i feel so bad for david brent

true enough
  • I need to be less invested in professional sportsball/sportspuck teams. I need to not care when they have a bad day (week/month/season) at the office. Let’s say I had a fortnight like Brent Seabrook is having…where I showed up drunk, pantsless, and spent the days writing with my own feces on the walls while shouting random nouns. Would any of them be angry or feel bad the next day? This relationship is imbalanced.
  • I know no one—literally, not one person—cares what I think about the latest atrocity in the news. I am posting accordingly.
  • I bought a tube of Starbursts that turned out to be so stale they hurt my teeth. Worst? Worst.
  • David and Kelly’s wedding was a magical thing, for all the obvs reasons (lurve, community, etc.). But I have to mention the food one more time. I will marinate a tenderloin in ranch dressing for 48 hours. And right soon.
  • Relatedly (to the wedding, not the meat), Robin is the best houseguest ever. Gracious, polite, great with kids, does not snore loudly enough to penetrate a closed door. She will even post flattering photos of the 3 square feet of your house that aren’t filled with kid clutter. A+++ would houseguest again.