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Daryl x Reader - Two become three

Just a fluffy fic about Daryl,Reader and their baby ♥

I want to thank all the people that sent me names for their daughter.
In the end I decide to follow @totalfanfreak ‘s suggestion to name the little girl after Merle Dixon.
On internet I found that the variant of Merle is Meryl so that’s the name of Daryl’s daughter.


Italics are the reader’s thoughts.

WARNINGS: Just a little sexual situation but not smut, this fic is pure fluff


“Daryl…you should take a sit”

I can read worry on Daryl’s expression while he sit on our bed.

I take a step toward him, ready to give him the news.

“You’re worrying me sunshine”.

Here goes nothing.

I take a big breathe and turn my stare to the ground, finding interest on the floor of our shared bedroom.

“I’m pregnant” I say quickly, not really sure if he understand my confession.

Lifting my head, I see Daryl surprised expression changing into a big smile, I’ve never saw him smiling like that.

“I’m gonna be a father?” his voice trembled with joy.

“Yes, you’re gonna be a father” I smile back at him.

Still sitting on the bed, he bring me into an hug while he start laying sweet kisses on my stomach.

“Daddy already loves you little bean” he murmured between kisses.

Tears of joy streams down my face, happy that he accepted the news so well.

I bury my hands into his long dark hair, while I lean down to kiss the top of his head.

Giving a long last kiss to my belly, he raise his head, noticing my tears.
“Hey sunshine, it’s okay” he said, getting up from the bed and bringing his hands on my cheeks.
“I know baby, I love you so much” I say, giving him a sweet kiss on his lips.

“I love you too sunshine, the both of you” he answered, before deepen the kiss.

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Love potions

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Derek Hale x Reader 

Request :  Hi! If you don’t mind, I’d like to request a reader x Derek where they’re dating/he’s just about to ask her out but then someone uses a love potion on the reader. The reader becomes really distant and says she loves someone else, but then Derek discovers the potion and is furious that some tried to force the reader away from him. Thanks x

Warnings : cursing , mentions of rape , violence 

     “ Hi babe !” Derek said , hugging your waist from behind . He kissed the crook of your neck making you smile .

     “ Hi !” You said turning around , tangling your hands around his neck , kissing his lips softly . Yesterday you decided that you’ll spent this night at your house so you prepared everything from the food to the movie that you were going to watch . You was so happy that you got the stoned Hale to open in front of you , to let all his walls down and let you see his true self with all his scars and dark parts . He was the one that you searched for . The one whoms soul matched yours . He was the one that you loved and you wanted to spend the rest of your life with him . And nothing was going to stop you .

    Robins POV

      Did she really thought that I’ll let her be with someone else ? Oh boy she was so wrong . She’s only mine and she will won’t be with someone else beside me . I say to myself as I watch that stupid werewolf leave her house . She was mine before she was his and he’s not going to take her apart from me , I don’t care that she run away when I told her that I’m a warlock and that I’ll kill every single person who stays in my way , I don’t care that she hates me after I cheated on her , I don’t care that she’s disgusted with me because I raped her , she’s mine , only mine . 

      I see her getting dressed and leaving for work . When she comes back the werewolf is not with her . I enter in the house and walk into the kitchen , she haves her back facing me as she cuts some vegetables .

     “ Hi sweetheart !” I say and she turns around fast , her eyes wide in fear . I get a tight grip on her face and open her mouth , I take the bottle hid in my pants and I pour the liquid in hers mouth . 

     “ Swallow or I’m going to repeat the thing that I did to you last time when we meet .” I threaten and she does as she’s told . I kiss her lips then I make a portal and I disappear , she’ll come back to me after she will break up with the werewolf .

                            Reders POVs

     My head feels heavy and I got dizzy after I swallowed whatever Robin put into my mouth . My head spins and I close my eyes , I feel a wave of nausea hitting me and I fell on the ground .

     I open my eyes and I see that I’m on the floor .  What the hell I’m doing on here ? I question myself before I get up and go to prepare dinner for when Robin comes home .

     As I’m busy cooking . Arms wrap around me and I smile happily but as I turn around my smile turns in a frown .

     “ What are you doing here ?” I ask Derek as he stays in front of me , he looks taken back but then he starts to laugh .

     “ Good joke ! I almost believed .” He says laughing harder .

