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Life is about overcome the fear. And it’s on the other side of fear the most amazing things are. Live and learn. And that’s why I think it’s so important to not limit yourself, and never stop challenging yourself. Because it’s when you challenge yourself and do the hardest things that you can ever imagine to do, that you really feel… it’s like a new door opening! Oh, here was a new feeling! Because on the other side of fear is infinite amount of happiness. A happiness of freedom.
—  Henrik in “Troværdige samtaler” at Roskilde festival

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This is a strange question but why do you think Dean used to call Uriel "junkless"? Is there a reason behind that? Castiel appeared to be more sexually frustrated than Uriel really...


It’s kinda like how Dean projects onto Sam about wearing women’s panties, crying during sex, being gay, being a nerd, enjoying reading… most of the stuff he uses as a derogatory term towards Sam I think have pretty much ended up being revealed as actually true about himself?! 

I read this amazing post about his projection around Cas, that Dean, when he is feeling crappy about himself gets sexual with Cas, saying “blow me” and “last person to look at me like that, I got laid” for example, because he is taking a dig at himself and the fact that he is attracted to Cas rather than attacking Cas himself. It’s about self torture and despising himself so attacking that part of himself which he sees as ‘bad’ or selfish rather than actually attacking Cas.

With Uriel, I think he is so aware of his attraction to Cas and how Cas is junkless ie. not interested in sex / romance and appears at this point to not be interested in him other than just as a tool (ironic right, given the reversal this takes in the later seasons) that he projects away onto Uriel who he actually does think is a dick, cos he is. 

I mean, the first time Dean meets Uriel, Sam and Uriel may as well not be in the room in 4x07 when Dean and Cas are staring at each other so intently, even me with my non shipper goggles on at the time was like woah wtf is THIS?! 

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Dean is basically saying that he perceives Cas to also be junkless, that he is just an Angel in a vessel and not interested in him other than as a tool for their plan and he projects this onto Uriel, the dick Angel who does just use him as a tool. 

He’s paralleling Uriel and Cas, putting them in the same basket because they are both Angels and he is self loathing about his attraction to Cas that he uses this go - to mechanism to project onto Uriel.


Why I’m Suing SimplyImaginaryPeople for §5,000,000

Naaah but get it? Simoleons and.. we’re in the..sims community..? No? Ok well that’s the only funny thing about this post.

*Opens up powerpoint and presses play*

It is frustrating when you work very hard on something exciting and original to share with others and to be wary about even doing it because someone is in tow to copy. This is exactly how I feel about SimplyImaginaryPeople.

This is so disrespectful not only to us (TheTogetherStore) that have spent so much time putting effort into the things that we make but it is even more disrespectful to the amazing wonderful people that have chose to support us on Patreon and get exclusive gifts in return, only to have someone turn around and remake everything that we’ve made specially for them, just because

The thing that bothers me the most is that of everything that we (TheTogetherStore) make is that she ONLY copies the things that are on Patreon (A website where we upload exclusive content if you CHOOSE to support us, and sometimes Patreoners will personally ask for our own personal use items or conversions from various sites to be uploaded so why not? They support us with their hard earned money, it’s the least we can do). 

Like, okay girl I get it, you expressed (repeatedly) that you dislike Patreon and believe everything in Sims should be free and no one should pay for content even if they wanted to, I get it. It’s cool and all that you want to be the Robin Hood of the sims 3 community but news flash, this is not a damn folklore so go ahead and take off your lil Peter Pan outfit and ya lil burlap made shoes and knock it off because it’s not cute. People are free to buy w h a t e v e r they so please, it’s not your money, it’s surely not your hand made cc, not your time, not your effort, I’m not using your computer, they’re not using your bank card, nada, nothing.

