i feel like tommy is fighting for finn so that finn never has to do what tommy has to

Last Name - John Shelby

Hi could you do a imagine with John finding out one of his little boys is being picked on at school and he gets really angry.

Hi could you please write about John finding out that his kids don’t like the violent side of him and at school don’t like to be called Shelby’s . Thank you x

Last Name - John Shelby

John was insistent that his kids go to school. He had never done well in the institution and Arthur had left before he was eleven but John wanted a better life for his kids so he made them go. Martha was a supporter of education for children and when she was alive always told John that kids these days didn’t get anywhere without good education. Esme didn’t hold as much stock in that belief but she let John do what he wanted. But she also didn’t tell him when she noticed that Will had been absent from school four days in a row.  

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