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HWANG MINHYUN Messy Breakup Angst


anon asked: Minhyun Angst?

(this is my first angst thing ever its not v good im sry)

Summary: Minhyun “falls ill” and cancels on one of your long awaited dates. When (Y/N) decides to surprise him, she sees Minhyun, and he sure doenst look sick.

Your boyfriend was always busy. Whether it be work, school, events, work.

It was hard for you the two of you to find a chance to be together. So, you decided to work out a system.

“What do you say, we can plan out a couple days in the month only reserved for the two of us to have time together. This way I can see u at least a little" 

"I think that’s a great idea, (Y/N)” Minhyun agreed with your suggestion and everything seemed to be going well

It was only the third “fixed date” you two were having but that morning when u lazily turned off your alarm, you saw a text light up on your phone

Minhyun: Aghh fuck im so sorry I think i just got the fever!! I won’t be able to make it to the date today, i hope you’ll forgive me? I promise I’ll regain my energy and make it up to you soon though

You were a bit sad, but you optimistically thought of a loophole on how to still get some time with each other

“How about you surprise him! He’s sick anyways and lives alone,” you thought

Coming with your bag full of medicine and supplies to make him feel better, you used the spare key stored in the broken light to unlock his door.


You looked forward to see your boyfriend dressed normally with clean brushed hair.

“Wh-What are you doing here” he asked, startled

It was painful seeing the bad “I’m sick” act he was trying to pull. You let out a quick, but deep, sigh as you plopped a container of medicine and soup down to the floor

“I can’t believe you Minhyun. And to think, I thought I would actually come so you wouldn’t feel bad. I guess you don’t want to spend time with me huh” you couldn’t help yourself, how could you not be mad at him

“(Y/N), trust me it’s not like that” Minhyun nonchalantly assured you

“Then what is it? What’s it like?!” You said, starting to raise the volume of your voice a bit

“Come on, you don’t have to scream. I want to spend time with you, I promise, but I was just really tired- and oh shoot what time is it right now?”

“Minhyun,” you strongly said while shaking your head, “this isn’t a joke. I thought we agreed that we would find time for this relationship, even if it was hard. Do you even understand what I’m getting at here? Do you not have enough trust in me or something that you can’t even tell me the truth when you cancel?!”

“(Y/N) … Seriously can you stop yelling. I promise I won’t lie about our dates anymore so you can calm down okay?”

There was a small pause in the moment before you said “Wait, does this mean you lied about all our cancelled dates”

“Okay fine, yes. I get it I’m sorry! But i don’t understand why you’re being so clingy right now, I just get tired and don’t wanna go on dates sometimes. It’s no big deal I already if I said I would stop. Plus, you have my permission to hang out with Minki or whoever you want when we can’t go on dates”

“You give me permission? What am I, an object? What’s your fucking deal?! What bothers me the most is you never give a shit about me hanging out with other guys, ever”

“well, I know you aren’t gonna go for them when you have me. can you stop being ridiculous, we can have our date now okay“ Minhyun rolled his eyes as he slowly bit one side of his lips while sighing, as if he was trying to control his temper

you felt sournes surge over you you heard everything spill out

“Minhyun … “ he could obviously tell he was upsetting you

“(Y/N)” He groaned, before continuing

“Come on, don’t be sad, I know you’re sad over this whole date thing, but this is getting out of hand will you fucking forgive me now?? I’ll treat you to sushi or whatever“

You could feel the cold blue veins of your wrist start to pop out as his words filled you with more and more rage. Now you understood why so many dates were cancelled. Doesn’t a relationship need effort coming from both sides?

A part of you wanted a different response. Wanted Minhyun to genuinely apologize and tell you that he loved you. But he never responded that way

Clenching your teeth and trying to control your eyebrows from furrowing boiled your insides even more. Interrupting Minhyun’s sentence mid way, you quickly grabbed your bag and turned away to walk out.

Minhyun let out a scoff, then tried to grab hold of the bag to get keep u inside. But before he could, you yanked it by your stomach so his hand was just barely out of reach.

You saw him open his mouth to start yelling nonsense again but before you could hear the words, you slammed the door and quickly walked to your car. You needed him out of your life, you should’ve listened when your firends said it was a toxic relationship.

