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Poker Face

As you all know, I have some very deeply rooted fantasies about Dean Ambrose and Aj Styles. I was so excited to write this and I’ve been trying to figure out how to put it together for a LONG ASS time. But here it is! Hope you like it!

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Summary: You get invited to “boys night” to play poker with AJ and Dean and some of the other wrestlers on the blue team. However, when you arrive, only AJ and Dean are there, ready to play. But not poker…

WARNINGS: Smut, 3 way smut, holy shit smut. (Also I don’t really know how to play poker. I’m sorry if I wrote it terribly. Shut up, okay? @ me.)

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Gag reel

(A/N): I thought this request was so cute and I wish I could only do it justice 

Request: Oh, I got a idea for a cute Scarlett Johansson x female reader imagine! It takes place where they’re co-stars working on the set for Captain America: Civil War movie (And they’re in a relationship. ;) ) and during the gag reels, they’re acting all cute and goofy while sharing playful kisses and in another scene where they were filming the reader’s character saving Nat from getting hurt, Scarlett playfully rolls back until she’s on top of the reader and starts tickling her with kisses?

Warnings: none?

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   “Nat,” You whisper, racking your brain for your next line. Scarlett looks at you, a look of confusion crossing her face, just as she had been told to do, whereas you couldn’t even remember your own line to save your life. 

   “What?” She asks, trying to help move the scene forward. 

  “Um-” You pause, trying not to smile as you try desperately to remember your lines. “Fuck me I forgot,” You mutter, chuckling as Scarlett breaks character at your statement. She laughs, resting her hands on her thighs to brace herself. 

   “I’d be glad too,” She states once she regains her composer, wiggling her eyebrows at you suggestively. You can’t help but laugh when Scarlett laughs again, finding herself more than amusing. 

   “Okay, Cut!” Joss calls, smirking to himself. “Let’s start the scene again,” You chuckle once more, biting your lip to regain your character before you slip back into your persona, speaking to Nat once again. 

   You and Scarlett stood a few inches apart, your elbow ‘pressed’ against her neck as the two of you filmed your fighting scene. She grunted and flailed, trying to escape your grip but she couldn’t mostly because she wasn’t even trying. She groans again, the sound coming out a bit stranger than anticipated. Both you and her freeze in your movements and as soon as you lock eyes you can’t help but giggle slightly. You bite your lip to keep your character up but as you made the mistake of looking directly at Scarlett’s slowly curving lips you couldn’t help but smile too. 

   “Oh my god,” You whisper, your lips nearly touching Scarlett’s with how close you were. “What was that noise?” Scarlett giggles just a bit as she takes a deep breath, trying to soothe her laughter. 

   “I think you actually choked me a bit,” You smile, letting your grip on her throat ease up just a bit. 

   “Remind me to never try that in the bedroom because god that was a horrid noise-” Scarlett laughs again, her entire face crinkling up in amusement and you swear she’s never looked more beautiful than when she laughs. Your laughter subsides, instead replaced with sheer love and adoration for the woman before you but before you even had a chance to kiss her or tell her how beautiful she looked Joss was telling you to start the scene again. 

   You and Scarlett are sitting in Stark tower, drinking as the two of you share your character’s deepest darkest secrets. Scarlett’s character, Natasha, was telling your character about her time in the red room, about all the pain and torture she had gone through. 

   “They trained me to be a weapon,” She murmurs as she takes a sip of the wine the two of you had been provided with. “Look at how well oiled their little machine is,” She chuckles dryly and you can’t help but notice the way her lips curl around the glass or the way her eyes glaze over as she talks. Her hair was curled in a sweet, innocent kind of way and you couldn’t help yourself when you found yourself leaning in, pressing your lips to hers. She smiles against your lips as she sets her drink down, using her free hand to cup your cheek as she kisses you. 

   It was unethical really, you knew that, but she had just looked so beautiful in that moment that you just had to kiss her before you got distracted. 

   “Sorry!” You yell to the camera crew before you tilt your head to look at Scarlett once more. “You just looked so beautiful I had to do something about it,” She smiles, pressing another kiss to your lips before pulling away. 

   “Damn right I do,’ 

   “Nat!” You scream as you charge at Scarlett, tackling her to the ground just at the right time, just like the crew had told you to do. “Nat, oh my god-” You begin to fawn over her, just as instructed. “Are you okay? Did her hurt you-” You squeal when suddenly Scarlett had flipped the two of you over, with her menacingly staring at you as she sat upon your pelvis. “Nat, what are you-” You squeal once again when Scarlett leans down, ghosting her lips over your neck, a place she knew to be very ticklish. Her lips press a series of kisses along your neck and you can’t help your involuntary scream. “Scarlett! Stop! That tickles!” You thrash under her, trying to get her off but it proved to be fruitless, she had you trapped well and good. “Oh my god I’m gonna cry!” You scream, smacking at her stomach to get her off of you but she doesn’t relent, even when your tears are streaming down your face and you can’t even make any more noises she continues. Finally, after what feels like forever, she relents, slowly pulling away from your neck with a smirk. 

   “I think the better question is are you okay?” You look up at her breathlessly, panting a bit as you glare at her. 

   “You’re the worst,” You grumble, shifting below her to try and get free. She merely smirks as she presses a kiss to your lips, a more sweet and caring one compared to the torturous ones a few moments ago. 

   “You love me and you know it,” 

   “Not to totally interrupt you guys but we are trying to film a movie you two,” Joss smiles at the two of you, his words only half meaningful. “Hurry up and get on with whatever weird relationship stuff this is,” Scarlett looks down at you, smiling as she presses another kiss to your lips. “But just so you know,” Joss smirks, “This is totally going on the gag reel,” 

The Bigger Man

“I don’t think he likes you doing that,” groaned Mike.

Vance threw up another flex. “You mean this?” He did a double bicep pose. It showed off his huge arms. “I don’t know Mike. I think he likes it more than you think. Look at how red that face is getting.”

Mike just rolled his eyes. He wasn’t about to pick a fight with Vance over something so stupid. He was just there to sit and watch to make sure he didn’t start a fight. See Vance had learned some magic that could help him change some things about his body. He’d started going to the gym and seeing all the really big guys got pretty jealous. He wasn’t going to steal much. Just a pound or two off the really big ones. They didn’t even notice.

After about a month Vance had gotten a pretty awesome body. At 5’9 and 160 pounds he looked like a pretty strong fighter. His body was fit and he felt comfortable with the weight he was lifting. His confidence soared and he even decided to get a few tattoos. Something he’d been a bit embarrassed about before. He hated the idea of looking like some kind of poser who was just trying to look tough because he got some ink. But the physique he had at the time, they made him look amazing.

With all the changes Vance had made, he was starting feeling pretty good about himself. He was starting over, and able to move on. But then Damien came around. His stupid high school bully who never knew when to shut up. The guy seriously pissed everyone off. But he was fuckin jacked. Nobody dared mess with him. The school kept trying to test him to see what he was on but somehow it always came up clean. There wasn’t anything they could do.

And lucky little Vance was his favorite target. In high school he loved showing off his huge body to Vance. Then forcing him to touch it and calling him a little faggot ‘for enjoying it’. Under different circumstance Vance might have but Damien was way too rough. He’d pull his weak body really hard and then make him fell the large muscles.

