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Spirits #1: Sensing and Recognising

In this post, I will give you:

A forewarning.

Ways to recognise when a spirit is around.

Exercises to help you sense them.

Grounding Methods

Herbs for Psychic Powers/Tea recipes

Gems for Psychic awareness/powers

A Forewarning:

It’s easy to convince yourself that everything is a spirit. I’ve seen a lot of beginners and even more experienced people do so. There’s also the placebo effect. Your friend says they saw a spirit and now you start seeing that thing around you. It could be because you’re giving it energy, but it could very well be a type of placebo effect. So be careful. Not everything is a spirit…

… and not everything isn’t.

Now, here I will be giving out information I have gathered around, however, take it with a pinch of salt and add what you wish to it.

Finally, remember that grounding yourself is also very important. I’ll expand upon that in another post.

Recognise a Spirit:

There are ways to recognise a spirit through all five senses, and for some, even the sixth one.

There are spirits with higher frequencies, “good” spirits, if you will. And some with lower frequencies, “bad” spirits, as some will call them. I am of the mindset that there are no good or bad spirits, just like there are no good or bad people.

Please note: I am not talking about demons, here.

Spirits with higher or lower frequencies will feel or be sensed differently.

Again, here’s a strong disclaimer. Not everything is a spirit/ghost. Especially if you suffer with a mental illness, please be cautious.


  • Shadows: Shadows are an easy way for spirits to manifest themselves. They’re not fully manifested, but you can see them. There’s a difference between shadows and shadow people, you’ll immediately feel the change in energy.
  • Partial Manifestation: Although rarer, spirits can fully manifest parts of themselves, such as eyes, face, hands. They’re often a whitish hue or even full colour. These don’t last long due to the tremendous energy it takes.
  • Full Manifestation: A full body manifestation is very rare and doesn’t last long, because for a spirit to fully manifest itself, it takes a lot of energy. Some people can help a spirit stay manifested longer, but I’ve seen it take an awful toll on those people’s health. I don’t suggest you try it.
  • Peripheral Vision: Seeing people or shadows out of the corner of your eyes.This is the most common way to see a spirit.
  • Air Distortions: Distortions in the air where there’s no reason to have any. Can be a sign of a spirit either trying to manifest itself or simply there.
  • Orbs: Orbs are small balls of light that are usually captured when taking a picture with a flash. Though a lot of them is just the flash catching dust or pollen, there are also “ghost orbs”, or spirit energy. There are even orbs that you can zoom in on and see faces/shapes.Orbs have also been spotted just floating around.
  • Light Distortion: Sometimes, when a spirit is of a lower frequency, the light in the room seems to be drained, lights can spontaneously go off, candle flames dwindle without a cause and so on. But when a spirit is of a higher frequency, lights seem to shine brighter and candle flames can burn high.


Hearing is the most delicate one since I have, in the past, suffered from insomnia induced psychosis for several months, and know what it is like to hear voices. Please don’t assume that the voices you hear are spirits. And even if they are, don’t let them tell you to do bad things. They have no power over you unless you give them power, whether they be real or not.

  • Tinnitus: So this one is rather nebulous, but a few of my psychic friends/acquaintances claim that often, when they hear a sharp ringing in their ears, it’s a spirit attempting to communicate, but either they aren’t ready to hear what they have to say, or the spirit isn’t capable to getting their message across the veil.
  • Zaps, Bangs and odd little sounds: Sometimes, a spirit can try and get your attention through odd little noises only you hear, and seemingly come from nowhere.
  • Footsteps: Footsteps in a room when nobody’s home, or on the walls or ceiling. Your house is making more noise than usual without any causing.
  • Tapping: Little knocks at your door or on your wall through which you can even communicate. Sometimes doors slam without wind.<
  • Buzzing: Your ears may buzz loudly when spirits are around.
  • Whispers: Hearing whispers when there is no reason to.
  • Voices: Hearing voices around you when there is no one. This is a delicate subject matter. Don’t trust the voices without being 1000% sure. Don’t trust the voices if you are currently in a bad mental place (unless it’s trying to cheer you up and help you, in that case, even if it’s a hallucination, at least it’s pretty positive) and don’t trust the voices if they’re telling you to do something bad. Or something that could lead to something bad. However, it is a way for spirits to communicate.


  • Odd Tastes: This is an odd one and I only know two people other than me that have that reaction to spirits, but it’s basically when certain spirits give you tastes in your mouth, such as blood, dirt, sugar, spices and more.


  • Good Smells: A spirit can manifest itself with good smells. Smells that remind you of a deceased loved one or something comforting.
  • Bad Smells: Just as similarly, some spirits come around with bad smells like rotting flesh or blood.
  • Other: Sometimes, a smell that has no reason to be there just appears. Like the smell of roast beef in the middle of the night, wafting from your kitchen.


  • A gush of Warm/cool air: You randomly feel a breeze when there shouldn’t be one.
  • A stroke: You feel as though someone is touching you, stroking you, often in a loving way, or sometimes, in a more uncomfortable way. It gives you goosebumps or shivers.
  • A Blow: A full on blow to your body. This is rare and more often happens in dream/while you sleep, while real life physical consequences.
  • Marks: Odd marks on your body. For example, I had a hand shaped mark on my inner thigh, in a way my hands couldn’t have done it, it was outlined with a white line, but was not a scratch. Don’t assume every bump/scratch is a spirit.
  • Hands: You feel someone touching you. Not really like a stroke, just a hand on your shoulder, or around your throat, or on your cheek. Sometimes a hand holding yourself.
  • Change in Air pressure: The air around you feels lighter, or heavier, depending on the vibrations.
  • Pressure on Chest: a very common one I’ve heard is the feeling someone or something sitting on your chest, most of the time, in a very oppressive way.
  • Electric Shocks: Some people, like myself, feel electric shocks down our spines when close to spirits.
  • Skin: Your skin crawls, or goosebumps suddenly erupt for no reason, you feel dirty.


Extra sensory perception, possibly the most common way to feel a spirit.

  • Anxiety: Unexplained anxiety, stress, fear, panic attacks, depression and such.
  • Joy: Euphoria, happiness, confidence, comfort, compassion, good emotions that come out of nowhere.
  • Empathy: Suddenly feeling emotions that aren’t yours when you, yourself aren’t an empath.
  • Paranoia: Sudden feelings of being watched, being in danger/vulnerable, feeling you’re not alone.
  • Intuition: Sudden increase in intuition, like someone is telling you something.
  • Dread: Your stomach drops,a feeling of dread, tight throat, unexplained sadness.
  • Dizziness: Dizziness, nausea, motion sickness, you just feel queasy and wrong.

