i feel really guilty about not knowing what's going on


Tuesday, February 23.

Chemistry notes.🔬 Today it’s raining again YESSS. ☔💙 My cousin invited me to watch a play with her tonight and I really want to go but I feel guilty for going out instead of studying? I’m sure you guys know what I’m talking about. I spent the last weekend studying all day so I feel like I deserve it but I still feel uncomfortable urghh I don’t know.

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I am so in love with teenage inquisitor. How would companions + advisors react to seeing him/her cry? Like, full on sobbing. Your saying Varric is seen as a father figure really made me think about it and I feel like I need to know what would happen <3

Cassandra: She pulls them to the side, somewhere private, and lets them cry into her shoulder. When they start calming down, she offers them a handkerchief to wipe off their face. “I know this is too much for most anyone to handle.” she says, sounding somewhat guilty. “Breathe with me. It’s going to be okay.”

Blackwall: Like Cassandra, he gets them somewhere quieter, and sits with them until they calm down. “Easy there.” he whispers a few times. “It’s gonna be okay. It’s okay. It’s safe here.” Once they start calming down, he offers them some water and a gentle pat on the back. He also takes to the stables, to some of the friendlier and gentler horses. There, he encourages them to pet the horses, who seem happy to get the attention. It does wonders for the Herald’s nerves.

Iron Bull: If they allow it, he just hugs them as they cry into his chest, and strokes their back gingerly. “Let it out,” he murmurs, “I’m here.” They hiccup and sob and he lets them go as long as they need to. When they’re done, he has them wash their face with some water and head up to their room to relax. He also asks if they want to hit him with a stick.

Sera: She hugs them and lets them cry like Bull does, and she’s gently shushing them and trying to reassure them. “I know, I know,” she says softly, “it’s too much shite, innit? It’s okay, fuck ‘em all.” When they start calming down, she wipes their face and gives them another hug, and asks if they want to go do something fun.

Varric: He pulls them away from everything and sits down with them, patting their back. “Easy. Get it all out.” When they start calming down, he asks if they want to talk about it. They nod, and he sits and listens patiently. If not, he asks if they’d like to go play some Wicked Grace to get their minds of things, or perhaps a walk.

Cole: He finds them because they’re crying. “Raw and deep, too heavy, too much, too little time, too much, not strong enough, not ready. Clipped wings, sneering lips, how can I do this? You are strong. You are ready. Everyone is proud of you; they know you’re trying.” The Herald looks up at him, knowing he wouldn’t make any of that up. He hugs them, and they cry into his shoulder.

Dorian: He sits down with them and lets them cry as much as they need– he knows that sometimes you just have to cry. “I know,” he says quietly, “I know.” When they’re done, he gently wipes their face with a handkerchief, and if Cassandra allows it, he offers them some weak booze or sweet wine in a small amount. “Someone of your age shouldn’t have to go through all that you’re going through. I’m sorry.”

Solas: The Inquisitor was somewhat embarrassed by crying in front of him, but he didn’t seem to mind. In fact, he looked guilty, brow furrowed, lips twitching downward as his eyes regarded them sadly, though the Herald couldn’t tell why. “I know, da’len,” he murmurs, “this is too much.” If he can, he coaxes them into the Fade, and he and some of his spirit friends cheer them up.

Vivienne: She gets them out of the way and up into their room immediately. She lets them cry, though she doesn’t speak much, and when they’re calming down, she offers them a handkerchief. “Breathe deeply, Darling,” she says soothingly, “in and out, in through the nose and out through the mouth.” When they’ve finally calmed down, she offers them a smile and helps them up. “Would you like me to send for a servant to bring you anything, my dear?”

Josephine: As soon as she sees they’re upset, she drops everything to attend to them. She gets them somewhere quiet and hugs them while they cry, murmuring gentle reassurances to them. “Shh,” she whispers, “it’s okay, it’s okay…” When they settle, she has them go lie down for awhile, and clears their schedule.

Cullen: He’s not entirely sure what to do, but he gets them to their room and has them calm down. He gets them to wash their face off, insisting the cold water on the face helps. The man pats their shoulder awkwardly, trying to be soothing. When they’ve stopped crying, he asks if they need anything, or if they’d like to be alone or talk.

