i feel lonely because my boyfriend is not around

A polydin fanfic where Shiro and Lance are in a long-term committed relationship where Shiro is poly and Lance isn’t.  They’ve worked it out, though, so that Lance is Shiro’s steady relationship and he can have flings and short-term ones as long as Lance is okay with it.  He is because Shiro will go out on dates and screw around with other people, but he always comes home to Lance.

But, one day, Shiro approaches him and tells him that he’s really fallen for one of his short-term flings and would like to see him seriously.  Lance thinks this means that Shiro is breaking up with him and is devastated, but Shiro is like “No, not at all!  I understand that this is a huge change from how we’ve lived our lives, but I honestly think the three of us can work.”  So Lance agrees only if he can meet and approve of this other guy.

This other guy, Keith, is a scrawny, dour tattoo artist who never learned that mid-00′s edge was never in style.  Lance hates him at first, both because he’s taken Shiro’s attention away from him and because he just has a nasty attitude.  Keith doesn’t win Lance over and Lance is ready to go and tell Shiro that it’s not happening, he cannot date Lane and Keith at the same time, but Keith stops him before he leaves and tells him that he understands.  He’d never consider sleeping with another person’s boyfriend before, but he’s also never met a guy like Shiro.  And it’s so sincere and Keith looks so genuine that Lance gives him one more date.  And then he agrees to a third date.  And then he goes to Shiro and says it’s okay.

And it’s fine for a while.  Shiro’s date nights with Keith become more frequent.  And longer.  And Lance is used to Shiro going on dates – he’s been with him for, like, six years or something – but he’s never felt lonely like this.  Shiro’s always comes home and more and more frequently, when he’s with Keith, he doesn’t.

Until he runs into Hunk, an old high school friend, one day.  They reconnect and it’s almost exactly like old times.  He starts inviting Hunk over on Shiro’s date nights and it’s amazing.  They play video games, watch bad movies, and talk all night long.  Best of all, he doesn’t feel so lonely anymore.  Everything’s great.

Then, one night, Hunk kisses him.  Lance freaks out.  He has a boyfriend.  A boyfriend he’s in love with.  Hunk apologizes and admits that he had such a huge crush on Lance when they were in high school, but he couldn’t work up the bravery back then, and that’s not an excuse for anything but he figured that, y’know, Lance has a boyfriend but he’s never around that maybe it wasn’t working out for them?

Lance asks Hunk to leave.  He’s devastated and feels guilty because he feels like he cheated on his boyfriend and also because he kind of wanted to kiss Hunk some more.

He discusses it with Shiro the next day.  He apologizes profusely and explains what’s happens and Shiro goes, “FIRST OF ALL I’m really sorry you felt so lonely I thought I was able to balance your needs with my and Keith’s needs but I guess I got so wrapped up in the newness and excitement of my relationship with Keith that I wasn’t able to give you the attention you needed.  I think the three of us need to take the time to sit down and discuss our needs and boundaries.  But also WHOMST THE FUCK.”

Lance has never seen Shiro so angry at someone, and he’s worried he’ll make it worse by telling him that, hey, maybe Lance is poly after all and maybe Hunk can be his other boyfriend.  He tells him anyway, because there’s no reason to keep lying at this point, and Shiro is shocked and a little confused, but thinks it’s fair for Lance to have someone else in his life.  He agrees to share Lance if he has the opportunity to meet Hunk.  Lance calls Hunk and Hunk is a little wary at first (’cause he’s certain Shiro is just going to come and punch him in the face) but he agrees.

When Shiro and Hunk are on their date, Keith comes over and keeps Lance company.  Lance is freaking out because, oh my God, what if Shiro doesn’t like Hunk?  What if he’s still angry about Hunk kissing him?  What if he comes back and breaks up with Lance for wanting to see someone else.  And Keith is all “Dude…it’s Shiro.  Like, he’s got his problems – everyone does – but he also strives to be the most understanding and selfless person they know.  And he loves Lance.  Like, a lot.  Would Shiro really do something like try to ruin Lance’s happiness out of spite?”  Lance doesn’t want to admit that Keith is right…but he’s right.  His little confidence boost got Lance through the rest of the night and, when Shiro returns, he gives Lance an enthusiastic thumbs-up.

So Hunk joins the family.  After a while he meets Keith and they’re both, “ffffffUCK” and start seeing each other as well.  They all move in together and live happily ever after.

