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i JUst saw you were in the Merlin fandom so uh maybe a Merlin AU with Nico as Authur and Will as Merlin (But he kinda specializes in healing magic and like brings Nico back from the brink of death all the time )

  • will visits the market closest to the di angelo’s castle once a week probably and one time while hes there he gets caught in the middle of the knights’ training and a couple of the knights start trash talking him for getting in the way and literally the one thing that will says back is essentially calling nico a 12 year old and nico basically responds with ‘pal you better not show your face here again got it’
  • and wills ready to get the heck out of there but he overhears someone plotting to crash the king’s dinner that night to kill the prince so wills like “ok guess im also gonna crash that dinner and use my magic to stop that from happening hopefully nobody sees me”
    • thankfully instead of ending up getting burned at the stake for practicing magic inside the kingdom, will gets rewarded for saving the prince (who turned out to be that jerk hanging out with the knights at the market) and the king offers will the position of nico’s servant/bodyguard
    • will gives his fakest smile and is like “yes thank you thats totally what i wanted to come out of this situation please dont kill me”
  • so will has to wait hand and foot on nico the total jerk and thats not even the biggest problem!! bc nicos super against magic users and has no idea how to be polite!! so he keeps ticking people off and getting on their bad side so they come back to try to kill him!!! and ofc will as the bodyguard has to keep getting him out of trouble
  • will manages like 2 years of saving nicos life over and over and somehow never gets caught even when hes using magic literally constantly, and over time nico stops acting like a complete and total jerk??? at least to will???? like sometimes he still does but will can tell its just teasing and they sort of develop,,,,, a relationship??? almost??? theres feelings there but they cant say anything to anyone and can only act on it in private
    • hazel’s the only one they can talk to bc theres no one nico trusts more than hazel they tell each other everything (except for the fact that hazel also has magic???? her and will bond over that and nicos always confused about what they could possibly have in common)
  • nico ends up way more hurt then ever before once bc someone managed to get him and will separated and when wills finally there to heal nico he’s too afraid to let nico fall asleep bc hes too injured and what if he doesnt wake up??? but he has to heal him asap or hes gonna die real soon
    • so wills like “nico u need to listen to me very carefully im so sorry i never told u but i have magic and thats how ive been healing u all the time and thats what im gonna do now so please dont be angry im doing this bc i love u and if u dont let me then youre gonna die so please just hang on ok”
  • he gets nico healed and gets him tucked into bed and he sleeps for like 2 days and when he wakes up he makes will get in the bed with him and will thinks theyre gonna cuddle but nico hits him bc how dare will never tell him he had magic did he really think nico would have him killed????

now i wanna rewatch merlin so thanks for that but im in the middle of a voltron rewatch so,,,,,,

thanks for the suggestion!!!! i hope this is what you were looking for!!!

drop an au in my ask and get a list of headcanons

no more please!

stardom is the worst

hello i used to be a topp dogg fan in korea and i have a lot of sources for information, i don’t want to out ppl who helped me or stuff i overheard but if u use ur mind i’m sure u can put it all together yourselves.

im just really sick of stardom’s shit.  this really is maybe the worst ent company in korea and because td members are stuck there they dont get an opportunity to showcase themselves, they’re constantly stuck with the “nugu” label and i guess watching yano and kidoh be not only swept away but spat on by former stardom trash themselves i have had it up to here with their shit.  yes it is worse than you think it is, even if you already think its bad.  i tried to highlight the real red flags instead of just the general side eyeish nugu fare like pimping the members out on dates with fans and seogoong and the whole under dogg thing so yea those also happened but the things im gonna talk about are like driving down the wrong side of the highway concerns that truthfully scare me

i was inspired to write this not just by mino on smtm, former stardom trash who now seems to think he’s better than people stuck behind the bullet he dodged so shoutout to mino…u piece of shit… , i was also inspired by the ticket sales for their european tour leg which is in dire straits.  i am so sorry if this hurts their fans or hurts the boys although it really shouldn’t, i hope exposing how shitty stardom is panders for sympathy and ends up helping them.  no one from stardom is explaining anything to anyone so maybe its time for me to share what i know..

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andreil coffee shop au?? maybe neil is a barista at starbucks and andrew is a huge fan of the birthday cake frappacino??

first; im so sorry this took so long. exams.

second; i started writing it from the middle to end in full-fledged fic format (quite long too acc) but i have the beginning to write and its in hc format because fic format will take too long?? sorry, i hope you like it babe! (it’s v long yikes)

in this au, aaron doesnt play exy. he is a doctor and lives in nyc with katelyn. 

