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Ushijima Wakatoshi may be an antagonist, but he is not a malicious person

@shiratorizawa-headcanons’ recent post reignited the fervour and indignation I feel about popular fanon mischaracterisations of Ushijima, so here we go.

First thing’s first. Ushijima is an antagonist. That much is clear. He is clearly intended to provide opposition to the main characters of the series, pushing them to grow. Their goal has to be accomplished through defeating him.

However, antagonist is not synonymous with evil, or “bad person”. L from Death Note is the antagonist to Light Yagami, but I’m sure everyone knows who poses more of a danger to society between the pair of them.

More importantly, I feel the need to clarify and debunk popular fanon interpretations of Ushijima.

“You should have gone to Shiratorizawa” is a joke that probably everyone who watches Haikyuu!! knows. It’s gone from a slightly funny meme to a stale, overused, tasteless joke. While I do not condemn the use of it as a joke, it has affected the way people view Ushijima’s character.

And is it really accurate or relevant? Name one instance where Ushijima has actually physically said the words “You should have gone to Shiratorizawa.” to Oikawa. When? Yes, he has said that “He should have gone to Shiratorizawa”. To Hinata and Kageyama. And his reason? A powerhouse team like Shiratorizawa that actually makes it to nationals and has a chance of winning would be more beneficial to a setter of Oikawa’s calibre. There is nowhere in canon where he has stalked, harassed and haggled Oikawa, begging or forcing him to go to Shiratorizawa. All that is baseless fanon bullshit. There’s literally no canon evidence suggesting that Ushijima even thinks about Oikawa outside of volleyball competitions.

I’ll admit that Ushijima did tell Oikawa, “You chose the wrong path.” and that did cross the line. That does not, however, automatically make him a creepy, overbearing, obsessive stalker. People are allowed to interpret fiction differently (as a literature student I’m more than aware of that). But Ushijima’s words were an act of concern, rather than coercion or violence.

What people need to understand is that Ushijima, while a talented player, is terrible at predicting and understanding the effects his words and actions might have on people. He is a blunt, straightforward and honest person who says what is on his mind. The reason he feels that Oikawa should have gone to Shiratorizawa is because he respects Oikawa’s abilities as a player and sees Oikawa’s potential. His way of showing it might be odd, but it is precisely because he respects Oikawa as an opponent that he questions Oikawa’s choice. To Ushijima, being at Shiratorizawa would allow for Oikawa to fulfil more of his potential (of course, the validity of that belief is questionable considering the treatment of Semi Eita, but that is another argument to consider) He honestly just wanted to warn Oikawa not to “make the same mistake” again without realising that he was basically rubbing salt on Oikawa’s wound + being offensive by telling Oikawa that the decision he’s based the past three years of his life around is wrong, because he genuinely wants to see Oikawa fulfil his potential as a player.

Ushijima’s intentions are not malicious. He respects his opponents despite his thoughts on their abilities (or lack thereof), and when he realises that he’s offended someone he’s quick to apologise (i.e. when Hinata questioned Ushijima calling Seijoh “infertile soil”. Ushijima sweated nervously and apologised for causing offence.) Even Oikawa and Iwaizumi, the two characters who dislike Ushijima the most, acknowledge that “he’s genuinely being sincere” when Ushijima wishes them good luck in their final high school tournament.

Ushijima isn’t the type to deliberately rile up his opponents. He doesn’t look down on them either. Up until Hinata’s appearance in his life, he’s competed against no one but himself mentally. And when Ushijima questions Hinata on being an unskilled and short player? He’s not insulting Hinata for that either! His first impression of Hinata gave him high expectations - a challenge he looked forward to facing, and when he realised Hinata’s abilities were much lower than what he expected, he was genuinely curious, because Hinata had spoken so boldly (about beating HIM, a top 3 ace, and going to nationals) before!

Ushijima states that “baseless self-confidence is something I dislike”, so he certainly does not exhibit that himself. He obviously doesn’t expect someone he acknowledges (Hinata, in case I’m not being clear here) to be arrogant, because in his eyes, an opponent he acknowledges and respects should have a “good” attitude just like his. He does not dislike Hinata himself, but is nonetheless infuriated by Hinata’s “arrogance”, because Ushijima works hard. Yes. Here’s the thing. Contrary to popular belief, Ushijima did not get his accomplishments handed to him on a silver platter. He works hard to become a strong volleyball player. Shiratorizawa’s image of him is “The Super Volleyball Maniac”. He wasn’t just naturally good at it. He spent time and effort practising and improving his skills, just like all the other hardworking characters (Oikawa Tooru) you worship.

