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Harry's interview on Quotidien
  • I: Can you hear me?
  • H: Yes
  • I: Welcome to Paris!
  • H: Thank you
  • I: How are you? Can you answer in French?
  • H: Good! A little bit. A tiny bit. Très bien et toi ?(very good and you?)
  • I: Very good, thank you. We start our interviews with “can you give us your five favourites words in English or French. Or a French sentence”. Someone told me you knew a French sentence.
  • H: Comment vous faites un café si délicieux? (How do you make such a delicious coffee?)
  • I: OK, that’s good.
  • H: That’s all I have.
  • I: Do you say it very often?
  • H: No... Yes
  • I: What does France mean to you? Is it something, someone etc...?
  • H: Best people I’ve known... I think her, *shows a fan* I guess. Fabien Barthez.
  • I: Yes, Fabien Barthez. Harry, you’re 23 years old and you’re one of the best known pop-star in the world. Everybody has expectations with your new album and single Sign Of The Times. Why did you choose that song? This is not what people were expecting.
  • H: I think I wanted to.. I've always liked music that made me feel something. You know I think writing it I could feet something I wanted to bring it out. I think it's a good indicator for me of what the album is to me. That's why I wanted to go with that first.
  • I: Billboard wrote that the single was "one of the more ambitious opening statements in pop this decade". Not bad, isn't it?
  • H: Thanks!
  • I: Do you have friends working at Billboard?
  • H: I don't know anyone at Billboard.
  • I: When we listen to the song we think of David Bowie, Queen, who else did you think of?
  • H: I mean, I think everyone, anything, any song you've ever listened to growing up or throughout your life or you've enjoyed, inspired you. There are a lot of different things. I wanted to just write and see what came out. I didn't know what I sounded like to make an album. So this process was as interesting for me as I think it will be for people listening to the album for the first time.
  • I: Do you know French singers other than Serge Gainsbourg? That's a tricky question.
  • H: I know Woodkid. He directed my music video.
  • I: Why him?
  • H: I think his videos are amazing, he's a really talented guy and I love French people so I worked with him.
  • I: When you're in Spain, do you say that you love Spanish people?
  • H: No!
  • I: It seems like everything has been easy...
  • H: Great tie.
  • I: You think so? It's French.
  • H: It's not a Spanish tie, isn't it?
  • I: Can I see your loafer? Oh yes! What is the brand? That's not French, isn't it? It's Italian.
  • H: No.
  • I: That's from the European Union!
  • H: Probably yeah.
  • I: It seems like everything has been easy for you, is it true?
  • H: Was what simple?
  • I: Your life, everybody wants a life like yours, with One Direction...
  • H: I mean, I feel very lucky to be able to make music, I feel very lucky to be able to make this, I feel very lucky today being in France and performing my song. I love this song. I can't complain.
  • I: What were the unpleasant things?
  • H: *thinking*
  • I: I don't know, say only one thing.
  • H: I think when you care so much about something, it's hard to get to the point where you feel like it's finished and it feels like you're adding and it never ends and it adds up. So I think the hardest part was getting into that point and be like "ok that's finished."
  • I: You said to the Rolling Stone magazine that most of the album was inspired by a woman. Really?
  • H: No I think, honestly, the album is much more about me than it is about anyone else. I think if I said the album is about a woman it kind of feels like, I don't know, I put a lot of work into this. I don't feel like it revolves around woman. It's a lot about me and things I've never said before. It's more about me.
  • I: How did you start with a boy band and end with a solo career? Is it complicated?
  • H: It's been a lot of fun. You know we were very lucky to get to do some amazing things and at the moment in our lives, we're in a time where everyone is trying their own thing and have a good time. It's been amazing to see everyone doing their own thing as well. If I can do as well as the others, it'd be amazing.
  • I: Do you call them everyday or text them? Do you use What's app?
  • H: I don't have that.
  • I: Why?
  • H: Yes we talk, absolutely. And everyone is bringing stuff out. It's been a lot going on. It's been a good time.
  • I: This is the album cover! Can you describe it? Why did you choose this picture?
  • H: Yeah. So, I don't know. I worked with photographer Harley Weir, I'm a massive fan of her work. And that's amazing and I was lucky enough to work with her. I felt like this was what I wanted.
  • I: Why is it pink? Why the water? Why your back? Why? It's beautiful but why is it pink?
  • H: I don't know, man!
  • I: Really? You don't know?
  • H: I don't know. I don't think I want...
  • I: Apparently pink is Rock'n'roll's colour.
