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Good things still happen to me: I met Martin Freeman

Finally in bed after a shower and I’m still grinning like a fool. Saw Labour of Love for the second time this evening, this time with Martin Freeman, thank heavens.

Definitely one of the best nights of my life and I am still shaking, literally buzzing, and a river of energy is running through my veins, and I am smiling so big. The play is so smart and funny and both Martin and Tamsin are fantastic.

And Martin is gorgeous, my god, I can’t believe how gorgeous. (And he’s fit, he’s so fit - I think I am going to have dreams about those khaki chinos, but I digress) His voice is so, so beautiful, and now there are definitely a couple of songs that will forever be associated with him. If you can, go see the play. I really really feel incredibly happy tonight and I saw London’s major between the audience and I saw Matt Smith on my way to the hotel but I digress again.

The facts are: I saw Martin Freeman with my own eyes and heard his voice and watched him dance and it was one of the most memorable things that have happened to me.

And despite my shyness and total lack of social skills I said hello to him when he was leaving the theatre, I was there waiting for a last glimpse, and I said I didn’t want to bother him because he obviously was a bit tired and he joked and said he needed his beauty sleep but he could spare time to sign my programme, and I thanked him and told him that meeting him was probably one of most positive things in 2017 for me, because it’s been a very bad year, and he smiled warmly and answered me that better things will happen to me, because life isn’t fucking fair but it’s still wonderful, and, oh goodness, it was brilliant.

He looks at you in the eyes when he speaks to you, he really gives you his full attention, and he’s kind. Warm and kind. He really feels like a good man, you know. And he’s got those beautiful anime eyes, cobalt blue. And that very sweet smile.

And, heavens, I didn’t take a pic with him because that’s how I am but he signed my programme and I am happy happy happy.

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do you have any advice on 'boring' parts of a story? Where nothing is really happening? And how to go from that to action really, I feel bad doing no action scenes, but I know without them a story would just be all action and kinda overkill..

You shouldn’t really have a bit where nothing is happening, although you’re right that a story shouldn’t be all action. Your reader needs breathing room, variation. But nothing is happening isn’t the same thing as a non action part, something should still be happening - like character development, building/showing dynamics between your characters, or the character’s reacting/dealing with the action that has happened. Or, exposition. Exposition is still something happening that is driving your reader forward in the plot. It’s not a blank that doesn’t contribute to your story. 

But if it’s not a part you need to linger on, you can tell it. Summarize. We don’t have to see every moment of a story, we see the interesting parts. You can skip a walk to someone’s house just by “they went to X’s house” etc. 

As for how to go from that to action, depends on what your action is. Some action can happen very suddenly, because it is sudden to your protagonist. Other is a mixture of thoughts with dialogue/stuff that’s actually happening in your stories. 

Other times, you can do this stuff in between beats, like when they’re travelling at one point or another you have a moment to exposition or do some thoughts. Like a voiceover. Or if they’re just about to go to sleep, or have stopped to make camp. Then, when the action starts again, the action starts again in the next chapter or whatever. 

One way I was taught was to write scenes as goal, conflict, disaster. Then the beats that follow are your pause beats, where the character reflects on what has happened, makes a plan for what they’re going to do next (can be like a line) and whatever other exposition you need to do before the next scene. 

The best advice is to re-read your favourite books and take a look at how they’re doing it, and mimic, as there are lots of different ways. 

I hope this helps. 

