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I have this headcanon that Oliver and Marcus don’t adopt their children from birth, and so both were already named when they adopted them. However they later realize that both of their children’s names mean fire. 

Oliver thinks it’s beautiful and poetic, because his last name is Wood, which is something that burns, and Marcus’ is Flint, which is something that starts a fire, and so if you combine a flint and wood, you get fire. 

Marcus thinks it’s hilarious because their kids have Oliver’s last name, so both their names mean fire wood.  

NCT Reaction to realizing they’re in love with their best friend: Dream Ver.

Anonymous requested: How would nct react when they realize they’re in love with their best friend?

Anonymous requested: mom I really like your nct reaction to their bff thingy💕could you do it with the other dreamies too? pretty please🙏

Anonysmous requested: moma could you start with the dreamies last request? about the bff thingy? please :D take careee!

A/N: Mark+Haechan are included in the other ver. so they won’t be included here.

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  • The lil prince fml. As opposed to the younger boys that are more shy and just think ‘well shit’ when they realize they like their best friend, I think Renjun would be one of the most giddy when he figures it out. Having a crush on a friend at some point is pretty normal, so when those feelings arise, Jun isn’t super scared, or worried, and he pretty much just ignores it, assuming just as the feelings came, they’ll go away. Boy thought wrong. He was already whipped for you to begin with, both being your best friend and having an existing crush, that it took him a long time to understand that the crush was more than he thought. Once Renjun clued in on how his feelings changed, he’s nothing but a smiley, blushy, ball of fluff. And probably teases you with that ‘guess what’ shiz until you yell at him to just spill. ‘guess what.’ ‘im not playing this game just fckin tell me.’ ‘i like you.’ ‘well jee i sure hope you do.’ ‘no i like you.’ ‘…lol that’s lame.’


  • Every time I see Jeno now, I think about how he was oh so scary to the babies and just their luck, they ended up in a group with him lmao. Fates funny. Anyways, he’d poker face tf out of the situation, you’d never know what was going on until he tells you. Jeno would be slower at realizing it, he’d only realize it after one of the boys tease him. ‘you’re literally a couple.’ ‘how?’ ‘listen…all you do is go on ‘they’re not date’ dates and you pay and you have heart eyes the entire time.’ ‘…you got me there.’ and just rolls with it, until he has to ask, ‘what are we.’


  • Imagine being Jaemin’s friend, let alone his best friend, and getting to see that beautiful smile all the time…a concept. Imagine just chilling with Jaemin one day, and you’re just messing around. Maybe playing a video game. Jaemin looks over for a second, and seeing you sitting there, so focused and button smashing the controller. His chest suddenly feels tight and he’s like, ‘what the fuck is thi-…oh.’. And you turn to look at him when you realized his character has stopped moving and you just see him sitting there with this dazed look on his face and a dorky smile, ‘hey, you still here, dude? i’m kicking your ass ma-…wtf is that face for?’ ‘nothing, nothing. just realized something.’ Jaemin won’t spit it out at that very moment, he’ll think about what he’s feeling and what he’s supposed to do about it, but he’ll likely spill later after he’s realized what he’s feeling.


  • *Que the dolphin screaming*
    Anyways, as dorky and cute as Chenle is, he’s going to be part of the savage squad, I think he’s quite a bit level headed? More mature than his age, and wouldn’t be super confused or freaked out by realizing he likes his bestie. The same with Jisung, Chenle realizes it in just a quick moment, that his feelings towards you have shifted from friendship to romance. Chenle is one that, unless he’s got some assurance that you might like him too, he’ll sit on his feelings and just try and forget it, and try and maintain your normal friendship. 


  • Lord I don’t even want to think about my son being in love, he’s a toddler, I still have to cut his grapes in half or he’ll choke…ugh. Ngl, being a teenage boy, I feel like he’s bound to ‘fall in love’ with his friend so easy, and then like a week later he’s over it and it’s all good again, but for the sake of he req. we’re going to pretend this is some Romeo and Juliet bs and Jisung is dead locked in love. But keeping with that, the realization smacks him in the face in a second, it’s literally a split moment acknowledgment of ‘fuuuuuuck i think love you’ kind of thing. And he freaks. The fuck. Out. You know he’ll talk to Taeyong about it, but Jisung wouldn’t flat out tell you anything. But you;ll know. The poor bub will be so anxious and antsy everytime he’s around you, you’re immediately going to know there’s something wrong, and probably guess it, while Jisung is lowkey peeing his pants. You pretty much confessed on his behalf…but hey, it’s all exposed now, stop shaking Ji it’s alright. 

This whole Mario 64 thing has fucked me up so bad. Like, there’s no way the fucking programmers who built that game ever could have imagined this kind of abuse being perpetrated.
The amount of time that must have been spent learning all of these different elements. Like, the fact that Mario can clip in place on a specific angle against a type of ceiling, being able to manipulate an enemy sprite, the fucking spatial distortion from moving at those speeds, etc.
Those are all elements that individually are fucking ludicrous, but to figure all of this shit out and implement it together into some kind of bizarre mathematical equation? Like, just what?

This dude has probably put so much time and work into completing a game specifically with the intent of pressing a button the least amount of times that he could be awarded a grant for further study into the theoretical physics of Mario 64. How many other people in the world have discovered this kind of crazy bullshit? Video games have already become such a staple of society that we have E-Sports. Is the next logical step E-Science?