The last thing u heard before turning up the radio noise was Minhyun opening the door yelling for you to come back.

Without shoes on, Minhyun stood in front of his house screaming words you couldn’t hear. Before leaving him, you purposely made eye contact with him one last time. It wasn’t a sweet goodbye. It was a deep, intense look laced with anger that said leave me the fuck alone. What can you say? Actions really do speak louder than words sometimes. He wasn’t getting another chance with you, ever

aghh thank u guys so much for reading my first angst scenario ever! As you can tell this angst is more description rather than dialogue focused? Lmk if u would prefer more heated dialogue???? I didn’t include any crying because I thought I could save that for another angst? Please give input on what u thought whether it be positive or constructive criticism! I appreciate both just as much

Requests are still open so if you liked it feel free to ask for anything else!

(Also I wrote this on my phone’s notes before transferring to tumblr and I usually write on my laptop so pls excuse any weird parts)

i think haru and ryuji would be really good friends actually..

ryuji’s earnest, hardworking, friendly, and very loyal. no matter what he does, he’s always doing his best to remain true to himself and his beliefs. he might be kinda dense but.. he genuinely wants to do good and help out his friends.

i think haru would appreciate those traits a lot and she’d need a bit of time getting used to how honest and friendly ryuji is because 1) she hasn’t really had any friends whatsoever prior to the phantom thieves 2) she’s used to interacting w/ ppl who are nice to her because of her father and her being the heir of okumura foods and ryujis.. just.. the opposite. ryujis a really bad liar and hes like.. the guy u can tell anything and he’ll listen and just.. not really be efficient for any rational advice abt how to fix it but very efficient in like showing concern and support ?? i think haru would appreciate those qualities a lot?

the beginning of their friendship is a bit tricky because neither doesnt really know how to interact w/ each other? and harus distrustful nature makes it trickier.. however, i feel like they’ll bond over something like. that they both like action + horror movies and from there their convos become far more relaxed and friendly??

hey not that im very involved in this narrative but can u imagine the response taylor’s vid would b getting if it was released by a male artist like im just remembering when the blank space vid dropped and the guardian wrote this article like “this video is groundbreaking… NOT!! its only groundbreaking if ur dumb and 11yrs old the rest of us… are too sophisticated™ to appreciate this hack job” and like hmmmmMmMmmm I feel like… if a male artist released a vid that was so self aware and self referential and broke the fourth wall and was both an actual music video and a parody/satire of the same and with previous personas interacting ?? in that way ?? and with THAT level of production value then it wud be lauded as… yknow… actually groundbreaking… not just mocked…

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Do you think Caravan could be about Graham too?

okay anon. u basically asked me to do an in-depth lyric overview of caravan to check if this is about graham bc i love over-analyzing think tank bc im just extremely passionate about both this album and blur… So Here We Fuckin Go.

“ Caravan is lost
In the sun and the dust
No-one loves you
When you are lost. ”

whooooooo boy, right. to start off (my very out of the blue guess,) is that ‘caravan’ signifies graham himself (we all know that damon often places objects + areas as a replacement for what he’s really singing about, just to cover up what the actual songs meaning may be. an eg. is ‘the magic whip’ and how damon outright stated “i use hong kong as a symbol or metaphor of sorts, often when i regard hong kong in this album - i’m probably talking about mine and graham’s relationship in one way or another.”)
he’s singing about how the caravan is lost in the sun and dust, and he may be talking about how graham is lost after alcoholic issues but i’m starting to think this line may be about himself (so get rid of that ‘graham is the caravan’ sort of theory for these few lines), and the reason i think he’s singing about himself is, he was out in the ‘sun and dust’ when he recorded + put together think tank (he was in Morocco when he recorded a majority of the album’s tracks) and how he’s ‘lost’, with the recent, unexpected split of the band because of them feeling unnatural around each other after graham’s alcohol rehabilitation sessions. 
‘no one loves you’ is clear self depreciation on albarn’s part and this is probably, again, regarding the fact, that now graham’s gone - it feels like a part of blur is missing and that (and this has been stated many times by damon himself, both jokingly, and seriously) graham was the member he felt the closest to, and most likely, most ‘loved’ by. now that coxon had left, it could be argued that his disappearance was rather random (the hostility between the band members were apparent yes, but i wouldn’t think that damon would’ve expected graham to leave without any clear warning), and it had made damon feel as if he was alone for the first time on his long-running music journey -  therefore, he felt as if he was empty and running on just purified angst itself, leaving him believing that no one really loves him anymore.
then it goes back to ‘lost’ again, joining on from the last line explaining that no one loves you when you’re lost, now this could be talking about either no one loves him/nothing feels the same because he’s simply lost without graham in the band - or this could be talking about graham himself and how damon had lost his respect and admiration for graham after alcohol addition altered his personality drastically. it could be the opposite again, and it could be talking about no one loves him because of his own addition problems, contrasting off of graham’s alcoholic issues and instead bringing the light onto his own problems, thus again, being rather revealing and self deprecating. these are all vague theories and i’m not entirely sure which one it would all link up to, but for these sets of lyrics i think damon was picking at himself and uncovering his own issues with the split and how truly disconnected he felt about the situation.