Become more Sensitive:

I don’t know if someone who isn’t naturally sensitive to spirits can become it, though they probably can, I wouldn’t know the methods. So here, I’m going to list ways of increasing already existing sensitivity.

  • Always Start by Grounding: Grounding is incredibly important. Everyone has their method. Mine is to walk barefoot in the earth or to just stand up and feel my feet. You can meditate, use crystals and so on. I’ll list more grounding methods later.
  • Meditate: Meditation is an effective way of becoming more receptive to subtle things around you. Everyone has their techniques, but I like doing Anapana before expanding into consciousness projection.
  • Just get yourself into a spiritual state: May it be through music, walking in the woods, cooking, anything that gets you spiritual, it’ll increase your sensitivity.
  • Herbal Infusion: Make a herbal tea that favours psychic powers. I’ll give recipes later.
  • Open your Third Eye: Everyone has their method, but the third eye is a very effective way of doing so.
  • Work with Crystals: I’ll give a list of crystals later.
  • Get Spirit’s Attention: Again, many methods that I will list later, but you can find your own.
  • Channel: Play a good game of Ouija, or do some automatic writing, maybe use your pendulum or any methods of channeling you use. It can get you going.

There are many other methods. Find your own!


  • Walk: Take a long walk in nature, barefooted preferably, and just feel the earth beneath your feet.
  • Trees: Hug trees, meditate under trees, just be around trees, imagine yourself rooting yourself in the earth. Can work with house plants, just dig your hands into the earth and feeling your energy going deep.
  • Dance: Dance around, stomp your feet, rock the world, just get in touch with your physical body.
  • Meditate: Meditate. Just concentrate in your breath, your body. Then, you can try and expand your consciousness, but instead of reach up, go down, into the earth.
  • Massage: Massage yourself or get someone to massage you. Nothing airy. A nice, deep massage. Rub your limbs and pat yourself down. You’re here, in your body.
  • Exercise: Do physical exercise. Yoga in particular (I don’t recommend Kundalini or westernised Yoga Pilates/etc, but actual Indian yoga. Something grounding like standing poses, especially Tadasana/Mountain Pose.) and Qi Gong
  • Animals: Spend time stroking your dog, cat, horse, earth animal (not birds, or aquatic animals)
  • Earth Spirit: Ask earth spirits, such as trolls, gnomes and others to help you be grounded.


Herbs for Psychic Awareness:


Taken from Scott Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs. Feel free to do your own research.

  • Astral Protection: Mugwort, Poplar, Dittany of Crete
  • Mental Powers (Strengthen): Caraway, Celery, Eyebright, Grape, Horehound, Lily of the Valley, Mace, Mustard, Periwinkle, Rosemary, Rue, Spearmint
  •  Psychic Powers: Acacia, Althea, Bay, Bistort, Bladderwrack, Borage, Buchu, Celery, Cinnamon, Eyebright, Flax, Grass, Honeysuckle, Lemongrass, Mace, Marigold, Mastic, Mugwort, Peppermint, Rose, Rowan, Saffron, Star Anise, Thyme, Uva Ursa, Yarrow, Wormwood, Yerba Santa
  • Spirituality: African Violet, Aloes Wood, Gum Arabic, Cinnamon, Frankincense, Myrrh, Sandalwood

Tea Recipes:

  • Meditation: 6 tsp English breakfast tea, 2 tsp Chamomile, 1 tsp Rose hips, 1 tsp Elder flower
  • Psychic 1: 6 tsp Rose petal, 4 tsp Thyme, 4 tsp Yarrow, 2 tsp Cinnamon, 2 tsp Clove
  • Psychic 2: 1 tsp mugwort, 1 tsp Lemon Balm, 1 tsp peppermint, 1 tsp yarrow, ¼ tsp ground cinnamon, ¼ tsp ground clove,

There are other recipes, or make your own!


I am not listing them all since there are a lot. Feel free to do your own research.

Increase Psychic Awareness:

  • Azurite: It vibrates at the level of the third eye chakra, for clairvoyance, crown chakra, for heightened spiritual connections and throat chakra for psychic communication.
  • Angelite: Used to communicate with Angels and higher frequency. It helps open you up to new information and spiritual senses.
  • Amethyst: Opens higher chakras, helps strengthen psychic abilities, protects and good for meditation and dreams.
  • Bloodstone: This one is really known to strengthening psychic abilities of all kinds, especially clairvoyance. It also protects from lower frequencies.
  • Carnelian: This one helps heighten/develop intuition, clairvoyant and clairaudient gifts. Used to transfer living to the spirit realm and vice versa.
  • Fluorite: Offers psychic protection, from negative energies and psychic vampires. Helps strengthen intuition, psychic abilities, connection to spirits and spirit guides.
  • Herkimer Diamond: Especially known for having magical properties, the Herkimer Diamond helps with telepathy, connections to spirit guides, past life and enhancing psychic abilities.
  • Kyanite: Great stone to use in meditation, to aid lucid dreaming, astral projection, connecting to spirit guides and Intuition. (Do use with caution since it’s really strong)
  • Sapphire: Helps open communication lines with the spirit world, helps give clarity, open the third eye and enhance psychic visions. Also aids with out of body, telepathy, precognition and intuition.
  • Turquoise: Enhances clairvoyant and clairaudient abilities, strengthen psychic powers and balance chakras.
  • Quartz: Quartz is the most powerful stone for psychic abilities, and the most accessible. It enhances psychic vision, understanding messages from the spirit world, opening communication with it and balancing chakras.

Psychic Protection:

  • Labradorite: Good for protection against negative energies and very powerful psychic protection.
  • Tiger’s Eye: Also amazing to keep you safe from negativity, it helps mostly with more human bad energies. Still very good.
  • Black Tourmaline: Black tourmaline helps ground you and keeps you incredibly safe from negativity. Like a pillar. My personal choice.
  • Emerald: Emerald is incredibly powerful psychic tool and keeps you safe from negative energies.
  • Most of the crystals mentioned above are really good for protection too.
  • Most black stones are good for grounding/protection/Absorption of negative energies, such as: Apache tears, Black tourmaline, obsidians and more.