  • H: Apparently so. I don't know. I think it means something to me and if it means anything to anyone else, I wouldn't want to take away from that by explaining it. I think the cool thing about stuff like photos and art is you can just leave it. You don't have to explain it.
  • I: Everybody sees what they want to see.
  • H: Yes exactly.
  • I: Have you seen this?
  • *video of people reacting to Harry's single*
  • I: Your fans record themselves while listening to the song for the first time. You can hear relevant analysis and apparently they all really liked it. Do you read what people say about you on social media? On Youtube, Twitter, Instagram? Do you use Instagram?
  • H: Yes I use it a little bit.
  • *The public disagrees with Harry*
  • H: Yes I use it a little bit. I mean I wish everyone was having as good time as the girl who was like that with her hands. That's what I do when I listen to the song.
  • I: Are you the one using your Instagram? Do you use your own fingers or someone else does it for you?
  • H: Yes, I do mine.
  • I: Do you still vote in Redditch?
  • H: In?
  • I: Redditch!
  • H: That's where I was born?
  • I: Yes.
  • H: I don't live in Redditch.
  • I: So you don't vote there. Where did you vote?
  • H: London, yeah.
  • I: What do you think of the Brexit? Welcome to Europe!
  • H: Thank you very much, thanks. I mean, I don't really comment on politics. To me, anything that brings people together is better than things that pull people apart. That's ... yeah.
  • I: Yet, you are in favour of equality of rights, men, women, gay people, straight people... That's politics.
  • H: I don't know. It doesn't feel like politics. I think stuff like equality feels much more fundamental. I feel like everyone is equal. That doesn't feel like politics to me.
  • I: Your fans are fetishists. They know all of your tattoos, piece of jewellery, they have heart attacks when you cut your hair. Right now you're playing with their feelings. Do you know that?
  • H: Oh ok.
  • I: Yes! What is your favourite tattoo?
  • H: I think... I have a.. probably. I don't know, actually.
  • I: Which one is the latest?
  • H: The latest is this one there. *shows Arlo* And this one. *shows Jackson*
  • I: Jackson? All of them?
  • H: Yes.
  • I: What's the story behind your haircut? How much did you spend on hair products with One Direction?
  • H: Yeah, like a lot. I used a lot, yeah.
  • I: You're in Dunkirk, Christopher Nolan's new movie.
  • H: Yes.
  • I: How did you do?
  • H: I auditioned.
  • I: Look at you there.
  • H: I am, that's me.
  • I: Yes.
  • H: I auditioned and it was great. It's going to be a really cool movie.
  • I: Harry, it feels like we know you since you're a baby. The whole world discovered you in 2010 on X Factor.
  • *video of Harry's X Factor audition*
  • I: You auditioned alone but Simon Cowell had an idea... he put you in a band with Zayn, Louis, Liam and Niall. You became One Direction. You found the name One Direction and you sold millions of albums. One Direction are soon considered as the new Beattles and you filled the biggest stadiums. The whole world was talking about you. When you go out we prayed for your eardrums. You became UK's pride. David Cameron is in one of your music videos, your sang for the Queen. But in 2015... bang! Zayn left the band, fans couldn't get over it. But don't worry, their favourite is now on the cover of the Rolling Stone magazine, he's in Christopher Nolan's new movie, he's Mick Jagger on SNL... What you don't know is that we've met in 2012. You were in France to promote an album and now I have questions. First one! When you're in a car and fans are all around you, do you see that?
  • *video of fans around a car*
  • H: I think I've actually lost my shoe there. When I got in the car... I got in the car and I was like "how many shoes do I have?" Yes I lost my shoe.
  • I: I have another question! Do you still do that before going on stage?
  • *video of Harry and Lou*
  • I: Can we do it?
  • H: No.
  • *does it anyway*
  • I: What is the weirdest question someone asked you?
  • H: I think it was actually a French interview. I got asked if I would pee in a sink... Yeah.
  • I: Ok, that's weird!
  • H: It was the first question, the first question.
  • I: It puts you in the mood.
  • H: Yeah.
  • I: What is the question you never want to be asked ever again? Did I asked you that question?
  • *Harry asks the public*
  • H: Which one? Oh crush.
  • I: What?
  • H: Crush.
  • I: Oh ok. I didn't ask it! Did you know that a French author wrote a novel about you. It's called "Styles", it's about his obsession with you. It's in French. You can translate it.
  • H: Oh! Is that true?
  • I: Yes it's true. He dedicated to you. It's called "Styles" and it's a really good book. Read it!
  • H: Thank you.
  • I: Thank you very much Harry Styles for coming tonight. His first eponymous album comes out on the 12th May. Thank you Harry Styles.
  • H: Thank you.
  • I: Have a safe journey home.
Remember your feats, kids!