     “ I’m not joking . What are you doing here ? From where the hell you’ve got a key to my house ?” I ask angily and Derek looks surprised .

     “ (Y/N) , what’s going on with you ? We’re together from moths . We have key from each others house from a long while . You love me and I love you , nothings going to change that . Remember ?” Derek affirms confused but I don’t know what is he talking about even if the words seem familiar I can’t really find the moment when I heard them or from who , which seems weird 

     “ I don’t love you . I love Robin , you should leave . He’s going to come home soon .” I confess and Derek looks angry . He sniffs the air and sees a little bottle on the ground . He takes it and smells it . He’s eyes turn bright reed and he growls I jump scared by his reaction but the door of the house open and Robin comes in . I ran to him and wrap my arms around his waist kissing his cold ,unfamiliar lips .

            Dereks POV

     “ What the hell you have done with her ?” I growl as Robin looks at me a smirk plastered on his lips . He looks like shit in that clothes that are to tight for his body , his greasy hair everywhere .

     “ Well my dear werewolf there’s nothing that a good potion can’t heal .” He explains and I growl . I lose control over my body , anger rushes over my body and I shift . I ran after Robin and he rans outside . I jump on top of him from behind . My claws run on his back , slashing the flesh open , blood getting stuck on my fur then I sank my fangs on hie neck and rip the skin off . I turn him around but he’s dead . He’s body and blood turn into dust and then it disappears completely .

     I take control and shift back into human form I go back into the house ad find (Y/N) on the ground . I pull on my body some underwear left to get dry and take her in my arms . She flutters her eyes open  the she coughs a pink liquid coming out from her mouth , she coughs until every single drop of the liquid is out of her than she splits on the ground . I still hold her when she’s finished . I kiss her lips and pull her closer .

     “ I’m sorry . I didn’t knew what I was doing , I …” she tries to continue but I press my lips on hers .

     “ It doesn’t matters . I love you and you love me .” I say and kiss her again .

     “ Nothing and nobody will change that .” She whispers and kisses me back .

anonymous asked:

sometimes i confuse feelings of nausea and feelings of hunger or vice versa. is that a common autistic thing?

I don’t know how common it is, but I literally cannot tell the difference in the feeling and get around it by trying to eat or drink a little bit of something to see if I feel better or worse or doing the math to see if I need to eat.

- Os

Request: Your secret is safe with me

Request: Can you please write an imagine about being Happy’s old lady and him coming home to find you in pain and not knowing what to do. 

Originally posted by lowmans

The alarm clock woke me up that morning, which made me growl before turn it off. That meant my old man wasn’t home or I would have waked up with his kisses and hands caressing my body. I rolled in bed just to look at Happy’s empty side of the bed, cold sheets telling me he had left early to handle another club business.

When we started to date, people warned me that Happy Lowman lived only for his club and his mother, no women had made him settle down or cope with his absences to deal with club business. Wake up alone was supposed to bother me, but I didn’t because we proved people were wrong. I knew the club was his life and I didn’t try to interfere of change that; and Happy was devoted to me, more than people would ever imagine.

There was coffee still warm in the kitchen and I smiled at this little gesture from my old man. He was taking care of me even when he wasn’t at home. I was ready to start cleaning the house when I felt a sting on my side. Pain made me lean forward and breathe heavily. It ended quickly and I thought everything was fine, it had been just a weird thing. However, as I did the chores during the morning, I felt that sting a few more times and by lunch hour it had turned into a light pain.

I took a painkiller, thinking it would help, but it didn’t and at the end afternoon I was curled up in bed, feeling like someone was stabbing my side. I couldn’t find a comfortable position and was feeling nausea. I almost cried of relief when I heard Happy coming home.

“Y/N”, he called out, his tone telling me he had a good day.

“Bedroom”, I cried out, which alarmed him, the thuds of his boots quickly coming to find me.

“Baby”, Happy rushed to me and knelt by the side of the bed, creasing his brow, “What happened?“

“Nothing happened”, I said, my voice muffled as I hid my face on the pillow, feeling another strong sting, “It’s hurting”

“Where?”, he inquired and I put my hand over my side. Happy lifted my shirt and looked for any wounds I guessed. He pressed his hand over my body and I hissed at the pain, “Did you take any med?”

“Yeah, painkiller”, I growled, “But it didn’t work”

“How long ago? Do you want another one? Maybe a hot compress?”, he blurted question after question and I glanced at him, my old man getting lost watching me in pain.

