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Expanding on Cauucalata, Keith knows what Lance likes and how to get a reaction from him/ certain weak spots he has. However, Lance needs to relearn everything about Keith and Keith is happy to help and it'll be so cute. BUT Langst can happen because Lance feels so bad??? Here comes some dude who knows everything he likes and how he likes to be kissed and all that jazz yet he doesn't remember the dude and he is constantly frustrated and Keith is like no I love you for you and I'm happy to help

Ya’ll are gonna KILL ME


v app’s subs twisted the whole meaning of the story :| he cut his hair not because he’s no longer very confident now, it’s exactly the opposite. jin cut his hair into choppy bangs because he feels like his self-esteem is too high right now and he needs to lower it, so he cut his hair which is one of the things he’s confident in. i don’t know what happens with v app choosing translators but this has to be the second time i see mistranslations in v app’s subs.

AJ Styles sex headcannons

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(These may not be all that good. They’re the first things that came to my head. I’ll write more if people need them)

- I feel like AJ would be a little vocal, but nothing too loud. Maybe grunts and the occasional moan. But hea’d talk through it. A lil bit of “you like that baby” and “You’re making daddy feel so good”

- He’s very selfless when it comes to getting you off. He gets off on you getting off so you’re in for a treat I guess.

- He is the poster boy for all things Daddy kink.

- I don’t think he’d be into threesomes much, but they would happen occasionally (maybe on birthdays).

- Don’t piss him off or tease him because he will put you over his knee and spank you into submission.

- He just strikes me as a dom. Like a really dominant guy and to be honest, you’d be fine with it.

- He’s a really big fan of aftercare because he’s such a sweetheart. So don’t be shocked when he takes you in his arms and starts to kiss your forehead while whispering sweet nothings.

- There would probably be one time where you get the best of him and manage to be the dom (but only because you tied his wrists to the headboard) and as much as he would never admit it, he loves it when you take control. 

- He wouldn’t be fussed where he fucks you all that much if he’s really horny. But he prefers it in private.For example, if you were in your own home then he’d fuck you on every surface. Your home wouldn’t be home until you’d have an orgasm on every surface. 

- He always keeps rope in the room. so if you’ve been bad, he’ll tie you up and leave you begging for him.

something that i really, really hope happens in regards to finn and rey’s relationship in the upcoming films is a huge emphasis on how much FINN means to rey.

because a lot of ugly racists and re/ylos like to say that their relationship is so obviously ~one sided, that finn clearly likes rey but she doesn’t feel as strongly for him (when that’s far from the truth).

so what i REALLY want to see is rey being affectionate towards finn. i want to see her run to him and embrace him, i want to see her laugh at his jokes and look at him like he’s the only thing in the galaxy. i want HER to be the one to say “i love you,” or something along those lines, first- because not only would that be GREAT character development for rey, who has gone so long without having anyone and has finally allowed herself to grow attached to and feel for someone else- but also because it would prove that rey loves finn. it would prove that yes, rey, the white woman protagonist of this trilogy, loves finn, the black man protagonist of this trilogy.

so lucasfilm, please give me a rey who misses finn so much it hurts while she’s away with luke, a rey who cries over him and for him, a rey who is so obviously smitten with this good, brave, incredible man so that nobody can deny that finn is loved by her.

for once, let a black man be the hero; let him “get the girl,” let him be the shining light for those around him- let finn be loved, fiercely and undeniably, so that nobody can deny how important and amazing he is.

Not even Mark is immune...
( darkiplier )
Not even Mark is immune...

@jorgeaperson12323:  @darkiplier how would you feel if someone lets say mark was immune to your torture techniques would you get physical then or better yet what would need to happen to break you >:D

“Ohh, there’s always a way to break someone’s mind. It’s like I said before, all it takes is that push until the cracks start forming. Why do you think humans are so empowered by emotion?

However, if Mark himself were to be put into consideration… I will admit, he’s not completely vulnerable. But because of my connection with him, I know all of his weaknesses. You learn a lot about your host that way if they have been sent to the hospital enough times.