(I recently took Luck as a feat and am really excited about it. But I was so used to just accepting bad rolls I kinda…forgot I had it. This transpired all throughout or latest session.)

DM: I need you to roll a perception check.

Me: Eh…eight.

Friend: Do you feel lucky?

Me: Not today, apparently.


DM: Okay, I need you to roll a history check.

Me: Fuck. Nine.

Friend: Do you feel LUCKY?!

Me: Not really.


DM: Roll a performance check.


Everyone: YOU. HAVE. LUCK!!!! 




them - vowelinthug - Black Sails [Archive of Our Own]
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sequel to i

Long John Silver is not a man. Long John Silver is a cracked jaw, opening before an endless, cavernous pit. Long John Silver is a monster’s right hand – black with viscera, white with bone. Long John Silver is a rabid dog, held on a short leash by dead tyrant’s skeletal fist. Long John Silver is not a man. Long John Silver is a man.

Silently Falling (L.H.)

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A/N: *Nervously laughs* Hey, guys! I know, I suck at uploading. What I’m about to upload isn’t any better but alas, it’s something. I hope you guys like it :)

Masterlist || Ask


“He’s back.”

“Have you seen him? Military school did that boy some good.”

“I know, right? Talk about muscles.”

“He’s hot.”

“Well, he was hot to begin with, but now he’s just oozing sexy.”

I had heard enough and slammed my locker door shut which made the group of girls gossiping a few lockers down from mine stop talking and look at me.

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HS Quotidien Interview

Hi folks! Here is a transcript of Harry’s interview with Yann Barthès. I didn’t want to spend too much time on it, so I apologize if there are a few typos. However, I moonlight as a lyrics transcriber so it should be pretty accurate… This includes a bit that was cut in the replay version, so don’t be surprised. 

YB: Welcome to Paris.

HS: Thank you.

YB: How are you?

HS: Um, good. I’m good.

YB: Can you answer in French? Comment ça va? (= how are you?)

HS: Umm, I have… a little bit…a tiny bit… Très bien. Et toi? (= very well and you?)

 YB: Well, very well, thank you. Thank you very much for being here. We always start interviews with international stars with this question: can you give us your five favourite words in French? Or a sentence that you know in French? I was told you know some.

HS: “Comment vous-faîtes un café si délicieux?” (=how do you make such a good coffee?)

YB: Ah, ah, ok.

HS: (mumbles something I can’t understand) It’s all I have.

YB: Do you often use that sentence?

HS: … no. Yes! Yeah…

YB: Who or what comes to mind when you think of France?

HS: …. um… best people I’ve known… I think *her* (points to a fan). And then I guess…Fabien Barthez.

YB: (slightly surprised) Fabien Barthez, yes. (note: he is a French footballer who played in the 90s) So Harry, you are 23 and you are one of the biggest pop stars in the world. You know that everyone is watching you very carefully (note: the French expression YB uses, which is not mean, kind of implies: waiting for you to trip or fail) with your new album, Sign of the Times. Why did you choose this song? Why Sign of the Times? It’s very far from what we expected from you.

HS: Yeah, I think I, uh, I wanted to… I always liked music that makes me feel something and I, you know I think…writing it, I kind of felt something and wanted to put that out. I think it is a good indicator, um, for me of what the album means to me. So that’s why I wanted to go with that first. I think.

YB : Billboard Magazine wrote that this single is, I quote, “one of the most ambitious song in pop music of the past decade”. Not bad… do you have friends at Billboard?

HS: (cute little laugh) I don’t know anyone at the Billboard.

YB : Upon listening to it, we think of David Bowie, of Queens… Who else inspired you?

HS: Um, I mean…. I think, I think, everyone, anything, any song you’ve ever listened to growing up or throughout your life that you’ve enjoyed (…he then says something I can’t catch) so I think a lot of different things but I think, uh,  I wanted to… I wanted to just write, and see what came out …. and see, you know I didn’t know what I sounded like, to make an album, so the process was as interesting for me as I think it will be for people listening to the album for the first time.

YB: Do you know any French singer?  This is a trick question… and don’t say Serge Gainsbourg!

HS: I know Woodkid.

YB: Woodkid?

HS: Woodkid, yeah. He directed my music video so, uh…

YB: Why did you choose him?

HS: Um, I just think, I think his videos are amazing. I think he is a really, really talented guy. And I love French people. So I wanted to work with ‘em.

YB : (makes faces at Harry) When you are in Spain, you say that you love Spanish people…

HS: No? Great tie, by the way. Good tie.

YB : Really? (looks for the label for half a second) Uh, it’s French.

HS: I’m sure. Wouldn’t be a Spanish tie, would it?

