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I feel like Alis is really going to help Feyre now that she’s gonna be back there in ACOWAR. She told Mor to take her right? Because she knew it was best for her. She actually cares about Feyre as a person and not just as a decorative ornament to be by the tool’s side all the time. She’s gonna help us keep in contact with Rhys and the night court or something. She’ll know something’s not right when Feyre willingly comes back and is in the best shape she’s ever been in.

I woke up today at 2:30 in the afternoon, immediately thinking “GOD I love JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure but I feel strangely frustrated about it right now” so y’all are getting a wall of text about it.

I will forever be disappointed in the way Araki wrote Jotaro before part 6.

I did like Jotaro during parts 3-4 (mainly because a) he’s attractive, b) he’s voiced by Daisuke Ono, and c) his assholeish/badass moments were so tropey and over-the-top that it was amusing) but I never truly LIKED him as a character until part 6, when we saw how his stoicism and overpowered stand completely backfired on him and made him weak and more realistic.

Most of his character before part 6 consists of random quirks that made him a tiny bit more interesting than just a typical “jerk with good intentions” archetype: he likes the ocean, he fusses a lot over his clothes, he’s a bit softer towards children, etc. But he barely got any depth in terms of his character or just how he felt about the shit that was happening to him, because Araki either doesn’t write out his thoughts (and when he does, he’s just thinking about how to get out of the situation he’s currently in, like “when DIO resumes time I’ll beat the shit out of him!!”) or just skips over the parts where Jotaro might’ve had some genuine feelings about something other than getting angry, profusely sweating, or going “yare yare daze.”

Jotaro could’ve been so much better as a character if only Araki paid less attention to him being badass and more attention to how he felt on the inside. Seriously, part 3 is about him as a 17-year-old boy going through all this heavy shit like his mom being on the verge of death and half of his squad dying, yet his reaction to any of this was just a zoom in to his face and him going “tch.” You could argue that this was his thing, that he’s supposed to be inexpressive, and that little reactions like this were how he showed he cared, but listen: clearly this didn’t work out because half the fanbase thinks he’s a stale piece of bread because of how stoic he is. 

There’s just so many things that Araki left open that would’ve given him some much-needed characterization:

  • Was he ever concerned that any member of their party could die at any time?
  • Since he and Kakyoin were both Japanese high schoolers, how close was their friendship?
  • Did he ever see Kakyoin’s corpse after the SPW foundation recovered it?
  • When he went back to school, did people ever ask him where Kakyoin went?
  • How does he feel about owning the same stand that killed Kakyoin and almost killed Joseph?
  • How does his relationship with Holly improve after part 3? Did he ever apologize to her?
  • What was his relationship with his dad and do they ever see each other again?
  • How close did he and Polnareff get after the Egypt stuff, since they were the only crusaders left other than Joseph who was becoming old and fading?
  • How did he feel when Polnareff was “killed” by Diavolo?
  • Did he ever learn that Polnareff was alive the whole time but is now trapped inside a turtle as a spirit for the rest of eternity?
  • How did he meet his wife and why did he marry her?
  • What was he feeling when Jolyne was born?

TL;DR Jotaro is the poster boy of JJBA so he should have and could have been the best JoJo in my eyes, but he wasn’t, and for a teenager who can’t write for shit I have unreasonably high and unrealistic expectations for a manga about dudes fighting each other with punchghosts that was literally written as it was being published weekly.

Me to myself after writing this and feeling like an absolute fool:

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Not a question, but I saw your response on the cetacean captivity ban in the Vancouver Aquarium and I wanted to say how much I respected you for how you structured your comment and in particular this statement: "You can’t responsibly advocate for extreme positions without being aware of and comfortable with the consequences." I feel like it's a sentiment more people (including myself) need to keep in mind when engaging in discourse about a variety of subjects.

Thanks! Yeah, it’s a really hard thing to conceptualize, but it’s so important - especially in light of animal issues, although it’s appropriate to a lot more. 

