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BTS’ ‘Spring Day’ is used in today’s episode of SBS ‘The Its Know’「Sewol Ferry, returning after 3 year - Will hope rise up again?」

It’s the only song as well as idols’ song to be used, not including instrumental background music. ‘The Its Know’ is an investigation program, covering unsolved mysteries as well as hidden stories. Today’s episode is dedicated to Sewol Ferry disaster, as tomorrow, April 16th, marks 3 full years since the disaster which took away 304 lives, with 9 people still remaining missing.

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Okay but.

Have you ever considered…Nick Valentine and his relationship with children?

That he had been in Diamond City for so many years that he’s probably seen the citizens grow from little ones, into adults and then starting families with children of their own?

That he probably always smiles to himself when he hears the news of another member of Diamond City giving birth to a new bundle of joy, and knowing that even though the world is dangerous – that they now have a new little star to light their way in the darkness. (And later going to introduce himself to them and the happy parents, because babies always seem fascinated by his glowing eyes, and he loves their bubbling)

Or that Nick more than likely goes out of his way to learn the names of the children of Diamond City, and does his best to become a mentor to them and answer any and all questions that they have for him – because the children were never afraid of what he was – and are always overjoyed when “Cool Detective Nick” gives them extra attention when he’s not on a case.

“Why do ya smoke, Mista Valentine?”
“Cus it helps this ol’ noggin of mine feel relaxed, kid.”
“Can I smoke too?”
“Aw, I don’t think so, pal. You don’t wanna wind up a dusty old mess like me, do ya?”

Think about Nick bringing one of the kids from the School House in with him to his office after their classes, and Ellie rolling her eyes playfully.

“Another one? Nick, really?” She would say with a sweet giggle, and Nick would ruffle the kid’s head and lean down to their height to place his hat upon their head.

“Nah, but you don’t get it, Ellie,” He would say in response to her. “This here is my lucky partner for the day.”

Now, think about Nick picking the squealing, smiling kid up over his shoulders, and carrying them out to the market place. Telling them that he needs their help, and relying on their wits and detective skills to discover just what happened to Takahashi‘s last batch of Power Noodles.

“Great job, partner! Without’cha the city would’ve been starving tonight! How, how’bout we get a bowl or two to celebrate our detective work, huh?”

Think about Nick turning fiercely protective whenever one of them are bothered by rude people on the Upper Stands, calling them “urchins” or “snot nosed brats”, or someone from the outside that had the gall to try and injure them to prove that it isn’t all fun and games, and “This is what happens to kids out here in the real world.”

Think about Nick placing a hand on the kid’s shoulder and retorting with wisecracks of his own to get the rude person to back down, or worse…standing in front of them, shielding them from the raiders and firing a warning shot, before picking up the kid and tucking them safe under his neck as they travel back home together; telling them that it will be okay.

Just…Nick Valentine and kids, okay.

Because, even though the world is a post apocalyptic hell… Nick is going to do all that he’s able to make sure that the children around him are taken care of, and above all safe, even when they’re parents aren’t able to.

And if all he can do is buy one of the kids a round of noodles, or play detective with them, or watch over them when they’re scared and crying and keep them safe from the close-minded of the city, and the outside world…by goodness, he’s going to do that.

Because he knows what it’s like to be lost in world that is too big and too terrifying for one person to take in on their own. And he knows that to overcome that fear – you need to have hope. You need to have joy, and you need to have a childhood.

And Nick is going to do all he can to make sure that the kids out in the Commonwealth get just that, even if it’s from a weathered old Synth Detective like himself.s

Literally every song of In Trousers has an average of about 27 different meanings/possible interpretations/metaphorical layers and each one deserves its own 5-page analytical essay and i am willing to do just that hi welcome to my ted talk

Castiel commission by @awaart, posted with permission of the artist.

