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“You are very beautiful, my lady,” the seamstress said when she was dressed.
“I am, aren’t I?” Sansa giggled, and spun, her skirts swirling around her. “Oh, I am.”

Lady Smallwood fussed at the bodice of the gown. “Now you look a proper young lady.”
I’m not a lady, Arya wanted to tell her, I’m a wolf. 

(A Storm of Swords)

theres a lot of really great contrast between these scenes. arya and sansa are both washed and combed and dressed in gowns but with vastly different symbolism, reactions and outcomes 

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Old Favorite

You and Ashton were just having a relaxed day at his house. The two of you hadn’t been dating long, but long enough to feel extremely comfortable in each others presence. Ashton had suggested to curl up on the couch and watch a movie, and you excitedly agreed. You laid your head and his lap, and raised your phone above your head and you aimlessly scrolled through twitter. Ashton grabbed your phone and started taking selfies, giggling the whole time. You pouted, and started to actually pay attention to the movie playing. You felt Ashton stiffen, and sullenly tossed your phone back to you. You were surprised, but didn’t think much of it. You tried making small talk about the movie but it was like he was closed off from you. When the movie stopped, you sat up and asked what was next on the agenda for today, but Ashton just shrugged and looked away. “Okay Ashton, really what’s wrong?” You asked, scrunching your eyebrows. “Nothing Y/N, just drop it.” You were hurt, but didn’t know what to do, so you decided to just to play on your phone again. When you opened your phone your pictures were up, and some old pictures you had of Michael were on the screen. You internally cringed and blushed, now knowing what had upset Ashton. “Ashton,” You tried to start. “No, I don’t want to know. I just don’t,” He sighed. You felt awful. This definitely wasn’t a conversation starter, and you didn’t really know how to bring it up before this point. “Look, I know you don’t want to hear it, but I have to tell you. When I first started listening to your band I sort of had a crush on Michael. I thought he was cute okay? But the moment I met you, and talked to you, I knew there was no competition between you and Michael. Ashton, you’re the only one I want. And besides, you know what a picture hoarder I am. There’s over 3,000 pictures on my phone. I’ve deleted a bunch, but theres a lot to go through babe. I don’t want Michael, I want you and only you Ashton.” “I guess I overreacted,” Ashton replied, pulling you close to his side, and planting a kiss on the top of your head.

You had returned home after visiting Luke at his family home in Australia. You were so excited to show him your little hometown, and all its quirks. He too was excited to see your roots. You finally arrived at your house pretty late, and the two of you just decided to head to bed. The two of you were sleeping in your bed, and you were woke up before Luke did. You rubbed your eyes and saw Luke still softly snoring, obviously exhausted from the flight the day before. You were flooded with lingering emotions, and a sense of home. The warm smell that lingers in your house was filling your nostrils, and you were just so relaxed and calm. That is, until you saw your posters covering your walls. The lipstick stains covering the pictures of Calum, and you slightly panicked. You had never told Luke that Calum used to be your favorite, that is until you met Luke, and was pursued by him. You quietly tried to slip out of the bed to tear down those posters without waking Luke up. It was going great, until a poster ripped, and Luke started stirring. “Hey darling,” Luke said in his raspy morning voice, stretching, “What are you doing?” You flashed your wild eyes and then just started scratching at the walls. “Woah woah woah,” Luke croaked, “That’s me! Quit ripping me up!” At this point you were thrashing around, crumpling the Calum posters and throwing the others every which way. Luke came up and pushed your hands together and pulled the Calum posters from your hands. “Luke!” You cried, “Luke, please stop. No! Don’t look!” Luke unfurled several crumpled, lipstick stained posters and started laughing. You covered your face with your hands and willed yourself not to die. “Can I keep this?” Luke asked. “Why?” You asked, completely mortified. “Because,” Luke giggled, “I’d like to give this to Calum.” “No, absolutely not. Never in a million years Hemmings.” “Alright darling, just kiss a poster of me and we’ll call it even.” “Deal,” You laughed, hugging Luke.

Lazy days with Calum consisted of laptops, junk food, and bad reality tv shows. And to be frank you wouldn’t have it any other way. You normally were sprawled out on top of Calum, and he’d be laughing his head off at the poor quality of filming. You on the other hand would be scrolling through twitter, and responding to people and laughing at the funny pictures people were tweeting to you. You were showing Calum the old pictures of you that fans had somehow found, and cracking up at photoshopped pictures the fans were creating. Somehow though, someone had found your fan account you had made of the boys and you were freaking out. “Babe this is great! I can’t believe they think this is your account,” Calum said, practically crying. You were so embarrassed, not only because of how old the account was, but because it was primarily an Ashton account. “Man, these people know nothing. You’ve been a Calum girl since day one, right boo?” Calum asked, shaking his head. “Well,” You started pulling your bottom lip between your teeth, “Actually that is my account.” “No!” Calum cried. You busted out laughing at Calum’s pouting face. “I’m sorry baby, you know I got a thing for arms.” “Yeah, but mine are better, right?” Calum asked. “Of course, theres no need to worry. I love you and your arms.” “Good, because you’re stuck with me, and not Ashton,” Calum growled, gently kissing your neck, causing you to squeal and quickly forgetting about your laptop.

Today was the big day. The day that the majority of your family was finally going to meet Michael, and you couldn’t be more excited. Although you were somewhat nervous because your family was embarrassing at times, but you were extremely happy that today was finally here. The two of you arrived at your parents house, and most of your family was already there. You hooked your arm around Michael’s and started weaving your way through the crowd, taking time to introduce Michael to everyone. You and Michael took a seat on the couch next to your sister. Your grandmother soon joined the three of you with drinks. “Grandma, this is Michael, my boyfriend,” You said, smiling. “Very nice to meet you,” Michael said, grabbing your grandmother’s hand. “You’re in a band, right? I think I saw you on Ellen!” She clapped, “Yeah! You’re in One Direction right?” “No,” Michael started, stifling a laugh, “I’m actually in the band 5 Seconds of Summer, but we were on Ellen too.” Your grandmother turned to you, “Oh, Y/N I thought you liked the boy named Luke, not Michael?” You flushed a deep red, almost as red as Michael’s hair. Michael turned to you grinning widely, “Luke huh?” Your sister pipped in, “Yeah, we were a little surprised when you started going on about Michael, since all we had really heard about was Luke.” “Shut it,” You snapped at your sister. Michael was just cracking up at this point, and you started to giggle at him. “I can’t wait to tell Luke,” Michael choked out between laughs. “Don’t you dare,” You challenged him. Michael just laughed and pulled you close to him, “Don’t worry babe, your secret is safe with me,” He paused, “And Calum.” “Michael Gordon!” You screeched. Micheal just dissolved into a fit of laughter again, as you playfully pushed him. “Sorry baby, I couldn’t help it.”

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