/¯*

If you ever have doubts that Natsu and Lucy love eachother in the more than a friend type of way just remember drunk Lucy gets all blushy and excited & has hearts all around her because she thought there were 2 Natsus

call me crazy but I’m pretty sure you don’t react like this to people that are just your “friends”

you don’t just get heart eyes for anyone aight like she’s so in love 

also I’m not even going to began to talk about those bedroom eyes she gives natsu from time to time but here’s a post on that: 

remember wayyy back when Levy and Juvia tease Lucy about liking Natsu and Lucy responds with:

then fast forward to now

like she’s not even denying that she’s head over heels for him  hello
I really feel like at this point for her she realizes that she does indeed love him 

As for Natsu, for someone that is super expressive and speaks his mind, he doesn’t really show the same signs Lucy does. He hardly gets embarrassed or flustered, has no problem getting super close to Lucy’s face, or even seeing her naked except in the chapter 438 when Lucy’s towel fell off lmao he was hella caught off guard
It’s obvious that he does have a soft spot for her but is it the “more than a friend” type of way? Of course I could dig up anytime he’s been super overprotective of her, when future Lucy died and he cried, when he tried to kiss her bc Asuka was wanted them too, or even the time that him and Lucy fought Kain which people like to think is when Natsu realized he “loved her.” 
but I’m only going to talk about 3 moments (realistically 1 which you’ll see but I thought the other 2 moments were kinda significant) in particular that make me believe that Natsu does see Lucy as much more than a friend:

When Natsu dug up a rainbow sakura tree for Lucy when she was sick

Ok so this moment isn’t necessarily me trying to prove Natsu was/is in love with Lucy especially since this was still in the early episodes and I’m one of the few that believes they barely even acknowledged their “feelings” once Natsu returns from his one year training mission after Tartaros 
but can we just talk about how ROMANTIC this was?? and they both didn’t even realize it? Natsu straight up dug up a huge ass tree, put it on a boat, and sent it Lucy’s way because she was too sick to see them herself. when will your otp that’s actually canon ever

Natsu letting Lucy wear his scarf

OkAYY also with this one I knowww it’s just a cover and not even in the actual story BUT I still think it’s important because Mashima put it there for a reason!!
Natus’s scarf, the thing his deceased father made him, the thing he treasures so much that he neverrr has it off even when he’s swimming, the thing both Lucy and Gray made sure to get back to him because they know how much it means to him, THE THING HAPPY CALLED LUCY A MEANIE FOR BECAUSE SHE ACCIDENTALLY TOOK IT OFF WHEN SHE WAS TRYING TO KICK HIM OUT OF HER BED and now she’s wearing it 
idk I feel like Mashima putting this is his way of showing us just how much their bond together has grown

When Natsu thought Lucy died

Alright so out of all the Nalu moments in the entire series I feel like this is the one where we truly see just how important Lucy is in Natsu’s life. Remember Zeref revealed that they were brothers and that if he were to die, then so would Natsu. Natsu was going to attack anyway until a crying Happy stopped him saying that he didn’t want him to die and Natsu basically agreed to temporarily retreat.
Fast forward to the moment Natsu thought Lucy was dead, he cries and then END is awakened. And the first thing he wants to do is finish off Zeref. 
Natsu KNOWS that if he kills Zeref, he will die as well but at this point he doesn’t care because he thinks Lucy is dead. But really think about this. Natsu, the person that is always telling people to not give up and more importantly to LIVE, too not DIE for your friends but to LIVE for them, was basically heading into a suicide mission. way to be a hypocrite natsu lol
“You can’t stop me anymore! No one can!” that line really got to me because I feel like it just shows how hurt he was. He really didn’t care about what would happen to him anymore, where not even Gray could reach him.
He didn’t want to live in a world where Lucy didn’t exist.

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Your first date with Peter Parker would include..

- A LOT of not knowing what to do

- but going with the flow

- the angel asked you out in such a cute way

- ‘hEeeEy (y/n) i think you’re REALLY COOL wannagoeatwithme

- well he almost choked

- but that’s not the point

- anyways

- his palms sweating when he picks you up even though you only live two floors above him

- ‘okay peter you can do this’ 

- you open the door


- asking may for advice

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Don’t ask me why... (and sorry)

 Don’t ask me why… I don’t know. I found it funny… 

More ? Sorry… It’s still because I find this funny. Don’t feel bad about this please… All ship are okay and canon in this reality or another.

I think Allurance and Ty Lee spirit are very free, and I think Hancer and Klancer can be friend so… Everyone love Appa, like everyone love Pance… That’s why. Sorry ?

Terrible boyfriends

Aries: They will find something wrong in literally ANYTHING you do. Seriously. They’ll use every single one of your mistakes just so that they can make fun of you and make you feel bad, because for some reason that’s super funny.

Taurus: Kinda lazy, when it comes to expressing love. I’m not saying that they should tell you that they love you every single day and always give you compliments and say things to make you happy, but sometimes, they think that all they have to do is to buy you things and that’s all. They technically buy your love in a way…

Gemini: Are they even in relationship with you ??? Who knows ???? I mean I’m not saying that staying an individual in a relationship is a bad thing (it is, in fact, amazing), but these guys ? Sometimes cross the line way too much. They act as if they didn’t even know you.

Cancer: They become super selfish. Yes, it is great to do stuff together and go places together, but this guy gives literally zero fucks about you and only wants you to participate in activities he enjoys doing. Also don’t expect him to ever ask about your day and then actually listen.

Leo: They constantly need you to remind them of how beautiful and amazing they are. If you don’t give them attention, they’ll whine and get moody. Sometimes they’re more of a son than a boyfriend, really.

Virgo: Listen. You won’t ever be number one. Get over it or don’t date a Virgo. Because for him, there’s many more important things than a relationship. A work for example! Whatever project he is working on right now, it is more important for him than a date with you. 

Libra: In my opinion maybe the top sign to become a fucking police once they’re in a relationship with you. Prepare for 30 texts a day as well as arguments and A LOT of questions. As if he never did any of that himself. Also if you don’t compliment them at least once a day, they’ll get pissed at you.

Scorpio: Way too personal?? Obviously everyone has different standarts, but sometimes they’re just way too touchy and/or ask you too much? In return, they often act cold and detached. Find a healthy balance, Scorpio !

