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Cracker Jacks and kiss cams

Summary: A story in which Bucky Barnes is very smitten, there’s a baseball game between the New York Mets and the Chicago Cubs, and Cracker Jacks are consumed.

Prompt: “I never thought you’d break my heart”
Characters: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Warnings: None. A bit of language maybe, but this is all just sappy fluff. 

A/N: This is my submission for @just-some-drabbles​ Rom-Com writing challenge, thanks for letting me join last minute and congratulations on reaching 4k! This story came about because I really love baseball, I really love the Chicago Cubs, and I really love Bucky Barnes, so all in all, it felt like a win-win.


(Bucky, opening Google search)

“how do you know if a woman is interested”
“when do you know if a woman wants to kiss you”
“how to tell a woman you love her without saying it”
“why do I suck at talking to her”
“oh my god why can’t I just ask her out” 

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{ kiss me quick }

pairing: alexander x reader

prompt: “Could I request an A.Ham x reader where they have a flirtationship and the hamilsquad teases them for it so they kiss to prove a point (but realize they really do love each other) and you can take it from there BUT LOTS OF FLUFF PLEASE”

You knocked on the door to the boys’ loft, smiling widely as you heard the locks click and eventually, the door swung open. 

“Mon petit lion, your girlfriend is here.” Laf teased, pulling you into a hug when you walked in. You rolled your eyes, but hugged him back nonetheless, happy to see the Frenchman. “Be on your best behavior, now.” 

“Which one?” Alex called back smugly as Laf closed the door behind you. You shot Alex a glare, crossing your arms and eyeing him from where you stood. He looked up from his laptop to see you still glaring at him. 

Really? Your expression so clearly said. He had to hold back a laugh. 

He playfully gasped and smiled when he realized you weren’t budging and could actually be very pissed off. “My favorite one is here.“ He teased, saving his work and walking toward you.

Your glare only intensified. Laf snickered as he looked between you two. 

 “I’m only kidding, sweetheart. You’re my only one.“ 

“That’s better.” You grinned, pulling him into a hug and smiling when he kissed your cheek, humming obnoxiously loud as he did so. "Okay, quick question. Why does it look like a bomb went off in here?“ You looked around their place, laughing a little.  

“It was done this way to accurately represent my life.” Herc mumbled, making you laugh.

“Or because I’m the only one who bothers to clean around here,” Laf mumbled. 

“Not true!” John said in defense, looking up from his little notebook. His eyes were sparkling as he laughed a little, grinning at Laf who ruffled his curly hair. 

“Did you still want to go out?“ Alex asked, wrapping an arm around your waist nonchalantly. Everyone didn’t understand how you two would so easily hold hands, cuddle, and lean on one another, yet claimed you never had feelings for one another. 

Which was true to an extent. You had told everyone that you were in fact not dating, but you and Alex knew the truth. You both had little crushes on one another. You’d both confessed to one another and were excited to see how this would play out. It was just amusing right now to act like a couple without that label.

“Might as well take me out, Hamilton.” You sighed with a playful smile. “I came all the way over here.” You challenged, leaning into him.

“Mm.” He grinned. “You just can’t seem to stay away, can you?” 

“Guess you’ve got me.” You shrugged, feeling your cheeks redden slightly. If his smile could grow any bigger, it would have. 

You were just so cute. Your banter was always something he looked forward to. To see you walk through that door made him so happy. He really did love you.

Alex let go of you for a moment to fix his hair, taking the long tresses out of his ponytail. He ran a hand through his hair and shook it out a little. He caught you staring and gave you a smile. “Like what you see?“ 

"Why is your hair even prettier than me?” You pouted a little.

“Nothing could be prettier than you, darling." 

Lafayette snorted. Hercules let out a boo. John said “3 out of 10,” making you laugh a little. 

“Cheeeeeesy, Alex.” He chuckled. “You really fall for this kind of stuff, (Y/N)?”

You stuck your tongue out at him and he gave you a wink. 

You looked back at Alex, who for the time being let his hair down. He had his hands in his pockets and shifted his weight from his toes to his heels, rocking back and forth, almost amused with what he had done to you. You didn’t bother trying to hide your blush. You thought he was the handsomest man you knew. You liked his hair down better. 

"No work today?” You said quickly, eyebrows raised a little.

“Didn’t say that, but I just might be able to squeeze you in.” He said, looking down at you.

 "Wow, Alex, you really know how to make a girl feel special." 

 "Not to mention you’re a piece of work." 

 "Well, I’m a luxury few can afford, Alexander." 

 He chuckled, twinkle in his eye. "I know a good thing when I see one." 

 "Why aren’t you two dating?” John said, exasperated. “Kiss. Date. Fall in love. Get married. Have cute kids. Come on already.”

“Oui. What is stopping you two?” Laf asked from the kitchen, looking for something to eat. 

“She’s just so perfect. I dunno.” Alex shrugged, but the little smile was still there on his lips. He was looking into your eyes, making your cheeks warm up even more. You found the courage to look back at Alex, and smiled. You found yourself getting lost in his own pretty set of eyes.

“I’m just a l-little intimidated, I guess.” He stuttered, biting his lip slightly.

You laughed a little nervously, shaking your head and tucking a strand of hair behind your ear. “I’m trash. Shut up.” 

“Then I guess I can pick you up and take you out, right?” He raised his eyebrows a little, a grin on his face as your expression changed before his eyes. “Eh? Eh? C’mon? That was pretty good.” 

You rolled your eyes, crossing your arms over your chest as he leaned in, clearly proud of his clever pick up line. 

“John, gimme a score.” 

“Eh, 7.5.” Laurens said, and you felt yourself finally break as you laughed a little more. Alex huffed, but said he would take it. It was better than a previous 3 after all. 

“I’ll see if I can fit you into my schedule.” You hummed. “See this, this really cute guy just asked me out,” You went on, grinning. “Used a cute clever pick up line and I’m really thinking about going.”

“Oh yeah?” Alex raised his eyebrows, leaning in a little closer. He crossed his arms over his chest, mimicking you. 

“Yeah!” You exaggerated, smiling wider. 

“Well, what’s he like?” 

“He’s incredibly smart. Witty. Funny. Great writer. Loves to argue with people.” 

“He sounds like a great guy. Sure he’s real cute too, huh?” 

“Yeah! How’d you know?”

“I probably know a guy as amazing as him.”

“Of course you know Jefferson! He’s  so great.” You exaggerated. “We have a couple classes together! Do you think I should go out with him, Herc?” You looked to the other boys for help, teasing Alex further as they encouraged you to go out with him. 

“Oh, you’re evil.” Alex chuckled, and ran a hand through his hair. “What does he have that I don’t?” 

“Weeeeellll, he’s about a head taller,” You smirked, getting closer to Alex and looking him right in the eye. Then, you leaned in, standing on your tiptoes slightly to whisper in his ear. “And he’s a great kisser.” 

Alex smirked, clenching his jaw slightly as you pulled away nonchalantly. “Is that so? Who are you comparing him too?” 

“He’s in a league of his own.” You hummed, hands innocently behind your back. You knew Alex was getting annoyed at this point. You could see the fire in his eye. 

“I beg to differ.” Alex said confidently. He had to be better at Jefferson in everything. 

“What are you going to do?” You challenged. “How will you prove it? Are you gonna … Kiss me? I dare you.” You smirked, pretty lips curving into the slyest of smiles. 

You could see in his eyes how badly he wanted to. You wouldn’t dare stop him if he did.

“You mean, y’all haven’t kissed already?” Herc scoffed from the couch. “I’m surprised at your self control." 

"Just do it already.” Laf mumbled, almost bored as he leaned against the counter, chin resting in his hand. “You’re practically a couple.”

“Yep.” John piped up. “All true statements.”

“It seeems we have an audience.” You looked back up at him, shrugging nonchalantly. “So what are you gonna do, Hamilton? Hm?” 

You were looking at each other, smiling so wide with flushed cheeks. The ball was in his court. If he didn’t make a move, you’d make one later. Thank goodness he did though. It wasn’t long before you felt Alex lean down and kiss you, holding you tightly by your waist and holding you close. You smiled against his lips, running your hands through his hair gently.

 The other guys didn’t expect you to do it. Especially so easily. 

Hercules’ eyes were huge when he looked back. Laf almost dropped the bowl of cereal in his hand. John looked right up from his notebook when he realized it was too quiet in the room. He felt his jaw drop at the sight. 

Alex’s lips melted against yours, fitting perfectly. You both slowly pulled away, almost hesitant to end the sweet kiss. When you pulled back, your cheeks were red and Alex’s eyes were sparkling. 

“Who’s Jefferson?” You breathed out, and Alex laughed a little as you bit your lip a little. “I’m yours.“ You smirked. Dang, he was a good kisser.

"I like the sound of that.” Alex leaned in a little closer, kissing your cheek repeatedly, making you laugh as he put his hands around your waist so you couldn’t escape. “What? What’s wrong?” He continued to kiss you, going down towards your neck as you giggled and tried to shove him off. 

“A-Alex!” You managed to squirm out of his grasp, laughing a little more and straightening yourself out. You smoothed out your clothes and fixed your hair. Alex’s eyes on you didn’t help at all.

“I was, um, not expecting that.” John said, chuckling a little as he looked between the two of you. 

“Me either.“ Alex said, with a little laugh, but there was no trace of regret in his voice. You joined in, laughing a little too. "Say that again, will you?" 

"Say what?” You raised an eyebrow slightly. 

“I’m yours." 

“Oh,” You smiled, taking his hand confidently. "I’m yours." 

He kissed your cheek, bringing you back into his side, making you laugh. "I could get used to this.” 

“Well, I’m not going anywhere.”

“Good. Because I want to do this again.” 

He leaned in, giving you another kiss that pleasantly surprised you. You didn’t fight it, letting yourself sink into his embrace and pulling him closer. He dipped you slightly, hands on your waist to steady you as the boys howled around you. 

“John, give me a score!” Was the first thing Alex said when you both pulled away happily.

“I think (Y/N) and I can agree that was a ten.” John smiled at you, once you had broken off the kiss from Alex. You nodded sheepishly, covering your face to hide your blush as the other guys cooed. 

You gently tiptoed to kiss Alex’s cheek, and smiled in turn when his cheeks reddened slightly. 

“Definitely a ten.” 

Episode 4 was a fandom wide callout post.

all you fools too busy being pissed bc Coran went all show crazy and basically re-characterized the paladins to what the masses found entertaining, to notice that the entire episode was literally a fandom wide call out post. they literally called us out guys. 

lets go over the list of things Coran said/did in ep 4 and compare them shall we?

let me preface this by saying he literally wasn’t himself and i still love him just as much as before, my gorgeous man.

