i feel like we're a couple lol

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Sometimes I feel like we exaggerate their love, like that much love just can't be possible, do you think we're biased?

I don’t think we’re biased. I was very cynic when it came to love, I haven’t had the best of lucks in that department and I was one of those people who just went ugh no every time a couple stood too close to me. Then Harry and Louis happened. I remember thinking ‘wow, these people take this really seriously’ (lol) when I joined this fandom, I remember thinking that Larries got way too passionate while talking about their “ship”. Oh man, as if.

Their love is truly inspirational. I really believe that it’s the main reason it just drags you in, you know? You find out about their story and the stuff they’ve done and what they’ve gone through and it hits you, you understand why people watch romantic movies and read sappy books. We can have our cute headcanons and little fantasies about their domesticity and how their family will be like but reality wins, it’s the kind of story you would label as unrealistic and cheesy if you saw it in fiction.

They have such a level of commitment that I don’t even beging to understand and I’m older than them! They’ve been together for so long, they were so young but they seemed so sure, they talked about marriage and babies the same way couples in their 30s do! WHAT KIND OF ANOMALY IS THAT? THEY WERE 16 AND 18 AND THEY JUST KNEW, THEY JUST CLICKED. It just kind of happened.

They look at each other the exact same way they did, the same fond, the same GOD I LOVE YOU face and I just don’t get it, I don’t. They are so sure they’re forever they’ve permanently tattooed it in their skin, over and over again, for the rest of their lives. That’s some strong shit there, I really thought the farther you could go was getting a stupid matching tattoo but then you see these idiots with their god-knows-how-many ones and how convinced they seem and you just.

I don’t think we’re biased because there’s just no way, there’s no way that love isn’t as powerful as we think, you just have to look at them for 10 seconds. They mirror for god’s sake, THEY MIRROR, that’s a good proof of just how in sync they are. Anyway, I got sidetracked, the answer to your question is: yes, they actually love each other that much, they’ve made it possible.

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I had a crush on this girl since first grade. I thought about her often and decided to finally talk to her. We're 20 now and It's been a couple weeks or so and just talking to her makes me feel like a kid again (happy). And like, things are so awesome right now. She makes me so anxious lol and best part about is she's totally into me. Like we have so much in common it's unrealistic, she's like the girl version of me. You know, I forgot where I was going with this but your blog is pretty cool....

It’s very rare to find people like that, you are most definitely lucky. I’m very happy for you!