YB: Can I see your loafers? I was told you have great loafers. (zoom in on Harry’s Gucci rainbow shoes). Wow, yeah. What is it? It’s not French, it’s Italian. (a fan in the audience then says it is Gucci).

HS: It’s not, no.

YB: It’s from the European Union.

HS: (laughs) Probably, yeah.

YB: It seems like everything is very easy for you. Has everything really been easy for you?

HS: Um, was what simple?

YB: Well, your life. You have a dream life. With 1D.

HS: Oh, I mean, I feel very lucky to be able to be making music, I feel very lucky to able to make this (points to his album) and I feel very lucky today being in France (… says something I don’t understand…) singing this song. And uh, yeah, I can’t complain.

YB: And what was less pleasant?

HS: (pauses)Um… I don’t know.

YB: One thing…

HS: Um, I think, I think when you care so much about something it’s hard to get to a point where you feel like you’re finished. I think you always feel like your adding, like you wanna add something to make it better. So I think the hardest part was getting to that part and be like, ok, it’s finished. Um, yeah.

YB: You said in the May issue of Rolling Stones that a big part of your album was inspired by a women. (Leans forward and asks sarcastically) Really?

HS: No, I think, I think, honestly, I think the album is much more about me than it is about anyone else. I think if I said the album is about a woman, it kind of feels like… and I…uh, I don’t know, I put a lot of work into it so I don’t feel, I don’t feel like it revolves around a woman. I feel like, it is a lot about me and things like (??) Yeah, I feel like it’s more about me than about anyone else. (makes a cute sassy little face)

YB: How do you navigate going from a group adventure, being in a boyband, to a solo career as an adult?

HS: Um, I mean, it’s been a lot of fun, I think. You know, we were very lucky to get to do some amazing things. And at the moment in our lives, we’re at a time when everyone is trying their own thing and having a good time. It’s been amazing to see everyone do so well. So if I can, kind of, do as well as the other boys, that would be amazing.

YB: Do you talk or text them everyday? Whatsapp?

HS: I don’t have that. But yeah, we talk, yeah. Yeah, absolutely, yeah. It’s uh, and everyone’s been bringing stuff out and it’s been, it’s been a lot going on, so it’s been… it’s been a good time.

YB: Here is the album cover. Can you describe it? Why this photo?

HS: Yeah… Um, so… (cute little sound) I worked with, um, I worked with a photographer, Harley Weir. I’m a massive, massive fan of her, of her work. And uh, it was an amazing opportunity to get to work with her and I think she’s incredible. And I felt like, this was what I wanted…

YB: Why is it pink? Why the water, why the back? Why…why?

HS: (shrugs)

YB : It’s beautiful! But why pink for example?

HS: I dunno man.

YB: (fakes surprise) Really? That, you don’t know?

HS: I don’t know. Um, I don’t know. I don’t think I’ll ever want to…

YB: (interrupts Harry) Some say it is the colour of rock’n roll?

HS: (pauses). Apparently so. I dunno. I think, I think, it means something to me and I think if it means anything to anyone else. I wouldn’t want to take away from that by explaining it. I think the cool thing about stuff like photos and art is you can just leave it, you don’t have to explain it.

YB: So everyone can see whatever they want, is that it?

HS: Yes, exactly.

YB : Have you seen that? (shows a video of fans reacting to Sign of the Times). Your fans film themselves listening to your song for the first time… So there are some very relevant analysis… (the video continues to play out) Do you read what people say about you on social media, here on YouTube, or Twitter, or Instagram. You use Instagram, right?

HS: Yes, I use it a little bit. (To the crowd that sounds sceptical) Yeah, I use it a little bit! I mean I wish everyone was having as good a time as the girl that was (makes vague arm movements). That, that’s what I do when I listen to it. So…

YB: Do you do your own Insta posts, with your own fingers, or is it someone else?

HS: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, I do mine.

YB: Do you still vote in Redditch?

HS: …in?

YB: Redditch.

HS: Where I was born? I don’t live in Redditch anymore.

YB: So you don’t vote there. When was the last time you voted?

HS: No, London, yeah.

YB: Do you have an opinion on Brexit?

HS: Um…

YB: Welcome to Europe by the way!

HS: Thank you very much, thanks for having me. Um, I mean I don’t… I don’t really comment on politics. Um, to me I think anything that brings people together is better than something that keeps people apart. Uh, that’s, yeah…

YB: And yet, you do support legal equality. Man, woman, heterosexual, homosexual. It is politics, isn’t it?

HS: Um, I don’t know, that doesn’t feel like politics to me, I think. Stuff like equality feels much more like fundamentals. I feel like everyone really is equal. That doesn’t feel like politics to me.

