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and then i left and came back later to another server and i did good for a while but one game screwed me over bc i was never able to get to my team without dying, so next game someone was like "wow you suck you lost ur mercy privileges" and locked her in. it really makes me want to cry, ive been trying so hard to get better. i feel like a failure. (1/2, level 31 mercy ask)

Reasons I love Ryuji Sakamoto

-described as “vulgar boy” but doesn’t say fuck
-doesn’t even question Akira following him to school through a creepy alleyway
-hates Kamoshida, but not for himself, even though the asshole broke his leg
-did I mention his legs?
-Ryuji has the best gams in the game. No question
-somehow gets away with not following uniform guidelines at school whatsoever
-tiny eyebrows
-is literally always at Akira’s side, encouraging him and being the first one to speak up
-literally the bestest bro
-sure he talks about getting chicks, but he steps in when dudes harass Ann
-him and Ann seem like legitimate friends without a shoehorned romance or flirting
-He just wants the best for everyone
-isn’t afraid to express his emotions, even the feelings of helplessness, remorse, being lost, feeling alone, etc.
-refreshingly optimistic
-not afraid to get up close and personal with his friends
-like, he has no problems with physical contact with Akira, which is something you don’t see alot (aka: 2 dudes sitting in the hot tub 5 ft apart cause they’re not gay)
-doesn’t take it to heart or get offended when his friends tease him
-has the best t-shirts
-just so sweet. So good.
-hates injustice against people who don’t deserve it
-texts Akira like 6 times in a row instead of one chunk, so relatable
-is an abuse survivor and I must reiterate HAD HIS LEG BROKEN BY A TEACHER
-canonically walks with a limp, but doesn’t let it get to him
-so happy so good so beautiful
-is best boy
-i love him

Backup Copies

A/N: So after watching Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 last night I woke up this morning with my muse telling me I needed to write some Yondad Yondu and teenage Peter Quill fluff because I’m in desperate need for it. Yondu may be rough around the edges but he cares so much for Peter and does his best to make him happy.

Word Count: 920

Warnings: None.

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A grimace pulled on Yondu’s mouth as he stomped down the hall towards Peter’s room. Ever since the boy hit puberty it seemed like a switch turned on in his brain that made him go out of his way to disobey Yondu at every turn. When he asked Peter to turn his music down he just turned it up louder. When he asked Peter to clean up around the ship he’d make an even bigger mess. And when he asked Peter to get his ass into gear bright and early so they could get to work, Yondu was stuck going to Peter’s bunk and yanking him out of bed and dragging him along. He was sick of it.

He didn’t bother knocking on Peter’s door and instead whipped it open until it slammed against the wall. He could almost feel a blood vessel in his head burst as he looked at Peter, curled up in bed with the blankets over his head. Without a word Yondu swiftly flipped the sheets back to look at Peter, who was facing away from him.

“Boy have ya lost yer damn mind!?” Yondu yelled, gesturing wildly. “I’m tired of yer petty little mind games here! If ya don’t git yer ass up I’m gonna eat ya like I shoulda done years ago!”

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My Fake Boyfriend Part 4

Summary: After receiving a very rude letter of your ex on the mail saying that he is going to get married. You see yourself not knowing what to do, you can just let it go or accept the help of your hot neighbor and pretend he is your boyfriend.

Paring: Bucky x Reader

Words: 1576

Warnings: Angst, fuffly

A/n: Thanks to @drinkfantasy for being my beta. You rock.


credits to the gif owner

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When your brother knocked on your door you didn’t know what he wanted but you knew it couldn’t be anything good. Outside of your bedroom, you can see that your brother is tense “You really need to be dressed like this?”

You look down, you are only in Bucky’s shirt but why does he care “You are married, your wife never borrows your clothes to sleep?” You asked annoyed and your brother groans changing the subject “Why didn’t you tell anyone that you are dating The Winter Soldier?”

“Because I’m not, I’m dating Bucky Barnes and why do you care? What do you want?” You are already sick of this conversation “You are my little sister, you are lost in life and this needs to stop. Moving to another state? Dating an assassin? Coming back here for some petty revenge?”

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In loving memory of an amazing and inspirational person, Felix The Judge.

I don’t know if Felix considered me a good friend of his, we didn’t talk a lot because I’m an anxious avoidant mess who’s afraid to message people, but I always thought of him as my dear friend. He was always so kind and encouraging, always ready to help, supporting everyone, and I loved chatting with him, even if we didn’t talk often. He was pretty much my only link to the Off community due to my disconnected and anxious nature, I felt like I was part of the fandom because of him, because he noticed me and talked to me, now I feel lost and alone… I miss him already. The community just won’t be the same without him… He was truly the heart of the fandom, to me.

Rest in peace, dear friend. Thank you for everything.


Patater Week (Feb 7) - Proposal


It was supposed to be a romantic camping getaway. Instead, they’re tearing the campsite apart as fast as possible because the radio announced a freak blizzard on the way and snowflakes are already billowing down.

They manage to get everything in the car and drive out of the woods without they get stuck in a forming snowdrift.

Alexei drives, because they’re in Canada, the car is a rental, and of the two of them, he’s the one with an international driver’s license.

(”Can’t believe you have passport but not international driver’s license, Kent. What you do when you playing in Vancouver? Or Montreal?”

“I go back to the hotel after the game and I sleep.”)