”I worked up very specific personas for each of you. This is going to help the audience connect on a much deeper level with each team member.” 

as if they didn’t already have defining personalities that make them very likable and awesome? sounds familiar right? its one thing to speculate and theorize based on what we know about a character especially if we don’t know a lot about said character. the writers put a lot of time and effort into developing these characters and even said during an interview once that one of the things that bugged them about og Voltron was that the only properly developed character was Keith. the other guys didn’t get a chance to be loved. and that was what they aimed to do, to give every paladin and character the chance to be loved. since the beginning the fandom has been bad at this. taking one teeny trait from each character and twisting them so that the only thing that matters is that trait. 

         “lover-boy lance”

throughout the series lance is known  to flirt with…pretty much every cute alien girl. of course. hes handsome, charming, girls love him. Coran wipes away all of the actually relatable things about his personality in favor of this charming flirt who would win over girls. Lance is insecure, he’s witty, he is the freaking sharpshooter, the teams sniper and their glue. he’s voltrons right hand now for a reason. he got into the garrison which is a military space exploration base, not just anyone gets in. hes incredibly intelligent and a great pilot. amazing really. bc simulations are always absolutely terrible and rarely help. oh yea, and hes charming.but god forbid anyone forget that hes a flirt. who cares about the other stuff that will actually help the audience connect with him. 

        “science wiz pidge” 

its no secret that pidge is incredibly intelligent. she is one of the characters who haven’t gotten their developing points until this season. in one of the first flashbacks we learned she nearly gave up studying because some kid decided to be a dick and bully her. Matt pulled her out of it and encouraged her to work hard. later on in ep 4 coran says that her science doesn’t need to be factually correct because noone will understand her either way. he undermined her intelligence because . well. noone cares what she says as long as it sounds smart. fanfic writers do this a lot. like. a lot. i understand that you may not have the same knowledge that the girl who hacked herself into a military school base undercover at he age of 14-15 (if the theory that the garrison is a high school program is correct) because she had gotten banned for sneaking in and hacking into the computer system, but if you really do insist on focusing her on her smarts, do some research. no to mention. pidge may be the youngest, but she really is more than science and calculations. shes intelligent yes, but she can hold her own in battle (at the age range of 15-17 with no prior battle training), shes afraid of the possible reality that all her efforts are wasted and Matt and Sam are dead, she is actually pretty social with the paladins (she can even be seen hanging out in the kitchen while hunk makes glass cookies.) and beyond her intelligence, shes wise. shes not just random science facts, she knows how to hold her own in situations outside of battle and books. shes street smart. 

       “lone wolf keith”

now i know this was said to allura, and ill get to that. but if the keith vlog showed us anything, its that  hes not just a moody loner teenager.  i am very guilty of this myself. i portray keith as a human disaster. we don’t know hen he was left alone, we don’t really know much of his story. i head canon that his dad left him to fend for himself but every month woul drop off food or money or something. i head canon hes terrible about taking care of his body. but at least i don’t call him moody and move on.  i give him a background to fill in the blank space, but sometimes i forget and focus too much on his folded arms and  pouty face. he smiles. he laughs. hes an actual precious bean.  but hes also afraid of being pushed away. hes guarded and does his best to be strong. he hides his feelings and protects his heart with everything he has. (geez boi who hurt you). he is not the human embodiment of “teenagers” by mcr. aka he has feelings too. not to mention he also got into the garrison, and was the top pilot regardless of how he got in, if it happened to be by recommendation like most people think. 

      “humourous hunk”

as a hunk stan this one annoys me the most. throughout the episode hunk is consistently embarrassed, and even protests the fart noises, fart jokes, etc. he is purposely tripped for laughs. the fandom forgets that hes not just the fat funny guy, or just the personal chef. hes overcome so much since babies first lion flight, he used to get sick, constantly had to be the voice of reason to keep his teammates out of trouble,  he is just as intelligent as pidge and is actually one of the only people that can keep up with her science stuff. keith and lance even stated that they didnt understand anything they’d said. hes a fantastic engineer even if he had a few tummy mishaps. hes an amazing pilot too, and extremely sassy. he and pidge probably rigged the game console to work in space, And hes pretty friendly and cautious. he is NOT meant to be the comic relief. (say it louder for people in the back)

     “shiro the hero”

a lot of the fandom has taken to calling shiro daddy, sexualizing him (”now put on this tight shirt”) and focusing on shiro and only shiro (shiros the “favorite character” of corans little show). hes great. he really is. and the man needs a break. voltron is a kids show. he isnt meant to  be sexualized, none of them are. hes more than his arms and his leadership abilities. the biggest issue i have with the whole shiro thing. regardless of if hes a clone, when shiro returned he cut his hair differently, and wore short sleeves. everyone i know, including me, said they’d be fine with the clone if he had kept his hair long and “as much as i love the arm view” and didnt change his outfit. its a kid show. his body shouldn’t matter.i am also guilty of this, and ep 4 opened my eyes to it. coran lifted shiros arm as if to prove that thats what the audience really wanted. he treats shiro differently bc hes the real star here and everyone should know it. ofc, hes the black paladin. (i wonder where the whole “the black paladin is the only one who really matters here” mindset came from. looking @ u ‘84). shiros may have ptsd, and hes constantly trying to hold himself together for his team, and its obviously not easy. maybe thats why hes got a cute white floof. the stress. 

      alluras erasure  

another point that always bugged me. the fandom either forgets allura exists, or that she is just stealing lances place temporarily. Allura is the blue paladin. while keith is gone, she is not filling in. shes a paladin now too. for coran to call her keith, and constantly call her keith, even though she obviously has a few choice words to say about it, its distrespectful. she says his plan is working and he replies with “why thank you keith…i like to keep you in character” once again, erasing her existence. now im not as well versed in this particular topic, but id like you to keep in mind that he talks to his princess with that mouth, and that she IS the princess and not a fill in while keith leads. feel free to elaborate on this more. 

     coran “fires “ team voltron. 

this. i find extremely entertaining. remember that legal trouble last year bc of the leaks? and right around that time the klance shipper started threatening them if they didn’t make it gayer and put keith and lance together? the  fandom, who wanted all of this to happen their way, were threatening to get it cancelled and such just because things didnt go their way. shiro, the leader, disagreed with coran and tries to shut him down. and coran in fit of rage says:

you’re a bunch of quitters! quitters! i’m a visionary! i have thoughts, ideas, i dont need you anyway. ill rewrite the show, get rid of the whole lot of you, replace you with new paladins! and the show will be better than ever before!…except for you shiro, ill never get rid of you, you’re our most popular character!

this is essentially what the fandom was saying. now, was this definitely their plan, to call us out with this bit, in not sure, but honestly, its almost too coincidental.

the writers have made it clear that they heard us, and have always been listening. and really, thats why i love ep4. you’re angry because you know you got called out but haven’t admitted it to yourself. the writers do their best to bring us the best show possible, but they cant satisfy everyone. why cant we just be happy about Actual Meme ™ Matt, and look forward to season five instead of fighting them because we got our shit handed right back to us. weve gotten a  taste of our own medicine, so chill. i enjoy them keeping us on our toes, surprising us with every turn, theyre great writers.who cares if one or two things pissed you off? we both know youre not gonna stop watching.

ENTP Females I’ve Met (by an INFJ)

What I noticed and observed about them: (2 FEMALES)

  1. They underestimate their social skills. They don’t think they’re good in socializing and even if they say that they hate it, they’re so annoyingly good at it. They just don’t realize it. They just dislike the thought of forced socialization–when they have to talk to people they’re not genuinely interested in. 
  2. This continues on to the fact that they’ve got good social skills. They know that as long as they’re nice to people, they’ll be nice in return. But they do admit that only the first few hours of meeting people is exciting. If it reaches a certain point, socializing may get tiring and unbearable.
  3. It’s true, they’re smart and they don’t even have to try hard. Genius people. Both of the ones I know are considered as the beauties with brains. One of the ENTPs I know learned in a rather different school environment where teachers would just leave their students in a quiet classroom to self-study– so she got used to learning on her own pace effectively and independently. The other ENTP I know has a curious mind and picks up things quickly–probably because she loves thinking a lot about how things work. I swear, they can study a few minutes before tests and ace them.
  4. They hide their stress or well, they do their best to avoid it from getting to them. They pretty much don’t like dwelling on their problems and they find talking about stress or expressing their stress pointless. 
  5. One ENTP female I know doesn’t appear extroverted at first but then you realize that she can actually thrive well in big groups–even if she says she hates parties. I don’t even know how she does it. But she really does prefer small groups.
  6. The other ENTP female I know appears extroverted and is extroverted. But she really still prefers a small group of people because she tires out in big ones.
  7. They are rebels. They go by their own rules. And they don’t do it to be cool. Their coolness is just natural. 
  8. They two ENTP females I know are fashionable. They’ve got their own style and they pretty much surprise people by what they’re wearing. 
  9. A lot of people like them and they have no idea why–like really, they have NO IDEA. Their ego doesn’t even inflate because of it. 
  10. The two ENTP females almost always have suitors. They just attract people so easily– like they have this magnetism. However, they’ve only had a few relationships (or well, just flings) or even none. They seem to be in love with the idea of being in love, rather than actually being in love. I don’t know, it’s hard to explain but I feel like they feel this way. And well, it’s hard for them to find someone that really attracts them. They want to fall in love with someone’s mind and it’s hard to find those kinds of people nowadays. 
  11. They love arguing in a nice and non-harmless way–just for fun. I guess they just want to see if anyone could try and prove them wrong. They actually do get competitive when it comes to things they believe in though. 
  12. They are so fun to be with and when they’re around, the mood is just so light (they do it to remove the awkwardness–they could actually be really anxious inside but are so good at hiding it).
  13. They tend to misplace and forget things and this trait of theirs may make them seem irresponsible and reckless. But this doesn’t stop them from being witty and intelligent people.  
  14. They can’t be mean, even to the people that they secretly dislike (or even to people that dislike them). They forgive easily and don’t really care about how people perceive them and always choose to kill people with kindness; because they find hating people so tiring. They would rather watch people be slowly killed by their own conscience. They let karma do its work. 
  15. There are days when they just don’t want to socialize and just wanna stay home and play Sims and be around their pet dog. Or binge-watch their favorite series. They can pretty much go both ways: be with people and be alone. 
  16. One of the ENTPs I know gets so disappointed in herself when she doesn’t get a high grade (even if it’s ALREADY HIGH). They’re actually really hard on themselves but don’t show it, which is why they seem effortlessly smart.
  17. When they end up failing though, they may end up bursting into tears because they have such high expectations of themselves. One of the ENTPs I know has an extremely strict parent who expects her to do well all the time; while the other one has a scholarship to maintain. 
  18. Their sense of humor is the best. And their spontaneity. You feel a sense of belonging when you’re friends with them.
  19. The two ENTP females I know get clumsy and it’s just really funny and cute and makes their personality even more real and perfect. 
  20. Both of the ENTPs I know are the ultimate grammar-Nazis. They cringe every time they see wrong grammar and express their disgust for it with their close friends. (But typos are okay for them–probably because they keep making a bunch of them)
  21. They are actually deep people and they may hide this trait of theirs by putting on sunny and happy-go-lucky facades. But they’re actually really into poetry and they enjoy analyzing things in their spare time.
  22. The ENTP females I know are good and skilled at a lot of things but they don’t even mention them; you have to be the ones to find out for yourself. One ENTP I know can play guitar and has been a valedictorian for years (which I didn’t even know about until people told me), and the other one I know is actually really good at sports and can sing. 
  23. The stereotype of them wanting to do so many things but not actually starting or finishing them is so true. The two ENTPs I know keep sharing their ideas and goals in life and well they do start–but that’s all they end up doing. Starting.  
  24. ENTPs don’t like things just to fit in or just to join the bandwagon. They like things because they truly like them. They aren’t here in this world to impress people–they’re here just to enjoy and express themselves with people that truly accept them for who they are.