Leliana: She’s a lot more comforting than the Herald expected. She doesn’t tell them to stop or grow up, she just gets them somewhere they feel safe. She reassures them that it’s alright to feel what they’re feeling, and stays with them for awhile. She also introduces them to one of her more docile ravens, who manages to cheer the Herald up by allowing them to pet them and making cute noises.

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You shouldn't ever feel guilty about sharing your opinion. People are always going to disagree with you but there's nothing you can do about it. The worst thing you can do is keeping your opinion to yourself. Just be yourself and share your opinion. Just don't mind about what others think about you. If 5-10 person is going to unfollow, it's their problem not yours. Don't feel guilty

Thanks guys I appreciate it really
If y'all ever want me to leave let me know and I will
Just please don’t throw hate at the page


Request: “ Hey can I have an Eggsy imagine where I’m held hostage by some supervillian and he saves me?”

gif is not mine.

You don’t even know how much time has passed since Valentine has kidnapped you. Well, Gazelle had, for Valentine, just to make a mess inside the organization Kingsman, because he found out that Eggsy has a girlfriend, that is you. Eggsy became one of the best agents they ever had in a very short time and you were his weakness. You feel really guilty about that. 

Just when you were about to succumb in an eternal void of guile, you heard shouts and hits and you immediately knew what is going on. Eggsy. When he opened the pitch dark cell you were in you closed your eyes because light made them hurt. When you slowly opened them, you saw Eggsy standing in front of you and already picking you up.

“Sorry I took so long, babe.” he gave you a kiss in the cheek and got you out of this God forsaken place.

My life became better when I stopped feeling guilty about playing/watching whatever I want whenever I want. I know I have dozens of games I have yet to finish, but as long as I’m having fun, what does it matter? If I force myself to keep playing a game when I really want to play something else, it won’t be fun for me. Better to switch to what I want to play, then come back. Sometimes it satisfies my itch anyhow. Like I’ll be watching some long anime series and think, “Say, I sure am nostalgic for Pokemon,” so I go and watch an episode, then I’m back in the groove to watch what I originally was watching. I sometimes still feel a bit bad, but overall, I’m trying to not worry so much. Having fun shouldn’t be stressful.

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"Red Leg" Zeff sacrificed one of his own legs so little Sanji won't starve. Years later, Sanji's friend Luffy is willing to starve himself to death if it meant freeing him from his Arranged Marriage and, ultimately, Big Mom's clutches, never knowing how much he emulated Zeff's sacrifice. One must wonder what was going through Sanji's head when Luffy made that decision.

I think it probably made him feel guilty, even more guilty than he already did. But I also think it might have really hit him then how much Luffy cares about him. Because it would certainly have reminded him of Zeff, and by now I assume Sanji realizes that Zeff loves him, so it would’ve echoed that. And of course, no one knows better than Sanji how much Luffy loves food, so to refuse to go without that unless it was made by him … says a lot.

Mystery Followers

Soooo I have this bad habit of blocking people after assuming they’ve blocked me first, thinking that could help them not see the content of my blog anymore if they really don’t want to the moment Tumblr warps me into that page of nowhere and telling me that the blog doesn’t exist when I know for sure it still does.

But then, I just noticed a few messages in my other blog which also got influenced by my bad habit with people hiding in the anonymous icon while asking me if I blocked them, and I’m like “Maddafckah, how the heck do I know who you are when you’re gray and only wearing shades?”

I’m really confused about how Tumblr works, and what’s going on. I’m trying to help their dashboard here in a more no hard feelings way, but then I end up with people sending me sad messages (that makes me feel guilty for trying to help) about how they can’t see my posts anymore in my other blog that is full of me torturing Craig Tucker’s heart (since he had a backstory that started happy with Tweek in the story, but it shattered) which is surprising to me. Most people want their OTP together, yet here I am with a high chance of showing my love for this ship reversed. I’ve been trying to be a little nicer to him at the moment by drawing him with Tweek instead of making him feel more miserable, though. <3

Don’t misunderstand. I love Creek. It’s my OTP. ._. I just have a weird way of showing my love for my OTP. I just find it so cute when the atmosphere around them is so… miserable. Ohohoho~ I’m sick right now, though. Been coughing a lot for weeks, so I end up puking out more fluffy Creek when I should be doodling more depressing stuff between those two.

QQ Who are these sad anonymous people and how do I fix their sadness?!

Also, I’m a little twisted in the head, been talking to lots of psychologists too since I’m hella weird so I don’t really recommend following me.

