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Hi B! How's everthing!? Hope is all good!☺ i'm missing your weekly fics reviews! I'm reading the afterlife fic, 1375 pages its a challenge! I don't know what to expect but i'm intrigue, till now is going great! Have you read it??

Hello love !

I haven’t read it (HOLY FUCK 491K!!!) !! let me know what you think about it !

The Afterlife Fic (The Best I Ever Had in My Entire Life… Or Death)      

(also I knooooow, I feel a bit guilty not to make fic rec as often as before - or at all tbh- , but it was something I need to do : taking a break of both fics and the fandom, and I feel so much better right now tbh ! no stress, no hard feelings… )

Reminder. If you’re rping a canon character and feeling insecure about your writing, or fearing replacement, simply remember that your muse is not just a duplicate. No one else will be able to breathe life into that character the way you do. No one else will feel the exact way you feel about your muse. There will be people who value your muse and never stop writing with you no matter what. There will be people who appreciate your portrayal, no matter how many other versions are out there. Always remember why you made your blog. Never let anyone or anything cast your passion out of your heart !!

pq practice!!

I think the best thing you can do as an artist especially if youre struggling with a lot of art block is to let go of style. Whenever i see anons ask popular artists how to gain a style im like omg dont! dont get one. Its suffocating tbh! I used to have one art style i used and i only drew in that one and it was awful, i couldnt draw anything i really wanted because i was so scared to let go of this carefully cultivated style i had and it was ruining my work! 

I’m so glad for the day i was like you know what, fuck this its not working! I started playing with my art more and now i have 2-3 styles i cycle between and i feel sooooo much better about my art. That’s my advice to you i guess as a fellow artist, let go of “style” and have fun again! make stuff you want to make even if it looks bad or not how youd visioned it, just mess around!!! 

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why do you never post your art on here anymore? but on instagram.

sorry! I know I’ve been pretty quiet lately but tbh I just find tumblr is better for bigger drawings or compilations of sketches/doodles, and since I’ve been busy focusing on non-personal work lately I just don’t have much to show? I don’t feel as much pressure dumping little drawings on places like twitter and instagram though, so I’ve been mostly hiding out on those platforms lately. tumblr can be…scary sometimes lol. it has a weird vibe to it now and it makes me nervous. If you like seeing my work curated more carefully feel free to stick around here, If you prefer a more casual stream of consciousness kind of experience you can follow my twitter or insta.

Okay so, if you have ever had the misfortune of being in chat with me on the topic of Assassination Classroom you would know I have a very strong belief of gay Karma and demi/pan Nagisa.

Now I was ecstatic to learn they were making the KorosenseQ spin off an actual series (Which is very likely the story Korosensei mentions in passing in the main series he wants to write in which he wouldn’t have to die and therefore is more than likely written by the octopus himself) anyway back on track, while the series seems to have diverged a bit from the comic now (tbh I think they made it better especially pope Gakuho omfg) but with the episodes being so short it means they emphasize certain things while cut other things out.

Trying to stop rambling now the thing that’s really caught my attention is the relationship between Karma and Nagisa (this is 100% a ship post if this is your notp then please stop reading now, if you do ship it or at least tolerate feel free to continue) and since @serenity0220 likes my analysis of these dumb boys so much figured eh what the hell lets post what I noticed in this episode.

Spoilers blow the cut turn back if you haven’t watched the episode yet.

Excuse the lack of spell check I’m literally copy pasting this from my skype chat.

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You know what we don't talk about? How the only way that the mage could've possibly stopped hurting Simon was for him to die. When Penny did the whole Simon Says thing, all Simon asked for was for the mage to stop hurting him. Not for him to die, or leave, or anything. Just to stop hurting him. And what happened? The mage died. Because that was the only thing that could've happened to make him stop hurting Simon. That's so intense and no one ever talks about it?

oh my god??????? i’ve literally never thought about that but you’re so right???? and now i want to cry because simon deserved a much better father figure poor baby he deserved (deserves tbh) the world and i was already having simon feel today oh man q.q

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I get the feeling both the boys are struggling with their live shows now. They have been doing them for so many years it feels like they need to end, after all they have been doing them since their manchester days.

Neither one really seems to be enjoying them,  a lot of the time they feel forced esp dan’s and there are times that he clearly didn’t want to do them and phil makes a lot of excuses not to do them.

