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Turn around

Also known as the punk!Au no one needed but I wrote anyway. Happy Percico weekend, and thanks @mother-of-jackson, I hope you enjoyed your story! 

(And in case anyone is wondering, yes, of course my punk Percy is Viria´s punk Percy. Just look at him. Hmmm.)

Nico shouldn’t be walking Mrs O'Leary this late, and he knew it.

“Always try to do it early” his father had said to him “As soon as the sun goes down, those delinquents start to gather around the parks like someone was handing alcohol or drugs for free”

Yeah, his dad was charming. But Nico was okay with enduring his dad’s bitterness towards the whole world because since his (adored) half-sister Hazel had moved out from Hades’ house  he only had to visit him in counted occasions. His mom said they had to keep in contact with their father.

Nico didn’t really care, truth be told. He liked his father, even if sometimes the man could be a little hard with his words and a bit boring in everything else. But this was the first time Bianca hadn’t come with him, and Nico and Hades had been forced to interact more than what they usually did. This break from awkward questions like ‘so… no boyfriend yet?’ was something he needed more than air, probably.

The relive of not having to answer questions about how pathetically he was handling his love life was worth a few minutes of casual punks looking at him mockingly, right?

Right. And if someone dared to approach him, he would just order Mrs O'Leary to attack, and done. She was so big she could just swallow the punk in question whole. Personal defense 101: own the biggest dog in the place.

But maybe -surely- his father had just exaggerated the situation. Nico wasn’t familiar with the night life of Long Island, but how bad could it be? Bianca and him had sometimes walked Mrs O'Leary pretty late too, and they had never had any problems. His father just generally hated humanity, specially the young part of humanity. Nico supposed that was why everyone found him kind of boring. No kids were allowed in Hades’ house, not even his own. The fact that Hazel had turned out to be such a beautiful ray of sunshine was beyond her two half-siblings.

Nico heard the gang before he saw them. In the park, just like his dad had told him, a big group of people were laughing, drinking, and generally hanging out around a bench. Nico eyed them curiously. They looked like the average punks who, unlike Jason and Reyna, wouldn’t have tried to convince Nico into not getting his tattoo on the back of his neck. Hell, the guy with brown hair, dirty t-shirt and teasing smile seemed like he would have probably told him to get it on his ass.

Mrs O'Leary found a nice spot for the most intimate part of her digestive process and Nico breathed out. They hadn’t seen him, and as soon as Mrs O'Leary was done he would turn around and call it a night. No need to anger his father.

He was taking the plastic bags out of his pocket when one of the punks  saw him. Well, not him.


Nico blushed bright red. Mrs O'Leary was big, and people noticed it -hard to miss, really, when she was huge enough to look like either a really big dog or just a smile tiger- but he had hoped the punks didn’t. The feeling of unease and small apprehension he had started to feel when one of the punks stood up and walked towards him vanished the moment he was able to look at his face. Because holy shit.

“Damn, what a cutie! Do you mind if I pet him?” The guy was already on his knees before he got an answer.

Nico’s mouth was very dry. Really dry. Holy shit.

“Uhm… s-sure but- I mean- it’s a she?”

“Oh, a she?” The punk started to pet Mrs O'Leary heavy head with both hands, and his voice high-pitched in that awful baby-talking way in which people talked to dogs, which Nico usually detested, but that right then sounded awfully endering “Well, but of course you are a she! The cutest girl in town, I might add! I’m a dumb ass! Such a beautiful lady! Who is a cute doggie? You! You are!”

By now the guy was almost hugging Mrs O'Leary, and Nico just had to point out that-

“Er, excuse me?”

The guy looked up at him for a second and Nico was once again unable to think. Those where the most beautiful eyes he had ever seen.

The dude didn’t look like he was going to speak any time soon, his face almost hidden in Mrs O'Leary’s furr and blue/green eyes staring at Nico’s face with a strange flash that was gone before Nico could identify it.

“If you… uhm… if you keep leaning into her to hug her you are gonna make both of you fall on her poop.”

Yeah, definitely a one-liner. Such ease. Such class. How come he was single again, with ice-breakers as smooth as that one?
His groan was not as internal as he had wanted it to be.

But apparently the guy found it funny that Nico was really bad at any human interaction that didn’t involved playing online MithoMagic or hanging out with his friends, because a sweet smile expanded over his face, making mohicano haircut, earrings and cut orange t-shirt look strange on him. And a second later the smile changed to a mischievous smirk as his eyes went from Nico’s face to the floor.

“Are you not going to pick it up?”


“You should do it. Basic civil behavior. We all walk these streets and all” the guy’s eyes were shining, expectant, and Nico suddenly knew what was going on. Oh dear. Was the guy…?

He bended over anyway, and picked up the remains of Mrs O'Leary dinner expertly. He had defeloped a pretty neat technic within the years. He tried to be fast, but his face felt even hotter than before because yes. The guy was staring at his ass quite openly, his lower lip caged between his teeth.

“Nice jeans”. His smirk did not say ‘jeans’.

Okay. Okay. He was definitely being flirt with. No false alarm here. Dark and handsome was flirting with him. Nico prayed to every deity he could think of. ‘Don’t let me fuck this up". The guy was standing up, and offered a hand to Nico, keeping the other one on Mrs O'Leary’s head.

“I’m Percy, by the way”

He could have told Nico his name was 'daily reminder that you are gay’ and he would have believed him, too.