I feel like this is how mankind will end up finding definitive, unequivocal evidence that god exists or some shit.
Like, after making reality God was like “Shit, there’s all this data pointing to the fact that I created the universe, I need to hide it somewhere….” And so someone will be trying to get the fucking chaos emerald in stage 4 of Sonic Adventure, but the actual Dreamcast version, not the Gamecube port, without using the jump button or some shit and they’ll fucking stumble onto a mathematical formula that proves God is real. 

Just a friendly reminder that what we are seeing of Yousef is very similar to what we saw of Even last season.

And frankly what we see from Skam in general.

The show set Even up to be wonderful for the first few episodes and got us attached. Then he seemed to be blowing off Isak and getting back with Sonja. The fandom blew up, called him horrible names, and refused to believe there was any sort of explanation for his behavior, despite the fact that Skam is portrayed from one perspective every season. In fact, isn’t the overall point of Skam to teach viewers that not everything is as it seems because there are different angles to every story? We later found out that Even was bipolar, and suddenly things started to make sense. Everyone who had been screaming, “I don’t care if he has a mental illness! He hurt my baby Isak, and I’ll never forgive him!” …forgave him.

This is what Skam does; you’re not supposed to understand what’s going on yet, because the main character doesn’t know what’s going on yet. If it was as simple as Yousef dating Noora and playing with Sana’s heart, then there’d be no point to them building him up as someone we love. What about him getting embarrassed dancing in the living room? Or his romantic scene with Sana in the kitchen? Or his night playing basketball with her?

My point is, Skam doesn’t write villains, because villains don’t really exist. Human beings are too complex to be that one-dimensional. Yousef isn’t a villain. I’m exhausted already of the shit people are throwing in Yousef’s direction because they refuse to acknowledge the thousands of other explanations for his behavior. It’s okay to react to the story, and if you don’t care for Yousef, that’s fine. But please at least remember that those feelings are probably temporary, because we’re going to see the conclusion of this story within a few weeks.

I’m not saying I like what is happening right now, and I sure as hell do not like seeing Sana in pain. But this is all a part of the journey, just as it was for Isak. And look, he’s living a happy life with the boyfriend everyone called a lying asshole. So can we just be patient and see what beautiful story Skam is trying to tell? Because the constant hate in the skam tags is really exhausting.

i want: spideypool edition

@littlesystems and i were discussing the merits of this wonderful idea. we feel like this post probably already exists, but we haven’t seen it, so:

i want, in one of the next deadpool movies, for deadpool to have a boyfriend named “peter.” maybe even “peter pa-*cough cough* excuse me, there’s a contractual obligation stuck in my throat.” 

i want peter to be played by an adorably ruffled and unmasked andrew garfield.

i want him to work as a photographer for the paper. i want him to to like science and nerding out with wade. i want him to slide through windows as a weird personal quirk, like “ooh, that peter, always so in a rush to get anywhere that he refuses to use a door”. i want him to always be checking his watch and his phone, like “look at my wrist i have somewhere i need to be!” whenever there’s some sort of superhero crisis.

i want deadpool to say “i’m not a superhero, but i never said i wouldn’t fuck one – but obviously that’s entirely unrelated to my boyfriend peter.” 

anonymous asked:

jensen needed that hug so badly it was so sweet and jareds face was so happy during the hug and he just kind of fell into jensen's arms, I just love j2 SO MUCH

Hi Anon, yes, yes, yes. 1000000x  ^this^  

I just… Okay, so I’ve been thinking after watching so many angles of The 2k17 Hug and I hope you don’t mind me using your ask to post what I think about it. Bear with me :)

EDIT: The post turned out longer then I thought it would be, so I’ve put it under the cut, together with photographic evidence ;)  

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On living with a family that doesn’t value academia

When I got home for the holidays my grandma asked me how my keystone was coming along, and it’s hard to explain so I said I’d just show her (something I do for very few people). This post gives a very brief overview of what I’ve done so far. It’s quite abstract and sometimes difficult to justify to myself why doing this is productive (despite my academic mentor being excited about it). She looked a bit skeptical throughout my explanation and at the end she asked how, specifically, it’s useful. And I tried to explain that the product isn’t really the valuable part of this project, but rather the skills and experience gained by directing my own “research,” for lack of a better word. After all, not many people are going to produce new and valuable academic work in their undergrad.

And she said “no, what actual, tangible skills are you getting that will help you get a job.” Since apparently nothing I do matters unless it helps me make money. It was a little disappointing to disregard everything specific to the work I had done and say that, if nothing else, learning about how to communicate with technology through code is incredibly useful and widely applicable. Her own lack of understanding of how technology works means that she still wasn’t satisfied, and that I was left basically telling her to trust me that it’s not useless.

A couple days after that my dad made a comment about living with four women (my mom, my two sisters, and myself, so far as I can be considered an “woman”), which he frequently does as if it was somehow a burden on him. Ignoring the fact that neither of us are very feminine (not that it’s relevant to my argument anyways), I tried to explain how relying on socially constructed gender stereotypes when he says stuff like that completely undermines his argument. I brushed over the fact that I feel nothing like a woman whatsoever. My sexist, hypermasculine brother refuted the fact that gender is largely socially constructed by saying, “girls are fucking crazy!” as if men, by contrast, are somehow not.