Finally, a disclaimer. I don’t know everything. I may have made some mistakes. Please take care of yourself when working with the subtle and please don’t force yourself into doing something that frightens you or that you don’t feel ready to do. If you are mentally unstable, first look into healing yourself before going into spirit communication, since spirits can trick you, just like humans.

Please take care, but don’t be afraid either since fear is food for spirits with lower vibrations.

I have this headcanon that Oliver and Marcus don’t adopt their children from birth, and so both were already named when they adopted them. However they later realize that both of their children’s names mean fire. 

Oliver thinks it’s beautiful and poetic, because his last name is Wood, which is something that burns, and Marcus’ is Flint, which is something that starts a fire, and so if you combine a flint and wood, you get fire. 

Marcus thinks it’s hilarious because their kids have Oliver’s last name, so both their names mean fire wood.  

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jensen needed that hug so badly it was so sweet and jareds face was so happy during the hug and he just kind of fell into jensen's arms, I just love j2 SO MUCH

Hi Anon, yes, yes, yes. 1000000x  ^this^  

I just… Okay, so I’ve been thinking after watching so many angles of The 2k17 Hug and I hope you don’t mind me using your ask to post what I think about it. Bear with me :)

EDIT: The post turned out longer then I thought it would be, so I’ve put it under the cut, together with photographic evidence ;)  

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BTS Reaction To When Their Girlfriend Suddenly Grab Their D*ck Out Of Nowhere

A/N: Yay naughty requests! So thank you Anon for submitting this! Actually after their gf grabs their manhood they smile seductively and run away but the title would be too big hehe so I decided to write down here.


Originally posted by taeguk

When he realized where your hand was, he looked up to you questioning your daring move, you just threw that smile and walked away. He’d be jungshook. He would just look at your figure walking away and would imagine a revenge, would probably be at lunchtime, while you’re eating he’d slide his hand up your skirt and quietly whisper to you:

“You really thought your actions wouldn’t have serious consequences?” 


Originally posted by jungkooz

Yoongi would be truly turned on, not only because you just randomly massaged his d*ck, but the way you smiled and ran away, just made him want to chase you and make you do it again. Lazy Suga would not exist when he’s turned on, so he’d be low key hyped up and craving for your affection.

“Oh Jagi look what you do to me…”


Originally posted by https-km

He’d be surprised that you were feeling so brave. I mean he’s usually the one who’s in command when it comes to sex, he’d be on daddy mode really quick. He’d probably be busy when you decided to touch him like that, so he wouldn’t have any reaction at the time, he’d only look at you from afar and you already knew he’d punish you later.

“See you at home Jagi, be ready for me.”


Originally posted by j-hope-my-love

If you did that I don’t think he’d be subtle about that. As soon as you touched him and smiled he wouldn’t let you run away. He would grab your arm and turn you around, then he would try to seduce you in a playful way. As you tried to take a few steps back you hit a wall and he would press his body against you you you’d feel the size of the problem you caused.

“Here Jagi, can you feel how needy I am?”


Originally posted by bts-ships

He wouldn’t be very bothered, actually I think he’d be happy about your sudden action. I think Jimin is really into public teasing so that’s something he’d do to you very often.Then he would look at you getting away and you two would exchange suggestive looks and end up laughing about it. But you know that later he’d do the same to you, but he wouldn’t stop.

“Looking fine from here jagi!”


Originally posted by jimin-bts-trashs

Tae would probably groan in surprise. He wouldn’t let yo run away though. He would grab your hand and put it back in contact with his member. Those actions would surprise you and you wouldn’t know what to do so the he would just stare at you intensely waiting for you to finish the job.

“Go on Jagi, you’re the one who started it!”


Originally posted by jeonggukaf

This boy would be in disbelief. Honestly he would feel challenged and would definitely be thinking about ways to get back to you. Looking at you from afar he would give you the daddy look. Even though he’s just the maknae, that boy has a very high sex drive and he’s not afraid to show it to you.

“Oh so that’s how it’s gonna be?”

I think im gonna start a new blog where people can submit advice to young girls dating other girls. I know when i first started dating a girl a lot of things were hard for me to figure out (like if i was actually in love) and i know googling a bunch of stuff only brings up heteronormative advice. I think it would be nice if there was something out there to help them feel more comfortable and less bad if they dont know what to do/are lost (say how to tell if its the right time to kiss her girlfriend for the first time). It would be for all girls dating girls (trans girls, cis girls, etc.) I wouldnt have the answers for all advice so submissions would be for answers too!! Like/reblog if u think it would be a good idea? Idk if something like this already exists, but its something to help people that i think would be nice :)

I’ve re-watched Storm In The Room a bunch of times already and I will probably do so a lot more for the rest of my existence but I just wanted to write down my feelings on how it highlights once again one of my favorite things in Steven Universe’s storytelling: patience. 

As creators, it’s always difficult to regulate how you show information to your audience. You know a lot more than they do about your story and you’re most likely eager to tell them everything, so choosing how to present it and when is very important for the flow of the narrative as well as to generate whatever effects you’re looking for in your audience. I always looked up to Steven Universe because it’s one of the most patient shows I’ve ever seen, when it comes to exposition and narrative flow, especially for a kids’ show. It’s not slow, because the plot moves perfectly and information is released at all times, but it’s done in such small amounts that, when you reach an important point, you realize how much you needed to know to get there and how much you’ve already learned without even noticing. That shows great respect to an audience, from those who create, and great trust in the show, from those who distribute; especially when we live surrounded by content that is incredibly fast-paced and immediate, and even more so in kids’ shows (this is why I’m upset by irregular releases and how in some countries it’s aired out of order, that’s disrespectful toward the show and the audience, but that’s another matter). 

Steven Universe uses this patience with clear narrative intentions. For example, I’ve always found brilliant how Garnet was introduced as an individual character first (and for 51 episodes, at that) and an experience of Ruby’s and Sapphire’s love second, so people (especially kids, the true audience of this) get to know their love before they know them individually, before any sort of prejudice they might be carrying could influence their perspective. And by the time that arrives, denying their love would be denying Garnet’s existence, and who would dare do that? 

