i feel pampered

-YJH and DK are roommates

-They wore couple sweater to airport today 

-YJH has stickers of dk on his phone

-Dk has selfie of him and YJH as a wallpaper on his phone

-DK said that “they are dating” on caratland concert…………..

i bet they are dating.

Even the Score (Drabble)

For the sixth time, your legs get kicked out from under you, the once shriek-inducing sensation of temporary levitation and heart-stopping descents have muted into resignation as you embrace the fact that the ground is going to be there and you’re going to end up on top of it.

“You are too stiff, my friend, be more fluid.

"Follow through, your strikes are stopping short here. Try to hit past my body. ” He does a ridiculously graceful body roll and gives a mechanical and deadpan ‘ow’ when you slap him in the chest. 

“Be serious.”

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EXO (Minus CBX) - Reaction to You Playing With Their Hair

CBX Reaction: HERE

You had woken up before Lu like usual. You admired his sleeping figure. His already angelic face looked much more peaceful and beautiful when he was resting and his mind was at ease. You reached over and ran your fingers through his hair. It was soft and silky, smooth as it moved between your fingers. After a little bit his eyes slowly opened. “Good morning baobei. This is a nice way to wake up.” He smiled over at you which went from sweet to somewhat sinister quickly. “Actually you know what would be even nicer?” You giggled as he moved over you and placed his lips against your own. He definitely was not sleepy now.

Kris (Yifan):
When Kris’s hair finally grew back after it had all been shaved off you couldn’t stop yourself from playing with it. He would just be having a casual conversation with you and then you would reach over and stroke his hair. He would act all cool about it at first but greatly enjoyed the attention. He would eventually smile and give you a loving kiss.

Your leader boyfriend goes through a lot when it comes to the group. He loves it, but it wears him out. You could see the haziness in his eyes after a long day of rehearsing and prompted him to relax in bed. When you went in and found him still doing stuff on his phone you plucked the device out of his hand and placed it on the end table. “Lay down,” you directed and he followed not in the mood to defy his lady. You laid down next to him and gently ran your fingers through his hair. He let out a sigh, “This is what I needed.” You giggled and eventually got him to fall asleep. The peace on his sleeping face was what you needed to see.

Yixing enjoyed it when you messed with his hair. As busy as his schedule was, and his traveling from country to country tired him out but he wouldn’t admit it. He closed his eyes and sat in silence finding comfort and peace in your touch. “I love you baobei.” You would lean over and give him a soft kiss on the lips, making him want to keep kissing you.

Chanyeol was driving as you reached over and started playing with the ball of fluff on top of his head. This puppy wouldn’t even try to hide how much he enjoyed it. “Awe Jagi, you are so good to me.” He would giggle and keep glancing over at you. When you finally arrived to your destination he wrapped you in a giant hug, lifting you off your feet. “My girlfriend is too sweet.”
He placed you back down and you laced your fingers through his.

Soo was looking over his lines in bed while you were reading a book. You looked over at him, a very serious expression on his face. Then he made an annoyed noise and leaned back a bit. “What is wrong babe?” You placed your book on the nightstand giving him your full attention. “I’m not remembering these lines as easily as I usually do.” You gave a concerned look, “I think you need to relax for a bit, let the ones you know soak in first.” He agreed and moved to rest his head on your chest. You ran your fingers through his hair knowing how relaxed it makes you feel and he gave a relieved sigh. “This is nice Jagi.” You smiled down at him, the tension in his shoulders melting away.

Tao loved it when you decided to mess with his hair. He started to giggle and gave a big grin. “I feel like I’m being pampered. Thank you baobei.” Then the mood changed within a matter of minutes from him feeling all cute and lovey to being totally turned on. “Maybe I could pamper you, right now.” He leaned forward and kissed you passionately, pressing his body against yours.

Nini smirked when you started to run your hands through his hair. Then he caught hold of one of your hands and kissed the back of it. Then he would let you return to what you were doing as he cuddled up against you like his furry children do to him when he pets them. The stiffness in his body from the constant rehearsal for the comeback was replaced by his relaxed posture.

