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I have this headcanon that Oliver and Marcus don’t adopt their children from birth, and so both were already named when they adopted them. However they later realize that both of their children’s names mean fire. 

Oliver thinks it’s beautiful and poetic, because his last name is Wood, which is something that burns, and Marcus’ is Flint, which is something that starts a fire, and so if you combine a flint and wood, you get fire. 

Marcus thinks it’s hilarious because their kids have Oliver’s last name, so both their names mean fire wood.  

I’ve re-watched Storm In The Room a bunch of times already and I will probably do so a lot more for the rest of my existence but I just wanted to write down my feelings on how it highlights once again one of my favorite things in Steven Universe’s storytelling: patience. 

As creators, it’s always difficult to regulate how you show information to your audience. You know a lot more than they do about your story and you’re most likely eager to tell them everything, so choosing how to present it and when is very important for the flow of the narrative as well as to generate whatever effects you’re looking for in your audience. I always looked up to Steven Universe because it’s one of the most patient shows I’ve ever seen, when it comes to exposition and narrative flow, especially for a kids’ show. It’s not slow, because the plot moves perfectly and information is released at all times, but it’s done in such small amounts that, when you reach an important point, you realize how much you needed to know to get there and how much you’ve already learned without even noticing. That shows great respect to an audience, from those who create, and great trust in the show, from those who distribute; especially when we live surrounded by content that is incredibly fast-paced and immediate, and even more so in kids’ shows (this is why I’m upset by irregular releases and how in some countries it’s aired out of order, that’s disrespectful toward the show and the audience, but that’s another matter). 

Steven Universe uses this patience with clear narrative intentions. For example, I’ve always found brilliant how Garnet was introduced as an individual character first (and for 51 episodes, at that) and an experience of Ruby’s and Sapphire’s love second, so people (especially kids, the true audience of this) get to know their love before they know them individually, before any sort of prejudice they might be carrying could influence their perspective. And by the time that arrives, denying their love would be denying Garnet’s existence, and who would dare do that? 

But the reason why I end up praising this again now is because this show is, ultimately, a coming of age story. It’s Steven’s story. That’s why the balance between human issues and gem issues is so important, that’s why every episode adds something. One of the issues I come across in storytelling (especially for kids) when a parent figure is missing is the simplification of the relationship that character has with the idea of the parent, especially when the parent/s are regarded as heroes by whoever is around the character. Steven’s relationship with Rose is never simplified and it’s detailed in breadcrumbs of information throughout the show, since the very beginning. When I imagined an episode like this back in season 1, I would have never known it would advance to such emotional complexity and moral dilemmas, but it all resulted from the sum of parts that where carefully placed in our way. I saw from afar the fandom itself going from seeing Rose as a distant and mysterious figure to intense moral arguments on what she had done and what point in the good/evil spectrum she was on. Because not only we learn things at Steven’s pace, we see how things affect him directly, not in a detached manner but in a close perspective. This is also influenced by the fact that Steven is a main character which people really like in general, which is something that doesn’t happen as often as it should. A lot of writers struggle when creating lead characters, they tend to end up with bland or simplified characters people aren’t as interested to read as the flamboyant side kick or the cool mysterious partner. Steven’s character development, the treatment of him as a complex individual and the way in which we see information as it’s presented to him, whether he interprets it the way we do at the time or not, is a winning combination. It allows us to be more than observers, to get involved

That is storytelling at its finest, that transformation of people’s perspectives, the moment in which you question what you thought and wonder and ask questions and don’t stand still. When you’re not just entertained but you’re actively participating in what you’re witnessing. And this would have not happened if we had known all this in seasons 1 or 2. If Steven had known from seasons 1 or 2. This crew is patient because it trusts its show and its audience and it has a handle on information that I admire as a creator and as a part of the audience. Their patience allows this level of complexity with an organic flow in narrative, taking subjects as heavy as war, political turmoil, social rights, equality, grief, identity and love and breaking them down to small pieces, which add up to a very complex scenario and pushes you to question your perspective and analyse everything you thought you knew or learn it for the first time. I just admire this show so much. 

not to be annoying but no matter how important the date is, they wouldn’t postpone the episode of a series which has already started airing without any warning so personally I don’t feel disappointed at all. If anything, last week was a bigger letdown. Like many people have said, they will probably hint at a special if it exists instead of Beyonce-ing it

idk if that was already mentioned (probably was, what hasn’t been mentioned at this point?) and i feel stupid for thinking about it only now (almost a year after reading tfc for the first time), but.

let’s talk about Neil’s “You like it. I like it that you like it” (i’m quoting from memory so i might’ve made a mistake) response to Andrew accusing him of having a neck fetish.

bc i think that’s not a neck fetish Neil has - he has kink for making Andrew feel good. he goes for Andrew’s neck not bc of himself but bc of Andrew.

