i feel smart because i understood almost everything of the physics stuff

Lab Partners (AU #2)

Pairing: Edwin

Rating: T

Summary: Being paired with the smartest kid in her chemistry class was supposed to help Winry, but she was quickly finding out that Mr. Know-It-All Edward Elric was anything but helpful.

AU: Lab Partners

AU # 1

Winry Rockbell had officially decided that she despised anything and everything having to do with the entire science of chemistry.

It wasn’t that she didn’t like science in general. In fact, she loved sciences like physics and biology. She could calculate the momentum of a spinning object or figure out the complexity of DNA replication, but give her chemical equations and she was a complete dunce.

She couldn’t figure out what it was about chemistry that made her brain go blank. She was very intelligent. She had graduated high school at the top of her class and was well on her way to earning a degree in engineering. So why was it that as soon as she read the words ‘acid and base’ on a lab handout, she felt as if she was a college dropout?

It also didn’t help matters much that, because of her subpar grades in chemistry, she was paired with the smartest guy in the class for their labs. She figured the professor had assigned them as partners to give her an extra grade boost. She had come to him complaining about her inability to do well in the class and he had sympathized with her problem. She knew the professor meant well, but she was finding it incredibly difficult to believe this assignment would help her rather than hurt her.

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