Sagittarius: There is a reason why Sagittarius boys are often listed as the biggest fuckboys from zodiac. Even when dating someone, they’ll still flirt with other people and don’t really five a shit about the other person’s feeling. They’re likely to cheat in my opinion. Perhaps that’s why they’re always mentioned as the biggest fuckboys..

Capricorn: You will come out of this relationship like a dry plum. No but seriously, they will emotionally drain you like no one !! They’ll always want you to admire them and take care of them, but they’ll barely do anything in return. Might get jealous VERY easily.

Aquarius: They don’t know what they want ! I swear to god, they want you to be super loyal and make them happy, but at the same time they can get really distant and also don’t mind flirting with other girls while they’re in a relationship with you..

Pisces: If Pisces boy is moody, he IS moody. He’ll tell you things to make you feel bad for him and to make him feel good. Prepare for a lot of complaining and crying. He gets annoyed super easily as well.

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Hi. I really like your drawings so I think you can help me. I draw myself and I've got one friend that shows me how to paint humans. But if she sees my pictures, she always laughs and says that they are funny. I don't feel really confident and her meaning means a lot to me, so I think my drawings are just "funny". First I were really proud of them, but then she always comes and laughs. What should I do? P.S. I'm sorry for bad english. I'm from germany.

Um. wow…

That’s how you DON’T teach someone how to draw.  The thing with criticism, an important thing you should listen to, is that first you should find the good things about something you’re up to criticise. 

Say there’s a very detailed colourful drawing but the anatomy is very, very bad. Maybe one leg is bigger than the other, maybe the eyes are different shape, BUT.

You say that, hey, I like your colours! (for example)! You found a good contrast harmony! You’ve put so many details into it! And only then you say (BUT IN A KIND POLITE WAY) what this person should fix. Tell them what is not the greatest about anatomy AND HOW fix it, say that hey! I love your details, but It’s better to first finish the general shape because details can distract from it. Or, if you criticise something first then at least say what’s good about it afterwards.

People who laugh at someone work, I feel like, have absolutely zero interest in your improvement or self-confidence. In my opinion, this kind of people just want to level up in their own eyes by bringing someone down. We all know just how destroying those kind of laughs can be to people who put so much into their work. 

You’ve put your time, your imagination, your sincerity into something that means a lot to you and this itself isn’t funny at all! Your friend should at least respect your effort, because not everyone is born immediately great and have to work their way up.

I’d say don’t listen to your friend and keep being proud of your drawings! And I think you should be proud! Don’t let anyone bring you down like this.

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what sun and moon signs do you think are the most misunderstood? perhaps the most underrated?

Disclaimer: these don’t go after a particular order, also: this is solely my point of view

most misunderstood:

Virgo moon: I guess earth moons get aaaaall very misunderstood but Virgo moons really get mistaken for another dry moon sign that is attached to neurotic behaviour and while there is some kind of truth behind this (aka they ARE mostly dedicated to order to feel an order in themselves - they like their feelings sorted! ) they are reaaaal sweethearts!! They try to make your life easier (or at least that’s how they perceive it) by helping you, guiding you through the difficulties in your life. People see them as constantly nagging, but they just want to solve your problems together with you or to show you your faults, so you can avoid them in the future. They want to hold your hand when your going through a rough time - be sure that they whill check up on you, Virgo is ruled by mercury: their mind IS buisy!! They really think a lot about their loved ones and are extrem worriers but may try to remain strong by faking and swallowing all their feelings. And you can be sure that a Virgo moon probably never talks about their feelings or hides them under a mask.

Aquarius moon: You will be wondering constantly what they are thinking. Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, hence the feelings of this moon sign will take up quick and drastic changes from time to time. They can go from carelessness to intense anger real quick: especially when they are younger, controlling this placement is hard, also: understanding ones own emotions is hard. There is a chance with older individuals or as they grow up that as they do not get their emotions they will not try to interact with them furthermore/won’t try to go in depth with them, so they solely try to control them/keep them in place, while there is so much potential. They are caring and can be very loving, but they are overwhlemed by themselves (much like a Scorpio moon at times).

Capricorn moon: Some people think Cap moons are just disconnected by their feelings - which is not true, as I perceive it. Capricorn moon people are rather the ones to try to keep their distance to heavily negative emotions. Why? Seems very biased and like a clichee, but it is unproductive. They will be the ones trying to form something out of their emotions, as a sign naturally ruled by Saturn and earth, emotions also take their time to be processed: pain will stay longer, they know it, sadness must be dealt with - so they compensate it for something different. Sports, work, etc. But they also know they will learn something by the experience of emotions. They are not ‘unintelligent’ when it comes to feelings. Also: they are well aware of their repuation and they will not let anyone have another obscure image of them. They also don’t want to burden anyone with their inner being/feelings. They want to achieve their goals, they want to be independent, they are afraid to be dependent. Opening up seems problematic, when they are used to try to come off as stoic when it’s all about proceeding feelings. You need to give them time.

Scorpio moon: Okay, long story short: they don’t understand themselves at times. They think they have a grip at their emotional and inner being and in the next second? It’s gone. Emotions are destructive and intense and that takes a big effect on their perception. I have written a lot about them already, but they know how darkness feels like, so they usually mean well with others. They want to make you happy, they want to laugh the brightest, they want to let light shine in their own never ending ‘darkness’. A solid foundation of emotions is hard to achieve and all they seek is love and balance most of the time (sorry, got to #expose you my fellow scorpio moons). They need to learn to love darkness and light. They think they need to proceed all their negative worlds alone, because they feel like the damage others with their feelings as well, while all they need to know is daring to open up and give trust in order to have someone who can support them. They want to share their thoughts and pereceptions but are really afraid of their own mind.