Vance had almost put all of that behind him. He was about to move on completely. That is until Damien decided to join his gym. And somehow he found Vance on day one. It was like it was fate. Vance had hoped he’d just go workout. Or that he’d gained some kind of maturity. But no. In an instant Damien comes rushing over to Vance.

“Hey little shit. Not so little anymore I see. Been working out a lot. Bet it’s all thanks to me. Jealous of this mad bod right?” Damien grinned.

Vance tried ignoring him. But the idiot wouldn’t let up. Damien just kept pestering him while he worked out. Mike came over to see what the commotion was. He was just making sure there wasn’t going to be a fight in the gym. He knew Vance could handle himself and that made him all the more worried.

“You know what. Fuck it.” Vance said. He couldn’t concentrate anymore. He reached over and grabbed Damien by the shoulder. Muscle started draining rapidly from his body. The huge muscles the jock had worked so long to get were disappearing in an instant. They wrapped in on themselves. No longer big and round but flat and weak. He was looking up to make eye contact.

But before him, Vance’s muscles were growing. Their already round bold shape bulked up. He was already a pretty strong looking dude but now he had the size. That large intimidating size. The huge amount of weight that Damien had been working so hard for. Looking like a total stud who never had an off season in his life. His muscle shirt started ripping around his lats. They were far too wide to fit inside the large shirt. His shorts strained against his thighs and butt. Threatening to rip at any moment. While his feet pushed out of the front of his shoes. Even they looked like they had packed on muscle.

Damien stood in disbelief of what just happened before him. His shoulders were so thin he could almost fit through the head hole of his shirt. “What just…” His mind was reeling. “This isn’t possible… You took everything! Give it back!” Damien’s small body tried to attack Vance. He couldn’t do anything. All his punches felt like they were hitting a brick wall.

Vance laughed. It was the first time he’d felt so unbelievably strong. The bully couldn’t do anything to him. He could almost understand why Damien liked picking on him so much. If he wanted to he could do anything he wanted to the little guy as he flailed punches at him. But he wasn’t like Damien. He wasn’t going to endlessly torture people who were smaller than him. However that didn’t mean he wasn’t going to enjoy this a little bit.

“I didn’t just take from you,” Vance smiled. “I also gave you a little present.”

“Wha…” Damien felt Vance’s hand grab his wrist and pull it to his chest. He was confused for a second and then let out a soft moan. His hand naturally started feeling the muscles. Going in and out of the deep striations built from hard work. It felt so amazing. “Fuck!” he pulled his hand realizing how much he was enjoying it.

Vance pulled in real close to Damien. He spoke softly into the little guy’s face. “And you know Jenny,” he waited for Damien to nod. “I’m going to show her what a real man is. I thought I’d have more to take from you. But 2 inches is still 2 inches.”

Damien wanted to shout, but couldn’t. There was something holding him back. He tried to think about the times he spent with Jenny but ended up only thinking about Vance putting him in those same compromising positions. His hands started to slowly drift back up to the muscle giant before him. He swatted them away, face turning bright red. He was gay now.

Vance threw up another flex just to make his point. “Nah man. I think he likes it.”

Hurt Me (Joker x Reader)

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Requested by @bebhemmo: Can you do joker x reader imagine where reader is just an ordinary girl, being kidnapped by the joker. He first tortured her but then started to fall in love with her and she started to felt the same. And the feelings both of them have are getting harder and harder to hide.

A/N: So this one I had a bit of fun with. I really liked writing it from a point of view where you could get a sense of what both of them were feeling. I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Warnings: Mentions of torture, kidnapping, forced imprisonment, choking, and mild suggestive stuffs.

He didn’t know why exactly he had abducted the girl, he could of taken anybody but there was something different about her. He’d spent weeks with her, putting her through hell at his hands. She was tough, refusing to give in and break. He wanted more, he wanted to get a better reaction from her with every new method he used on her. She denied him of that in every little session he had with her.

The Joker was starting to lose his mind, how could this little girl be getting to him like this. In a way that no one had before. He wanted to break her, see her submit to him, beg for him to stop the horrible things he was doing to her. And yet, he craved to see a purer emotion grace her features. A smile? A laugh? He didn’t know, but he wanted it.

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A bit of an angsty one. OT6 if you feel like it but no pressure. FAHC. The guys have been kidnapped, and they're being tortured one by one, side by side. Who's the first one to give in and tell the other gang what they want to know. Bonus points if it's a gent

Thank you so much for the prompt and I hope you enjoy this:

They say the Vagabond is cold. They say he’s ruthless, heartless, unbreakable. He’s a force to be reckoned with, and anyone who dares mess with him won’t live to tell the tale. They say he has no weaknesses.

Whoever they are, are wrong.

He has a weakness. 

Five of them actually.

And listening to them scream, smelling their blood as it spills onto the floor, is agony for him. He tugs uselessly at his binds, his body trembling with unbidden fury, but a cold, dark fear settles itself in his chest. If he doesn’t do something soon, someone he cares about could very well die. And having their death, any of their deaths, on his hands is something he would not survive. He couldn’t survive it.

“Alright!” he screams and a pair of dark eyes dart towards him, the lithe figure backing away from Gavin, smirking over at Ryan.

“You ready to talk?”

“Y-yes,” he answers nodding, refusing to look at the others. “I’ll tell you anything you want to know. Just, just stop. Just stop.”

The lithe figure grins and approaches Ryan, clutching his blade loosely in his pale hand. He leans forward, nose nearly touching Ryan’s, and whispers, “If you’re lying…”

“I’m not,” Ryan promises. “I’m not,” he repeats, practically pleading.

“If you’re sure.”

Forgive me.

this was inspired by nsyncs song it makes me ill. some jealous luke for you on this fine day

The club wasn’t really your idea of the ideal first date, but here you were sitting at a grimey booth in some bar you’d never been to across from your date Nate. Or was it Nick? You were shocked you couldn’t remember seeing as he hadn’t talked about anything, but himself all night long. You let out a snort while you twirled your straw in your empty drink, listening to the clinking ice instead of whatever what was coming out of his mouth.

“What was that?” He asked, raising his brows at you.

“Hmm? Oh, nothing,” You said plastering a fake smile on your face. He didn’t pause for long, continuing on with his story. He was going on and on about one time he evidently single handedly saved his entire country club from burning down. Sounded to you more like he dialed 911 then high tailed his ass out of the building leaving others inside, but hell looks like you had a hero on your hands. Your eyes were focused on your empty drink, his voice becoming background noise as you focused on the music playing throughout the club. No more blind dates, you decided. No matter how much your friends pester you never again would you agree to meet their coworkers best friends brother who, “is a real catch and would be perfect for you.” Your friends were concerned you weren’t moving on from your hook up? Boyfriend? Friend with benefits? I guess that label was the reason whatever it was was no more. You told them you were over Luke. It wasn’t a big deal you guys weren’t doing whatever you had been doing anymore. You didn’t miss the way he would kiss you right underneath of your jaw while he whispered dirty things in your ear. Or how he would trace shapes on your back while you two laid in bed together. Or how he used to sing to you softly as you were drifting off to sleep. Or how he’d intertwine your fingers while he drove, keeping your locked hands on his side of the car placed on his thigh. Nope you didn’t miss it. You were totally over it, but they, of course, didn’t believe you hence the reason you were out on this Saturday night listening to this man brag about all his accomplishments instead of in bed watching Dexter.

