i feel like Timothée Chalamet


“I feel like Timothée Chalamet.”

None of the new members we spoke to liked the World War II drama Darkest Hour all that much — one said it “was akin to getting yelled at for two hours straight” — but they still gave Gary Oldman the slim edge in the Best Actor category, handing him one vote more than his young competitor, Call Me by Your Name’s Timothée Chalamet. Younger voters were less enamored. “I feel like Gary Oldman is the elder Academy choice,” said one director, and there was a notable age divide in the members we spoke to: All of Oldman’s votes came from members over 45, while younger voters broke decidedly for the 22-year-old Chalamet, who is considered Oldman’s closest competition. “[Chalamet] was the entire heart and soul of that movie,” said one young member, while another predicted, “He’s going to get an Oscar for the last shot in the movie … it felt like such a discovery.” Another member favored Chalamet over Oldman due to the nature of their roles: “I have always resisted the Academy’s impulse to honor imitation,” said the voter. “What Gary Oldman does is way beyond mimic, but Timothée created a person. That’s the thing that blows me away. I could never do that.” - Vulture.


• This was his favorite thing in the world. It drove him absolutely nuts when you did this, just as much as it did you when he would.

• It would mainly happen on couches. In your apartments, in your trailers, in your dressing room, even on top of your kitchen counter, a few times.

• It always started when he would kiss you, but his hands would snake their way down to parts of your body that you knew meant his mind was set on one thing, and one thing only right now.

• He’d keep his lips attached to yours as he tried to maneuver you two to the closest couch, and when you got to it, you immediately shoved him down onto it, and climbed on top of his lap as your lips captured his again, pulling his bottom lip in between your teeth as he moaned loudly against your lips.

• It got him so hot, so flustered, but so, painfully aroused when you took control. When you would pin him down, tell him that he’s not allowed to touch you yet, pull his hair, and make him squirm underneath you.

• But he also loved being in control over you. He would pin your hips down against the couch, as he would grind his hips against yours until you were so wet, he could feel it all the way through your shorts.

• He would whisper things to you, like “You like feeling my hard cock against you, princess?” “You like seeing how hot you get me?”

being a supportive girlfriend again.

P.S. i love you part one

Parings: tom holland x reader

Warnings: none yet


A/n: Oliver is played by timothée chalamet btw because I feel like that was a pretty good fit. Also sometimes I just read some of y’all a usernames and Scream at how funny they are

“(Y/n)! Get the last box to the car before we head off!” Your dad called to you as you helped your eldest sister Sophia pack up for college, college all the way in New York Where She would study abroad and only vist on holidays.

“Are you sure you have to leave us? I mean who’s gonna help me with chemistry?” You pouted as she brought you into a hug.

“Aww, Little sis, I’m only one FaceTime call away! And plus I’ll be sending you cute post cards of the Statue of Liberty just like you asked.” She winked as her boyfriend, Oliver, came waltzing into the room.

“Hey, were almost ready to go.” He went to grab the last box. Oliver was only over because your dad was oblivious to the fights that’s been going on between him and Soph. He was only here to load the boxes and then he’d leave.

“You know what? I’ve got this one why don’t you two just talk.” You picked up the somewhat heavy box grunting a little bit.

“Are you sure it seems a little heavy.” They both watched you try and pick up the box from the floor.

“Nope I got it!” You nearly fell over trying to pick up the box. “And besides I think Clary can help me out, CLARY!” You shouted for your younger sister to come up and help you out. “You two have fun now!”

Oliver wouldn’t be leaving for college, in fact he’d stay just like you only he’d be in his senior year and you’d be in junior year. Oliver had a hard time hearing Sophia break the news of leaving for New York, he was always sorta clingy wanting a woman who was right in front of him not behind a screen. Ever since he found out she’d be leaving it had been on and off.

“You know you really need to stop thinking about Oliver.” Clary spoke to you as she helped you with the box.

“Why would I be thinking about Oliver?” You asked setting the box down out side on the front porch.