  • friend: lol i love this character!
  • me (externally): haha yeah me too
  • me (internally): you fool. you do not know any of the feelings i have for this specific character. i have dedicated my life to them the moment i laid eyes on them. they are my everything. the love of my life. i have already planned our wedding and you are not invited

Just Some Ideas I had for Musical Magick and things related to that:

  • Enchant your instruments
  • Sticky note sigils onto your instrument for specific spell related songs
  • Physically playing music is such an enchanting experience in and of itself that I feel you could use this and pre-existing songs to cast minor spells such as protection spells or self-love spells and the like. you could probably also use it for minor curses, but I won’t go into that
  • Ambient music can be useful for scrying, meditation, divination, and really all forms of witchcraft when you think about it! there are plenty of white-noise and specific ambient sounds online help out with this!
  • If you’re new to spells, song lay-outs could definitely help! you could change the words to be fitting of your needs but maybe keep the overall intention/feeling the same and songs already come with a great flow, beat, rhythm, and if you really wanted to you could match your words with their pre-existing rhymes as well and voila! totally cool spell you could sing to yourself or chant more fluidly! you can even hum it in public if you want and nobody would even know!
  • Playlists can be super helpful and use for a number of different things, and you can get super specific with your song choices for these
  • Use sigils as your playlist artwork on your phone or music player to help enhance the intentions behind this playlist!
  • You could also burn playlists to CDs and write the sigil on the appropriate side of the CD, or load the playlist onto a flashdrive and label the flashdrive with the sigil
  • You can even make up your own songs to sing during spells or offerings, and you could record those and play them back to yourself
  • Mix CDs and the like could be sent to friends or loved ones as gifts but also as charms to help protect them or heal them or whatever is needed!
  • Charging or Enchanting CDs and Flashdrives that hold specific playlists can also help enhance the power of the songs recorded onto them

Music has an intense impact on people and it can have a huge impact on your magic! Even if it’s just to play in the background while you make tea to bring luck to yourself, maybe a good listen to “All I Do Is Win” by DJ Khaled can just give it that extra boost!

jin and haruka being in the taisen doesn’t bother me because it’s just gonna be a cameo and there’s not gonna be any of the violent gore in this movie that there is in the show. it’ll probably be a lot tamer than the shitty ouja brave dvd special

kagehina would be the most awkward starting couple ever

  • awkward as hell first kiss where they are not really sure if they just confessed or screamed at each other or both, so they just clash super fast and bump their faces (aka noses and foreheads) and kageyama frowns because why is kissing so hard
  • they would definitely make kissing a competition “i bet i can kiss you faster” “no way i would totally win” or they would make stupid kissing competitions where they would try to kiss while playing volleyball. One of them ends up in the nurse’s office
  • angry hand holding
  • trying to cuddle and awkwardly pushing legs, elbows and all kinds of body parts and not quite making it comfortable because they’re too rough
  • blushing way too hard when walking home but then everything is forgotten when hinata starts talking like usual, but then when they have to separate they become blushing messes again while goodbye kissing
  • their playing becomes a tiny little weird when they start going out, and suga pulls one of them apart and asks if they had a fight “no we’re dating” suga almost chokes
  • not knowing what are they supposed to do on a date
  • they are just so confused
  • “isn’t it like hanging out?” 
  • “no i think it’s more romantic”
  • “what”
  • natsu marrying them as a game and they’re stuttering messes and natsu doesn’t understand she just wants to play

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003 marisa!

Oops sorry this is late!