YB: Do you know that your fans are very fetishist. They know every tattoo, every piece of jewellery you have, they have a heart attack when you cut your hair. So clearly, here, you are playing on their nerves. Today, you are playing on their nerves.

HS: (a bit coy) Ok. Is it?

YB: Yes, of course. (shows pictures of Harry’s tattoos) Yes, clearly. What is your favourite tattoo?

HS: Um, I think uh… probably, I don’t know actually.

YB: What is the last one?

HS: The latest is this one, there (points to the Arlo tattoo). And this guy (point to Jackson). And this guy (points back to Arlo).

YB: Jackson?

HS: This guy (point to the bottom of the bee? I’m not sure). This guy (points to another tattoo on his right arm, off camera, and then to the rose).

YB: (laughs) All at the same time?

HS: Yes, it is close. (it is what I hear but the French interpreter translated it by “there is a lot”)

YB: And your hair? What’s the deal with your hair? How many tons of hair products have you used when you were in 1D (note: in French, there was no connotation of the 1D era being over or not)

HS: (sigh) Yeah, like a lot. I think a lot, yeah.

YB: You are in the next Christopher Nolan movie. It’s called Dunkirk.

HS: Yeah.

YB: How did you end up there?

HS: Um, I auditioned.

YB: There, there we see you (as images of Harry in Dunkirk are shown on screen)

HS: There I am. Yeah, it’s me. Um, yeah, I auditioned. Um, yeah, it was great, it was an amazing experience. It’s gonna be a really cool movie.


YB: Harry, it feels like we’ve known you since you were just a kid. The world discovered you in 2010 on the seventh season of X Factor. (shows a clip of Harry’s audition) So in this video you are alone but Simon Cowell, member of the jury, has an idea. He puts you together with Zayn, Louis, Liam and Niall and you become One Direction. You are the one who came up with the name One Direction and the five of you sell millions of albums. One Direction is quickly considered as the new Beatles, you fill the biggest avenues in the world, the whole planet talks about you. When you travel, we feel for your eardrums… you become the pride of the UK. Prime Minister David Cameron even makes a cameo in one of your videos… you sing in front of the Queen… but in 2015, bang!… Zane leaves the band. The fans can’t get over it… but they can rest easy now, one of their favourites is on the cover of Rolling Stones, he will be in the next Christopher Nolan movie, plays Mick Jagger on SNL… but what you don’t know is that we already met in 2012 (shows a clip of Harry talking in French)… you were doing promo in France… and now I have questions for you.

First, when you are in the car (Harry is shown on screen surrounded by a crowd of fans, trying to get to his car) and fans are coming at you from everywhere, do you see that? (shows a photo of faces squashed against a window).

HS: Uh, I think I actually lost my shoes that day. And then I got in the car… I got in the car and I was like, I don’t have any shoes (… note: I can’t make out what he says next.)

YB: I have a second question. Do you always do that before going on stage (shows a clip of Harry and Zayn having their teeth and nostrils checked out). Do you still do that? Shall we do it?

HS: No.

YB: Really? You won’t do it?

HS: (shields himself with his hand and shows YB his teeth and nostrils) Thank you. 

YB: What is the weirdest question you’ve been asked in an interview?

HS: Um… Mm… um, I think it actually was a French interview. I got asked if I would uh, if I would pee in a sink.

YB: Why, indeed, that is weird!

HS: It was the first question!

YB: Well, it sets the mood!

HS: Yeah

YB: And what question do you never want to hear again? Did I ask it?

HS: (turns to where the audience is giving suggestions) Which one? Oh, crush.

YB: What?

HS: Crush.

YB: Oh, that… (makes a heart of his hands) Ok, good. I haven’t asked that. Phew. Do you know that at a young French writer has just published a novel about you? It’s called « Styles », it’s published by Jean-Claude Lattès. It is a novel about the writer’s obsession with you. It’s in French so well…

HS: Aaah?

YB : You can translate it. I’m giving it to you

HS: Is this true?

YB: It is true. He dedicated it to you. Jean-Claude Lattès is a very serious publishing house. It is called “Styles”. So read it.

HS: Thank you

YB: Thank you very much Harry styles for coming on our show. His first self-titled album comes out on May 12th. Thank you very much, have a good trip back


I really loved that interview. I thought Harry was very relaxed and it was lovely to see him having a good time, laughing and interacting with the audience. I liked that YB addressed Harry as an equal, joked and was interested in what Harry thought as a musician and as a person. All in all, it was very respectful and set the record straight on many RS controversial points.

Also, there a was segment later in the show called #fakenews and one of the joke was someone saying “Harry Styles doesn’t make real music” and then getting slapped across the face and a big #FAKENEWS coming on screen! 