p.s. I love ENTPs. (sorry if this post became pretty bias) Two of my best friends are ENTPs and man, I just can’t express how much I love and admire them. I don’t even think this post is good enough for them but well–in the future, I will make a post about why I personally think INFJs and ENTPs get along soooooo well. So watch out for that! :) 

Oh and I never got close to an ENTP male (or I’m just not sure) so this is why I labeled this as an “ENTP Females” post. But if you guys relate too, then well–that’s nice!

blissfully unaware; sexually confident!evan x reader smut



I 👏 am 👏 down 👏 for 👏 a 👏 full👏 sexually confident 👏 Evan 👏 fic



TWs; smut smut smut, this might be awful and ooc but fuck it, jared is a sarcastic boi, oh yeah hair pulling lol, OH ITS LIKE LITERALLY PUBLIC TEASING TOO SO YEAH WOOPS

It had taken a long time for Evan to become fully comfortable when it came to sex, and even now sometimes he would shy away, but there were… times. Times where he could be uncharacteristically confident. Different things could trigger him to be like this. A lot of the time it was when he hadn’t seen you in awhile. Occasionally it would happen if you could convince him to drink, but tonight it seemed like there was no reason for his sudden shift in mood. You both had been hanging out with your friends, having a good time. It was getting pretty late into the evening, and you and Evan were sitting on his bed while Zoe, Connor, and Alana were all sprawled out on the floor watching whatever random movie they had chosen for the night. 

You yawned, which prompted Evan to grab you and wrap his arms around you. You relaxed back into his touch, wiggling in between his legs and taking his hand. “I love you.” He mumbled softly, pushing your hair to the side and leaving a small kiss on the side of your neck. You smiled, mumbling a sweet ‘I love you too’ back. After a few moments of silence he spoke again. “They’re really focused on that movie.” He chuckled. You nodded, glancing at you friends, who were quite obviously unaware of any thing else going on around them.

“You look really pretty.” Evan squeezed your hand. “Dawww thank you, Ev.” Your face heated up. After a few seconds he moved both his and your own hand onto your leg. You didn’t think much of it at first. He was probably just trying to get more comfortable.

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High Tensions - Three

Reid x Reader

Everyday this week you’d come in to find a chocolate bar on your desk. And everyday you broke it into tiny little pieces and ate them slowly, one by one whilst reading whatever “sexy” book you could find in your local book store, making sure you were in full view of Spencer. 

So far you’d bought in Vox, Lady Chatterley’s Lover, The Tropic of Cancer and you’d finally given in and bought Fifty Shades Of Grey. You weren’t actually reading these books, only taking in small parts of the plot. The man at the bookstore had given you such a curious look when you’d taken the stack of books up to the counter. You’d just grinned at him and shrugged, commenting, “My boyfriend’s out of town.”

Today was no exception and when you strolled up to your desk you saw a large bar of dark chocolate lying in front of your keyboard. 

You knew where they were coming from and what he was trying to do. It was a well known fact that chocolate could act as an aphrodisiac. But it wasn’t working on you and you were getting sick of the taste. 

You racked your brains trying to recall other aphrodisiacs and then remembered something. You rummaged in your desk draw finding the sachets you’d ordered online last fall and headed over to the communal kitchen area. 

Five minutes later you walked back across the bullpen with two cups of coffee, placing one on Reid’s desk and one on your own which was opposite. 

“Where’s mine pretty lady?” Morgan questioned you grinning, knowing you must have done something to the drink to be only offering Spencer one. 

“Sorry handsome. I only had two left,” you sat down, drawing your chair close to your desk and logging on. Work had been quiet these last few days, leaving you all to catch up on paperwork and filing. 

Spencer looked at it suspiciously, “What have you done to it?”

You took a sip of your own, making sure you left your lipstick mark on the rim. 

“Nothing! It’s just a coffee Spencer, I swear.”

He nudged it away from him, “I don’t trust you. You’ve probably crushed some viagra up in it or something.”

“Jeez, if you’re that bothered have mine. It’s truly just coffee Spence. Flavoured coffee I ordered last year. And it was expensive so I’d appreciate you not wasting it.” You swapped the mugs over, drinking from his cup so he could see you’d not tampered with it.

You settled down and started clicking through your emails watching him out of the corner of your eye. Eventually he picked the mug up, turning it around so that your lipstick stain was the closest to his mouth rather than away from him. 

He saw you looking and smirked slightly as he raised the mug, placing his lips exactly where yours had been. 

Nice one Pretty Boy. That was kinda hot. Subtle, but hot. 

“Pumpkin. It’s pumpkin flavoured. It smells really strong.” He commented after a few moments. 

“See, told you it wasn’t anything nasty.”

You waited until he’d drank nearly the whole mug before sending an email to him.  

“Did you know that the smell of pumpkin can help increase the blood flow to the penis to encourage an erection?”

You saw his eyebrows raise and then a reply dropped into your email box a few seconds later. 

“Really? Is that all you’ve got today Y/N? It tasted and smelt nice, but I don’t feel the slightest tingle in my shorts at all. I thought you wanted to win this?”

Damn it. 

“I do want to win, and I will win. You’re hardly trying either though. Leaving me chocolate is hardly going to break me. As nice as it tastes, it really doesn’t get my juices flowing.”

You cringed at the phrase you’d just used but clicked reply anyway, not being able to think of a substitute. Spencer coughed from across the table from you, typing away again. 

“And what exactly does get your juices flowing Y/N? Those books you’ve been reading all week? How are you finding the delectable Mr Grey?”

“Pretty boring to be honest. I much preferred James Spader in Secretary. Both him and Maggie definitely would get it if I got the chance.“

“Secretary? So is that your secret fantasy, being bent over a desk and having your bottom spanked? Because if you admit defeat, then Rossi’s office is free today. I’d be happy to oblige.”

Oh my god. 

So far since the rules had changed it had seemed like Spencer was barely even trying to get you to admit defeat. Part of you wondered if his heart was really in it, if he found it too awkward or weird flirting with you or trying to come on to you. Aside from the chocolate and the way he’d reacted to you on the plane, there’d almost been no indication that he was still playing. 

Until now. 

“Spencer Reid, I quite happily would have you bend me over a desk and spank my ass, among countless other things. But I will not be asking you to do any of those things to me anytime in the near future. Now if you want to ask me to allow you to do them to me, then we’re talking.”

Peeking over at him you caught him catch his bottom lip between his teeth, slowly releasing it as he typed.

“Shame. I’ve been told I’ve quite the firm hand. I think the red print of it would look quite nice on your buttocks. There’s a few things of mine that would look very nice on you, or in you for that matter.”

Jesus fucking christ. 

“Such as?” You were tying to keep a neutral face now, but you could actually feel it flushing. 

“My mouth, tongue, fingers….eventually my dick.”

Your breath caught in your throat then and you knew you’d given yourself away. You were trying to think of a witty, sexy reply when another email dropped into your box, the subject READ ME NOW. It was from Aaron Hotchner and Spencer was copied in as well. 

“Are you two teenagers? I assume you weren’t aware that certain words flag your emails up to me?
For the love of god get on with your work before I’m forced to discipline you both for the misuse of government property.”


An email popped up from Penelope, “The instant messager function is much better guys. That’s what me and Morgan use. But my my my, Dr Reid. Who knew?”

You stifled the giggle that threatened escape your mouth before standing up and walking over to the water cooler. As you walked passed Reid, he leant out and grabbed your wrist. 

“Sure you don’t wanna head to Rossi’s office? Hotch is in meetings this afternoon.”

Lost for words you just shook your hand free and continued walking, heading to Penelope’s office instead. 


Round two to Spencer Reid.

X-Men Psychology: In Rogue’s defense, What the hell happened in Antarctica?, and a character analysis on Gambit.

Let us lay down the base.

Rogue has the mutation of being able to absorb, via skin, thoughts, memories, skills, mutation, and literal life source from whomever she touches. She has no control over it, and will knock you out with the actual touch, will leave you in a coma if she holds for too long, and will kill you if she holds on for a bit more than that.

Let’s take these facts and break them down. Rogue absorbs memories, but if you think about it, not everything she will gets is going to be deep, or profound, or meaningful. Logic says, she’ll get a lot of mundane stuff. Logic, also says, she’ll get a lot of pretty fucking invasive, embarrassing, TMI, and awkward-ass human idiosyncrasies. People going to the bathroom. People manscaping. People doing the weird, embarrassing shit people tend to do when they are alone, things people assume no one will ever find out about. 

Just like how Logan, via senses, a 100% knows when any woman in the mansion is on her period, hears when anyone is having sex, smells the bodily fluids on them afterwards, and doesn’t get to say anything about it because he is aware that that is his problem and no one else’s. It is something that just comes with his mutation and he just has to deal with it, without ever being like “Jesus, would it kill you to wash your damn mouth after swallowing?”.

Rogue has a similar issue, and deal the same with her’s. Rogue getting Holocaust memories from Magneto, or Logan’s tortured lifetime, or any angsty/depressing as hell memories from anyone, she has to keep to herself. She can’t just go to Erik and be like “Listen, I know you didn’t actually give me this information voluntarily but I saw X and I haven’t had a goodnight’s sleep in weeks. You kind of owe me a context and a proper resolution to the horror I keep living every time I go to bed.” because she knows that if it bothers her to the extent it does, that means he’s, obviously, also, still affected by it, and no one really owes her comfort, for something they never meant to impose on her.  Especially when the person isn’t even close to her.

9 times out of 10 times, she doesn’t get to ask or hear if the memory had a happy ending. She probably gets a lot of horrible memories and imagery she will never fully understand what they are about. Just scenes out of context, and the emotions attached to them. 

Rogue, it’s important to remember, doesn’t get to absorb the most well adjusted human beings out there, we all know this. She also doesn’t get to see their minds at a safe distance like a telepath would. Take Nathaniel Essex, for example. If, say, Emma Frost got into his mind she’d be like “Holy Shit, this guy is fucking evil”, and dismiss him as human garbage. Rogue doesn’t get that privilege. Rogue momentarily becomes the person she absorbs. Rogue not only gets to see the mess that a psycho’s mind is, she is forced to empathise with him. She doesn’t only see the person’s horrible actions, she gets the sparknotes version of how, exactlythe individual went from A to Z to Crazy and reluctantly understands because she sees, if not by memories, by sensation; the life choices, and the trauma, the breaking point, and the conclusion

From there, Logic says that Rogue should be one of the most empathetic characters out there. Logic says that Rogue must naturally err on the side of compassion, and understanding.  