Every single time she has copied, we’ve politely and privately addressed this and messaged her to reach out as a small heads up like “Hey not sure if you’re noticing but you totally just duplicated *item here*” and each time it was that ole’ “Silly you, I’m not copying! (; “ BS mumbo jumbo and we would get an excuse about how it’s all just innocent people requesting items, pinterest inspo, followed by links of pictures or an elaboration on her “ideas”.. but she’ll TTYL because she’s a “bio-scientist doctor” in the lab with her hands covered in cells as she types, studies, remake whole youtube tutorials and makes 230 pieces of cc per week with time left to spare

Yeah, ok

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I cannot describe how much I adore @starshaping for making this amazing aesthetic for my little drabble “Flowers”. I love everything about this, but I especially love the way Harry is pushing his face into the bouquet :D

honestly my day kind of sucked for no real reason other than me just not feeling 100% and  i am im just so tired and feeling kind of stagnant and stuck in life and its not fair because i feel like i work really hard and like!! its kind of amazing that i can afford over $1000 in bills a month (not including groceries lmao) working two part time jobs but thats so stressful you knwo!!! im so tired of being tired and feeling like i have to work ALL THE TIME even when im not AT work when will it end when will i have worked enough to take a break for once in my life im so SICK of being worried about money every second im alive god

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At the end of the interview he was saying how Niall is such a nice guy. I feel like no one ever really has anything bad to say about him and they always talk about how nice he is! I'd love to know him personally :/

literally EVERYONE loves him. they never have anything but nice things to say, compliments and praise and niall is just so lovely and charming and personable to everyone he meets….he’s just a GREAT person. everyone is his friend no matter who you are or how you’ve met. how amazing that must feel. what a guy!

I love the journal reviewers and professors I’ve had over the years, but nothing feels as amazing as getting a paper back just coated in red pen, like, yes! I am so starved for proper editing after years and years in a “hard-science” discipline! Give to me your thoughts about em-dashes and word use and flow!

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Someone made a post about gay rep in tv shows and then put fucking klance in which the actual gay rep like fuck u when I look at those post it's to find shows that actual have GAY REP IN THEM not ur fucking shipper goggle view of it that's so offensive for all we know lance and Keith are BOTH STRAIGHT(I ship both btw) why would u put them with all of this AMAZING rep??????? That's so misleading like just why!!???!?

I remember a post one time talking about trans characters in shows and they’d put Pidge in there and when I pointed out to them Pidge isn’t actually trans in canon they got so mad at me like if you’re going to make posts about representation in canon you need to use actual canonically LGBTQ+ characters bc otherwise you’re just baiting which makes people feel like shit they were just like “she’s clearly coded as trans” like just bc you interpret her as trans doesn’t mean she’s actually trans and everyone sees her that way you can’t tell people there’s an LGBTQ+ character in canon and get their hopes up and then make them feel really disappointed when they realise it’s not actually canon like that’s just baiting it’s not a good thing to do


A bæ❤😍
Henrik at @roskildefestival today where he talkes about his expriences of working in skam . And also he talked about acting

“Life is about overcome the fear. And it’s on the other side of fear the most amazing things are. Live and learn. And that’s why I think it’s so important to not limit yourself, and never stop challenging yourself. Because it’s when you challenge yourself and do the hardest things that you can ever imagine to do, that you really feel… it’s like a new door opening! Oh, here was a new feeling! Because on the other side of fear is infinite amount of happiness. A happiness of freedom. ” Henrik in “Trovaerdige samtaler at Roskilde festival

So I had a discussion about this on twitter and all the responses were amazing.

The discussion was to do with Serena coming back and how everyone imagines her coming back.

One persons idea was Bernie’s car breaking down and Serena standing there saying ‘Engine been growling or whining?’

Another was a text from Serena telling Bernie to come to the roof and Serena standing or sitting there.

I thought I’d ask everyone on here how they imagine Serena coming back!

So feel free to comment I’d love to know :D

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Hi can i have a scenario with the UT, UF and US bros with an artist s/o who's been feeling pretty bad about their art? Like they feel trash because no matter how hard they try it never seem enough and everybody's art is better than theirs, sorry to bother you with this feel free to just ignore and delete this

Dude, I’d feel bad if I deleted this because I’ve been there™ ~Mod Feral

UT Sans

Buddy, pal, date mate, don’t be selling yourself short. Your art’s amazing. He thinks so, his bro thinks so, the kid thinks so, it seems like you’re the only one who doesn’t. Hang in there and keep at it, cause you’re pretty good. He’ll be sure to remind you of this daily if he needs to, and it will include hugs and hanging your art onto a wall.