Even if they did one a month or a joint one every few weeks or when they really wanted to do one it would be so much better, they would actually enjoy them again. tbh I can imagine they find them really restricting and who can blame them if they are bored of doing them now? 

I’d much rather see ones that aren’t forced and genuinely happy bc they wanted to do one.

Tbh I’m less and less inclined to conceptualize bisexuality as a spectrum with an innate preference for men on one side and an innate preference for women on the other- definitely not my own bisexuality anyway. I feel so much better now that I’ve started taking pride in my bisexuality as a whole and have stopped specifying “with a preference for women” as a way to prove myself. I’m bisexual and I love women and I love women because im bisexual- that’s all that matters. Letting myself just be bi has also helped me feel a sense of solidarity with bi women as a class and reject the arbitrary categories that people try to force us into.

I also think that conceptualizing bisexuality as having innate gender preferences underestimates the extent to which bisexuality (and sexuality in general) can be an active experience. The most obvious example of this would be bi women (and lesbians) who at the start of their questioning process experience their attraction as preferential of men, but this shifting as they actively untangle compulsory heterosexuality. Not only this, I also don’t think I’ve ever met a self described bi woman with a preference for women who’s apolitical (this group including myself). I no longer view my preference for women as innate, I think it’s an active and political experience. I’d also be lying if I said that internalized biphobia and a need to perform my bisexuality in a ‘desirable’ way didn’t factor into my experience of sexuality.

The idea that bisexuality is a spectrum of innate and static gender preferences reminds me a lot of “sexuality is fluid!!!” type arguments. Like sure, the way people experience sexuality probably can be described as fluid in a lot of ways but the factors that surround an individuals experience of attraction should never be overlooked.

If you have thoughts feel free to share!

Hitorijime My Hero 1x07 | Jesy's ramblings

Sorry for being so late in watching and writing and posting this but I was helping a friend move and came home late since it took longer than I thought… But that aside now, let’s jump right into this shit that gives us all life! 

  • Asaya, you need to stop getting jealous about everything
  • Yamase is totally Settie’s stalker! Bet he’s got a crush on him!
  • I can’t stand seeing Kensuke -our smol bean- so worried D;
  • I wonder if Yamase is a yandere? Kind of get that vibe from him… but maybe that’s only because of screwdriver? We’re gonna see
  • Settie’s mom is terrible tbh
  • “Hey. Why have you been avoiding Ken and I?” Are you serious!?
  • “Are you in some kind of trouble right now?” He totally is.
  • “Like…being contacted by those old "friends” of yours?“ Bullseye.
  • "Have you ever thought about how I feel watching you go through that?!” It’s not like you treated him much better recently…
  • “Don’t you realize why I did all this to intervene?!” Of course he doesn’t. First off: Settie is as dense as Kensuke and second: How would he know why you do what you do? He is not a fucking mind reader
  • “I can’t just stand by while the person I like is suffering right there in front of me.” But you’re the one who made him suffer in the first place…
  • “not even able to say what he wants!” You told him 2 times already that you don’t feel the same way so what the hell would it matter whenever or not he told you want he wants?! O_o
  • “But you rejected me, Kousuke!” THAT’S WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT
  • Settie’s sass is great :’D

Settie: You’re the one who royally rejected me!
Kousuke: It was shock therapy!
Settie: Well you shocked me to death!

  • “I knew that even if I told you right to your face, you wouldn’t accept it.” *sarcasm on* Riiiight.*sarcasm off*
  • “I…I’m not right for you." 

I’m no good for you (oh-oh)
This heart ain’t built for two so
Run away, run away
‘cause i’m no, i’m no, i’m no
Good for you
 |̲̅̅●̲̅̅|̲̅̅=̲̅̅|̲̅̅●̲̅̅| ♪ ♫ ♩