So why doesn’t she?

I think it has to do with her time with Mystique and Destiny. Rogue’s relationship’s with her mothers is very complex. There was love there, but Raven being Raven, and Irene…. Irene’s psychology is a whole ‘nother monster. That woman gets a little more slack for being so collected while being a pre cog. Destiny and Rogue have that in common, I think. No one should be able to know the things they know, we are not naturally equipped to deal with that burden.

Still, love or not, they both had agendas, and they both had plans for Rogue, because they did not really take her in out of the kindness in their hearts

What Mystique must have told a teenager Rogue to get her to become a terrorist, the type of grooming, and deliberate, subtle manipulation that so obviously came into play, I don’t want to think about.

Because at the end of the day. Rogue was taken in, at thirteen and homeless, by Mystique and Destiny. She had a family dynamic for the first time since she was a little girl. Of course she’s not going to want to disappoint the women that saved her. They rescued her, gave her a family, and love her.

Eventually, it’s pretty obvious that the whole thing must have started to smell to Rogue. Because the whole Carol Danvers thing did not just happen and she was suddenly like X-MEN HLP PLS.

That event was the breaking point, but there must have been some conflicting emotions brewing there for a while. We know how hard it is for abuse victims to walk away from someone they love, someone that hurts them, or takes from their life, and how exponentially worse it gets, when their abuser tells them that they love them. Can you imagine how hard it must be to walk away from a toxic relationship when you know, FOR A FACT, that that person, in their own twisted way, does actually love you?

We all learn in our own time, that John Mayer knew what he was talking about when he said that ‘love is a verb’, and that feeling something, isn’t really worth shit when you don’t act like it. A lot of people don’t figure this out until they are old. Also, Rogue, because of her powers, gets to see something worse than another person’s personal trauma and tragedy. She essentially gets to see the Übermensch of the person she absorbs. The person deep inside that person. We all have one. The person we say would be if we lost weight, the person that would live it up if X and Y things in their life were different. That ideal version of us that is happy and all we aspire to be. The perfect version of ourselves. The one with the great mental health, and without all the character deffects. The person we swear we’d be, had things played out more in our favour. 

I want you to realise that Rogue sees that when she absorbs someone.

Now, grown up Rogue definitely knows that what makes someone the person they are, is who they are in spite of their circumstances, not who they swear they’d be if they had it perfect. Real character is forged the same way steel is. Through heat and pressure.

But younger Rogue

Younger Rogue must have spent hours doing mental acrobatics trying to build bridges across the chasm that exists between the person she abrobed’s actions, and the person they’d like to be. She must have made excuses after excuses on why this person is actually a good person even though they act like a trash can, because if you could just see what I saw you

And we know. WE KNOW that people along the way MUST have taken advantage of that. Because, technically, taking all that into account, early years Rogue must have allowed a lot of people to get away with gross behaviour under the guise that, well, they meant well.  Like, younger Rogue must have taken a lot of BS from other people believing it was okay, because of who she assumed the person really was on the inside.

Like……. How hard, must have walking away from her moms, been taking that into consideration. I think that’s probably the first time she sees that love means nothing if you don’t actually follow through with your actions

Stilll, doesn’t change the fact that she’s infatuated after spending time with Magneto, because she gets it in her head that, even though he has killed people en mass, even though he’s done all of what he’s done, she’s still like “You could be so much more, I’ve seen you and you are a good man and–

So, this is, obviously, behaviour she has a tendency to fall into. The wish to understand, and empathise. So, looking at her today, its obvious, that she lost that somewhere along the way.

Taking this background on the logical technicalities of her mutation, let’s dip into Antarctica.

With Remy, we have to understand something. It wasn’t just absorbing his self-loathing mind that made her leave him. Rogue hadn’t just made her sexual debut with Remy. She had touched someone for a significant period of time, without hurting them, for the first time since she’d been thirteen. That is something to be hella’ emotional about. To someone who, for a long time, certainly assumed they’d die a virgin, you bet your ass it was a big deal.

I can’t begin to imagine what effect, lack of uncomplicated physical interaction with people, must have been to Rogue. The only thing I can compare it with, is my experience with about a decade of crippling depression. I isolated myself from the outside world for years. Afterwards, when I got better, and I went through some sort of re-emersion period, and was trying to integrate myself back, at first, the amount of self consciousness, of lack of confidence I felt, after missing out, for a significant amount of time, on a perceived important aspect of the human experience, it was pretty goddamn awful. You are hyperaware of everything you do, that you are probably acting weird. You feel and believe that everyone else but you has dominion over X. That more ‘normal’ people would not act the way you are acting right now. That everyone is an expert and you don’t even know what time it is.

You take Rogue, who probably thinks herself pretty awkward with physical interaction until Gambit, because it’s somehow easy and natural with him, and even with that going on for her, there’s the matter of who Gambit is. Gambit is charming, beautiful, charismatic, suave, witty, mysterious and, over all, a heartbreak in a 6′2 body frame. 

Someone like him, taking interest in her, must have been initially taken in the mansion like: “Oh, jeez, he clearly has no idea, he’ll run as far as he can go as soon as he finds out ha ha”. 

But he didn’t. He’d push and push until everyone disbelievingly went like… “…….I mean… if you insist that you know what you’re doing…………..”

But everyone at the mansion and their cat must have all thought Rogue was biting WAY more than she could chew with him. Had he not been as determined to get under her skin as he’d been, she would have, no doubt, been uber self conscious and intimidated with the sole idea of even considering him as a significant other. 

She still was to a degree, especially at first, but he manages to convince her, and she happily follows his lead.

The problem with Antartica is that, at this point in time, Remy Lebeau has difficulty with being transparent. He never outright lies to Rogue, but he omits stuff. Important stuff.

Rogue asked, more than once, what the big dark secret was, and he, time and time again, refused to answer. 

I firmly believe, that while Remy’s role in the Morlock Massacre would have devastated a lot of people, he would’ve never been left behind to die for it, had he been honest and up front about it.

He would’ve put a lot of strain in his friendships, but it wouldn’t have escalated to, you know, being left to die

You are going to tell me, that Rogue “I-just-want-to-touch-people-and-not-kill-them-with-my-powerswouldn’t have understood Remy’s “I-was-so-desperate-to-you-know-not-blow-people-up-with-my-powers-that-I-overlooked-a-sketchy-deal-and-obvious-red-flags-for-help”?????? He didn’t give her enough credit. 

Spoiler Alert: She would have. She probably would’ve identified with him on a deeper level and died of compassion for what he ended up, unwittingly, going along with. How his comfortable, deliberate ignorance got people killed, the same way, once upon a time, hers almost ruined an innocent woman’s life.

(PAUSE: Remy being left behind was fucking awful, I’m not trying to justify it, I’m just trying to make sense out of that mess. In my opinion, Antarctica should have never happened the way it did. Leave fighting and trying to kill each other to the Avengers. The whole point of the X-Men is that everyone hates them, but they have each other. UGH)

Because we all know that Remy Lebeau would have never, deliberately, participated in mass murder. Ever.

It is the fact that he lied about it, and how shit escalated from there.

Because Remy, at this point, clearly considers himself a horrible man. Never mind that his worst sin in the matter was being deliberately obtuse, because he knew that Sinister wasn’t up to anything wholesome, but he was desperate and looked the other way to not see the red flags, but somehow, in his head, he’s not that far from Sabertooth. So we can say, that his point of view, his mental image of the massacre, paints his role in it, in a way more damning way than it actually was. 

When Rogue figures Remy lied to her. Every insecurity she had ever harboured about them together, every absorbed idea that she’d been WAY over her head by thinking that he’d be real with her. That someone like her could ever pin someone like him down. Her mind going a mile a minute, probably rethinking everything, because he finally got what he wanted, didn’t he? he slept with her(something that wouldn’t cross her mind with a clear head). But she got the Morlock Massacre directly from HIM. No disclaimer, no nothing. Just the guilt ridden version of it in Gambit’s Psyche. 

At this point Rogue knows more about how her powers have left her vulnerable to other people’s manipulations in the past, and in the state she’s in, it’s not far fetched to say that she doesn’t know what to make of Remy, with things happening the way they are. If there is one person in this world who she doesn’t want to take advantage of her it’s Remy, the man she’s in love with

There is also something I was once told that plays a part into this:

“There is something to be said about how a young woman will recklessly throw and offer herself to her first love. No reservations, no secrets, no keeping things in the dark. It is partly because, having never actually experienced heartbreak in the past, they are able to love fearlessly. Being in love feels amazing, and, at that point in their lives, they can only imagine what heartbreak must feel like, not having an actual personal reference of it, and it is always a thousand times worse when it happens than they could have ever imagined. 

This is not to say that a woman loves most, or best, or wisest, or most prudently, on her first time; but it is about the lack of caution, and shameless adoration that they display, that doesn’t always reappear again, after getting their heart broken for the first time.”

I think that after everything she’d been told by Remy, everything she lived with him; seeing what she found in his psyche must have been as unexpected as having a finger bitten clean off by a butterfly. 

Because it is pretty obvious that at this point, in every hypothetical situation in her head, in which she and Remy didn’t work out, she had probably always assumed that it would have been because of her, because of her shortcomings.

So yeah, it was not just his guilty conscience that had her leave him.

It was a mix of feeling like the biggest delusional fool, of remembering people taking advantage of her in the past, of being truly heartbroken for the first time in a romantic context, and adding that Remy’s psyche was probably not helping his case at all. Because, if Rogue’s mind was telling her that he’d lied to her, had taken advantage of her, and used her, Remy’s tortured psyche’s commentary in the matter probably was like ”…………..Yeah, I am pretty Goddamn awful”. Remy’s horrible opinion of himself back then did nothing to help.

Because had it been just his mind on an emotionally stable Rogue, she would’ve been like, “………..but that’s not actually how it happened. It was a more nuanced matter than that.

Because that is literally how her mutation works.

I think that, when Remy told her “…but I love you” right before she leaves him, that sealed the deal, because I don’t think she was actually leaving Remy, himself, behind, I think she was leaving EVERYONE who ever coerced her into doing what they wanted using “love” as bait to her much younger, love-starved self.

One of the reasons I believe that inflexible, no-second-chances Rogue, as much as I don’t like it, isn’t actually out of character today, is because she has to have had bad experiences with people taking advantage of that part of her mutation in the past, that they know she naturally leans on the side of empathy and compassion, so she’s like NOW NOBODY GETS A CHANCE.

I think the reasoning behind Rogue having a clear double standard with everyone she gets cozy with, and Remy(Her overlooking Magneto’s record. Her kissing Deadpool), is that she doesn’t really want either of them, not for the long run, anyways. In her head, they are not in the same league with Remy, not even close. She doesn’t really care enough about either of them(in a life-partner way), to actually bother with the thought that they should probably be better people. She cares about them, sure, I love to think she’ll have Grade A friendships with both of them, but she’s not really giving them any consideration on an endgame aspect, to even think about things like “Yeah, I’m not comfortable with either of you guys’ bodycount”.