This led to a whole big discussion about gender, to which I brought my academic perspective, having talked a lot about gender in various courses, and to which my mom brought her experience of raising kids and seeing her friends raise their kids. She argued that there definitely are specific (biological) gender differences. I tried to explain that unconscious bias is quite powerful and might have influenced her observations and interpretations, and so they are not in fact 100% objective.

The crux of this debate was the fact that my ideas were purely academic and my mom’s were purely experiential. While both types of knowledge are important, neither one can get you to the place of the other. It is often the case that someone goes their whole life, maybe even being successful, knowing very little of the world around them simply because they haven’t been educated. Of course, life experience can expose you to quite advanced academic ideas, but any student will tell you that many things you learn at school (maybe even a majority depending on your field) cannot be learned through life experience. Academic education informs life experience, in every possible case.

My biggest issue here is that my family is not academic and doesn’t value academia. Every one of us has been successful in school, and are arguably quite bright, but I haven’t even completed my undergrad and I am officially the most educated person in the family (like even my extended family). Not only am I the most formally educated, but I have spent my life being curious, so I know a little about a lot of things, and a lot about a few things. So when my sister, to no one in particular, asks why lactose intolerance is so common, and I explain that actually the majority of the world can’t digest lactose because of agricultural evolution (a simple google-able fact), my family laughs in my face and says that probably isn’t true. They undermine everything in my knowledge base that they don’t already agree with, or think they know.

I’m not an expert, but I feel like I shouldn’t have to justify my existence to anyone.

I think im gonna start a new blog where people can submit advice to young girls dating other girls. I know when i first started dating a girl a lot of things were hard for me to figure out (like if i was actually in love) and i know googling a bunch of stuff only brings up heteronormative advice. I think it would be nice if there was something out there to help them feel more comfortable and less bad if they dont know what to do/are lost (say how to tell if its the right time to kiss her girlfriend for the first time). It would be for all girls dating girls (trans girls, cis girls, etc.) I wouldnt have the answers for all advice so submissions would be for answers too!! Like/reblog if u think it would be a good idea? Idk if something like this already exists, but its something to help people that i think would be nice :)

Just Some Ideas I had for Musical Magick and things related to that:

  • Enchant your instruments
  • Sticky note sigils onto your instrument for specific spell related songs
  • Physically playing music is such an enchanting experience in and of itself that I feel you could use this and pre-existing songs to cast minor spells such as protection spells or self-love spells and the like. you could probably also use it for minor curses, but I won’t go into that
  • Ambient music can be useful for scrying, meditation, divination, and really all forms of witchcraft when you think about it! there are plenty of white-noise and specific ambient sounds online help out with this!
  • If you’re new to spells, song lay-outs could definitely help! you could change the words to be fitting of your needs but maybe keep the overall intention/feeling the same and songs already come with a great flow, beat, rhythm, and if you really wanted to you could match your words with their pre-existing rhymes as well and voila! totally cool spell you could sing to yourself or chant more fluidly! you can even hum it in public if you want and nobody would even know!
  • Playlists can be super helpful and use for a number of different things, and you can get super specific with your song choices for these
  • Use sigils as your playlist artwork on your phone or music player to help enhance the intentions behind this playlist!
  • You could also burn playlists to CDs and write the sigil on the appropriate side of the CD, or load the playlist onto a flashdrive and label the flashdrive with the sigil
  • You can even make up your own songs to sing during spells or offerings, and you could record those and play them back to yourself
  • Mix CDs and the like could be sent to friends or loved ones as gifts but also as charms to help protect them or heal them or whatever is needed!
  • Charging or Enchanting CDs and Flashdrives that hold specific playlists can also help enhance the power of the songs recorded onto them

Music has an intense impact on people and it can have a huge impact on your magic! Even if it’s just to play in the background while you make tea to bring luck to yourself, maybe a good listen to “All I Do Is Win” by DJ Khaled can just give it that extra boost!

I’ve re-watched Storm In The Room a bunch of times already and I will probably do so a lot more for the rest of my existence but I just wanted to write down my feelings on how it highlights once again one of my favorite things in Steven Universe’s storytelling: patience. 

As creators, it’s always difficult to regulate how you show information to your audience. You know a lot more than they do about your story and you’re most likely eager to tell them everything, so choosing how to present it and when is very important for the flow of the narrative as well as to generate whatever effects you’re looking for in your audience. I always looked up to Steven Universe because it’s one of the most patient shows I’ve ever seen, when it comes to exposition and narrative flow, especially for a kids’ show. It’s not slow, because the plot moves perfectly and information is released at all times, but it’s done in such small amounts that, when you reach an important point, you realize how much you needed to know to get there and how much you’ve already learned without even noticing. That shows great respect to an audience, from those who create, and great trust in the show, from those who distribute; especially when we live surrounded by content that is incredibly fast-paced and immediate, and even more so in kids’ shows (this is why I’m upset by irregular releases and how in some countries it’s aired out of order, that’s disrespectful toward the show and the audience, but that’s another matter). 