So if you’re in that scenario and you feel like your thoughts are just getting worse and worse and you feel like the end is here, it’s not the end. There is always more joy to be had in life. It may feel like 
it’s the end; it may feel like the worst possible scenario you could be in, and that’s just your entire world at that moment, but all it takes is a moment of clarity to turn that moment of turmoil into a moment of enlightenment. That time might reveal more to you. That after that you might realize to yourself that life IS worth living. That it IS worth going on. That what you’re going through is not the worst thing that could happen to you at that time.
And I truly believe that anybody can get through anything they’re going through. If you’re having a really hard time, I believe that you can get through it. I don’t believe that that's the be all and end of all of everything. It might not immediately get better, and life never does immediately get better.
Life is one of those things that’s worth fighting for. Because the great times do come. And I really believe that there’s great times out there for everybody, that everybody has their moment, their shining time. And it’s not just a case of getting that moment, and then'that’s it.’ There’s plenty of moments to be had, and your moment is right around the corner! Believe that! And hang in there, and trust in yourself to get there. I believe in you! And I know plenty other people believe in you as well so just hold on and keep on fighting that good fight. And if you feel like you’re just stuck in a rut somewhere, anything can happen on a day to day basis…. life’s weird, but life is fantastic.

@therealjacksepticeye  A LONG EMOTIONAL NIGHT | Far From Noise

( I fucking needed this speech and this game because of my situation lately. Holy jesus. I’m balling my eyes out. Thank you!)


Screenshots from A LONG EMOTIONAL NIGHT | Far From Noise.

Oh my god guys I literally don’t even know where to start right now, I have so many thoughts running through my brain because of this game. 

I just zoned out while watching this video because this game just pulled me in with the themes and just the atmosphere that surrounded it. I was just so into it. I’ve seriously been needing something like this lately because ever since the end of October my brain and mental health have just been all over the place because of things that happened in my life that are out of my control and I’ve been getting these weird negative thoughts about my life lately. My anxiety has been all over the place and I’ve just felt so incredibly off and exhausted lately. So I needed something like this that could make me stop for a little while and breathe and think with a much clearer head about my life and my current situation. Which is what this game and video did and it meant a lot to me because of that. Some of things that were said in this game and from Seán in this video (especially at the end) was stuff that I’ve seriously really need to hear. 

Honestly how I interpreted this game was I feel like it was saying that no matter what happens in your life or what your situation is, your life and your existence is what you make of it. In my opinion your life automatically matters just by existing and being alive at this moment in time. But you yourself make the meaning come out of that. We’re all experiencing the same scary, strange but absolutely amazing adventure that’s called life through our own interpretation and perspective of it. That’s why I like that the kept the ending ambiguous because I think the game wants you to come to your own conclusion. Even if you’re in the worst scenario ever, is that really the end? Is that really what the rest of your life will be like? The answer to those questions is no. It doesn’t have to be the end and it never is the end because there’s always better times down the road you just need to find that. Unfortunately it can take a long time to get there depending on your circumstances but it always happens eventually even when it doesn’t feel like it ever will. There’s so many things in life that we all have yet yo see and experience, what you’re going through right now is not the be all and end all of your life. Like what Seán said in this video life is worth fighting for. I believe that you all can get through anything that you’re going through because  I think that life is 100% worth living.  

These kind of videos become some of my all time favorites from Seán because they just stick with me because they make me think and they just open my mind. It becomes more then just watching someone else play a super meaningful game. It’s sharing an unforgettable experience with the person you’re that watching play the game. :) 

@therealjacksepticeye  Seán if you see this post, there’s something that I want to say to you. I know that it’s probably weird that I’m kind of shoving this into the end of this post and I highly doubt you’ll read this because I already have made this post way too fucking long and I don’t want to waste your time. But I want to say this to you anyway, I need to say this to you anyway because I think you need to hear this. 

You are smart enough and you are creative enough to do whatever it is that you want to do in your life!

Which I know that you know that but still I’m saying it to try and reassure you a little bit. I know that you can get through the anxiety you have about starting something new! You are so much stronger then the doubts and insecurities you have about yourself. You capable of so much more then you think and you can push past those barriers that you have in your head! You said in this video that our moments are right around the corner and that you believe in us but please remember to believe in yourself too. I know that you can do ANYTHING that you set your mind to, more moments are coming to you too! I believe in you Seán, like I said before you are smart enough and you are creative enough to do whatever it is you want to do in your life. :) 

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I'm asexual and I have really trouble accepting myself the way I am. Sometimes I'm really fine with the idea of being asexual. But then there are this times where I think that I'm not "complete" as a woman. It happened that I really fell in love with a guy and he didn't knew I was asexual. He also felt something for me, but when it came to the part of "being together", I simply told him I had no feelings for him. I thought that he would have never been comfortable with that. I feel lonely.