I detest dirtying my hands with blood and scrapes of flesh. With Mark, if I can’t break his mind–WHICH I CAN–poison is always there as an alternative. Do you know what happens to his body if he consumes even one small amount of alcohol? It does horrible things to his insides.

As for myself… I can never be broken. Do you remember shooting me back on February 14th and later resuming your ‘date’ with Mark? Hmph. If you do… you would have learned later that I wasn’t completely gone. My spirit would still live on even if you got rid of the physical shell. You just have to wait patiently for my return, afterwards.”

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This is really random but whatever happened to mort. Adarlan fell and after that was there any mention of him. Maybe I'm just oblivious and it was stated before but like I was just pondering.

Mort should still be there because it was only the glass castle that fell. Aelin went back to the tunnel and the room when she left Adalarn in QoS, but he did not stir. So I guess he just didn’t feel the need to come to life? My guess if there was a need for him he would pop up. I am hoping that Sarah brings him back at the end of the last book, it would be so sentimental.

Perfect - Cisco Ramon Imagine

A/N: hello, dearies… so, I know I have so many stories to update and this was not requested but.. today, I was having a really good day and then it got ruined… so I wrote this one-shot to cheer me up a little… I just want everyone to know that this is a very personal imagine for me, and it was hard to write it and is a bit hard to post it.. it’s ok if you don’t read it or if you don’t like it, I just wrote it because I needed to… it is based on some true events that have been really difficult for me to deal with my whole life and it was written as what I would love to happen when I’m feeling down… I just wish that everyone that has felt the same way as me know that they’re beautiful no matter what and please remember it

I chose Cisco Ramon and Ed Sheeran because they’re my favorite loves and I can’t really listen to this song without crying… so here it goes

Warnings: reader’s low self-esteem and what I wold think is a little emotionally abuse

Disclaimer: I don’t own The Flash

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“Hello, (Y/N)” Caitlin said happily as her friend entered the cortex.

“Hi” the girl replied quietly, with a quick smile making the doctor look at her confused.

“Is everything alright?” she asked. Usually the girl was the happy soul of the team. She was basically a girl-version of Cisco, before Dante passed away, but he was getting back to his old self. So, whenever she wasn’t cracking jokes as usual, everyone knew something was wrong.

“Yeah, I’m just tired” she said with a small smile but Caitlin could see her tired eyes.

“Are you sure-?“

“Good morning, ladies” HR interrupted the girls entering the cortex and Caitlin saw (Y/N)’s look turn a little relieved. “I come bearing coffee” he said politely as he bowed to each one of them offering the coffee in the tray.

“Thanks” Caitlin said politely.

“Thank you, HR” (Y/N) said grabbing the coffee and offering the man a small smile.

“Morning, everyone” Julian said walking in and (Y/N) saw Caitlin’s face brighten up. Just before anyone could reply, they saw a bridge opening for a moment before Cisco jumped out of it, followed a breeze coming in as papers flew away.

“HA! Eat that, fastest man alive! I got here first” Cisco said with the biggest smirk on his face.

“That is not fair! You left when you said two and never said three!” Barry complained childishly.

“Wow, to grown men with amazing powers to save humanity and they use it to compete” (Y/N) said from her place.

“Hey, don’t hate the players” Cisco said walking towards her and planting a kiss on her forehead. “How are you, pretty princess?”

“You’re not getting my coffee” she said grabbing it closer to her.

“Is that really the only reason why you would think I’d call you a pretty princess?” Cisco said pretending to be offended.

“No, you call me princess all the time, you add the ‘pretty’ when you want something like my coffee, or my food” she said with a sly smile and Cisco couldn’t help but laugh a little.

“You picked up on that?” he said sitting on her desk.

“Ever since we were eight” she informed him.

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When i was little i would always say that i liked girls and not boys and i had no interest in having a boyfriend and all my friends did, so when i started high school i felt like it s "time" to have a boyfriend so i dated the first guy that liked me and i hated kissing him, it made me feel gross and disgusted. And that would happen everytime i would think about kissing boys or holding their hands but i would always assume that i was straight and just "not emotionally ready" to be with a guy.

^^this is why we need decent representation


Moodboard for an SHSL Gamer Ouma! 