One interesting aspect of this is that there’s someone associated with HSUS in Massachusetts pushing a bill right now that purports to protect animals in traveling circuses. Which, like, at face value looks good. But it’s HSUS, and it turns out the ban would also screw over literally anyone but AZA who travels with non-domestic animals, which means it threatens to destroy a lot of the credible local businesses who do classroom education programs. I’m writing a bigger post on it for tomorrow, but the ethos is sort of the same - if you want to support the extreme ‘nobody but AZA’ stance of it, you really have to be comfortable with how many other consequences there are going to be. If you’re cool with that, cool, but you need to be aware when you support things like this. 

the entire siege arrow scene is so fuckign funny in retrospect knowing that percy and vex knew they had feelings for each other by that point because they’re both hilariously unsubtle about it but neither of them think it’s requited

percy: shattering stone, shattering doors, breaking things that should not be broken.
vex: breaking hearts left and right?
percy: if… that is what you’re after.
percy: never forget you’re my favorite and i’m so sorry.

It’s In A Book

Okay! Let’s see if I can make a little more progress in NITW here. Wanna get through this game, sob for lack of time!

  • Trying to remember where I left off here…I think with Harfest?
  • No one’s talking to Mae on the internets
  • But at least she’s talking to her mom again
  • I’m sorry I really like the morning convos, they feel so natural
  • Oh wow I can actually go past the normal area of construction now
  • Aaand there’s the bridge out of town and that’s about it
  • Dusk stars time again!
  • Big Snake
  • Man I should get the soundtrack for this game but in particular I really want the stargazing music
  • Found that mouse kid on the roof again, but I can’t seem to locate the rat babies…
  • Ahh okay good, I found them!
  • All right, let’s go see Bea today, I think
  • Oop okay, we gotta go see Gregg today
  • Awww man band practice I’m gonna suck at that
  • Wow that was INCREDIBLY sucky, I wish there was the opportunity to practice these new songs better
  • Charity Bearity: Danger Everywhere-ity
  • Time to do RESEARCH
  • While not about ghosts specifically, I get the feeling this mine accident stuff will be important
  • Daaang Selmers your poem is too real here
  • Got a trophy for listening to the poetry!
  • “This is gonna be awesome! And also I’m scared to death!!”
  • Okay let’s see what nightmare world has in store for us this time
  • Pretty much another musician hunt, and this time the cosmic stork comes for us…
  • Okay sadly have to stop now because out of time, but will continue on real soon…
  • Aaaand okay, we’re now back at it!
  • Another day, another round to go check out everything before we go hit up one of Mae’s friends for the evening
  • Learning a little bit more about Bruce here too
  • Aaaand now going with mom someplace!
  • Well that’s not at all creepy
  • Aaand got a trophy for going to Jenny’s Field!
  • Even more rats to feed now!
  • Aaand first things first, we’ll go with Bea to the graveyard
  • Uhh isn’t the statue that same bearded bird guy that was at the train station orrrr
  • Bea you are too frickin real for this world
  • “The scariest stuff is like really really boring” BEA HONEY YOU UNDERSTAND MY ADULT WORRIES TOO MUCH
  • Well now this is getting ominous
  • Well this was ominous until the goth teens started asking Bea about her sexcapades at Math Camp
  • Oh hey, Mae is bisexual, nice!
  • That is one hell of a prom story, Mae
  • “Did you ever see my mom” THAT’S ONE HELL OF A QUESTION, BEA
  • Does…does that cosmic alligator count??
  • I’m…really curious about this so I’m gonna answer yes
  • Okay I’m glad I said yes now
  • And I can’t figure out how to actually get this gate open without a bat or anything, so I’m gonna go look this up…
  • AH okay it’s this top branch
  • OMG Mae stoooopp
  • What exactly were you expecting aside from a skeleton?!
  • Ohhh sheeeeet it’s the creeper
  • OKAY end of day then
  • And now this nightmare world is almost pitch black
  • Hi there giant…scary…cat god thing…
  • … Now THAT was a whole friggin truckload of ominous
  • Speaking of dark cosmic things, it’s time to go stargazing again
  • I enjoy the stargazing parts, try and catch them every time
  • And interesting convo with the kids today…
  • And awww Bruce is leaving apparently
  • Aaand hung out at the tracks again
  • Okay I think we’ll investigate stuff with Gregg tonight!
  • And apparently we can’t do stuff with Gregg, we’re gonna go see Bea instead
  • “No fascists at this party” Then this is a good party
  • Secret handshake…is this one of the goth teens then?
  • Oh dear Bea is so uncomfortable yeah let’s go dance
  • Ohhh no Mae you said the bad things
  • Man, that whole scene was…pretty rough
  • But also important! Since it seems like Mae and Bea made a little progress there
  • Late night TV is a little on the nose there
  • Wow I thought there’d be more nightmare mode tonight, I’m so used to it, but nothing this time.
  • Okay! This is a place to stop. We’ll continue on later!

