i feel ridiculous

nine days of brooklyn nine-nine.

I haven’t seen any challenge like this and since two weeks left to season premiere, I wonder would anyone be interesting in doing a countdown challenge? It could be a 9 day challenge from september 19 to 27? Something like this;

day 1: favorite episode
day 2: favorite female character
day 3: favorite male character
day 4: favorite ship
day 5: favorite friendship
day 6: favorite scenes
day 7: favorite quotes
day 8: favorite outfits
day 9: anything you want!

You can make anything you want -gifs, graphics, picspams- and post them with #9daysofb99 tag. And you can change anything you don’t like or don’t want to do! Please like or reblog if you are interested in! 

I’ve been having trouble sleeping the last few days, and instead of being productive or reading books or something I decided that making two sideblogs was a good idea:

#1  because star trek: bed, bath, and beyond is a joke and I decided I should take that joke to its logical conclusion

#2 because I have a problem and the problem is quark

anyway it’s been fun, and they’re both queued up

this dude at work creeps me out but im way too passive and quiet to ask him to stop talking to me

i feel like im complaining about nothing. like the fact that im bothered by him is ridiculous and i have no reason to feel like that

tbh im just waiting for him to cross the line and do something i can legit report him for idk what else to do