Positivity under the cut!! ^^ - Mod Ibuki!

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Positivity: My dad is verbally abusive and I opened up about it to someone I thought I could trust since she has gone through some of the same stuff. I didn't really know her that well but she asked her mom if I could stay at her house if I ever needed to and now I have a backup plan if I ever feel unsafe. Thank you so much Portia. We aren't the greatest of friends but your amazingness has saved my life.

This is amazing, I’m so happy you have someone like that in your life. Sending all my love to you! <3

Tell me about something nice/awesome/lovely/unexpected that happened to you and that made you smile and/or brightened your day :) Let’s spread some positivity :)

EQ Sneak -Actually makes a bit of sense.

So after seeing all the complaints about the sneak peek, I started thinking about it and while I agree EQ again, and I like Regina, but it is the same song, different dance.   BUT 

The show is coming full circle which means EQ/Curse and Snowing so full circle is atonement/breaking the curse…..but we need some things to happen. 

1) This Robin is essentially the EQ so everything he says/does he is forcing Regina to look in a mirror. 
2) EQ/R - I still feel they are a parallel to J/H and since J/H were broken by their love for a woman, I feel that R/EQ are going to mend because of their love for Robin
3) We need an emotional connection between them - I’m still going for the tattoo and that either the EQ or Regina or both see the tattoo, we get a flashback of RH’s tattoo and it’s realized this is past Robin. 
4) Somehow the EQ will let go of her need for vengeance and we will get integration 


in 6x17 Snow and Regina will walk in David’s dreams and there will be atonement and forgiveness and the Snowing curse will be broken. 

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Male MC Mystic Messenger: Route ???? Day??? {Hour ???}

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**Something I just had to get off my chest

It’s that hour again, so it seems. The sentimental hour. The hour where thoughts seem to get… a bit depressing. It happens to all of us, sometimes it hurts, sometimes it causes confusion, and sometimes it creates more questions than answers. 

Zack looked at his phone, no one was on. It wasn’t like he really needed to talk right now. Not to people but… 

        Zack has entered the chatroom

>: You know… I don’t feel right sometimes. 

>: It’s like I’m depressed but I’m not. 

>: I’m not sad but then again I’m not exactly happy either. 

>: I can laugh and joke around and smile. I can cry and feel angry. But at night it feels empty. 

>: You see, it feels like people are moving and growing and striving for something and I’m… just here. 

>: Like I want to follow and move and grow but I’ve fallen into a hole and no matter how hard I try I can’t get out. 

>: But I’m not naive. I know I am not the only one who feels this way. Even the people who I perceive as moving may feel stagnant in their eyes. But I just can’t help it. 

>: I understand that it’s normal to feel this way, even though it feels so abnormal. 

>: … 

>: heh, why even bring it up? 

>: You can all say, “Same” “I feel this a lot” “I feel this everyday” but what does that do for me? 

>: Selfish isn’t it? But can’t help it. 

     <: Well it lets you know you’re not alone. 

>: I already know this. But it feels like I am alone. 

     <: Because you are. 

>: … 

     <: In a sense. 
     <: Sure you have this as some form of social interaction but out there you’re alone. 

>: Yeah. 

     <: And in here you can only go so far. 
     <: You can make a few steps and go here and there but then what? 
     <: … 
     <:Well? Then what? 

>: I’m trying to figure that out. 

     <: For how long? Hmm? 

>: Until I have an answer. 

     <: and that answer is in your little safe bubble? 
     <: It’s only in there? No where else? 

>: I have places where I get out of my safe bubble. 

    <: They’re not really “places”. It’s just another location where a safe bubble is waiting for you. 

>: … 

>: I want to… get out. But it’s 

>: Intimidating. 

     <: So you’ll never move? You’re always going to be stuck here? 
     <: Waiting for an answer that’s out there? 
     <: Out there where there’s no one. No one you can really talk to. 

>: I have people who I can talk to out there. 

      <: No, the out there you’re talking about is still in here. I’m talking about OUT there. 

>: It’s intimidating. 

     <: That’s the way it goes. 
     <: But you have to try. 