“ Yeah I’ve been a clown
Trying to pull my whole world down
I thought I was strong
But you are the one. ”  

i think these are fairly obvious lyrics to delve into, “ yeah, i’ve been a clown ” is blatantly talking about how damon had been arrogant and awfully stupid in the past - back in the 90′s he was known for being a ‘pretentious pretty boy with opinions more superior than everyone else’ and he’s taking a dig at himself, yet again. this is not strange (as he’s had a go at himself in songs before, like in dan abnormal for example) but these lines are a completely different tone altogether. dan abnormal is funky, silly and all over the place, possibly even satirical and caricature-ish but this song is sung so mellowly, a croaky, hurt tone over droning backings that only escalate the feeling of hopelessness that this album already conveys flawlessly - he’s realizing and admitting his past mistakes and it’s putting him through a hell of a lot of agony. you can hear it in his voice as he sings, this line is sung like it’s a lie he’s known for years that he’s finally admitting to. 
the next line is quite hard for me to fully get but i think, it’s just saying how self destructive he’s been to himself beforehand, which lead up to the eventual leaving of coxon and untimely ‘death of blur,’ his whole world, in retrospect, was the band, and he’d finally ruined it, pulled it down, making it a three-piece that he’d refuse to regard as ‘blur’ and only see as a sort of rip-off without graham.
“ i thought i was strong ” is a blatant line, he thought exactly that, he thought that he could handle pop-stardom and being a celeb without cracking, without giving into corruption, but he ‘thought’ that, he now knows that he couldn’t, hence why it’s in past tense - and he follows up that line with one regarding graham, “ but you are the one. ” he’s saying how graham is, ultimately, the better and more intellectual man - who is stronger than himself, because he left and decided to move on with his life - get on with solo projects and do things that he wanted to do, instead of being caught up with childish nostalgia from when they were younger, of which caught damon in an emotional trap. not to mention graham, at that time had started to get over (?) his alcohol addictions while damon was still struggling with heroin and other substances at that time, again, this is all very revealing towards damon’s seemingly undying respect for coxon, and how he’s openly confessing (or at least in theory) that graham is better and much stronger than himself.

“ And when it comes, you’ll feel the weight of it
The weight of it ”

okay this is definitely one of the less clear lyrics, but i think what damon is specifying when he sings ‘when it comes’ i think he’s singing directly to graham and the ‘it’ signifies the emotional hit of the fact that they were previously so close since they were extremely young, and they even saw each other as step-in brothers and best mates that were seemingly inseparable at the time. the ‘you’ll feel the weight of it’ is again, directed at graham, saying that he’ll feel all of the emotions now they’re so distanced and so alienated towards each other, the weight will strike him down and make him realize that damon wants him back into the band, and the memories alone might possibly persuade him to rejoin.

“ And the day will come,
And you’ll get away from it, away from it. ”

this is the opposite of the last line really, prior to the last line which tried to hook graham into joining the band again, this line is saying how one day graham will forget about blur altogether and move on completely without any remnants of damon and the others plaguing and guilt-tripping his mind. he’s singing about how graham will move on and possibly get a normal life with a proper family, away from the old. constant bombardment of paparazzis and fake, regurgitated stories within pop-centric magazines. he could also be singing about how he, himself, will eventually, too, escape all of the pop-culture music madness and live a life of tranquility after everything.