How I feel about this character: She’s my favourite touhou character. I love her to bits. Which unfortunately means she suffers a lot in my fanfic… sorry Marisa.
All the people I ship romantically with this character: Oh God, everyone. Reimu, Alice, Seija, Kosuzu, Yukari, Sakuya, Sagume, if they exist I probably ship Marisa with them.
My non-romantic OTP for this character: Rinnosuke and Marisa are really cute… like uncle and niece. I love canon platonic reimari too.
My unpopular opinion about this character: I’m actually not too keen on the way she gets portrayed in a lot of western fandom stuff, especially mariali stuff. Marisa’s definitely got a loose cannon, likely to blow herself up in a weird experiment side to her, but it’s not her entire personality, if you get what I mean. I want to see more of the Marisa from recent touhou canon, who can not only look after herself, but look after Reimu when things get tough.
One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon: She shows up a lot in the manga already so I don’t have much to ask for, but I guess it’d be cool if Seija appeared, and she and Marisa talked about Marisa A’s ending in DDC… chances of that happening are zero though, lol.
My OTP: the reimari
My OT3: reimariali is great and I need to write Alice more so the world can see how great it is. But reiseimari (Reimu, Seija and Marisa) is uber sinful and I love it… blame bear.

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so my own culture has a third gender (hijra), but is it okay if i don't really identify with that already existing identity for personal reasons and instead prefer agender or nonbinary? because it'd probably be easier for me to come out to my parents if i did identify with it, but it just doesn't fit, and it makes me feel like i'm disrespecting my own culture by not identifying with it.

i have other friends who feel similar to you with their own cultural/third genders! 

you are not obligated to identify a certain way for others! identify how you want, and how you feel. if you dont feel like a hijra, that’s okay! you are not any less south asian (i know hijra is prominent in a few south asian countries so thats why im keeping it general) for not identifying as a hijra!!! 

listen, if white people can be agender and still be white, poc who come from cultures with third genders can be agender and still be their own ethnicity/race. 

you’re fine, anon!

-mod tabby (someone who is also struggling with cultural gender stuff)


PSA. i bet y'all knew this was coming lmao. anyways i have like two sets of exams coming up ( next week & next , next week ) + clearance month , i probably have lost my first quarter test papers already oh my god. so like ya, wish me luck i don’t burst stream my existence. i hope y'all stay safe & healthy & happy !! don’t forget your meals and sleep time & ofc your water !! don’t forget to rest every now & then bc u deserve it tons !!! alksjdhgfv

also: my random queue will probably go on so like yep,,,,,, i’d probably send asks every now and then if i feel ic enough ahaha

  • 30 Days Out
  • Bruce Springsteen
  • Leap of Faith single

“30 Days Out” - B-side to “Leap of Faith”

Probably the most obscure Springsteen song that’s actually had an official release? (I think every other B-side was released on Tracks and/or The Ties That Bind: The River Collection, and most of them have been played live, too. This one has never been played live, almost certainly never will be, and exists only as the B-side to an already fairly obscure song from Lucky Town, probably his most forgotten album.)

But - pretty nice and catchy song imo: it has a kind of sunny, shiny, smooth feeling and there’s no other Bruce song that sounds like this. 

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What would Yoriko think about Stray Cat? And if she has a stand early on and her dad is alive at the time, what would she think of Killer Queen? Would she try to play with them? And does she have any weird quirks like her dad's crazy fingernail growth, like not as murder-related obviously but more of do they grow when she gets stressed out or etc?

Stray Cat is weird. Plants should not act like that. I feel like she’d be off-put by it more than charmed by it, but its strange cat behavior might grow on her with time. Until that time, however, she’d probably keep her distance.

If she saw KQ…she’d probably be frightened. Startled, at the very least. Not just because another one of these…things (stands)…exist, but because she can already tell that KQ is not a good omen, even if she can’t quite put into words why. She’d probably never actually figure out what it does on her own without her tailing Kira or him outright telling her, but what would really scare her is that this Stand, which definitely feels /evil/ for lack of better terms, almost seems to resemble her–or the other way around. I can’t help but feel like that minor detail would really chew at her for a bit.

As for body related quirks, I’m not quite sure. I’m on the fence about it, personally. Maybe @mistystarshine would know better what to think about that one? I can see her either being extraordinarily normal to a fault or she’s got that One Weird Thing going on that no one comments on but everyone’s wary of.

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I don't think Bryan is going to kiss / cheat on Miller.. I feel like Riley was probably really close to Bryan when they were on Farm Station together (and close to Clarke when they were on the station together?) But if Riley is gay, I feel like if Bryan felt some kind of deeper connection to him, they probably would have already explored that previously, and perhaps a Briller break up will come up because Nathan finds out.