The big baby became super cuddly when you started running your fingers through his hair. He nuzzled into your neck as you continued, wrapping his arms around you. You could feel the smile that formed on his lips which were pressed against your skin. He started to move around a bit and his hair tickled your chin so you stopped and started giggling. “Please don’t stop it Jagi, I really am enjoying this.” You held in the laughter and continued to baby your boyfriend.

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I was tagged by the enthralling and erudite @hthrloo to SDS. Thank you! I actually snapped this selfie as soon as I saw her post a couple of days ago, but it’s taken me this long to post. No fancy dress or makeup for me the past few days.

Ever since we moved into our current house a couple of years ago, we’ve been living with a 1960s bathroom that was literally crumbling. Our landlady decided to remodel the bathroom, and it’s finally done. We went from one of those boxlike showers enclosed in tile on three sides to the glorious modern shower behind me. The shower head is taller than Nick now, and we even have a handheld shower attachment. I feel so pampered every time I take a shower. She even left us a bouquet of roses from her yard when the work was done. The first time I came home to the new bathroom, I found a bunch of girls playing with make up already occupying it.

While I was looking for the pictures of the bathroom, I found these pics of Sophia and her friends at the beach. It’s already summer!

I tag @meyechael, @efbombmom, @arborescent, @transplantednortherner, @buffalospirit, and @trans-parenting to play along if you want to.

All right, day two of three long-ass days at work is over (I worked until 9:30 last night setting up things for a middle school graduation today). My whole body hurts. One ankle has the brace back on it, and the other foot has bandaids - Avenger printed band aids no less - covering up the blisters. But the girls and their parents loved the graduation, so that’s the most important part. 😀❤️ Still, wouldn’t mind some handsome people of the superhero persuasion stopping by to give me a foot rub. (3 post-work gin and tonics didn’t hurt either…) And now tomorrow, time for the PD all about organization and planning. Which my most-likely ADHD prone brain is not looking forward to. Still, as always, we persevere. And at least we have a venue for tomorrow, which is a long, long story for the weekend. Until then, my bed is calling my name.

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Shaving (especially properly) takes way too much time and mental energy (and lots of knocks on the bathroom door and people screaming for you to get out of the there already)

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Got7 bts mtl to have a spanking kink











Junior okay but have you seen the videos where the end up spanking each other as punishments AND JUNIOR IS ALWAYS THE ONE POSITIONING THE PERSON CORRECTLY AND TELLING THEM WHAT POSITION and like after each smack he’ll grab their belt loops and hoist them back up just i can go on forever 

Youngjae i feel like he wouldn’t want to hurt and and would be scared you were in pain but honestly if you begged him he probably would do it and would probably like it











 Namjoon is daddy like its a given he’d be into other punishments too and so would Yoongi 

Jin I feel like he’d rather pamper you and just give a lot and just tr(eat) you right

lol sorry this got lowkey graphic thank you for requesting

The blow is hardly even recognized by the fallen magi, more shocked by the shattering of his borg which makes him phase out of the scenario entirely, even the sharp pain dull.  The feeling does not sit well with him, having rather just be rammed head on without the feeble attempt his limited magoi made to protect him to prove how insufficient he was, and he blames the frustration he has on the Dark Continent in general for being such an anomaly.

When Judar does feel it though, it’s hardly pleasantsince there had apparently been something a bit sharpon the edge of the vine that had his shoulder feeling warmer and wet.  His suspicion was confirmed upon sitting up and clasping it with the arm that remained useful… blood.  However, he’d rather get a cut compared to having something BROKEN which was lucky for him it was a mere surface wound even if he was sure there’d be a nasty bruise around it as well.

His head slumps forward, eyes shutting at the bright flames that are cast by Aladdin and he sighs, annoyed with himself and everything about this situation.  He’s been cut before, more than once so he wasn’t prone to throw a fit or complain.  Still though he doesn’t move his hand for the other magi to complete his inspection, knowing neither of them know enough life magic to do much about it anyway.

“It’s fine, let’s just get out of here already…” He mumbles, shifting back onto his feet and forcing the hand not clasping onto his shoulder to grab his staff despite the angry flaring of pain in protest.  “We don’t have anything to help it now anyway,”

A deep frown settles onto his face when he refuses to let him see, but Aladdin knows all too well that with their lack of experience with life magic, it wouldn’t do either of them any good to look anyway. He’d worry and worry and worry at the sight of the cut ( even more so than he already was ), so perhaps Judar was doing both of them a favor. 