“ Sometimes everything is easy (x2). ”

I think this is blatant sarcasm on damon’s part, but not the type of sarcasm that can be laughed at, it’s cruel and it’s obvious that nothing is easy to him throughout the making of this album, or it may just be that he is finding everything easy as he’s ignoring everything and going by like nothing is wrong, repressing his emotions about the situations happening around him. if you listen to the way this line is sung in particular - it’s drawled out, and has a saddening quality upon it that is overtly noticeable with this lyric especially, it feels so darkened that it almost sounds zombified (with the abundance of la’s following this line making it seem more disturbing and depressing, the echo effect additionally added onto said la’s only add more so to this whole song’s very forlorn nature.) which may hint to why ‘everything is easy’ to him now, he’s a shell of his former self with his emotions buried deep down so that he doesn’t have to feel so angered and upset with himself. damon in this song, in this lyric, sounds truly disconnected from the happenings around him, dulled, shaky, blunt, he’s lost, as stated in prior lyrics, but it seems as if he may be okay with that, according to this lyric here - because his loss of connection has made everything turn easy for him. he’s emotionally lost, but that’s okay because now he doesn’t feel at all, everything’s (excuse the unintentional pun here) a blur, and that’s good, because everything is simpler to him now, he doesn’t have to try.

“ I try to quit,
But my heart won’t buy it
I got family,
But caravan comes back for me. ”

The “ I try to quit ” line, personally I think, is regarding either of two things: drugs, or blur itself, the more obvious choice would be drugs, as trying to quit does sound like he’s talking about an addition, but blur could also be seen in the same light, a mental addition, he feels as if he can’t leave because he’s apart of the band and the band is apart of him, his heart won’t allow him to leave, he’ll always be in blur whether he wants that or not. His heart won’t buy into leaving blur because he still has faith in the band, he has faith in that it can still carry on, but with graham’s absence, the “ i try to quit ” line makes more sense - he wants to quit because it no longer feels like the blur he knew, it’s all jumbled because of graham, a major player within the band, who had left - but his heart just won’t budge. he still wants to stay with the band even if graham has gone, it both means too much to him, and he feels obliged to keep it going for the fans and the recalling of memories alone. 
“ i got family ” is another blunt line, he has a family at home, he has a life away from band practices and late night gigs, he can’t keep up with that sort of life anymore - or he can, but he’s blatantly stating that he has a family, he can’t constantly leave his own family by themselves 24/7 because of his secondary commitment with the band. then the “ caravan comes back for me ” line is added on, it isn’t so clear - the definition for caravan in this lyric probably is regarding the band yet again, ‘the band comes back for me’ thus hinting towards maybe he has to sacrifice family time and bonding with his child and wife to replace it with the band sessions and making albums, blur always lingering at the back of his mind, even if he truly does want to escape it and live an average life, it’s always there and it’ll never go away.

thats the end of the theory, other lines are repeated ( “ And when it comes you’ll feel the weight of it, The weight of it And the day will come, and you’ll get away from it Away from it, Sometimes everything is easy” ) but i don’t think i need to repeat those definitions / my thoughts & theories on those lyrics again, although i will admit, the fact that it ends on the exact line that i said was the most drawled, zombified and saddening, really resonates with me, and reflects how this song is just downright depression from start to finish - it regards addition, emotional repression and the conflicting feelings surrounding the band at the time. short answer: yes, this song is about graham, or at least, influenced by graham’s departure from blur - not everything about this is about him although, it feels, to me, like quite a personal song for damon even though it is rather vague. summed up, it’s all of damon’s angst emitted into one (of the many) song(s) upon think tank, with some of the lines most definitely directed at graham.
this is just my theory and i could be completely fucking wrong, but i had fun writing it and going into so much depth, hopefully you’ll read it and like it, or understand where i’m coming from, thanks for this question haha!! (i stg i could write a detailed theory paper about think tank as a whole that would be a thousand pages long lmao. this album really gets my writing/theorizing sense going, so again, i have to thank you! this was a fuckin ride and a half to jot out.) 