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u've become really annoying lately...

For, what exactly? My posts in general? Or is this about my posts involving Jin?

I’m not going to feel guilty for what I said, but I know I posted/reblogged a lot so I’m sorry if I cluttered up your feed, I certainly didn’t intend to get on anyone’s nerves.

lately i’ve been doing a lot of introspection and soul-searching. y’know, senior year, going to college, leaving home, big changes, becoming an adult, but i digress. really i’ve been asking myself pretty personal questions and answering them as honestly as i can, not lying to myself, not beating myself with the truth until i feel guilty about it, just saying what i know is true and leaving it at that. 

“am i bisexual” was actually a pretty easy one, (shout out to my crush lmao) and i feel a lot better finally knowing that, yes, i am not straight, and that yes, that’s totally cool with me. it’s actually gotten rid of a lot of anxiety! i feel more confident in general, it’s amazing???

“am i ashamed of the things i enjoy” was another easy one: the answer is no. i’m really totally 100% done with being embarrassed about AGGRESSIVELY liking things because guess what binch?????? i’m not gonna stop liking that thing!!!! heck off!!!

“how do i feel about my anxiety” was less easy and more of a sudden realization. 4 years of therapy have paid off - i don’t hate my anxiety (that much) anymore. it was a little jarring, realizing i haven’t resented my anxiety in months, and that i’m pretty indifferent about it in general. i’ve accepted that it’s here to stay for the rest of my life, and just going to be something i’ll have to deal with. i’m not going to fight it anymore. i’m done with that. i have coping methods - healthy coping methods - and as uncomfortable as anxiety makes me, i don’t hate it anymore. which is weird to think about, but hey, gold star for me

“do i love my body” is like a gray area. it sort of depends on the day, how much i do or don’t like how my body looks. most days i don’t even think about it, but usually when i do, it’s not super positive but not hateful either??? idk, i’ve decided to leave that alone and just be “body neutral” versus “body loving” for now.

the most recent query i’ve asked an answer for is “do i love myself?”

and honestly? the answer has been a resounding “i don’t know.”

i’m a little disappointed, really. after all the work i’ve done over these past 4 years, i still can’t reliably say “i love myself unconditionally.” i’m not like, beating myself up over it (which really shows how far i’ve come; a couple years ago i would have mercilessly torn myself up about not loving myself - and did) i’m just sort of “oh, well that sucks.” because i feel like i’ve worked really really hard for what feels like a lot more that 4 years, only to have checked off “not completely hating myself” on my Good Mental Health Checklist that resides in the perfectionist part of my brain. 

the worst part is, i can’t figure out why i don’t love myself yet. i don’t beat myself for being sensitive or having strong emotions - hell, i’m crying right now! - i’ve realized my sexuality, i’ve accepted my anxiety as a part of myself, i’ve realized i don’t have to love my body to love myself as a person, and what’s the result? what’s the answer?

“i don’t know.”

i almost feel like i’ve been cheated out of self-esteem somehow??? which is completely ridiculous, and totally not what’s happening - i just have more work to do - but it feels like i should know by now! i’ve built myself back from the ground up - i asked for the therapist myself, because i knew my parents wouldn’t get me one unless i asked specifically - i’ve retrained myself how to think, i’ve suffered dozens of panic attacks all in the name of self-compassion, and to just…not there yet…is disheartening, to say the least.

i’m fucking frustrated. i’m angry. i just want to be better already! it’s like i’ve been sick since middle school - probably before middle school - realizing i was sick in freshman year, undergoing treatment for four goddamn years and i’m STILL getting better? fuck that. fuck you. 

i’m not giving up, by any stretch of the word. i know i deserve to love myself, all the work i’ve done, and i know my future self is going to thank me for it, but i’m so…tired. i’m tired of working towards invisible goals, i’m tired of explaining my mental health situation to people who just say “try harder”, i’m tired of laboring over this shit with no tangible reward in sight!!! 

i guess i have more work to do. better get started now. if it takes another four years, this time though…

i don’t know. 

Chapter 80 was good. We could finally see a great talk between Erwin and Levi which made me burst into tears. They are facing the Titan Beast and everyone is supposed to die but…

Can we talk about Jean’s face in this panel, please?

Look at his face when he sees that Mikasa is injured. He looks devastated. They have followed a plan, but it didn’t work. And now Connie and especially Mikasa (Let’s face it. He has a canon crush on her and apart from that he truly admires her) are injured. They could have died and everything happened under his command.