Gemini moon: Thes epeople probably need to take a break from their selves. Not meant as ‘they are too much for the world’ but they have a whirlwind going on inside them and need to get things out of their mind. They are not ‘gossipy’ or just complaining constantly, Gemini is an air sign: communication is key. Thinking, processing, getting in touch with others, hearing their point of view. They need to get emotional pressure off their chest in order to make the other step and go on. They don’t tell you everything often though, because they easily lose grip on all the things they wanted to tell you once, all these words they had in mind. A Gemini moons mind is wonderful: they tell stories you might have never heard about, but they can not give them therapy themselves all the time: they are tired.

most underrated moon signs:

(all moon signs are great imo, but these are just a few that I thought needed some  extra credit)

Cancer moon: Caring, caring, caring!! They are creative and have a big imagination, they create create wonderful, wonderful art. Also: they are supportive af, the ones that will ask you how you feel because they  s e n s e  that there is something wrong with you (and don’t dare lying to them, they will probably sense that too). They will make you feel at home in their own, gentle and unique ways, eventually though they will treat you like home. They are emotional wise. Cancer moon is a strong moon sign as well, Cancer is ruled by the moon and cardinal, I think sometimes people tend to forget that and rather see them as weak. Also: probably the one who will ask you if you’re hungry or want something to drink because they are a mom, no matter if you have a guy like The Rock in front of you, they are a mom.

Sagittarius moon: Their way to look at the world is incredible. I love, love, love talking to Sagittarius moons because you just feel how they flod through thousand of worlds and galaxies in their dreams. They have a big thirst for new experiences and normally love to hear other opinions - talking to them is really carefree and amusing. They always find a way to bring you back to your feet and are really funny! They are very supportive of the dreams of others and will come back to their loved ones. They want to create new memories with you and I think that’s a really nice thing.

Leo moon: Leo moons are just so very warmhearted and always try to bring light in everyone’s life. They are pure life and want to feel the world with their loved ones - they will make you laugh when you feel sad, they will try to cheer you up when having a bad day, they are loyal and lift some wheight off your shoulders. Since they are Leo moons they are really dramatic as well, but: that doesn’t need to be necessarily bad. They bring some spice in ones life - for better or worse.

Taurus moon: In my opinion Taurus moons are the warm pat on ones shoulder and the ‘I am proud of you’, you always missed out. They do not trust easily but when they take you with them in their comfort zone it’s like second home. This sounds like a cancer moon trait but it’s something Taurus moon people tend to do as well. They know what’s good in life. They have an eye for good things and the aesthetic. These people are very caring and give stability in ones life, no matter in which kind of way it might show. They can not always encourage you with the best words maybe, but they give one of the best hugs. Also: so  r o m a n t i c  oh my!

3 Things

Pairing: Park Jimin x Reader
Rating: Explicit
Genre: fluff and smutsmutsmut
Word count: 4,312

A/N: For anon, I hope you like it 💕 I think I’m getting better at writing smut?? Maybe??

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Your yawn drowns out the faint sounds of the TV, head lolling to the side as you stare blankly at the screen. It was well past eleven thirty – well past your bedtime – and you’re struggling to keep yourself upright and alert.

Jimin texted you around ten, letting you know that his shift at the convenience store was going to drag on a bit longer than expected and that he wasn’t totally sure when he’d be headed home. He advised you not to wait up but of course, when did you ever really listen.

Both you and Jimin were full-time students, juggling dead end jobs, homework and nearly non-existent social lives. Busy was an understatement for both of your lives and as a result, you two rarely got to spend much time together. The only time you two really got was when you both settled down to sleep at night. No matter how dead tired either (or both) of you were, when you were curled up in each other’s arms at the end of a long day, you would quietly talk about the events that had happened or catch each other up on the episode of a drama the other had missed that week.

Which was why you were being so stubborn about going to bed without him; not feeling quite right about sliding under those blankets without his cold feet there to press against your calves.

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Thoughts on the new gaming vid? They seemed so happy and cute and lighting has improved everything A++ ^_^