Cassia Amaquelin & Maximus Boltagon

“Don’t you want to know what you’re truly capable of?” Maximus asks softly. “Here, you’re barely more than a human. On Earth? With their vast oceans? You would be a Goddess, Cassia. You could be a Queen.”

He doesn’t say what they both know he’s thinking: “You could be my Queen.” The words hang in the air between them, unspoken, as almost as heavy as the choice she now has to make.

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"The previous book can be found here" I am so goddamn proud of you both! I want to cover you in a blanket made of all the compliments in the world and hug you tight while you sip the most delicious drink of your choice because I appreciate you and admire you and your writting so much. You r the real writers and it feels like you know exactly what u r doing and where and wich word should be to make the great effect. I love you. Also the new chapter is spectacular. (gosh do I love crying ahhh <3 )

Awwwww, nonnie!!! <333 That’s the sweetest thing EVARRR!  I’m so touched that you’ve stuck with me and @l0vegl0wsinthedark on this adventure. WE LOVE YOU TOO AND THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

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Read your earlier Character Guide post, and there should NEVER be a second where Trishelle feels like she's anything less than the best. As someone whose followed you for a while, and got a bit of insight as to what you've gone through both IC and OOC, I want you to know that there are those out there who support both the mun and muse, no matter what. We LOVE you.

There are barely any words I can even use to describe how thankful I am for your kindness!! Thank you so much, Anon, and I appreciate you, whoever you are!! I’ll continue doing the best I can!! ; u;)b

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OK SOMETHING I LOVE is that you're not afraid to explore different aspects of both di and cin's characterization ! like theyre both scary but you make sure that it's not a one-dimensional scary if that makes sense both of em have feelings and internal conflicts and that makes them feel really realistic and tangible to me !

1 thing u like abt my chara(s) / accepting !


not miz kata doing it to me ! thank u i appreciate u saying / noticing that ! i uh, jus find det important bc if they don’t feel realistic how anyone gon be scared they gon grab ‘em, so i’m glad they feel real to you !

featuring sub par handwriting, smudged ink, poor lighting, and lots of cross-outs…a short thank you to some of my favorite people in the studyblr community! I’ve been having a bit of a rough time lately & some mixed feelings about tumblr and general self doubt / lowkey existential crisis, but these are people who have touched me with their friendliness, kindness, and support.

@studyingwtf oh my god Meadow words can’t describe how grateful I am to have you as a co editor in chief you are literally the greatest coworker I could have asked for. we have so much in common, you’re so helpful and really a fantastic person, and I just can’t! you’re my actual favorite ❤️

@studybuzz, ur my banana + my Smol and I love being able to help u out and ur so incredibly helpful ?? AND TALENTED holy crap I can’t get over how good you are at graphics and writing ur a double threat

@areistotle Elle you are actually so nice and helpful ?! I love our golden trio and the little convos we have in the groupme when Jo is asleep because time zones

@muji-princess because you’re so sweet & and you call me ur role model and I can’t get over that

@studyign I feel like we are the equivalent of school friends who get to say hi once in the hall and have half a conversation every other day because we are both so busy, but ur such an artsy dork + I’m so glad you know my name ;]

@365text Annie u know everything there is to know about design I am literally in awe of you, and you are the definition of sweet and helpful

@studyplants my flower child you know I adore you!

@etudiance SUPER AZA I’m so glad we can commiserate now lol and you’ve always been so patient and friendly and I really appreciate it xo

AND ALL THE ZINE STAFF: WE DID IT WE MADE IT TO THE FIRST DEADLINE I am so relieved, so amazed, and so humbled that we all made it here and you all came through in the last hour and everything came together! we have a long road ahead of us, but I can finally breathe a little knowing that we picked such a good team.

AND MY ACADEMLETS you guys are so nice and I’m so sorry I’ve been shit at answering messages but I am determined to take some time to answer them this weekend.

ALRIGHT IM DONE goodnight ❤️

im supporting the no control thing bc i think its a nice thing for both the fans and the boys. but ive seen a lot of people on my dash today shitting on liam like he doesn’t deserve equal credit in the making of this song and calling him stupid and putting him down all in favor of lifting louis up and i dont think thats okay

u can do what u want to try and make louis feel appreciated but i dont think it solves anything to do it at the expense of the other band members