At the same time, we’ve seeing her pulling excuses out of her ass to push Remy away not too long ago. “You are a thief and I can’t trust you”.


Girl, he’s been a thief since day one, you’ve always known that LMAO NEXT.

OH another thing. 

I still see, to this day, people talking about how SHE left him in Antarctica

Boy………. Where were the rest of the X-Men? 

You are telling me….. that the X-Men got home and were like “OMG ROGUE YOU LEFT HIM THERE?!?!?!?

I’m sorry. But the whole point of the arc was that he was abandoned by the whole group of people he considered family. The fact that it was Rogue that flew away, that it was the woman he loved that flew away, was supposed to make it extra painful. Not be the sole source of pain.

Because you all know, YOU ALL KNOW, it wasn’t like the X-Men where like “You know what? I think it’s Rogue’s call. Never mind the fact that they spent the last few days de-powered and shit obviously happened, that she just touched the man she’s loved for the last couple of years, substantially, for the first time, and she got the massacre fresh out of his brain….. Yeah, she’s clearly a reliable judge of character right now. Not emotionally impaired AT ALL”.


If I read one more Post-Antartica Fic(not that there are any good ones) with people at the mansion giving her shit and acting like she was somehow being deliberately cruel, and stone cold headed when she left him, I’m gonna pee on everything you own.

Because EVERYONE left him there.

A group effort. Like true X-Men.

I love Remy Lebeau. He is my favourite male X-Man of all time, but if you dare to shit on Rogue because of his plenty of personal shortcomings I will shit on you.

Let’s dig into his psychological profile:


Remy Lebeau lives life on a 50/50. Escapism and Atonement.

On one side, he avoids emotional pain like a damn ninja, so he tends to  escape from it in every way he can.

One of his more popular ways, is through his White Knight Complex. He did it with young Storm, with Rogue, with Laura, with Joelle, and we know he’s done it plenty of other times. 

This is not to say, that when he saw a young troubled Storm in need of help he didn’t actually want to help her, or that when he met Rogue, he did not really think that it was a crying shame that someone like her had no one to touch, this is not to say that he didn’t want to genuinely help Joelle with her daughter. Laura is, I’d say, probably among the most selfless examples of aid he’s ever given.

Gambit’s true colours come through, most prominently, when he’s helping people. That’s when his, very real, heroic aptitude comes out to shine.

Where I’m trying to go with this, is that this habit of his, of throwing himself, head first, into helping a pretty girl with a sad story, damn the consequences and anyone within a 5 mile radius, is not a 100% altruistic. 

Because it is not. Not completely.

It has plenty to do with how these things make him feel about himself, it dismantles a bit, the deep rooted core belief, that he is not a good man.

We must remember that Remy, also lives in a perpetual state of atonement. Remy’s non-stop escapades around the world are not solely due to the fact that he IS an adrenaline junkie, that he most certainly has some sort of kinetic energy induced ADHD and that he a 100% metabolises a ridiculous amount of energy, though all these do factor in. 

What I mean, is that Remy Lebeau’s particular brand of stir crazy, does not sound like someone who simply enjoys living it up(though, again, there is that), and feels more like a I don’t feel that good about the man I am, so DISTRACTION

This idea, that some people just need to travel, and do wild shit all the time as a requirement to be happy and consider their lives fulfilling is completely false, and something the media has been trying to sell us since forever. The live-fast-die-young, rock and roll lifestyle.

It was Rolling Stone, Jet-Setting, Star Icon, Sex God, Rock Legend Kieth Richards that once said: “The contortions we go through, to not be ourselves for a few hours”.

Just leaving this out there: Someone at peace with themselves, could stay in the same place their whole life, and still be find it within themselves to be content.

Looking at Remy, and all that he is, and just getting this sly, happy-go-lucky man, is valid, I guess, but an extremely simplistic view on his character.

A man who’s had bad calls blow up in his face like the Morlock Massacre, the mess in Paris with Genevieve and Sabertooth; things beyond his control like Etienne’s Tilling, and many other traumatic events that, good intentions or not, absolution or not, stay with you forever.

I’m not even going to dive into the very real possibility that back when he was just little kid Remy no-last-name he most certainly had, at the very least, some pretty horrifying close close calls with sexual assault.

He was a street kid. Let that, and what almost always happens to kids in vulnerable positions when left to the devices of horrible men, what they are often forced to do to survive, sink in.

That possibility opens a whole ‘nother window. Sexual assault victims can sometimes cope with the trauma through hypersexuality, because they can’t understand why what happened to them did, they try to rationalise it by subconsciously believing that they probably wanted it to happen, so they start having a lot of sex with a lot of people to support that belief; and while I firmly believe that Remy absolutely owns his sexuality today, that he probably has one of the best, healthiest views on sex anyone can have, if he is a sexual assault survivor, and became one as a child with no means to deal, he most certainly went through a phase of hypersexuality to try and take back agency of his own body.

There’s also the possibility that, he only ever got close calls, and that Jean Luc had people keeping an eye out for him, and If comic books ever wanted to address the idea, but wanted to stray from the possibility of assault, they could certainly write that, but it really could go either way.

What I’m trying say here, Remy has been through too much, to be justifiably reduced, solely, to what most people take away from his character.

All those life experiences under his belt, a habit of cringing away from emotional distress, and a tendency for escapism becomes real.

And I-don’t-want-to-think-about-it Remy Lebeau, again, makes sense. As someone that 1) Spent ages 1-10 in the streets, where you don’t get the time to think about how sad you are, or else you won’t be able to get anything done. It’s either ignore and disconnect, or die a miserable death and 2) From what we’ve seen of the Thieve’s Guild, and how old we know it is, it doesn’t feel to me that they have any counsellors to help them cope with the stress of the job. They seem to be more of a traditional “Walk-it-off” philosophy kind of folk.(You bet your ass that Remy Lebeau changes that).

It’s not a wild assumption to say that Remy’s life has taught him that the best way to deal with distress is sweeping it under the rug. A lot of people do this as a coping mechanism, and most of the time it is the very thing that allows them to survive.

AND from sweeping things under the rug, to omitting important things about himself, those are both behaviours that stem from the same place. Remy never learned to reboot, or turn that off after he gained his independence and became completely self-reliant. 

Besides, his experiences during his formative years can, and most of the time will, lead to a fierce tendency for Escapism.

Remy is all about sensation, and company, and what’s next. 

While Rogue has difficulty losing herself in the moment the way Remy so easily does, mainly due to the fact that she knows intimately what the core sentiment that goes into one night stands is all about, and she has a comprehensive understanding of the empty pleasantries that are behind spending your time with people who don’t really care for you, but are still around. She doesn’t get to do that, to disconnect like that.

Remy, might not have Rogue’s involuntary insight, but he is a people person, and he’s aware of all that too, not to her extent, maybe, not enough to get in his way, as it’s still easier for him to pretend. He can ignore it, and not deal with the kinds of thoughts that would prevent her from doing the same. Because, again, he can dodge dealing with uncomfortable shit like Neo from the Matrix. 

A lot of people like to say that he couldn’t find happiness with Rogue because of how wrong she was for him, and I’d say that if that was the case, that was all on him. 

At the place Remy is currently at, I don’t think he’s boyfriend material, period.

I don’t think Gambit is at peace with himself, because I don’t think he’s come to terms with his mistakes and his wrong calls, and he hasn’t done that because he’s in constant conflict with the concept of self-accountability.

Gambit has a heart of 24k gold, that is undeniable. The fact that, again, someone who came out of the streets, and into a crime syndicate, still managed to become someone as kind, and as well intentioned as he is, it says a whole lot of something about his character. Someone with his past, could justifiably not give a fuck about anyone’s misery forever and for always. He got himself out of the pile of shit he was born in, other people shouldn’t get to whine, but, incredibly enough, that is not who he is.

Rogue would have never gotten out of her comfort zone had it not been for him.

But, there is also the fact, that due to him being raised on a morally gray area, he assumes that, well, when he fucks up…. that’s just who he is. The perpetual fuck up. It’s something a lot of people with a low regard of themselves tend to do, but when he does that, he’s being lax on his short comings, and unintentionally removing his accountability form the equation. Because when your answer for every bad call or mistake you make is “Why am I always like this?” You are refusing to identify the real issue in order to fix it. You are simply using your perceived negative idea of yourself as an excuse, involuntarily in his case. 

I am dishonest. I am reckless. I am inconsiderate. I always do shit like this.

I’m sorry for anyone that actually believes that those are issues anyone can love away.

There is no amount of positive feedback or reinforcement from an outside source that will sustain you in the long run.

Not the most perfect, most low-maintenance, kindest, most patient and understanding, most selfless person in the world.

We like to believe that love from someone else can save us, and while yes, it is an utterly romantic idea, and it can do wonders for your self esteem at first, and yes, if you honestly reciprocate, you can give it your best effort; truth is, when you do not love yourself, if you don’t think you have anything good to offer, you don’t really have anything to give. You are taking dust out of an empty well, and it will most certainly create co-dependency, not love. You have to know your worth if you hope to have a healthy relationship with anyone. Because even if both people enter a relationship aware of the dynamic, self hatred, and everything that comes with it, will sabotage the whole relationship. 

(Note: You can love someone that is not in a good place, you can’t help who you love. But you should never enter into a relationship with someone like this, if they are not actively seeking treatment or betterment. ACTIVELY SEEKING. I say this as someone who was, not that long ago, severely depressed.)

At this point, Remy might be a great fling, he’s generous, fun and funny as hell,  exciting, passionate, and a whole lot of wonderful things that work perfectly in flings, but I don’t think the way he is, currently, knows how to be happy in a committed romantic relationship. I don’t think loving him is a wise idea right now, or that he should be looking for a relationship with anyone before addressing his personal baggage.

Another interesting aspect of him: He doesn’t feel guilt for his mistakes, he feels shame

From a psychological stand point, there’s a difference. You can work with guilt. Guilt is holding yourself accountable, owning up to your mistakes, and working towards restitution for the people you hurt. You set yourself free through this.

Shame is a more sterile term. There’s no growth from there. Just a constant state of mortification, angst, self-recrimination with no real action and self hatred. You ruminate on how much you suck for so long that you don’t get to the part where you fix it.

We’ve seen Gambit sort of pressing the switch into guilt lately, which is great, but for a long time, Remy would either avoid his shame, trying to be as helpful, and as kind as he can; but when he’d get people hurt because of an honest mistake, like a lot of good people do by accident, instead of owning up to it, so he can accept his fault, and not be, either so hard on himself that he’s too overwhelmed to do anything about it, or too lax; and find a way to just… you know, move on; he’d be like “I guess that’s just me”, and end up doing nothing about it except feel bad.  

