i feel like watching this movie rn

Thoughts on Wonder Woman that literally nobody asked for:

  • I loved the little girl and her face and everything she stands for omggg
  • That scene?? where antiope trains teenage diana?? and hippolyta enters all furious?? and these ~50~ year old sisters just fight and make up and agree?? SIGN ME THE FUCK UP MATE OHMYGOD
  • Okay but as brutal as it was to watch antiope die, for me it was actually worse to watch the beginning- where the bullet flies for the first time, and strikes an amazon who’s jumping behind diana- and diana realizes the true horror of what’s happening. 
    • Like to see the effects of war on this paradise island
    • was
    • heartbreaking
  • steve’s scene in those pools. I AM JUST——- [insert incoherent mumbling/sobbing/shrieking here]
  • Diana is innocent and shining and beautiful. I would totally die for her. She will make Steve believe in Ares with the strength of her own belief. That boat scene slayed me a thousand times over.
  • Coughs and slides into a puddle on the floor about diana saying, “baby” bc i have never seen such pureness EVAH it turned my skin clearer than a fucking transparent sheet of plastic.
    • just rip my heart out you little ball of wool and wanting and teeth, just tear it out, ohmygodddd
  • Also, ummmm, that scene. Right before Diana gets ice cream. bc there were sikh soldiers and SO MANY soldiers of color and I did not expect that but I was so glad to see them.
  • I- as much as I understand why steve and diana shared that night- didn’t really like it all that much. Honesttogod would’ve liked it better if they’d kissed on the tarmac. 
    • That said, the scene was shot. so. well. 
    • all dark and intimate and silent. PERFECTION.
    • Apologies to gifmakers though that scene must still be causing y’all nightmares lmao
  • “What I do is not up to you.”
  • ALSO ALSO ALSO: that scene where diana rides off with the horse- after the village- it was such a parallel to the scene in the beginning, where she’s a little girl and in the perfect world and everything is sunlit and bright and golden; but now diana’s raging and armored and fierce as any goddess, in a darker world; tired, and still, despite it all, lovely.
  • (Apparently if diana looks up and closes her eyes and thinks she’s at peace, everything will just become worse. This happens twice, jfc.)
  • “Maybe it’s not what you deserve.” 
  • “Maybe I don’t deserve it.”
    • Listen, I am many things but I am such a sucker for the way Steve Trevor doesn’t pin his hopes on Diana and walks away from her on that tower- he loves her; he does, but there’s no time for Diana’s crisis of faith here. And Steve tries to bring her back to him, but when she refuses- he has to go. He walks away. And he doesn’t hold it against her, because she’s from another world and another culture, but he doesn’t coddle her about it either.
    • And then Diana fights back and she fights forwards and Steve has faith in her even after all of it.
  • Diana knows paradise, okay? She knows paradise, she’s lived there for centuries. And Ares shows her this paradise and shows her what he plans and shows her what could be-
  • And Diana closes her eyes. Diana imagines.
  • And then Diana says, “I could never be a part of that.” and gives up her vision of paradise in favor of reality 
  • There was a meta talking about Diana wielding a sword and how it was the antithesis to her character bc it’s a masculine weapon and I’d just like to say that I went into this movie expecting to hate it and then that sword got fucking DESTROYED and it was such a cathartic moment
  • Chief and Sameer and Charlie resigning themselves to death. Together. Knowing there is no way out; deciding, eyes wide and open and hands clenched tight- they were shadows at the end, lit against flame, visible only through their silhouettes- and they just ripped up my heart into a thousand pieces I hate them all so much.
  • Chris Pine’s eyes have never been bluer than when he points a gun back at a cargo of bombs and swallows. He looked so young; looked so afraid; but he kept those blue eyes open and pulled that trigger and idk man but he is the son of my heart and I will never let him go, like ughhhh.
  • But tbph that scene where Isabel Maru’s mask rips off- was just. so- poignant.
    • beneath the plastic; beneath the half-human half-machine monstrosity that is isabel’s face; beneath this person who is a villain in the purest sense of the word- 
    • there is a scar.
    • there is fear, and loss, and just- mortality. 
    • And Diana sees, even in the depths of a grief deeper than anything she’s ever known, and she chooses not to kill Isabel. 
  • Diana chooses to kill Ares with his own power, which was an amazing choice. Also that scene where she fights him with the lasso on the rooftop? I will never get over it. NEVER.