“I think I should go to the hospital”, I mumbled. Happy knew how much I hated hospitals. He just nodded and followed my orders. He gave me my shoes and purse before carry me to the car. He probably passed through one or two red lights but I didn’t complain, closing my eyes until we get to the hospital.

Happy carry me inside and held my hand as we waited, “Everything will be fine little girl”, he whispered, kissing my forehead, “I’m here”. I looked up at him and smiled; he had the usual stoic face, but I could see he was scared.


We finally left the hospital hours later and I was medicated, with a prescription in my hand and an appointment scheduled for next morning. I had a kidney stone that needed to be removed as soon as possible. Doctor had said I would be fine for the night, but Happy was still creasing his brow, worried. He took me home and carried me to the bedroom, though I had said I could walk.

“I can do it myself”, I protested as Happy tried to help me put on my pajamas. He just growled, telling me to lift my arms so he could slip the shirt on. I laid in bed and rolled my eyes as he walked around bringing more pillows, blankets, water, medicine and warm compress, “I don’t need all this, I just want to sleep”

“And I just want you to get better”, Happy said, getting under the sheets.

“Oh you big fluffy bear”, I laughed, cuddling up with him.

“What?”, he pulled back, raising an eyebrow at me as I had lost my mind.

“Don’t worry, your secret is safe with me”, I winked and wrapped an arm around him, getting comfortable to sleep.

“Fluffy bear”, Happy huffed, putting his arm around me. I smiled, feeling better and safe in his arms.

Hey guys!

I’ve been so bad at updating my tumblr since falling pregnant…sorry!

Truth be told I feel like nothing I have nothing of importance to update you on. My days pretty much consist of working, napping, reading and eating!

So I’m actually 15 weeks today. It’s been a really peaceful few weeks following the 12 week scan which showed everything was going well in there. It’s been a fun telling family, friends and work colleagues – I never get tired of people’s reactions!

My first trimester was in hindsight very easy going. I was tired, but didn’t get any morning sickness other than a lil bit of nausea. I feel very lucky. I weigh myself every week, and as of today have put on just under 2kgs, which I’m very happy with. My goal during the first trimester was to not put on any weight (given I’m already overweight) and I pretty much did that. Since about 10 weeks my weight has been creeping up by 300 – 500 grams per week, which is ok. I’m honestly surprised my weight has not gone up more, because the carb cravings coupled with the lack of energy and lack of morning sickness mean that I have actually been eating a lot of food while doing very little activity. But I figure as long as I’m monitoring things, I can always reign it in if need be.

For the last week or so I’ve gotten a lot of energy back, and my eating habits have pretty much returned to normal (i.e. the carb cravings and food aversions have subsided). So my goal on the food front for the second trimester is to try to stick to my pre-pregnancy PCOS-friendly food plan as much as possible. And my goal on the activity front is to get a lot more walks in. Unfortunately I won’t be doing many hikes this season, as I usually hike alone and don’t want to do that while pregnant in case I have a fall.

We’re off on our holiday to Melbourne on Saturday! It’s actually also my birthday on Saturday, but I think it’s fair to say that I’m much more excited than the holiday than I am about my birthday. I told hubby not to worry about a present, just to treat me once we get to Melbs, so hopefully he’ll comply with that request as I intend to do lots of shopping while over there. I even broke open my piggy bank last night and now have an extra $727 to contribute to my holiday spending!

Lassie (#lassiethestaffy) is doing fine. She is now about 17 years old and her favourite hobbies are sleeping, staring at walls, getting herself stuck in corners, following me around the house, peeing in inconvenient places, and zooming through the house late at night. She basically has “doggy dementia” - there is no treatment but she’s not in any pain, so at this point it’s all about giving her lots of affection and not scolding her for things she has no control over. Overall she’s still a joy to have around.

Can’t wait to make up for my silence by posting lots of updates over the next week or so from Melbourne!!!

I used to feel sick to my stomach all the time. I felt nauseous waking up in the morning, I had trouble eating because everything made me feel sick, and I got motion sick very easily. Now that I moved out of the abusive household I was raised in, that doesn’t happen anymore. I’m starting to realize that all my health concerns stemmed from the abuse. I really have been sick this whole time and it’s because of how my parents treated me. I’m both disgusted and relieved.
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Indifference Impossibility

“Hey Ryn, why are you behind on prompts?” 