I don’t feel like you need sex or a relationship to feel complete but I do think you might feel incomplete because when it came down to trying to set up a relationship you wanted you didn’t tell your complete truth to him. I’d absolutely feel lonely that way too. It is in a way pushing someone away. And I totally get that for safety concerns or trust issues. But some times you have to risk them not understanding or being comfortable with your real self in order to get that outside validation that everyone likes having. 

@therealjacksepticeye I am watching Far From Noise and I have to say this is one of the most home hitting ones you have made…. I’m in the 3rd year of my BFA and everything always feels like it’s because I’m not ‘smart’ enough or 'creative’ enough and everything you are saying along between the dialogue is everything. I don’t think I’ve related or cried to something so much in so long. But you are right, you just have to keep trying and everything happens for a reason. You just need to keep your head up. And it’s going to be okay. I think out of anything you could have uploaded, this was the video I needed most. Thank you. I just feel like I needed to say thank you.


Finished a chapter of Open Tab. Just need to reread it and do some editing.

I was feeling a little iffy about it last night but that might have been the late hour talking.

Or maybe it’s really awful and I’d rather eat a raw tomato than post it. (I hate tomatoes.)

But it’s our anniversary so… I’ll probably post anyway. I’m sure you are all used to my shitty chapters enough at this point that you won’t be disappointed, right?

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I have the genuine utmost respect and love for mark and all he’s done and pushed through. In his video hearing him saying all he ever wanted to be is proud of himself struck a certain chord with me as I’m sure it did with many other people. It’s really such a true thing to only long to be proud of oneself or finally happy. And seeing mark make that happen is really inspiring and makes it seem more within reach. Especially with him saying he’s doing fine and we’re doing fine to the camera felt like he’s was talking right through the camera having a one on one with me and it’s what a lot of us who feel lost need to hear. That one of us know what we’re doing and that’s okay. It’s okay to feel like life’s going to fast and like you’re just winging it. Cause we all are. And sometimes we forget that. Sometimes I forget that. And being reminded of it from such a big role model in my life is such a momentous push to keep moving forward and to not dwell on having to know what we’re doing. Because you don’t have to know what you’re doing in order to end up happy or proud of who you are. So thank you @markiplier for bringing up this conversation, reminding us it’s okay to be lost cause everyone is, and always being here for us❣️

oh also when he first came onstage a guy yelled JOHN I LOVE YOU and he said “I feel like we need to get past the thing of telling musicians we love them like for all you know I have a basement full of dead bloated bodies I just happen to write songs you like” and then IMMEDIATELY sang the grey king and the silver flame attunement which is a song about hero worship dkdkdkdj he’s a good performer

A Long Emotional Night/ Far From Noise 💚

I am so sorry I’m so late to talk about this video but anyway I loved this video so much, I really feel at peace in it and I really need to hear this especially now because I’ve been going through almost everything in the video and it really felt good to just have a moment in time with @therealjacksepticeye in the video and Sean don’t ever doubt your intelligence and your creativity because you’re amazing in your own way and don’t ever change and you will always have us to come to and talk to whenever you need us like we need you and I feel such a strong connection to this video and jack’s story because that happened to me and now I hope the future is bright for both of us and everyone in the community and I love you all so much and thank you so much for the experience Sean I really appreciate it 💚

There’s always someone to love you ✘ Dark!Barry|Savitar Imagine ✘

A/N: Hope you like it! Thanks for my beta, @lyss-91, as always ♡ And tumblr isn’t letting my put the title, bleh.

