i feel like this too

A thing I like is when a character has spent all day blaming themselves for getting sick/not feeling well, and maybe other people have blamed them or become annoyed with them for it, too, and finally the character comes home and maybe someone is inconvenienced by their illness or irritated by something they’ve done and it’s just the Last Straw and they say in a small, hoarse voice: “It’s not my fault…”

Snippet from a thing that won’t see the light of day

Anakin let out a full body groan, his eyes rolling with all the flourish of adolescent drama and his shoulders drooping. “Obi-Waaaan! Are you seriously going to sit there all prim and proper Jedi Master while Rex is out there… doing things Mandalorian style?”

He means dancing but as he is Pleasantly Buzzed it came out far dirtier than he had in mind.

@jasperstudies made this really wonderful post about studyblr honesty that’s stuck with me for a while, so here’s a “behind the scenes” picture of what my homework normally looks like. 

As a Classics student, I do a lot of translation work, and it’s fun to share some of the pretty, polished translations that I do every week. But behind every picture I post, there’s a messy first draft (or two or three) covered in my corrections. I never write out a first draft in cursive - it’s not worth it! I also do most of my day-to-day classwork with cheap pens that I’ve had for years. 

A glimpse of Shinsou’s past hidden in his theme song?

Okay……. I must warn you that this theory is kind of…. scary. BUT HEAR ME OUT!!

The official BNHA season 2 OST came out and I just had to look for Shinsou’s theme……….  And I found it. And let me tell you…………….. 

It’s creepy as hell.

I mean. There’s a constant humming in the background, some laughing and screaming sounds that seems to come from children?? And clock noises too….

Here is the song ( You can listen to it and come back or read this at the same time if you want ) :


I got curious and translated the title of the OST ‘’ Yonaka Ni Kiku To Kowai ‘

And that’s when all the piece came together.

Yonaka Ni Kiku To Kowai means something like:

‘’ I am scared when I hear it in the middle of the night. ‘’

The ‘’ I ‘’ here…. Is Shinsou.

Shinsou is scared when he hears ‘’it’’ in the middle of the night… 

‘’ It ‘’ is all the noises you hear in the song. The laughing children, the whispers, the bloody screams… That’s what he hears everytime he tries to sleep. The voices from his past.. And because of them, he just cannot sleep. That’s where his bags comes from.

The humming in the background must be his mother’s lullaby. Because he wouldn’t be able to sleep at night, she would sing him to sleep. Her voice would cover the voices in his head…. 

Hope you enjoyed this little theory :’3


Doods of wolf shifter Kiri and veterinarian Bakugou? I wonder how come the non-human one is always Kirishima when I draw this sort of AUs…