i feel like we havent really made anything for

i really loved this clip, but it feels a bit…idk lacking? like sana has changed her mind again about liking yousef. don’t get me wrong it was a lovely clip and i love their interactions and i’m in a slight shock that we got 22min of goodness without a single mention of willhell, but they didn’t actually talk about what has happened between them. they talked about religion and marriage which is great but they never talk about them, yousef and sana, as a potential couple. they don’t talk it out, they just have loads of misunderstandings and drama because of their lack of communication, and then sana figures whatever out on her own, and then boom happiness. yousef is never apart of solving their relationship drama, he just sort of shows up and reminds sana of how happy she is around him. which is great. but talk will ya