But the reason why I end up praising this again now is because this show is, ultimately, a coming of age story. It’s Steven’s story. That’s why the balance between human issues and gem issues is so important, that’s why every episode adds something. One of the issues I come across in storytelling (especially for kids) when a parent figure is missing is the simplification of the relationship that character has with the idea of the parent, especially when the parent/s are regarded as heroes by whoever is around the character. Steven’s relationship with Rose is never simplified and it’s detailed in breadcrumbs of information throughout the show, since the very beginning. When I imagined an episode like this back in season 1, I would have never known it would advance to such emotional complexity and moral dilemmas, but it all resulted from the sum of parts that where carefully placed in our way. I saw from afar the fandom itself going from seeing Rose as a distant and mysterious figure to intense moral arguments on what she had done and what point in the good/evil spectrum she was on. Because not only we learn things at Steven’s pace, we see how things affect him directly, not in a detached manner but in a close perspective. This is also influenced by the fact that Steven is a main character which people really like in general, which is something that doesn’t happen as often as it should. A lot of writers struggle when creating lead characters, they tend to end up with bland or simplified characters people aren’t as interested to read as the flamboyant side kick or the cool mysterious partner. Steven’s character development, the treatment of him as a complex individual and the way in which we see information as it’s presented to him, whether he interprets it the way we do at the time or not, is a winning combination. It allows us to be more than observers, to get involved

That is storytelling at its finest, that transformation of people’s perspectives, the moment in which you question what you thought and wonder and ask questions and don’t stand still. When you’re not just entertained but you’re actively participating in what you’re witnessing. And this would have not happened if we had known all this in seasons 1 or 2. If Steven had known from seasons 1 or 2. This crew is patient because it trusts its show and its audience and it has a handle on information that I admire as a creator and as a part of the audience. Their patience allows this level of complexity with an organic flow in narrative, taking subjects as heavy as war, political turmoil, social rights, equality, grief, identity and love and breaking them down to small pieces, which add up to a very complex scenario and pushes you to question your perspective and analyse everything you thought you knew or learn it for the first time. I just admire this show so much. 

This whole Mario 64 thing has fucked me up so bad. Like, there’s no way the fucking programmers who built that game ever could have imagined this kind of abuse being perpetrated.
The amount of time that must have been spent learning all of these different elements. Like, the fact that Mario can clip in place on a specific angle against a type of ceiling, being able to manipulate an enemy sprite, the fucking spatial distortion from moving at those speeds, etc.
Those are all elements that individually are fucking ludicrous, but to figure all of this shit out and implement it together into some kind of bizarre mathematical equation? Like, just what?

This dude has probably put so much time and work into completing a game specifically with the intent of pressing a button the least amount of times that he could be awarded a grant for further study into the theoretical physics of Mario 64. How many other people in the world have discovered this kind of crazy bullshit? Video games have already become such a staple of society that we have E-Sports. Is the next logical step E-Science?

I feel like this is how mankind will end up finding definitive, unequivocal evidence that god exists or some shit.
Like, after making reality God was like “Shit, there’s all this data pointing to the fact that I created the universe, I need to hide it somewhere….” And so someone will be trying to get the fucking chaos emerald in stage 4 of Sonic Adventure, but the actual Dreamcast version, not the Gamecube port, without using the jump button or some shit and they’ll fucking stumble onto a mathematical formula that proves God is real. 

On living with a family that doesn’t value academia

When I got home for the holidays my grandma asked me how my keystone was coming along, and it’s hard to explain so I said I’d just show her (something I do for very few people). This post gives a very brief overview of what I’ve done so far. It’s quite abstract and sometimes difficult to justify to myself why doing this is productive (despite my academic mentor being excited about it). She looked a bit skeptical throughout my explanation and at the end she asked how, specifically, it’s useful. And I tried to explain that the product isn’t really the valuable part of this project, but rather the skills and experience gained by directing my own “research,” for lack of a better word. After all, not many people are going to produce new and valuable academic work in their undergrad.

And she said “no, what actual, tangible skills are you getting that will help you get a job.” Since apparently nothing I do matters unless it helps me make money. It was a little disappointing to disregard everything specific to the work I had done and say that, if nothing else, learning about how to communicate with technology through code is incredibly useful and widely applicable. Her own lack of understanding of how technology works means that she still wasn’t satisfied, and that I was left basically telling her to trust me that it’s not useless.

A couple days after that my dad made a comment about living with four women (my mom, my two sisters, and myself, so far as I can be considered an “woman”), which he frequently does as if it was somehow a burden on him. Ignoring the fact that neither of us are very feminine (not that it’s relevant to my argument anyways), I tried to explain how relying on socially constructed gender stereotypes when he says stuff like that completely undermines his argument. I brushed over the fact that I feel nothing like a woman whatsoever. My sexist, hypermasculine brother refuted the fact that gender is largely socially constructed by saying, “girls are fucking crazy!” as if men, by contrast, are somehow not.

This led to a whole big discussion about gender, to which I brought my academic perspective, having talked a lot about gender in various courses, and to which my mom brought her experience of raising kids and seeing her friends raise their kids. She argued that there definitely are specific (biological) gender differences. I tried to explain that unconscious bias is quite powerful and might have influenced her observations and interpretations, and so they are not in fact 100% objective.

The crux of this debate was the fact that my ideas were purely academic and my mom’s were purely experiential. While both types of knowledge are important, neither one can get you to the place of the other. It is often the case that someone goes their whole life, maybe even being successful, knowing very little of the world around them simply because they haven’t been educated. Of course, life experience can expose you to quite advanced academic ideas, but any student will tell you that many things you learn at school (maybe even a majority depending on your field) cannot be learned through life experience. Academic education informs life experience, in every possible case.

My biggest issue here is that my family is not academic and doesn’t value academia. Every one of us has been successful in school, and are arguably quite bright, but I haven’t even completed my undergrad and I am officially the most educated person in the family (like even my extended family). Not only am I the most formally educated, but I have spent my life being curious, so I know a little about a lot of things, and a lot about a few things. So when my sister, to no one in particular, asks why lactose intolerance is so common, and I explain that actually the majority of the world can’t digest lactose because of agricultural evolution (a simple google-able fact), my family laughs in my face and says that probably isn’t true. They undermine everything in my knowledge base that they don’t already agree with, or think they know.

I’m not an expert, but I feel like I shouldn’t have to justify my existence to anyone.

Can we please just talk about our Warriors?

Manga spoilers!!!!!! So many!! You have been warned!!

Yeah I’m talking about Annie, Reiner and Bertoldt. They did shitty things, yeah whatever. Just think about what it would’ve been like to be the, tho??? They had like…the shittest lives imaginable??

From a young age they were taught that Eldians are evil and terrible people, and blinded by the Marleyan lies, they accepted their roles as the Titans and set off on their mission, hoping to be the hero they thought Marley needed. Keep in mind they had a couple years of relentless training, so they’d probably be around what, ten? Marleyans trained ten year olds to be murderers.