Remember that Ushijima does not have the luxury of viewing the events of the manga (or anime) from an outsider’s perspective. He does not know of Hinata Shouyou and his struggles. All Ushijima knows about Hinata is that 1) The boy showed him up at Shiratorizawa and proclaimed that Karasuno would defeat Shiratorizawa and go to nationals and 2) Hinata Shouyou does not exhibit the skills necessarily to back up that statement. Ushijima literally has no idea that Hinata had no proper volleyball team or training up until last year, so it’s entirely within his rights to be annoyed that someone with such crappy skills (which Ushijima would attribute to slacking off/not working hard enough) would claim that winning against Shiratorizawa was so easy. He could’ve been nicer about it, but hey, he wasn’t that hostile to Hinata off the court, as you can see with the training camp arc. At the end of the match he acknowledged Hinata’s abilities as a player. Then in the manga, he (and Tendou) was shocked that his coach did not see Hinata as a worthy player to invite to the Miyagi First Year Training Camp, and he encouraged Hinata to keep working hard, “What are you doing standing there?”

Obviously, people are allowed to dislike characters, and Ushijima has done/said things to grate on people’s nerves (as a Seijoh stan and Iwaizumi lover, his “infertile soil” comments do irk me at times). Nonetheless, your personal feelings towards him do not indicate that he is as bad person (especially not a stalker or a rapist, gosh) canonically.

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since the topic of therapy came up, who do you think out of the big 5 RFA members really needs to go the most? V, Rika and Saeran are the obvious ones, so the deep story boys are probably my top candidates for really needing some mental health help (though really, they all do) and i always got the impression there's a lot more going on than we see. especially with jumin. i love him, but i think he's hiding some deep-seated issues. his impulsivity and step-mom's creepy behavior worry me.

This is honestly a really interesting question so I think I’ll attempt on ranking the main 5 from who needs it the most to who needs it the least (in my opinion, not that anyone comes attacking me for it later on)

1) Saeyoung

I feel like Saeyoung is quite the obvious choice but honestly I can’t stretch this enough. The fandom glorifies him so horridly, putting him on that strange pedestal of meme’s and space station weddings that they seem to completely ignore his horrid depression.

I cannot count on one hand how many times he openly talked about the wish to die like?! Is no one alarmed? Much like Saeran he grew up being told he was a mistake, that their father hated both of them, that they were nothing but a pressure tool to their mother as well as the fact that out of them both the mother hated him more and constantly tortured him and send him on errands like a slave.

If that isn’t enough for therapy let’s add the fact that he basically had to sell his soul to an immoral agency at the age of like fifteen or something? All of his bad experiences also lead him to develop a sadistic streak which I don’t feel comes natural to him but is rather the outcome of constant abuse from his very own mother.

I feel like people just love to forget that those shitty memes and jokes he always pulls aren’t all that funny but merely an act of sadism and a cry of help. This boy needs therapy, not a girlfriend.

2) Zen

I was torn whether to put Jumin above Zen or Zen above Jumin. To me they are pretty much tied but I decided to rank Zen higher, because I’ve went through very similar experiences and feel that to a certain extend his fucked-up-ness is a little worse.

Not that you can compare pain, but you know what I mean. For one he was constantly called ugly by his entire family. Let me tell you, that destroys your body image for life. It obviously did for Zen, because if anyone buys into his narcissism for one hot second they are blind to the bigger picture.

Trying to work against one extreme with another is something most people attempt in such situations. Everyone calls him ugly and ridicules him? He tells himself he’s the most beautiful person in the entire world to make up for it. It’s heartbreaking, really, when you realize he doesn’t believe it one bit. That he is constantly looking for validation because of his doubts.

It’s also most likely the reason he pursued acting and modeling. On top of that he was shunned by his parents for not doing what they told him to do, got kicked out by the age of fifteen, had to provide for himself at an incredibly young and vulnerable age and spent the most important and influential years of his life (15-18) in a highly probably dangerous biker gang.

More on my thoughts on that you can read here. As it is, I feel like all of these things would leave him extremely insecure and vulnerable and broken to the point where therapy is really the only solution.

3) Jumin

Jumin is my baby. Out of all the characters that are playable he is my absolute favourite and I’ve played all of his stuff religiously. Now me and my friends were just discussing his past yesterday and there was an obvious indicator that his step-mother, the one he called mother, tried to seduce him at a very young age.