“I’m going to get another drink,” You said abruptly interrupting Nate or Nick.

“Oh, that reminds me of the time I was on a vacation, was mistaken for a bartender and ended up meeting the governor of Guam! I’ve got to tell you about it,” He said making big gestures with his hands.

“Okay, I’ll be back,” You rushed making a quick escape from the table before he launched into his next self praising story. You much preferred moving through the sweaty throngs of people in the club then sitting at that booth feeling trapped. When you finally reached the bar you plopped yourself onto one of the worn out stools. You leaned forward, getting the attention of a bartender, “Hey, can I get a-”

“She wants a gin and tonic, lots of ice,” a familiar voice interrupted you. Chills ran up your spine, you immediately recognized who it was. You spun around in your chair facing Luke, a little bit pissed he blew you off then thought it was okay to come in here and start dictating your drink orders.

“Maybe, I don’t want a gin and tonic,” You said feigning annoyance.

“Baby, you always get a gin and tonic. You’re trying to tell me in the three weeks I haven’t seen you that fact suddenly changed?” You let out a hmph instead of responding because you knew he was right. He leaned forward placed both hands on the bar on either side of you, trapping you in. His face inched closer and closer to yours, he brought his lips, painfully slow, to that spot on your jaw you loved so much and placed a light kiss there. Letting his head linger he whispered in your ear, “You look sooo good, baby girl. Absolutely mouthwatering.” You almost let out a small moan from the feeling of his chest pressed against yours and his velvety voice in your ear, but you controlled yourself. Putting your hands on his chest you attempted to push him away.

“I’m here with someone, Luke.”

“What polo shirt over there?” He said moving away from you, sitting down in the stool beside you, letting his jean clad knees knock into yours.

“Matter a fact, yes,” You said turning back to face the bar.

“Oh please,” He scoffed. Luke knew Nate didn’t even compare to him.

“Nate is very lovely and is interested in me. I know that may come as a shock to you,” You said not looking back at him.

“I am not at all shocked he is interested in you. Just means he has good taste in women, but I know for a damn fact he can’t please you like I can baby girl. Mentally or physically. You can’t play me, I was watching you over there with him. You were more interested in your empty glass than you were with whatever bozo was saying” He said bumping your knee again.

“His name is Nate,” you huffed, hoping you were right. “Wait did I just hear that you were watching me talk to him?” You asked turning back to him with sly smile. His eyes went wide realizing what he had revealed to you. Then he shrugged.

“Yeah, I have, so what.”

“Don’t try to deflect this, Luke. You’re jealous,” You said with a smirk on your face.

“Maybe I am jealous, but that’s because you’re mine baby girl. For me to kiss, touch, and please. Not for anyone else. Especially not polo shirt,” He said.

“Well, that’s unfortunate because polo sh-Nate is the only person who is going to be doing any of that,” You said grabbing your forgotten drink from the bar counter and getting up. There was no way you were actually going to let Nate do any of those things, but Luke didn’t need to know that. “You lost the right to do any of that when you broke things off…and I’m not your baby girl.”

Luke jumped up, trying to grab your arm to stop you, but you made your way into the crowd of people before he got to you. You made your way back to Nate sitting in the booth, you internally groaned not wanting to listen to whatever ridiculous story he was waiting to tell you. You reluctantly slid back into your booth setting your drink down on the table.

“Wow you are finally back! I was about to send a rescue team for you,” You gave him a small smile in response to his failed joke. You were already missing Luke’s touch.

“So where was I? Oh, thats right! Guam!” He began to tell his next story and you immediately zoned out. All your brain was thinking about was Luke. His name was like a mantra in your head, just chanted over and over again. You mentally cursed him. How dare he affect you like this. He was like a drug. So intoxicating and you were addicted. Nates ringtone pulled you out our your thoughts. He quickly answered it.

“Hello…Someone did what to my house?…Toliet paper is where?..No, no. I’m on my way right now,” You couldn’t help but let out a snort at the fact that someone tped his house. Who even did that anymore? It really didn’t matter because you were mentally thanking whatever reckless teenagers got you out of this miserable date.

“I am so sorry. I have got to go. I’ll contact you, we can go out another time okay?” He said quickly making his way out of the booth. He left you sitting there alone at the table without another word.  You sat there for a minute giggling at the whole situation. You were so ready to go home and crawl into bed. As you reached for your purse you heard that voice behind you for the second time that night.

“Man am I glad he’s gone….Bummer about his house, can’t imagine how that happened,” Luke said with a smirk.

“Lucas you did not actually get someone to tp his house for you”

“Of course I didn’t, but you’d be surprised what people believe from a guy who claims to be an official,” He said with a laugh.

“How did you even-”

“Apparently Michael knows polo shirts cousin or whatever. Got his number from him…Anyway that doesn’t matter. What matters now is we can be alone together,” He said

“Actually, I was just leaving, but it was great to see you,” You said getting up from the table, but he grabbed onto your hand pulling you to him.

“Come on baby girl. We belong together. You don’t know how seeing you with him made me feel. Thinking about him touching you and kissing you in ways only I should ever do. God, it made me sick,” He explained gazing at you with those crystal blue eyes.

”Luke, you are the one who ended things. You stopped contacting me, not the other way around,” You said not making any effort to pull away, loving how you felt in his arms.

“I know, I know and I regret doing that. It was one of the dumbest decisions I ever made and seeing you with polo shirt made me realize that,” He said.

“Great, so you only want me because someone else has me now,” You replied rolling your eyes getting ready to move away from him and walk out.

“No, no! Let me explain. Before I thought I was hot shit, too badass for the feelings I had for you. Those feelings that were so intense. Feelings that made me want to give you the entire world on a silver platter if that’s what you wanted. Feelings that made me not care what I did with the rest of my life as long as I was with you. Feelings that made me want to bite the head off any guy who even looked in your direction. I had never been like that over anyone, it freaked me out. So I bolted, but my feelings are still the same. I want you so bad baby girl,” He said lifting a hand up to your face stroking his thumb down your cheek.

“Too little too late, Luke. My heart is very much in the hands of Nate now,” You lied, wanting to prolong his torture just a little bit. Punishment for ever breaking up with you in the first place. He bent his head down to you and started to work slow kisses up your jaw making his way to your ear, you hummed with pleasure.

“Please, baby girl. Polo shirt could never compete with me,” He said catching your earlobe between his teeth and giving it a little tug. “And his name was Nick you little shit.”

You couldn’t help, but let out a loud laugh at that bit information. You pulled back to look him in the eyes.

“It was not,” You said trying to suppress your laughter.

“It was, but it doesn’t matter now because the only name you are gonna be screaming tonight is mine,” He said with that shit eating grin.

“Oh, really?” You said in a teasing tone with a slight quirk of your eyebrow.