And yet, before even reaching the Walls, one of their best friends were taken from them and eaten in front of their eyes. These poor kids were probably around twelve, if you think about the thirteen year rule and the times when everything happened.

They knew they had some troubles they’d need to face, so despite the trauma that gave them, they kept moving onwards on their mission.

When they joined the 104th, Annie had the right idea. Stay distant and don’t grow attached to them. Reiner and Bert, trying to fit in, became friends with the cadets. That was one of their biggest mistakes, and they took Annie down with them. By befriending the enemy, they realised that not all Eldians are heartless monsters. In fact, barely any of them were. Instead of finding heartless monsters, they found hearts full to the brim with passion and longing. Longing for freedom.

But they couldn’t undo what they had done, and they couldn’t turn back on their mission. So Annie, who forced all that down and suppressed her emotions, continued on with her job while Reiner and Bert let their hearts take over and chose to join the Survey Corps instead of infiltrating the kingdom in the Military Police. You can argue that they just wanted to keep an eye on Eren, but that was probably just the excuse they made for themselves and for Annie. Annie knew what was up. But she didn’t let any of those emotions get to her.

She didn’t hesitate to do what she set out to do and complete her goals. Because after all, she had thirteen years to live and her father believed in her. She should’ve never befriended the 104th. She knew that. And she ended up in a crystal so she wouldn’t have to face them ever again until the time is right.

//Annie is the most mentally driven character and the most emotionally strong character I have ever seen in my life.//

She had such powerful control over her mind and heart to do that. She was //strong.// I honestly cannot begin to express my admiration towards Annie for what she did. Such strength to be able to bring herself to do it. I’m not saying it was the right thing to do; I’m applauding her for not letting anything get to her the way Reiner and Bert did. She was so strong and I love her so much. She deserves so much better and I hope when she finally emerges from that crystal, she escapes and lives. Even though she will die within a few years. Maybe she doesn’t pass on the power on purpose so that nobody else has to go through what she went through and the Female Titan is lost forever, and Annie dies peacefully in a forest or something. I really hope that’s what happens. She deserves the world for her accomplishments.

Enough about Annie; now Bertoldt. This boy had always been disclosed and shy; yet he still took up this impossibly difficult task. I don’t know why he did, but I bet he was in a similar situation as Annie. Blinded by Marley’s lies and hoped to be a hero.

He had one of the toughest tasks of all; to breach the first Wall. That marked such a dark day for humanity that was told as a tale everyone would know; a tale that would go down in history for all the wrong reasons. He knew what he was getting into. Can you just imagine the guilt he would’ve felt for doing that? That single kick marked at least what, 30% of humanity good as dead. That guilt, for a guy such as Bert, must’ve been unbearable. But he beared the unbearable.

Shy as he was, he fit into the 104th, and everyone loved him as much as he loved everyone. Bertoldt is a lover, not a fighter. He thought he was doing what was right and fighting monsters. But as he befriended all these Eldians, he realised who the real monsters were. Them.

Bert chose to follow his heart and go with the Survey Corps, manipulating himself into thinking it was the wiser course of action. But //he left Annie behind.// and as you would’ve saw, he loved Annie. I don’t blame him. She’s the strongest person in the whole series. Sure, Levi was emotionally strong enough to repress his emotions and face the amount of death he saw, but as bad as Levi’s life may have been, it doesn’t compare to the Warriors’. He was raised in a shithole and his closest friends died in front of him; but he got to fight for humanity and the chance to avenge them by beating the Titans. All the Warriors got was death and guilt and murder and the hope that their families back in Marley would be proud of them for being //murderers.// Bertoldt loved Annie. You could tell. He knew how strong she was, and he was envious of her strength, like anyone else would.

His bro Reiner told him to confess to Annie. I bet you he was planning to. But instead, he was killed for Armin’s sake…I love Armin don’t get me wrong, but imagine how that must’ve felt for him. Mixed emotions. Emotions of fear, relief, guilt, anger, helplessness….he didn’t want to die. He was tricked into doing his job. Manipulated, with no way out other than to finish it, so he wanted to live. But at the same time, he probably wanted death from all the guilt of the people he’d killed. Sadness that he never had the chance to tell Annie how he truly felt, know Annie would’ve been strong enough to do that much. But in the end, I think he was happy that he saved Armin. Relieved he could finally let go and not live in that hell anymore, and a much more worthy life lived.

Bertoldt deserved way better; he had a heart of gold and deserved the world.

And last but not least; Reiner. Reiner I think by far has the shittiest life and situation out of everyone in this fucking series of fucked up depressing shit. Just think about it. Annie sealed herself in a crystal for some sort of hibernation, and she was strong enough to actually go through with joining he MP. Bertoldt got the sweet release of death knowing his time was over and his hell was over too. But Reiner? Reiner saw two of his best friends get eaten and unable to do anything about it. He was thrown off by those thunder spears so he couldn’t do anything, that same helpless feeling of being unable to save someone like when he saw Marcel die. And now Bert. And seeing Annie crystallise. He saw all of that and kept going. Not because he wanted to, but because he literally had no choice at all. It was the only path for him to take.

I bet you all $20 that he now has severe PTSD. Also that Cushing guilt he cannot get rid of, as he has the curse of living. He’s probably counting the days left till sweet death comes. He had the power of the Armoured Titan and yet, his friends were taken from him one by one, and he was turned against the only friends he had left, that he knew full well he was going to betray from the start. He has nobody left in this world to be there for him. Except Zeke, but he didn’t grow up with and spend years with Zeke like he did with the 104th. They all went through so much together.

And now, all he can do is sit and watch as these young, misguided souls compete for his power, his burden, that one day will burden them just as bad or if not worse. And he can’t even rest yet; he continues fighting until his last hours, his last breath. He has kept living all these years without Annie, Bertoldt or Marcel, or any of the 104th except maybe Ymir. What happened to her again?? She kinda just disappeared with them? I swear to god if the Marleyans killed her in revenge for Marcel or to pass on her Titan, I will actually grow a riot because Ymir deserved the world just as much as all the other Titans.

Reiner must be so lonely, depressed, guilty and have no drive to keep going other than because he has to. I hope he dies quickly and painlessly and can get it done and over with, put him out of his misery.