UT Papyrus

He’ll be sure to remind you that you’re amazing now and getting better with each and everything you make. I mean, you don’t really think that snow sculpture of himself or his spaghetti were first time attempts, do you? Everyone’s able to do even better than before if they keep at it!

UF Sans

He doesn’t know the first thing on how to art, so he can show you what bad art actually looks like with his own artwork. He’s also not unwilling to insult himself so he’ll actually do that if needed. He likes the work you do, even if he doesn’t show it.

UF Papyrus

Fuck that noise, he’s highly capable of forcing you to keep practicing if you’re not in an area you like. There’s no getting around it, he’ll make you get better than your already amazing area if it’s what you need.

US Sans

Same as UT Papyrus.

US Papyrus

He’ll try to comfort and reassure you, but he’s not really sure what to do to show you how your art is great.


Screenshots from THEN I WAS ALONE | What Remains Of Edith Finch Part 3 (END). 

Wow, this game was absolutely outstanding! ^_^
When Seán first started playing it I wasn’t really expect that much out of it, just a nice experience. But this became so much more then that as it went on and I never was expecting to relate to it as much as I did with my own life and the thoughts I’ve been having about it this year. The way the game tells the story about the Finches and how it transitions and shows who they all individually through their stories is amazing. Especially the way they told Lewis’ story about his death because it was such unique circumstance. But they explain it, show it and as the player they have you play and feel how he’s feeling and thinking by making you do two different things with both of your hands while playing it and the only way you can tell a story like that is through a video game. All these characters felt like real people that you were getting to know in some way and their stories live on through that house. But without a doubt the thing about this game that really hit me personally was its message. To appreciate appreciate what you have while you have it because all of this is so brief. No matter what your story is or how long or short it will be it’s whatever you make it and you need to live your life while you have it. It’s a message that really hits home with me because it connects to some of the thoughts I’ve been having about my own life this year. Sometimes I feel like I’m not making the most out of my life because I haven’t moved completely forward with it yet compared to some of the other people my age. I really want to try new things and make brand new experiences and not be afraid anymore but it’s never that simple. I’m in a situation where I’m just held back by so many things and it’s super frustrating for me because it just feels like I’m waiting for my life to begin and I’m just so tired of just constantly struggling and having this huge fear of never being happy. But this game has reminded me that I am making the most out of my life in my situation and despite my negative circumstances. I’m still moving forward it’s just at a different speed compared to other people that are my age or old. I’m going through life at my own pace and there’s nothing wrong with that. I know that I will eventually have the life that I want for myself. At the end of it all we’ll all have a special story to tell about our lives. ^_^
I’m glad that Seán played this game too. :)

Something else I wanted to talk about in this post was what Seán talked about at the end of this video before his outro. 
Go out there, enjoy yourself, make the most of what you have because none of us know how long we have on this plane of existence, none of us know what lies beyond this; this state of being; a lot of us wish for things that are beyond this, a lot of us are waiting for that, but we dont know and because we dont know, i say that, that makes trying worth it right now. You can wait all you want for great things to happen, but why not to try to make them happen right now, because none of us know whats going to happen tomorrow. So, try your best right now and what you have in this situation that youre in at this moment in time, you dont have to do amazing things, but as long as youre trying your best to make the most of it then thats a success in my mind, so

This part of the video really hit me hard because it really cemented the game’s message for me and it’s given me a huge wake up call about my life. Even though I have made progress and I do think I’m making the most out of my life as much as I can in my situation, I just can’t keep waiting for my life to begin or for the great things to happen. I need to stop being afraid to try. I need to make the most out of everything I have. 
These kind of moments remind me of why I say that Seán’s given me more then any person in my life ever has. It’s more then him just making me laugh and smile everyday with his videos and enjoying his content. Just by being who he is, Seán makes me feel like I can try and that I can do anything I set my mind to despite my anxiety and negative environment. He’s help me see myself and life in general in a much different and new positive perspective and the positivity he’s given me through that has constantly motivated me to try my hardest to become a better person. He inspires me to make my own life worth living every single day. Which I know is a huge thing to say about a person and especially about a person I don’t know but it’s still true. By just being who he genuinely is and me seeing just so much of myself in him, Seán’s helped me become a better me in this whole time I’ve known/watched him. Hopefully that doesn’t sound like I’m praising him too much or making him sound 10x greater then how he actually is. But speaking as honestly as I can, I seriously can’t even imagine who I’d be or where my life would be if I never started watching him. Just a tiny bit of positivity goes a long way. :) I’m happy that the end of this game and video reminded me of why this dumb green haired potato means a lot to me, haha! :D