  • 2 seconds in and i’m already shook i can’t believe this is real we are literally looking into their new house they are literally actually filming in a new HOUSE and it’s all just too much to process
  • phil sitting cross legged on the same old futon and fixing the tetris lights and balancing them and the pacman light on cardboard boxes is all too cute his enthusiasm is too much for me and dan definitely thinks it’s so cute too and this whole intro is just so soft
  • i love that phil owns up to the fact that this was his idea while dan is tryna go for his traditional ugh this is too stupid and vapid and too mainstream and not creative enough shtick. phil giving no fucks about a got damn quality threshold is my kink
  • when phil is attempting to take his neutral expression selfie and slightly pouts and he and dan giggle (i’m being generous w that term bc dan’s was more like a squawk tbh) at the exact same moment i just smiled so hard. they’re so cute. and they’re both apparently kind of uncomfortable w the notion of like trying to look sultry in photos which is why that pouty expression made them laugh immediately, and also is a good precursor to the whole discussion that comes later about phil’s ladybird selfie
  • dan’s look into the camera at 2:13 gave me lifeeeeee i like that he’s trying to shade phil for taking forever to get his fuckin selfie but instead he has this ever so subtle up tilt to his lips bc he can’t completely hide his smile ughaierjoaierj
  • omg underrated discussion in this video: at 2:26 once phil has finally succeeded in taking the selfie he turns to dan and says “i look alright there” but w the intonation of a question, like he’s literally asking dan for affirmation that he looks good and  not only that but he full on turns to look at dan and gauge his reaction and that felt so special and genuine to me??? like??? not a sort of thing i would expect to see tbh? and in general this video was obvi silly and just a bit of fun but also i thought the level of feedback they were giving each other on their photos and the way they were reacting was all so,,, warm and comfortable and surprisingly open. in this instance i’m also just frustrated bc dan was about to say something in response to phil asking dan if he looks alright, but he cuts himself off. he says ‘that’s an excep—’ and it def sounds like he was gonna say exceptional or exceptionally and i need to know what his thought was. i also like that the thought he interrupts himself with is about phil still having slight crazy eyes. we’ve talked about phil’s own explanation for his wide-eyed deer-in-headlights expressions in selfies a bit on this blog. according to him, he resorts to doing that bc having his photo taken makes him uncomfortable, so it was cute to me that dan noted that phil still did a little bit of the wide eyes without giving any context for why he was pointing it out bc it’s just an understood thing that they obvi have talked about a lot
  • 3:14 dan’s horrified and squeaky “what have they done to your face?” is so good. it’s just. so good. he sounds so outraged that they’ve fucked w phil’s face i lov it
  • 3:20 is the besttttttttt. this is the exchange where dan teases phil for being old and i love everything about it i love how dan made that comment without even thinking which sort of suggests that teasing phil for being old is just a regular/habitual thing and i love the way phil reacted bc it wasn’t rly irritated or even mock irritation in the end. instead he just played along w dan’s joke and accepted it and the whole exchange was so warmmmmmmm and comfortableeeeeee and flirtyyyyyyyyy and it reminds me of a few other comments that dan has made here and there that allude to their age gap and they’re always v cute and gentle teasing and it’s just so good
  • 3:42 they’re talking about the ‘old’ selfie and 1. dan is captivated and i can literally see him contemplating his future w phil lmao and 2. phil talking about joey graceffa and calling him good-looking w a blatant pause before he said that, making me wonder if he was going to use a word that was a bit more emphatic than “good-looking” either way i’m into it and then there’s a blatant jump cut and i’m wondering if they had a lil side conversation about joey being cute lol 3. phil is still looking at dan basically every time he makes a comment and it’s rly surprising but lovely 4. dan needed to come in w that compliment about old phil rocking current phil’s fringe and how cool he looks :) 
  • here’s dan howell caught right in the act of contemplating growing old w phil:
  • bless them for calling out how dumb the concept of a “female” filter is. also dan’s once again violent reaction to phil in the female filter is so cute and funny i love how incensed he is with the whole concept of anything being different about phil’s face
  • 5:36 dan looking at phil in the male filter and saying “you look so average” in such a disappointed tone is rly one of the best fucking things i’ve ever seen in my life. i’ve often thought about dan’s attraction to phil being based in some of the things that are most striking about his appearance. for example he always talks about how black phil’s hair is and how pale his skin is and back in the day he obvi left that infamous comment on phil’s dailybooth about how blue his eyes are and i feel like dan is probs drawn to these features that are just,,, extreme,,, and i love that even a slight change to phil’s jawline/face shape made dan think phil looked decidedly more average precisely bc what he loves about phil’s face are all the things that aren’t average at all!!!! i’m emotional!!
  • phil was so hype to see all of dan’s ones!!!! i’m crying!!!!! the way he was doing his hee-hee laughs and bouncing up and down quite literally and like hitting his hands on the table and saying things like i wanna be friends w him instead of you and ‘i wanna see old danny! old danny slice!!!’ like calm down mate!!!!! ur cute!!! we know u think dan is cute!!! y do u love every single version of him so much!!!! when he sees the old one he immediately says he likes it and compliments it!!!!! when he sees the old one on the daniel x dream pic he calls him cute!!!!!! and then makes this face at dan while dan looks at it!!!!!! 
  • help!!!!
  • dan talking about embracing makeup was amazing and phil being totally down with it and immediately suggesting a smoky eye look and consulting some tutorials was also amazing and i hope thats something they’ve discussed before tbh
  • dan @ manly dan: ‘i mean i would.’ nice. dancest is real and it’s right before our eyes ppl
  • 8:28 dan saying he hates his current profile picture was so surprising and lovely when he gave his reason—it doesn’t reflect his natural curls. i’m honestly so pleased to hear that he views the natural hair as such an important change for him that he wants his display pic (something we know he spends way too much time thinking about and therefore treats as an incredibly important thing) to reflect this shift
  • 9:05 ahhhh the controversial dan reactions to phil’s ladybird selfie. here’s the thing. i think when dan says it’s a “really cringe selfie” he’s talking about the discomfort they both feel about doing posed/sultry shots. he corrects himself after phil protests that it’s not cringe to saying it’s only slightly cringe instead of really cringe, and that he should’ve included an ironic (i hate dan’s use of the word ironic so much bc he often uses it when what he really means is “sarcastic” or, in this case, self-deprecating/humorous) caption. when phil then says that he did use a funny caption, dan basically entirely revokes his criticism and says that phil actually “nailed it” w the photo/caption combination. basically i think both of them get embarrassed about the idea of unabashedly posing in an attractive way for photos and since they’re so close dan feels that embarrassment for phil as well. i don’t think he was saying he actually dislikes the selfie or that phil looks bad or unattractive or anything negative about phil himself. the only comment i did find questionable was when he almost said that the smile filter was an improvement!!! it seemed weird when compared to how much he disliked all the alterations to phil’s face on the first picture lol but then he also made fun of it so i didn’t take it to mean that dan literally thought the filter is an improvement to phil’s real face, just that it was pretty remarkable how cleanly the filters worked on that particular selfie
  • overall: really liked this!!!!!!! such a good intro to the new office!!! such a warm and chill lil vid where they were mostly casual and just being so soft and flirty w each other and basically calling each other cute in creative ways whats not to love about that it was great
The Best Revenge Plan (Jughead x Reader)

Prompt: Heyyy. Could u do a rly angsty Jughead x Reader where the reader catches Archie (her bf) making out with Betty or something and she goes to Jughead, her best friend, and asks him to help her make a revenge plan? They start acting all lovey-dovey to make Archie jealous of what he lost and they make sure he finds them in ‘compromising situations’? I think it’d be really cute and funny. Thx!!!!

A/N: I’m going to do that so the reader finds out about Archie and Miss Grundy instead of Jughead as she’s walking past the classroom. Hope you like it! (Sorry I’m not the best with angsty stuff ugh) Requests are welcome!

Warnings: Archie x Reader (in the beginning), Cheating, Underage relationship (stupid Miss Grundy), Small amount of swearing,


The Best Revenge Plan (Jughead x Reader)

You had a bad feeling in your gut. Your boyfriend of a few months had been canceling dates and avoiding both you and your best friend Jug.

He was supposed to go on a roadtrip with Jug on July 4th but instead you and him sat in Pop’s trying to figure out why Archie canceled on the boy.

“It doesn’t make sense, Jug. He told me yesterday that you guys were leaving early?” You sigh and frown at your melting milkshake.

“I don’t know, (y/n)…”

“Do you think he got into some sort of trouble?” You push the basket of fries towards your best friend. The thought of your boyfriend lying to both you and him made your appetite disappear.

You glance out the window of Pop’s.

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Steve Rogers X Pregnant!Reader

A/N: So, for those who didn’t see my update, I totally broke my computer and lost everything, so I need to re-type all of my fics… FML, right? I’m gunna use my mom’s computer, but it’s a piece of shit!  Thank you for being patient with me! I wrote this short, little fic to hold you over until I can retype everything! Xoxo!