It is an interesting contrast to Rogue, who by all means should be the biggest cynic this side of the galaxy, and the last person with an actual moral compass, let alone one as strong and as steadfast as the one she has. The fact that she still finds it within herself to work for ‘The Dream’ as hard as she does, in spite of the cesspool that is her mind. (Wade, Erik, and Logan are enough to give anyone nightmares forever. Those three, specifically, live in dubious morality) And she somehow manages to still hold onto her ideals. That says a whole fucking lot about her character.

I just re-read this and it came into my mind that some people might look at this and think l’m sucking up to Rogue and just eviscerating Gambit’s character.

That is not my intention, and I am truly not.

It all comes down to these two facts: 1) Rogue is not the irrationally bitter demon a lot of people would like her to be, and 2) Gambit is not the too-pure-for-this-world-smol-baby a lot of people like to think he is.

Yeah, Rogue has a SHIT-TON of issues she’s got to work on. Commitment issues, getting herself a life, and finding a sense of self and identity outside of being a super hero, learning to communicate without combusting into flames, among many other things.

I do tend to give Rogue more slack because:

1) A huge part of Rogue’s main source of conflict to overcome, has been about things she can’t help. (Her mutation)

While a lot of Remy’s conflicts to overcome have been completely self made. (The constant hard time he has grasping the importance of transparency and honesty with those he cares about, and the natural repercussions of that.)

The thing is, a lot of people love to hate, and blame Rogue for Gambit getting a hard time. Which is so ridiculous, and delusional, and just plain lazy, for me to even begin to address. 

2) Rogue is a favourite character to hate.
Gambit is a favourite character, period.

A lot of people like the glamorous surface that is Gambit’s facade. I am not reading too deep into his character, by the way, these are easily deductible things hidden in plain sight, one gets from his character profile. People in the real world that act the way Remy does, that have gone through the things he has, have gone through most of the things I talked about here.

I’m giving the events that happened to him in canon 616, actual, real repercussions. Like superhero movies do today, when they bring them into the real world, how traditionally, The Battle of New York in the first Avenger’s movie would have ended wrapped up in a nice little bow, with everyone worshipping the team, and all of them walking off into the sunset, but today we see that in the MCU people died. We get PTSD Tony Stark. We get international backlash. It is a thing.

Because horrible events, have very real, horrible consequences.

Seeing Remy Lebeau’s history and just getting this fucking Rock Star that’ll always happily land on his feet, YOLO and fuck the consequences, is as irrational and as huge a disservice to his character, as looking at Rogue’s history and being like “WOW. TALK ABOUT A MEGA BITCH-FACE WITHOUT A CAUSE, AMIRITE?”.

Everyone likes to believe that Rogue had been holding him back all those years and like……. yeah.……. 

Stop Blaming The Woman For A Man’s General Dissatisfaction 2k17.

A lot of people romanticise Gambit’s over-all character, while simultaneously vilifying Rogue, because if you just look at it on a really shallow level, the only reason a woman would pass on a gift like Remy LeBAE, is because she’s, clearly, a crazy, unreasonable Bitch with a capital B. 

And it comes down to the fact that Remy Lebeau has always been, undeniably, absolutely, the sympathetic party in the relationship

Remy’s always been the brave one, the one who risked it all for her, regardless of how he could’ve chosen to bother with someone he could actually touch. Think about it, it’s very easy to tell death in a bottle to take a chance on him, a mighty romantic idea, but the truth is, anything went to shit, and then, well,  Rogue should have probably known better than to take the risk, but If his risk payed off, then he made her life. 

Which is just….. Give me supportive Remy, give me Remy that gives her the option, Give me Remy that teaches Rogue that she can have anything she wants in this life so long and she dares to reach for it. Those are canon and a 100% true. Do NOT give me pseudo-messiah Gambit that fixed her empty existence. Ugh. Ew.

Remy is a people person, he loves people, and learning from them. Rogue knows too much about them to find it in her to bother, another thing she clearly  has to work on.

Bottom line is, as a friend or as a partner, or any other sort of relationship: Remy Lebeau absolutely loves, and is deeply proud of Rogue, and you better believe that when he looks at her, former terrorist self versus the woman she is today, he admires the fuck out of her. The exact same way Rogue will go, relationship or not, good terms or not, to the ends of the world, to watch his back, and look out for him.

That is something that no distance, or rupture, or time off, or break, or hiatus will ever kill. As much as some people would love to believe that they are sick and done with one another, I’m sorry to say that that idea is very much like Fetch. It’s not a thing and it is not gonna happen.

Home and Harbour, platonic or otherwise.

Crime and Punishment Part 2

Part 1 - Part Two - Part 3

Pairing: Steve Harrington x Reader

Summary: Post Season 2 but no spoilers.  You’re a bit of a bookworm and one day when you’re in the library Steve Harrington attempts to engage you in a conversation about a book he’s clearly never read, because he’s crushing on you and all other attempts of striking up conversation have flown right over your oblivious head (part 1).  He has now gone on a search for said book so he can read it to impress you.  He also looks back at the time he started to have feelings for you (part 2).  Fluffy and short.  Probably gonna do a third part.

Warnings: none

Word count: 760 (short af)

Originally posted by maxmayfield

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anonymous asked:

high school au in which alec is a jock and magnus is a loner bad boy type who secretly has a HUGE crush on him. like he's bamf and no one messes with him and he always sits alone at lunch bc people r lowkey afraid, and then like, they get partnered up on a project or something, and people watch in amazement as magnus bane, Total Badass, blushes and basically turns into a flustered mess bc "oh my god alec is so perfect! why" and alec is just. oblivious. bonus pts for them getting together happily

Sorry it took me so long! Thank you so so much for the prompt, I loved it!
I … have no idea what I wrote. It’s 2000 words, which is actually some kind of a record for me? It’s been ages since I’ve been able to write more than 1000 words, so thank you for that! But I feel like I have to apologize because I have no idea what this is. I hope you like it!! Please, let me know?

Highschool hierarchy is actually, definitely a thing.

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A/n: [Y/n] is Stark’s kid and an avenger, reader is gender neutral, and there’s a time skip. I think that’s it?

Originally posted by waywarddaughter

“Everyone, relax!”

Your voice carried around the ferry and you pressed a button on the side of your mask, the face of it sliding up. “You’re all alright,” you went on. “My name is-”

“You’re the White Falcon!” a voice exclaimed from somewhere in the crowd.

“Well, yes,” you said, a small smile forming on your lips. “Authorities are on there way. I must ask everyone to form a calm line to the left of the ferry. If you are injured, please stay where you are, I will assist you as soon as possible.”

Your father had been in the car with you during his terse phone call with Peter Parker, the boy you fought alongside with just two months before. He suspected something was wrong and it turns out, he was right. For once.

You both armored up and flew towards Peter’s location, having traced the phone call quickly as possible in the car ride back to the city to finish packing up your old bedroom.

Not a soul is unfamiliar with you. You are the dazzling [Y/n] [M/n] Stark, adopted child of Tony Stark, heir to his Avenger throne and company, and rising Avenger warrior. Teenagers all around have huge crushes on you, and everyone is impressed by you.

Tony Stark created the original blueprints for your suit after the battle with Loki left you stranded and alone in a crashing helicarrier. He decided then and there that he did not want you left unable to take care of yourself and trained you well.

You loved it then and you love it now. Being an Avenger-being a positive icon and a protecting symbole, it would never fail to make you happy.

So your dad decided to let you handle the ferry clean up.

“Firefly, get me police-me protocol,” you say to the A.I in your suit.

Her voice fills your ear pieces and you reposition your mask. Words are on your screen with clear instructions on what to do and what to say.

This is one of your first solo outings and you’re eager to prove yourself worthy.


You turn at the mention of your name and see Peter-or rather Spider-Man-rushing to your side. He’s breathing heavy and you could swear that his hands are shaking. “Do you need any help?”

You hesitate. Your father is pissed at Peter. You’re not really sure if you should let him help, but looking around at the civilians, crying and shaking and holding one another, you realize he should do something. “Gather the injured. Get them to one side of the boat. They’re going to need to get to a hospital asap. Firefly, get injury protocol to…the Spider-Man suit.”

“Karen. Her name is Karen,” Peter informed you.

Your white armor snaps tightly shut. You hold out a hand and Peter takes it, looking at you with a curiosity titled head.

Your A.I. took transfer data between suits, linking them together for easy contact.

“Get going. Hurry.”

That moment on the ferry had been the last you’d seen of Peter for a while. Anytime you asked your dad about him he got impatiently upset; not necessarily angry, though.

When you finally had enough of waiting around for answers, you went out in search of Peter.

Finding him had been easy enough seeing as he sticks to his area.

You knocked at his apartment one afternoon and his aunt opened the door. Her hair was longer than last time you spoke with her.

She greeted you with shock and was a very courteous host. “Peter’s in his room,” she told you.

Awkwardly shuffling to his door while avoiding May’s attempts to make you feel at home was like a mission itself. But it felt completed when Peter opened the door. He looked really surprised at first and allowed you in.

“Why, uh, why are you here? Not to be rude or anything.”

You stood in the middle of his room, looking really out of place. “I wanted to talk to you. Without my dad being my filter.”

Peter’s face fell at that. “So Mr. Stark didn’t send you.”

You shook your head apologetically. “No…he didn’t. I’m sorry.”

He leaned against his door, resting his head there too.

“Don’t be. It’s my fault anyways.”

“It’s not a matter of fault,” you assured him. “It’s just…” Just what?

Those unspoken words were being screamed by Peter’s sad face.

“We only spent the night together for three days or so,” you say slow. “You didn’t really get to know me all that well what with the fighting and the traveling and the…well, everything about that trip.”

Peter softly laughs, tugging at the hem of his sleeve. “Here, sit down,” he gently touched your shoulder and led you towards his bed. You two sat beside one another, shoulders touching.

“Tell me about yourself, then,” he said at once.

You chewed on your bottom lip for a few seconds, gazing nowhere in particular. “Peter, my worst memory is with that team. I was eleven at the time. My dad told me we were going on a trip and we drove all the out to get on this big helicarrier. I loved it. I met agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, played computer games, met badass people. It was by far the best. One day my dad and the badass people told me they were fighting a bad guy. A terrible guy. I paid not much attention to this. I was a stupid, naïve child. That ‘terrible guy’ grabbed me, used me to bait dad.”

You finally look at Peter whose pretty dark eyes are wide with terror. “Loki kidnapped you?”

“You’re fast. I never said who it was,” you tease, knocking your knee on his. “But yeah. He snatched me out of bed and tied me up on this roof. Dad saved me of course. Beat the shit out of Loki first. And he held me close and told me that I wouldn’t ever be in danger again. He designed a suit for me, then. And of course built it a couple years later. But that fear…that terrifying feeling of wondering whether you’ll live or die-it’s life changing. Once you feel it, you won’t forget it.”

“Why are you telling me this?” Peter asked in a quiet voice. 

You look at him intently and say, “Because I want you to understand that maybe it’s not so bad steering clear of the Avengers.”

Peter looked absolutely shocked. “Do you wish you had?” He sounded worried.