Title: Indifference Impossibility

Fandom: Persona 5

Rating: T

Genre: Hurt/Comfort/Friendship

Pairing: None

Summary: The feelings of a Velvet Room Attendant could be a confusing thing indeed–for how is a doll to comprehend the emotions of a human being? Sometimes, it is pain that can bring understanding. Akechi survival fic, Lavenza centric.

Status: Complete (?) 

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A/N: Alright, it’s been a while since I last posted. Here is the promised Loki Hamilton fic. I’m not entirely sure how well this turned out, but I’m p sure it’s appropriately angsty. The song can be found right here.I hope you guys like it!!!

Pairing: LokixReader

Word Count: 1608

Warnings: Mentions of infidelity(cheating), angst, threats of violence.

“Loki, what are these?” I ask, frozen to the spot, terrified at the thought of what I’ve just found.

“What are what, darling?” He answers with his own question.

“These.” I answer, holding up a small stack of letters.

“What?” He finally looks at me over his book. When his eyes land on the papers in my hand he stands abruptly, slamming his book closed, startling me. “Where did you find those?”

“I was just organizing the drawers…” My throat feels tight as I try to speak. “I…I didn’t write you these.”

“It’s nothing to worry about.” He reaches out to me as if he expects me to just place the papers in his hands.

“The way you’re acting doesn’t tell me that it’s nothing to worry about.” I step out of his reach and unfold one of the letters.

The handwriting is looping and graceful, By all meanings of the word, the writing is beautiful. But, to me, the words are anything but.

The letter is from a woman and, from the language she’s used , she’s been intimate with Loki. As I read on I try to rationalize, to convince myself that these letters are from years ago. That they’re from before Loki and I even met. My hopes are dashed entirely when I reach the end of the letter. The woman signed and dated it. The letter is from three days ago.

I drop the stack of papers like they’re a snake that’s just bitten me. I feel my knees buckle and I brace myself on the dresser. My stomach churns and I feel a wave of nausea on a level that I’ve never experienced before in my life wash over me. I cover my mouth with my hand, horrified by what I’ve just read.

“(Y/N) I-”

“You…” I look around the room, disgusted with him and with myself. “How could you?”

“(Y/N), please,” He reaches out to cup my cheek and I quickly slap his hand away from me.

“You don’t get to touch me.” I hiss. “Not after what you’ve done. Not after you cheated on me.”

“I never meant for this to happen.” He looks at me, his eyes sad, but all I can see is a guilty man.

“Of course you didn’t. No one ever means to get caught when they cheat.” He just stands there, staring at me, his lips slightly parted, unable to say anything. “How long?”


“No, Loki.” I cut him off, knowing that he would be able to talk his way out of this if I allow him the opportunity. “How long have you been seeing her?”

“Seven months.” He says quietly.

“Seven.” My breath catches in my throat and my mouth goes dry.

Grabbing the zippo lighter from the top of the dresser, I slowly make my way to my nightstand. I pull a stack of papers tied with ribbon from the drawer. I stare at them, remembering the circumstances under which these letters were written. Loki wrote them to me in the beginning of our relationship. Now the memories I have of those times are tainted and the words leave a sour taste in my mouth.

“(Y/N), what are you going to do with those?” Loki asks. He sounds scared.

I ignore him and push past him, quickly striding into the bathroom. I stop in front of the bathtub. I look between the letters in my left hand and the zippo in my right and squeeze my eyes shut.

“I deserve better than this.” I whisper, only for myself to hear. I shake my head, trying to clear my thoughts when Loki grabs my shoulder and turns me around to face him.

“What are you planning to do to those letters?” He asks again.

“Oh, you remember these letters, right? The ones you wrote to make me fall in love with you?” He nods his head and swallows hard, his Adam’s apple bobbing. “These letters are the only things, the only memories that could possibly redeem you.” I flip open the zippo and light it. “I’m going to destroy them.”

“(Y/N)…” He looks at me forlornly. “I’m sorry.”

“You’re sorry?” I hiss. “Loki, I love you. You wrote the most beautiful letters for me. You built me palaces out of paragraphs and cathedrals with those carefully chosen letters.” I hold the flame to a corner of the papers and wait for them to catch fire. “I love you, but you’ve destroyed me. And you think sorry is enough to save this?”

“Who says it isn’t?”