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What would Shawn be like if you told him you're pregnant like right now at this point in his life?

i feel like it depends on what your relationship with him is.

if you’re just a one-night stand, I think he would probably be a bit suspicious as to whether this was an intentional grab for his cash or if it was genuinely an accident. and this isn’t shawn being an asshole, this is shawn being a rational teenage boy in the limelight who was told to be careful about gold-diggers that’ll sleep with him and poke holes in the condom. All in all though, once he realizes that you were both drunk and it’s possible the condom broke without either of you noticing, he would be supportive and try to assure you that he’ll be there for you and the baby through everything. It wouldn’t be a happy occasion, but more of a ‘let’s figure out how to get through this with less damage to my image as possible’ kind of thing. 

if you’d been dating for a while and were genuinely in love, he’d dry your tears with his thumb under your eye saying things like “hey, it’s okay. we’ve got family who will help us out, and you’ve got me always, yeah? you and me– the best damn team anyone’s ever seen.” and he’d do his best to keep you out of the social media circle hungry to devour you and slut shame you and tarnish all the hard work you’d done in your life because you’re only eighteen and you’re pregnant. the gold-digger comments would come then too of course, because there are always those fans that believe that’s all you’ve ever been. but you have shawn, and you have the few people you trust hanging around at all times, and you feel protected and loved and that maybe, just maybe, everything will be okay :)

Ok so like I said in my previous post, here’s a seperate one about this thing because I have way too many feelings about it. I wish I could post screencaps but I cant right now so if anyone has them handy, please feel free to add them here.

So in Memory World when Atem is fighting Bakura and is about to faint due to too much energy lost, Yugi (and the gang) come flying to help him and we get that reeeeaaally gay moment with the hand holding and the gazing in each other’s eyes and “Yugi is the light of hope” and all that good stuff.

Flashforward to DSOD where Yugi is about to faint due to too much energy lost from fighting Diva and Atem comes flying to help in a huge flash of golden light right after Yugi says he still believes in the heart of the cards.

In conclusion

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From a fellow macbook pro 13inch owner: you play on ultra and you have almost 10gb of CC. How the hell does your Mac survive? Mine is crying for help.

LMAO OMG tbh it’s not that bad, i have everything merged and i have a laptop cooling pad that rly helps it not overheat…she still screams @ me tho i think there’s no way around that. sims will make ur computer scream either way

but honestly right now there’s no lag it’s amazing. i feel like i’m in good fortune rn like idk what i did to please the sim gods right but my game is 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻 (*knocks on wood*) sometimes it gets mad at me for no reason tho and decides to lag until i take some cc out but i don’t really have any problems otherwise. my situation looks like child’s play compared to @essiesims who was playing with fcking 17GB UNMERGED!!! on a mac O M F G HOW…I HAVE ANXIETY JUST THINKING ABOUT IT

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i feel hopeless and useless to the people around me and i hate it but i don't know what to do to help it. sorry to bother <3

hello, love. 

we can talk about this more over chat if you want to? i would like to know the backstory as to why you feel that way. for now, i can give some general advice.