Alexei is calm but Kent is scrunched down in the passenger’s seat, seething. Alexei thinks the glower is darker than warranted, but he does kind of understand Kent’s annoyance. The camping trip was his idea. A just-over-two-years anniversary trip, since their actual anniversary was in the middle of playoffs due to their having hooked up during All Stars weekend one time and managing to admit mutual feelings of “like” around the time they realized they might be facing off for the cup.

They hadn’t, but the Skype call regarding that issue had been enlightening, to say the least.

“Is okay, Kent,” Alexei says as the windshield wipers zip across his vision and the road before him turns increasingly white. “We try again, yes? Maybe go back out tomorrow, if weather clears?”

Kent grumbles and buries his nose deeper in his coat. He’s cold-blooded and gets chills if a cool breeze blows by. Alexei loves it, because it gives him the excuse to wrap Kent up in Alexei’s warm arms all the time. Now, he pats Kent’s leg. But Kent’s not having it. He grumbles again and says, “No way this’ll clear up by tomorrow. Next week, maybe.”

“So we re-schedule our flights home,” Alexei says. He takes his hand back, because a responsible driver always has two hands on the wheel. “Stay in hotel until snow is gone. No big deal—”

And that is the moment one of their tires blows out.

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Shaking Hands With The Devil (2)

Supernatural AU

Genre: Incubi(incubus) Yoongi

Warnings: it might mention sex, but nothing further than that… for now

“My sin was not specifically this or that
But consisted of having shaken hands with the devil
The devil held me in his clutches
The enemy was behind me” Demien - Hermann Hesse

   Your dress was long and black, but anyone could see all the skin it was showing, at first you were hesitant to wear it, but now that every eye was glued on you, you realised it was a good choice, because his eyes were on you, Jeon Jungkook wouldn’t even blink and you smiled to yourself.

   It was almost a ball, all the women were adorned by dresses and jewelry ready to trap a rich man on their clutches, without knowing that most of those men weren’t men at all. They danced playing a sweet game of seduction and you did to.

   Everything was… expensive, and your normal self would probably feel lost, but tonight you weren’t just your normal self, you were a Huntress on duty.

   "I didn’t know that young little naive virgins were allowed to go into places like this…“ You knew the voice that was whispering smoothly down on your ear. And wasn’t your prey’ s.

   "Belive me or not, Min Yoongi, they don’t ask if you’re virgin when you come in” you sighed still dancing to that Lorde song you loved.

   "No slapping this time?“ He arched an eyebrow. And you finally looked at him, and you wish you haven’t, it was already too difficult to resist ‘Agust D’, but in a tux… you bited your lower lip, trying to keep that strange sound inside of your mouth, he haven’t even properly touched you, and you realised that you needed to run away.

   "I’m in a good mood, please don’t blow it… And our people talk to me, but nothing ever hits…” You whispered-sang the lyric. And was as if no one was there all that mattered was the way your hips moved to the song’s rhythm, the way these words fell so lieved out of your mouth. You felt his hands on your hips, but that didn’t stop your moves, just spelled you even more.

   You could feel a lot of eyes on you, and this time wasn’t because of your dress… Women desire him, he was a fucking incubus, so of course you felt their death glares, burning you up. But you couldn’t care less, what remembered you that you needed distance from the… man that desired your defeat.

   "You know I watched this show one time, a demon hunter show, just to see how people though we were… a girl said that demons like blondes.“

   "They certainly do” he assured you still dancing, you smiled.

   "They like anything that can move its hips right" you sorta laughed when he finally stoped dancing, Jungkook was staring and you smirked at him, who just returned the move “it wasn’t my intention to put you in this, but you dug your own grave, love.”

   "Y/N, are you drunk?“ He lifted his eyebrow, and he bited your act.

   "Yes, and now I’m gonna kill that charming little beast on the corner… people call him Jungkook…”

   "I don’t know how good of a Huntress you think you are, but you won’t be able to hunt him down drunk.“

   "You know him?” You asked a little more curious than you wanted to appear.

   "Yeah, what? Demons have friends too.“ He was kidding but his eyes were uncomfortable…

   "But you’re not a demon” you stated remembering what he said last time, and he smirked.

   "I better watch my mouth around you… don’t move I’ll hand you water" He scolded and left, and there he was right in front of you to drinks and a sexy smile.

   "Wanna a drink?“ He offered you and you faked a smile, nodding. "I saw you dancing and couldn’t take my eyes off of you” he was closer now. You took a sip.

   "So you’ve been watching?“ You innocently asked.

   "Me and the entire club” he assured you.

   "So you should know that she’s not alone" Yoongi growled as he embraced you.

   "Long time no see, Agust D" he smiled, but your senses told you that something was off, and you took a step back, you felt Yoongi’s chest, it was rocky solid and tense.

   "Yeah, and I hope you didn’t curse my girl.“ My girl? You wanted to ask, but something adivised you not to.

   "Is she your girl? If only I knew sooner…”

   "What did you do?“

   "Unfortunately nothing… but my opportunity passed, I’ll go now, I hope we don’t see each other ever again, sunbae” he disappeared walking to a dark place.

   "We need to get out now" he took your hand, and when you walked you finally realised that you were drunk, what made no sense since you only took a sip of the drink Jungkook gave you “that fucking liar, Y/N, just don’t sleep” and you stated to cough. “What color was the drink, Y/N?”

   "Red, orange, yellow flicker beat…“ You lazily sang. He took you bridal style.

   "Not the song, the drink!”

   "The colors disappeared, and was as clear as water" you said.

   "Love shot, that prick… look me in the eyes, baby" you did, but everything was so foggy. “I’ll kiss you.”