So, like, this movie is fucking iconic and also fucking amazing and I am fucking ended ohmygod.

in locked with you.

member: park woojin
genre(s): high school!au, fluff, crush!woojin
summary: being locked in a classroom isn’t fun and it doesn’t help the fact that it’s halloween but maybe having your crush by beside you would make it all better. (requested - bullet point format)
word count: 1.7k

note: wow am i whipped for woojin or is it all of you? i think it’s both lmao but this is another requested scenario by an anon! this is to commemorate an event that i don’t actually partake in but i might as well lowkey celebrate it by writing about it..??? heheheh. it’s actually halloween now here in australia so imma write this as quick as possible lmao - to those trick or treating, have fun and stay safe!!

p.s thank you to the anon that requested this! it means a lot < 33

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An unnecessarily deep analysis of the string motif in Kimi no Na wa

I really need to write about this.

Written on the spot. Some research might be nice but aint nobody got time for that. Also I’ve only watched it once so my memory might be dodgy.

Please note this is primarily an analysis for my own personal enjoyment, not a review. Also the views in it are purely my thoughts and opinions


Kimi no na wa is a friggin amazing movie. Beautiful artwork and solid characters aside my favourite thing about the movie is its brilliant storytelling. And I am going to deconstruct it through the string motif rn because I feel like it.

The plot for Kimi no Na wa is basically the red string of fate, but reimagined and extrapolated in a very creative way. The red string of fate connects two individuals and brings them together romantically but here it is not only geographical boundaries that are transcended, but time itself. String itself takes on multiple meanings within the context of the film. This is summed up best by Mitsuha’s grandmother’s quote, which I cbf looking for rn. Rather than string, though, the emphasis is on the term “musubi"結び. The term we use for knotting thread also means connecting/linking/binding. You can also use it to refer to tying up your hair or fastening something. It also means the end. This (conveniently) flexible term is the basis for the whole story and you see this in almost every aspect of the movie.

The start of the movie is a bunch of events told in a pretty confusing layout. In addition to the main characters swapping bodies, some of the events aren’t even in chronological order. This was evidently intentional, not only for dramatic purposes but I believe also for structural reasons.

The film is set out like a bunch of loose threads starting with seemingly unrelated events: There’s a rare comet appearing in the sky; Mitsuha and Yotsuha make kuchikamizake; Mitsuha and Taki swap bodies…But as the film progresses, just like the weaving of individual strands to make a cord, the pieces start to come together. I think the moment this truly becomes evident is right after Taki drinks the kuchikamizake. This is also the moment Taki and Mitsuha’s worlds truly intertwine.

Mitsuha making kuchikamizake binds a part of her soul to the sake. Mitsuha and Taki swapping bodies are a spiritual connection. This act binds their timelines together. The foundations of human relations, most notably love, is also based on the same concept. The film takes the motif of string and layers it through the connections of multiple events through musubi.

But what I feel truly makes this film brilliant from a storytelling perspective is the creativity employed in extrapolating this motif, especially in regards to the comet and the hairstyles. 

The way I see it there are actually only two things that connected Mitsuha and Taki before the body swap. One is the comet. Three years ago Taki witnessed the comet that killed Mitsuha with his own eyes. The other is Mitsuha’s hair cord which is something like a time paradox. Mitsuha went to Tokyo to meet with Taki three years before he knew her. She hands him the cord in her hair and dies the next day but Taki kept her cord wrapped around his wrist for three years.

I’m going to start with the comet which is actually quite a complex symbol. I think everyone will interpret it differently so here’s my personal take.

My initial impression of the comet was something like a shooting star, because it granted Mitsuha’s wish to be reborn as a "handsome Tokyo boy”. Before watching the movie I thought the body swapping would be a miracle only possible while the comet was visible. When Taki and his senpai went to the Nostalgia exhibition at the museum on their date, they saw an aged photo of Itomori. That was my hint that Mitsuha was from the past. I didn’t expect them to be only three years apart though. I thought they would be a literal lifetime apart but then romance would have been near impossible without some bs miracle. Suffice to say, there was no miracle. Instead there was a goddamn tragedy.

The film’s explanation for the body swapping was that it was all to prevent this one disaster. Tbh that sounds a bit too far fetched for me. Instead I like the interpretation of the comet as an extension of the string motif.