Still…it didn’t stop his features from sinking at the simple fact that Judar had even gotten hurt in the first place. If only he’d been more in tune he would have seen that strike coming and dealt with it accordingly but now….

Sorry,” It’s all he says at first, the guilt of knowing he’d failed at protecting in the only place Judar would ever need protecting already weighing onto his conscious. He’ll grab a hold of his waist, pulling him to him as his free hand holds out his staff. The familiar glow of teleportation magic lights underneath their feet, and with a quick pass through of light and blurred images, they’re back in the courtyard of the palace. 

All eyes are on his shoulder first and foremost, and Aladdin lets one of his hands reach out and lay over top of Judar’s carefully. He’s silent at first, contemplating just what to even say before letting his grip slide down and to the other’s wrist, gently tugging him along to where he knows a first aid kit will be housed. 

Carla Tsukinami LP Care for Vampire dialogue

Hiya hiya~ I’ve been working on this the past days and now it’s finished~! It’s not a very perfect translation but the most important thing is you get/understand the context of what he is saying in general. Thanks to a good friend of mine (I won’t mention her here!) who proofread the entire stuff! /hug hug/ If you guys spot any grammar issues then please speak away so we can fix it! ^w^ 

OF COURSE, I am not forcing you to click beyond this read more. Because it is spoilers. Not my problem if you did though - that’s why a read more is there. 

Regardless, I hope you enjoy!

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Hoshidan Festival: Charlotte and Asugi Parent-Child Convo

As expected, Charlotte knows how to put her spy kids to work, LOL. Asugi and Nina must feel so used sometimes. 

So essentially if Charlotte is Asugi’s mom, Asugi turns into Laslow with Soleil’s success rate. Or, if we want to keep it in the family, a second Kaze who actually enjoys the attention. 

Saizo must be so proud. 

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i’m kinda’ losing my shit here tbh

delayed backlash and all that jazz

i’d have someone else switch in, but i was really really excited to play some of my _backup_ rom of Legend of Zelda Warriors. i’ll tough it out for taking my E and play some videogamz, but then i’ll let zero take care of the rest of the stuff we have to do before sleeping.

the therapist did prove as trustworthy as i can hope to ascertain without a couple months monitoring, so i followed up about meeting more than once a week and she wrote out the options in an email to me and now i feel really guilty

like. 50 minutes a week really is a laughable pittance of time to talk about trauma at the moment. but i feel like such a pampered and annoying imposition. and it’s like damn brier, if the person who did the bulk of the damage to you directly and indirectly _wants_ you to take her money to do more weekly trauma processing, fucking take it.

still. i feel so pathetic and detestable…

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Bubble bath, glitter, lace, pearls!

Bubble bath: I cleanse my face every night with Garnier micellar water and usually listen to music and sometimes smoke a bowl before I go to bed. And if I feel like pampering myself I’ll throw on a Tony Moly face mask
Glitter: someone special to me… there are a few people who I hold near to my heart. You have my best friends who are as spoopy and as unapologetically themselves as I am and they are my literal family and I don’t know where I’d be without them. They are just real ass people. And They’ve gotten me through so much and have given me the most genuine love and friendship that I have ever received @colorfulkilljoy @burgythecat
And then there’s my heart, my love, my partner @caffeinetrash they are probably the coolest person I’ve ever met and they don’t even try they just are cool af. And I’m pretty smitten with them 😍😍
Lace: something in my life that is completely different from last year - honestly, my entire life has changed from I was a year ago. A year ago I came to and realized I had fucked my shit up over a person who didn’t give a shit and had completely isolated me from everyone who really mattered. Now, I have my real friends back (thank god they took me back or I would’ve been so fucking lost in this world) and I’ve learned so much about healthy relationships and friendships and being true to myself. And now I have the best friendships and relationship possible. Better than my wildest dreams. And they allow me to fully be myself and they love me for it which is amazing and I just have so much love for them
Pearls: something about my personality that surprises others. I feel obligated to entertain any and every child I see bc I used to be a nanny and now it’s just wired into me. I always talk about how kids are just way too much, but then I turn around and play with them any time I see one 😂 so that tends to confuse/surprise people a little