I commissioned Awa a while back for a portrait of Castiel with some personal touches. Here’s a couple relevant portions of the commission email:

“Cas is an explorer, venturing out into the stars to see beyond the little ball of his father’s creation. I’d like to play on that, make a piece that shows Cas’s wonder at the universe.


This is more or less for the after-after-after stories of Grace and it’s also very personal. I had only a passing appreciation for space until - ironically - I started crawling around in Castiel’s head. Looking at the Kennedy Space Center last year through his eyes, at the wonder of what we’ve learned and how far we’ve traveled and how our curiosity is still pushing us further and further out - it gave me a new passion for the subject. I love looking at space through Castiel’s eyes. This ancient person, arrogant and bored, found a metaphorical ocean to make him feel small.”

This is the finished piece I received today. I’m thrilled with it; it hits every note and the colors are just… asdfjkl. There’s a couple wee bits that you can’t see at this size - the NASA sticker on the telescope, and the title of the book, which is Space Chronicles, by Neil deGrasse Tyson.

Artist credit is in these notes - please don’t delete them.


Something amazing happened to me today.

If you have never been bottom-of-the-barrel broke for a decent length of time then you cannot truly understand that horrible feeling when the cashier tells you that you can’t use your loyalty points because the server is down. That sick sinking feeling that happens as you come to the realization that you have to pay full price when you were counting on having the extra $5 the points would have saved you to buy the meat for dinner. That if you want to eat now you won’t later or if you want to eat later you can’t eat now.

I experienced this feeling again today at the coffee shop. I only ordered a small coffee and a ham and cheese croissant. It’s all I could afford if I used the points I’d saved up to pay for the coffee. My total was only $10.90 but I had been counting on using my points to bring it down to $6. Then she told me the system was down.

Everything stopped. My heart sank and suddenly began racing 100ks an hour at the same time and I started shaking. In the space of about four seconds I thought several things at once.

“Do I say leave the coffee? The food is more vital than the caffeine”

“Do I just leave both? I need to buy the stuff for dinner tonight and I have to get to therapy tomorrow”

“Maybe I can borrow from Mum to do dinner and therapy”

“Oh god! They probably think I’m just angling for free stuff!”

“Fuck Georgia! Just pay by card and pray you make it to next week on what’s left”

“I’m going to throw up”

“Tell them it’s fine and pass your card over for fucks sake!”

So I take out my card and start to hand it over. I’m trying to put on a brave face but clearly I didn’t do much of a job of it. The cashier looks like a deer in headlights. She doesn’t know how to handle this kind of thing. She immediately tries to reassure me.

Then it happens.

I hear a gruff voice behind me ask,

“How much does she need?”

I turn and see the older lady who came in behind me and let me go ahead of her in the queue opening her wallet and looking at the cashier.

I’m still desperately trying to convince both women that it’s fine and I’ll pay but they don’t seem to hear me. By now I’m shaking and also crying. I can tell both women are uncomfortable so I desperately try to get myself under control. It’s not working. In the madness the cashier puts through the point discount and the Gruff Older Lady pays for my order. Now not only do I still have the $5 I was counting on from my points I have the other $6 I would have paid for my coffee too.

I move off to the side still loosing my shit and crying (embarrassingly) in a coffee shop, as the cashier takes Gruff Older Lady’s order and she pays and we all wait for our orders.

The whole shop has been watching this and not said a word. I think (it’s something of a blur) I may have hugged her. And I think it made her even more uncomfortable. Anyway, I’m still trying to get myself under control. Another patron comes over and asks if I’m ok and I tell her what’s just happened and she smiles and calmly chats to me till I’m calm and her order is called. She wishes me well and leaves.

My order is then called at the same time as Gruff Older Lady. I can barely look her in the eye. I’m so embarrassed. But I’m also so incredibly grateful so I look up and give a wobbly smile and thank her again as we put the lids on our coffees. She asks if I’m short of money and I admit that I am but I’m mostly coping without looking up from the counter.
Next thing I know she is opening her wallet again and pushing the last of her cash, $30, into my hands. I try to refuse and tell her she doesn’t have to do that, I’m ok. Again the tears threaten.