when you feel that way, try to remind yourself a few things. one, those people probably don’t think about it as much as you do. (if that comes off as rude, it’s not meant to be, i promise.) what i mean is that everyone has their own thoughts and worries swimming around their heads, so they’re most likely caught up in their own stuff to worry/think about other people. second, be yourself and the right people will come to you. if you’re feeling useless around the people you hang out with, there’s probably a disconnect. find people you click with and understand what you’re feeling and still love you for it. 

to be completely honest, i feel this way sometimes. it’s a hard feeling to shrug off, too, i know. but figure out some little things you like about yourself and focus on those things. find something to smile about and do something to help someone/something out once in awhile, even if that’s just holding the door for them. little acts of kindness do wonders for both sides of the situation. 

i hope this helps somewhat. if not, i can just give you a little hug :) 


Jayla: Hey girl! Love that sweater, are you feeling okay today? I heard about what happened at the party the other night. 

Vivian: Thanks. I’m just trying not to think about it right now.

Jayla: I understand. Just wanted to say sorry and I can’t believe Savannah said that to you. 

Macey: She says anything like it again and she’ll be seeing me at the end of the school hallway.

Vivian: Guys, it’s really okay. Let’s just forget about it and pretend it never happened.

ok but like…..i can’t imagine being Aloy after learning what she did inside the mountain. what her mind is going through and what she must be feeling. and then having to come out of the mountain and have all the Nora worship her after they mocked and hated her all her life. And THEN still have to listen to their ignorant words about “All-Mother” and the “Goddess” and the “Anointed”. like… having learned all this knowledge and not having one single friend to share it with except a dude you only speak through your Focus once in a while and has no care for your feelings because he’s just using you to find out more about what the hell happened to the world. and she can’t share it with anyone else anyway because these people have lived all their lives worshiping an imaginary goddess and basing their lives around it so how do you even begin to tell them what you just learned????

I want to fucking kill myself right now. I’m so. I’m so tired of feeling so much about everything I can’t stop thinking about every fucking thing at least everything I can rmbr and my mother I can’t stop thinking about m mother I hate her but I love her and it fucking HURTS like why did she do that to me. Why. I didn’t do anything I thought she was just cleaning me I wonder how much of her I have repressed I just want to die I want to die the only thing I’ve ever been good 4 in my life is To be a sex toy or just a fuckin punching bag I don’t want this life I don’t want these thoughts anymore I am tired I don’t want to work to be an adult tohav to take care of myself I almost hit someone w my car driving while dissociated i saw it happen but couldn’t move any of my body I drove straight to him n he jumped off his bike to get pst the car I couldn’t move i dont know how to. Be awake anymore im not in control of my body 23 out of 24 hrs of the day I’m tired I’m tired I don’t want to be this way anymore I’m so tired i dont know how to cope anymore

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I was trolling Alexandra Breckenridge's Instagram and found this gem of a comment posted under a photo of her from This is Us : "I feel sorry for Rick since Jessie passed away - he's now stuck with some ugly dude that resembles Rick James. Every time I see Manchonne, it looks like she's about to break out singing "Superfreak" or something." This Instagram account is private, of course. SMH, one year later. Sigh....

This is why I never read the comments on anything. People – especially “fans” of that lady – will never fail to prove us right.

  • Takeda: What should we do...? Since #1-kun moved up to the vanguard... how should I put this... it's like their attacks give off a feeling of experience...
  • Ukai: Experience... that's a good way to put it. half of our starters are 1st years, and on top of that, this lineup was only formed a short while ago, so our level as a team is stuck close to 1... in comparison, their team's level is upwards of 10 or even 20 times higher.
  • Takeda: In other words, their side is like a distinguished adult cat and ours is like a newborn crow chick.
  • Ukai: Yep, that about sums it up. No matter how much we struggle, right now we have no chance in terms of defensive and offensive diversity. Since we don't have it yet, we just recklessly sink our teeth in!
eskimo-whispers replied to your post “beronicakissed replied to your post: It’s 2018,…”

what I love the most about his response is that he doesn’t wanna lie. He cannot directly spoil and he doesn’t wanna lie!!! WHAT A MAN, we are blessed