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I’m cheerful, but more of a listener than a talker. I’m an introvert and like to be alone sometimes, but with my s/o, I could become slightly clingy. This is because I can get very lonely and scared at times. I really crave the feeling of protection and shelter, which would hopefully be found in my s/o. I’m gentle and kind, but can be a people-pleaser at times. Hopefully I did this right, haha. Thank you so much for all of your hard work! (^_^) [2/2]

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I think your boyfriend turtle would be none other than the one and only Donatello! You’re both very positive people to be around and both care and love a lot. You’re both very dependable and when times get tough you do all you can to protect the ones you love. You’re both very sensitive and have love and compassion for others. You’ll do what it takes to make others happy around you. You both love to please people a lot, that’s just who your characters are and there’s nothing wrong with that.You avoid any confrontation that comes your way and stay away from physical fights unless it really needs to be done. You both also good listeners and will do what you can to help others in their situations, this also makes it easier for people to approach you because of that trait. You both do like to be alone at times for that’s how you both are more productive in your work and getting things done. I’m sure Donnie would not mind it at all if you clinged onto him because it would make him feel strong and loved that you actually trust someone like Donnie to actually protect you. Anyway I hope you like it.^^

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Lately I’ve had this urge to isolate myself from everyone in my life. I don’t want friends. I don’t want a boyfriend. I want to be alone. People think they care about me, but if I leave they aren’t affected. I’m just kind of there, but nobody notices me. I already feel lonely around people, so I may as well be truly alone. I don’t know why I want this so badly, because I know it’s not something that should be desirable at all, but it is for me. The only person I want to keep around is my mum.

I understand this feeling more than you think; my anxiety (not insinuating you have an anxiety problem in any way) stopped me from interacting with people besides my mum and siblings. I know the want to be alone, be in your own thoughts and peace and quiet. It’s nice. And that’s perfectly okay if you feel this way. But it is nice to be sociable. There are people that care about you, despite your doubts. You don’t have to have friends if you don’t want to - although once you find a good one it’s hard to imagine your life with them), you can be social with strangers. Ask how someone’s day has been at the bus stop, see if the elderly need help with something, let someone before you in a line. Doing good deeds really helped with my isolation, it made me want to open up to more people. I’m not trying to pressure you, I’m just trying to give you another perspective.
Big love xx

Love is the way his thumb caresses my palm with minute circles, as he grasps my hands.
Love is the short glances, that he thinks goes unnoticed, each and every time I walk by.

Love is the feeling of his lips pressed against my forehead, my cheekbones and my eyelids.

Love is the way he gently tugs at the hair which rests at the top of my neck, and the way in which his touch massages my skin.

Love is the sweet smile that illuminates his face, which fills me with such joy that I think despair is no longer reasonable;

Yet it is.

As true love, is the physical ache that tugs my heart when I’m not close enough to feel his warmth.

True love is the tears that run down my cheeks as I make the lonely walks home, without his company.

True love is the honest feelings of anger and frustration, when all I truly need is to wrap my arms around his body, and drift through unconsciousness, to the gentle sound of his heart beat that echoes through his chest.

True love is not simply the happiest of times. But often it is the times when I feel the most heartbroken. Because only then do I realize how much I can’t stand being without him.

Hooked (Dan Fluff)

This is my first imagine and I’m hoping it won’t be too cringe worthy. I have had this idea in my head for a while so let’s hope it’s not shit.  Also, this may be long, it may not be idk. Tell me if it’s a good length or not, Thanx ;)

Prompt: you are a youtuber and best friends with Dan and Phil but Dan secretly likes you. The three of you travel to L.A for Vidcon and while you are there, Ian and Anthony (from Smosh) ask you to be in one of their videos. In one of the scenes, you kiss Anthony and Dan gets jealous. 

-not my gif (x I couldn’t find the creator, soz)

I woke up with a sore neck and back pains. Sitting on a 13 hour flight was absolute shit. It’s one of the only things that I absolutely hate about going to Vidcon. The only thing that made this situation better was the fact that I woke up sitting next to Dan, the half of my two best friends that I had fallen completely and utterly in love with. But, I would never say that out loud. The boys were sitting on either side of me being the adorable dorks they were, bickering in whispers, trying not to wake me. 

“Phil, you absolute twat, you’ve woke her up!” Dan protectively put his arm around me in an attempt to get me to fall asleep again. Phil looked sheepishly at his lap. After removing his arm, I turned and looked at Dan with “that look.”

“Dan shut up, I’ve probably slept for a whole day. Phil, don’t feel bad, Dan’s just being a spork. How much longer until we land?” Just then the overhead speaker announced that we would be landing shortly.

“Does that answer you’re question, Y/N?” Dan smirked with his comment.

“Oh, shush you.” I playfully punched him in the arm and began to prepare for landing. 