Steven Universe uses this patience with clear narrative intentions. For example, I’ve always found brilliant how Garnet was introduced as an individual character first (and for 51 episodes, at that) and an experience of Ruby’s and Sapphire’s love second, so people (especially kids, the true audience of this) get to know their love before they know them individually, before any sort of prejudice they might be carrying could influence their perspective. And by the time that arrives, denying their love would be denying Garnet’s existence, and who would dare do that? 

But the reason why I end up praising this again now is because this show is, ultimately, a coming of age story. It’s Steven’s story. That’s why the balance between human issues and gem issues is so important, that’s why every episode adds something. One of the issues I come across in storytelling (especially for kids) when a parent figure is missing is the simplification of the relationship that character has with the idea of the parent, especially when the parent/s are regarded as heroes by whoever is around the character. Steven’s relationship with Rose is never simplified and it’s detailed in breadcrumbs of information throughout the show, since the very beginning. When I imagined an episode like this back in season 1, I would have never known it would advance to such emotional complexity and moral dilemmas, but it all resulted from the sum of parts that where carefully placed in our way. I saw from afar the fandom itself going from seeing Rose as a distant and mysterious figure to intense moral arguments on what she had done and what point in the good/evil spectrum she was on. Because not only we learn things at Steven’s pace, we see how things affect him directly, not in a detached manner but in a close perspective. This is also influenced by the fact that Steven is a main character which people really like in general, which is something that doesn’t happen as often as it should. A lot of writers struggle when creating lead characters, they tend to end up with bland or simplified characters people aren’t as interested to read as the flamboyant side kick or the cool mysterious partner. Steven’s character development, the treatment of him as a complex individual and the way in which we see information as it’s presented to him, whether he interprets it the way we do at the time or not, is a winning combination. It allows us to be more than observers, to get involved

That is storytelling at its finest, that transformation of people’s perspectives, the moment in which you question what you thought and wonder and ask questions and don’t stand still. When you’re not just entertained but you’re actively participating in what you’re witnessing. And this would have not happened if we had known all this in seasons 1 or 2. If Steven had known from seasons 1 or 2. This crew is patient because it trusts its show and its audience and it has a handle on information that I admire as a creator and as a part of the audience. Their patience allows this level of complexity with an organic flow in narrative, taking subjects as heavy as war, political turmoil, social rights, equality, grief, identity and love and breaking them down to small pieces, which add up to a very complex scenario and pushes you to question your perspective and analyse everything you thought you knew or learn it for the first time. I just admire this show so much. 

When They Find Photos of You & About You Secret Relationship

Request: “Hi. I love you guys’ writing very much. If it possible, can you please write bts reaction when other members found you pictures in his phone and found out that actually both of you are secretly dating. Thank you. Have a lovely day, everyone. 😘😘” -anon

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Types Of K-Pop Fangirl I’ve Discovered [Part 1?]

This is not even anything near the full extent of our lovely little fandom so always feel free to drop something in my ask box and I might make a part 2!

Rapper Trash

  • It starts with one rapper from their first band
  • But then they find they’re just drawn to rappers
  • Probably Cypher trash too
  • “Daddy!”
  • Kink activated through a rap that lasts longer than 60 seconds
  • Lives for mixtapes
  • Cool
  • But sometimes needs to chill
  • Swag.

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Sunshine Trash [Me]

  • There is never a rainy day
  • Feeling sad? Just look at a picture and you can already feel the healing
  • Has cute nicknames for every single bias
  • Is a fan expert of smiles
  • Inspired to be the light of other people’s lives
  • Almost as pure as their biases
  • Picks up a bias just because they have a cute laugh
  • Mesmerized. 
  • “Woah… Handsome…”
  • Soft for cuties
  • A sucker for happiness
  • High on life

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See? Don’t you feel better already?

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I couldn’t resist putting in some of my favourite sunshines here

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The Stan

  • “Slay!”
  • Compliments
  • Appreciation
  • “Can you believe a person like _____ (usually Suga ngl) exists?”
  • Probably edits Wikipedia and Urban Dictionary pages to make sure the entire world know what a great person their bias is.
  • Lots of hashtags to voice thoughts
  • Yes! That’s it! Right there!
  • *bias breathes* REBLOG.

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sproelium  asked:

Hello, hope you're ok. So I've working a lot with the elements, and I wanted to know how can we know which element we belong to the most? Plus, I need energy and motivation. I am manico-depressive. And during my downs moment, I just need some strength and bravery to stay out of my bed until it's bed time. Will you help me please? Thanks. 🕊

Hello. Thanks for writing to me! I myself have struggled with mental illness, so I might have an idea of difficult it can be, particularly the downswings! I’m not in your head, though, and I do realize that it’s a very individual thing, and your experience may be different than mine. In any case, I hope you’ve found people, including professionals, willing to help you through this. It can be extraordinarily difficult to get actual treatment for these things sometimes, because there’s so much stigma and also just a lack of people who understand.

I’m not a doctor, so I can’t give medical advice. As someone who is both a witch and a survivor of mental illness, though, I will say that magic can be a helpful coping mechanism when combined with normal treatment, and the elements are great topic to focus on in magical practice. I’ve come to find that magick gives my life an extra layer of structure and stability and a sense of connection, which is helpful for some people. 

You mention a desire for strength and bravery. I’d wager you’re pretty brave already to be studying magick to begin with, but I realize it’s difficult to feel your own bravery sometimes. Now, many magicians and witches would probably tell you that if you’re interested in bravery and strength, you should work with fire exclusively, but I disagree. In my view, all the elements have qualities of strength and bravery. It’s a different kind of bravery with each, though, and a different kind of strength. 