“Because it’s Oliver dark brown hair, dreamy green-blue eyes, tall, loves to read books—ow!” You hit her in her arm to cut her off.

“Knock it off that’s sophia boyfriend and you know it. And besides I don’t have a thing for Oliver.” You rolled your eyes as your gaze fixed over to the house only three houses down, Tom Holland’s house. If anyone knew the definition of glow up they knew it’d be tom.

“…I mean it’s fine to have a crush on him—Wait? Who are you looking at?” Clary adjusted herself to try and see what you saw. When she finally saw she gasped.

“Tom Holland? I love the Holland’s! Paddy invited me over to their house after school on Friday so we can watch movies! What ever happened to you and tom being friends? He was the only boy dad allowed to sleepover!” She talked on and on until she noticed that you left.

You couldn’t belive it had been three years since you talked to tom, he had started dating Eva freshman year of high school. Eva didn’t talk to you at all in eight grade, she cut you off. When she started to date Tom she completely cut you off, no calls, no texts, you two didn’t even go roller skating after school on Fridays anymore.

Tom didn’t really talk to you either, maybe it was the kiss or something that night. At least tom didn’t cut you off, he knew you were Eva’s best friend at the time and asked if you wanted to hang out. Almost like oli and soph. Tom even wanted to hang out with it just being you, he liked whatching the power rangers with you on Saturday mornings. You two use to have sleepovers and stay up all night talking about your secrets. Until you could only assumed Eva told him to not talk to you.


“You know you don’t have to go, really! I heard that the states are kinda messy and hate anyone who isn’t American! Have you seen their president!” You tried to budge with soph as she stood in front of the security. She only smiled at you and hugged you.

“They don’t hate non-Americans, and I’m sure I’ll be fine!” She rubbed your back. “I want you to have a great first day at school okay? Branch out this year! Make new friends, join a sport or something, maybe get a boyfriend.” She wiggled her eyebrows.

“Yeah, yeah.” You wipped The fallen tears. “I’ll miss you.”

“Aw milky tea don’t cry!” She used the nickname she gave you whenever you put too much milk in your tea.

“Alright bug, time to go.” Your dad Pryed you off of your sister.

That was it. She left for the states, leaving You the oldest in the house. More importantly she was leaving you right before your first day of school where you would have no one really. Except lily, who was your best friend once Eva dichted you.

You couldn’t think things could possibly get any worse, first day with no big sister, not being able to drive, finding a job, everything couldn’t possibly get worse. Until they managed to get worse when Tom holland opened his mailbox on a Tuesday grabbing the junk and tracing his hands on a pretty lavender envelope with his name written in cursive. The second letter was already out. The first went to Oliver’s.

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moment to process that The King stars not one but TWO of my absolute acting faves...

…and they’ll probably have at least one emotionally overwhelming wordless scene where everything is communicated via microexpression and I AM JUST GONNA GO AHEAD AND DIE.

where is that-now-I-get-to-receive gif when you need it???

a shit post you didn’t ask for but always knew you needed

@thestarsaregivenonceonly , @elioperlmxn , and i have decided that Elio Perlman: Crema’s Resident EdgeLord™ is essentially the phantom of the opera

picture it:

ridin his bike BUT WITH A CAPE

spinnin’ around BUT WITH A CAPE

fuckin a peach BUT WITH A CAPE

gettin a nosebleed BUT WITH A CAPE

transcribing music BUT WITH A CAPE

falling hopelessly in love with the visiting grad student in the summer of 1983 BUT WITH A CAPE

do y’all see it now?? are we right or are we right?????


“…an ability to connect with Oliver and feel like a brother in some way.”

- Timothée Chalamet on what the star of David represents for Elio (6:55)
Right now, I feel like I want to jump into the most intense thing, work-wise. It appeals to me. I don’t know what would happen if I waited six months. It’s like what we were saying about failure creating freedom. After all this positive reception, I feel like I need to get back to failing again.
—  Timothée Chalamet - New York Times interview (x)