@lookclosernow’s request: Savitar? Maybe you were his love and he wanted to destroy everything because after your happy life together you said that you didn’t love him! (It’s not try maybe it was your doppelgänger or smth) and I need flashback where you broke his heart ❤ And then when he is evil you came and said about your real feeling. And happy end! Thank you 😊

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Beaches are cozy and clean, until people start throwing litter at them. Damaging it to the point of turning them into something completely unorganized, even dangerous.

People are like beaches. They come into the world completely pure, and some people throw dirt on them until end up with something bad.

That’s what happened to Savitar.

He was a good man, he really was. Until everyone around him began to abandon him and treat him as a stranger, as a disposable, a mistake which shouldn’t have even be committed.

Savitar’s way of feeling could be explained, but never fully understood. He was a mistake on his own in the world. The people who claimed to love him discarded and replaced him, and Savitar sacrificed himself for them.

He was willing to die for them, and they killed him in the worst way possible.

“Bar— Savitar!” Savitar heard a familiar voice call. He turned around himself, waiting for you to approach him.

“Do you want to tell me I’m a mistake again?” Savitar said like a snake loosening its bitter venom.

“What the hell are you talking about!? What the fuck is your problem, anyway!?” You answered in frustration, almost catching how Savitar’s eyes widened quickly and his eyebrow arched in surprise. “Seriously, holy shit. You’ve been doing this, these stupid puzzles and with… With missing the essential bits!” You normally didn’t have a taste for using ugly words like this, maybe a fucking once or twice, but not like that; unless she was frustrated, sad or 100% angry. “From the day we met, you made these sadistic games, torturing each of us mentally until we discovered your identity. Well, your sadomasochistic game worked, we found out. But what’s your problem with me? I’ve never hurt, Barry. I would never hurt, even in this alternative past where you came from.” You sighed, running your hands through your hair and tossing them back in exasperation.

“I’d forgotten how dirty that cute little mouth of yours could be.” Savitar replied simply, with a smirk painted on his lips. “Let me refresh your memory, you were even worse than Team Flash.” He spoke the name with contempt, as if all your friends deserved the fate he had sealed for them. “You stayed with me just to break me even more, maybe I should kill you after Iris only for petulance against your god!” Savitar masked his fucked heart with his power, as he had learned long time ago.

“You’re not a god!” You exclaimed and he approached you. His hand touched the skin of your cheek as if it were an ice sculpture, fragile and painful to the touch, and yet beautiful, so beautiful that it made that physical agony from touching worth it.

“I’ll be one, and everyone will regret what they did to me.” Savitar smiled like a madman, and all you could do was feel your heart beating with exaggerated speed inside your rib cage. You told yourself it was fear, even though your brain was pounding and screaming that it was not exactly that.

“What have I done to you?” You sighed, caught in the contact with those frighteningly comforting eyes, even with the aesthetic change.

“The worst thing a goddess could do to a god.” Savitar answered as gently as was posible to him, and you could almost touch the pain in the syllables of his words. “You left me.”

Savitar pulled away from you, and you knew he was getting ready to run and leave you with one more unanswered question, but you were done with it. It was time to understand what the hell was going on.

“Tell me everything, tell me every little thing I’ve done to make you hate me so much.” Savitar, who had his back to you at that moment, finally turned to you. “Please.”

“Hey, babe.” Savitar, still Barry, said when he heard a noise in the front door, avoiding to turn to give a smile to his girlfriend. The way his face was still kept him insecure, even with (Y/N) saying that he was still as beautiful as ever to her. Barry did not even understand how she could kiss him, smile at him, caress him and fuck with him, all those normal couple things. When they went outside, Barry could feel their eyes on him, judging, belittling, utterly angry. He had to admit that he understood these people, no matter how miserable that left his emotional, Barry was disgusted with himself, too. And the only person in the world who could make him see the beauty in himself was you, the love of his life, the moon of his sky. The only person who crossed her arms and kicked her feet when he said he was thinking of doing plastic surgery, because you knew how dangerous it could be, that he could catch an infection or something, and you preferred him alive than in a hospital bed sick, fighthing for his own life. Besides being beautiful, even with the scar, you always said. “So I’ve been researching and…” But it was still difficult for him to deal with himself every morning. “I found a plastic clinic in Keystone. It’s not very expensive and it’s new, but it has several people with positive results.” A anormal sound at your apartamemt was heard, and Barry almost frowned at it, you hated high heels because they left your feet aching, weird you wear them in Monday morning. He didn’t think much about it, maybe you just woke up and wanted to wear high heels.