When Taki learns the truth he attempts to turn back time by drinking the kuchikamizake. What follows is my favourite scene in the whole movie and it starts with a wall painting of the comet turning into a piece of string. With the visual connection I could then see the metaphorical connection. The comet is another form of binding the two main characters. The comet is closely tied to Mitsuha’s ‘world’ but Taki also witnessed the comet the day she died. Thus their worlds were connected. From a romantic standpoint the comet allowed two individuals to transcend time to be together (red string of fate parallel). But by killing Mitsuha the comet also destroyed the relationship it brought about. I think we can connect this to how the town of Itomori was made from a comet a thousand years ago but another comet ends up destroying the town and killing Mitsuha. Because of this I personally also think the comet represents time. Destroying what is created is basically time itself. Time is musubi. (Additionally, by overcoming the comet i.e. saving the town, the main characters overcome time and can finally be together, because Mitsuha’s lifespan is extended. You can see this as another take on the red string of fate.)

Mitsuha is metaphorically and spiritually saved by a string. I think it is important that in the timeline where she dies she is not wearing the cord in her hair, because she gave it away to Taki who she met in Tokyo the day before and who does not remember her. Her cut hair has multiple meanings. Originally I thought it was a sign of her giving up on Taki because he went on the date with his senpai (Tessie associates haircuts to breakups and I do too, at least in anime). Then I realised she cut it after she went to meet Taki and found out he didnt recognise her. While the “breakup” haircut interpretation still stands, ultimately I think she feels betrayed which is why she gives up the one thing she believes in, her connection to him, represented by the cord. This also becomes linked to her name, which she shouts at him as she leaves the train after throwing him the cord. If I were to continue with the red string anecdote, this is where the string is cut, fate abandons the couple and Mitsuha dies.

But it is the same string that saves her. Because Taki kept it for three years and it is how he remembers her even if he doesnt know her name. Once he learns she dies everything from her diary entries on his phone to her name in his memories disappears. But the cord doesn’t. And he passes this cord to short hair Mitsuha when they finally meet at twilight.

I’m going to digress for a bit to explain why I find this scene so important. The only time Mitsuha does not have the cord in her hair is when she is sleeping, performing the ceremony, the first time she swaps bodies with Taki, and of course right before she dies. The cord is a very obvious symbol of musubi. I also think the fact it changes form throughout the film is important. At the start when Mitsuha wears it she always puts her hair in a complicated bun with the cord in it. When she swaps bodies with Taki who cant make complicated hairstyles he changes the form of the cord by wearing it in a ponytail (though initially he did not wear it at all and made Mitsuha looked “possessed”). The hairstyle was an instant way to tell who was in Mitsuha’s body, and also became a representation of their relationship.

The cord starts to change forms drastically when the pair’s relationship takes a nosedive the day before Mitsuha dies. She takes it out of her hair and the cord changes from a hairtie to a wristband/bracelet. The form of “musubi” changes, from “doing up one’s hair” to a spiritual connection between the two. This is one way Mitsuha manages to live on, because just like the kuchikamizake, the cord is a part of her soul now.

Taki returns Mizuha’s cord when they finally meet. She has cut her hair but wears the cord as a hair decoration anyway. The red string is restored and its changed form represents a new step in their relationship. Throughout the film Taki and Mitsuha have had to compromise on each others’ lifestyles. Mitsuha’s new appearance seems to be a culmination of this: the boyish haircut coupled with the hair cord. She also gains Taki’s courage, seen when she confronts her father in a very similar way Taki did in her body previously. (Taki also experiences a similar change but it is not as pronounced. As far as I know he just got “kinder”.) This is musubi because their two souls have actually intertwined. From a romance perspective, I guess this is how couples change each other for the better.

And what happens after is classic red string of fate. Interestingly Mitsuha’s final hairstyle is a half ponytail. Analysing any farther would actually be overkill though so I’m just going to leave it as a design choice.

I don’t think I’ve conveyed even one tenth of what I actually wanted to say about the film. It’s so rich in symbolism just analysing it in my head was a ton of fun. Best film I’ve ever watched in my life. Definitely want to watch it again.

angelfairy24  asked:

I would love to know what was going on in that room before V came. I also believe that V interrupted whatever Jikook had going on. I think it took Jungkook so long to get dressed because he had to do the "quick clean". The quick clean means make sure nothing is in sight that would make people suspicious and start asking questions. Do you think V knew Jimin was in there right? Or did V maybe find after being im the room for awhile? Your thoughts?