Anyways, I was on YouTube, watching “Momma has a breakdown! Unseen Moments!” from KKandBabyJ’s family vlog (Karen and Khoa with their babies: Jackson and Landon) and Karen was crying from pregnancy hormones and that clip in the video gave me this idea!

Shitty Summary: Reader is 35 weeks pregnant. There are tears. Lots of tears.


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“Seriously, child? Again?” You muttered at your belly, making your way to the bathroom.

This was your fourth trip to the bathroom since you had gotten back from the grocery store, a few hours prior.

The baby that was nestled within your belly was supposedly the size of a Honeydew Melon, but it felt like someone had put a fucking bowling ball in your uterus and was trying to crush your bladder. Damn you, Steve Rogers, for your Michael Phelps swimmers. You had to pee all the time! Your boobs hurt, you had stretchmarks starting to form on your body, you couldn’t see your feet anymore, and when you sneezed, you’d pee. When you laughed, you’d pee. When you’d cough… You’d fucking pee!

Where the fuck is this beautiful glow people fucking rave about?

You and Steve had just gotten married when you had found out that you were pregnant. You hadn’t realized, because you had been on birth control, but you kept getting morning sickness and were tired all the time. So, you went to your doctor, who confirmed you were pregnant. (That was when you remembered that you had missed your appointment for a birth control shot by a week, due to a mission.) You were so excited that you ran to the store, bought a Captain America baby onesie, and gave it to him as a gift.

He burst into tears when he understood what it meant.

He was so excited that he called a team meeting and blabbed to everyone. He couldn’t contain his excitement, and almost announced it without you in the room.

Now, at 35 weeks, you were miserable.

Still excited, but miserable.

Your pregnancy hormones were insane. You cried all the time. What didn’t help, was you also had effects from the super soldier serum that was running through your child’s veins. You were constantly breaking things. What sucked was that was the only effect. You were still clumsy, emotional, tired, and the baby broke one of your ribs from kicking. The only thing you got from the serum was the ability to break shit.

“Y/n, honey, the team is back!” Steve called from the other room. “The guys and I are going to watch the game in the living room!”

You washed your hands and waddled back into the communal kitchen to grab your bottled water. You leaned your hands against the counter as the baby shifted around in your belly. “Jesus, kid, get any bigger and you’ll be exploding out of me.” You grunted, taking in a sharp, painful breath as the baby’s foot grazed your rib. “Ow! Fuck.” You continued to take deep breaths, leaning forward to press your forehead against the counter.

“You okay, Y/n?” Natasha asked from the doorway to the kitchen – running to you once she saw you hunched over, rubbing a soothing hand up and down your spine.

“I’m fine.” You sighed, standing back up, “The baby just kicked me in the ribs.”

She chuckled, moving her hand so it rested on your swollen belly, “You hurry up and grow, so you can stop giving Auntie Nat a heart attack.” She looked up at you, “Want to go watch the guys fight over the game?”

“Yeah, sure, let me just bring the cookies I made earlier.” You smiled, waddling into the pantry, “The baby wants cookies. Not sure where he gets it from.” You joked, full knowing that the sugar loving came from Steve. You were more of a salt lover.

He?” Natasha gasped in astonishment, “I thought you wanted to keep it a surprise?”

Ah, shit.

“I did.” You said, sheepishly taking a bite of a cookie and setting the plate on the counter, “But I couldn’t wait. So, now it is a surprise to everybody but you, me, and my doctor.” You smiled down at your son nestled in your belly, “I can’t wait to see Steve’s reaction when the baby is born.”

She chuckled, walking over and wrapping you in her small, muscular arms, “So much for naming your child after me. Nathaniel is already taken.”

You shook your head with a laugh, “Clint already named his kid after you. You’re getting greedy.”

Picking the plate back up, you guys made your way through the kitchen – you much slower than Nat – and into the living area where the men were crowded onto the couches, already yelling over the game. You were mid-bite when, suddenly, something slammed into your leg. Fucking coffee table! Letting out a yelp, you squeezed the plate and it shattered in your hand. The pieces went crashing to the floor and Natasha’s arms were steadying you, since your balance was off.

“Oh my god, are you okay?” Steve jumped off the couch, running over as the group of men paused the game and stood up in a panic.

My cookies!” You shrieked, tears pricking at your eyes. Oh, god. Don’t cry. Don’t cry.

Natasha let out a breathy laugh of relief, letting go to pick up the shattered pieces of the plate.


You burst into tears.

“I’m sorry!” You cried, covering your face with your hands as the sobs started getting borderline hysterical. “I made those cookies for you guys, too!”

Steve wrapped his arms around you, pulling you towards the kitchen, “Don’t worry about the cookies, Doll. We can make more.” He walked you both over to the chairs in the kitchen and sat down in one, pulling you onto his lap, “Shh. It’s alright.”

You threw your arms around his waist and hid your face in his sweater as the hormonal sobs started to get worse. You couldn’t stop crying. You didn’t even know why you were crying so hard, but you felt like there were still so many things to cry about. 

It was confusing. 

Which made you cry harder.

“Hey,” He murmured, wrapping his arms around you tighter and planting a kiss on your temple, “Why are you crying like this?” You tried to answer, but your voice was muffled by his sweater. “I didn’t hear a word of what you just said, doll.”

You turned your face a little so your messy, red face was slightly visible, “There are so many things, Steve!” You wailed, feeling a headache coming on, “I broke the plate, the c-coffee table is in a bad spot, I dropped t-the cookies, I can’t see my feet, it was raining t-today, and I can’t find my favorite pajama pants… I- I- I just-” You turned your face back into his sweater as the sobs got louder and more hysterical.

That’s why you’re crying?” He chuckled, running his hand soothingly up and down your back.

“It’s not funny!” You whined against his chest, trying to wipe the steady stream of tears leaking from your eyes with your hand, “These are real issues, Steve!”

He closed his mouth, opting to press a kiss against the top of your head, instead. Then, he moved his mouth close to your ear, “I’m sorry for laughing, doll.”

“You should be.” You pouted, shifting so that your ear was against his chest to hear his heartbeat. You sniffed, wiping under your nose with your sleeve as your sobs turned to hiccups.

“I love you.” He brushed your hair away from your face, placing another kiss on your forehead.

Stop being cute, you jerk.

“I love you, too.” You sniffled, closing your eyes as the tears finally stopped, “Even if you turned me into an incubator who can’t see her own feet and cries a lot.”