“Absolutely, baby girl,” He said finally catching your mouth with his. You moaned into his mouth, grateful for the contact. You were his baby girl and man, were you thrilled to hear him call you that again. This was the best end to any blind date you could have ever asked for.

Darkness is your friend now ( part Eight )

Thank you for all that have been reading this story! It brings a big smile to my face knowing you all are enjoying it.

I’d like to also say that I’m extremely sorry for any inconsistencies. Also, in my last chapter, there were a lot of mistakes and extra details I didn’t put into it so, im disappointed in myself for that nonsense. Like Anti’s eyes. So, I changed them in this one just a bit.

This story has turned into a sort of Darkiplier x Reader x Antisepticeye fanfiction but this is still centered around Darkiplier and you, the reader. Just keep that in mind. I honestly shoulda made this part of this story, like, a separate story but still a continuation of this one. I don’t know. I may lose readers for this and I would like to apologize. But Thank you to those that stick around.

Also I intend for this to be my longest chapter to be written by me.

Let us continue!

Song(s) listening to while writing this: Nicotine By PATD, Monster by Meg & Dia, Hero By Skillet, Oh Wonder – Landslide, Troublemaker by Olly Murs

WARNING: Things will get suggestive and hot and heavy, I am very sorry if this chapter make you uncomfortable at all.( I got uncomfortable writing this a bit.)

(H/C)= Hair color

(E/C)= Eye color

(Y/N)= Your Name

(F/G)= Favorite Game


Screams of terror and pain howled through the apartment.

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Can you do one where your popular at columbine (cheerleader, dating jocks, etc) but you have a huge crush on Eric! When you finally build up the courage to talk to him you see him flirting with Brandi, and you get so upset and start crying. Maybe one of Eric's friends sees your reaction and tells Eric and he thinks he's lieing, but he eventually goes to talk to you and you tell him your feelings and he tells you he's and you guys end up kissing? ❤

Part 1

“It just doesn’t make sense!” your friend exclaimed, a frown pulling at her glossy lips. The rest of the lunch table murmured their agreements. You just sighed and shrugged.

“There’s just something about him. I know he’s not a jock or popular or whatever, but he’s really nice,” you explain, feeling the subtle judgement. Your friend threw her hands up in the air.

“Nice is a reason to be friends with someone, hot is a reason to want to date them,” she explains.

“I think he’s hot…” as soon as you say this the rest of the table recoils in shock.

“How?” “What?” “Ew!” “Eric fucking Harris?!” they chimed in unison. Your face fell, and your friend sympathetically put her hand on your shoulder.

“I know he seems like he’s not that bad, but he’s an outsider for a reason, y'know? I’m just scared he’ll do some fucked up shit to you,” she shot glares at the girls who spoke up before.

“I know, I just can’t help it. There’s something about him, he’s always on my mind,” you cradle your head in your hands, feeling embarrassed.

“Well, if you feel this strongly then you should ask him out. You’re like, the hottest girl in this school. He’d never in a million years say no,” your friend says cheerily, and the other girls loudly agree. You peek up from between your fingers.

“You think so?” you ask, and she nods her head rapidly. Looking around, she points somewhere in the crowd.

“There. He’s leaving the cafeteria, he’s by himself. Go follow him,” she pushes you up, smoothing down your hair.

“You look like a million bucks. Now go,” she lightly shoves you in his direction, and you blankly follow her directions, feeling your nerves jolt at the thought of speaking to him.

Maybe your friend is right, maybe since you’re so popular he’d say yes. But there was something in the back of your mind that kept whispering that he’d never like you. Swallowing hard to quell those thoughts, you turn the corner and see him. You open your mouth to call out his name, but he shifts to the side and you can see he’s talking with Brandi. He’s smiling, leaning towards her, and then you realize what’s going on.

He’s flirting with her. And by the amused smile on her face, she looks like she might be flirting back. You feel tears sting at your eyes, and you turn sharply on your heel and walk back to the cafeteria. As you turned, a boy heading towards the two made eye contact with you, his gaze softening when he noticed the tears in your eyes. He looked at Eric and Brandi and a look of understanding crossed his face. You sharply pull your head away and leave.

You were stupid for thinking that any guy would want you, especially Eric.

You left school early, complaining of a migraine. Once you got back to your house you threw yourself on your bed, wishing you were anyone else.

You wake up the next day in the same clothes as yesterday. Feeling better than yesterday, you shower, brush your teeth, and get ready for the day. Once you park your car in front of the school, you avoid both Eric and Brandi’s lockers. You were just starting to feel normal again and you knew that seeing them would bum you out.

School progressed as usual, laughing with your friends, doing your work, and finally relaxing. This all seemed to shatter, however, when you were walking down the hallway to exit the school and someone stopped you.

“Hey, Y/N, could I talk to you for a minute?” Eric asked, hands in his pockets. Your heart nearly beat out of your chest, and you could barely string together words to form a response.

“Yeah, yeah sure what’s up?” you almost choke out. He looks around the hallway before looking at you again.

“My friend said he saw you crying yesterday, are you all right?” the moment he mentions his friend you remember the boy you made eye contact with. You mentally kick yourself for not keeping your eyes on the ground.

“Yeah, it was just something. Don’t worry about it,” you waved it off, trying to sound casual. He seems to notice something in your voice, as he raises his eyebrows a little bit. He stares at you for what seems like an hour, and it feels like torture. You grit your teeth, just wishing for this painfully awkward exchange to end.

“All right, well, I actually was going to talk to a guy but he doesn’t like me. Happy?” you say quietly, fidgeting with your hands. He’s silent for a little bit.

“Which guy?” he asks, and you can’t believe how hard he’s pushing to get you to admit it. You decide it’s best to just give up.

“You, okay? But it’s fine, I saw you and Brandi and I get it. I do. Just forget that anything happened,” you attempt to push past him, trying to run away from facing him after your embarrassing confession.

He catches your hand, pulling you back.

“Brandi and I aren’t anything. I don’t like her. I like you,” he says confidently, looking you in your eyes. You stare at him in shock, surely he couldn’t have just said that.

“But..the other day…” you trail off, and he just shakes his head.

“I was just talking to her. I only have feelings for one person, and that’s you,” he emphasizes this with a strong kiss. You feel as if you’re floating, still not fully comprehending what’s going on. When he pulls away he cradles your face.

“You’re the only girl I want,” he says seriously. You can’t fight the smile on your face as the butterflies in your stomach do backflips.

Maybe those voices in the back of your mind were wrong.

A/n: This was a request from @darkness-my-acquaintance but I wanted to use a gif of snow (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)

Walking around New York City was always something you and Jillian had done together, even before you started dating. Regardless of the weather, you’d both make time at least once a week to take a little stroll and talk about all the things you’d been up to.

Especially now that it was December and the entire city was covered in snow.

Jillian was particularly fond of shoving a bit of snow down the back of your winter coat and then pressing a kiss on your lips to stop you from shouting at her, even though you made a note to ignore her for awhile so she knew you were mad.

When it got a bit too cold to be strolling around in the frigid air, you both decided to make your way back to your apartment a little ways from the park you had currently been walking through.

On the way you both noticed that the snow was trying to come down a lot more heavy and thick, making it a bit hard to see where you were going.