   "You can’t" you denied moving your head away when the dark man went for your lips.

   "Y/N, that’s the only way this shit won’t take over you.“

   "But you’ll win the bet…” You drunkly said, half crying.

   "I’ll kiss you no more no less.“

   "But if I ask to?” He stopped looking for something to hold on to.

   "I won’t take you like this, I promise, so can I kiss you now?“

   You nodded and his lips was on yours, sobering you up, you kissed him back, the whole world stopped, there existed only you two, his lips were soft and tender, when his tongue asked for entrance you gladly accepted, you moaned into his mouth as your hands involuntary searched for his locks, his lips pressed hungrily against yours, and you wanted more, but he stopped.

   "Yoongi” you moaned.

   "No" he said and left.

   The next thing you know is that you’re waking up, there’s no Amanda on the bed next to yours, you’re not at home, and there’s two scars on Yoongi’s back, you wanted to touch them… They looked red, as if they were new… And looked painful.

   "Y/N?“ He asked when saw you reaching for his back, but you were too weak to fulfill your desire.

   Everything was black once more.

   You woke up, breathing heavily as if you were drownd for hours and could finally breath. This time you recognized your room, and felt like everything from that blury memory was just a dream, but the dress was over your desk, not alone but with a heart pink post it - Amanda’s - that asked to an explanation to why Min Yoongi carried your drunk ass at 5:30 in the morning.

   Automatically your hand reached for your mouth, there was no signal, nothing that could tell that your nemesis kissed you. And you wanted to hit your head on the wall because you could remember quite well the way his lips possessed yours, and how much you liked it.

Part 1

Please tell me we didn’t have sex last night (1/4)

Summary: Waking up with the worst hangover ever Abby, a second-year medical student, has absolutely no recollection of getting home from last night’s party. So imagine her surprise when she wakes up naked in her bed with nobody other than Marcus, third-year law student and general pain in her ass, Kane. Just what the hell happened last night??!

Inspired by the following prompt: How about Kabby at university and they end up together in bed after a party? Bonus if they aren’t really friends but have a lot of unresolved sexual tension :D

Abby wakes up to a pounding head and her mouth feeling as dry as a desert. Groaning, she tries to open her eyes, but the light that’s pouring into the room quickly makes her clench them shut again.

I’m never drinking again

Not only is she experiencing what has the potential to grow into a massive hangover, her pillow also seems to be breathing? Realising that she’s not alone in her bed and that yes, she is naked and so is the body she’s lying on top of, Abby feels a panic attack coming up. Her body tenses as she tries to wrack her brain on how the hell she not only ended up naked with another person in her bed but most importantly with whom.

The last thing she remembers from last night’s party is playing several games of beer pong with Callie before ending up on a couch drinking, she thinks whisky, with, oh no, Marcus stuck-up Kane. Abby’s almost scared to lift her head, but she rationalises, even in her drunken state she wouldn’t have sunk so low as to sleep with Kane. Right?!

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I present this video as a must watch for casual Magic Players everywhere.  

Modern and Standard deck prices are outrageous.  Unless you can only get true fulfillment from competitive magic, or you have a passionate interest in speculation and finance, you will suffer the feel bads if you try to play that game.  The sad truth is that competitive Magic drives demand and therefore prices, and without supply side adjustments, those prices will stay high, and continue to rise.

But all is not lost.  We don’t have to play that game.  If you’ve ever complained about the crazy cost of Modern, or Standard rotations that trivialize your favorite deck that you put so much time and money into.  If you’re tired of the diminishing returns of rogue deck building in competitive formats.  And most of all, if you’re tired of complaining, waiting for Wizards to fix things, then stand up, and take matters into your own hands.

SEALED IS THE ANSWER.  You support WOTC directly, who makes this wonderful game we all enjoy.  You have an even playing field, that still respects skill.  Build your collection while enjoying the game.  Build your deck without having to chase rares or mythics.

Prerelease is already the best Magic event for Casual Players.  Why leave it at that?  Make FNM Great Again!  Don’t let something like Copycat Combo ruin Magic for you.  Don’t let the exorbitant prices of Modern discourage you from meaningful competitive play!  Sealed has something for everyone.

At the end of the day, we all just want to sit down and play Magic.  Whether at your LGS, or around the kitchen table, Sealed IS the answer.  Go in on a booster box with friends.  If someone wants to join in, all they need is six boosters.  The customizability, affordability, and balance of this format are its strengths.

When I go to see a movie, or buy a video game, I am not paying hundreds of dollars.  I shouldn’t have to in order to play Magic.  Opt out of the destructive debates over Standard and Modern.  Choose the format that is self regulated, and most prioritized by WOTC.  Play Sealed.