“Me.” I throw the burning papers down into the tub and shove past him and out of the room.

I leave him, staring at the burning mass, and stuff my most important possessions and clothing into a duffel. If it doesn’t have any attachment to Loki, I take it with me. Everything ends up in the bag crumpled and in general disarray, but I don’t care. When I have everything I could possibly need I sling the duffel over my shoulder and snatch my purse from the chair at my desk and make for the door.

“Where are you going?” Loki asks. He sounds afraid.

“I don’t know.” I answer, not turning back to look at him. “But I’m not coming back.”

“(Y/N), wai-” I cut off his words by slamming the door behind me and rushing down the stairs of the apartment building.

I get about three blocks down the street before I stop at a street corner and allow myself to breathe. I’m not entirely sure where I am, but there’s a coffee shop on the corner and I decide to stop in for a moment and to collect myself and find a place to stay.

The shop is almost crowded and I’ve never been happier to look just like everyone else in my life. I park myself at a table and pull out my phone, scrolling my contacts list, trying to decide who to call. When my eyes land on one name, I know exactly who it needs to be. I dial the number and anxiously wait for them to pick up, looking around the coffee shop, my nerves getting the best of me.


“Hey, it’s me. Can I crash at yours for a bit?”

“(Y/N), what are you doing here?” Thor rises from his seat as soon as I step out of the elevator. He crosses the room in a few quick, long strides and places his hands gently on either side of my face.

“I…” Tears well up in my eyes before I can form coherent words and Thor pulls me to his chest, his arms circling around my body.

“Has my brother done something?” He asks. I nod feebly and I hear a low growl rising in his chest. “Whatever he has done, he will pay for it, I will see to that.”

“No, I think he’s lost enough.” I say quietly, wiping away my tears with the back of my hand. “I think I just need to see my brother.”

As the words leave my mouth Tony rounds the corner, locking eyes with me. He rushes over to me and pulls me from Thor’s arms into his. I wrap my arms around him and try not to be a terrible sibling and wipe my nose on his shirt. It’s his favorite ACDC shirt and he would kill me if something happened to it.

“What’d that bastard do now?” He asks. I can tell he’s trying not to sound demanding. He rubs my back, trying his best to soothe me the way mom did us.

“He cheated on me.” I answer, my voice hushed. Tony freezes and I instantly know he’s furious.


“I know what you told me… I just didn’t want to believe you. He was too good to be true. I was a total idiot.”

“No, you were in love, sweetheart. You were in love.” Tony presses a soft kiss to the top of my head. “Makes people do reckless shit.”

“They wrote letters to each other, and he kept the ones he got from her in our fucking sock drawer. I found them and confronted him and he actually seemed surprised that I found them, like I never go through the sock drawer. When I confronted him he told me they had been seeing each other for seven months a-”

“Seven months?” Tony hisses. “I’m going to destroy him. Come on tall and blonde, we’re gonna go kill a god.”

“Tony, no.” I grab his arm and he looks down at me, his eyes sad.

“Why not?”

“Because I left. I’m not going back. I’m never going back to that-that man. Ever.”

“Wait, really?” His eyebrows shoot to his hairline and he gently places his hands on my shoulders.

“All of you warned me about him. You told me he would do what it takes to survive and now I realize how right you were. He flew too close to the sun.”

“My brother doesn’t deserve you (Y/N),” Thor says, deep creases forming above his brow. “He never did. I am glad that he did not win you. I will do everything in my power to ensure that you are happy.”

“Thank you, Thor.” I smile softly at him and he smiles back, the corners of his eyes crinkling. “You’re too kind.”

“I can assure you,” Thor pulls me into a warm hug. “He will suffer greatly.”

“Chill out, hammer time.” Tony pats him on the arm. “Let’s round up the others. We have a godly ass to kick.”

Thank you so much for reading! Feedback would be greatly appreciated!!

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Breathe, Bend, Bleed and Break~ Dandy Mott (Requested)

I was nothing special like everyone else who worked inside the tent, just inhumanly flexible which I suppose is a cool talent, but I didn’t have strange hands or a beard or anything like that… But I guess that is a good thing but I feel bad for my friends

They are always shut out of places while when I try and defend them I get slapped or worse. I don’t like the way people look at them. The way they look at me. It makes me sick. Violent. Pissed off. It makes me want to hurt them and I never want to hurt anyone but the way that we are out on display. Like a some show but we are human and no one sees that. Then there is this one person who goes to every show that Miss Elsa pays me extra to hang around. Tells me to call him “Mr.Mott” and that he’s a big fan of the show, and of me more than the others. So after every show (which he always attended each) he would take me for a walk or to the diner (and so on and so forth) until around 11 each night. Then he’d walk me back. Nothing more. In fact we barely talked and the conversation was always on me when we did.  It honestly freaks me out a little due to the face that he never answers any of the questions I ask about him, not even the casual “How are you?”.

