i feel so alone in the north lol

theirstoryofevents  asked:

Time lines aren't my thing, but was New Years one of the times Louis was MIA for several days?

yep. he was in the uk/with family during christmas. then on the 27th he tweeted at 9pm UK time that he just saw a shooting star (wouldn’t happen in london… but would happen up north in the country ie. cheshire). he was totally 100% mia during these days and during nye as was harry. we know harry was at his mom’s house on nye at some point because there was a picture on her fb from that night. gemma wasn’t in cheshire and when harry goes out up north there are ALWAYS pics taken of him so he just spent nye home alone with his mom and robin while louis was totally mia (no tweets, no pics, no sightings) the same night? i have a feeling i know where louis was that week. then harry probably flew out of manchester airport on the 1st and voila ended up in la that evening. lol just laughing at louis not even trying to make up a place he could have been…