I think he feels guilty. He feels responsible for what happened and I’m really looking forward to know how he’s going to handle all that. He might be a good leader, but he’s still human and more important he’s only sixteen.

In chaper 79 he was the one who made Armin feel better, but now I think it’s time for Armin to encourage Jean. It wasn’t his fault. He did it the best he could.

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I don't self harm but sometimes I scratch myself with a safety pin whenever I'm really upset or having a bad anxiety night. I haven't done it in about 4 months until tonight. I don't necessarily feel bad/guilty that I did it, but I know that this is not a way I should cope. Any advice on how to work on this??

Hey, I’m so sorry your going through this! Although what your doing is minor, it could lead to much worse behavior in the future.
The first thing you should do is find coping behaviors that you can do when you feel like this, for example some of mine are reading, working out, journaling, or even just crying it out! Once you find these alternatives, handling these urges become much easier!

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Ahhh i feel really guilty rn bc i was running some notes a guy lemme borrow out to him and he asked if i wanted to go get some food and i panicked and was like no thanks!! I just ate!! And now i feel bad bc i turned him down but i just didnt know what to do, i wasnt expecting it :-((

its ok!! D: don’t stress about it! *hugs*

okay so soulmate au where your soulmates name appears on your wrist when you turn 18, and joly’s name appears on bosseut’s wrist first and nobody is surprised by that because the two of them have been best friends forever and they’ve been inseparable for even longer

but then when joly’s birthday rolls around a few months later and the name ‘musichetta’ shows up on his wrist nobody really knows what to do or say, and bosseut’s heartbroken but he offers to help joly find musichetta anyways because ‘you deserve to know your soulmate- knowing mine is the best thing that’s ever happened to me, after all’

and joly spends a very, very long time downright refusing, because ‘i love you bosseut- i don’t give a damn what my stupid wrist says’ and bosseut always nods and pretends to go along with that, but he can’t help but feel ridiculously guilty about the fact that he’s the one thing standing in the way of joly and his soulmate, 

and then one day he’s trying out a new coffee shop, waiting for the barista in charge of drinks to call out his name for his order, but when she does her voice wavers and she says it like it’s a question, and at first bosseut just assumes it’s the standard, ‘how the fuck do you say your name?’ but then she doesn’t let go of his drink and he gets a better look at her and her name tag catches his eye and- ‘wait, you’re musichetta?’ 

and ‘chetta just nods but then she starts to smile because he’s cute and he seems friendly and as far as soulmates go, she could definitely do worse, so she says ‘and you’re bosseut, i’m assuming?’ but his forehead furrows and he looks confused so, after another long moment, she rolls up her sleeve and flashes him her tattoo which very clearly says ‘bosseut,’ and then he goes completely pale and excuses himself and forgets the latte entirely

and bosseut’s got his phone out of his pocket before he’s even outside, and then he’s got joly on the phone and he’s talking a mile a minute trying to explain what’s going on, and joly panics because bosseut is panicking, and joly’s at the coffee shop 10 minutes later and by that point they realize that musichetta also looks kind of panicky so they show her their wrists and let her in on the mystery, and she doesn’t know what to make of it either, so she ends up making them tea and inviting them to stay, and by the end of her shift both boys are already smitten with her and that feeling is definitely mutual 

I really can’t get over Emma’s face as Regina is telling her that she wanted to kill her TL.

I mean, just look at her.  In this one moment you can see a whole bunch of emotions go across her face.  I’m going to focus on three.  

The first you see is guilt.  We know that Emma feels guilty about Robin’s death. She has no reason to, because, as it’s been pointed out repeatedly, everyone made their own choices to go to the Underworld.  Emma still feels somewhat responsible for what happened, so she also feels responsible for Regina’s pain (which is again, ridiculous, but this is Emma “the weight of the world is on my shoulders” Swan we’re talking about here).

The next emotion you see is understanding.  If anyone is going to understand Regina’s pain from losing her true love, it’s Emma.  Emma has watched Killian die three times.  She’s had to come to terms with losing him over and over again.  She has had to feel these same emotions over and over again.  She gets it.  It hurts.  And she looks like she’s stopping herself from responding verbally because of this understanding she has.