He laughed, and suddenly there was a scrape of a chair being pulled up next to you.

It was Bucky. “I brought you my secret stash of cookies.” He whispered, handing you a package of Girl Scout cookies. “Don’t tell Sam.”

You felt tears prick at your eyes, again. “Oh my gosh, Girl Scout cookies!” The crying started in, once again. Fucking hormones.

“Come on, man, I just got her to stop crying!” Steve complained, rolling his head back in exasperation.

You slapped him on the shoulder, “These are happy tears, you jerk!” You turned to Bucky, grabbing his hand – the vibranium one – and smiling, “Thank you, Bucky.”

“Does this mean you are naming your kid after me?” He asked with a wink, squeezing your hand gently in comfort.

“Hey!” You hear Nat shout from the living area, “They are naming their kid after me!”

“You already have a kid named after you!” He shouted back, getting up and walking into the room to argue with her.

“We aren’t naming him after Bucky, either.” You rolled your eyes.

“Wait!” Steve gasped, leaning back to look at you in shock, “Him?”

“Shit!” You yelled, covering your face with your hands in shame, “I was going to keep it a surprise!” Cue the tears. God DAMMIT, Y/n! Stop it!

His look of astonishment turned into glee, “I’m having a son!” His blue eyes were a little misty, and his thousand dollar smile was filled with happiness.

“Yes, you’re having a son.” You said with watery eyes, and a wobbly smile after seeing the look of pure joy on his face. “I was thinking of naming him Grant.” You wiped your hot face with your sleeve, finally getting the stupid crying under control, “He could be named after his dad. Grant Rogers.”

“Hey!” You hear Bucky and Natasha shout from the living area.

You let out a laugh, and Steve pressed his lips against yours in a long – but chaste – kiss, moving a hand down to where your son was resting in your swollen belly. “I love it. I love you.”

“I love you.” You replied, laying your head back down on his chest while he caressed your belly. “And you, little Grant Rogers.”

“What about Grant Nathaniel Rogers?” Natasha yelled, a laugh in her voice.



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so we all know that since baz came into the novel he was high key clearly in love with simon and that simon had some unspoken feelings for baz but when it came down to it, every time baz tried to express his feelings he either got snippy or beat up simon (the chimera or the handkerchief incidents), meanwhile simon just keeps on going, barely even fazed and as soon as baz is missing, for better or for worse, simon is a wreck (his late night gallivanting through the woods plus his not eating or sleeping much). then when baz finally shows up simon is acting all clueless and baz is getting caught in his feels like he has since forever. i just find it funny that the one who is boldly in love is all snark and the unsure one is like “so I’m confused but like i’ll do any for him, including but not limited to solving a decade old murder/suicide, cross country hitchhiking, vampire interrogation and suicide prevention”. simon says to baz that he’d be a bad boyfriend but all evidence points to the contrary. he literally just rolls with the punches, he talks about baz like he’s a gift from above, he is, as said by baz, an amazing kisser, he’s kind, pretty much selfless, he has like zero mannerisms and he is a mess in high society but overall he is perfect for baz. the two of them are polar opposites and yet as baz said, “they match.”

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could you pls write something where scully lashes out at mulder for no reason and then feels really bad and has to comfort him ?

The sequel to yesterday’s The Dress. This is my second oldest prompt so yay, me! As you read this you will find that the prompt doesn’t really fit. I tried, I really did. Tagging @fictober and @today-in-fic

They’re a funny looking pair at the drugstore. Dressed in formal clothes, Scully wearing Mulder’s jacket, swimming in it, they stand in front of the home pregnancy tests like a couple of teenagers fresh from their prom. 

“Why are there flowers on that box?” Mulder mumbles yet doesn’t dare to touch anything. Scully, still feeling dizzy, and exhausted, wants to go home, take off the dress before it falls apart, and brush her teeth. She’s a grown ass woman; one who hasn’t been in need of a home pregnancy test in over a decade. The thought alone gives her pause. Her symptoms add up to pregnancy. If a patient, or even a friend, came up to her with these symptoms, she’d tell them congratulations even before making sure. This, though, is different. Pregnancy should not be in the realm of possibility. Not for her. She’s prayed for it and she tried to trick her body with IVF injections. Years ago, when they didn’t know each other and Mulder was still trying to get a reaction out of her, he asked her if she believed in the existence of extraterrestrials. Her voice, younger then, higher, yet so certain, is loud in her mind, repeats the words her younger self spoke then: logically, I’d have to say no. These same words could be, should be, used now. Pregnant? Logically she’d have to say…

“Let’s just buy all of them.” Mulder sounds irritated, impatient. He keeps checking out the different tests, still not touching them, leaning backward and forwards, as if waiting for a decision - and a result - to just fall from the ceiling. 

The dress starts itching where the seam has ripped. They need to get home so that Scully can get changed. But as long as they’re standing here, staring at the tests, she can pretend it’s real. 

“Scully? Look, I know I don’t have to pee on a stick, so I don’t want to rush you, but could you please pick something?” What would a child be like that’s half Mulder, Scully wonders as she picks up one of the boxes with a heavily pregnant woman on it. That’s a good sign, she decides. Unlike her partner she doesn’t believe in signs, not really, but why tempt fate? She thinks as she picks another test with a pregnant, smiling woman. Three’s a charm so Scully reaches for another box. It’s green, the color of hope and the color of Mulder’s eyes when he gets excited. 

Mulder pays and drives them to Scully’s apartment. She excuses herself to change into her sweats while Mulder sits on her couch, the tests in the bag next to him just like an uninvited guest no one knows how to talk to. 

“I’m just going to…” She doesn’t finish her sentence and just stares at the white plastic bag. Their future is in there. It’s either yes or no, pregnant or not. The chances are 50/50. Though to her it seems like one in a million. Once upon a time Mulder called her his one in a billion. Maybe he’s hers, too; her maker of miracles.

“You don’t need my help, do you?”

“To pee on a stick? I think I can do that myself.“ 

In the bathroom, all by herself, Scully unpacks the tests one by one. Her hands are shaking but she knows she needs to do this. Five minutes each test says. Five minutes until she knows. There’s a soft knock on her bathroom door after two minutes; Mulder has never been patient. Scully opens the door and lets him in. They don’t talk as the remaining minutes stretch on. Three, her clock says. Four, it ticks. Mulder lets out a shaky sigh and it hasn’t even occurred to her to ask him which outcome he prefers. Five minutes are up and it no longer matters.