>: I am 

     <: Not hard enough. 
     <: You want to know why everyone is moving and you’re still just here? 
     <: Because they face what they fear, and even if it’s hard, they go OUT there. 
     <: and you? You stay in here. 
     <: Where it’s safe 
     <: Where you’re sure no one will hurt you. 
     <: Where you’re sure you will never fail. 
     <: Where you can’t even grow. Not enough at least. 
     <: You’re a plant whose roots are all tangled, trying to prosper but has no where to go. 

>: I will, one day. 

    <: one day? 
    <: maybe one week? 
    <: One year? 

>: I’m trying. 

     <: Not hard enough. 
     <: So when? 
     <: When will you let your roots spread and grow? 

>: … 

        Zack has left the chatroom

**I’ll delete this later. since it has nothing to do with the story. He’s just a good way for me to say what I want to say to myself. 

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I think it is funny how the fandome is with 5X01 so confused as one half says it is Splinter spirit the other half is like leo is hallucination and honestly? I´m not that sure myself anymore xD cause both can be likely possible. I think it would make more sense if it just a hallucination as rude it sound. but having splinters spirit running around only Leo? This just makes his dead even more unimportant and bad written in a way.

Personally, I’m hoping it’s his spirit, because that means the others have more of a chance to see and talk to him as well. I love that Leo can sometimes see him, and I love that Leo saw him first, because I feel that needed to happen. Leo was closest to Splinter, after all. 

What I feel wouldn’t be right is if it became a regular thing, and Leo was the only one to experience it. That would make it more or a hallucination in my opinion, and I can see that. I mean Leo’s beyond stressed out all the time, but now more than ever with everything that’s happened and the loss of his father leaving him to lead the whole family on his own, so it wouldn’t surprise me if he was starting to go a little crazy from that pressure. 
But think of how meaningful it would be if all of them could have the chance to see and speak with their father, even if it was just for a few moments. I think it’s something they all need.

As much as I love that so far, it’s only been Leo…he’s not the only one who lost his father. I’m hoping the series doesn’t continue to treat it like that. 

Can’t Be Really Gone

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A/N: Thanks to my love @impala-dreamer for the beta (she’s an angel we don’t deserve) 90’s country messes me up guys. This is based on Tim McGraw’s “Can’t Be Really Gone” (lyrics in italics) You certainly don’t have to read both Sam and Dean parts but I think you should because I wrote both damn it and I need love and attention they kind of play off each other. Hope you like it!

Word Count: 875 (with lyrics)

Warnings: Look, this is angsty. Not like Swan Song angsty, but there are feels & the insinuation of character death, but this is Supernatural sooo…



He failed. Again. It shouldn’t be a surprise at this point, it had happened so many times before. Sam more than once, Jo, Ellen, Bobby, Charlie, and Kevin he’d failed them all. Y/N was just the next name on a long list of people he loved that ended up dying because of it. They all hurt, but Y/N was different. Her home was here with them. There were parts of her in each room of the bunker. Each one taunting him, bringing her memory back to the forefront of his mind just when he thought he was going to be alright.

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@chrysalisshell replied to your post: speaking of jealousy and possessiveness, I’ve…

That’s interesting about Mina and I feel like Laila would’ve been the biggest champion of her leaving him if they stayed in touch (timeline fuckery permitting) and probably would’ve even helped her out with resources. then the apocalypse happens.

she would have needed someone to point out that what was going on was Not Cool. though even Laila would probably have gotten an earful for doing so.

I hope they would have had enough time to reconcile.

oh noes I gave myself even more Mina feels halp

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what I find stressful is feeling like I can't read any book and discuss it critically without someone going "omg you read *that* book?? don't you know it's problematic??? you're a terrible person!!" No matter what you do, you can't win. It really fucked with my mental health and I felt like I couldn't talk about it without getting some sort of "your feelings don't matter" response. It's why I left booklr.

I’m so incredibly sorry this happened :( It’s a tough environment at the moment and I understand that it became difficult to bear. Your feelings DO matter, okay? They’re valid. 

I hope things get better eventually. I’m here if you need someone, okay? All the hugs <3


Your lips are cold, dude