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Woodkid lyrics sentence starters
  • “I’m frozen to the bones, I am…“
  • “I’m riding up the heights of shame.“
  • “I’m waiting for the call.“
  • “The sound of iron shocks is stuck in my head.”
  • “From the dawn of time to the end of days, I will have to run away.”
  • “I want to feel the pain and the bitter taste of the blood on my lips again.”
  • “Life is easier where the walls are red.“
  • “I’m sick of four star food.”
  • “I want to be where life is.”
  • “I swear I’ll tell you next time I knock at your door.”
  • “Would it be that nice if you were not part of it?“
  • “Your face is a face that’s stuck in my head.”
  • “Life is easier where we can join our hands.”
  • “What are the words that I’m supposed to say?”
  • “Why don’t you open your eyes?”
  • “Are they things that water can’t wash away?”
  • “I drown myself deep in disgrace.”
  • “What is the price I’m supposed to pay?”
  • “In your eyes I see the dawn of brighter days again.”
  • “All the things you’re trying to do make me a better man/woman.”
  • “Now I remember the joy and the meaning of the fate.”
  • “Boy/girl, we’re running free.“
  • “We’re hiding from the world.“
  • “But the golden age is over.”
  • “Did you ever feel we’re falling as we grow?”
  • “Did you ever dream we’d miss the mornings in the sun?”
  • “Boy, we are family, no matter what they say.”
  • “This world is not made for you.”
  • “They’re trying to catch you!”
  • “They’re dying to stop you.”
  • “Tomorrow is another day.”
  • “It’s time to run!“
  • “Tell me that we’ll always be together.“
  • “No matter what they say, we’re heroes.”
  • “Look at me.”
  • “What is fate to say how things are gonna turn out now?
  • “Can’t you see that we’re dead until we wake up?”
  • “Do we really have a choice?“
  • “Are we instruments of fate?“
  • “Your eyes betray what burns inside you.“
  • “You only seem to care about you.”
  • “Is there anything I could do just to get some attention from you?“
  • “ Where are you?“
  • “In the waves I’ve lost every trace of you.”
  • “ I was made for loving you.”
  • “ I drown my pain in alcohol.”
  • “ How could you feel the same way too?“
  • “ So I guess you ought to know the truth.”
  • “I wonder what I am made for, if I’m not meant to be with you.”
  • “ But it’s not worth it without you.”
  • “ Now you know I’ve always loved you.”
  • “ I will never fall down.”
  • “ I will never feel down.”
  • “ Without you I can’t stand the sound of the rain.”
  • “ Do you recall when the war was just a game?“
  • “When will I see you again if I go?“
  • “ I’ve never seen the snow.”
  • “ Where I’m born is where I’ll die.”
  • “ No matter how wise I was, I feel wrong.”
  • “ I’ll never reach the truth of lies.”
  • “ I’m just watching my flowers grow.”
  • “ At night I can’t sleep when I try.”
  • “ I’m waiting for the sun.”
  • “ I’ll see you on the other side.”
  • “ I’m gonna be away for the night.”
  • “ You’re waking up storms inside of me.”
  • “Go, why don’t you walk away for good?“
  • “You’re breaking me down.”
  • “I’m crossing all the lines.”
  • “Will you come along? Cause I’m about to leave this town.”
  • “Will you come along?”
  • “I’ll never let you drown.”
  • “Baby I will find you.”
  • “Just wait a little longer.”
  • “I won’t ever let you fall.”
  • “I’ll never let you down.”
  • “I said I’d bring you everywhere.”
  • “That’s what you deserve, my friend.“
  • “We’ve played the most dangerous games.”
  • “We’ve drunk the strongest whiskeys.”
  • “We’ve lived much more than we expected to live.”
  • “Sure, things could have been better”.”
  • “Something tells me that we won’t live forever.”
  • “That’s why I miss you, you know?”

Thank you for making me realize my worth. That i don’t need your approval to believe that I am a person who deserve to be immensely loved. Thank you for giving up on me, i learned that i don’t have to win every battle that i encountered. Thank you for making me question and doubt every little thing about myself and for always asking myself what’s wrong with me and to realize that nothing’s really wrong with me, it’s just you who didn’t see me.

Thank you for making me feel unimportant in your life because i realized that you don’t deserve to be in my world. Thank you for the sleepless nights and for the tears i cried all because of you, i learned to wipe away the tears on my own and to face each day much stronger. Thank you for constantly lying about who you really are and about your feelings for me. Thank you for making me realize that i shouldn’t give my trust to anyone, they must earn it first. Thank you for all the broken promises, it made me think that words are nothing without actions and sincerity from the person. Thank you for the unreplied messages and unanswered calls and for making me wait for nothing, you just made me feel how unimportant i am to you. Thank you for making a big fool out of me and for playing with my feelings, you just proved how a good player you are but it’s not me who lost this game, it’s you who lost it because you lost someone like me.

Thank you for making me believe in everything that you’ve shown me and for the sweet words, you are really good at it but you’re not man enough to stand for your words. Thank you for leaving even if I gave you everything i have. Thank you for letting go and reminding me that I was the only one holding on. Thank you for not choosing me and you chose her instead because i have now the reasons to let you go. Thank you for breaking my heart, i know that sometimes it’s intentional and you still chose to break it over and over and you didn’t do anything to fix it. Thank you for saying that you love me even though i’ve never felt it.

Thank you for everything, for the broken heart. Because it made me realize my worth and i should finally stop settling for any less than I deserve. I realized that love is not just about giving, it should be give and take. I learned that I am capable of being on my own. I realized that I deserve to find a love that would never make me feel the same things you did. I realized that loving you is not that hard, but it’s you who made things hard. I realized that i don’t deserve you and my love for you. Thank you for throwing my love away, that made me realized that there’s this one person who deserves the love that i gave to you. Thank you. It’s because of you I learned to love myself. I learned that I don’t need a man to complete me.

I am enough. I know I am, even if you didn’t see it.