  • so we all know andrew minyard packs the weight of the northern hemisphere inside of him in sugar 
  • he likes going to coffeeshops in south carolina and all but recently a starbucks just opened on campus 
  • so andrew’s like ‘yeah why not let’s try it’
  • so he’s just entered the shop and hes looking at the menus and stuff and a certain neil josten (cute new barista boy with dusty hair and delicate hands and artistic cheekbones) smiles 
  • and andrew’s like lmao i might as well play pro exy just to earn enough money to buy this branch so i can be manager and stare at this smol (yet physically tol) boy all day
  • but yeah its about coffee okay 
  • so he pushes his thirstiness down and continues ravaging the menus when w h o do you know, neil walks over and him being an excellent reader of people and gr88 at customer service, goes 
  • “hello, were you looking at anything special today?”
    • and andrew’s mind’s like yeah you 
    • if it was anyone else, he’d glare but this boy’s smile is too pretty to scare off so andrew goes “actually, it’s my first time here.”
  • neil: “oh wow, well if you dont find anything, i highly recommend the birthday cake frappuccino. you’d like it, it’s super sweet”
  • and andrew’s face goes a little ?? because how would this stranger know he’d like the sweet 
  • and nei understands and goes “oH I watched your interview.”
    • andrew: ?
    • neil: youre andrew minyard right 
    • andrew: “uh”
    • neil: exy 
    • and for a second, andrew forgot he’s famous in the media bc lbr he doesnt care about exy or fame 
    • and andrew doesnt understand why they put such weird stuff on his interviews like drink preferences but okAy aNYWAYS 
  • he’s like, “uh yeah sure” 
  • so this happens and andrew comes the next day and neil says hi again and goes “the birthday cake?” and his smile is so wide, andrew has to gulp and he can barely manage a “yes” because this boy is like a fairy wtf 
  • eventually, neil and andrew somehow get to have a convo (neil is a nerd™ but andrew’s okay with it. talking to neil about exy is the only time andrew likes exy. but thats okay too because slowly, he realizes he likes neil too.)
  • until one day, they’re sitting on the curb behind the shop during neil’s break when andrew goes: [initiate fic]

“Coach’s forcing everyone to go to some Winter Banquet in Georgia,” Andrew says and he’s playing with the straw in this drink.

“I see.”

Andrew wants to run away because this was a bad idea but if he doesn’t say it now, he never will, so he tries to speak against the rocks in his throat.

“Have you ever been to Atlanta, Josten?”

Neil looks up in surprise, a little struck that Andrew was asking to take him, no matter how deluded the question was. It was still there, hanging in the space between them, biting at Andrew’s nerves every second that Neil didn’t respond. There were about one hundred and forty-two bored comebacks on the tip of Andrew’s tongue if Neil said no, but the reply was just, “No, but I’d like to.”

  • sorry little interruption here: 
    • neil the nerd’s initial thought process was like “woAh am i going to meet all the exy warriors??? is this it?? is this real? is this happening to me??”
    • but he decided that wasnt why he said yes, because exy was cool but andrew was better and lowkey neil’s andrew minyard greatest stan bc best goalie in the league™ but he wont admit to that yet
  • bac k to the story 

Andrew considered that a victory and gave Neil his barely-drank drink to Neil before leaving.


Winter banquet, according to Palmetto’s athletes, is on December 3 and its only November 26 when Neil throws yet another cup labelled ‘Andrew’ in the trash, to join the remaining 9. His manager might actually fire him for plastic wastage like that. Andrew had asked him to Winter Banquet and when Neil looked back, Andrew had seemed pretty content with Neil’s answer, but that didn’t line up with the fact that Andrew had not returned for the past week. It’s terrible, Neil thinks, waiting for someone to validate you, and decides perhaps Andrew wasn’t such a great decision after all. The burning in his chest says otherwise.

On the eleventh day, the glass revolving door beckons the entrance of one Andrew Minyard and Neil smiles despite himself. He walks over to the frappuccino-mixer to get the Birthday Cake rolling when he sees Andrew’s companion. Andrew strolls towards a table with a tall girl in a Vixen uniform with soft eyes and Neil knows it’s probably a teammate until she grabs his hand and he lets her. His stomach feels weak with his the hopelessness of his hope. The smile Andrew gives her is wide enough to burn his own away. Andrew doesn’t as much as look at Neil. He also doesn’t order the Birthday Cake Frappuccino because the girl takes care of it. Another cup lands in the trash and Neil thinks getting fired right now would at least give him some time to sleep all of this out.