I wasn’t saying that Bryan would cheat on Miller. Absolutely not I don’t see that. I was trying to think of reasons for Riley’s existence (it could’ve easily been Monty who recognised him, not Bryan, and I wouldn’t be having this thought - everything happens on screen for a reason), and I thought maybe because Bryan was the one who recognised him first, they might have something going on further in the season (if he lives) (dear God, I hope he lives).

And yeah, I think they were definitely good friends (and yes, apparently Riley was with Clarke, too) so maybe you’re right - if there was going to be a connection they might’ve already looked at it. But I don’t think they would’ve.

Miller and Bryan have a long standing relationship, the only one on the show. They canonically share a room, showing that they’re seen as a legitimate enough relationship to do so. That means they love each other, they’re important to each other, they were in it for the long haul. If Bryan and Riley ever had that relationship, I highly doubt Bryan wouldn’t have already told Miller about it.

So my guess would be that Riley might’ve had an unrequited crush going on, and after the break up (because we’re assuming there’s going to be one no matter how much I’m crying over that) he gives it a shot with Bryan, who turns him down. Riley’s gonna have more than that going on in the show obviously (both because Bryan’s a minor character and not important enough to introduce someone new for, and because Clarke knew Riley from before), but if that’s what’s happening with his relationship with Bryan, then I think that’s interesting.

It would also be a good moment for Bryan to realise, inevitably, you know what, Nate’s the one. I can’t let him go. I’ve got to get him back and then they’ll be together for the end of the world and all that.

Hopefully, with an actual moment to explain myself, that makes more sense.

wrt the “frank has so many wounds you guys” post last night:

the left side of her face is just Not Good

  • a burn scar from the big battle w/ the Institute
  • scars on her lower face/mouth from a deathclaw shearing through a damaged power armor helmet
  • and a Special Injury from Maxson that i’ve mentioned in passing once

the right side only has the one by her eye from Kellogg

and then so many scars from bullets/lasers/stabbing/slashing weapons on her body ‘coz armor doesn’t cover every part of her

(and, for what it’s worth, cait probably does, too. i know stimpaks exist but i still feel like some wounds wouldn’t close and heal completely, and cait does have an eyebrow/forehead scar already on her in-game model.)


If you’d asked me before watching this I would have said there is no need for another wizard of oz reboot as long as there is life on earth. 

BUT THEN THIS SHOW IS LIKE let’s focus on the witches and their culture, and put forth possibly the most likable Dorothy to ever exist (I don’t remember the exact moment I feel in love but it was probably her wandering around wearing that red blanket as a cape) and populate this entire world with more than just grimy white dudes (the jury’s still out on lucas rn) and make it all so freaking stunning (TARSEM SINGH ya’ll go watch the fall if you haven’t)

i only watched the premiere/first/second episode, but there’s so much to love already i’m so excited to keep watching!!!!!

So I made a post about how I think that nathanaël will be the blue miraculous weilder down the road (theories and thoughts in my other post) but I just rewatched the episode and saw THIS.

I started to freak out, thinking that he already gave them away, however I realized something.

Master fuu lost the pink miraculous, who says he didn’t lose the blue one? I mean, someone already having the blue miraculous doesn’t make sense: we haven’t seen them yet.

Now the only possibility other than being lost and (for now) unfound, it’s that the peacock wielder is secretive like hawk moth. However that seems sort of unlikely, I mean we would probably see foreshadowing for that somewhere, and even the characters are aware of Hawk moths existence.

I get the feeling that if nathanaël IS going to be the peacock wielder, he is going to find it as a lost item.

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Mun!Shiki! If you saw both the Tsukinami brothers tied up with chains in the dungeon, what would you do?

You probably thought i would say ton of pervy things, but i’m not dominant type that way— Even when i admit i can be really sadist…many ways….. 

Anyway, honestly i would not feel safe. They are first bloods and i highly doubt they would let them self into such a humilating position. I would be scared what kind man is been there or even exist in this world. I would be scared that my presence is already noticed. I would like to run, the will of wanting to live would scream it but another side of me would not want abound them but how much i would have time? I also would doubt chains be just normals so how the hell someone like me even could help them anyway (unless Carla would been given private lessons on magic) I would probably check them and sneak out, to seek better help for them.