I don’t want to speculate too much purely because there is a difference between what I imagine and what could’ve really gone down; however, since you’re asking……….

Tbh, Jungkook was most likely trying to hide the most obvious things and trying to tidy up his hotel room before V entered. I think he was also making sure Jimin was out of sight and that nothing was too out of the ordinary. I mean, did you see Jungkook’s nervousness??? the boy kept looking around the room and turning on lights and walking around. he was obviously hiding SOMETHING.
And the tae thing, I honestly don’t know whether he knew or not. he had texted Jungkook before, almost like a warning like, “bro, im gonna knock on ur door, better hide jimin rn or else” type thing, plus V wasn’t phased AT ALL when jimin said “you scared me” or when the door closed. So i feel he knew Jimin was in there. I just think he wasn’t expecting the situation to be like it was. I assume tae was expecting them to be chilling, watching a movie, or playing on their phones. but instead jungkook answers the door in a robe, lights out, music on and jimin is hiding in the bathroom. like……. taehyung mustve felt so awkward lmao…

…. I finally saw Wonder Woman

I wish I could articulate what I’m feeling rn but I left the theater half an hour ago and I’m still buzzing with weird happy energy

But all you really need to know is that I started sobbing about 2 minutes into the movie and didn’t really stop until the credits rolled

iKON - Friends with benefits

Request : Oh can u make like one of those friends w benefits thing for ikon? just like how would they be? Thx

so… a reaction, right? i hope i’m not wrong 😅 

  • B.I/Hanbin

Originally posted by ygboys-ot11

The boy is a very busy guy, so he probably wouldn’t come too often (no pun intended lol seriously), but I think once he visits, things would be rough and usually because he’s pretty stressed with work so you know, he needs a release.

  • Bobby

Originally posted by mvssmedia

I think there could be two possibilities here. Things could be very vanilla and sweet when he’s happy/in a good mood, and on other days when he’s stressed or just feeling wild… let’s just say you’d have quite the hard time walking for the next few days.

  • Junhoe/JUNE

Originally posted by secondleadclub

If y'all know Junhoe, this guy is confident and all and but when it comes to, idk, human affection? he’s awkward. So, I think he’d have a bit of the hard time when asking the person for the first time. Let him warm up though, things could get pretty wild later.

  • Jinhwan

Originally posted by hoemino

Would be kinda extra when he visits. He would brought wine, flowers, or maybe just food. I think he’s very affectionate, so if you don’t wanna catch feelings, just… beware. Also, don’t underestimate him, he might seem rather short, but I don’t think he’d go easy.

  • Donghyuk

Originally posted by ygboys-ot11

Donghyuk would be that kind of guy who looks and acts like an angel when y'all hanging out with friends or something, but I think in the sheets, things would be pretty hot. But, the same as Jinhwan, beware if you don’t wanna catch feelings, cause like what I mentioned, he looks and acts like an angel.

  • Yunhyeong

Originally posted by teambgasm

It’s hard imagining how Yunhyeong would be in this situation, cause he seems like an awkward and funny guy but is also sweet. I think he would make sure the person agrees without any hard feelings before actually doing it, and it’d be quite hard for him to keep it a secret from the boys since he’d be awkward and nervous when got asked. Would probably cook something after the sex tho. 

  • Chanwoo

Originally posted by ikonis

It’s even harder imagining Chanwoo in this situation honestly. It’d be pretty awkward when he first talk about it, and with him, I think it doesn’t always have to be sex, he could come over and just ask to watch some movies, or maybe when he needs someone to play video games with.