“Don’t you cry again!”

She tells me in that same gruff voice she used at the counter.

“You’ll set me off! Just take it! I know what it’s like to be where you are. I’ve been there myself. I’m a bit flush this week so I can afford to do this.”

I can do nothing but stare at my shaking hand now holding $30 and thank her profusely while trying not to cry on her. She simply gives me a small smile and murmurs,

“I’ve done my kind thing for the day.”

And leaves before I can say another word.

It’s taken me an hour to write this and I’m still shaken and overwhelmed.

This woman was so kind. It wasn’t the stereotypical warm, beneficent old woman with a big hug and a cheery smile. She was real and my gratitude seemed to make her uncomfortable. Like she hadn’t realized how big of an impact she would have when she decided to do what she did. She was gruff and awkward and that is the only thing that has me convinced that this really happened and I didn’t dream it.

Well, that and the lasting embarrassment from having had such a major breakdown in a public place.

I have now had breakfast and I’ll use the extra $30 for food. And it’s all thanks to that incredibly kind Gruff Older Lady.

I don’t know how to end this except to say again even though I am sure she’ll never see this…

Thank you. Paying for my breakfast the way you did has had a far bigger impact than I think you will ever know.

Fred Weasley Imagine - I Think I'm Falling In Love With You. I'm Scared. Part 2

Pairing: Fred x Reader
Word Count: 2050
Request: Oh my god pkease write a part 2 for the fred ‘i think im falling in live with you and im scared’ imagine its amazing 😍 + many more
Blurb: She was sure she didn’t want to date again whilst at Hogwarts, but then Fred kisses her and everything changes. But he is dating Angelina Johnson and she cannot and will not fall for her best friend, she tells herself. 
Authors Note: I’m proud of myself for uploading. Next one should be end of the week :)



You didn’t know what to do. You weren’t just going to sit there and cry, that would be too pathetic. Even more pathetic than the situation you were in. Wiping your nose, you tried to stop crying as you quickly walked to your Common Room. No one would be in there as they would all be in class. But you couldn’t be bothered to go to class, especially considering Fred was in most of them.

You sat on your bed and let the tears start flowing again. You felt like a loser, skipping classes, crying your heart out, all over a boy who is taken. And you started feeling guilty because you kissed Fred, knowing that he was going out with Angelina. You felt sick knowing that it was a matter of time before the rest of Hogwarts found out. The things they would say about you, the rumours they would start… It all made you start crying even harder. You never meant it to get this bad.

You didn’t go to any of your classes, you didn’t usually have days off and you thought you were in need of one. It never hurts to treat yourself every now and again. However, you, unfortunately, needed food and it wasn’t until dinner time that you started to get hungry.

You purposely left when dinner was just about over so you wouldn’t see many people. But of course, your plan backfired when you saw a tall red head sitting on the lounge in the Common Room, near the door. And off course, he was going to see you and start asking questions. You tried to sneak past him, winced and stopped when he called out your name.

“Where have you been? It’s not like you to skip classes!” His tone was soft and you were scared you would start crying if you talked. “Have you seen Fred today? He hasn’t been in class either?” Your ears perked up at Fred’s name and you finally turned to face him.

“No, I haven’t.” You shook your head and bit your lip once George noticed your red, puffy face.

“What’s wrong?” He asked, patting the seat next to him for you to sit down. You opened your mouth to say something, but nothing came out. You walked sluggishly to the lounge to sit next to him. There were only a few other people in the Common Room and you were certain they all looked at you when you started crying. George wrapped his arms around you as you cried into his shoulder. Now you were once again feeling helplessly pathetic. “Do you want to talk about what’s going on?” George asked, rubbing your back.