Captain’s treat - Sidney Crosby

Requested by anon: Can you do an imagine where you are a bartender in a trendy night club and Sidney Crosby awkward-flirts with you when he and the teams come to celebrate after a win and the rest of the team just chirps at him? Thaaaanks

A/N: Hello! I’m sorry it took so long, but I hope it is good enough. Thanks for requesting it!

Word count: 1043

Warnings: Mentions of alcohol. Swearing.

Master list

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Whiskey sour… margarita… sex on the bitch… bourbon on the rocks… vodka martini… bloody Mary? Who the hell has a bloody Mary at midnight? Tonight has been frantic so far and I have three hours until close.

“C’mon girl, we are almost there” Luke yells at me from the really far end of the bar while he pours a drink for a pretty blonde.

“If by almost there you mean another three hours then yeah, we are almost there” I laugh, leaning on the bar to ask for a man’s order.

His arm is resting on the bar, but he is turned and looking at a large group of guys that have just arrived in the bar. They probable have waited forever to get in, since the line to get in is extraordinary long.

“Hey, what can I get you?” I ask him and he turns around. I know who he is, everyone in Pittsburgh does, but I try to keep my cool as good as I can.

“Um hey, can I have fifteen beers, eleven bourbons on the rocks and a diet coke” he says and I grab a coaster to write it down.

“Bud light? Jack Daniels? Eh… I’d say if diet pepsi was ok, but we actually have coke” I joke around, walking towards the big beer fridge.

“Sure and sure, but not diet pepsi, Phil wouldn’t be happy” he responds and I give him a quick nod.

I open up the door of the refrigerator and grabbing four bottles on each one of my hands and bringing them to him, repeating the trip until all of the bottles are in front of him. I pop up all the bottle caps and push them in front of him.

“Guys, just come grab them” he yells and suddenly fifteen men are reaching for the glass bottles, taking them and palming the other man’s back.

I wait until all of them are gone and start setting short glasses for the bourbon.

“Do you want me to separate bills?” I inquire and he laughs.

“What kind of captain would I be?” he asks.

“I don’t know, Crosby. I have never been anyone’s captain” I answer and he just shrugs.

“It’s their lucky day, I’m feeling quite splendid today” and I just smile and nod.


“Big win” he assures me.

I have been working during our short conversation and I have ice in every single glass and I’m reaching for the bottle of Jack Daniels on the display behind me. I push the glasses together and start pouring the liquor. I love pouring drinks straight to the glasses, waiting for one to fill up and moving over to the next one.

“You are good at this” he affirms and I shrug.

“It is easy, it isn’t like hockey” I brush it off, filling up the last glass.

“Hockey is a team sport, you rock it all by yourself” he compliments and my cheek heat up.

“Diet coke and you are good to go” I say, grabbing a taller glass and filling it with ice and a slice of lime, “glass bottle or can?”

“Coke is always better from a glass bottle” he says and I can’t help but agree, getting it for him.

“Phil doesn’t drink?” I wonder, working on our register.

“He wanted a margarita” he confesses and I raise an eyebrow in confusion, “he wanted a margarita, but we love messing up with the Stanley Cup champion”

“You are a Stanley Cup champion” I say, handing him the bill.

“Touché” he reaches to the inside pocket on his jacket and pulling of his wallet, handing me a credit card.

I work on the little machine, swapping his card and turning it around so he can punch his pin code. The machine beeps and a bunch on receives come from it.

“There you go” I give them to him, keeping the copy that is supposed to be for the bar, “I’ll help you bring all of these to your booth”

I pull a tray from one of the cabinets and start getting all the drinks on it. I walk around and get on the side of the bar, standing next to him. I give him his drink and pick up the tray, heading straight to the booth, Sidney following me.

“There you go, guys” I start handing over drinks to the guys who don’t have one in his hands, leaving the coke for last, “and a diet coke for the Stanley Cup champion”

“Pretty and funny, no wonder why it took you so damn long, Kid” Evgeni Malkin chirps at Sidney and I look down so they don’t see the smirk playing on my lips.

“Fuck off, Geno” Sid just says and the rest of the team howl and whistle, “fuck all of you, I’m never buying you drinks again”

I rest the tray on my hip and turn around, ready to come back to my place on the bar. The club is packed and I’ve spent way too much time on the Penguins so my coworkers have had to work a hell of a lot faster to serve everyone. I’m about to get to work again when I feel a hand wrapping around my wrist.

“Hey… I just…” I turn around and see Sidney, stumbling upon his words, “you never told me your name”

“(y/n)” I just answer.