If y'all know a guy like Yunhyeong thooo (i’m really hungry rn actually 😂)

I have all the free! Tym spoilers saved in my likes but I just cannot bring myself to read them. I’m just like… petrified that it won’t be what I hope for and I also really want to get the full effect of watching it but at the same time I’m literally D Y I N G at bc my mutuals know what happens and I’m torn because I want to talk about it with them but also???? I just really want to watch the actual movie???? Help

missnobody008  asked:

Hey! Mind if I ask... What's your favorite music? Also, do you have any Klance songs recommendations? (It can be more than one!) I'm just... Needing some good music xD

I like a lot of music!
My favourites tend to be ones that make me feel like I own the room i’m in and just go hard af
i mean like, this is my youtube watch list rn so??? that kinda stuff rly just makes me go nuts 

or i like tender emotional ones that leave u feelin a bit empty
A whole load of 80′s stuff


honestly i’m just gonna dump a bunch of songs i like to put to all my otps here, wether or not they’re klancey is up to you

Semisonic - FNT  please god watch 10 things i hate about you it’s like, my favourite movie ever

Spin Doctors - Two Princes literally, my favourite song in the world, have listened to this repeatedly since i was like 10 and still feel joy every time

Alter Bridge - Wonderful Life not a happy song sorry but i put this to every otp i have and cry, think angsty character death fics

The Fratellis - Whistle For The Choir this is just a damn cute song

Passenger - The Last Unicorn again, not happy, really angsty, a love that never was, longing for someone else, one of my favs to sing

Of Monsters and Men - Love Love Love Possibly the angstiest song ever about a one sided love from the other persons perspective, very much a klance song from Keiths point of view. I have a personal connection to this song.

and because I can’t not include these CLASSICs

Angel With A Shotgun

Accidentally In Love

Ever Fallen In Love

Honourable mention: Snow Patrol - Dark Roman Wine not many people like this song but it gives me a certain tender vibe that sticks??

it’s about now I’m realising i specialise in angsty songs like I legit have like SO MANY song for otps that don’t work out/break up/never confess/one sided love etc

if u want angst then come to me i’ll set u up

anonymous asked:

More Jushiro Ukitake headcanons please? Some relationship headcanons?

I’m rewatching Bleach rn with my mom which is cool so I’m hoping I write Bleach a little better once I get back into the Bleach swing. I feel like all my recent Bleach writing has been awful so I hope these are okay! 

Jushiro Ukitake

•Modern AU Jushiro, or, I guess he could probably do this in canon verse somehow, would loveeee movie nights. Whether that’s actually going to the movies or just staying in with his s/o and watching something, he loves it. It’s so relaxing, plus, I could see him being a movie lover

•Loves napping with his partner. He need lots of rest given his condition. So if his s/o reminded him to take it easy and rest for a while, Jushiro would appreciate it. His s/o should lie down with him too and just nap every once in a while. Cute relaxing couple things

•Maybe this is super random, but I love the idea of Jushiro discussing Kido with his s/o. Like, he’s a Kido nerd he’s so passionate about it

•If his s/o had siblings, nieces or nephews, or little cousins, anyone like that, Jushiro bonds with them easily. Which is great for the relationship between him and his s/o’s family. And also, good for gauging how well he does with kids, if his s/o wants to know for future plans (((:

•PDA isn’t a big thing for Jushiro. Doesn’t matter who his s/o is, he just thinks intimacy is more meaningful in private. That being said, he’s not afraid to give his s/o a little cheek kiss in public every now and then. Jushiro thinks it’s nice to surprise them like that sometimes

•His s/o should just expect that Kyoraku is the official third wheel almost all the time. Which is fine, he’s a cool guy

•Jushiro isn’t easily jealous and he probably won’t be often, but he does find he feels a little anxious if his s/o is occupied with other things and not paying him attention. But this is only in extreme cases. Otherwise, Jushiro loves that his s/o has their own hobbies and is busy doing their own thing. It’s just that he feels a little down sometimes if he hasn’t seen his s/o in a while because they’re busy. Jushiro himself is quite busy, so if his schedule conflicts with his partner’s and they can’t see each other often, Jushiro has s/o withdrawals. Poor bb 

•Jushiro would like to get his s/o into meditation? It helps him de-stress a lot which is great 

•He takes anniversaries very seriously, so his s/o should expect him to remember anniversaries down to the very hour that he asked them out (or when THEY asked him) 


first episode is out for free but I am not gonna watch it as with how i usually do to most of the bigbang videos…… i tend to buffer them lol because i feel like if i watch it the magic will disappear really really soon…. also youtube red isnt available in my country AT ALL (except for movies; i checked) so unless someone rips it and uploads it somewhere else I wont be able to watch so i rather not watch it at all T_T Im actually really confused rn… I am going to leave it as it is. 

for those of you who have youtube red here u go! x

NCT-127 (+Ten) Reaction to you getting bit by a dog

*Warning strong language*

A/N: am I a biter? Did I steal this from someone else? It just came to my head lol…