The last emotion is the one that grinds me gears the most, and I’ve taken a screenshot so you can see what I’m talking about:

This is a look of hurt.  Emma may understand what Regina is going through, but that doesn’t make what Regina is saying to her okay.  Regina is telling her that the first thing she wanted to do when she saw Killian alive was to kill him again.  All because Regina lost her true love, so why should Killian get to live?  In other words, why should Emma get to be happy? As I’ve mentioned, Emma has watched him die three times already!!  And now to hear that Regina could have impulsively killed him (which we know she is more than capable of doing) and taken him from her all over again, after just having gotten him back when she was certain she’d never see him again, hurts her.  She is obviously hurt by this.  Just the thought of reliving the pain of losing him again causes her to physically react, because she knows she just wouldn’t be able to take it.  I get that Regina is hurting, believe me, I do.  But she’s being incredibly insensitive to someone to whom the death of the man she loves is not something she would be taking lightly, especially not right now.  

“But Regina is just saying these things, she didn’t/won’t actually do it!!”

To this I say

Bottom line:  Emma doesn’t deserve this.

Fic: The stain on your lips (matches the colour of mine) (The Vampire Diaries; Stefan/Caroline)

Fandom: The Vampire Diaries

Rating: PG-13

Pairing: Caroline Forbes/Stefan Salvatore

Summary: “Then, what do you feel guilty about?” He looks at her then, turns to meet her wide eyes, and he can see it there on her face. She knows. She always did.

Author’s note: So I got a prompt from the very awesome and talented knives-and-lint and I don’t usually do prompts but I really liked it, so I gave it a go. Original prompt is at the end.







He doesn’t hear the shatter of the crystal as it falls to the ground. He only sees the wine spill out from broken glass, soaking into the rug, spreading in every direction like ink being blown on paper through a straw.

It’s a bright, sparkling red in this lighting. He thinks of fresh blood gliding down skin, seeping into the collars of shirts and the front of blouses, bright red darkening as it seeps through every woven thread.

The whiter the blouse, the better the contrast.

It’s art.

Has his pulse racing, gums itching and veins yearning and he loves every minute of it.

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Exo reaction to they kissed their crush when they were drunk and it was her first kiss. (Kai, Chen, Suho)

Kai: *He’d feel bad that he kissed when he wasn’t fully conscious. He’d try to text you and ask if you were okay* “Ugh, I should’ve been more careful, I hope I didn’t make her feel bad.”

Chen: *He’d feel happy that he kissed you but bad that he wasn’t sober while doing it. He would go up to you and ask you were alright* “Hey (Y/N), about last night, I wasn’t thinking straight and I know it wasn’t the best scenario to have a first kiss so I was wondering if you wanted get coffee with me someday as an apology?”

Suho: *He’d feel guilty that your first kiss wasn’t perfect, he’d give you some time to think about what happened and how you felt about it and then go and apologize* “I’m really sorry (Y/N). I just thought you were really pretty and couldn’t hold myself back. I hope you’re alright.”

*gifs are not mine credit to owners*

i’m really looking forward to seeing sebastian’s future projects and what he’s about to achieve in his career. everyone should be happy for him and excited for what’s next and not show him any negativity for taking time for himself. he has no control over filming schedules or last minute job offers so don’t make him feel guilty for it. please don’t. he already feels bad for it and makes the effort to reply to people on instagram to let us know what’s going on in his life. he even said “unfortunately i got a movie” unfortunately. he shouldn’t have to say that when he has nothing to apologize for. when he’s not working he’s either with friends or going to conventions now. nobody’s forcing him to go! no other marvel actors are going to all these cons, just him. we get more attention and generosity from him than we deserve. don’t take advantage of that and appreciate what you get. he’s going to ireland to work on who knows what! support him.

Silent Hero (Prompt #23)

Requested by anon:  Hi sweety! I was wondering if I could have # 23 ‘there is just one problem: I am really scared of heights/small spaces/darkness’ and I was wondering if you could combine small spaces and darkness? Oh! And can it be with Liam? ❤️

A/N: It can indeed! I hope you like it, thanks for requesting. :) 

Originally posted by tylerposet

You are watching Liam searching for his stuff in his room, feeling awfully nervous and guilty. You know perfectly well that what you’re about to do is very wrong. You’re not supposed to mistrust your alpha. And you’re certainly not supposed to break into his house and go through his personal things. But you just can’t shake off this feeling that Scott is keeping something secret from the pack and you’re determined to find out what it is.