So here I was, about to begin Saturday’s show when I looked out into the crowd from the curtain, failing to find my mysterious suitor as Miss Elsa calls him stalker missing from the crowd causing a slight unsettling feeling to move through my body as I went to go to my dressing room to stretch and change before the show started.

Arriving at my trailer, I began to cover my face completely in makeup, to ensure that no one would be able to recognize me when I went back into the public eye. Even if the makeup wasn’t enough, I wore a black mast that hid my eyes even under the bright lights (which were hardly on me. I was a background act though I didn’t really care all that much. I still had fun). Smiling, I looked into the mirror as I felt someone hugging my shoulders.

“Ya finally got rid of your stocker Y/N.” The voice of my ‘brother’ Jimmy spoke smiling at me and squeezing again, “Don’t know what you did but if it were up to me I wouldav made sure that Elsa nevar made you do that. It was completely stupid. He coulda hurt you. Did 'e? I always knew he was trouble I will kill the damn-”

“Hey.. Jimmy I’m okay. You’re okay. I’m okay We are okay. You just need to breathe. Okay?” he let out a breath as I stood up and grabbed his hands, “You need to hurry to the stage. Elsa will have a cow if you’re late.” I dropped his hands and he smiled, dashing out while I finished getting dressed. I looked at myself in the mirror and responded to my own advice and started to force myself to breathe.





Slowly I made my way to the stage, I once again began to stretch. Turning, Jumping, Spinning, and Tumbling. Finding as many new ways I could force my body to bend in order to please Miss Elsa as well as the audience. If I did every damn move the exact same No one would be pleased!

Knowing that I would have had to enter through the tent, I sighed, moving closer and closer until I ran into a body.

“Oh my goodness I am so sorry sir.” I sighed nervously, looking down shyly before I turned to face the man slowly, “I would check to see if you are okay but I have to get to the stage so you’ll have to excuse-”

My jaw surely dropped seeing the ghastly face staring at me but realizing that he could be somewhat dangerous to me I took off as fast as I could but I didn’t get very far before one of my heels broke and along with it, my ankle.

Wincing, I quickly took off my shoes as I limped down the street as quickly as I could until again, I fell onto the ground again and cried slightly, closing my eyes and waiting for a painful end and hoping for a bright light. After a few moments I opened my eyes again to find nothing. No one. No thing. No monster. No death.

I was fine. I giggled at the thought. No one was going to try and kill me. I’m okay.

I’m okay.

Forcing myself to stand, I wiped the tears off my eyes and started to limp my way back towards the camp beginning to prepare myself for whatever Miss Elsa’s punishment was going to be when out of nowhere a hand was placed on my shoulders and a gag forced into my mouth.

Screaming and fighting as much as I could, I felt a needle press into my neck causing me to moan slightly a some dizziness and nausea to flood my body but I fought hard enough to escape. Slowly backing away not leaving his gaze, watching him tilt his head, I backed up until I hit another body.

Closing my eyes, I took a small, shakey breath before attempting to stand up, surprised that my attacker(s?) were waiting for me to make a move. So I stayed down, slowly feeling even more tired by the second. Perhaps the drugs that they put into me were taking their toll. Exhausted, I felt my body begin to shake in attempt to keep myself awake. I bit my lip, attempting to look strong at the clown whose eyes bounced from me to the man or… thing behind me. Standing at last, I began to turn behind me when I felt something heavy being smashed against my head. Making me fall and this time, I knew there was no chance of me getting up as I felt something being wrapped around my ankles, blood or some sticky substance dripping from what was clearly a large gash on my forehead. My vision was fading, going in and out at random points as I felt myself being dragged about, hearing muttering voices speaking from above me.

“We have her now. It’s only a matter of time until-”

Then I blacked out.


It took me a while before I regained my senses, especially sight. Hearing came first. Then I could feel my body in all it’s pain. Thinking came next and now, I can see.