  • Okay no, Joke’s aside. Back to the "I…I’m not right for you.”… DO NOT GIVE ME THIS SHIT NOW SETTIE!
  • “Somebody like me isn’t good enough to stand by your side!” Am I the only one who thinks that it’s more the other way around? Kousuke doesn’t actually really deserve Settie, honestly
  • First, it’s Yamase, now it’s Yabase…what the hell is that guy’s name?
  • Ya creep, don’t call him “puppy”. That really gives me chills >.<
  • “He wasn’t at the ramen shop, so he’s gotta be home.” Just what kind of logic is that exactly? 
  • Okay, shit. That pose just now was smokin’ hot~
  • Aaaand of course he got the evil smirk too!
  • “You lured him here for us, didn’t you.” Why the fuck would he? 
  • “So it IS him…” Well, who else did you expect? Santa Claus?
  • I knew Yamase was the one at the school in that episode!!
  • “You ignored my call 'cause you were with HIM?” Pretty much, yes
  • “If we kill him we’ll be the Bear Killer-killers!” I don’t think that’s a good idea on your part, ya know…
  • Kousuke pls. I’m trying to be mad at you so stop looking so cool 'n sexy!
  • I kind of love it how there are so many guys who want to rip his head off and Kousuke is just chilling in the middle there, smoking xD
  • “I wonder if he’ll ever come back to the house…”  ಥ_ಥ
  • “I’m sure he’ll get lonely and come back soon.” I wonder if Asaya can see into the future. His ability to know certain stuff is really scary otherwise.
  • Someone needs to stop Kensuke’s mom from cooking or else everyone is gonna be dead before Settie comes back xd
  • “If the worst has already happened, he might be in a bit of despair at the moment.” STOP LOOKING INTO THE FUTURE. You’re scaring me!
  • “H-he’s a devil!” No. He’s the Bear Killer™. Weren’t you listening?
  • “A monkey swinging around a stick could fight better than you!” LOL
  • I want Kousuke as a Tekken fighter!
  • Stalker-kun, please stay away from Settie D;
  • “You chose him over me…” I would feel kind of bad for ya but I get the feeling you’re no good, my dear ‘-’
  • Ohhh, so that’s what you needed that screwdriver for. 
  • Kousuke!!! Don’t choke the agressive beau to death!!
  • “Why the hell…you…why the hell’s it only you?!” Huh? Did I miss something? Why is he so angry at him?
  • “Setagawa! Don’t ever show your face to me again.” Excuse you! You guys were the ones who approached him, not the other way around!
  • “I’d rather be helping you guys out than be forced to run errands for thugs.” And it took you only 5 episodes to realize something so simple…
  • “'Cause I… I really do like you, Kousuke.” Welp, nothing new here but I’m still proud of you for admitting it and telling him, sweetie
  • “Finally. I’ve wanted to let you cry against my chest like this for a long time.” That sounds kinda wrong, even though I know how you mean it
  • A wild boar…Kensuke pls
  • “Masahiro’s confined to bed.” Now you’re going overboard…
  • Aww~ That blush when Kousuke’s petting him~
  • And Asaya is glaring, again. Can that guy look happy for once?
  • “They’ll catch up with us later.” Asaya is their ship’s captain. But psst. It’s a secret! (btw, does this manga/anime have any shipnames yet?)
  • Is it possible to get your own Settie somewhere? The house is shining!
  • Why the hell didn’t you just go and sit beside him? -_-
  • “Come one now, you don’t have to look so eager. I’ll give you attention as soon as I’m done with this.” You make it sound like Settie’s a dog 
  • Masahiro #2 I’M CRYING! XD
  • “Why don’t you go take a shower first? Or I could get in with you if you like.” Now that’s what I’m here for! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • Okay. Seems like it really is Yabase, not Yamase
  • “He never had any friends, he’s poor and timid… He’s like me in a lot of ways. Toru invited him into the gang around the same time as me, and… I think he kind of felt a kinship with me.” Ohh. Now it makes sense!
  • Aaand the one subbing this still writes “Ohshiba” instead of “Ooshiba” -_-
  • “I’m not his student or his underling… I’m the person he likes.” ♥_♥
  • “I really wonder…when it was I started to want you as my own.” Save the flashback for next week! I want sexy time now! Even though they probably won’t show anything, considering they even censored their first kiss…
  • “Please be gentle with me…” ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • “Forgive me if I can’t quite manage it though.” ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • “Since we can’t make our realtionship public yet, how about going from underling to wife?" 
  • "Wife?!” Settie is a waifu and not an husbando y'all ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 
  • “Guess that makes you my mistress.” ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • I still want to pet Settie’s head too ._.
  • We’re gonna get a sparkly Asaya next episode…that can’t be good :O
  • Next week: 1x08 Emotions Push Me Forward