“(y/n)” the way he says my name makes me shiver, “this is going to sound extremely inappropriate, but the assholes were right. You are stunning and funny and nice, and I would love to get to know you a little more”

I think about it for a second, trying to figure out if it was worth it for me to get to have my life exposed to the public eye for just a guy. Sure, he was extremely good looking, and good at hockey, and he seems nice and charming.

“Some risks are worth taking” I murmur to myself, before grabbing another coaster and writing down my number, “don’t be stranger, Crosby”

I give it to him and just turn around, back to work, but I can’t help it but to smile when I hear the chirping his teammates are putting him through.

@staff can the confetti be a semi-permanent thing? Like every time you open up your dash there’s a 0.001% chance that it’ll rain confetti. People will take screenshots and say “I got the confetti, guys! I’m feeling really lucky today” and their followers will say “okay cool, good for you.” And new users will be extremely confused when they get it and old users will have to chime in and say “congratulations! You got the confetti” and they’ll say “but what does that mean?” and the old users will just shrug. It’ll be like how Minecraft has an extremely low probability of its name spontaneously changing to “Minceraft” in the title screen, changing absolutely nothing else. Please staff, I want to see this happen.


Breaking my rule again, but just to share my joy :) I took a break from backyard birding today and ventured out. I saw my first ever Snowy Owl (and my first Saw Whet Owl and my first Great Horned Owl), and what a beauty she was… The Swans were adorable too and I practised photographing flying birds, so there is the Seagull. Nature’s beauty is mind-blowing at times. I feel like a very lucky and happy birdwatcher today.

James McAvoy Interview: Cinema Teaser N°61 - Février 2017 (Google translate)

Thought this one was interesting so I google translate it. The rollerblades part was nice :)

Source: x

Have you built your performance by starting with the various personalities of Kevin or have you left Kevin?
I left Kevin. We must start at the source. Like you and me, he was born because his parents made love. On the other hand, his other personalities were born to accomplish a certain task. One of the celebrities speaks about this process: Dennis explains that Kevin was beaten by his mother when he did not put away his room and that he appeared to make sure everything was still in his place. I had to understand the role of each personality.

Was the physical also a starting point?
Yes. As soon as I read a script, I have ideas, I try things. Reading SPLIT, as soon as Patricia appeared, I lengthened my neck, took off my shoulders, I knew right away that I wanted to make a kind of English nun with repressed emotions, a naughty nun. (Laughter.) For Hedwig, I did not know how he would talk but from the start I had his energy. In fact, I wanted him to be on rollerblades. Night (Shyamalan, ed) found the idea brilliant but in the end, there were already enough things in the interpretation of this character without adding fucking rollers! Sometimes the body language comes to me first, sometimes the voice. Sometimes they arise together. To change his voice is to change the position of his throat and his mouth. If you change that, the body follows. All this helps to find a character.

On a performance that requires so many nuances and subtleties, are you afraid or want close-ups?
I love close-ups. If you do not know what you are doing in a scene, a close-up will reveal it because you have to go to something very pure. Night seems to think I’m a good actor. (Laughter.) And that I may be a better actor in close-up. I do not know if it’s true on every film but it may have been on SPLIT: for some reason I did not feel like I could really use the close-ups.

You hardly ever play with your Scottish accent. Is it frustrating or a good starting point to create a distance with a character?
I love being Scottish. I also like to take different accents, play characters that do not have much to do with me. I like the work of actor, its technical aspect and its instinctive part. I have fun with all this so it does not bother me to change my accent. Above all, I am very glad not to encamp that Scots, not to have been locked in roles that would have the same social background as me.

In TRANCE, ORDURE(FILTH) and SPLIT, you play psychopaths. Are these roles complementary or different?
They are different men but they all go through significant mental trials. They have identities locked in them, trying to emerge. They have a great disgust for themselves and seek, in one way or another, to take revenge on the world. These roles can be complementary in the sense that none of these three films has mental illness as their subject. They do not try to comment on mental health policies in the United Kingdom or the United States. These are entertainments that approach mental health in an artistic way.

These are three benefits made of excess. Would you say that’s what you like most?
Yes I think. But if these characters were excessive, it would amuse me less. In these three films, there are also great moments of intimacy, purity, intensity. What I like to do with the public is to take him to an excess of grotesque, then, in another scene, to an excess of compassion, then an excess of comedy or sadness. These three films try to achieve this. TRANCE, in particular, did everything to kiss the audience. (Laughter.) These films try to ‘return’ the viewers, to make them spend an exciting moment without being comfortable.
They defy the public. I like this.

You have never been the 'Scottish face’ of socio-realism …
No, that’s absolutely true! It’s a bit sad, is not it?