(you can just skip the drawn out, unnecessary scenario)

You were over your friend’s house with your boyfriend and she informs you that she adopted a dog from the animal shelter. “Sammy!” She calls out and a huge German Shepard comes bounding from around the corner. The dog stops halfway between the three of you and his previous destination with a skid. He sniffs excitedly at the new smell invading his senses but then he begins to growl.”Be nice Sammy! C’mere!” She beckons the dog forward with zero caution in her actions. “Meet ____~” She encourages the dog towards you and your boyfriend. You laugh awkwardly with a sheepish smile on your face directed towards the dog. You hesitantly reach your hand out, forgetting to let the dog sniff your hand to get it a little more used to the scent and the dog snarls and quickly bites your arm.


If you’re panicking: Taeil would be overwhelmed by all the commotion but would still try to calm you down and assess the situation, giving you the proper first aid as he takes you to the hospital

“It’s fine, just calm down while we get you fixed up okay?”

If you’re calm: Taeil would ask you if you were okay and when you gave him an unsure and sorry excuse for a smile, he’d feel a bit relieved as he assessed the situation

“It’s a little scary that you’re calmer than me but I’m glad you’re feeling okay.”

Originally posted by xehunted


Panicked: I feel like Johnny would be extremely overwhelmed and would try his hardest to calm down but wouldn’t be able to gather his thoughts no matter how hard he tried.


Calm: Johnny would definitely still be overwhelmed but he would be a lot better at calming himself down. He’d deal with the situation similar to how Taeil dealt with you in a panicked state, not fully believing that you’re calm and okay.

“Babe, just take a deep breath. Everything will be okay.”

“Johnny, I think YOU need to take a deep breath.”

Originally posted by fluffandfluff

(just a warning all of these gifs are gonna suck)


Panicked: Taeyong would be in complete and utter shock. Not really overwhelmed… but more scared? You screaming and/or crying, the fact that the dog is still snarling and growling while being held back, the fact that your friend is profusely apologizing and also on the brink of tears, would all contribute to him being scared shitless. 

“Oh god… Oh my god. A-are you okay- *jumps at sound of dog barking*”

Calm: Taeyong, similar to how you’d be feeling, would be in disbelief. He’d be kinda confused and think that the entire situation was a bad nightmare and feel a bit dizzy by everything happening so fast.

“Wow.. um, are you okay?”

“I don’t know man. Are you okay?”

(sounds like being high lol but like the worst high ever)

Originally posted by taeyongd


Panicked: Yuta would be in disbelief but in an angry kind of way. Kind of like when you’re watching a movie and it seems all pleasant and then someone gets their head cut off and you’re like “Wait.. wtf???” Confused but fed up?? 

“I came here to have a good time and I’m honestly feeling so attacked rn”

Calm: Yuta would still be in disbelief but not angry. He’d just be 100% confused. Like… whet?? Did that really just happen?

“Yeah so… your arm is bleeding so I think it’d be best if we got the fuck out.”

Originally posted by nct-madness

(Just imagine Taeyong is the dog and Mark’s face is your arm and there’s blood)


P: Angry. 100% fed up. Yuta was 50% fed up at the situation when you were panicked but Doyoung? He’s angry at the dog. Like, did you seriously just bite my girlfriend? Do you not have any manners? He’d have a sour look on his face while he grabbed your arm to leave.

“C’mon ba- OH SHIT THAT’S YOUR DOG BITE ARM- omg srry let’s just pls get out of here.”

C: He’d laugh I feel like. Not on purpose, but on accident he’d chuckle a little and cover his mouth afterwards. He’d ask if you were okay with a pitiful smile on his face.

“Oh shit bro u ok?”

Originally posted by dovounq


P: I feel like Ten would cry. IDK WHY BUT I FEEL LIKE HE’D FEEL SO SORRY FOR YOU BUT HE DOESN’T WANT TO BE ANGRY AT YOUR FRIEND OR THE DOG AND HE’D BE SO CONFLICTED AND JUST LET A LIL TEAR SLIP. He wouldn’t be sad, he’d be overwhelmed and angry and confused to the point where he’d sniffle a lil and tear up a bit. He wouldn’t sob or anything and he’d be angry at himself for crying and not looking strong in front of you (even though you don’t judge him for it).