"I’m scared.” Scully admits.

“Do you want me to check?” She does and she doesn’t. But she needs to know. 

“I think I’m ready.” She picks up the first test and stares at it. 

“What does it say?” Mulder impatiently asks. He doesn’t check himself, waits for her to tell him instead. Scully doesn’t answer him, picks up the next test. Same result. She reaches for the last one, takes a deep breath, but before she can look at it, Mulder is there behind her. His hand is on hers now and together they turn the last test around.

“Positive.” Mulder says. The voice is the same one he uses when he tells her of fantastical beasts, monsters and aliens. Full of impossible, curious awe. 

“They’re all positive.” Scully says more to herself than to him. She stares at the three sticks proving to her what she can’t believe. What can’t be real.

“You’re pregnant. Scully, you’re pregnant!” She feels Mulder all around her as he hugs her tightly. He whispers things in her ear, rushed words and sentiments that barely register with her. She. Is. Pregnant. 

“I can’t believe it, Scully. A miracle. Our miracle. I told you not to give up, didn’t I? Scully?” Unlike him, she doesn’t have words. None. His eyes search hers and she avoids them; afraid he might see something there. Things she is not ready to admit yet. 

“Do you want to call your mother? Do you want to go to the hospital and-" 

"Mulder, can you just shut up for a moment?” The words come out harsher than she intends. Mulder’s eyes darken, fill with sorrow. His arms fall at his side and she misses his warmth immediately; she almost tells him to touch her again, to hug her and never let go. But those are not the words that come out of her mouth.

“It’s been five minutes. Five! I need time to process this. By myself. This doesn’t even concern you.” She wants to take her words back the second she sees his face crumble. He nods, accepts, and reaches for his coat. A Butterfinger falls out of his pocket and lands on the couch with a soft thud. 

“I guess I’ll be leaving then. Congrats, I guess.”

“Mulder, no.” She grabs his arm just before he can leave. He doesn’t turn to her, waits for her to let go again. She doesn’t. It’s not what she wants. Whenever she thought about having a child, and she’s thought about it a lot, she pictured Mulder. No one else. Before she knew him, when a child was nothing more than a hypothesis in the structure of her life, the father of her children was faceless, mute. Mulder is anything but. He’s real. 

“I’m sorry. I really am. This is just so… overwhelming.” Finally he turns to her. There are tears in his eyes. 

“Overwhelming in a good way, right? Not bad.” She nods, lets out a chocked laugh. 

“Very good. Come here, Mulder.” She puts her arms around him, holds him as tightly as she possibly can. Her eyes close as she breathes in his smell, listens to his steady heartbeat right under her ear.

“I’m so sorry, Mulder,” she repeats, “I didn’t mean to lash out on you.”

“There’s nothing to be sorry for, Scully. I’m just so… so… happy.” He finishes and she leans back so she can look into his eyes. They’re green, remind her of the ocean, and she finds herself hoping that their child will have his eyes, too.

“I’m pregnant, Mulder.”

“Yes, you are.” He chuckles and kisses her forehead.

“We didn’t talk about what we’d do if… when I tried the IVF, we didn’t talk about what we’d do if it worked. And then we…” Scully trails off. That night. That one night. 

“There a quite a few things we don’t talk about, huh?”

“Mulder, that night… I just didn’t know how to… I wasn’t sure how to handle it. Any of it.”

“I thought you regretted it. That’s why I didn’t mention it. Do you… do you regret it?”

“Not one second, Mulder. That’s not why I left. I just needed to think and being around you like that… I couldn’t think.”

“And now?”


“You had enough time to think, didn’t you? And there’s Junior to consider now.” He smiles softly at her. “I want to be around, Scully. In any way you’ll let me.”

“I’d like to try something.” Scully mumbles, gets on tiptoes and presses her lips against Mulder’s. He seems surprised for a moment then kisses her back. This, Scully realizes as his tongue finds hers, is right. This, them, all of it, now, is the only right thing there is. If they can make a baby together against all odds then maybe they can make this work, too. She can’t wait to try.

Humour is a funny one. It’s definitely subjective. You can’t say what is funny or what isn’t ‘cause, you know, if you think about it things that are funny are just when you think about how ridiculous a situation is, so whether or not you find something funny will depend a lot on your life experiences. So I might make a joke and to people that have a similar emotional state to me, that see where I’m coming from, that have lived a life similar to me, they’ll find it funny. People that haven’t they might be like “wow, I don’t know if that’s funny. It’s making me feel a way that I don’t agree with.” And that’s fine. But the thing is that with the Internet and people expressing themselves, is that you’ve just got to do you, you know. Unless you’re being bad for some reason, just express yourself. You can’t help being different.

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Quotes from Dan (78/?)

You will find like-minded people who share your humour. Don’t be afraid to be yourself. You will find the right people.

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Thiam headcanons pls !!!!

A few of them :

- Theo is demisexual.”A demisexual is a person who does not experience sexual attraction unless they form a strong emotional connection with someone.” Have you seen how the way he looks at Liam has changed during this season ? I think he never thought of Liam that way before he shared this connexion with him.

- Neither of them is the little spoon. It’s more… They sleep tangled in each other, like their body are fighting to get the upper hand. It’s a mess of tangled limbs, loss of blood circulation, and even aching muscles in the morning.

- They don’t act coupley. Some people can even spend en afternoon with them and not see that they are together. But there is a way they gravitate towards each other, even when they don’t touch, or talk… It speaks for itself.

- Theo does not like being Liam’s anchor. He feels like the boy should be his own. He is very aware of the fragility of his existence, and he cares about Liam too much not to think about what would happen to him if something was to happen to Theo.

- Even if he likes Corey, Theo does not really like having him around. He reminds him too much of his mistakes, and the things he did before he went to hell.

- Theo does not like being touched. Or, at least, that’s what people think. The thing is, he has been so attention deprived, that he does not know how to deal with this want for contact that comes with being a werewolf. Once he feels at ease with Liam… It’s like there is always a part of him touching a part of Liam.

- Liam finds it funny when people think Theo is the bad guy between them. Honestly, Liam would kill way more easily than Theo would, now.