“Nico.” He shaked Percy’s hand, and he felt his toes curling when the punk boy held it a little longer than what was strictly 'civil’. His breath caught in his throat when daring green eyes locked with his’.

This really shouldn’t be happening. Percy would only have a heavy make out with him -if they ever got that far- and then leave. Nico would more than probably never hear about him again. He didn’t enjoy those kinds of relationships, right?

Percy’s eyes were making him doubt himself a lot.

“Do you want to hang with us?” Percy pointed to his friends, all of then watching them both with amused smiles.


“Please? They are really great, I swear.”

Percy’s puppy face was strange. No one should be able to get away with a puppy face while rocking a mohicano haircut. No one.

“I really shouldn’t.” His father would be pissed. And he didn’t even know the guy. He could end up having his wallet stolen by the end of the night. Or he could end up raped. Or beaten up and raped.

But Percy had turned slightly towards Mrs O'Leary and was petting her with a dumb smile again, and hell, Nico was not made of stone.

“But I guess I do have an hour to spear” No he didn’t. His father would kill him if he was that late. But he was nineteen years old, and already in college, and damnit. If he wanted to be late, he could right? Bianca said he had to take more risks in his life. “Let me get ride of… this” The smelling bag went straight into the trashcan.

Percy’s smile could have blinded him. Maybe it already had. He celebrated Nico’s decision with enthusiasm and leaded the way. Mrs O'Leary stood up and followed him not caring about Nico’s opinion anyway.

“Traitor” He murmured to the dog “A few cuddles and look at you. Where is your pride.”

“Hey Perce, did you finally decided to introduce us?”

Nico ended up having way more fun than what he had expected. One hour turned into one and a half -although his phone had only vibrated once, so everything looked good by his standards- and Percy’s friends where surprisingly easy to like. Piper had looked between him and Percy knowingly a couple of times, but Percy hadn’t made any other move on him and while part of Nico was disappointed, everyone was so nice he didn’t really mind.

They talked about lots of things, and Mrs O'Leary ended up having everyone in the group in love with her. Even Annabeth, who wasn’t a very dog person or so she had claimed, seemed sad when he announced they should leave.

“C'mon man, stay for a little longer?” Leo begged with his arms around Mrs O'Leary’s neck. “Why can’t we keep both of you? I like you”

Nico smiled, and excused himself again. He really needed to get home, now.

“Okay then. Do you mind if I walk you home?” Percy offered with a small side smile.

Nico wouldn’t have been able to say no to that smile even if had wanted to.

They walked in silence for a long time. Every here and there one of them would ask a question or make a comment, and Nico couldn’t keep the smile away from his lips. They were about to reach Hades’ house and Nico joked about getting the 'do I need to meet the guy’ talk form his father. When he turned at Percy, teasing smirk still in his lips, he was staring at him.

Percy had shot him a few glances that had made his insides catch fire during the walk, but something about this very glare made his mouth as dry as when he had first seen his perfect face. He licked his lips on instinct, and Percy’s eyes followed his tongue like if they were in one of those drama TV shows Bianca loved. His heart skipped a beat, and suddenly he was been pressed against a wall, Mrs O'Leary’s leash falling from his fingers the instant Percy pressed their lips together.

There was nothing tender in the was the taller boy pressed his body against Nico’s, and there was nothing smooth in the way Nico pressed open Percy’s mouth, hands in his hair and nails caressing his skull. When Percy groaned, he chased the sound like a starving man.

He felt his back arched when cold hands held his hips in place and Percy’s mouth moved to his neck. This was hardly the first time Nico had kissed someone, nor would it be the first time he hooked up with someone if they ended up doing anything, but the way those lips worshipped his jaw, making their way down their neck made him claw at Percy’s arms. If he went a bit lower-

“Wait, is that a tattoo?”

Percy’s breath was ice cold against the now wet skin of his neck, and Nico had to gather all his strength to answer with anything but a moan.

“Yeah… got it a year ago. Eighteen and everything, you know”

“Can I see it?”

Nico only hesitated for a moment. His t-shirt fell to the floor and second later and Percy looked surprised.

“I-I didn’t… I wasn’t- we don’t need to do anything if you don’t… I was genuinely cur-”

Nico grabbed him from the front and pulled him in for another fierce kiss. Percy didn’t seem sure if he was allowed to touch Nico anymore, so he took his hands and guided them up his sides. When he broke the kiss, Percy was red and looked dizzy in the best sense of the word.

“The tattoo is on my back” Nico breathed as he rested his forehead against Percy’s “You only saw a bit of it. This way you’ll see it better”

He was about to turn around when he felt Percy holding his face in his hands. Confused, he looked at him. He had that same expression Nico hadn’t been able to identify in the park.

“You will come back, right? You are not just going to go back to your college and your friends and forget about me, are you, bright eyes?”

Nico heard his mouth fall open. Percy seemed to interpreted it as a 'of course I won’t come back’ because his hands lost a bit of conviction around his cheeks for a second before he snapped on a fake smug smile.

“But yeah, I’m also fine- more than fine, actually, with this been just some, you know- 'cause you are really hot-”



“If you don’t shut up and go back to kissing my neck right now I swear I’ll change my mind and never speak to you again.”

“Oh, that’s… Oh.”


(Six months later, Hades still refused to be formally introduced to Nico’s boyfriend, because 'no one with such a haircut would ever enter his house while he was still breathing and paying the bills’. Which was fine with Nico. Sally made some really awesome pancakes.)