The next time Andrew walks in the door, he has a bandage across his cheek. Neil shouldn’t care, but he does, but at least he doesn’t say anything about it. No cups are thrown because Neil doesn’t care enough to make an unasked drink for an unasked-for boy anymore. He continues to serve other customers and forces himself to not look in Andrew’s direction. When Andrew gets up to order, Neil’s supposed to be on break but for unholy reasons, Dan has pulled Matt out to the back of the building with her and Neil doesn’t want to imagine why. There aren’t a lot of people around but Neil just wants to breathe in the air for moment. The remaining thick air in his lungs evaporates when Andrew makes his way towards him and Neil wishes he had the choice to not serve customers he didn’t like.

“Neil,” Andrew says, and Neil gives him the most cool, levelled gaze he can muster.

“What would you like, today?”

Andrew frowns at that, but presses on, anyway.

“The Birthday Cake. I thought you knew it was my usual.”

“No, didn’t really know anything, actually,” Neil retorts calmly and gets to work. Andrew presses his fingers against Neil’s when he’s handed the drink because he can feel there’s something wrong but words aren’t his forte and he hopes Neil will talk to him. The flinch of Neil’s hand stings a little, but he decides he’ll ask him on break.


Matt comes back from the back with mused hair and Neil grimaces but goes out back and pulls a cigarette out of his pocket. He’s sitting on the same curb where Andrew had asked him, lied to him, a week ago when there’s footsteps behind him but he ignores them. His cigarette is pulled out of his fingers and he turns around, annoyed to see Andrew settling beside him on the curb.

“I’d like to know why you’re suddenly avoiding me.”

Neil gives him a brief, bored look.

“I’m not. And that was mine.”

“I would care, but I don’t.” He carelessly flicked the cigarette away, causing another scowl to form on Neil’s face.

“Did you change your mind.” Neil raises his eyebrows in confusion and Andrew looks a little annoyed so he continues, “About going.” He doesn’t say “with me” because articulating the fact that Andrew wants Neil to “go with him” makes it real and senseless and Andrew does not work with flustering statements.

“Why, did the Vixen reject your messed up face?,” he said, motioning towards his face to indicate Andrew’s bandages.

Now it’s Andrew’s turn to look confused and he goes, “What? The bandages? I was smashed by a Raven. And what Vixen? I don’t like their excessive and quite frankly, unnecessary enthusiasm.  The only person looking at my face for a week has been Abby.”

Neil is annoyed and frustrated that Andrew’s making him go around in circles and he came here for a break not to be bothered by a hallucination of a relationship. White lies from Andrew also don’t help so he gets to the point with poison lacing his tone.

“Cut the crap, Andrew. The Vixen; the girl you brought yesterday. Spoiler alert: not ordering by yourself doesn’t make me not see you. Lying to me also doesn’t make you any more admirable.”

The Vixen thing was weird for Andrew but the addition of “girl” puts everything into perspective and despite himself and the knot between Neil’s brows, Andrew laughs, a weird, sour thing, because its open and unguarded and infuriating. Neil grunts in annoyance and finally gets up when Andrew gets ahold of himself and grabs his wrist.

“You saw Aaron, Josten.”

Neil raises his eyebrows in silent question but doesn’t pull.

“Who’s Aaron? I saw you.”

“Aaron’s my twin brother.”

Neil’s eyebrows somehow shoot higher in his dusty hair and he asks, “You have a twin?”


“And you never told me.”

Andrew gets up but let’s go of Neil’s wrist.

“Well I would, but I got hospitalized for a week so I didn’t have time to clarify concerns while you thought I was making out with my doppelgänger’s girlfriend.“

Neil frowned.

“I thought you were being the ‘arrogant, blonde prince of Exy’ and lying to me.”

“That’s repulsive. Never call me that again.”

“That’s what the media calls you, Minyard.”

Andrew smirked, “‘Andrew’ should suffice. You might get confused with the ‘Minyard’ thing again at Winter Banquet and make out with the wrong twin.”

Neil’s stomach churned with satisfying adrenaline and he entwined his fingers with Andrew’s before replying with, “Nah, if you had a twin, I’d still choose you.”

“You’re disgusting,” Andrew replied with the mockery of spite. A beat. Then, “And so is this god awful drink,  drink it for me.” Neil frowned but took the drink for him regardless.

“But you’ve been ordering it for over a month now.”

“Yeah, because you’d recommend it so viciously every day. I like artistically sweet things, not truck loads of liquid sugar. I also hate birthdays.” Andrew didn’t look bothered at this inconvenience though, so Neil was astounded, and amused and touched all the same.

“You’re disgusting,” he replied in mockery.