“No.” You whispered, not sure if he heard you. You can’t talk about guy issues to a guy whose twin is the guy you’re having issues with.

“Have you forgiven me for whatever reason you were mad at me for?” He asked again as you lifted your head up. You shook your head before replying.

“I wasn’t mad at you!” You realised the way you acted would have made George think you were mad at him, but you needed to let him know you weren’t.

“Well, you sure acted like it.” He said, still trying to keep his voice calm.

“I know, I was just being stupid and I don’t know.” You sighed rubbing the tears away from your eyes.

“Well, I forgive you for acting mean towards me,” George said jokingly, nudging you with his shoulder.

“Thank you.” You smiled at him and he smiled back. “But can we go get food, I haven’t eaten all day.” You admitted sheepishly knowing George would be outraged.

As you walked to the Great Hall you got lectured by George on the importance of eating food, you nodded as if you were listening, but you weren’t really.

“Hey Fred, mind if we join?” George asked, not knowing how uncomfortable you started to feel. There weren’t many people left in the Great Hall, just a handful on each table. Fred nodded as he wrapped an arm around Angelina, avoiding eye contact with you. You and George sat opposite them as George started putting food on your plate.

“I can get my own food, you know?” You rolled your eyes taking the spoon out of his hand.

“Can you?” He asked sarcastically raising an eyebrow at you.

“Hey Y/N, why weren’t you in class today?” Angelina asked politely, turning away from Fred to look at you.

“I just wasn’t feeling the best today.” You gave a small smile as she nodded sympathetically.

“That’s not good, I hope you start feeling better soon.” You nodded as a sickly feeling started forming in your tummy. Yes, you were glad Angelina hadn’t found out about you and Fred, but that didn’t mean she wouldn’t eventually find out. You didn’t want it to happen this way. You didn’t want to confess your feelings to Fred while he had a girlfriend. A girlfriend who was so sweet and nice and didn’t deserve to have someone else wanting her boyfriend.

You looked up to find Fred and Angelina kissing. You noticed Fred pulling away and you looked away before he saw you looking. You slowly picked at your food, all of this guilt was making it hard to eat. But you knew you wouldn’t get out of here without eating a whole meal, not with George around.

You tried hard not to make eye contact with Fred throughout the rest of the dinner, but it was exceptionally hard. Angelina had her hand on his thigh the whole time and he would kiss the side of her head every few minutes. You knew you weren’t ever going to have a chance with Fred, but it still hurt to watch. You were scared, thinking you would have to go back to ignoring everyone again. And that didn’t end well the last time you decided to do that.

The following week, you decided that you needed a change. Falling for a man that was already taken was unhealthy and pathetic, you were much better than that. You decided to go about this week with as much confidence as you could and decided it was best to stay far away from Fred. But of course, that didn’t go too well considering he was in most of your classes and George hadn’t realised the awkwardness between you two.

But you were trying to change, you were trying to be positive and you weren’t going to let some boy get in the way of that. You made sure you never sat next to him and excluded yourself from the conversation when he started talking. This was effective until you had the class where it was only you and him.

You got to the class early, hoping to get a seat without walking in with Fred. Fred came in late and as everyone knew Fred usually sat with you, no one sat next to you, meaning Fred had to sit in the only empty spot next to you. You sighed. It was alright, you were going to be alright.

Nothing was said as he sat down quickly getting his quill and parchment out. You were writing notes, your body facing the other way, ignoring his presence.

You believed nothing would be said between you two during this lesson until Fred broke the silence.

“You know I hate you at the moment.” He whispered, writing his notes and not looking up. You looked up at him, not believing he just said that then going back to furiously writing. You took a deep breath. You were meant to be positive, but you were only positive you would start crying. You decided to ignore him before he continued. “I have liked you for as long as I can remember and you basically rubbed it in my face that you didn’t want to date another guy ever again. So I try to move on with my life and start seeing someone else, and then you tell me you love me? Do you know how fucked up that is Y/N?” Your chair scraped on the floor as soon as he finished his sentence.