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Why don't you like Leo?

oh ahha i usually try to hide it but i’m so bad omfg . i don’t hate leo or anything, he’s just fallen from the top and i’m quite bitter about how things turned out for him. and i’m gonna lose at least 10 followers for sure after this nugifbifjbgv

look i want so bad to love leo again, he was this incredibly beautiful and complex character, scared of his powers, blaming himself over his mother’s death, cracking jokes when all he feels is pain inside. i related to him so bad. this little kid is far from perfect. he’s annoying as eff, he flirts with most things female and doesn’t know when to stop, he can’t be serious, he’s way too hard on himself, he hides behind a mask of pretty decent humor, and guess what? he’s very insecure about his appearance, which makes him compare himself to jason and how heroic he looks = hence more self doubt and I LOVED IT. because this made him so real! and it was so refreshing! plus he always feels left out among his friends because they’re all couples, he kinda has the hots for a girl who is spoken for, and he does some pretty mean things to her boyfriend which he shouldn’t be proud of. he’s bitter and lonely and knows it, but he’s still his own joke-cracking self. and hasn’t everyone felt that way before? i remember a time when like three of my greatest friends all had boyfriends and i didn’t, and it was just weird hanging around all of dem happy couples together. leo felt that was too and i would read him being super bitter and annoyed and be like YAS. MY SON.

(also i had this major idea that the reason leo wanted a girlfriend so bad was to replace the woman he’s lost i.e his mom and i’d imagine him one day realizing that his mom still exists, in his heart and in his thoughts, oh the feels)

it’s pretty much because of that that i didn’t want leo to end up with anyone by the end of the books. because it would be stupid and contrived and just plain unnecessary. i figured that every book series needs that single protag to keep things real and i thought reyna, leo, and nico would still be single by the end of the book series (shows you how much i know, haha). 

but then in the house of hades rick screws shit up and leo meets calypso and falls in love in the most predictable way possible, ugh, and besides the fact that he knew her for how long, exactly? his obsession with her carries over into the blood of olympus, where he gabs about her all chapter long. and look all i ever wanted for these characters is for them to be happy but leo found happiness in the most cliche hurried way, ugh. it honestly became a pain to read his chapters and though i appreciate his slightly more serious side (as we saw with hazel at the end of the house of hades), jesus christ leo was acting like cupid had shot an arrow straight up his butt. i’m not even joking. leo just became this lovestruck puppy, and his only real goal was to reach ogygia and reunite with calypso, his one true love, after defeating gaea and “sacrificing” himself. the fact that his friends mourn him after his supposed death, while he whoops and kisses calypso, makes things much worse. and that last chapter was a nightmare, i ended up finishing the series with the most sour taste in my mouth. and see, what’s funny is that in the lost hero, i used to skip over jason and piper’s chapters just to get to leo, and in the blood of olympus, i would reach leo’s chapters and not even bother reading a word. and yeah, this probably makes me not fully qualified to answer this question properly, but so many other people in the fandom agree (i think). all in all, leo just had a super disappointing conclusion to what seemed like a very promising character arc. and i also think it sends a super wrong message: that you need to find a boyfriend/girlfriend to be happy. and oh mannn that’s not true. 

what should have happened: leo should not have met calypso. he should have gotten over hazel another way because yes, it can indeed be done, and he should have realized that okay, maybe he doesn’t have a girlfriend, but he’s surrounded by friends who love him and appreciate him for who he is. there are other kinds of love, and leo should have recognized that. he’s got a home in camp half-blood, he’s avenged his mother’s death and finally accepted that she would be proud that he’s survived all he has. he has a family, a real one, in both his friends and his half-siblings, and a father who is actually kind of sort of really proud of him. i don’t know about scrapping the physician’s cure, but if he’d sacrificed himself, he should have actually died (and the fandom could have headacnon-ed about him meeting his mom in elysium). he should have accepted that yes, there is darkness in him, but he’s got a gift: he can produce light, not only through the fire in his palms but also just by being around, being himself, being content. i think that would have improved things immensely. 

but i don’t know. what do you think?

p.s i’m sorry i don’t think i worded it very well tbh, but i think i got everything across. (i hope, at least.)

For Worse Or For Better

All of my things were packed for the weekend, I only had to write a small note before getting out of here. Michael and I basically lived with each other. Even though we both had an apartment, I was always sleeping at his place.

All of a sudden, I heard the door open and Michael was there with a little smile on his face. I awkwardly stood there, I wasn’t expecting him to be home so soon.

His gaze lowered to my bag on the floor before he found my eyes, “What is that for?”