“And yet, you’d still choose me,” was Andrew’s response.


this boy has been playing with my feelings lately i hate him sorry for the slow updates school has been rly hectic ENJOY YALL:

  • woozi as a normal person scares everyone already imagine him being a vampire
  • he’d probably get them dead
  • when you found out he’s a vampire you’d be like…….. … ????? youre a vampire???? the heck thatS HOT and asks him so many questions about his kind
  • he’d be confused why is she not scared and all but he’s glad that this was ur reaction it makes him love you more and more
  • but sometimes he could be all cute and squishy and you cant help it and call him a fairy on accident
  • youre not dead bc he loves u sm only you who got to call him a fairy
  • “youve been in the studio for straight 6 hours are u not hungry ur eyes are red like”
  • “can i just bite u instead i dont feel like getting up” I CAN SEE HIM DOING THIS
  • “and i bet u taste better than those bottled blood in the fridge”
  • “uh ok” AND HE’D BE SURPRISED AT FIRST LIKE DID U JUST SAY THAT I WAS JOKING CANT U SEE but he’d thought abt it for a while thinking that it would be rly hot to bite u this kid
  • in the end he did bite you after he askes you 100x if youre serious
  • when you felt his teeth grazing your neck youre gripping his shoulders tightly and you felt his smirk on your skin fUCK
  • this fairy kid would secretly made you songs and keeping them in his folder for when he’s gonna surprise you he probably prepared a song for when he’s gonna propose you
  •  halloween with jihoon? probably staying at home in ur onesie and watch horror movies its probably a movie abt vampire
  • he knows ur gonna be scared and absolutely take an advantage of that seriously he would purposely scare you and you’d hide your face in his chest and he’d be all like FRICK YEA
  • he’d get scared at times too but one thing he’s so scared of is losing you
  • “lets get a pet”
  • “what????? no i dont want a little creature running around the house”
  • but you’d buy a pet anyway and its a cat he doesnt like that decision at first but when youre away and its only him and the cat…… … . 
  • the cat would just lay there watching him compose songs and sometimes snuggle to him and somehow he felt like the cat is his best bud :,)
  • you’d caught him being cute with the cat and film it for blackmail you know this is important and say “and you said you dont like a little creature running around the house”
  • “youre just jealous i payed attention to him more than to you”
  • but kissing vampire!woozi guys gUys Gu ySss
  • when i told you he’s not innocent i meant it i can see him making out with you in his car bc he always thought its hot @ jihoon I KNEW IT OK
  • its whether in the backseat the driver seat the passenger seat aNYWHERE IN THE CAR HE’D BE UP FOR IT NICE
  • but he’d love it if you straddle hiM GOD GIVE ME STRENGTH
  • when you tug on his hair a little too hard he’s gonna leT OUT THIS GROAN AND HIS CHEEKS WOULD TURN PINK ‘DID I JUST LET OUT THAT UGLY NOISE’
  • but u think its hot wtf
  • he’d also love it when you bit his lip and his neck
  • but lets also remember this fairy loves you sm and cares abt you too and he wanted you to always be happy all the time and he’d always tell u he’d be there with you no matter what bc he loves you
  • the thought of you would cloud his mind at 3 in the morning and he cant help but smile the whole time remembering how silly and stupid you actually are ‘im in love with an idiot’
  • he sees you sleep on the table whenhe got home and he’d carry you to your bedroom and lay you down and itd be all just sweet and???? no???? jihoon i do not ask
  • “hey youre home” you’d say and he’s like “sssh i am now go back to sleep okay baby you need a rest”
  • “but you need one too” “im a man and a vampire ok im strong” you’d laugh at his words and without realizing falling back asleep, feeling his lips on your forehead
  • he’s gonna rant probably abt his day about how much he lvoes you about you guys’ cat about seokmin probably just anything
  • “…. …but i have you by my side so its all gonna be alright right? i love you so much oh god i am so lucky to have you i wouldnt trade this for anything else in the whole universe”

i got carried away now im rly sad i think i am in jihoon’s lane rn idk guys but like kim mingyu exists and i rmbr soonyoung is probably breathing rn and iM JUST IM A TRASH FOR ALL OF THEM for more vampire!aus click here

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Please, please, please~ a compilation of jealous jongin or sad jongin because someone is touching my man or territorial jongin bc have to protect what's mine. Or anything that ticks jongin off because no other man shall have kyungsoo's attention but him. i love you. omg thank you

i love u too anon! and ur welcum heheh, anyway, lets get started (since prob this shit is gonna be long im gonna put this keep reading option from now on bc some ppl have complained lol sorry about that)

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