“Professor, may I please go to the bathroom?” Your Professor wasn’t happy, but let you go. You could feel Fred’s eyes glued to the back of your head as the Professor continued the lesson.

You basically ran to the girl’s bathroom, trying desperately not to let any tears fall. As soon as you got inside, you let them fall. He is such a dickhead, how dare he speak to you like that? You reminded yourself you treated him like shit for a few weeks, but that wasn’t important right now. You locked yourself inside a stall and helplessly cried. So much for being positive. 

You shook your head and got out of the stall. Getting some paper towel you wiped your tears away and blew your nose. Positive. You had to stay positive. Fred was just a boy, you weren’t going to let your life get ruined by a boy. You were better than this, much stronger than this. You looked at your reflection in the mirror, tried to put your head up high and walked back to the classroom, reminding yourself Fred wasn’t worth it.

Everyone turned to look at you as you walked through the door and you looked down. You reminded yourself no one knew what just happened and held your head up high again. You sat down quickly and started furiously writing down notes, trying to catch up.

“I would hate me too.” You whispered, quickly looking at him to make sure he heard. “I treated you like shit and then admitted all of my feelings for you. It was wrong, I don’t know what I expected from doing that. I was just sad and confused and I know that is no excuse but we can’t go back in time and change it so can we just move on? Pretend it never happened? You can continue dating Angelina and no one has to know what happened.” You said, all whilst continuing to furiously write.

“Well that can’t happen can it?” He asked sarcastically making you glare at him, your eyes squinted at the playful smirk he had.

“Why not?” You scoffed looking back down at your notes.

“Because I already broke up with Angelina.” He admitted sheepishly. You dropped your pen and looked at him with wide eyes.

“What the fuck?” You nearly yelled, causing a few people to stare, thankfully none of these people was the Professor. “Why? Do you know what the rest of Hogwarts is going to say about me when they find out that I kissed you and then a few days later you broke up with Angelina? Do you know what Angelina is going to think of me? Because none of it is going to be good. I can’t believe you-” Your rant was cut off by Fred chuckling.

“Who says I broke up with her because of you?” He asked raising an eyebrow at you and giving you a cheeky smile. Your cheeks went bright red, which only made Fred laugh harder.

“Oh.” You said quietly, continuing to write notes down. However, your focus was more on your embarrassment rather than on what you were writing.

“This didn’t turn out how I expected it to,” Fred admitted going back to writing notes.

“What didn’t turn out how you expected?” You asked, not looking up.

“Us.” You looked up at him and he was looking at you already. He pushed a strand of your hair behind your ear as he leant in to kiss you. You instantly kissed back and got that familiar feeling in your tummy. Except for this time, you didn’t feel bad about it. You smiled at him as he pulled away and he winked at you.

You bit your lip as you continued to write your notes. It probably wasn’t the best idea to kiss Fred in front of your class, especially considering many people probably didn’t know about his break up with Angelina, but you would worry about that later. Right now, you could just focus on the wonderful boy sitting next to you.

FTGO! 64 Teaser

I feel weird about not updating today, so here’s a small teaser for the next chapter. :P

Lucy heard the water cut off, signalling Natsu was done. He took off his scarf, lightly squeezing it to remove some of the water. “Wanna sit down?” he asked, pointing with his chin to the lawn chair with their stuff. 

Lucy nodded, motioning for him to lead the way. She thought if she didn’t see his front side she would be okay, but she was wrong. Even Natsu’s back was toned, muscles flexing as he stretched, water dripping down his tan skin. 

Oh how badly she wanted to trace that droplet’s journey with her fingers. She imagined his skin would feel warmer than he usually felt when they hugged, no shirt to act as a barrier. 