Game Grumps — LoZ: Ocarina of Time  {Sentence Starters}

  • “Good job, asshole!”
  • “I. WANT. MURDER!”
  • “Remember the potato.”
  • “I’m drunk… I’m a little drunk.”
  • “Oh my god. Just smother her.”
  • “Dude, stop hurting her feelings!”
  • “I think I’ll find a way to carry on.“
  • “You’re so insufferable right now.”
  • “It’s a masterpiece. Ten outta ten!”
  • “I love you. I love your fucking brain.”
  • “Wake up! Save the world! Wake up!”
  • “Oh, she is into you! Oh, that is the look!”
  • “Are… Are you gonna say anything or…?”
  • “Wow, she’s more angular than I remember.”
  • “You know what? That was bad timing for me.”
  • “They just kept going, undeterred. It was inspiring.”
  • “Are you fucking shitting all over both of my nuts?!”
  • “That was not funny, I dunno why I’m laughing at it.”
  • “Aw jeez, I was gonna say ‘she’s hot’, but then I saw… her face.”
  • “I mean, look at the way he slurps up his soup. What an asshole.”
  • “I’ve got Reeses Pieces! But, I’m dead… so they’re ‘Deceases Pieces’!”
  • “Wow, you actually did like… almost everything you could to blow that for me!”
  • “Oh shit, your cover’s blown! Here, go into this water! Cover yourself in chocolate syrup immediately! Just dive!”

that one anon never got back to me about the “interesting character flaws” thing so im just gonna list some of my favorite ones and if it isnt what they wanted they can always let me know

but i think some of my favorites are

aimless - which is kind of hard to work with in a story sense but i think its something i can relate to on a personal level and i really enjoy it when authors can nail this character type while also pushing the story along

anxious - in a nicely portrayed way that doesn’t detract from a character’s worth, especially when their friends actively help them out

bad habit - especially if they’re the kind that are commonly seen as gross or unhygienic, but i think that’s just normal and people find their habits embarrassing. can’t have perfect characters all the time and you can’t tell me some of you haven’t like,,, farted out in public or picked your nose or something

flirt - i cannot for the life of me stand secondhand embarrassment, but sometimes i’ll read it anyway and nothing gives me that more than being a really bad flirt, especially in times where flirting just shouldn’t even be a thing

humorless - that awkward feeling when you just don’t understand a joke or you don’t find it funny so the people around you awkwardly laugh for you is what this reminds me of, and thus i think i find it great (did you know @witterprompts sometimes feels like they don’t have a humor???)

klutzy - and i don’t mean the cute “oops i tripped” kind of clumsy, i mean the “shoot, i just dropped our important project for this one class that accounts for half our grade and broke it” kind of clumsy

liars - i saw this one dynamic where a compulsive liar’s best friend always knew what they really meant when they couldn’t help but lie and it was pretty heartwarming of a story, but i can’t remember what it was called????

superstitious - to an extreme, like, maybe to the point of making them second guess something really important they have to do?? i don’t see too many superstitious characters around

it’s just a few, but i feel like i gave a decent amount of character flaws, so i’ll cut it there

if you’d like you can let me know what your favorite character flaws are, too

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Wanna one receiving cheesy pick up lines from you


 “Do you believe in love at first sight or should I walk in front of you again?” He would find it so amusing and probably won’t be able to stop laughing for some good couple of minutes when you told him that pick-up line while wriggling your eyebrows suggestively. Besides finding it extremely amusing, he will also think you’re super cute and would pull you into a hug. “Oh babe, I didn’t knew you were this funny.”


❃ “Someone should call the police because you just stole my heart!” Very similar to Jisung, he would laugh out loud about it as you join in as well. I somehow feel that Sungwoon has some very bad pick-up lines of his own, so it will probably turn into a competition of who can come up with the stupidest one.


❃ “Have you been to the doctor lately? Cause I think you’re lacking some Vitamin Me.” He would be a bit surprised at your comment, but will like it and find it very cute. He will spin you around and then give you multiple kisses on your lips and cheeks. “Enough vitamin for now?” “Not yet, you just need this one more kiss.”


 "Is your dad an art thief? Because you’re a masterpiece.” He would grin at you while faking getting shy. “Aww babe, thanks. I already knew that.” He would laugh at it though and then make an equally bad flirty comment about how he got lost in your eyes. 


“Can I borrow a kiss? I promise I’ll give it back.” A little surprised at your sudden flirty comment, but will be prepared to respond with something equally as funny. “Not really, they are quite expensive lately. I don’t think you can afford it.” Afterwards you guys would just have a tickle war for who gets the kiss first.


“Oh no, Daniel I’m choking… I need mouth to mouth quick!” He would chuckle at your failed attempt before leaning in for a kiss. But surprise, surprise, Daniel just feels like teasing you; so he will start placing kisses all over your face except for your lips and then walk away like nothing. You would hear him still laughing while repeating the line. 


"Hey, Jihoon? What time do you have to be back in Heaven?” He would stare at you blankly for a few seconds, before bursting out laughing. I feel that he will join your little game and you guys would have a very lame flirting session with the cheesiest pick-up lines ever created. 


"So… apart from being sexy, what do you do for a living?” He would chuckle the first time he hears you and will try to play it off cool. “Oh… you knowm when you’re this hot it all just comes quite easy.” He will shrug his shoulders while giving you a wink. Even though he plays it off cool, inside he’d be dying at your cuteness.


"Was that an earthquake or did you just rock my world?” Somehow, this poor baby would be a little lost and probably even panic a little when he hears the word “earthquake”. When you assure him it was a joke, he will start laughing really loudly for the next 15 minutes. He is also gonna laugh about this for the next couple of days at the most random times when he remembers it.


"If nothing last forever, will you be my nothing?” This boy will get immediately into your game and probably fake an overdramatic crywhile staring at you with puppy eyes. “Does that mean I am nothing to you, Y/N?!” He will try to stop his laugh, but it won’t be for long and soon you are both on the floor laughing.


"Kiss me if I’m wrong, but dinosaurs still exist, right?” The king of late reactions will have, well… a late reaction. He will stare blankly at you for a couple of minutes before realising what you said. He will just lean in to kiss you, as you complain he ruined your joke. “You are supposed to react, Guan Lin!” “I did. I kissed you.”