I was in a cage in some creepy trailer, that to my best guess was in the dead center of the woods due to the leaves that were peaking through the place. It really grossed me out as everywhere the place was rusted, drops of red scattered.

Clearly I wasn’t the clown nor his allies’ first victim.

A mix of panic and strangely enough… reassurance spread through my body. Sighing, I began to slowly reach towards my legs as I carefully removed to binding, moving it to my head so I wouldn’t bleed out. Right now my primary goal would be to ensure my death isn’t in the near future. The big gash on my head may be the cause of this. 

My neck ached along with my left leg. I knew why my leg hurt but my neck.. What had they injected me with?? I prayed it was just some sort of short term paralysis instead of a poison which I feared it was.

Never-the-less, I had to get out. Quickly before the clown came back for me. Fear settled into my body as I forced myself to stand up. Looking around my cell I tried to find anything that might help me escape the cage before I tried to leave the trailer. Sighing, I scavenged quickly in a panic for anything I could use to pick the lock on my door. Seeing some nails that were hammered into a piece of plywood against the window, I dug my fingers into the wood ignoring the high probability of splinters digging into my flesh. I got four out before my right hand was covered in both blood and wood chips. With a small whimper of a mix of pleasure, relief, exhaustion, and pain, I reached towards the lock in a dash, fearing that I would be too late or maybe even that I would make too much sound attracting my captures.

Sticking my arm out of the bars to stick the nail forcefully into the lock, finding myself disappointed when it snapped and made a clinging noise as it hit the floor, causing my head to ache as I haven’t heard a noise so loud in what seemed like years. Taking to next nail I then gently pushed the nail into the hole finally satisfied that the lock fell onto the ground with a clump and I made my way out of the room, running with my gimp leg as far as I could, ignoring the pain that surged its way throughout my body.

I could feel a sense of nausea filling up my body and I looked around to see how far I had limped away. Sighing, I knew that I would have time to rest before the clown found out that I had left my prison cell, at least I had hoped. Looking at my feet I rested against a tree about to close my eyes when I could feel my nausea growing stronger and I closed my eyes, leaning behind my little safe haven as I began to cough out my insides which to no surprise was pure, deep red. And the worst part was that it wouldn’t stop. It just kept flowing and flowing out of my mouth in way that both terrified and exhausted me even more than I already was. About to stop, I felt a hand gently rubbing my back and holding my hair as I leaned back down again, a mix of sulfuric acid and blood leave my body.

“Almost done? It is kinda disgusting….” I shivered as I sat up recognizing the voice. Not trusting my own voice I slowly turned around being unsure about what to say.

Mr. Mott was behind me and I couldn’t do anything but gape my mouth, thinking of what to say.

Nothing. I just leaned into his shirt and sobbed as he was the first familiar I had seen for what seems like years. I couldn’t feel anything but guilty that I finally broke in front of him but he wrapped his arms around me and shhhed me gently. Then before I knew he picked me up, carrying me bridal while continuing to mutter gently soothing words into my ear. Finally, I gathered the courage to speak.

“Mr. Mott there was this clown and he took me and-”

“First of all, please call me Dandy. Secondly, I’ve got you. You are fine now. Just go to sleep. You talk to me more about this clown when you wake up okay? Just close your eyes.” I opened my mouth to protest but he placed a finger to my mouth, “Sleep doll…. Just drift off to-”


I woke up the next morning in a soft bed, a single blanket over my body. Standing up I stretched my arms, realizing that I must have been in Mott Manor judging by the antique furniture and designs around the house. The Mott’s were one of the most wealthiest in the state of Florida and without a doubt the richest in Jupiter. Stretching my arms into the air, I panicked realizing that I was in a new change of clothes. Quickly standing up, I walked towards the door, attempting to open it only to find it was locked. Here I was, a damsel trapped again.

Why would Mr.Mott- Dandy do this to me?

Quickly I ran to the window hoping the window would be just a small leap to the ground.

Boy was I wrong.

I was clearly at the top of the building, making my option to stay or jump out.

And I had nothing worth living for anyway.

“What- Y/N what on Earth do you think you are doing?”

I looked towards him shaking, questioning if I should run into his warm embrace again or if I should cry right by my window.

“I want to go home Dandy.” I whispered barely loud enough for him to hear, fighting off tears, “Take me home, please, Dandy.”