It’s not like before when they would say “no it’s not happening”, which escaled to “Maybe one say it’s gonna happen”, then “The feelings are there but that’s not something we’re exploring right now”

HE POINT BLANK AVOIDED ALL THAT (much like Eliza on Unity Days, might i add?? They followed the same patern of NOT DENYING, of not even saying “oh maybe one day”, They both went with…. I can’t talk about it)

what a man what a man what a man

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It's your larrimation/SAO&VocabL. otp anon and I need to know all the thoughts on the thing that Harry aka dramatic baby Mick Ziggy Starboy just shabammed on us with a 30 sec. advert? recorded on someone's phone? off of the tv? And then he's wet? And eyes? And Xavier Dolan? Maybe? He just released the kracken. I was not ready.



Now…let’s pretend this is a story all about how Harold’s life got flipped-turned upside down, and I’d like to take a minute…DONT YOU DARE SMIRK…to show you what happens after he drowns at Dunkirk

Time for a new start, new art, goodbye smoke and mirrors, he leaving the dark

got that light ahead Harry, you’re making us wary, could this new path of yours be revolutionary?

reach out and grab it, the past is the past. What a visual metaphor for a true iconoclast

He sees beyond him, but what does he do? Stay in the dark or fukin COME THROUGH?


we see you Hersh and your soul-snatching greens

april 7th we’ll know what this afterlife means. 

Liveblog continues now!

The gems are so worried for him. :(

I really hope they know how to reverse that.



It’s obvious Steven is not going to die, he is the main character of a kid show, but this is the first time i see the gems this scaed and worried, even Garnet. I feel so bad for them.

In other circumances i would laugh at that gag but now it’s sad.

I thought childish things were going to reverse the effect, but it doesn’t seem to work for some reason?


I know Pearl is all about being the over protective mom, but seeing her like this is really breaking my heart, her kid is literally dying infront of her.

I really don’t know what to say about this episode, it went from being the funniest episode of the show to the darkest episode of the show, this is genius writing right here.

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I have a secret to tell. I'm in a relationship with a girl and we've been together for the better part of a year. We are poly but neither of us have another partner right now. I'm not sure I love her the way she loves me. Don't get me wrong, I love her to death, but I'm not sure it's romantic love?? It's not like I don't want to date her, I just don't know if what I feel is romantic. I don't know what to do about it, any advice?

So this can be difficult, because emotions are wack, but here’s what I’d do:

Stick it out for a little bit. Something toooooo many people in our generation forget is that the honeymoon phase is just a phase. Sometimes you won’t feel head over heels for your SO, but if you truly love them you’ll feel it every so often. Relationships aren’t always full of love and I feel like that’s something that’s not taught anymore. Love is friendship, and it’s okay to feel platonic sometimes.

But, if after some time (let’s say…2.5+ weeks?) you still feel that way, just tell her! Don’t say it like ‘let’s just be friends’ but more like you’re only feeling platonic attraction now. If you’re positive on that, it does more harm than good to lead her on in a relationship that ultimately won’t last.

Break a leg, anonnie!!
-Mod Wonderland

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for honesty hour // 91, 36, 38

91. Is there anyone you want to punch in the face right now?

I’m not a violent person but ?? My dad ? in a metaphorical sense though i wouldn’t actually punch anyone but I recently found out some Really Upsetting Shite with regard to him and I’m so worked up that I haven’t been able to have a normal conversation with him for days

36. Have you ever liked someone and never told them?

That, my friend, is a summary of Every Crush I have Ever Had because I’m kind of shy and not great about Talking About my Feelings for fear of ruining friendships i’m a chicken

38. Describe your dream girl/guy?

I 10/10 definitely have a thing for glasses and that one short above-the-shoulder haircut ?? Wow also kindness and honesty above all 

honesty hour!