“It’s freezing outside.” Jillian said as she started to remove the scarf from around her neck and stuffing it into her pocket once you opened the door and let her inside.

“Well snow can do that to a city.” You answered, smiling at her while you hung up your coat and removed your boots.

“Thank you for clarifying.” She said sarcastically as she gazed out one of your windows to see how bad the snow how gotten. “I should probably be heading back to my place.”

You looked over at the window and frowned at the idea of Jillian trudging through the snow to get home. “I’d hate for you walk home in this mess, why don’t you stay with me till it clears up a bit?” You offered.

Jillian really didn’t want to go out in the cold and end up getting horribly ill in the process, besides the idea of staying with you longer was always appealing to her. “I’d like that very much, thanks.” She said, proceeding to take off her coat as she kissed your cheek.

“I’ll give you some warm clothes to wear for bed and run you a bath.” You told her, getting up from the couch and moving to the kitchen to make you both soup.

Jillian sat at one of the kitchen stools, resting her chin in her hand as she watched you adoringly. “Has I ever told you how wonderful you are?”

“About a dozen times a day.” You answered, looking back at her with a fond smile. “But it’s rather nice hearing it.”

Once you started stirring the broth, Jillian came up behind you and rested her chin on your shoulder, adjusting her head after a bit to leave little kisses on your neck.

You laughed a little at the sensation. “As lovely as this is, best wait till after I’m done with the boiling hot liquid.”

Jillian smiled, detaching herself from you as she started exploring through your cabinets for bowls.

So you both sat on the sofa, eating warm soup as you watched some old comedy sitcom on the television.

You noticed Jillian starting to drift in and out of consciousness, so you gently tapped the side of her face.

“Hey, you should probably get into night clothes before you doze off on me.” You said softly, moving from the couch to find some warm pajamas in your closet.

“This ought to fit, you can change in the bathroom.” You said, pointing to the door and waiting for her to go inside so you could change as well.

Holtzmann came out of the bathroom and placed her folded clothes into a spare drawer in your dresser. “For safe keepings.” She said.

You had offered her to sleep in bed with you, but she seemed persistent on crashing on the couch.

So you made sure she had warm blankets and kissed her forehead before you went to your room and snuggled into the blankets, drifting to sleep.

Of course, that didn’t last long because several minutes later you felt Jillian tapping the side of your face and your eyes fluttering open to stare at her.

“It’s too cold.” She said, holding onto one of the blankets you gave her. “I figured it would be warmer with you.”

You laughed, sitting up and folding the comforter on the other side of the bed for her to go to. “Come on then.”

Jillian smiled, diving into the blankets and shifting a bit until she was comfy, letting out a pleased sigh.

You turned over so you were facing her, being able to make out her wild cloud of blonde hair. “Why didn’t you just take my offer earlier?”

She laughed a bit, reaching out and snuggling very close to you. “If I’m honest, I’d tell you it’s because I didn’t know if I could handle us sleeping together.”

You let out a snort, appreciating the warmth Jillian provided. “Well looks like you’re holding up fine.”

You could feel her kiss the top of your head. “But really it’s because it suddenly struck me how wonderful it would be to cuddle on a very cold night when we’re snowed in. And I must say this does feel rather nice.”

You smiled, looking up and feeling around her face till you found her mouth, and pressing your lips to it. “Didn’t know my Jilly was such a romantic.”

Holtzmann bit her lip as she smiled, holding you closer. “Well it really only ever shows up around you.”

After that you both just laid in comforting silence until you both fell asleep, feeling much warmer.

And when you woke up, the streets were still just as bad and the television in your room showed you that all the roads were closed until further notice.

Lucky for you and Jillian, this meant that you could stay in bed and cuddle all you wanted.

Things We Didn’t Say (Sam Drake x Reader)

Requested by @xnanami.

A/N: I’m back with another Sam Drake request. This is a bit long so I hope you guys won’t be tortured reading this rubbish. Got a bit of Sully in here too, well what can I say I tried guys. I feel like that should be my new life motto or something. Anyways hope you like it!

You were working through some papers for a job that Sully had passed on to you. Skimming past the last remaining ones, checking every small detail to make sure it’s up to standard your eye lids were starting to become heavy, but you kept on going as you wanted to finish it by today. Completing the last checks on the final piece, you lay back in your chair with a great sigh of relief, “All done.” You manage to mumble out to yourself.

Turning your head slightly to your side you notice the endless ticking from the clock on the wall, as the small hand pointed to the number four. However, it wasn’t four in the afternoon, but morning instead. Turning your head back to face the ceiling, you rest your eyes for a moment thinking about the day ahead. Ever since you began working for Sully these early mornings had become a regular occurrence for you, but over time you didn’t seem to mind it at all. The paperwork was only a small part of what you had to do, there was always more exciting things that followed like all the travelling you got to do. You always looked forward to that, and it definitely was fun with the three of you together, you, Sully, and Sam.

You sigh once more just thinking about Sam. Sam Drake really was quite something, you could make an endless list about him, but more importantly he was your good friend. Replaying back to the moment when you first met him, you both hit it off straight away. As it turned out both you and Sam had a lot in common and you seemed to get on pretty well which led you to become such good friends.

Over time as the days you spent together with each other become more regular, you found yourself developing almost what seemed like a crush. Oh but it wasn’t just a crush, it was a lot more than that. Finding it difficult to ignore these new found feelings of yours, you tried your best to hide them away. You didn’t dare risk telling anyone about this, especially Sam. After all he may not feel the same way about you, and you didn’t want to ruin the friendship you had.

As the days continued things seemed normal again, and nothing seemed out of place. You really did place a lot of effort in hiding your feelings from Sam hoping not to seem too out of place, but soon enough all that had changed. This time it wasn’t you who was acting out of place but rather it was Sam. Not being able to exactly place your finger upon the issue, it seemed as if he was acting a lot more distant towards you almost as if he didn’t want to be around you. Had you done something wrong? The thought lingered in your mind, you admit you were a little hurt over this.

You really wanted to make things right again between you and Sam, but it was difficult to begin even thinking about where to start or what you should even say to him. You decide it was best not to dwell over this as it won’t make things change, instead you chose to chase up Sully with the complete paperwork.

Getting up from your current sitting position, you shuffled the papers together in a neat pile picking them up from the desk before heading for the door. Heading down the corridor over to where Sully’s room was, you lightly knock on the door soon noticing that it was left slightly ajar. Hearing no reply, you decide to go in further, creaking the door open and entering the room. Having a quick look around you realise that you weren’t the only one here.

Instead of Sully, it was Sam who was here in the room. With a smoke in his hand, he was currently looking out the open window admiring the view. “Hi.” You gently greet him not wanting to disturb him. He turns to look at you giving you a weak smile, “Hey.” You felt a little relieved, this wasn’t going so bad.

“Have you seen Sully?” You ask him as you approach to where he was standing.  "Nah, think he’s out.“ Was the only reply he gave you, before taking another puff from the cigarette in his hand releasing the smoke back into the air.

"Finished with the papers?” He gestured to the ones you were holding in your hand. “Yeah.” You nod. You felt your throat knot up and your heart began beating faster, this wasn’t good.