And then Ymir, who literally was a normal human who did nothing wrong and is now faced with all this shit?? She wasn’t trained for this. She wasn’t promised to be a hero, she had no purpose. She just existed at the worst time and place and got so much shit for it. At least Ymir had the luxury to find love during her shithole of a life; thank god Historia exists. //Ymir did nothing wrong!!//

You know, when you put it like this, Eren, Mikasa and Armin’s lives seem like a stroll in he park. Heck, you can even argue that Levi’s life looked alright in comparison to these guys. I am a huge Levi fan so I’m not trying to hate on him, I love him to death and feel so sad for him but when people say he’s had it the hardest…I can object.

Once they had accepted the Titan powers, the Warriors were already marked for a shit life. They probably had around 9 years of peace as a child and that’s all they got before hell began.

This wasn’t meant to get this long oops. But I just felt the need to express my love for these characters, they don’t get enough of it in the canon and even in the fan base. Someone please just write a fanfic where they’re all happy and none of this happened, I need it pls.

To conclude this hell of a rant:


Fuck I forgot to talk about Zeke. Oh well, he had it easy and seemed to feel little remorse and I should sleep lmao. Tris out.

sproelium  asked:

Hello, hope you're ok. So I've working a lot with the elements, and I wanted to know how can we know which element we belong to the most? Plus, I need energy and motivation. I am manico-depressive. And during my downs moment, I just need some strength and bravery to stay out of my bed until it's bed time. Will you help me please? Thanks. 🕊

Hello. Thanks for writing to me! I myself have struggled with mental illness, so I might have an idea of difficult it can be, particularly the downswings! I’m not in your head, though, and I do realize that it’s a very individual thing, and your experience may be different than mine. In any case, I hope you’ve found people, including professionals, willing to help you through this. It can be extraordinarily difficult to get actual treatment for these things sometimes, because there’s so much stigma and also just a lack of people who understand.

I’m not a doctor, so I can’t give medical advice. As someone who is both a witch and a survivor of mental illness, though, I will say that magic can be a helpful coping mechanism when combined with normal treatment, and the elements are great topic to focus on in magical practice. I’ve come to find that magick gives my life an extra layer of structure and stability and a sense of connection, which is helpful for some people. 

You mention a desire for strength and bravery. I’d wager you’re pretty brave already to be studying magick to begin with, but I realize it’s difficult to feel your own bravery sometimes. Now, many magicians and witches would probably tell you that if you’re interested in bravery and strength, you should work with fire exclusively, but I disagree. In my view, all the elements have qualities of strength and bravery. It’s a different kind of bravery with each, though, and a different kind of strength. 

Anyways, in my view, nobody is going to be entirely governed by one element or belong to just one. Nevertheless, concepts like personal elements exist for a reason, and at any given time, you can probably feel the forces of the all the elements at work within you. Yes, it is quite common for a person to have an elemental type (though it may change at various points in their life).  I would argue that there’s probably two elemental characteristics a person might try to discover about themselves at certain times - the element they currently inhabit, and the one they wish to move into or bring into their life more often.

Some believe a person’s astrological sun sign is a clue to their dominant element - for example, they might see someone born a Virgo as predisposed to Earth traits because Virgo is an Earth sign. Others take it further and will examine a person’s entire natal chart and the way the planets, etc. interact within it for signs of an element dominating. This approach has never really resonated with me, personally but it can be a good starting point for some folks.

The best method for determining your own elemental affinity is, in my opinion, simple self-examination and introspection. This can take many forms, but should probably begin just by studying all the elements and their relationship to the structure of the universe. I don’t recommend focusing on one in particular to start with,  but instead just reading, researching, and (perhaps most importantly) working with all of them as much as possible. The idea is to get a feel for the forces they embody and how they interact with your psyche right now, both as concepts and as actual physical matter. 

By “as concepts,” I mean developing connections not (just) with the physical things representing each element, but with the plethora of mental associations that exist for each, as well. This means that, to connect with (for example), water, I would recommend not simply interacting with water or ritual tools but doing research into the nature of emotion, which is strongly associated with water in the Western Magical Tradition. Similarly, connecting with air would involve more than burning incense (though doing that can be awesome, as well) - air is associated with intellect and swiftness, so exploring your intellectual side is helpful in understanding it.

This is not as well-known as it used to be, but some ancient peoples thought of the elements themselves as combinations of fundamental universal principles. In the image above, I discuss this. They tended to see each element as active or passive as well as categorizing them into mutable and fixed. 

I struggle a bit with certain elements (earth, mostly) and it does help sometimes to think of things this way. In terms of finding your element, you might ask yourself if you’re more active or passive. You might then explore whether you’re prone to change (mutable) or more consistent (fixed). You could then look into the elements associated with those categories in turn.

One thing that I found helpful over the years - scrying the elements. Most people think of scrying as fortunetelling, but the same technique can be used to explore a concept like an element.  As I described in the image above, I do believe each element as a medium has advantages in terms of particular scrying topics, but it is equally possible to just scry on the subject of the element’s place in your own life. I would recommend doing this with the element itself as a medium, if possible, but I realize not everyone can do that.

One technique for doing this would be to frame each scrying session as spirit communication and call on the spirits traditionally believed to rule over each element. You may have heard of entities called undines, sylphs, gnomes and salamanders - though they sound a bit fanciful, those are just terms for any spirit borne of a particular element. Undines are water-creatures, gnomes are associated with earth, sylphs are airy, and salamanders are fiery. All are often called “elementals.”

I’ve personally sought the four elemental kings, who are said to supervise these creatures, but there are other entities traditionally associated with each element, as well. I recommend this site for more information about them, but Wikipedia actually has a good overview, too. If you’re not much for scrying to communicate with specific spirits, you might try (as I said) just asking to receive knowledge regarding how a particular element is manifesting in your current life.

One thing worth remembering: even in the system of the ancients, the elements were far from the whole story in terms of how they described reality. In the diagram below, which resembles on seen in Robert Allen Bartlett’s book, Real Alchemy (credit where credit is due!), you can see how alchemists in particular developed the notion of elements in combination creating three essential forces: mercury, salt, and sulphur. These are concepts, not actual physical chemicals, though. You may actually find that one of these describes you better, thus implying you’d have dual elemental association at this point in time. I’ve met people who identified, for example, with mercury more than anything else.