Anyways, in my view, nobody is going to be entirely governed by one element or belong to just one. Nevertheless, concepts like personal elements exist for a reason, and at any given time, you can probably feel the forces of the all the elements at work within you. Yes, it is quite common for a person to have an elemental type (though it may change at various points in their life).  I would argue that there’s probably two elemental characteristics a person might try to discover about themselves at certain times - the element they currently inhabit, and the one they wish to move into or bring into their life more often.

Some believe a person’s astrological sun sign is a clue to their dominant element - for example, they might see someone born a Virgo as predisposed to Earth traits because Virgo is an Earth sign. Others take it further and will examine a person’s entire natal chart and the way the planets, etc. interact within it for signs of an element dominating. This approach has never really resonated with me, personally but it can be a good starting point for some folks.

The best method for determining your own elemental affinity is, in my opinion, simple self-examination and introspection. This can take many forms, but should probably begin just by studying all the elements and their relationship to the structure of the universe. I don’t recommend focusing on one in particular to start with,  but instead just reading, researching, and (perhaps most importantly) working with all of them as much as possible. The idea is to get a feel for the forces they embody and how they interact with your psyche right now, both as concepts and as actual physical matter. 

By “as concepts,” I mean developing connections not (just) with the physical things representing each element, but with the plethora of mental associations that exist for each, as well. This means that, to connect with (for example), water, I would recommend not simply interacting with water or ritual tools but doing research into the nature of emotion, which is strongly associated with water in the Western Magical Tradition. Similarly, connecting with air would involve more than burning incense (though doing that can be awesome, as well) - air is associated with intellect and swiftness, so exploring your intellectual side is helpful in understanding it.

This is not as well-known as it used to be, but some ancient peoples thought of the elements themselves as combinations of fundamental universal principles. In the image above, I discuss this. They tended to see each element as active or passive as well as categorizing them into mutable and fixed. 

I struggle a bit with certain elements (earth, mostly) and it does help sometimes to think of things this way. In terms of finding your element, you might ask yourself if you’re more active or passive. You might then explore whether you’re prone to change (mutable) or more consistent (fixed). You could then look into the elements associated with those categories in turn.

One thing that I found helpful over the years - scrying the elements. Most people think of scrying as fortunetelling, but the same technique can be used to explore a concept like an element.  As I described in the image above, I do believe each element as a medium has advantages in terms of particular scrying topics, but it is equally possible to just scry on the subject of the element’s place in your own life. I would recommend doing this with the element itself as a medium, if possible, but I realize not everyone can do that.

One technique for doing this would be to frame each scrying session as spirit communication and call on the spirits traditionally believed to rule over each element. You may have heard of entities called undines, sylphs, gnomes and salamanders - though they sound a bit fanciful, those are just terms for any spirit borne of a particular element. Undines are water-creatures, gnomes are associated with earth, sylphs are airy, and salamanders are fiery. All are often called “elementals.”

I’ve personally sought the four elemental kings, who are said to supervise these creatures, but there are other entities traditionally associated with each element, as well. I recommend this site for more information about them, but Wikipedia actually has a good overview, too. If you’re not much for scrying to communicate with specific spirits, you might try (as I said) just asking to receive knowledge regarding how a particular element is manifesting in your current life.

One thing worth remembering: even in the system of the ancients, the elements were far from the whole story in terms of how they described reality. In the diagram below, which resembles on seen in Robert Allen Bartlett’s book, Real Alchemy (credit where credit is due!), you can see how alchemists in particular developed the notion of elements in combination creating three essential forces: mercury, salt, and sulphur. These are concepts, not actual physical chemicals, though. You may actually find that one of these describes you better, thus implying you’d have dual elemental association at this point in time. I’ve met people who identified, for example, with mercury more than anything else.

I realize that if you’re experiencing anything like downswings (I’ve had ‘em before), this whole process can be difficult, though, but I don’t think it’s something to stress over. It might be helpful to just enjoy the elements in and of themselves for a while, if you can. I know that when I was depressed, I’d do things like burn candles, incense, or making tea, all exercises that could be magical if you see them right, but I didn’t force myself to think too much about deeper aspects of it again until I started getting better. No one knows you better than you, though, so I’d suggest experimenting to figure out what helps you feel better when these things happen. For me, it was just simple exercises that I didn’t put much thought into until later, but you’re a completely different person and might respond better to something else. I really wish you the best and hope things get better for you. 

Can we please just talk about our Warriors?

Manga spoilers!!!!!! So many!! You have been warned!!

Yeah I’m talking about Annie, Reiner and Bertoldt. They did shitty things, yeah whatever. Just think about what it would’ve been like to be the, tho??? They had like…the shittest lives imaginable??

From a young age they were taught that Eldians are evil and terrible people, and blinded by the Marleyan lies, they accepted their roles as the Titans and set off on their mission, hoping to be the hero they thought Marley needed. Keep in mind they had a couple years of relentless training, so they’d probably be around what, ten? Marleyans trained ten year olds to be murderers.

And yet, before even reaching the Walls, one of their best friends were taken from them and eaten in front of their eyes. These poor kids were probably around twelve, if you think about the thirteen year rule and the times when everything happened.