Turning to face the window with only the awkward silence following after, neither of you said a word. Dabbing the smoke in the ashtray placed on the windowsill as the fresh breeze of air followed into the room, Sam finally speaks up, “(Y/N) I think I better get going, got some things to looks over.” There he was again leaving you. He doesn’t spend too much time looking at you before making his leave, but before you let him do that you decide that now was the time to make things right again.

As Sam is about to turn away and head for the door, you grab a hold of his hand making him look at you, “Sam please don’t go.” You plead him to stay, noticing the surprised look on his face. Admittedly he wasn’t the only one surprised by your actions, you felt your hand shake as you hold on to his. “I’m sorry if I’ve done something to hurt you, please let me make this right…I just want us to be okay again.” There was no going back now.

You watch Sam as your words reach him. He doesn’t back away, “(Y/N) I’m the one who should be sorry…It’s difficult to explain.” You sense a hint of sadness in his voice.

“Sam please, just tell me.” You see him think it over for a brief moment, “How about I show you instead?” A little confused by his choice of words, you wait for what was going to happen next. Moving his hand from your grip, he reaches out cupping your face. Your heart beating faster than before, as he leans in closer until your lips meet.  You didn’t hesitate to kiss him back, deepening the kiss, his sweet taste lingering in your mouth a little longer. You wanted this moment to never end, but both of you soon found yourself pulling away for air.

“I hope that explains it.” Looking at each other with the realisation of what just happened, you feel a smile forming but you weren’t done yet. You lean in for another kiss, as Sam places his hands on your waist pulling you closer to him, both enjoying each other’s closeness once more.  

“Well it’s about damn time!” The voice coming from the doorway startled the both of you, leading you to break the kiss apart before turning to look at none other than Sullivan.

“Sully! How long have you been here?” You ask him slightly embarrassed about what he just witnessed. “Long enough kid.” He puffed from the cigar in his mouth, self-satisfied with his newfound discoveries.

You felt the heat rise up all the way to your cheeks, Sam just rubbed the back of his neck as the both of you tried to come up with an excuse. “I think this is our cue to leave. C’mon I think we have a lot to talk about.” Sam gestures to the door, looking at you with a smile on his face. You don’t hesitate to follow Sam, apologizing to Sully as you rush past him hearing him mumble something about being too old for this.

You giggled at his comment, it finally felt right again. You hoped that this time it won’t change.

Companions react to abducted,threatened and tortured by raiders trying to kill Sole/take over their settlement.

(A group work went a bit haywire so I’m trying to fix it, all while feeling really nauseous. :/ No time to do a request today so it’s a queue one this time! I’ll try to post at least one request tomorrow though. btw, I’d like some replies to this one: http://followingfallout4.tumblr.com/post/144257769590/question-i-did-a-thing so I know what you guys would like best for that request. :)  )

“We’ve asked you one too many times now. Last chance: how do we get in there and to that Vault (wo)man without being seen? Speak and you get to live.”

(”In there” = sanctuary)


Deacon: Raiders and manners.


Danse: They’d ‘get Sole and let him live’? 

X6-88: “If you hurt her/him…”









Scribe Haylen:

(”In there” = The Prydwin) 



Request: Can u do an imagine with Tommy Clarke were you’re an evo too and your best friends but your secretly in love with him, but when you’re about to tell him he starts dating Emily and u decided not to tell him and days later they kidnapped u, they call Tommy so he can hear u while they torture u, so he comes to save u, but the bad guys trap him and the leader tells Tommy about your feelings for him and they start torturing u in front of him until your too weak and die in his arms saying “I love u”

A/N: I did change it a bit and added a quote that I really liked from Looking For Alaska, but I hope you like it!

Your parents had recently moved to another small town for you. They would keep moving if it meant keeping you safe. It wasn’t their fault you were an evolved human with a power that is ironically difficult to hide.

Turning invisible should be something easy to hide, but when you accidentally turn invisible at random times, people start to notice. You just keep moving, in hope that things will be better for evos.

It was your policy to never be too close to someone. You were just going to blend into the walls. The plan was going well until your teachers decided to pair you up with another boy who seemed to follow your policy. His name was Tommy Clark and, despite both of your lack of social skills, you two became good friends.

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☏ Call me Handsome // Bobby

Originally posted by teambgasm

A/N: 4800+ freaking words and i’m finally finished. This is a Call-Center AU, the idea came to me at work since i’m actually working at one and this fic is based on my real life story– jk i wish. But some things indeed happened lol. Anyway, i’d like to tag some of my favorite Bobby blogs because i love you guys @ikonope @bobbykims @bobbillionaire and unnie @useumwoo

And a big thank you to @hwan-tastic for proof-reading (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Streaks of sun-rays pierced through your window to welcome you on this beautiful Monday morning. You groaned loudly, taking a peek at your clock, 6.25 am. It was in times like these, when you felt the heavy load of regret weighing on your shoulders like a big bucket of bricks because why on earth had you thought watching K-Dramas until 3 am was a damn good idea? It really wasn’t, you realized like every Monday morning.

With half-lidded eyes and a drowsy head, you threw your legs over the bed and groaned once more when you realized it was the wrong side—the side with the wall. Fuck. It worked with the second try, when you felt the icy ground underneath your feet, relieving you that neither of your feet were broken.  

It took you 3 handful of ice cold water to become alert and almost as much concealer to not scare any people with those huge zombie-looking circles underneath your eyes, thanks to Lee Joongki and his brilliant acting. (Or maybe just his holy jesus face because he was so fucking hot and maybe that was the reason you just couldn’t resist watching all 5 episodes at once.)

Today, on this beautiful cold Monday morning, you took a bus early, just in case your nagging boss decided to take her shit out on you again. As if it wasn’t enough that all of your friends and basically almost all of your college-mates enjoyed their break overseas with their families, while you were busy calling grumbly strangers on the phone who didn’t want to participate in the stupid surveys your company developed.  

The clock stroke 9 as you put on your headset with a super big portion of motivation as you started dialing the numbers that were on the long-ass list hanging beside your computer. A few “No, Thank you”, a bunch of “Where the hell do you have my number from?” and plenty of “Who the fuck is this?” later, your motivation, which wasn’t even there in the first place, vanished. You heaved a long sigh, dialing the next number.  


You put on your sweetest voice, “A wonderful good morning sir! I’m calling from the marketing research company IKONic. Today we’re doing a super short survey about grocery shopping. Do you want to participate?” It was probably your 100th times saying this on the phone and you almost pressed on “declined” out of habit, when a deep voice answered with a “Sure.”

You were a bit surprised as you mumbled a soft, “Okay,” and started the survey.  

“So first of all, may I register your age?”  

“23,” Wow, he was the first person this young taking one of these boring surveys. Your fingers typed over the numbers on the keyboard before pressing ENTER, “How about you?” There was a soft chuckle on the other line which made you a bit flustered.

“Haha…,” you let out a forced weird laugh, “I can’t tell you that.”

“Awe why, you have a cute voice though.” You weren’t sure If he was just wanted make a joke out of it and tease you a bit, yet you couldn’t help the light shade of red rushing to your cheeks.