“You should close your mouth before you start drooling,” Cana taunted as she walked by, startling Lucy. 

She quickly closed her mouth, not realizing her lips were parted while she stared at Natsu. Speaking of him, he turned around, brows furrowed as he watched Cana’s retreating form. “What was that about?”

“I don’t know,” Lucy lied, voice strained as she tried to keep it normal. She could tell Natsu didn’t buy it, but he didn’t push for the truth. Sighing, Lucy followed him to the chair. 

She took the one next to them, placing her clothes to the side so he could sit down. Natsu took a moment to towel dry while Lucy tried to focus elsewhere so she wouldn’t get caught looking at him again.

Ok but 3AM feedings, just imagine Alec stumbling down the hall, baby Max cuddled into the crook of his arm, with his sweats falling down and one hand on the wall to keep himself upright and generally moving in the right direction because there is no chance he’s seeing more than a slither of coloured blurs at this time in the morning and fuck. that. if he’s going to even attempt to open his eyes fully. Nope. He can find the kitchen by feel alone easily enough. And he does so there. He finds the fridge by locating the cold object in the room that isn’t the floor and then he plucks out one of the pre-made bottles and dumps it in the waiting saucepan on the hob, the one with an inch of water already in it, and flicks on the heat. Now he’s just got to wait like five, ten minutes for the damn thing to heat up and Max starts fussing again in the crook of his arm so Alec offers his pinky knuckle for Max to suckle on while they wait. That and the soft murmuring of Alec’s gravelly sleepy voice seem to soothe Max before he can start screaming for sustenance like a freaking banshee. Somewhere between minute one and two Alec stops offering up quiet promises of warm milk and his head tips back for a quick doze just standing upright in the kitchen, mouth open and possibly in danger of drowning in his own drool as he ‘bounces’ (more like a twitchy jerk every half minute or so) Max in his arm. Magnus is forever amazed that Alec never burns the house down in the morning feeds because for some magical shadowhunter reason that Magnus is so not jealous of - shut up Ragnor he isn’t - Alec’s back to alert, or what counts as alertness at three fucking am, by the time the water’s bubbling along and hey presto perfectly warmed milk. Magnus wants the Lightwood lineage checked for a warlock ancestor because no matter how often he tries, he can’t get perfectly warmed milk without magical intervention. 

a blazing star asked me today,
“do you feel small, child? do i frighten you so? i am so large and so old; all the breadth of your years would not fill the span of a single beat of my heart.”

i replied, “oh no, sir. i’ve never felt so very vast. and after all, you and i are made of much the same stuff, are we not?

perhaps not today or tomorrow or a millennia from now, but some day my atoms might arrange themselves in a fashion much like yours.

and perhaps when you burn out, your atoms might arrange themselves in a fashion much like mine.

do i frighten you so, to think i might ask you such questions some day?”

—  perpetual motion, the star sailor’s diary

playchoicesfann  asked:

Hey! For the writing prompts I wanted to know if you could do a Jake x mc fanfic for numbers 3 & 9, where mc and deigo and talking about their love lives 😂 and deigo believes mc loves Jake. Idek I just really miss deigo:(

Midnight Ramblings
By Misha

Disclaimer- Not Mine. I’m not making money off of this, so please don’t sue me.

Author’s Notes- This is a response to a prompt request. “it’s three in the morning” and “you’re in love with him” as well as Diego/MC friendship and Jake/MC love. My MC is named Stephanie and she’s the blonde female. This is set between Chapters 6 and 7 of Book 1.

Pairing- MC/Diego (platonic), slight MC/Jake

Summary- MC and Diego have a late night conversation about a certain pilot.

Words- 837

Stephanie tossed and turned in her bed, unable to sleep. Finally, after several hours of restless sleep, she got up and stared out the window. She peered down at the ocean and thought about jet-skiing with Jake earlier that day. He had started to open up to her, but something had held him back. She knew it was irrational to be disappointed that he wasn’t ready to confide in her, after all she had only known him a few days, but…

She shook her head. This whole thing was crazy. Something about this island was bringing out the crazy in all of them. Look at how tempers had exploded earlier and here she was having these intense thoughts about a man she had just met.