They knew they had some troubles they’d need to face, so despite the trauma that gave them, they kept moving onwards on their mission.

When they joined the 104th, Annie had the right idea. Stay distant and don’t grow attached to them. Reiner and Bert, trying to fit in, became friends with the cadets. That was one of their biggest mistakes, and they took Annie down with them. By befriending the enemy, they realised that not all Eldians are heartless monsters. In fact, barely any of them were. Instead of finding heartless monsters, they found hearts full to the brim with passion and longing. Longing for freedom.

But they couldn’t undo what they had done, and they couldn’t turn back on their mission. So Annie, who forced all that down and suppressed her emotions, continued on with her job while Reiner and Bert let their hearts take over and chose to join the Survey Corps instead of infiltrating the kingdom in the Military Police. You can argue that they just wanted to keep an eye on Eren, but that was probably just the excuse they made for themselves and for Annie. Annie knew what was up. But she didn’t let any of those emotions get to her.

She didn’t hesitate to do what she set out to do and complete her goals. Because after all, she had thirteen years to live and her father believed in her. She should’ve never befriended the 104th. She knew that. And she ended up in a crystal so she wouldn’t have to face them ever again until the time is right.

//Annie is the most mentally driven character and the most emotionally strong character I have ever seen in my life.//

She had such powerful control over her mind and heart to do that. She was //strong.// I honestly cannot begin to express my admiration towards Annie for what she did. Such strength to be able to bring herself to do it. I’m not saying it was the right thing to do; I’m applauding her for not letting anything get to her the way Reiner and Bert did. She was so strong and I love her so much. She deserves so much better and I hope when she finally emerges from that crystal, she escapes and lives. Even though she will die within a few years. Maybe she doesn’t pass on the power on purpose so that nobody else has to go through what she went through and the Female Titan is lost forever, and Annie dies peacefully in a forest or something. I really hope that’s what happens. She deserves the world for her accomplishments.

Enough about Annie; now Bertoldt. This boy had always been disclosed and shy; yet he still took up this impossibly difficult task. I don’t know why he did, but I bet he was in a similar situation as Annie. Blinded by Marley’s lies and hoped to be a hero.

He had one of the toughest tasks of all; to breach the first Wall. That marked such a dark day for humanity that was told as a tale everyone would know; a tale that would go down in history for all the wrong reasons. He knew what he was getting into. Can you just imagine the guilt he would’ve felt for doing that? That single kick marked at least what, 30% of humanity good as dead. That guilt, for a guy such as Bert, must’ve been unbearable. But he beared the unbearable.

Shy as he was, he fit into the 104th, and everyone loved him as much as he loved everyone. Bertoldt is a lover, not a fighter. He thought he was doing what was right and fighting monsters. But as he befriended all these Eldians, he realised who the real monsters were. Them.

Bert chose to follow his heart and go with the Survey Corps, manipulating himself into thinking it was the wiser course of action. But //he left Annie behind.// and as you would’ve saw, he loved Annie. I don’t blame him. She’s the strongest person in the whole series. Sure, Levi was emotionally strong enough to repress his emotions and face the amount of death he saw, but as bad as Levi’s life may have been, it doesn’t compare to the Warriors’. He was raised in a shithole and his closest friends died in front of him; but he got to fight for humanity and the chance to avenge them by beating the Titans. All the Warriors got was death and guilt and murder and the hope that their families back in Marley would be proud of them for being //murderers.// Bertoldt loved Annie. You could tell. He knew how strong she was, and he was envious of her strength, like anyone else would.

His bro Reiner told him to confess to Annie. I bet you he was planning to. But instead, he was killed for Armin’s sake…I love Armin don’t get me wrong, but imagine how that must’ve felt for him. Mixed emotions. Emotions of fear, relief, guilt, anger, helplessness….he didn’t want to die. He was tricked into doing his job. Manipulated, with no way out other than to finish it, so he wanted to live. But at the same time, he probably wanted death from all the guilt of the people he’d killed. Sadness that he never had the chance to tell Annie how he truly felt, know Annie would’ve been strong enough to do that much. But in the end, I think he was happy that he saved Armin. Relieved he could finally let go and not live in that hell anymore, and a much more worthy life lived.

Bertoldt deserved way better; he had a heart of gold and deserved the world.

And last but not least; Reiner. Reiner I think by far has the shittiest life and situation out of everyone in this fucking series of fucked up depressing shit. Just think about it. Annie sealed herself in a crystal for some sort of hibernation, and she was strong enough to actually go through with joining he MP. Bertoldt got the sweet release of death knowing his time was over and his hell was over too. But Reiner? Reiner saw two of his best friends get eaten and unable to do anything about it. He was thrown off by those thunder spears so he couldn’t do anything, that same helpless feeling of being unable to save someone like when he saw Marcel die. And now Bert. And seeing Annie crystallise. He saw all of that and kept going. Not because he wanted to, but because he literally had no choice at all. It was the only path for him to take.

I bet you all $20 that he now has severe PTSD. Also that Cushing guilt he cannot get rid of, as he has the curse of living. He’s probably counting the days left till sweet death comes. He had the power of the Armoured Titan and yet, his friends were taken from him one by one, and he was turned against the only friends he had left, that he knew full well he was going to betray from the start. He has nobody left in this world to be there for him. Except Zeke, but he didn’t grow up with and spend years with Zeke like he did with the 104th. They all went through so much together.