Do you regret it?
Yes ! Ken Loach is my favorite filmmaker. I come from the kind of neighborhoods that he films constantly. “But shit, I grew up in that street!” (Laughter.) He even turned my sister. (Joy McAvoy, in LA PART DES ANGES, ed.) She told him that I was his biggest fan but he had never heard of me. I would love to work with him.

Do you know why you imagine so little in socio-realistic films?
No doubt because I started playing characters that had nothing to do with what I am - I played distinguished people, the English, the Americans. The first four or five years of my career, people in the trade did not even know I was Scottish. I started by pretending to be someone else. I do not care, as long as I can do some interesting things.

What factors determine your choices? Whether a director is a young talent like WELCOME TO THE PUNCH or a legend like on TRANCE?
Most often, I just go to what I think is good for me. Towards what appears to be a fun experience. The reward for me is making a film. Not to look at him. Not that he made money. Not to have prices. The reward is to do. So I have to choose projects that look gratifying, exciting, challenges that will teach me things. I am privileged to be able to do so. One day I may not be lucky. The director is not necessarily what matters most to me. What counts is the story and the character. At the end of a day, a real 'will not cajole me so that I feel good. To feel good, I have to tell myself that I have done something that I think has value. But again, it’s a privilege. At the beginning of my career, I had no choice and in a sense, it was also great: you do not have the time to think, you accept what is proposed to you, you play a wide variety of characters And you learn enormously. When you have the opportunity to choose, you risk going to ease or constantly accepting the same role. So, I do not try to generate my material - even if I did it once or twice, as on ORDER. Generally, I would rather wait to see what happens on my desk. I let fate do.

In the past, you said that X-MEN had brought you financial comfort that allowed you to bet on riskier projects. You would have done SPLIT without this comfort?
Of course !

Is this a risky film?
Moui … Risky in the sense that it may not work. But even where will the evil be? If I make ten movies in a row that do not work, maybe I will not be able to work again. That said, I do not need to be a star or star in all movies. As long as I work and play interesting roles, no matter where in the world, on stage, on the big screen or on the radio, I’ll be happy. So, where is the risk? That no one likes what I do. But if I do not take these bets when I have the choice, I limit myself to 'go to work’. I once or twice had to make films for money or because I had been advised to work with a certain director. Every time, it was a disaster.

You have been working for twenty years, you have hindsight. It is said that our epoch is going through a crisis of creativity. Is it harder today to find good projects?
Yes I think. But I do not think I know all the reasons. I just feel that there is little space today. Night is lucky: he makes original films in genres that people want to see in theaters. There are many other filmmakers who do not get anywhere. At best, they realize their projects for tiny budgets. All the rest are franchises or movies from pre-existing licenses. It limits creativity. Afterwards, I say that but I am in one of these franchises - I love this kind of movies since I was a kid! I am just sad that there is only that now being produced. So I’m glad that Night can continue to work. 

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I feel very accomplished today! My raid group was able to take down V1S today and less than an hour later, I found this empty plot in the Lavender Beds! I rushed all the way over to the plot, hoping no one else had seen it yet and to my luck, no one else was nearby, allowing me to snatch up the size house I’ve always wanted!

It feels even better because I was able to buy the house all by myself this time around and didn’t have to share with Aldis like the last time! I am so excited to start decorating the plot; just need to work on making the items and testing out what will work best!

anonymous asked:

If you feel like it, please respond with five things that make you happy when you get this. Then, send to the last ten people in your notifications anonymously. You never know who might benefit from spreading positivity! 🌼

I am feeling happy-go-lucky today and eager to rave about nice things, so why not. ^^ In no particular order, here are five things that make me happy (with bonus pics added!):

1. Nature during spring, and spring weather in general. 

2. Music. Music never fails to lift my spirits. :)

3. Cuddling with my old pup Dagi. Ever since my other dog died of old age, my now-only pet has become a complete mollycoddle, demanding ALL. THE. ATTENTION… which I, on my part, am always happy to provide. :) (I mean, just look at his stupidly cute face)

4. The ingenuity of the TS2 community, and all the groundbreaking, gorgeous CC that  is being shared lately. With animated skies, sparkly water, seasonal horizons, custom sliders, other-game conversions and so many other goodies being offered on a daily basis, every day feels like Christmas!

5. And another sims-related rave: when long-inactive simmers come back and start playing/updating again. I can’t quite explain it, but there’s something really uplifting about knowing that someone who has left the community long ago has found their way back again, and that the hobby that they used to enjoy so much still hasn’t lost any of its charm. It kind of inspires me to play my own game more ^^ (also, I jokingly call them ‘revenants’)