There aren’t any specifics but we deduced from the info and wording and general time line that he was either in his late teens (probably around 16) or in his early twenties. Whatever the case such an experience must have been horrible.

For one, he never had a mother, whatever happened to her is still a mystery, before watching his father fuck his way through all the women he encountered only to end up broken-hearted. We know that Jumin loves his father and seeing that must have been hard.

Growing up without a proper woman in his life even harder, but to then end up with a step mother that was probably closer to his age than his father and then attempted to seduce and sexually harass him…I cannot imagine the impact that must have made on him.

He’s completely shut off for a reason, right? Who is to say it was the first time it happened? Not to mention that he was aware, even as a child, that people were only ever nice to him because of his money. He never in his entire life felt genuinely loved. That boy needs therapy.

I mean he openly discusses the threads in his head and how he only ever loved Elizabeth, because he knew she’d never leave him. After being left by all these women supposed to be his mother figures he has severe trust - and abandonment issues.

Not to mention that even his ‘best friend’ V called him peculiar and strange, manipulated him later on and allowed his beloved Rika to dig his claws into her. Jumin was fucked from all sides and even when he tries to help - take Zen’s route for example - he is constantly portrayed like the last asshole.

Especially by Jaehee which I honestly find slightly ridiculous, because fine, catsitting isn’t her job, but she doesn’t really speak up and frankly he does pay her amazingly well. She is supposed to do her job so I don’t understand why she has the audacity to whine and bitch at and about her boss in a chatroom like that. In the real world no one would dare to do that. You suck it up and continue working because capitalism is a thing. She’s lucky to have such a well-payed and in comparison to others easy job.

Anyway, what I’m trying to say, he constantly gets fucked over and insulted by everyone he trusts and loves. His father put two bitches he didn’t even know above Jumin’s needs. The very last person he could trust. Poor soul, give him therapy.

4) Jaehee

I feel like what she went through was definitely traumatic it happened later than what happened to Zen, Jumin and Saeyoung so it generally doesn’t have as big as an impact. I mean it’s horribly, don’t get me wrong, but something you have to endure since childhood generally leaves you more scarred than what happens in your teens.

Which isn’t to say that Jaehee doesn’t need therapy asap. She lost both her parents, her family obviously didn’t want to take care of her, she got kicked out during a hard time as well (getting into college) and had to fend for herself for years. Then she got into a mentally and physically draining job, because money was essential to survive.

Dreams were nice but they don’t pay the rent and she had to learn that particular lesson a little earlier than the average person. I feel like her extreme perfectionism is also a result of that. Like her family hated her so she desperately tried to be perfect so she wouldn’t be a burden to them, in hopes of them accepting her.

That way of thinking is extremely damaging though and I feel that therapy would be really beneficial to her. However, I also feel that while she would benefit from it, she doesn’t necessarily need it as much as the others. She’s a tough cookie. I feel like she might be able to work through it by herself if given the safe space and time to do so.

5) Yoosung

Honestly, compared to the others, this boy is fine. He suffers from major laziness and self-caused insecurity but if those are his biggest issues in life, I’m glad. Frankly, the only thing this boy really needs to sort out it his obsessive/addictive personality.

Whatever he does he does it to a certain extreme to the point where it’s not even bordering unhealthy but past the mark. Rika? Completely obsessed with her. She dies. He falls into a pit of sorrow that is no longer to be considered normal.

From what I gathered they didn’t become close until about two years before her death. You don’t get that attached in two years or at least you shouldn’t and even if you do, with the help of friends and family you generally work through it. Instead he replaced one obsession with another, namely LOLOL. Once more he drowns himself in it to the point where it’s unhealthy.

Then you step into his life and bingo the whole thing starts up again to the point he risks his goddamn life for you, because he is so goddamn obsessed. I respect everyones opinion when they say he ‘grew’ as a person, but honestly I just see it as him finding a slightly healthier obsession and replacing his old ones. The only reason he powered through his studies was because of you.

The amount of time he must have put into it I don’t even want to imagine. Probably too much, just like with LOLOL. So yeah, he needs therapy for that but not as urgently as the rest, because emotionally he’s actually pretty fine. It’s just that obsessive/addictive part of him that needs healing, the rest will come naturally.

Damn, I went a little overboard here, but I hope I answered your ask to you liking XD