I realize that if you’re experiencing anything like downswings (I’ve had ‘em before), this whole process can be difficult, though, but I don’t think it’s something to stress over. It might be helpful to just enjoy the elements in and of themselves for a while, if you can. I know that when I was depressed, I’d do things like burn candles, incense, or making tea, all exercises that could be magical if you see them right, but I didn’t force myself to think too much about deeper aspects of it again until I started getting better. No one knows you better than you, though, so I’d suggest experimenting to figure out what helps you feel better when these things happen. For me, it was just simple exercises that I didn’t put much thought into until later, but you’re a completely different person and might respond better to something else. I really wish you the best and hope things get better for you. 

5 girl group songs i would recommend to literally anyone

i thought this post needed to exist for anyone who loves boy groups but only likes one or two girl groups and is looking for more. i was once feeling that. so, regardless of what else you may already know by a few of these groups and whether or not you cared for it, here are some awesome ones.

brown eyed girls - kill bill (2013)

ha:tfelt - ain’t nobody (2014)

9muses - hurt locker (2015)

girls’ generation - you think (2015)

bulldok - why not (2016)

anonymous asked:

You probably won't see this but your art is so fucking amazing and so pretty and your au is so original (well feels originally done) even if it's with characters that already exist it's sooo refreshing, it's artists like you who keep such characters alive while we wait for more! Ahhh I absolutely love the mafia AU... if I had some money I'd donate just because.. but I'm broke *that art life* I LOVE YOUR WORK PLEASE NEVER STOP ARTING❤❤❤❤❤

Thanks so much! ;A;
It makes me so happy that you like my art so much and think the AU feels original! OuO
even if it is using character which already exist XD
And no worries at all!!
Just your support by sending me this message is so thoughtful and nice ;w;

Just Some Ideas I had for Musical Magick and things related to that:

  • Enchant your instruments
  • Sticky note sigils onto your instrument for specific spell related songs
  • Physically playing music is such an enchanting experience in and of itself that I feel you could use this and pre-existing songs to cast minor spells such as protection spells or self-love spells and the like. you could probably also use it for minor curses, but I won’t go into that
  • Ambient music can be useful for scrying, meditation, divination, and really all forms of witchcraft when you think about it! there are plenty of white-noise and specific ambient sounds online help out with this!
  • If you’re new to spells, song lay-outs could definitely help! you could change the words to be fitting of your needs but maybe keep the overall intention/feeling the same and songs already come with a great flow, beat, rhythm, and if you really wanted to you could match your words with their pre-existing rhymes as well and voila! totally cool spell you could sing to yourself or chant more fluidly! you can even hum it in public if you want and nobody would even know!
  • Playlists can be super helpful and use for a number of different things, and you can get super specific with your song choices for these
  • Use sigils as your playlist artwork on your phone or music player to help enhance the intentions behind this playlist!
  • You could also burn playlists to CDs and write the sigil on the appropriate side of the CD, or load the playlist onto a flashdrive and label the flashdrive with the sigil
  • You can even make up your own songs to sing during spells or offerings, and you could record those and play them back to yourself
  • Mix CDs and the like could be sent to friends or loved ones as gifts but also as charms to help protect them or heal them or whatever is needed!
  • Charging or Enchanting CDs and Flashdrives that hold specific playlists can also help enhance the power of the songs recorded onto them

Music has an intense impact on people and it can have a huge impact on your magic! Even if it’s just to play in the background while you make tea to bring luck to yourself, maybe a good listen to “All I Do Is Win” by DJ Khaled can just give it that extra boost!

okay but like…glee was fucking awful but at least i didn’t have to experience actually panic attacks and anxiety over characters maybe dying ??? like supergirl gives me actually anxiety because i KNOW they’re gonna kill of lyra and they probs already have bc i dont think tamzin is even in vancouver anymore and even though she’s so new to the show i feel so protective over her and they’ll probably kill of james because he was no reason to be there and i’ll have to watch mo/n-el on my screen for another season and watch the ka/ramels act like he’s the best, purest, least problematic, handsomest character to even exists when in reality he is…none of those things. 

i really just want kara, alex, winn, lyra and james to all move into a big apartment together and have wacky adventures together. like kara accidently sent snapper pictures of a dog instead of her big article ??? oh no what will she do!!!  

drunkportuguese  asked:

(1/2) So, maybe one last question. I am a very rational person; think of Sheldon mixed with Sherlock and take away the genius - make it a girl and that's basically me - nerdy, non-emotional and bitter, even if I can be good at times. As a result, even only being 17, I think about incredibly deep stuff I don't think any human should ever dwell into. It's self-destructible. I have no objective in life, because death just ends it all - if I'm dead, nothing will matter, so I lost my path, and yet,

2/2 my “human side” stops my suicide. The problem is this isnt your usual “depression”, this is dealing with universal rules n I will not find a solution for it. Its dealing with the fact that people are unsignificant to the universe because its all just a bunch of atoms n since I cant properly feel emotions or be in normal entanglements with people (Im not “challenged” thats just how emotionless Im) Im stuck on this limbo where want to die bc phylosophical side but cant bc biology side -help me

This is probably gonna come off super rude now, but this whole ask just pisses me off as someone who’s been suicidal more than once as well. I can’t even name the emotion it makes me feel and I’m already sorry for the stuff that comes now but: 

If you’re so clever and philosophical you’d know that every atom serves it’s purpose anyway and that every one of those is important, because otherwise the mass that is our world would crash and cease to exist if we’d all act like this. Every person is an important part to society and even if they’re not someone who’s being named in history books later they make part of the mass that furthers the way history goes. 

Also this actually DOES sound like depression (or something the like) to me, because those are thought processes I’ve heard from many depressed people so far (and I’ve been there too). Of course I’m not a therapist and I’m not a person to diagnose you especially not off just two messages, but this just seems very familiar to me. This whole ask feels like you’re just bathing in your self pity on what a lonely mind you are, because you’re ‘so deep’ when this is stuff pretty many teenagers and young adults think about when depressed. 

If you don’t have an objective in live you need to get yourself some help and find one instead of whining about it being bound to some universal rule shit. It’s not. What YOU do with your life is up to you and not the universe or anything. You’re free to do whatever you want and thinking in abstract forms or rules like atoms or universal planes only shows that you obviously don’t understand that this shit doesn’t affect us in any form, but what we DO does. 

What’s important for a human’s life is it’s surroundings and not the universe. That’s not how we work. Sure on a philosophical plane this is nice to think about, but building your consciousness around it is either due to mental health issues (not meant in a degrading way, it’s just something I’ve come across quite a few times and that’s legit) or plain arrogance.