Guess who hit 500 freaking followers! I am so amazed that I have 500 people who enjoy seeing me on their dash. I have been here for 4 months now and I have met so many people. Now I wanna make YOU guys feel better about yourselves by hosting some tumblr awards!!

Thank you to the lovely Natalie @njmphadora for making the beautiful banner and being a nice friend :)


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No! Please don't delete anything from your farewell pll post! I am looking forward to reading it and you should write how you really feel :) thankyou for your amazing blog and keeping us updated all the time xx

I toned it back. Just a bit. Like a sentence or two. I don’t wanna be the only one 😂 I’m so scared to post this “farewell PLL” thing. I’m revealing so much about myself like I’ve never done before and the thought of tens of thousands of people judging me, is terrifying. So I’m coming from that perspective too! But thanks for the metaphorical pat on the back :)

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This is the heartbroken 14-year old anon !! Thank you for the advice and for taking the time to answer!! Although, could you give me some ideas on how to use my feelings towards positive things?? I don't really have a clue on where to start... But again, thank you for the help Alice!! Your constant positivity and kindness makes a huge difference in this world!! Thank you for all that you do!! ❤️❤️

hello! thank you for being so sweet! some ideas:

♡ study really hard and get really amazing grades

♡ start working out more and get really fit

♡ learn how to think more positively about everything so you can handle anything

♡ do stuff outside your comfort zone and overcome your fears

♡ learn new things and make new friends ✨

I hope you feel better soon lovely 🌸💕

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girl your writing is killing me! I'm such a sub but if i had my own sub!jimin 😩😩😩 i'd die from how adorably he complies to everything i say. Keep up the good work 👍🏻

OMGGGGGG GOOD BOY WILL KILL MEEE dtfufigidjsusysyd dead I’m dead you’ve killed me, your writing is amazing! I don’t even Stan Jimin like that wow your stories about him..Jimin’s character is so frustrating like she LITERALLY told him she needs to be dom fucked to oblivion and he’s just like “idk if she likes me” BOIIIII IF YOU DON’T


I’m the least dom person you could imagine, but sub!Jimin is just… Ah. So I feel you guys :D Thank you for reading! :*

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Could you say a quick prayer for me? I'm incredibly anxious about going to my college orientation tomorrow even though my roommate went a few days before me and said it was amazing and so much fun. I'm worried I won't make friends or find people with similar interests.

Hey there! College is very different from high school, it’s a lot easier usually to find friends with similar interests. Even if you don’t right away, don’t worry! I’ll be praying you have a good time and that anxiety won’t get in your way too much.

Spirit of New Beginnings,
Be with this person as they navigate the new world of college. Calm their anxiety as they go to orientation – help them to feel excitement about this new journey they’ve started. Send people their way who would be a good fit for them and supportive of them. We thank you for walking with them every step of the way, no matter how bad their anxiety gets. Amen.

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I know this happened a while ago, but it still bugs me that Jensen downright said Destiel doesn't exist. Idk if it was ever resolved or if people just forgot

I seriously feel like we talked enough about this, and I’m one to let bygones be bygones. The Dutch have the amazing phrase to ‘take old cows out of the ditch’, but I won’t just shut you off because I love giving a quick summary about this. 

Jensen said it didn’t exist because he thinks Destiel equals them fucking secretly or them already being together. Which doesn’t exist, so he has a point. He just doesn’t realize that destiel is way more than dean/cas having sex, or at least he didn’t back then. 
Next to that they were on a J2 panel where his entire character seems to change. I noticed how bored and done he looked during the entire panel to be honest, he didn’t look comfortable and happy at all. People have been told not to ask questions about destiel/wincest/any ship during the panels, and when people do anyways, it makes sense Jensen got a little annoyed. 
Then again, remember that this is their job and they’re not allowed to say certain things. I’m not saying Destiel is canon now, just saying that even if they knew about destiel getting canon, they wouldn’t tell us anyways.

