i feel really productive in college guys

Day 2 of 100 days for 100 days of productivity.
I really feel like I dropped the ball today guys💔
I’m not behind in any notes or readings by any means, but I didn’t realize that there was a mini online quiz due in astronomy, so instead of finishing up readings for next week I’m doing that assignment before work tonight.
I’m so glad that I don’t have class tomorrow so I can wake up and make some coffee and take notes and be cozy in my new apartment. I also think I might go to the museum tomorrow!

  • me, a capricorn: i just love how productive i am! studying 24/7! always have my goals right before my eyes, no time for emotional drama and love, i don't need that kind of stuff anyways. i'm focused on my education right now!
  • me on the inside: i crave emotional and physical intimacy to the point where i'm really unhappy about it because no guy seems to hold up to my standards and since i'm definitely not lowering them i am doomed to use college as an escape/distraction while burying all my feelings inside


Hi everybody! These couple of weeks have been really busy, but I’m not really complaining as I know friends around me have been too, what with the club events and school. I just wish I had a quick break for just one day without anything to do at all. Anyways, one thing about having a busy schedule is feeling relatively productive, so there’s that. Hope you guys are having a wonderful time! I’ll be more active soon, I promise! 

Hi guys! It has again been an eventful week that I feel like I’ve been all over the place with my life. Hopefully I get into a more constant routine with the meetings for clubs and homework that I have to take care of. I am however liking this whole living on my (semi) own concept of college. I can basically do whatever I want but with discipline, I know that I have to start homework right when I get back from lunch to have the evening off. Which, I don’t really mind doing it that way, just helps me get the homework out of the way faster to have the nights off and hopefully not stay up too late. Also, protip - don’t forget your scientific calculator on a Chem quiz day because then you are kind of screwed. But hopefully I have learned my lesson and won’t forget it in the future. As I have gone through 2(!) weeks of college, if you guys have any questions about syllabus week, orientation, or just general college things, feel free to drop them in an ask and I’ll either make a post about it or just reply out here on the blog. Have a great week!


Hey guys, my name is Tea ( as in a cup of tea), and I am starting a study blog. I have really struggled with my freshman year of college (I am a Pre-med Biology major.) and I feel that starting this blog will help me be proactive and productive in my studying. Not only will I try to achieve my personal goal of being more productive and improving my grades, but try to help others through my process. I’m new here so any advice will be awesome, and please follow!