I let the pen on the small table and walked to my bag, “I’m going back to my place for the weekend.”

He moved forward, pecked my lips and then took off his shoes.

“You’re getting tired of me?” He chuckled and I shook my head no as I picked up my bag.

“No, there is going to have blood escaping my vagina during a few days and I know I can be a little bitch when it happens…”

Michael laughed for a few seconds before he placed his hands on my hips.

“For worse or for better, all of that shit…” He mumbled, “I can deal with your shitty mood, I’ve done it plenty of times.”

I giggled, “Babe, we’re not married.”

He shrugged, “But I plan to marry you.” I felt his hands take my bag away from me, he threw it on the floor. “So you’re staying with me this weekend because otherwise I’m going to be very lonely.”

“Selfish,” I snapped with an amused smile, “that’s very selfish.”

He rolled his eyes, “I’m trying to be a nice boyfriend, bear with it.”

I wrapped my arms around his neck and hugged him, my head resting on his shoulder.

“You know that it means you have to deal with me being very mean and very cuddly and then back to a little bitch?”

“I should like guys,” I heard him mumble.

“You don’t get to say that,” I whispered.


“I don’t know, I feel myself getting mean,” I groaned as I pulled away from him. His lips were curled into a small smile, he found it amusing.

“This is the part where I have to keep myself from laughing?”

I nodded.

“For worse or for better…”


If Hisagi and As Nodt were locked in a room...

As requested by our-flame-never-goes-out. :) And also anon. ;)

[The wonderful maounosekai has already had these two encounter each other in comic form. You should check it out!]

What would happen if Hisagi and As Nodt were locked in a room to talk?

As Nodt: Hello, new friend.


Hisagi: Aren’t you one of the Quincy? I’m pretty sure we’re not going to be friends.

Hisagi: Your friends are killing all of my friends.

Hisagi: And that spiky mask of yours makes you look like a sea urchin. And I hate sea urchins.

Hisagi: So yeah. I don’t see us holding hands and skipping off into the sunset any time soon.

As Nodt: That is where you are wrong.

As Nodt: You and I are destined to be together.

As Nodt: And if you care about honoring your captain’s memory even a little, you will agree with me.


Hisagi: What?

As Nodt: Your old captain, Tosen Kaname.

Hisagi: What about him?

As Nodt: He told you to embrace fear.

As Nodt: I am fear.

As Nodt: Therefore, you must embrace me.

As Nodt: Or you must dishonor the captain you already stabbed in the brain. Your call.



Hisagi: I’m pretty sure that isn’t what Tosen meant.

As Nodt: You may be correct. We should ask him.

As Nodt: Oh wait, we can’t.


Hisagi: S-shut up!

Hisagi: Tosen told me to embrace fear to make me stronger!

Hisagi: I’m pretty sure you don’t make anyone stronger!

As Nodt: Is that so?

As Nodt: Tell that to Kuchiki Byakuya. Thanks to me, he and his zanpakuto are bosom buddies again.

As Nodt: Tell that to Kuchiki Rukia. Thanks to me, she has a bankai.

Hisagi: Um I’m pretty sure you didn’t -

As Nodt: I make people stronger. Which is only logical. Seeing as I am fear.


As Nodt: [holds out arms for hug]

Hisagi: No! I’m not hugging you!

Hisagi: Your argument is crap! And also how dare you use Tosen against me!

As Nodt: Are you trying to protect the memory of the guy you stabbed in the -

Hisagi: Yes. Yes I am. And if you knew me at all, that wouldn’t surprise you.

Hisagi: I guess we’re not “destined to be together” after all.

As Nodt: But I do know you, Hisagi.

As Nodt: I know the crippling fear you felt. Because I too have been crippled by fear.

As Nodt: I know the release you felt when you used that fear to make yourself stronger. Because I too have become stronger through fear.

As Nodt: I know how it feels to sense everyone around you staring at your face, because they think your chosen facial decoration is weird.

As Nodt: I know what it is…….to be lonely.

As Nodt: [holds out arms for a hug]


Hisagi: Um okay maybe one hug.

As Nodt: I am so happy to have you as my boyfriend. We are going to be the best couple ever.

Hisagi: …

Hisagi: I have changed my mind about the hug.

As Nodt:

As Nodt:

As Nodt: So close.