—  A letter to the guy who thought that I wasn’t good enough

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Regrann from @cheesu_does_stuff - The first official CheesuCosplay
picture of Zero Suit Samus Aran 😍 already up on Patreon in full high resolution as a download :* For all other peebs it is now available as a print with maximum size of 50x75 or smaller :3 just dm me 😆
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Why Soriel Works

I’ve seen a lot of anti-Soriel posts lately. I would like to do my best to counteract them because I think that there is an argument to be made for Soriel in the canon. I’ve given it a lot of thought and have got some screenshots for the game so without further ado, allow me to present the most overly in depth pro-Soriel post I’ve ever written.

Let’s break it down into the 2 major characters: Sans and Toriel, and how their individual personalities and tendencies make them such a natural match.


What do we really know about her, personality wise? Quite a bit, actually. She’s protective. She’s kindhearted. She’s compassionate. She’s hardworking. These are traits she’s always had but they are magnified through her struggles and her pain. Toriel copes with the immense heartache, emotional agony many of us could never imagine, by working extra hard to protect Frisk. You’ll notice that her house is very safe for them, with sharp objects hidden or filed down to keep them from getting hurt, even accidentally. She’s had years to prepare her house for the presence of children and even goes as far as to set up a curriculum for their education. Toriel begs Frisk not to leave the Ruins because King Asgore will kill them. She knows this because she has seen this six times before. Now, we all know this. But I think it bears repeating since all of this will become important at a later time.


We know less about Sans’s history but we do know quite a lot about his personality. Sans clearly suffers from depression, caused by being forced to reset over and over. “You can’t understand how this feels,” he says as you fight him, “knowing that one day, without any warning, it’s all going to be reset.” This knowledge also helps explain why his dialogue as a Lost Soul reflects hopelessness and pain: “just give up. I did.” But I think a lot of people misunderstand Sans’s character.

Many people call him lazy. But Sans isn’t lazy. In fact, Sans is one of the most hardworking characters in the entire game.

Preposterous, you say! But allow me to explain. What can be construed as lazy is actually a lack of motivation and a feeling of helplessness. But we know from the game that he loves his brother and actually puts effort into keeping him happy. He helped Papyrus make the costume that he now wears everywhere. He encourages Papyrus’s hobbies and friendship with Undyne. He berates you for calling Papyrus uncool. Little details that I don’t have time to map out here imply that Sans works very hard to keep Papyrus happy, from telling him his friends are on vacation when Papyrus is the only survivor to paying all of their rent to getting Papyrus the best books and toys while living in a very barebones (pun intended) room himself.

And if you don’t believe me about the rooms, see for yourself. Notice how Papyrus’s is full of toys and a nice bed and lots of decorations, even a computer:

Not notice that Sans has a much smaller room with the bare necessities:

Sans doesn’t even have bed sheets. No bookshelf. No computer. Absolutely nothing. He has worked hard to ensure that Papyrus is happy all while taking very little for himself. He may sleep on the job but Sans will work extremely hard for those he loves.


So what does this have to do with Soriel? Quite a bit. Both clearly will work very hard for those they love. But while Sans is a bit more standoffish, Toriel is warm and welcoming. Where Sans stops working when he feels things are hopeless, Toriel works harder. This balances the relationship quite a bit.

But here’s where things get interesting: their meetings with each other already change the other for the better. You can see the effects in the game if you’re looking.

Considering how much pain Toriel has endured, she seems oddly jovial when you meet her. She smiles a lot and even suggests you tell the Dummy a joke. Considering we do see Toriel’s pain when we spare her (”Pathetic, is it not? I cannot save even a single child.”), we know that the happier exterior masks her inner heartbreak. But the fact that Toriel is able to smile at all is, in part, due to meeting with Sans. Sans has helped her enjoy life a bit more and has staved off the depression.

Now how has Toriel impacted Sans? Well we know from what I said above the Sans will work extremely hard for those he loves. Therefore, we don’t see him working hard for anyone except two characters: Papyrus and Toriel. Papyrus is fairly obvious; he’s Sans’s little brother and he is the one thing keeping Sans sane through all the resets. But his interactions with Toriel have cause him to respect and even love her enough to spare Frisk in every single route except Genocide. In fact, let’s look at his Genocide dialogue. Before Sans fights you, he expresses his sorrow that he couldn’t keep his promise to her:

This has clearly been on his mind for a long time. He followed you, watched over you, tried to find any good in you to justify keeping his promise. He failed in that endeavor and makes the conscious decision to break the promise he made to save you from yourself. One could argue that he kept the promise in that he did try to keep you from having your soul taken. I wouldn’t call this laziness, I would call this motivation, which, as I said before, he usually lacks.
Time to address the elephant in the room: the old lady comment. A lot of anti-Soriels assume that this makes that possibility null and void. But I think if that’s the best argument you guys can come up with, it’s pretty indicative that you don’t have much to stand on. Toriel frequently  refers to herself as an “old lady.” Why wouldn’t Sans use this terminology when she uses it on herself? It seems more like an affectionate term rather than him actually seeing her as an old lady.

Another piece of evidence that Sans is absolutely nuts about Toriel is the fact that she and Papyrus are the only characters to get a mention during his fight:

The Genocide fight reveals not only that he knows you’re resetting the timeline but that he remembers the resets. Don’t believe me? How’s this for an example:

Now where would Sans have heard the part about special attacks? No one mentions them in the Genocide run. He would have to remember Papyrus talking about them in a Neutral run. This just makes all the resets even more depressing. How old is Sans, anyway? Well we can assume he’s much older than he looks. He can’t age when he’s been reset so many times. That means, for all we know, he and Toriel could be the same age or within a handful of years of each other. The age argument really is a lame one because we know nothing about them in terms of their ages.
So… okay. I can hear you guys out there asking “that’s all fine and dandy but what about your argument for them becoming a romance? Why can’t they just be friends?