Therefore you looked for help from the only person in this pack who is young and reckless enough to do it: Liam. He was sceptical at first but basically shared your concern and agreed to your plan in the end after you hadn’t stopped getting on his nerves.

Now he’s searching for gloves to not leave any fingerprints which is kinda stupid because you don’t want to steal anything and your scents are more treacherous anyway.

“Liam, you’re wasting time”, you tell him impatiently, tapping your foot on the wooden floor.

“Found them!”, he declares without caring about your mood before he turns around, wearing a big smile and holding up black leather gloves.

You roll your eyes at him. “Great. Can we please go now?”

“Do you still have the keys?”

“Yes. Combined with the insurance that Stiles will kill me as soon as he realizes that I `borrowed` them from him.”

“Don’t worry, Y/N, I’ll protect you”, he says with a smirk. Then he finally leaves his room and you follow him.

You could remind him that you don’t really need his protection, being a werewolf yourself and all. However, you don’t. He seems to like the imagination and you have to admit that that’s kinda cute.

Your bad feelings and consciousness grows into a serious lump in your throat as you climb on the passenger’s seat in Liam’s car and start for Scott’s house. Something about your expression must show that because Liam keeps on shooting you careful looks until he announces: “You remember that this was your idea, right?”

“Yes, I do”, you mumble, staring stubbornly through the windshield at the dark street. “That doesn’t really change that it’s nonsense. You don’t have to do this, Liam. I know it’s pretty stupid.”

Surprisingly enough he just grins and shrugs it off.

“Actually I think it’s kinda cool.”

You blink at him. “Really?”

“Yeah. I never broke into a house. It’s gonna be fun.”

He’s simply unbelievable. You aren’t sure if he only says that to calm you but it works nevertheless. Your pulse lowers a bit and a small smile starts to play around your lips.

Scott’s house is totally dark and seemingly abandoned as you pull into the driveway. Thank God, at least this first step worked and Liam was right about Melissa being at work and Scott having dinner with Kira’s family. You get out of the car, throwing a look over your shoulder to make sure that none of the neighbours is watching you. Then you follow Liam to the front door and pull out the keys to hand them to him.

“Hurry up, before someone notices us”, you whisper, twitching at how loud the rustling of the keys in the lock is.

“Y/N, we are having keys. Why should anybody suspect us?”, he responds unnerved.

“I don’t know, weirder things have happened!”, you defend yourself as the lock finally clicks and he swings the door open. You are faster in this house than he can react.

Liam searches for the lightswitch but you put your hand on his upper arm to hold him back.

“Let’s do it like this”, you mumble while you’re letting your eyes glow in a bright yellow. He copies you, with some restraint, though. He has never been as good and comfortable as you at showing his inner wolf.

Of course you find Scott’s room without any problems, you’ve been in there often enough. And it’s unusual tidy again, which makes it even harder to go through his stuff without leaving any traces. You start to believe that Scott has a little cleaning quirk since he’s dating Kira.

“Where do we start?”, Liam whispers into the darkness, scanning the room himself.

You are already feeling dirty. Very dirty. However, you square your shoulders and say: “You can do the shelves, I’m taking a look at the desk.”

You are doing your investigations very carefully. Opening cupboards, keeping in mind where the things stood or lay to put them back on this exact same spot afterwards. At many things you don’t even really look at because you read the first sentence or see the first page and know that this is none of your business. And the whole time you feel absolutely terrible and shabby. Until you are pretty sure that this was a bad idea, especially after you haven’t found anything interesting or fishy after almost fifteen minutes.

You sigh and put the last paper down, about to turn towards Liam and end this as you hear the noise of a motorbike coming closer. Scott has a motorbike. Scott is coming home!

Your mouth drops open as you and Liam exchange a similarly shocked look. His face gets pale and you are pretty convinced that yours does too. At least your stomach makes a funny jump.

“What now?”, you hiss at him, desperately searching for a solution.

“Into the wardrobe”, Liam orders and without waiting for your consent he grabs you and pushes you into it, closing the wooden doors in front of you. Great, now you are standing in pure darkness between Scott’s shirts and trousers. This is probably the appropriate punishment. But…

“Liam?”, you whisper. You know that he’s standing right in front of you, his body tensed. You can hear his fast heart beat and feel his warmth. He seems to listen hard, but Scott hasn’t entered the house yet.