“This bitch”

“*sniffling* Chittaphon please don’t blame the dog-”

“No, I’m talking to this tear. I did NOT give it permission.”

C: I feel like he’d do a complete 360 if you were calm. You’re calm so he’s calm. He’d rub your back and be extra attentive towards you but only have the amount of panic that you do.

“Let’s get some ice cream after this.”

Originally posted by tenchittaphonsnose


P: This poor bb would be so worried. He’d be worried but protective. He’d wrap his arm around your waist as he walked you to the car, and well everywhere you walked together that day and he’d give you reassuring pecks and whisper little it’s okay’s and I love you’s.

“Don’t panic, okay princess? Everything will be alright.”

C: This sounds sooooo dumb but I think he’d do the exact same thing. He’d have the same amount of worry and he’d doubt it every time you told him you were fine. He’d think you were trying to hide it because you were embarrassed or something.

“It’ll be okay, I love you.”

“Listen here Jeffery how many times do I have to tell you-”

Originally posted by mintokkies

(lol he’s like yeah mhm ye right bih)


P: You thought Jeffery was worried well SICHENG IS ANOTHER STORY BOI. He would be worried but overwhelmed and emotional but he’d be trying to take deep breaths and calm down which was hard because you were crying and hyperventilating beside him. He wouldn’t cry but he’d be pretty damn close. 

“Okay let’s both just take a deep breath~”

C: Sicheng would feel sorry for you, assuming you were humiliated, or just in a lot of pain. He would ask 85 questions to make sure you were okay. He’d also apologize even though it was not his fault at all.

“Does it hurt? How do you feel? Do you need some more bandages? Does the alcohol burn too much? I’m sorry.”

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P: He would definitely be a mixture of P Johnny and C Taeyong, He’d be EXTREMELY overwhelmed but also in EXTREME disbelief. He’d not have the slightest clue of what to do next. Not because he’s inexperienced with people getting hurt and him having to take care of them but because everything was happening so fast and your crying and the dog’s barking and is the room getting fuzzy or is it just him? Yeah, you may need to call someone else.

“Mark? Mark we need to help your girlfriend out. Mark??”

C: Still in disbelief but more tame. He’d be a lil mad just a lil and you’d try to console him bc he definitely didn’t do anything wrong but hey it’s fine to be angsty once in a while. You don’t pester him but you keep in mind that he’s just trying to put himself in your shoes and it’s only pissing him off thinking about what he would’ve done.

“Me and that dog would be fighting.”

“Mark we would break up if you fought a dog.”

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P: I feel so bad because I feel like Donghyuck would only make the situation worse. Another overwhelmed soul except instead of not knowing what to do and doing nothing in fear that he will do something stupid, Haechan will do everything and not care whether he’s being annoying or making the situation worse. He’s not completely on board with the situation but he’s asking questions, grabbing things, and protecting you the best way he can.

“Jagi, here. Does that help with the pain? How many fingers am I hol- hey I’m trying to talk to you stop screaming for a sec.”

(He’s like every overwhelmed dad babysitting by themselves for the first time lol)

C: Donghyuck would’ve seen it coming and would be shouting it at the top of his lungs. He was nervous about the dog ever since it first came around that corner and now his girlfriend got bit. He’s frustrated at himself for not warning you.

“God- I knew it when I saw his beady little eyes!”

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im really feeling the dick is damian’s dad thing rn like he loves that boy so much and then Nightwing #20 comes along and fucks us all up real good and i know its been out for a while now but im still not over it and i will neVER BE OVER IT

and damian loves him too like dick is his favourite person in the entire world and just UGH just give me them cuddling together and watching movies from the 80s while damian acuses dick of having horrible taste in movies but really he loves them and

okay ill stop

#canon what canon #let me believe this is their relationship #just let me have this

You know what needs ending? THE FIRST ORDER, THE WAR, GENOCIDE. Is watching The Last Jedi gonna feel like watching ESB without knowing what’s gonna happen in RoTJ??? And then I’ll have to like wait two years for the third movie where they might do a RoTJ 2.0? Will I last that long? Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi (spinoff movie) you’re my only hope.