He laughed slightly as he approached me slowly as if scared of what I would do in response and stroked my cheek quickly before grabbing both my hands and leaning in towards me slowly. I stared at him confused when he closed his eyes and pressed his lips softly on my own. Closing my own I was in shock but slowly eased into the warm and welcome sensation until he let go to breathe as I was almost suffocating.

“Take…..Me…… Home…. Dandy……” I pleaded before he kissed me again, this time more intensely. Laughing as we parted, he reached into his pocket with one hand bringing my left hand to his lips.

And as he laughed I could feel my heart break.

“Dandy please. I’m begging you.”

“I am so sorry Y/N…. I really am. But you cant leave.”

Pulling my hand away, I looked at him slightly scared, “And why is that.” He sighed gently, stoking my cheek again and smirking.

“Because. Before I met you I didn’t think my heart could feel love, happiness, or any other positive emotions. And I do…. I love you so much, more than anything in this whole world. The minute I laid eyes on you and I knew that I would trade my life to get to see the face behind the mask. I’d trade my money or dignity to get to know you. And I did…. Do you wonder why you woke up without a mask on?”

Realization hit me and I slowly backed up.

No he wouldn’t…..

“Oh but you needn’t be frightened. I would never do that to you. I saved you. I killed the clown and saved you. He meant to hurt you. To….. I don’t even want to imagine what he wanted to do. But I saved you. You were bleeding to much to take home, as I knew mother would panic if your blood stained the carpet. So I waited till you came out, which I knew you would, your a fighter, then I took what belongs to me.”

“I am my own person Dandy.”

He snickered, “No, you’re not. From the minute Mrs. Elsa sold you off to spend some personal time with me you’ve been mine. And now, I’m going to make it even more so.” Getting down on one knee, he snapped twice. His mother and a priest quickly walked into the room. She beamed down at me, placing a veil on my head and stroking my cheek before turning me to the priest. Dandy grabbed my hand and made the two of us kneel down. Tears streamed down my eyes and I began to sob. Both Dandy and his mother let out a soft awwww… and the priest knelt down and wiped my tears.

“My darling girl…. This is the beginning of the happiest journey of your life as I unite you and Dandy Mott to become husband and wife.” He beamed down at me, then Dandy patting both our shoulders before grabbing his bible and beginning. “Dearly beloved. We are gathered here today to-”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah. Skip all that part. Just get to the 'I do’s’” Dandy insisted quite sternly to the man before returning an eerie grin in my direction.

The priest sighed before agreeing to my future husbands demands and turned to him with a plastic smile,“ Do you, Dandy Mott, take Y/N. To have and to hold. For better or poorer. In sickness and in health. As long as you both shall live?”

“I do.” He grinned like the Cheshire Cat as he slipped a golden ring with a diamond in the shape of a heart on my finger, “I do.”

“And do you, miss Y/N Y/L/N take Dandy to have and to hole, for better or poorer. In sickness and in health for as long as you both shall live?”

Yet again, I couldn’t speak, but allowed my mouth to gape open, tears to continue to leave my eyes. I wanted to scream. To kick. To fight. To throw myself out of the window. End my life.

I didn’t want to be his bride. If I had to marry someone, anyone, it would be Jimmy.

Not him or anyone else.

I’d rather die.


“She does.” Dandy said and his mother handed me a ring and guided me as I slowly slid it on his finger. I began to sob a small whining noise escaping my mouth. Dandy wiped the tears from my eyes, the creepy grin growing wider by the second. He mouthed the words “I love you” before the priest continued.

“Mr.Mott, you may now kiss the bride.”

And so he did, and my long life trapped in my new "home" .

Also known as my living nightmare.




(Okay so another one done!!!!! Yay!!! okay I changed it a bit. Sorry…. And I’m taking FOREVER but I am new!! So no judging. ;) Part Two?? MAYBE….. Idk.. Let me know! As always thanks for the requests and stay you-ti-ful!!!! Love y'all!!!)

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To this day I cant have an orgasm with my partners. I love and trust them. I hate having to fake, but how can i explain the feeling of dread it gives me? How can i explain that just the thought of orgasming reminds me of how you forced me to orgasm because "yes, see? You like this?"? How can i explain how much i hate myself every time i thi k about you laughing when i puked all over myself. To this day i feel nausea every time i get close to an orgasm. Thats when the faking starts. I hate you

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