Well of course they can. But there is evidence for romance and it all comes from body language.

Let me break this scene down for you. First of all, look at what Toriel says here to Asgore, for whom she has nothing but disgust and contempt now:

This is a romantic nickname because Alphys and Undyne both address her as Toriel after the ending (Alphys in one of the dialogues after the True Ending and Undyne while calling for her to talk to you on the phone). But Sans?

Sans is the only character to call her that other than Asgore. Her former lover. This is not a coincidence.

Still not convinced? Okay, I’ve got more.

Notice how Asgore is depressed when Alphys and Undyne introduce themselves to Toriel:

He’s not crying. He’s just depressed. He acts this way from Undyne through Papyrus’s introductions. But check out how he reacts when Sans shows up:

Wide eyes. He’s surprised. Who is this strange man? Why are he and Toriel so chummy? He knows what’s going on. Check out Papyrus as well, he can tell something is up.

But check out how he continues to react:

He’s crying. Toriel has obviously found someone else. Look at the way they’re staring into each other’s eyes. Asgore isn’t stupid. He knows this isn’t just her meeting a best friend. This is her meeting someone she obviously likes a lot.

And the next thing you know, Undyne’s telling him to find someone else.

Look at the animation here. Sans and Toriel are standing right next to each other and staring into each other’s eyes. They’re positioned in such a way that it looks like they’re holding hands. This is not a coincidence because Alphys and Undyne also maintain that eye contact. And it’s not like they became a thing, right?

But here’s something else I noticed, and it’s definitely intentional. Sans and Toriel make eye contact again for a very brief section just before Flowey shows up.

And Papyrus is back to eyeing Sans suspiciously.

Now this eye contact thing may not be all that important but again, this is a device Toby used to imply a ship since Alphys and Undyne are the only other pair to stare at each other during this particular scene. You can even see it if you scroll up at the screenshots I already put down! So why would Sans and Toriel have the exact same body language as Alphys and Undyne in this scene, even to the point of making that eye contact again just for a couple of lines and having Asgore and Papyrus obviously react the way they do?

Come on, guys. It’s simple. Soriel may not be strictly canon but there’s a lot of evidence to imply that their interactions are headed that way.

One person who shipped Asgore and Toriel shipper claimed that Sans and Toriel don’t talk about anything, they just tell jokes. We know that’s not true. Look at this line right here:

Now you could argue that she said this after all the events. And she probably said she baked pie for Frisk after the final fight of the game. But she definitely was talking about baking before that scene. Check out this little part of the hangout/date with Papyrus:

Sans? Lazy Sans decided to bake something? Why would he do that? And Papyrus goes on to say that the thing Sans bakes was like a quiche but filled with a “sugary non-egg substance.”

Sounds like a pie to me. And where would Sans have gotten the idea in the first place? Toriel.

Still not convinced? How about this line?

Looks like it wasn’t just jokes. She was talking about her baking. Sans was talking about Papyrus. I think the evidence speaks for itself. Also, you could say that they only talk about superficial things. Sure. But please give me your evidence that they definitely don’t ever talk about the superficial. You have none. Just has I have none that they do.

We know they don’t know each other’s names. But that’s about it. Sans can even tell if she’s upset without seeing her face so I’d say he knows a bit more about her than “she bakes.” As for why he doesn’t know about the human stuff, that’s some pretty dangerous information. Toriel has her reasons for not revealing herself to Sans and it’s mostly to do with the fact that she wants to be separate from the world. That doesn’t mean they didn’t have deep conversations. But they kept things to themselves that they kept from everyone else. You can’t fault Sans for not telling Toriel things he won’t even tell Papyrus. And you can’t fault Toriel for not telling him things she wouldn’t even tell you. That doesn’t mean they didn’t get to know each other. Only that anything related to their identities were kept secret, as they were from everyone else. If true love means spilling every secret you’ve got, I’ve got quite a few Alphys and Undyne criticisms to talk about too… But the fact remains that deep discussions can be had and two people can get to know each other very well despite not knowing their true identities or every single secret they keep. This is a nonsensical argument, to be honest.

Oh I could go on about why Soriel is far more likely to be canon than Asgore and Toriel. Let’s talk about the fact that Toriel became disgusted by Asgore’s actions and left him as a result but that he still continued to do what he did even though he wanted Toriel back. Why’s this important? Because Sans keeps his promise, even when you kill both Papyrus AND Toriel. This proves that Sans’s devotion to Toriel is even more important to him than the entire Underground where Asgore selfishly refused to go back on what he said when he realized that what he was doing was so wrong. He was unwilling to sacrifice anything for Toriel where Sans was willing to sacrifice everything. Additionally, as I said before, it could be argued that Sans does keep his promise in Genocide since he’s trying to save Frisk from losing their soul. In a twisted way, killing them kept them safe.

So, with all this evidence laid out in front of you guys, how about the shippers of Asgore and Toriel stop accusing Soriel shippers of having no evidence or no deeper reason to ship Soriel. There’s plenty of evidence and there are plenty of deep reasons to ship it. And the evidence suggests that Soriel is, or at least will be, canon.

EDIT: If anyone can tell me how this has been showing up in the tag for the Asgore and Toriel ship, please let me know as I have scoured this post and have found absolutely no mentions of it by name, even going as far as to change all slashed out ship name mentions to avoid it even remotely coming out.

Also, I love Asgore. This is not a bash post. Do not use it as such please.