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some very early doodles of a character in TPoH that you won’t meet for a little while but I still like these drawings and because I love torturing you guys with anticipation (she’ll look a bit different in the comic but you get the gist)

I wanted to make her have the potential to feel enormous, greedy, judgmental and sadistic while still being mostly like an overbearing grandmother

anonymous asked:

I started watching bgd bc I saw it so much on ur blog and b4 i watched it I thought I would hate hate dazai but at the first episode i knew i was fucked and he's such a little shit i love him I know he's a piece of shit but I can't hate him help(akutagawa on the other hand I hate with the power of a thousand suns bc he's a fuckin dick tho either way i enjoy when both of them get the shit beat out of them bless) save me im fucked

look i know it’s confusing because i say i love hisoka but i would 150% murder him in his sleep and i say i hate dazai and i would 110% torture him for a lil bit but like

i love dazai, my guys. i. love. him. (CURSES)

anyway i warmed up to akutagawa… i got a weak spot for villains who are pretty much irredeemable but so fuckin’ stupid you just feel bad for them. akutagawa. akutagwa, bud, you haven’t made a single smart decision in your life ever. bud. pull yourself together. buddy.

anyway yes god why don’t they let dazai get fucked up more often i’m 

Redeeming characteristics of Bleach villains: The Sequel

As requested by anon. :)

Once before, I considered what redeeming characteristics are possessed by characters who do more harm than good in Bleach. Not necessary villains - I mean, Kurotsuchi is on the previous list, and damn was he hard to redeem. So now once again let’s consider characters who revel in destruction and what their main redeeming characteristic might be.

1. Bazz-B: His bromance with Renji

I really shouldn’t like Bazz-B as much as I do. I mean, the guy killed Kira. Crushed a shinigami’s head beneath his boot. Attacked his own teammates. I mean, the guy doesn’t even have the sense of honor that Grimmjow had. But what does redeem Bazz-B (somehow) is his silly bromance with Renji: the way Bazz-B complimented his eyebrows, got offended that Renji didn’t like his hair, and then the way Renji seemed genuinely upset when Yhwach tried to steal Bazz-B’s power. Bazz-B may be evil, but his connection to Renji is somehow still adorable.


Bazz-B: I sense that our bromance is over.

2. Barragan: His boredom

Okay. Barragan is hard. I was like, “Okay, has Barragan ever showed concern or kindness to another living creature?” And no. Not really. He didn’t seem to care about his fracciones. He once considered having his army fight itself to the death just because he was bored. But somehow that boredom makes it less horrible. Barragan isn’t cruel because he likes it. He’s cruel because he doesn’t know how else to amuse himself. Which isn’t good either. But, like I said in some other list sometime, I feel like if Barragan had a gameboy he’d probably be pretty chill. That’s not exactly redemptive….but it’s all I got.

Ggio: If only His Majesty Lord Barragan had known about the internet. I might have gotten paid then.

Barragan: What

3. Liltotto: The way she protects her comrades

Liltotto may be the type of person who likes to eat people (a lot of people), but she also protects her friends. Like, when Yhwach is trying to kill the Quincy, Liltotto protects Giselle. She also eats PePe after he tries to kill her and her friends, but I don’t know if that quite counts.

Liltotto: I just know they’d die without me so

4. Bambietta: Her abuse at Giselle’s hands

Like Bazz-B, Bambietta is cruel both to her enemies and to her own fellow Quincy. But if there’s one thing that can gain a villain sympathy, it’s being killed and then horribly tortured by another, worse villain. Which is what happens to Bambietta, thanks to Giselle. 

Giselle: Sounds like you owe me some thanks, Bambi!

Bambietta: Excuse me?

5. Giselle: Her relationship with Candice and Liltotto

You have no idea how long I spent trying to come up with something for Giselle. Giselle is a fascinating character, but she’s also sadistic to her core, no matter what she might claim. And as I sat there trying to come up with some instance of kindness for Giselle, all I could think of was the way Giselle repaired Candice’s arm (although they were previously fighting) and the way Liltotto protected Giselle when Yhwach tried to kill them. There seems to be a kind of friendship between the three of them. That counts for something?

Giselle: I can’t believe that you didn’t include Bambi as one of my friends!

Bambietta: EXCUSE ME?

6. Tsuksihima: How young he was when Ginjo got to him

Tsukishima is pretty darn devoted to Ginjo. Willing to do whatever Ginjo tells him to, even if that’s murdering people and driving them insane through false memories. In fact, he rather seems to enjoy the latter. But then you see in a flashback that Tsukishima was just a kid when Ginjo got to him, and it all kinda clicks into place. No wonder Tsukishima is so under Ginjo’s spell.

Tsukishima: What about liking books? That’s redemptive.

Ginjo: …

Tsukishima: What?

7. Zommari: His perspective

Zommari’s the kinda guy who will find an opponent unconscious on the floor and will try to straight up murder her. But I think if Zommari has a redeeming characteristic, it’s the fact that he actually questions how the world is. I mean, his whole “How come shinigami get to kill hollows” rant isn’t super great, considering that he leaves out the whole “Hollows murder people” bit, but still.

Zommari: I don’t feel like you can criticize us for the food chain.

8. Aaroniero: His death

I guess? Aaroniero was hard too. We don’t see much of him, and most of what we see is him torturing Rukia and bragging about all the guys he’s eaten. But then his death….well, I don’t know that it quite made me sympathetic to him. But the way his two heads rolled around and cried was a little sad.

Aaroniero: Sad as in tragic or sad as in pathetic?

BLG: …no comment.

9. Loly: Her change of heart

Sure Loly spent most of her time onscreen savagely beating Orihime for absolutely no reason. But at least she had a change of heart! And tried to protect Orihime from Yammy in the end. That shows growth as an individual.

Loly: I-it was just a momentary lapse!

10. Kazeshini: That one episode where he took care of a baby

I don’t even care that it’s not canon. It’s canon in my heart.

Kazeshini: …

Kazeshini: …

Kazeshini: What the fuck.

MTVS Epic Rewatch #135

BTVS 5x15 I Was Made to Love You

Stray thoughts

1) This might be my least favorite season 5 episode. And it’s not just because there are several things in it that tick me (Buffy doubting her self-worth because of guys, Warren, the ending…) It’s just that it’s not really good? It does have some good moments, though. But on the whole every time I watch it all I’m thinking about is “Joyce dies at the end of this episode. Joyce dies at the end of this episode.” And I think that’s because the storyline does not interest me enough to really make me not think about the episode’s final scene. 

2) In Crush, Joyce asked Buffy is she had done anything to lead Spike on. In this episode, both Xander and Giles assure her that whatever Spike is “feeling” has nothing to do with her or with anything she might have done. I wonder why the writers chose to have a woman deliver the misogynistic message and two men to set the record straight. What makes this more problematic is the fact that Buffy is clearly pondering on Joyce’s words here. She listened to her mom, and if her mom is questioning whether she’s done something wrong, then she probably did (I’m not saying she did, because of course she didn’t, I’m just trying to explain her thought process in this scenario.)

BUFFY: Spike! Spike wants me, how obscene is that? (…) I feel gross, you know, like, like, dirty.