I have a pretty strong opinion about Jensen not being fully comfortable and fully himself in panels like that (where most brothers only ppl go) and him being way more himself during things like Jibcon. Just go watch jibcon 2017 and tell me he doesn’t feel better there than on that panel ages ago (i can’t even remember when this was im sorry)

Namjoon request :)

“Babe, please, for the love of all that is holy put the computer down!” you heard Namjoon say from the kitchen.

“Just let me finish this episode!” you begged.

“How many times have you watched it? It’s not like you don’t know what’s going to happen next!” He shot back.

“Oh Joonie, you silly man.  It’s not about the story.  It’s about the LOVE! Boyoung and Hyungsik have such amazing chemistry.  You can literally SEE their characters falling in love.  He protects her, even when she clearly doesn’t need it.  He swoons for her, he tells, and shows her, how he feels about her.” You replied.  Then very quietly muttered under your breath. “Unlike some man I know.”

What you didn’t realize was Namjoon had started walking into the living room as soon as you’d started speaking, so he heard your mutterings.

He didn’t say anything, though he was hurt, he was also confused.  He told you he loved you everyday.  How could a couple in a drama hold your attention so much, but you seemed distant from him?

After eating, Namjoon had to leave to go back to the studio.  He told you goodbye and kissed you on your head on his way out.

Mind reeling with his current feelings, he wasn’t as focused as he needed to be.

“Hyung, are you alright?” Jimin asked him during a break.

“Not really.” Namjoon said, sighing heavily.

“Is everything alright with y/n?” Jimin asked, hoping Namjoon would open up.  And he did.

“Not really.” He replied again.  “She’s on her damn computer all the time.  Ever since Strong Woman Do Bong Soon aired, she’s watched it everyday.  Tonight I asked her to stop watching to eat and she went on a mini rant about how it’s not about the show but about the characters and the love.  She made a comment that basically said I don’t show her how much I love her.  But Jimin, I tell her everyday.” Namjoon said, putting his head in his hands.

“You tell her, yes. I hear you tell her all the time, but do you show her?” Jimin asked.

“What do you mean?” Namjoon asked.

“Pabo.” Jimin muttered before continuing.  “She is telling you that although you tell her, she wants you to show her.  I can say with absolute certainty I don’t know what you’re going through, but she basically told you that she wants you to show her.  You’re so busy and the relationship isn’t exactly public, which I still don’t understand, so I can see how she’d be despondent in this situation.  Do something nice for her.” Jimin said.

Namjoon just looked up helplessly at Jimin.

“Buy her flowers, sing her a song, write her a song.  Just, show her.” Jimin said, patting Namjoon on the shoulder before getting up.

–Two Weeks Later–

“Hey Joon, I’m on my way there.  I’ll be front row for you.” you said, walking to the venue from the bus stop.

Namjoon had explained they were doing a small showcase for their new album the day before it’s release.  You’d gone to as many concerts of theirs as possible, even traveling to some.

Namjoon had been semi distant from you lately, but you thought it was because of the album and getting ready to do press for it.

You guys had gotten into a couple of fights, you had mocked Namjoon’s jealousy of your obsession with Boyoung and Hyungsik.  He become extremely irritated with you and would refuse to talk about it with you after that.

Opening the door to the small venue, you weren’t sure you were in the right place.  It was completely empty.  Walking through another set of double doors, you were greeted by one of their managers.

“Right this way y/n.” he said, ushering you inside.

It was pitch black inside, except for a seat in the middle of the floor that was illuminated by a spot light.  You sat down cautiously as your heart hammered in your chest.

The lights began to rise on the stage, and there Jimin stood in the middle of the stage with his back to you.

Music started playing and Jimin turned around and started singing, as well as choreography.

I want to breathe, I hate this night
I want to wake up, I don’t like to be in this dream.
I’m trapped inside of myself, I’m dead
Don’t wanna be lonely
Just wanna be yours

Jungkook came up behind Jimin to sing and Jimin walked off stage.