Concerts (Rap Monster)

Soooo. Blame highlight? Ambw~

“– if you don’t hurry up we are going to be late to see the weekend! We got pit and I don’t want to be late!” Namjoon yelled at you from downstairs as you got ready. You giggled checking yourself out in the mirror one more time before you nodded in approval ready for him to see your outfit. 

You knew it would be hot so you decided to wear black socks up to your knees with blue Nike’s not wanting to get your white shoes dirty. You had on a long blue and white T-shirt that had the sides cute a bit from under your arms to under your breast and on it that had lyrics to one of the weekend songs on it. The shirt showed your black bra but you didn’t mind it at all you knew Namjoon adored that bra. And it almost clung to your body showing off your curves. You made sure your hair was straight reaching down to your ass and your makeup wasn’t to heavy. You put on nude lipstick though because you thought it looked good on your caramel skin. You were overall satisfied and since it was your first time wearing it you knew it would surprise him.

You walked down the stairs slowly as you put his black choker on only to see him leaning against the door and you were the one shocked. Namjoon had on dark blue baggy skinny jeans with a black v-neck and of course another black choker and his clear glasses. A smirk on his lips as he eyed your body and you laughed when his shoes were matching yours. 

Namjoon on the other hand was rather surprised by you. He knew you would pull something. But this. Was sinful and it wasn’t fair to him. How would he take you out and actually behave with you like that? He decided that he would look off before he ended up pinning you to the wall and neither of you left. 

When you got to him he kissed your lips grabbing his keys and opening the house door for you.

“Jagiya your so beautiful..” He said in that deep voice that always made you heat up and blush. 

“T-thank you~ You know you look good as usual.” You shot back a soft moan leaving your lips when he bite down between your shoulder and neck humming. 

He led you to the car opening the door and letting you in before he himself got in the driver side starting the car up and driving off. You checked your wallet making sure you brought the tickets and other minor things deciding to leave your purse at home. Namjoon started up a weekend cd and you both started to sing to the music. 

King of the fall was your favorite song while Wicked Games was Namjoons favorite. Both songs came on back to back but with wicked games it always made you have to cross your legs. That song just always happen to be playing when Namjoon decides to push you against shit or turn your late night cuddling into him fucking you into the mattress.

“Is something the matter jagi?” Rap monster asked snapping you out of your dirty thoughts and you flushed shaking your head.

“A-ani I’m just nervous to meet him is all!” You tried to lie. Namjoon just smirked knowing by your face you were fantasizing about him. You made the same face every single time it happened and though he knew it was possible you could be happy about your backstage pass it was mostly about him.

After about a good forty five minutes you guys were at the concert venue parking lot. You smiled excitedly bouncing as he turned the car off. He got out coming to your side to let you out. You grabbed his hand lacing your fingers with his as he pulled you to the arena. It was a inside venue but still you guys would have to stand. Namjoon walked up to the people handling the tickets to them focusing on the tickets while you were focusing on the girls who were eye fucking him. 

Namjoon noticing the shift in the air looked over at you and then at the girls before he chuckled softly kissing your lips in front of them. “I am yours. And you are mine.” He smiled sweetly at you pulling you with him when they cleared the tickets. 

He glared at you when he saw that you wouldn’t be at the front but still four rows from the front. You giggled knowing it was your fault for taking so long but you stuck your tongue out to tease him. “Yah~ we can have just as much fun in the middle as being front row.” You told him smirking and he rolled his eyes before walking up with you. 

It was a good thirty mintues before the concert so you and Namjoon talked and joked with each other as usual to kill time. You noticed guys looking at you every now and then but you just waved it off because you were with him. One time you heard Namjoon growl but he quickly calmed his face as the weekend entered the stage. The crowd started cheering and as soon as people started pushing Namjoon placed you in front of him embracing his arms around your waist holding your body pressed against his as he rested his chin on your head. 

You heard King of the fall play so you instanlty started to dance swaying your hips side to side getting lost in the song. Namjoon on the other hand was trying his hardest to keep you still which didn’t work. He knew after a while when you kept dancing and grinding against him you were doing it on purpose. And he would get you back. That was for sure. You on the other hand felt off because Namjoon never let this much teasing go by withouth some sort or retaliation but you thought since you were in the pit you were fine. 

Finally Wicked Games came on and Namjoon was smirking from ear to ear. He slowly started to move his hips against yours just enough to raise your shirt up over your ass without his hands having to move. He waited until you were completly lost in singing before he slipped his hands into your panties a proud smile on his face when you froze up from dancing. 

“Wet already?” He asked you softly running his long fingers around your pussy lips feeling your juices seep out on his hands as he tsked. “It’s a shame I can’t just up and fuck you right here but the space is so tight… Like your pretty pink pussy. I’m sure my fingers could help out.. But be quiet for me ok? You don’t want to get us caught now do you?” He chuckled deeply nibbling on your neck his fingers coming up to slowly stroke your clit roughly.

You bit down on your bottom lip trying to grab at his arm knowing it was no stopping him. And it would be a lie to say you didn’t want it. But you were embarrassed and you didn’t want to get caght. You looked around seeing no one was paying attention so you relaxed against his hold and that only rilled him up more.

He spread your feet with his own and as soon as your legs were apart he spread your pussy lips with two fingers shoving his middle two fingers inside of you. His long fingers pounding deep into you as the speakers blared Often.You groaned softly when he curved them scissoring you and stretching you out. He started to suck a hickey into your neck grinding his hips against your ass slowly and unnoticed to others. He had you so wet your juices were sliding down your legs.