GILES: That’s ridiculous, you can’t be responsible for what Spike thinks or, feels.
BUFFY: Well, aren’t I responsible? I mean, something about me had to make him feel that, right? Something that made him say, “woof, that’s the one for me!”

BUFFY: That’s my secret to attracting men. You know, it’s simple really, you slap ‘em around a bit, you torture 'em, you make their lives a living hell-
BUFFY: …and sure, the nice guys, they’ll run away, but every now and then you’ll meet a real prince of a guy like Spike who gets off on it.
XANDER: Buffy…  Stand me up. The problem is not you. Don’t do this to yourself, please.

3) This is Riley’s legacy, right here. 

BUFFY: It’s just … I just wanna know that there’s gonna be another good one. One that I won’t chase away.
XANDER: There will be. Promise. He’s out there, he could come along any minute.
BUFFY: Yeah, and the minute after that I can terrify him with my alarming strength and remarkable self-involvement.

He’d called her “self-involved” when he barely knew her. And I think that’s really what he thought about her, he never changed his mind about her in that respect. He’d put that label on Buffy the moment he met her and never really realized how wrong he was. And he saw all of her actions through that self-involvement lense. He kept making her feel selfish and self-involved till the very moment he left. And way afterwards, as you can see. 

4) See? This is why Xander’s the heart.

BUFFY: Maybe I could change. You know, I could, I could work harder. I could spend less time slaying, I could laugh at his jokes, I mean, men like that, right, the, the joke-laughing-at?
XANDER: Or maybe you could just be Buffy, he’ll see your amazing heart, and he’ll fall in love with you.

Me too, Buffy, me too.

5) Fun fact that probably everyone already knows: Britney Spears was supposed to play April in this episode.

Can you imagine how iconic this episode would’ve been?


JOYCE: *looks absolutely gorgeous, is excited for her date, having a blast with her daughters, trying on outfits*

ME: *keeps thinking about how Joyce dies at the end of the episode*

Also, I’m kind of pissed off at the writers. This won’t be the last time they pull this kind of stunt: having a character have the time of their lives only to kill them off by the end of the episode. And I don’t know if the Buffy writers were the ones responsible for starting this horrible trope, but they definitely contributed A LOT. I mean, Joss knew they were writing Joyce’s death in this season. Why did they wait till her very last episode to have her going on dates and having an amazing time with her two daughters? Why have Dawn and Buffy act as loving sisters and daughters and be supportive of her mum and tease her mercilessly as a team during this episode? Why show them as a happy family during the episode that ends with her dying? Because Joss Whedon will never choose to break your heart, he’ll always try to devastate you utterly and in the worst possible way. I think there’s something sadistic about the way he chose to write the deaths of certain characters. It’s as if he doesn’t think having the characters die will be devastating enough. No, he needs to destroy you in the worse. So he dangles all this happiness and cuteness in front of you and makes you feel safe and content so that then he can rip it all away and leave you heartbroken and empty. Because you just saw what could’ve been and never will be. Yeah, he’s a sadist.

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So I just got done at a 3 hour rehearsal... where we had to relearn the first part of our show because our director didn't realize some people weren't eligible and had to get the show redone... and our first football games tomorrow... and he didn't give us any water breaks o_o do you guys have any other stories about rehearsal torture (to make me feel better about this lol)?

Dude two days ago we where slackin oh my god like I was getting so annoyed but I think even I was just a tiny bit. The whole time directors where yelling at us more than usual and it was like “Is that how we do things carmel!” then like “no sir” “I SAID IS THAT HOW WE DO THINGS CARMEL” “NO SIR!!!!” and it was just crazy. It was waaaaay way way better today but like it was a really bad off day 2 days ago. Today the only thing that was a mess was the tubas we had to relearn on thing 4-6 times because a staff was trying things out and then when we got on the stadium mr.staff man was getting mad at us but he wasn’t being clear enough and all in all it was just sooooo confusing gee whiz. We got it tho lmao. ALSO SAME OUR GAME IS TOMORROW TOO!!! Good luck!

Any other admins who want to add their own story to this just edit the post and post a story below mine! Been meaning to tell you, you can do that sorry I kept forgetting.-T-Man

Something like that happened to me at band camp this year. There was a chance of rain later in the day, so my director had us stay on the field when we were supposed to be at sectionals. It was so hot, and I actually got kind of nauseous and overheated so I sat out the second part. 😅

—Mod Mink✨

There is basically only one type of Reylo that I’m okay with.

And it’s the type where emotionally-stunted-emo-goth-kid Kylo Ren thinks Rey is the bees knees because he’s recognized her as the beautiful badass princess she is, but is so screwed up that he can’t express that in any normal way. 

Meanwhile, Rey literally just wants to utterly destroy this weirdo Darth Vader fanboy because he tortured, manipulated, and tried to kill her.

It Takes its Toll

Hi. My name is Rich. And chances are, I know what you’re feeling. No, really. I know what you’re feeling.

When I got to work yesterday it was like any other day - we pulled into the drive just before 4:45pm and I parked my car. The guy I carpool with got ready to hop out, unlocking the doors a bit prematurely - the car unlocks them for us when I put it in park - and opening the door a smidge just as we’re rolling to a stop. He bailed just as the car settled into its spot for the night, turned around and slammed the door. Every damn day he slams the doors to my new car. Pisses me off.

He seems like he’s in a hurry to get into the building, but I’m not feeling it, like usual. I turn the my phone’s bluetooth connection off, stash it in my pocket, grab my water bottle, and hop out, snagging my backpack from the rear seat just before I gently shut the door and lock the car.

The day, or night I guess, starts normally with computer updates and important emails to read and reply to. There is no visible or tangible difference to the day that would differentiate it from any other given day.

About mid-shift, though, my body starts to warn me that something bad is going down or is going to be going down soon. It was all I could do to stay upright, fighting off chills, stomach ache and mild nausea, and a dull ringing in my head. But I have a job to do, so I keep on keepin on.

Our department is rather small, so it’s usually very quiet in the building as we work. There are times, though, when we get a pizza together and chit chat as we do our thing. It’s generally peaceful and enjoyable to be here.

But yesterday wasn’t to play out to that end.

Just about the time my mid-shift break rolled around I started to get a severe pain in my head. It wasn’t so much like a headache - I suffer from them quite often - as it was the feeling that I’d just been cracked in the head by something very hard. Every time I blinked I could see the flash of light that would accompany such a blow to the head. Normally this would probably make someone else feel ill at ease, but with the headaches I get, this is a cakewalk of pain, so I just tried to ignore it.

Everything was fine until I felt the impact pain, we’ll call it an impact pain cause that sounds good and it’s easy to remember, traveled from the back of my skull to the left side and then again to the right side. This new wishy washy feeling started to make me feel as though I was truly going to be ill, so I politely excused myself and headed to the restroom.

It’s a pretty good walk from my desk to the nearest restroom and between the impact pain’s newly found love of fluctuation and my stomach’s desire to pinch and twist, I was a sweaty mess by the time I reached the restroom door.

Thank goodness we work alone. Nobody else was in the restroom when I got there, so I hobbled into the center stall, and sat down, still clothed, only to cradle my head in my hands as my elbows rested on my knees.

I passed out instantly.

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