Why is it so dark in this place without you
It’s dangerous how wrecked I am
Save me because I can’t get a grip on myself

Taehyung then replaces Jungkook on stage, and at the point you’re almost in tears.

Listen to my heartbeat
It’s calling you on it’s own

Jin then joins him as they stand back to back during Jin’s part.

Because within this pitch black darkness
You are shining so brightly

All four of the previous members on stage began dancing as they sang their various parts.

Give me your hand
Save me save me
I need your love before
I fall, fall
Give me your hand save me save me
I need your love before I fall, fall

Yoongi, Hoseok, and lastly Namjoon joined them on stage.

Give me your hand save me save me
Give me your hand save me save me

Save me, save me

It was the group dance, but your eyes never left Namjoon.  He looked at your and his face said serious, but his eyes conveyed more than that.

By the time Yoongi stepped out to rap his part, the tears pooling in your eyes had began to fall down your cheeks, the smile plastered on your face never wavering.

Today the moon shines brighter on the blank spot in my memories
This lunatic that swallowed me, please save me tonight
(Please save me tonight, please save me tonight)
Within this childish madness you will save me 

Yoongi was replaced by Hoseok in the front row.

I knew that your salvation
Is a part of my life and the only helping hand that will embrace my pain
The best of me, you’re the only thing I have
Please raise your voice so that I can laugh again
Play on

As the song continued, you stood up from your chair and walked closer to the stage.  Both Jimin and Jungkook shot you a wink and a smile as you got closer.  Taehyung gave a boyish wave, and Jin blew you an exaggerated kiss.

Listen to my heartbeat, it calls you whenever it wants to
Because within this pitch black darkness, you are shining so brightly

Give me your hand save me save me
I need your love before I fall, fall
Give me your hand save me save me
I need your love before I fall, fall

Give me your hand save me save me
Give me your hand save me save me

When Namjoon’s part came, your heart literally stopped.  Hobi and Jimin continued dancing, and you suspected Namjoon was supposed to as well, but he stood right in front of you, jumping lightly off the stage.

Thank you for letting me be who I am
For helping me to fly
For giving me the wings
For straightening me up when I was all crumbled
For waking me up, who is suffocating
For waking me up for the dream I’ve been living in
When I think of you, my day turns bright
I threw away the sadness
Thank you, for being a part of us.

You heard the rest of the song, but your eyes never left Namjoon.  As the song ended, Namjoon fell to his knees in front of you.  You looked up at the stage and saw as all the guys shoot you two smiles before walking away.

You looked down at Namjoon, who was still on his knees, looking at the floor.

“Kim Namjoon, look at me.” You plead.

His head slowly lifted to look you in your eyes.  The love and admiration you saw completely broke you and you sank on the floor in front of him.

“Did you write that?” you asked, hands coming up to link fingers with his.

“Yeah.  I love you, and I just wanted to show it. I’m not very good at expressing emotion so the guys helped me out.  I wanted you to see and hear it before the public.”

“Oh Joonie, I love it so much! I love you so much.”  you said, throwing your arms around his shoulders.

“I love you too, y/n.  More than you can imagine.”  He replied, and then added.

“Do you love me more than Boyoung and Hyungsik?” He asked cheekily.

“Oh Kim Namjoon…The Park’s have nothing on us babe.”


Okay, I seriously had so much fun writing this!! :) @shiek13 I hope this was acceptable for you! :) 

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duuuuude zach werenski is a BEEFY BOY. SWOLE AF and dylan LOVES it. dylan's strength isn't anything to sneeze at, but he loves how big zach feels when he holds himself over dylan and pins him down with all that muscle. he can't help but to kiss and bite at zach's muscles while they're screwing around or even while they're cuddling bc zach's thickness is just so amazing and dylan can't help but to worship it, even just a little bit

I always called him beak boy but I guess he’s also beef boy now. They probably start out playing around in D-Boss’s basement, playing ball hockey or whatever, and it starts out innocent but they start grappling with each other when one of them cheats, or when the chirping gets to be too much. Zach manages to pin Dylan to one of the walls (and Dylan maintains that he let him, bc Zach couldn’t do it that easily if Dylan were really resisting). And then they make out because why play ball hockey when you can make out instead