“Such a dirty girl. Maybe I’ll replay this song for you later and chain you up.. Either way this is only part one of your punishment.” Namjoon smirked eyeing the red spot on your skin and he fucking adored how it painted  your caramel skin marking you his. 

He slipped three fingers inside of you using his thumb to swipe across your swollen and throbbing clit teasing you as he groaned deep in your ears before the lights shut low. He let his other hand drift under your shirt since it was to dark for anyone else to see anything. He slipped his rough hand under your bra groping your breast his whole hand covering it as he continued to slam and curve his fingers up inside of you. 

You were a panting shaking mess against him. Your legs wasn’t holding out and you knew your end was nearing. Your makeup was going to get ruined because of how much sweat you were producing and you knew he enjoyed every bit of it. 

“Look at me..” Namjoon said. 

You were going to fight him and not do it but when he threatened to fist you, you happily gave in looking in his eyes. He leaned down to kiss your lips gently, his tongue shoving into your mouth claimming dominance as he rubbed harder on your clit bringing you to the edge. His tongue swirled around yours locking with yours as he tasted your cavern as his hand pinched and pulled at your nipple. He pulled back breathing against your lips looking in your eyes and after a few more deep flicks of his wrist inside of you, you were cumming on his fingers trying to stop your moans from releasing to loud from your mouth and it turned into squeals anyway.

“Good girl..” Namjoon teased pulling his hands from you, one arm wrapping back around your waist as he cleaned your juices from  your fingers. You whined kissing him again tasting yourself happy that the dream was finally breaking from his first set. You looked back to the front as people started to talk with you and Namjoon praying that the rest of the concert went fast so you could meet the weekend and fuck Namjoon in the back of your car.

After Hours

Some Alex/Eliza smut for the Lounge AU me and  @minky-for-short have been playing around with for a while. If you haven’t read her fic for it, you really need to go do that, it’s so good. But here is a short, sexy drabble from the same AU! Enjoy!

Alex had heard a lot of people in movies and television shows, the kind he avoided with a ten-foot bargepole for the most part, go on about how secrecy added a tantalising thrill to relationships. How the whole tragic, star crossed lovers’ thing was so romantic and exciting and exhilarating.

But after a few weeks of experiencing it himself, in real life, he’d firmly decided that that was bullshit.

Okay so he and Eliza were hardly Romeo and Juliet but still. He felt pretty damn close to challenging some of the rowdier, asshole customers to a Shakespearean duel when he had to spend his shift watching Eliza. Watching her sway and sashay up on the stage, the soft lighting catching the rhinestone edging of her dress where it hugged her full hips, highlighting the delicate curves of her arms through the sheer sleeves, illuminating her skin. Her long fingers trailing up the microphone stand as she purred and rolled her way through her songs, hitting each note perfectly and sounding like an angel, Alex couldn’t tear his eyes away as her fingers brushed and trailed and suddenly grasped hard at the stand in time with the music, making his knees feel weak. She was always sure to smile just a little and catch his amber eyes in her sweet dark ones whenever there was a particularly racy lyric or low note or growl in her voice, just so he knew that it was meant for him, no one else in the bar or the whole damn world. Just him.

More than once John had been required to tap him lightly on the shoulder to remind him that he was supposed to be pouring that whiskey in his hand into the glass, rather than just into a puddle on the bar top. Alex would jump a little defensively, mutter that he was just enjoying the song and be silently thankful that the bar covered him from the waist down.

So yeah. The whole secret relationship thing was turning out to be a lot of frustration and fidgeting and really, really wanting to run up and kiss her in front of everyone in the place. Or even just at least hug her when he saw her walk in, after having to take two train rides to hide the fact that she was spending every night at his apartment. That just an hour ago she’d been so tangled up in his arms, curled around him so tightly that he’d felt all the empty places in him healing just from her warm touch.

To hide the fact that for the first time he could remember, he was happy.

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I drew her without horns… And then was like “Eh, it looks empty.”

So I gave her horns. She’s the big game hunter from before, but she’s lost and eye. I was thinking that she’d be hunting for someone with the officer in the raven mask from before. I wanted to give her a half skull, or dog like mask, but I figured I’d do that for later.

I was thinking of sketching more, but then I figure that if I wanted to do a scene, I’d paint it. But I’m feeling rather iffy about painting. Like nothing seems to be turning out fine… But I think that’s more of me not really knowing where I want to go with it I think.

Just A Little Bit Longer Part 3

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Warnings: FLUFF, some angst (but I promise it is recovered quickly), and a small teeny tiny paragraph of smut which I have marked the beginning and end with **

Word Count: 2840

A/N: A huge thank you to @avasmommy224 for being my forever beta and talking this series through with me!!! Read part 1 and part 2. There are a few more parts planned, keep an eye out if you like what I have written so far ;) Feedback is appreciated, and this is a work of fiction, don’t get all uppity about it lol

He flung his body down on his empty bed, the song still burning in his mind, your memory taking over him once again. Your scent filled his senses like you were still right there with him. Your smile was what he missed the most, the memory of your laughter could make his worst day better. He pulled his extra pillow to his body, wishing it was you, wishing he could kiss you goodnight just one last time. Closing his eyes your face filled the darkness, your hair was blowing in the salty Bora Bora air. The waves were washing over your feet and his, both sets of footprints trailing behind you, fading away with every wave that graced the shore, walking hand in hand; you were complete.

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