And now, all he can do is sit and watch as these young, misguided souls compete for his power, his burden, that one day will burden them just as bad or if not worse. And he can’t even rest yet; he continues fighting until his last hours, his last breath. He has kept living all these years without Annie, Bertoldt or Marcel, or any of the 104th except maybe Ymir. What happened to her again?? She kinda just disappeared with them? I swear to god if the Marleyans killed her in revenge for Marcel or to pass on her Titan, I will actually grow a riot because Ymir deserved the world just as much as all the other Titans.

Reiner must be so lonely, depressed, guilty and have no drive to keep going other than because he has to. I hope he dies quickly and painlessly and can get it done and over with, put him out of his misery.

And then Ymir, who literally was a normal human who did nothing wrong and is now faced with all this shit?? She wasn’t trained for this. She wasn’t promised to be a hero, she had no purpose. She just existed at the worst time and place and got so much shit for it. At least Ymir had the luxury to find love during her shithole of a life; thank god Historia exists. //Ymir did nothing wrong!!//

You know, when you put it like this, Eren, Mikasa and Armin’s lives seem like a stroll in he park. Heck, you can even argue that Levi’s life looked alright in comparison to these guys. I am a huge Levi fan so I’m not trying to hate on him, I love him to death and feel so sad for him but when people say he’s had it the hardest…I can object.

Once they had accepted the Titan powers, the Warriors were already marked for a shit life. They probably had around 9 years of peace as a child and that’s all they got before hell began.

This wasn’t meant to get this long oops. But I just felt the need to express my love for these characters, they don’t get enough of it in the canon and even in the fan base. Someone please just write a fanfic where they’re all happy and none of this happened, I need it pls.

To conclude this hell of a rant:


Fuck I forgot to talk about Zeke. Oh well, he had it easy and seemed to feel little remorse and I should sleep lmao. Tris out.

I think the whole “artists don’t get likes or reblogs on original works compared to fanart works” thing applies to writers too.

Writers think up of cool new ideas, like original characters and plot lines and sometimes have hem set in their own world or an already existing world, but when they post these works nobody seems to read them. They’re only interested in the fanfics.

And I think that’s kinda sad and depressing, for someone who spends time creating something they’re proud of only to see it go unnoticed.

A fanfic: 100 notes or more
Something with OC’s or isn’t related to a fandom: 5 notes

Which kinda feels like everyone else is only there for the fanfics the writer makes, not just the writer themself. Which honestly kinda hurts.


anonymous asked:

Hey! I'm aro (spec?) and I'm trying to educate myself more on aro and ace stuff! I hope u don't mind me asking a few questions. First I don't quite understand how ace people can have sex if they don't feel sexual attraction. If they don't feel sexual attraction why would they want to have sex with someone? Same with aro people in relationships. I feel like if ur aro or ace but u wanna date or have sex respectively then u probably aren't aro/ace? If a het girl fucked a girl she isn't straight? 1/

How is sexuality a spectrum? Wouldn’t everyone be on that spectrum because like u either feel attraction or don’t. Also why does the split attraction model exist? I use it sorta but I feel like I’m demi romo ace or aroace and anyways I was just curious. 2/2

q: how ace people can have sex if they don’t feel sexual attraction? 
a: ever eat when you are bored or despite being full already?

q: i feel like if ur aro or ace but u wanna date or have sex respectively then u probably aren’t aro/ace? 
a: no offensive, but you are incorrect to tie behavior to label. People behave all sorts of ways for all sorts of reasons. Their feelings are an internal measure that you cannot track by behavior. That’s true about everything. A person who goes out to party always might seem like the happiest person in the world, but maybe they are very depressed but no one knows because they don’t “appear” so.

q: If a het girl fucked a girl she isn’t straight? 
a: Uh, I mean unlikely?

q: How is sexuality a spectrum? 
a: Kinsey scale 

q:  Wouldn’t everyone be on that spectrum because like u either feel attraction or don’t.
a: … yes? 

q:  Also why does the split attraction model exist?
a: because the scale of human experience isn’t two denominational

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i think ppl like writing angst or dnp arguing a lot bc just like smut it's a side to dnp that we don't get to see. they'd never argue or even have a slight disagreement on camera so it's nice to read about that hidden side of them that could potentially exist i guess,,,, as for the abusive bit, i think it's just ppl projecting themselves and their relationships onto dnp and finding solace in fic-writing. same goes for the readers

yeah yeah for sure! first i jst wanna say i wrote those tags when i was in the middle of a v emotional reaction to something i probably shouldnt have read in the first place because abusive themes can really negatively affect me if im already not feeling mentally great. i also would never try and limit what fic writers write, even if some things rly dont sit well with me or ‘make sense’ on face for what i want to read in fic. creative expression is good, censorship and restriction is p much always bad, tags and warnings exist on platforms like ao3 for a reason. 