No you’re not important to the universe, and that’s something we all have to live with. 

anonymous asked:

ok, im an intj-t (1w9, i believe) and this discovery has kind of surprised me, but, ive come to the conclusion that i am an easily angered/annoyed person. incredibly so. i never express it externally, though. do either of you have any ideas/thoughts on how i went years without realizing that im this bitter and why my personality is so easily frustrated by seemingly normal things?

This is a very INTJ thing. INTJs sometimes fool themselves to believe (consciously or not) that they are in perfect control of their emotions because they don’t wear them. 
But the thing is, the fact that you don’t show or recognise something doesn’t make it cease to exist, and swallowing emotions is a very unhealthy thing to do (I feel like such a hypocrite writing this, I can already see INFJ mocking me). 

Tips to deal with emotions in general and anger in particular:

Talk about it. I know, I know, this is probably gonna be the least liked tip, I hope I haven’t scared you off. But if there is someone in your life with whom you feel comfortable enough, you highly respect their opinion and you know they won’t judge you (maybe someone’s popped in your mind), then oblige yourself to open up a little bit from time to time. It will be difficult at first, but it will also be good for you. If you can’t think of anyone in particular, go to the next point. 

Write it down. As much as I might feel like a fool, I try to write whatever is upsetting me so that I can have a break from it. I write in a very unpassionate (I guess rather cold-ish) way, but just because it is the only way I can actually do it. Do whatever feels comfortable, you can even crush and destroy the paper sheet afterwards in case you don’t like the idea of having it there.

Exercise. This is one of my favourite methods. Go for a run, do martial arts, go to a spinning class, boxing… Any kind of healthy way of expressing your anger.
[Edit, this was submitted by an anon]: if there’s a fencing program anywhere nearby, it’s a really great sport for INTJs! It’s definitely rather physical, but it’s also extremely mental and requires a lot of thinking ahead and noticing patterns in your opponent’s attacks (and then adapting to it to get through their defenses). Plus, who doesn’t like the idea of legally being able to stab someone?
Bonus: The most INTJ thing ever. 
Try to go beyond those emotions. They didn’t appear out of no-where and I am sure there are solid logical reasons why you constantly feel annoyed and angry. Solve your own puzzle and validate yourself in the process. Are you annoyed because you’re obliged to stand long draining reunions in which you find yourself to be the only reasonable person? That is okay. That doesn’t make you a jerk. You can also play with these ideas, try to look through every one of them and see if it has a rational or irrational cause. Discard the irrationals and try to solve the rational ones. Be fearless and analyse what exactly is causing this. 

I feel you, so deeply.

rly glad the ‘why do u gene non gen1s’ tude has fallen out of vogue. feel like the color wheel played a part in that because, okay, sure, three years of the same colors probably made it more likely the thing u want would be easy to breed, or maybe it exists as a gen1 already. 

now ranges have gotten totally wild and what used to be one-offs now might be three or four off. 

also just fuck u i just spent like 300 gems on two runes scrolls and i dont have any regrets, i’ll gem gene a gen 400 and then exalt it tomorrow fucking watch me

Fav Fic/Fic Rec 2/? : After Hours by Velvetoscar​
Word Count: 26k
“Because you’re just an insecure mess that’s constantly trying to make others feel inferior to you because all you have is your tiny job with your subpar sports column and you know that nobody will remember you, Louis. You know that you are insubstantial and aren’t talented enough, not nearly, and you know that all you have is your bravado because you don’t have any other weapon to wield. You’re a tiny, forgettable person, Louis Tomlinson, in a sea of anonymity.” He says the entire thing in one breath, head a bit dizzy, pulse rabbiting.

And then Harry closes his mouth, startled as himself because… Where exactly did that come from, again?Silence settles between them.The cocky smile that had been soaked into Louis’ features slowly ebbs away. His eyes, blue and smooth as they are, diminish, their light shaded and muted and dull, seeming very distant. He looks…hurt. Sad. Small.

Something sharp hits Harry’s insides. He swallows, clutching the record across his chest as he drops his gaze.

Maybe he shouldn’t have said that.

He frowns, mostly to himself, but doesn’t apologize. Instead, he glances up at Louis, caught between guilt and shame.

Then, at long last, Louis clears his throat.“Well, uh. I guess that says everything then, doesn’t it?” His voice sounds frail, a pale imitation of the real thing.

His eyes fall to the record again. They look shaded and tired, a little sunken, the skin beneath them delicate, bruised, and thin. Harry wonders if it’s soft like flower petals. It’d probably scrape his skin if he touched, though.

Then Louis lifts his eyes again, a cutting blue that Harry feels in his throat.

“Goodbye, Harry.”

Summary: Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson are the bane of each other’s existences. Unfortunately, they’re already in love–even if they aren’t completely aware of this minor detail. [A “You’ve Got Mail” AU]

harry potter tag game

hi!!!! there are probably a ton of these that already exist but i couldnt find them so i just decided to make my own, also i just want to get to know all of you!!

obviously you dont have to answer these if you dont want to but i thought it might be fun! and anyone’s welcome to do this as well, if other people did this it would make my heart v happy

rules: just answer these questions abt hp and tag other people if you feel like it!!

  1. your hogwarts house
  2. how did you first discover/become a fan of harry potter
  3. favorite character(s)
  4. how many times have you reread and/or rewatched the series
  5. favorite/least favorite hp book
  6. favorite/least favorite hp movie
  7. favorite marauder
  8. favorite next gen character
  9. character you would bring back to life
  10. if you could place the hp characters in another fantasy world (book, tv show, movie etc.) what would it be
  11. if you could place any characters from another story (book/movie/tv show) into harry potter who would it be
  12. favorite scene from the books
  13. favorite scene from the movies
  14. thoughts on cursed child?
  15. thoughts on fantastic beasts?
  16. favorite fan-made thing to come out of the series (like fan art, fan fiction, avpm, that sort of thing)
  17. one thing you wish hadn’t been left out of the movies
  18. do you have any favorite memories associated with the series

im tagging these lovely folks:

@blackhermionegrangers @spookyum @harrypcttrs @mcgonnago @struttinglikeapotter @pettyparkinson @newtscamder @aliciavspinnet @expelumos @dailyprophet @evenvalterscn @niifflers @victoirewaesley @ginnxweasley @cedrcdiggory @diggrycedric @jamespottuh @ginevraspotter @jamespttr @bellsxblake @parvatpatil @hexrmionegranger