I just notice that it takes me over an hour to watch a 20 minutes episode and that only because I’m rambling while watching AND I LOVE IT ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Witchcraft and bisexuality, what more can I ask for

First few words about the episode before opening my dash…

The promotional clips gave away a lot of the episode, which is something I always have a lowkey problem with because it happens so often that they spoil pretty much entire episodes with the promotional material (the first promo for 12x12 at least seems to be good on that front, it doesn’t really say much lol) because for good chunks of the episode I was like “yeah I know that, now make something happen I don’t know about” which is not a really cool feeling and kind of ruined the experience of watching the episode a little for me. But this is not the episode’s fault…

I must say, a lot of things didn’t happen as I expected, but mostly better tbh! I also spent the last week imagining which previous episodes this episode would reference, and definitely I didn’t expect to be smacked with glorious siren feels and a callback to the “did you service Oberon” moment in 6x09 just to name two because of reasons… In general the bisexuality vibes were so highkey lol. I expected that the episode would contain bits of bi Dean subtext, but I expected something more on the lines… “oh Dean happens to ride a bull *wink wink*”, not “Dean explicitly seduces a person by showcasing how awesome he is at riding Larry and that is also emphasized by the episode as much as it can possibly get by making it a major focus of the emotional narrative”. Or making it stand out in Dean’s attention that sirens can look like guys.

Rowena is also implied to be as straight as her hair. Speaking of which - Dean being nice to her destroyed my heart. You know, I expected the dynamic between Dean and Rowena to be slightly different - to fit more in the mother-child theme of the season, instead Rowena’s role in the episode was less about general themes and more about herself. The episode showcased that what she needs is a friend - all the relationships she’s had with people have been about power dynamics or about her using them or them using her. How many times do you think she was complimented on her hair or being told she’s cool by someone with zero ulterior motives? And she ends up being open and sincere with that Dean, knowing it won’t last and it’ll mean nothing.

Basically we got some Rowena backstory in relation to herself specifically, a lot of reveals of her feelings and personal struggles, and a huge banner “the witches-men of letters storyline you were expecting is here!” so I call it a win.

My Cuthbert Sinclair radar keeps beeping - last episode with Lily using soul magic (including not to age), now not just with explicit references to the MoL and witches, but with highkey general parallels to Blade Runners, in a way that contrasts Magnus with Rowena again after The Werther Project, and you might have noticed this is absolutely my jam.

In hindsight obviously an episode with Sam asking Rowena for help and a degenerative magical illness was going to parallel The Werther Project so strongly (other than the magic book paralleling Nadya’s codex, there were even Purgatory feels from Dean chasing the witch in the woods, and the broken glass shards were also a callback). And a parallel to The Werther Project obviously means a parallel to Blade Runners. For a person that seeks for Magnus hints everywhere, I am disappointed in myself XD

The reconstruction of Dean’s night in the bar and with the lady was very well done - I didn’t expect Dean to actually have fun with the lady but it turned out better, because it has multiple purposes for the narrative. First of all Dean is put in a “feminine” role: he seduces his partner with his Larry-riding skills (which we see a woman do in the scene when they question the bartender, and the bull being called Larry in general clearly showcases that it’s an activity that straight male patrons don’t do), and the cover story Sam uses is Dean having been roofied, which leads the lady to apologize for having taken advantage of him - of course that is a thing that can happen to everyone regardless of gender, but we know how “traditionally” it’s girls that get roofied and taken advantage of sexually. Furthermore, rarely in media you see an acknowledgement that that can happen to men too, and the episode not only doesn’t treat it like a joke (of course we know the events didn’t involve roofies or sexual assault, so the scene was light for us, but Sam’s cover story involving roofies was meant for the bartender to take them seriously) but it hints - again - to the fact that Dean has a history of that.

Also, the line first action in I don’t know how long and it’s like it never even happened is extremely significant - it’s another instance of the show taking something from subtext and giving us a textual confirmation. We suspected that Dean hadn’t been with someone sexually in a long time, but of course it could be argued that it had happened off screen - now the show spells it out for us. It’s also symbolically significant that the relation with the bartender “is like it never even happened” but I’m going to dedicate another post about that some other moment.