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1) Name/nickname: nickname- Arlis lolol

2) Gender: Female

3) Star sign: Pisces

4) Height: 5′3”

5) Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw

6) Favourite animal: Cats and horses, but I just like most animals

7) Hours of sleep: 6 to 12 depending on the day

8) Dogs or cats: Cats 😸

9) Number of blankets: One quilt and sometimes just the sheet

10) Dream trip: Japan, Iceland, Ireland…many more!

11) Dream job: Writer/artist lol

12) Time: 3:53 pm

13) Birthday: March 20

14) Favorite Bands: Alt J, Florence and the machine, The Wombats, Yeasayer

15) Favorite Solo Artists: Iron and wine, Hozier

16) Song Stuck In My Head: right now I’m listening to music so I don’t really have one song stuck in my head lol

17) Last Movie I Watched: Thor Ragnorok

18) Last Show I Watched: Harmon quest lol

19) When Did I Create My Blog: I feel like it was either late 2014 or sometime in 2015

20) What Do I Post/Reblog: DBZ, Vegebul, anime characters, art and writing, whining lol

21) Last Thing I Googled: Loki

22) Other Blogs: @galacticsanguine (basically defunct rn)

23) Do I Get Asks: From time to time! I don’t do anon so I don’t get too many.

24) Why I Choose My URL: Bc of my unnatural obsession with Vegebul lol

25) Following: 181

26) Followers: 1,298

27) Lucky Number: 7

28) Favorite Instrument: Mandolin, violin, banjo

29) What Am I Wearing: Big fluffy socks, a shirt that looks like a polar bear and linen pants lol

30) Favorite Food: a bunch of embarrassing terrible for me kind of food lol

31) Nationality: American

32) Favorite Song: My favorites change like the wind lol.

33) Last Book read: Bizarre of Bad Dreams by Stephen King

34) Top Three Fictional Universes I’d Like To Join: None bc all of my favorites are dangerous, horrible places lol.

I guess I’m supposed to tag 20 people but I’m also very lazy so I’ll tag 5 who can do this if they want to! 🤗:

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So my hands hurt from where I MAY have lost my cool and repeated punched the coffee table. In light of that, I’m going to watch Sweet Virginia and let the rage pass. 

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OK OK  OK I DON’T HAVE MUCH RN BC I JUST THOUGHT OF IT SO IT NEEDS ACTUAL FLESHING OUT (bear in mind i only watched the movie so forgive me asdfgh)

jeremy is obviously scott i mean

michael is ramona

jeremy and rich are friends in this au and rich is wallace 

jeremy: hey. this is my cool, bi roommate, rich.
rich: hi.
jeremy: he’s bi. 


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Not going anonymous bc this is so cool and I want to get notified lol I didn't know something as Schediaphelia existed.You just made my day Nina! I define myself as pansexual but seeing there's something like Schediaphelia is amazing. Because I myself can say I'm attracted to fictional characters more than real life people. I thought I was a freak and even my family is worried for not liking someone already and just being involved with anime characters (be it a girl/boy) I feel so blessed rn TY

Aaaahhhhhh that makes me so happy!!! Thank you for your message!!!
And I totally feel you!!
Before anime came back into my life I was totally into actors. As a teenager my mom always wanted me to go out and meet people and stuff. “Live your life now, you’re gonna regret it!”
I loved my life tho. I loved watching tv and movies and falling in love with those fictional boys. I didnt wanna change that. I didnt wanna go to clubs and such. I had a few dates but ughhh, I hated it so much. So I stopped pretending.
When I came out as ace to her, she was like “Yeah, I figured…” xD

Being different (no matter how) isn’t easy. I hope you will find your way and have a good and happy life with people who accept you for who you are <3


Macy reporting her position: 

I CAN’T REMEMBER SHIT FOR THIS EXAM and I will fail but , since i gave up on life long time ago, I decided to come here and  wish you all  a great day with lots of candy, ice cream, chocolate, and  JUNK FOOD .

If you’re having a bad time rn , give yourself a break, eat what you like, lay down, do whatever makes you feel relaxed,  listen to music, watch an anime, a tv series, a movie, or just look at the ceiling. Whatever.

You’re going to make it. 


Trust me.

*Mama macy off*

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fun ask: if you could talk to a member of bts who would you want to talk to and about what?

this is the hardest question i have gotten in a long while what is this :-)

‘fun‘ ask my ass

jk i think this is a fun question n id love to read other ppl responses to this too so pls comment on this ask if u have any ideassss!! ok? good

this can get long so..

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