“Are you scared for me?” you tease again. He blushes and looks away. 

“No,” you answer his question. “No, I-They’re all I have. That team is my life. Literally. I have sculpted my life’s plan around them and at such a young age, too. But you have so much. Your aunt. Real friends, a real school. My only friends are a Russian spy and a 100 year old American flag. I’m homeschooled. And yes, I love it, but you might not. Peter. You have so much. You have-”

“Homecoming,” he blurts out.


“I have Homecoming. Next week. Do you want to go with, uhm…with me?”

You stare at him as you think. “What’s a ‘'homecoming,’” you ask blankly. He laughs nervously. “It’s a school dance.”

“Oh. Oh. I’ve seen movies so I am familiar with those.”

“So, ah, do you want to go? With me?”

You realize exactly what he’s asking you. Your heart beats a bit faster and you say ‘Oh’ a few more times. “Peter, I…I don’t think that’s a good idea,”  you finally muster out.

He nods, ruffling the back of his curly hair. “No, yeah, yeah, of course.”

“I do like you,” you quickly say, touching his shoulder. “It’s just-there’s moving day and my dad wouldn’t want me to-”

“To get my hopes up.”

You could nearly taste the bitterness in his words. Peter’s eyes softened out like thawing ice and he looked away from you. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have even said anything,” he mumbles.

“I’m really flattered. And if it helps, I think you’re pretty cute,” you say with a twitching smile.

Peter laughs, red blooming on the tops of his cheekbones. “I think you’re pretty cute, too.”

Moving day came in the blink of an eye. You thought over and over about Peter and his invitation to homecoming. Maybe you should have accepted it.

The dark debate left you torn and you decided to just let the situation alone. After all, you have other things to worry about.

As you taped boxes shut you daydreamed about what a real school dance would be like. People your age, swaying back and forth in the blinking lights to the beat of the music. The thought made you smile. You picture yourself in a pretty outfit and Peter wearing a matching tie, arms linked together.

But of course that image quickly disintergrates.

It’s a life that you can’t have-a life you shouldn’t have.

You’re an Avenger.

A warrior, a fighter.

You’re happy with that.

“Done with these boxes?” someone asks you. 

You stretch your arms up over your head. “Yes, Happy, I am.”

Happy checked something off on his clipboard. “Come on, I’ll send someone up to get your boxes. You gotta help me carry some other stuff onto the jet.”

You smirk while you follow him out of your old bedroom, a witty remark about him being an old man slipping from the corners of your mouth.

“Hold that thought,” Happy said, raising a finger. You frown at your comment going unnoticed while he answers a call he’s receiving through his tablet.

“You gotta be shittin’ me,” he said a moment later, ending the call and putting his tablet away.

“Who was that?” you ask, trying to peer over his shoulder into the device. “No one important,” he batted you away. “Let’s wrap this up!”

After moving some heavy equipment into the jet, you and Happy wave the jet away. “I still think you should call them back and let me be the pilot!” you say over the rushing wind.

“Not a chance, kid, not a chance.”

You pout at him, smoothing your hair back down. “Fine, fine, fine.”

“Your dad wanted me to give you these,” Happy followed up, digging into his pockets and tossing you a clinking set of keys. You cup them in your hands. “He’s given you permission to drive up to the base.”

Your wide eyes glitter. “Seriously?! Like, by myself and shit?!”

Happy eyes you, silently chastising your choice of words, but says, “Yes. Don’t crash, it’ll be my head he has.”

“Thank you so much!” you exclaim, throwing your arms around your uncle (for all intents and purposes).

The car is sleek and silver and programmed with Firefly.

“Hello, [Y/n],” she greets as you start the engine. “Your tank is filled and your suit is packed in the trunk. Where are we going tonight?”

“Home,” you reply in a pleased voice. “Let’s hit up a Sonic first, I’m in the mood for an ice cream.”

The speakers pound your favorite songs, the beat vibrating all throughout your bones. The thought ‘This is way better than a homecoming’ crosses your mind as the road widens to a highway.

Your song is cut of midverse with a phone call. You roll your eyes.

“Incoming call from your dad, [Y/n],” Firefly tells you.

“I guess we gotta talk to him,” you sigh, pouting that your singing skills were rudely cut short. “What’s up, dad?”

“[Y/n]! [Y/n], where are you?” He sounds worried-the hairs on the back of your neck stand straight. “Dad what’s wrong? I’m on the highway, driving to the base. Are you okay?”

“I’m fine. Thank God, she’s okay.” You assume he’s with Happy and your mom, assuring them that you’re safe. “The jet was hijacked.”

“What?! Where?!” you exclaim, your hands tightening on the steering wheel. “Keep driving to the base, stay with Vision. I’ll call you in an hour. Be safe!”

“Dad! Dad, don’t just hang up, tell me what’s going o-”

“He’s disconnected,” Firefly apologetically informs you. “I’ll search databases for more information,” she adds in a hurry. “You know me well,” you sigh, urging yourself to relax the tense muscles.

The rest of the car ride was spent taking phone calls from your parents, from Clint-who had heard about the fiasco on the news-, and gathering up information with Firefly.

Apparently some nut case called Adrian Toomes decided it’d be a good idea to try and steal the armors and weapons which your dad was having transported. But Spider-Man stopped him.

You tried to call Peter over and over but it went directly to voicemail each time. This worried you.

When you arrived at the base, you ran in to find Vision. “Has my dad called yet?”

“No, [Y/n],” he replied apologetically. “But I ordered you a ‘pizza.’ You prefer the Hawaiian, yes?”

“Yes,” you answered without really paying his question any mind. “Thanks. I’m going to call my dad. I’ll be in the kitchen in a bit.”

Your dad declined your call and responded instead with a text:

Tin-Dad-Pete is OK (10:23 pm)

Tin-Dad-Banged up a bit, but OK (10:24 pm)

Tin-Dad-Stay with Vis, your mom will be down thr in an hr (10:24 pm)

Tin-Dad-Im glad your safe (10:24 pm)

Me-I’m glad you’re safe too, dad (sent 10:25 pm)

Me-Love you (sent 10:25 pm)

Me-Vis and I are eating a pizza. CALL ME IN THE MORNING (sent 10:25 pm)


Tin-Dad-🤗🤗 (10:26 pm)

Me-Is that a yes? (sent 10:26 pm)

Tin-Dad-💯💯 (10:26 pm)

Me-I don’t think you know how to use emojis (sent 10: 27 pm)

Tin-Dad✔Read at 10:27 pm (10:27 pm)

Me-I don’t need this slander (sent 10:28 pm)

Me-Goodnight father. (sent 10:28 pm)

A few days later

The camera shuttering and flashes fazed you a tad. 

“Miss Stark, is there anything you can tell as about the Winter Solider?” a reporter calls from the thick crowd. You don’t see him in the congregation and everything falls silent, even the cameras, as your answer is awaited. 

“James Barnes is not a threat,” you reply calmly. You hope your nervousness isn’t relayed. “Are there any questions about today’s conference?” 

The noise rises back up. Flashes and shutters; scribbling on notepads, questions being shouted out at random. 

Your mom, Pepper, walks up towards the podium and whispers into your ear, “Your dad wants you. He’s just outside, I’ll take care of this.”

You nod and wave a hand out to the reporters. Your mom takes the stand as you walk yourself out, reminding yourself not to look out to the crowd out of fear of blacking out. 

You take a deep breath when you exit the conference room. You’ve done press conferences and interviews before, even of higher caliber, but always at the side of someone like Natasha or your dad. 

You’d been given the reins for today, however, since it’s the announcement of Spider-Man arriving to the Avengers and becoming your official right hand man. The past few days were spent practicing like crazy for any questions that may arise, and when you weren’t practicing that, you were texting Peter and talking about the hijacking on the jet. 

He really saved your ass with that one. And your dad’s ass. And everyone else’s. 

“There’s the second star of the day,” your dad dramatically says once he sees you. You push the door shut and roll your eyes. “Hi, Peter,” you wave. He is beaming, looking about as excited as a little boy on Christmas morning, and waves back. 

You engulf him in a tight hug. “I’m so glad you’re alright.”

“Why wouldn’t I be?” he chuckles. 

“You’re kidding, right? That shit you pulled was fucking insa-”

“Ah, language,” Happy interjects from the nearby corner. 

“Er, flippin insane! You-You saved so many lives! And you saved our armor, and who knows what would have happened if that Toomes dude had gotten his hands on any weapons there and-”

Your dad claps his hands to interrupt. “That’s enough flirting for now. Why don’t we let Peter try on the suit, huh?”

“The suit?” you and Peter ask at once. 

Tony clicks some buttons and the wall that is usually used for trophies or awards slides open. 

“Oh!” you exclaim happily. “That suit.”

“Well duh, this suit,” Tony says with a goofy smile. “So let’s get it on, eh?” he says to Peter, adjusting his blazer and glasses. “There’s some reporters back there, real ones, not bloggers,” he adds, a thumb gesturing towards the conference room. “When you’re all set we’ll get White Falcon in there and she can introduce the world to her new partner-in-crime-fighting-slash-Avenger, the Spider-Man.”

Peter is smiling, but it’s a smile of disbelief, as though he can’t even process what he’s seeing. “This is…wow.”

“Right?” you ask, stretching your arms over your head. “So after the press conference Happy will show you to your room. Where is he between, he’s next to Vision?”

You choke back a small laugh. “Vis isn’t a huge fan of doors.”

“Or walls,” your dad points out. “It’s fun. And you’ll fit right in, Peter.”

Peter finally turned away from the suit case, trying to muster up some words. He finally says, “Thank you, Mr. Stark. But I-I’m good.”

Your dad blinks. Then he looks at Happy, who shrugs. Then he looks at you. 

You also shrug. 

“Y-You’re good? Good-how are you good?” Tony asks. You feel amused at his disbelief. “Well I-I’d rather just stay close to the ground,” Peter explains. “You know, be the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man? Someone’s got to look after the little guy, right?” This time, Peter shrugged. 

Never in your wildest dreams did you imagine Peter turning down a spot on the team. Each time you’d seen him, he was desperate for your father’s approval, eager to prove himself, and now…well. 

“Are you turning me down?” your dad asks, pulling his glasses off. “Think about this, alright? Look at that.”

Peter looks at the suit and a split second later Tony says “Look at me. Last chance yes or no.”


There’s not a second of silence as Tony asks Happy to kindly drive Peter back home. 

“Uhm, can I walk him back to the car?” you ask, raising a hand like a shy kid in class. “I sort of need to talk to him.”

Tony continues to look shocked at each statement. “Thank you, Mr. Stark,” Peter repeats. You drag him away. 

“That was-”

“Surreal,” Peter scoffs, rubbing his face. “Did that just happen?”

“Yes,” you reply. “Yes, it absolutely did. What changed?” 

Peter looked down at you and shrugged a bit more awkwardly than before. “I dunno,” he said, shoving his hands in his pockets. “Little guy, you know? Besides. I had some life changing moments. I’m not so sure I’m ready for the other one.”