Anyway - Dean won’t let you give him any shit for loving Dory okay?

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"Best Arrow finale yet. Yup, even better than S2. Have the tissues ready though, because there will be a lot of emotions tomorrow night."-GATV. Ugh... this makes me really nervous. I just really hope they don't do anything to Olicity. I really hope Olicity stay together for good now! Do you think they will? Thanks.


I saw his tweets earlier and was excited to see what he said in the end. I feel the same, the bar standard for awesome finales is definitely 2x23. And I’ve felt for a while now that this one had the potential to be better. If he says so? I will trust it for now until I get to see it myself. 

I’m not sure how much (if at all) him saying that has to do with Olicity, tbh. Olicity isn’t the issue in the finale (it’s why they handled their relationship prior, with 5x20 and 5x22). I have a feeling the emotions will be about Merlyn’s sacrifice and also the flashbacks showing Moira getting the news Oliver is alive and things like that. I’m also hoping the resolution with Adrian is emotional and we get to see some beautiful (and earned) moments with William and Oliver. He’ll learn Oliver is his father, I believe. 

Hearing this helps me get more excited for the finale. I can’t wait to see it!

About the last ToG book


i know a lot of people are really upset about having to wait for the tog book another year now, and tbh i’m upset too cuz i’ve been rereading the series and it just makes me want the last book even more, but we have to understand how much pressure has been put on her and stuff and how crazy her schedule must be especially after her dad :(

I know this novella came out of nowhere but if I were SJM i’d be proud of even being able to finish a book with all that stress and stuff :/ like all these complaints aren’t going to make her feel any better and once again i completely get how frustrating it is, but it’s not the end of the world :/ i just think that now the last book will be even better because she has so much more time! i’m still looking forward to it no matter how long it takes!!💘

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Knowing I have both a katsudon son and a Tayaki son is so good

Isn’t katsudon Izuku’s fav food too? :D

Anon said: In your head do any of the characters in Boku No Academia have weird kinks?

Sorry anon, I don’t really ever think about that sorta stuff so I’m definitely lacking in that type of headcanons (try @syblatortue‘s blog for that sorta things!!!! nothing especially weird imho but I’m 100% sure you won’t be disappointed :D)


I’M GLAD TO HEAR THAT!!!!!! Honestly I don’t think he used to be generally a sad kid? He seemed pretty fired up and ready to do good, generally!! I loved it t b h !!!!! So I’m, like, pretending there’s no angst for now. Cause I’m a weak baby.

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i feel better now.

i dunno what to say i was being emo and then remembered how much i love my boyfriend so here we are now

dont kintag

1 year, 1 month, 1 day

I keep forgetting to write this post so I’m gonna do it now. On the 21st of January 2016 I created this account. 1 year, 1 month and 1 day later 34,483+ people have decided to follow me. I can quite honestly say comparing my mental health then to now, I am so much better. I’m finding myself enjoying things more, I’m a lot more focused on school and making myself proud, and tbh with me being in my second last year of school I don’t even have time to think about being sad. I must be at least, what 4-5 months clean? Maybe even more. What I’m trying to say is, you can get better. I know most of you follow me because you relate to my posts and I’m so sorry that’s something we have to share in common. But I’m finding myself feeling a lot better lately, and if I can, so can you. So thank you for this brilliant year, never in a million years could I have thought so many people would want to follow my account. I’ve had some weird experiences talking to people on here but I’ve also met some amazing people. You know who you are !!
I love you all and please remember I am always here to talk! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

I feel so horrible for Megan, she clearly misheard Jessica calling Alex “Pao Pao” and assumed she said Panda. Of course she didn’t have to tell Alex this, but anyone that truly cared would tell somebody about the issue. I feel so bad that she was 100% sure Jessica said Panda and everyone was turning against her even though she was so confident she was right and there’s no way she could’ve proven she was “right”. She didn’t deserve that much of backlash from Alex, Jessica and everyone else in the house/in the world who were attacking her. I just feel for the girl and hope she’s doing way better right now

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Back when you didn't draw Sabezra I could say that your art was really good. But now you draw that hellish ship your art is awful. You should go back to not shipping them to make your followers actually happy again (Anon because I don't want backlash)

I hope you anons realise that no matter how much hate I get about me drawing Sabezra… I’m not gonna stop.