She got out of bed and grabbed some clothes. She couldn’t sleep and needed to talk to someone. She exited the room, intending to go to Diego’s room, but hesitated in the hallway, wondering how Jake would react if she knocked on his door instead.

She smirked. There probably wouldn’t be a lot of talking going on. She immediately sobered because, as tempting as the thought was and honestly it was a little all-consuming, she didn’t just want sex with Jake. They had already passed the point where they could pull-off a casual hook-up and they hadn’t even kissed yet.

Maybe they never would. Maybe tomorrow they would find a way off the damned island and he’d go back to Costa Rica and she’d go back to the States and he’d become nothing more than a memory. The sexy pilot she had flirted with once upon a time. Except he was already so much more.

She shook her head and kept walking towards Diego’s door. She knocked a few times until he finally answered.

“Wha—” He said sleepily, blinking when he realized it was here. “Oh, hey, Stephanie. What’s wrong?”

“What makes you think something is wrong?” She asked as she entered his room.

“Well, there’s the fact that we’re trapped on the Island of Doom,” he said dryly, “but also, it’s three in the morning and you’re knocking on my door. That means something is wrong. Did something crazy happen?”

“Nothing new,” Stephanie assured him, “I just… I couldn’t sleep. I’m sorry, I shouldn’t bother you.”

“You’re my best friend.” Diego reminded her as they crossed the room towards the bed, “you can bother me anytime.” He collapsed on the bed and she sat down next to him,

“I feel like my whole life has changed since coming here,” she admitted, “I mean, this place is scary, but it’s not just that. It’s like it’s changing me. I’m feeling things deeper, learning more about myself.”

“You are definitely showing true heroine potential.” Diego agreed, “but is that really why you can’t sleep? Because you’ve realized how awesome you are?”

“No,” Stephanie said with a small laugh then sobered, “I didn’t feel so awesome today. I’m sorry I blew off searching the hotel.”

Diego shrugged. “It’s ok. I mean… I might have done the same thing in your shoes. Sean was disappointed thought. I think he likes you.”

“I like him too,” Stephanie said quickly.

“But you like Jake more.” Diego said shrewdly. Surprise must have shown on her face because he smiled. “I was there on the hike, remember? I saw the way you were flirting with him. I’ve never seen you look at anyone like that in all the years that I’ve known you.”

“I’ve never felt like this before,” Stephanie admitted, “he’s all I can think about, which is crazy because we just met and we haven’t actually moved past flirting but..”

You’re in love with him,” Diego finished for her.

“What? No!” Stephanie denied. “I mean… I can’t be. We just met.”

“So?” He asked with a shrug. “You can accept all the crazy stuff happening on this island, but not the idea of love at first sight?”

Stephanie smiled, acknowledging that he had a point. “It doesn’t matter anyway, I’m sure he doesn’t feel the same.”

Diego snorted. “Yeah right. You’re all he sees, Stephanie. He never takes his eyes off of you. If he hasn’t made a move yet it’s because something is holding him back, not because he doesn’t have feelings for you.”

Even if Diego was right, Stephanie had a feeling that whatever was holding Jake back was pretty significant. She rested her head on Diego’s shoulder. “Thank you,” she said simply.

He smiled at her. “For what?”

“Just being here.”

He wrapped his arm around her. “anytime. It’s what sidekicks do. But it is late and I would like to get some sleep because we have no idea what’s going to try and eat us in the morning.”

Stephanie laughed. “True.” She got off the bed and headed for the door. She was still confused about Jake and her feelings for him, and his for her, but talking to Diego had helped a lot. She was lucky to have a friend like him.

-          End