“Liam, this is really not good”

The panic makes its way into your chest now, feeling like hot liquid in your veins. Your breathing becomes faster. Unusually fast.

“What do you mean?”, he asks confused, probably by your pulse.

You swallow hard. This is horrible. “Not that this is not a good hide-out. There is just one problem: I’m really scared of small spaces and darkness. If it is combined. Like now.”

Right in this moment Scott does enter his home. You are not able to see Liam’s face but you are pretty sure that he is dumbfounded. Especially as your fast breathing turns into something like hyperventilating. You have a problem with small dark rooms since you once locked yourself into your little cellar for hours as a child. The fear never disappeared.

“No, no, no! What am I supposed to do?”, he asks you stressed, grabbing your arms to hold you still which doesn’t work at all.

“Distract me!”, you suggest hoarsely.

“How? We are in a freaking wardrobe!”

“I don’t…I don’t…kiss me.”

The words escape your mouth before you can really think about them but it seems to be a genius idea. That would definitely distract you quite effectively.


“Just do it!”

And he does. Somewhat hesitant but still. He cups your face and comes closer to crash his lips on yours. At first it’s just that. A kiss in a risky situation that has only the purpose to get you to calm down. But it soon turns into something very different. Probably as you both realize surprised that you absolutely enjoy it. You enjoy his lips on yours. So much that you want more. More of him. Your fears are long forgotten, you can only think of him opening his mouth, of his hands stroking your back and yours in his hair. And he returns your passion with the same amount.

You carry on with this until the door of the wardrobe flies open and you break apart with a startled shriek. At least you shriek, Liam keeps quiet but looks like a tomato. Scott stands right in front of you, staring at the pair of you in a mix of anger, astonishment and embarrassment.

“What the hell are you doing there?”, he asks you. Though it sounds more like a growl.

You try to answer but you are absolutely speechless and Liam also seems to be unable to come up with a decent respond. After a few awkward silent moments Scott sighs and steps aside to let you out.

“Okay, I’ve no idea how you got into this house or why you’ve been searching my room. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t to find a quiet spot where you could make out. But if you don’t get out of here very quickly, I swear that I’m going to ask questions and that you’ll have to answer them right now. Otherwise you can think about what you got to tell me until tomorrow. Your choice.”

It’s already more than what you deserve that he gives you a choice. And he doesn’t need to tell you twice. Liam immediately takes your hand and pulls you out of the room, down the stairs and to his car. All the time his expression is unreadable. Only as you are sitting, he moans and bangs his head against the wheel.

You, on the other hand, suddenly consider this situation quite ridiculous and start to laugh. He shoots you an incredulous look.

“How can you think this is funny?”

“Oh, come on!”, you gasp, still chuckling. “It is! And your face is too!”

He frowns for a second, then he finally cracks up himself and starts the engine. As you observe his face, his blue eyes and his cheeky grin a warm feeling spreads in your body that you never noticed before. Before the kiss.

Maybe he’s your hero after all.

I guess it’s official now: I can’t do short. I’m sorry! 

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I don’t really like to tell people what’s going on in my life because, (1), I can never find the right words to express myself and (2), I’d much rather suffer alone than to put you on the spot and make you feel guilty for not knowing what to say or worse, you’d worry about me. I don’t want that, not from you, not from anybody. People have enough on their plates to worry about without me adding more burden on their already weighted down shoulders.
—  sad and stressed but trying to hold on

Title: Annoying confessions
Fandom: The Avengers: Age of Ultron
Character(s): Pietro and the reader 
Requested by: Anon-Thank you, the link to your list works! And I have a request haha! A aou (my poor heart) pietro and reader fic, where the reader is having a really bad day, pietro doesn’t notice and as his usual self annoys the reader most of the day (which can be exhausting). At the end of the day reader gets upset and storms off, leaving pietro feeling guilty. He goes to comfort her and is sorry about his behavior and he’s fidgeting :> and it ends with him confessing his love I hope this isn’t too much >_<
A/N: I hope you like it, also sorry for the Eurovision posts.

As soon as you woke up today you know that today was not your day, no matter what happened things just kept going wrong, but you trundled through the day, doing every task that was set for you by Fury, you had hoped that no one was going to bother you today so you could get these done as quickly as possible, so you can re-treat to your room and be alone for the remainder of the day. 