Little rant

If you get to see your boyfriend or girlfriend every day or even live in the same state as them but complain about being apart for a day or a week just stop. You have no hard it is to be apart from the one you love most in this world. You have no idea how blessed you are to be able to even see them as often as you do and to be able to hold them and kiss them whenever you want. You have no idea what it feels falling asleep every night cuddling a pillow or teddy bear wishing it was them. You have no idea what it’s like to not be able to be there on the worst days or to take them on dates or take their pain away. I would do anything to be able to see my girl every day or once every week or live an hour away. I would sell all my stuff to even be in the same state as her. If we had to switch place for one day you wouldn’t last a second in my shoes. And before you say “well you choose long distance, you choose to love someone far away when you could be with someone who loves closer” first off you can’t choose who you love. Second I would much rather love someone who lives farther away and actually be happy and in love and smile all the time rather than be with someone I see everyday who doesn’t get me and I have to force a smile around and act like everything is okay. I’d rather take the late night Skype calls and lonely nights wishing she was here and the moments I spend wishing she was by my side experiencing them with me rather than being with someone who lives close and holding their hand and still feeling empty inside or kissing them and not feeling a spark. I’m not saying your relationship isn’t hard because I don’t know your story but don’t come to me trying to make it seem your boyfriend or girlfriend being gone for a day it worse than me not being able to see mine.



Genre: Angst

Word Count: 862

Summary: You’re tired of Tae hiding your relationship in the dark.

A/N: Well it’s not my best work, but I’m happy with it! I felt the need to write some Tae because I have yet to, and he is my best friend’s bias, so here you go love! Have some pain. Hope you enjoy! ^-^

Originally posted by myeong-su

It had gone on like this for too long. You were tired of feeling like his dirty little secret. You understood where he was coming from at first. It would be difficult to manage your relationship if you were public about it, however you surpassed that point when you made two years together. Two years and no one even knew you existed, not in relation to Tae anyway. You could manage if the guys at least knew, but of course Tae didn’t want to tell them either.

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It’s a long way home
When you’re on your own
And your only friends are traffic lights

Michael was the type of guy who loved being alone. He loved being all by himself when he went to a record shop to listen to the records of the bands he loved; he loved drinking a warm cup of coffee with his earphones in, in a quiet coffee shop; he loved driving alone and explore places he had never seen in his life.

Although Michael loved being alone, he hated feeling lonely. Whenever he saw a girl with her boyfriend, or two friends walking around town just having fun and laughing, it made him think twice. Was he happy alone?

Whenever he went for a drive, he turned on the radio to keep him company because after all, the sound of music and the traffic lights were his only friends.

Yeah, the road is long
And I am tired
But you are my horizon
I will drive until it all breaks down

Then Michael met (y/n), the girl that made him feel complete. She was not perfect. No, she was far from being perfect but that didn’t matter to him. She was hope, she was everything to him. She made him feel happy and alive. At the end of the day, she was the reassurance that he was coming back home. He knew she would be waiting for him and he felt excited when he thought about seeing her again.

Spend my whole damn life
Trying to get things right
And for everyone, my mistakes
You gave me all these chances

He had messed things up with other people but that didn’t mean that he was going to mess their relationship up too. He had gotten into fights with his family, with his friends and that was the main reason why he was alone in the world before she had showed up.

Yes, they had fights like every other couple but in the end, she would forgive him. She knew he needed her and she needed him too. She loved him as much as he loved her. They had been made for each other, they were soulmates.

You’re like a sunray in the dark
You’re the beat playing in my heart
Keep me alive
On the edge of tonight, yeah

(y/n) was Michael’s last hope. If it wasn’t for her, he didn’t know what to do. She made him feel alive, she was the light at the end of the tunnel. He loved her so much that he didn’t even have words to describe how truly grateful he was for having her in his life. She was the love of his life and no one could deny that.

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Prompt: "Can I not leave you alone fOR FIVE MINUTES?"

“Oh my God. Please put them back.”

Jack made a stuck-up face from where he sat on the floor. “Why?”

“Because you are a 25 year-old man and we can only have one, not fifteen!”

Jack’s grumpy expression immediately dissolved when he looked down at the several puppies toddling around him, curious and excited. He grinned, blue eyes sparkling, and Mark felt his heart melt at the beauty that was his boyfriend.

“I know we have to choose one,” the younger man assured. “I just wanted to play with a few of them so they don’t feel lonely!” He picked up two in his arms at once and hugged them close to his face.

There was no force in the universe that could keep the smile off of Mark’s face now. “Can I not leave you alone for five minutes?” he chuckled. Jack grinned up at him. “Nope!”

Mark stepped over and kissed him on the forehead. “You’re too cute for me, you know that?”

Jack gripped the front of his lover’s shirt and pulled him back down to kiss him properly on the lips. When they parted, the Irishman smirked.

“I know.”