i feel like you'll enjoy this lol

paget is so good and pure and she still loves emily and her fans and i’m yelling because if she was like me i’d have said ‘so long suckers i’m out’ and never gone back or even entertained the notion of it.

we do not deserve her

Notes about Cara Delevingne.

Here are some general things I noticed about Cara today. Whether you read and enjoy these or not, I would like to keep them on my blog just so I can go back months from now and reflect on today. So on we go.

1. Sneakers really are her thing. Today she wore heels and nearly fell over herself at least three times.

2. She described her first kiss as either horrifying or horrendous. I can’t remember which, but they basically mean the same thing.

3. She’s very fidgety. Funny. Interrupts in the good sort of way. 

4. She looks great in black and white striped pants.

5. She chanted at Nat to take his shirt off.

6. She is everything I expected. And this sounds like an extremely dull (maybe even offensive) way to describe someone, but I mean it in the best way. Because she is real. She is herself everywhere she goes.

7. When someone is “mean” to her she pretends to walk off the stage.

8. She said her favorite scenes were the ones she didn’t film with Nat. Then went on to say all her scenes were filmed with Nat.

9. Regardless of what other people say, she was the perfect Margo. I read the book long before the movie was even in production, and she is everything I imagined. She brings Margo to life. And her acting was truly great. It was like I could feel every single word she was saying. Even in just the nineteen minutes of the film I watched, every breath she took stood for something. Every pause. Every giggle. She is Margo.