Although one person that you could never stop from annoying you today, of all days, was none other than Pietro Maximoff, yes that speedy bastard can never leave you alone even when you ask him too and most of the time you didn’t care, you loved to have him a round when you’re doing something really boring.

However some times he can get a little….tiring to be around, and today is one of those days where he’s going to be tiring and rather annoying, you walked down the hallway, a bunch of papers and files in your arms, with your iPad resting on top of the pile in your arms, the screen glowing brightly although slightly cracked since you accidentally dropped it, tripping over your own feet.

Pietro quickly appeared next to you, making you jump “for fucks sake, Pietro!” you cursed, slapping his arms roughly making him pout “what?” he whined, rubbing his arm “you fucking scared me” you told him, brushing your hair out of your eyes “that’s like the third time today” he chuckled, slinging an arm around your shoulder.

“Look Pietro, I’m really busy, so can you just leave me alone” you groaned, pushing his arm away, nearly tripping over your feet again, you huffed and continued walking down the hallway, pushing the door to the conference room open and putting the files on the desk “look, I just need to talk to you about training” he said, grabbing your wrist, you sighed and looked at him.

“I’m not doing training today” you stated “what why not? you’re my training partner” he pouted, his bottom lip sticking out ever so slightly and he was giving you puppy dog eyes “I’m just not in the mood for it today” you responded, you had just finished everything Fury wanted to you to do today. 

You just wanted to go to bed now and not move for the rest of the day “but you always train with me, please” he begged, giving you the puppy dogs eyes that you could never resist, but today it wasn’t working on you and Pietro was now getting on your last nerves.

You frowned “for god’s sake Pietro I said I’m not in the mood to train!2 you yelled at him and stormed off, pushing your iPad into his chest on your way passed him.

Pietro watched as you left him, guilt building up inside him, he needed to make you feel better, not just because he doesn’t like it when you’re mad at him or because he has feelings for you, but because he feels bad about it and because you really seem stressed out, not that he noticed until now.

He felt bad about annoying you all day, he felt bad for not noticing how stressed you seemed, how annoyed you looked and how bad of a day today has been for you, you looked exhausted. 

Pietro waited a while before he went to your room, he didn’t bother knocking, he just walked right in, it was good a thing that you weren’t naked other wise you would have murdered him.

Pietro stood in the door way and looked at you sadly “[Y/N] I just wanna say I’m sorry for annoying you” he said, you looked over at him and give him a small smile “it’s fine” you mumbled, flopping back on your bed, your hair flying across your face, Pietro slowly walked in, closing the door behind himself.

Pietro started to slowly walk around your dim room, the curtains were closed and the lights were turned off “I didn’t realise that you were having a bad until you walked away” he murmured, running his hands through his hair, he a frown on his face as concentrated on the floor.

“Pietro, it’s fine, really” you reassured, but Pietro wasn’t listening, his mind was else where, so when he abruptly stopped, you gave him a weird look, Pietro had been acting weird all week and he wouldn’t tell you why “[Y-Y/N] I need to tell you something” he stuttered, red dusting his cheeks. 

“And that is?” you asked, propping yourself up with your elbows, Pietro coughed and pulled his sleeves over his hands, he looked as if he had forgotten how to breath for a while, his eyes darting around the room, looking ever where but at you, he gulped and shifted from foot to foot.

You arched your eyebrows at him, the weird look never leaving your face, Pietro was acting weird “I uh…” he started, you nodded your head at him, encouraging him to carry on “I like you, a lot” he whispered so quietly that you had to ask him to repeat himself. 

Pietro sighed and rakes his hands through his silver hair, growling in frustration “I said I like you, a lot” he repeated, you giggled, placing your hands over your mouth “I like you too” you admitted “no I mean, like I have feelings for you” he reinstated, you nodded your head “yes and I have feelings for you too” you told him, your brow creasing.

“No, no you don’t understand, I love you” he said frustration more evident in his voice “yes Pietro, I get it, I really do” you snapped at him “I love you too” you added, pushing yourself off the bed, where you were now stood just a few meters away from my him, Pietro placed his hands on your waist, his thumb brushing gently against your skin.

“You mean that?” Pietro asked, pressing a soft kiss to your cheek “I do” you whispered, wrapping your arms around his neck, you could feel Pietro smile against your neck “that’s the best news I’ve heard all day” he told you.