but to clarify the point i was making a bit further: i understand writing angst in general, and the desire to see certain situations or sides to dnp in fic that we don’t get to see on camera. my problem is that angst situations in phanfic (and it’s rly an issue in phanfic more than fic i’ve read in other fandoms or for other pairings) are so frequently written in a way that’s not just out of character, but like. literally so over-dramatized and fabricated as to be completely antithetical to what dnp portray in the way they think/interact with each other? like leaving aside obviously au angst storylines like suicide or cancer or car crashes or what have you which are maybe meant to explore what dnp as people would do in these horrendous situations theyre most certainly not being exposed to irl, i dont understand why canon-based/’reality’-based angst tends to be written in a way that doesnt even resemble who dnp are. more specifically, the fic i read wasn’t even tagged as abusive. it was tagged as established relationship and mentioned arguments and conflict in the description. but the way that argument played out was horrendous, violent, and reliant upon abusive tropes and themes of blame/guilt/emotional manipulation/degradation that the author treated as completely reasonable/normal within a mature, long-term, established relationship. the commenters also responded as though all of it was completely normal. most people were so enthusiastic about how this scenario sounded just like a fight dnp could have, about how the story made them cry, and also, in the case of two people, how they found it hot to think about phil demeaning dan in the context of an argument. 

i know a lot of fic writers are young, but what bothers me is that that means a lot of people writing dnp into fic are glorifying and romanticizing things that are completely appalling in romantic relationships and treating those things as normal. that’s what bothers me, and what i was trying to question/criticize. i know these young writers are just practicing a creative hobby and i’ve got no problem with that, they’re not hurting anyone obviously, i think i just get scared and worried or even sad to think that certain things are held up to be desirable/normal in relationships when they’re just … fucked up. i also just feel like there are tons of ways to write conflict or angst into a plot that show sides of dnp we might not see on camera without needing to portray the very fundamentals of their relationship as being abusive or completely divergent with what they show us of their pride in each other, their respect for each other, and the general strength and longevity of their partnership. you can toy around with dnp’s own internal insecurities, their anxieties and fears about their career, their angst about their sexualities and how to portray or not portray that publicly, what it means for them to come out, what happens if they have differing views on an idea or project they cant immediately resolve, or if one person doesnt carry their weight of work over a long period time, and endless other combinations–you can write all of that stuff we’ll never actually be privy to without sacrificing the strength and foundational goodness of their partnership. 

i hope this makes sense! ahaha i rambled for way too long. but just to reiterate, people deffff can write whatever they want to, it’s amazing overall to know that fic writing gives people this outlet to explore their own experiences or just this creative endeavor that might be fulfilling or cathartic to them. i just worry sometimes in general, not just even in the context of fic but literally in general @ ppl overall esp here on tumblr, about the warped view of romantic partnerships people sometimes have and i personally just react badly when i read those sorts of things applied to dnp :( it’s perhaps not rational, like it’s mostly an emotional and subjective reaction, but it’s just how i feel!

letter to the girl under my balcony

So this was on my other tumblr which I no longer use, but since at first this was a Wonwoo college au drabble (with a lot of backstory untold) I thought I’m gonna put this here and delete the other blog.  Enjoy.

Originally posted by livelovelunch

you stand there everyday, waiting for the bus you take to get to your university. i never see you come back, but you’re always there in the next morning. sometimes you look up to my balcony, complimenting the flowers i take care of with your gentle smile. and i feel my cheeks heat up, i’m afraid to smile back.

when it rains you choose to not take the shelter of the roof of the busstop or an umbrella. you let the rain wash you, maybe to clear your mind, your soul or you just like the feeling of the raindrops hitting your skin and wetting your pastel clothes.

we stand next to the other. just you and i in the buzzing crowd of a rainy monday. one soul in two bodies, but we don’t even know eachother. i know you feel it too. the pull which brings me to stand closer to you in the fishcan-like bus to protect you from other people’s stare and touch. the irony in our existence makes a bitter smile form on my face.

my hair is already half dry, but yours is still dripping, making the small hairs stick to your face, like a frame to the finest piece of art. and i have the sudden urge to comb my hand through it, but i bite my lip to stop myself. i probably smell like a wet dog and your contrasting scent invades my senses as you bring your weight from one leg to another. i wish i could hug you and make the time stop, just for a little.

until you feel our hearts merge into one.

until your racing thoughts clear out.

until i become myself.

why is it hard to mutter a word when actions can’t speak for themselves? how to catch a butterfly’s attention if the color of a bright flower isn’t enough? how to capture it without breaking its wings?

even with the short years of my life I know that love is an ocean, a big one - and i can’t swim. i wonder sometimes if i should stop thinking about you. but that’s not as easy as i want it to be. have i really gone crazy for you? will you be my spring that melts my frozen self?

the bus stops and the door closes behind you, another monotone day ‘till the next morning, when i can see you again. in the meantime i try to convince myself - again, that this is just a stupid crush, but i’m not a feisty teenager who’s lead by hormones and rather inappropriate thoughts. these feelings i harbor are growing on me, just like how the mistletoe slowly kills the chosen tree.

after i threw my bag where i had picked it up in the morning i sit down in front of the small electric piano i got for last christmas - the feeling is not even close to a classical piano, but this is all that could fit into this small apartment of mine. my fingers moved on the keys, creating a clumsy melody, coercing away my coherent thoughts and setting myself free. i shiver as the cold breeze of an incoming night hits my back - my window was open all this time and i don’t even think about what could’ve happened to my home, my belongings, i just wish you could hear this. i’m opening my heart to you.

when half of me is gone, how can I live as one?