You chuckle and tuck hair behind your ear. You look at him and finally say what you’ve wanted to say ever since you turned him down last week. 

“Do you want to hang out with me sometime? There’s this little schwarma place in Manhattan we could go to.”

“What’s schwarma?” Peter asked. 


“Oh. Yeah, I’m pretty familiar with food,” he said blankly. A moment later a teasing smile captures his soft lips. You lightly punch his shoulder. “Meanie. So it’s a date?”

Peter rubbed the back of his neck. His cheeks hurt from how widely he’s smiling but he hardly cared. “Yeah. It’s a date.”


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The Morning After The Night Before

Characters: Reader, Steve

Summary: The fall out of your friends discovering that Tequila is your kyptonite.

Word Count: 1713 words

Prompt:  Steve, ‘You’re important too.’ And  ‘I noticed’

A/N: This one is for a wonderful anon and the fabulous @deanxfuckingadorablexwinchester who requested this from my 300 celebration ‘100 ways to say I Love You.’  I joined these two together because it just fit so damned well.  It kinda turned into a part two from Truth and Tequila but you can read it by itself.

Part 1

Originally posted by imagine-that-marvel

Daylight permeated your vision and you groaned.  Turning your head felt the subtle pounding of the mother and father of all headaches with the possibility of a whole load of baby headaches coming along shortly.  Your mouth was dry and it felt like you had been licking a bear for at least three hours in your sleep.  And not a cute little animated bear, a full-blown grizzly who had been wandering in the woods for years and hadn’t bathed in its entire memory.  Forcing one eye open you look down and realise that you were still in last nights clothes.  Well, at least you weren’t waking up in someone elses room naked you thought to yourself.  Just as you were considering turning over and going back to sleep an alarm sounded through the tower.  Leaping up you immediately regretted your reflexes as the room span.  “FRIDAY, what the hell is going on?” you manage to ask, your voice husky and several octaves lower than usual.

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Your relationship with Doyoung from his POV


This was kinda hard to write because Doyoung’s personality is kind of hard t read and understand He’s a bit of a confusing character but I think about him realistically, so enjoy! :)

Your relationship with NCT from his POV

I will do all the debuted members in NCT excluding Sm Rookies, but first I’m starting with the hyung line of NCT before doing the maknae line!

Originally posted by dovounq

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talk is cheap (and i’ve got expensive taste) pt. 2

Summary: “It’s like Romeo and Juliet only with frat parties.” Katara might be drunk, but she’s still pretty sure she just met her soulmate. [College AU]

Notes: for @zutaramonth 2017, day fourteen, drinking games. part one. ao3. very slightly less shitposty because i had to make room for the feels. behold the glorious (ish?) conclusion to this two shot.

Completely obliterating the curve for her organic chem final despite having an epic hangover and a sprained ankle very nearly makes up for the fact he doesn’t call her.

“You didn’t even give him your last name,” Toph points out. Bouncing on the balls of her feet, she suddenly lunges forward in a lightning round of jabs that pushes the sandbag back a few inches. Despite the effort her breathing remains even as she bounces back. “I don’t think you can blame this one on him, Sugar Queen. And I’m all for blaming guys.”

Truer words have never been spoken. Finishing the wrapping on her knuckles, Katara says, “My turn with the sandbag next.”

A few weeks into the next semester the Epsilon Kappa House catches on to Toph’s cons.

There’s not much they can do about it besides banning Toph and, by extension, Katara from attending their parties. Of course Toph and Katara only find that out when they’re told to leave at eleven at night during a kegger. Defiant to the bitterest end, Toph backs out of the house with both middle fingers raised. It’s a beautiful moment.

“Home?” Katara asks. It’s cold as balls out. The miniskirt she put on isn’t helping matters. Even if she did spend two hours getting ready, this isn’t worth it, and she wants to go watch Netflix until she passes out.

Cracking her neck, Toph says, “No. We’re going to the Lambdas.”

Which is almost a worse idea than wearing a miniskirt in February. “No,” Katara says. She wants to sound firm, but it’s ruined by her teeth chattering. Irony is somewhere in an Inuit girl being cold. “Toph, no.”

“Toph, yes.

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Jumped: Part 2

Part 1

After a day of marathon shopping with Oliver, I was ready for a quiet evening at home. I reheated some pasta and curled up on the couch with a book (that I totally intended to read but probably wouldn’t), a glass of wine and my phone. My fingers were itching to pull up the picture from earlier. I wanted to play it cool and pretend like I hadn’t been affected by my celebrity encounter, but I was. And it wasn’t that he was famous (I was pretty sure). It was him, it was this guy who had this presence that I couldn’t describe. The banter on the phone, the blueness of his eyes, the rush of my heart when his fingers brushed mine, these were the things that stuck with me, that had been circling my brain all day.

With a sigh, I gave up my pretense and opened the photo app on my phone. There it was, the selfie. He was right. I did look terrified. My eyes were wide, my lips pale and in a tight line as I stared into the camera. Wow. Thank god he had sent himself the Minnie Mouse picture and not this one. He looked much better in the pic, unsmiling and maybe a little tired but he was a naturally photogenic guy and his blue eyes and the dark stubble on his chin framed a really handsome face.

I switched over to the text message he had sent himself, the infamous Minnie Mouse picture. It was taken four months ago on Halloween at my friend Margot’s annual party. The theme had been Disney but it was not a family friendly party. My mini skirt and fishnet stockings were modest compared to some of the other costumes. There were more slutty princesses than you could count. Oliver had dressed as the priest from The Little Mermaid, complete with a tented shift.

Niall’s number stared at me from the small screen of the phone. I knew I would never call it, one humiliation (okay at least three humiliations) in front of this guy were enough to last a lifetime. But I couldn’t bring myself to delete it. If he were smart, he’d be changing it soon anyway after giving it away to a total stranger. Finally, I gave into my baser instincts and opened his contact. I printed his name (which I had to google for the spelling…and then maybe looked through the images a little) and then added his cropped out face from our selfie. I stared at the face and name, replaying our interactions and wishing with everything I had that I didn’t want to talk to him again.

I was startled out of my daydream by a text alert. Pinching myself to make sure I hadn’t actually fallen asleep and that this wasn’t a dream, I read his name. Text message from Niall Horan. Exiting out of the contact, I pulled open his message and immediately started to giggle.

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’ Play it cool boy/girl, real cool. ’
’ I’m gonna make nice with him/her! I’m only gonna challenge him/her! ’
’ Why don’t you pack up your gear and clear out of here? ’
’ Well end your suffering little man/girl. ’
’ I already told the gang you’d be there. ’
’ If you don’t show I’ll be marked lousy. ’
’ Maybe what you’ve been waitin’ on will be twitchin at the dance tonight. ’
’ Who knows? Could be… Who knows? ’
’ Boy, am I a victim of disappointment in you. ’
’ What am I, cut glass? ’
’ Four-and-a-half years I live wit’ a buddy an’ his family. ’
’ Why dontcha just pack up ya gear an’ move out? ’
’ Boy, I’m a victim of disappointment in you. ’
’ Buenas noches? So that’s why you made it a fair fight… ’
’ I’m gonna see her tomorrow an’ I can’t wait! ’
’ What have you been taking tonight? ’
’ You heard - it’s gonna be a fair fight! ’
’ And that’s going to cure something? ’
’ From here on in, everythin’s gonna be all right! I got a feelin’! ’
’ A trip to the moon! And I’ll tell ya a secret. ’
’ No. I’m frightened enough for the both of us. ’
’ When you’re a Jet, you’re a Jet all the way! ’
’ You want me to be an American, don’t you? ’
’ Well now I can kill, too, because now I have hate! ’
’ I feel pretty, oh so pretty! I feel pretty, and witty, and gay! ’
’ What are we doin’, poopin’ around with dumb broads for? ’
’ Come in, come in! We won’t bite you until we know you better. ’
’ I ain’t never gonna get married. Too noisy. ’
’ You ain’t never gonna get married. Too ugly. ’
’ Down goes a teenage hoodlum. ’
’ Everyone there will give big cheers! ’
’ Everyone there will have moved here! ’
’ The first thing we do is we start showin’ around like we have nothin’ to hide… ’
’ Supposin’ they ask us about the rumble? ’
’ Didn’t you just see me, I was smash, I’m a killer, I wanna fight! ’
’ How else’s she gonna get a guy to touch her? ’
’ You dirty rat! ’
’ My hands are cold. ’
’ Or that we’ve met before? ’
’ You’re not thinking I’m someone else? ’
’ I knew something never before was going to happen, had to happen. ’
’ It’s so much to believe. You’re not making a joke? ’
’ I have not yet learned how to joke that way. I think now I never will. ’
’ Hey… you gotta handkerchief first? ’
’ What’s wrong with your sleeve? ’
’ You came with your mouth open! ’
’ When do you kids stop? You make this world lousy! ’
’ Would you mind translating that into Spanish? ’
’ Boy oh boy! As if this neighborhood wasn’t crummy enough! ’
’ Are there any questions? ’
’ I’ve had all the roughhouse I’m gonna put up with around here!  ’
’ You wanna kill each other, kill each other! ’
’ Yeah, you. Didn’t ya hear me? ’
’ You little wise apple! You want me to run you in? ’
’ Juvenile delinquency is purely a social disease. ’
’ What are you doin’ nothin’ here for? Come on. ’
’ Did you get a look at their faces? ’
’ We gotta show them who’s on top! The Jets! ’
’ What’s the matter; you scared? ’
’ Don’t start up on me, or I’ll punch in your stupid… ’
’ You’ll do what? Huh? ’
’ Well… who’re you callin’ scared? ’
’ Fighting over a little piece of street is so important? ’
’ Who’re you callin’ a hoodlum? ’
’ You was never my age, none of ya!  ’
’ I’ll dig you an early grave, that’s what I’ll dig. ’
’ Someone gets in our way, someone don’t feel so well. ’
’ So what if you do turn this whole town into a stinkin’ pig sty? ’
’ What I mean is… Clear out, you! I said, clear out! ’
’ What do you got? Things are tough all over. Beat it. ’
’ Wake up! Is this the only way to get to you? Fight like all you kids do? ’
’ Hey, I’ve got a social disease! ’
’ Why do you kids live like there’s a war on? ’
’ Could a real zip gun make you do like that? ’
’ You don’t know what a zip gun would do? Man, you better wear diapers. ’
’ Listen jailbait, I licked you twice and I can do it again! ’
shadow gate to love

summary: Maybe it’s time you finally confess your feelings to him.

pairing: Wally West/Reader

rating: General.

warnings: None.

(based on this prompt by @otpprompts : Person A has a huge crush, and Person B is the confident friend who gives them a pep talk about it. Person B tells Person A to believe in themselves and call their crush by the time Person B walks away. Person B starts to leave, hears their ringtone, and turns to look at Person A with a confused expression on their face. Person B asks why they’re calling them, and then it hits them.)

(it got pretty long so i had it hidden under a read more!)

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