You finally got yourself into his gaze, generating confusion in his head. Did you mention that you were going to dye your hair? Not that you needed to say everything you were going to do, of course, but that was strange, especially because of the clothes that were completely contrary to your style, you looked like a villain from a 60s’ movie.

Althrough the worst thing was the look you gave to him: surprised, and yet, as if you were disgusted with what was seeing. You’ve never looked at him that way, like Team Flash and the people on the street. That was the first crack in his heart that day.

“Your hair looks beautiful.” He praised it because it was true and he should just be paranoid again.

“I know.” The coldness in your voice was worse than Killer Frost’s ice kiss. And your cheeks were not blushed with his praise? And without a small smile or a quick peck on his lips? You did even look like yourself. And it was paranoia and anxiety or you were staring at the burn on his face so far? Anyway, those factors together formed the recipe for Barry to look away, suddenly embarrassed of himself.

“I know you don’t want me to do plastic surgery because of the risks, bu…” Barry continued, trying to shift to a subject in which he had been trying to get your support for weeks.


“I know, it’s more than risk, I promise I heard what you said. I can get an infection, the surgery can go wrong and my face get deformed, but…” Your giggle, in fact, laugh, stopped his mouth. He looked at you in confusion, your eyes were almost crying of that hard laughing.

“I don’t know if you looked at yourself in the mirror recently, but you’re completely screwed. How come you live knowing your face is like this? You don’t go outside, do you? I’m just saying, people can get annoyed by… this lil problem.” She rolled her eyes. “It’s disgusting, really. How could I love you?” Again, the snow-like smile graced her red lips, and her coldness was transferred to her own words. “Breaking news, I never loved you. If you’ll excuse me, I have to go home.”

Barry couldn’t walk, breathe or talk for at least fifteen minutes after you left. How could you say those things to him? You had been the only anchor which kept him from plunging into the darkness of pain for so long, and now you just drowned him there.

It took a while for Barry to notice that there were tears coming out of his eyes and touching his burn, causing an immeasurable pain, but he could not get the salt water off his face. His whole body trembled, Barry tried to breathe, althorugh it seemed almost impossible. It was like those panic attacks he had a few times when he was a kid after his mother was murdered.

Barry’s condition was deplorable, and he couldn’t help himself. He tried to get up, run, scream, yet he just fell to the ground, one act that the speedster considered like a human weakness. Barry gave up fighting and gave himself that moment, only his sobs were heard as his body was agonizing on the floor.

You, the moon of his night, thought he was disgusting.

And the light was completely erased.

Savitar stared at the floor, didn’t feel right to talk about that moment with anyone, especially the being that had caused it in him, but the god’s speed just couldn’t really say no to the only that had the remaining pieces of the stone that was once his heart.

“Oh, Lord.” You said in shock, your eyes wet with his truth, it was painful just thinking. “I… It was not me.” You finally managed to say the words that were struggling to get out of your throat a few minutes ago.

“It was you, even if you do not remember it.” Savitar snapped back, ready to leave you again.

“It was not me.” You sniffed and he took a step forward, a little further from you, and it smashed your heart, and the confirmation of you having helped him to have his soulbroken worsened the sensation in your chest. “I … I remember this version of me. Not of this reality, of course, but from the past that I remember, this one was a duplicate from another earth, sent to kill The Flash. But she was a sadistic little bitch and screwed the whole team’s life before we get her.” You explained, and Savitar didn’t answer. “You… Did you get those memories of Barry? Of that me?”

“I did, but it was after I became who I am. I denied all the memories that involved you, didn’t want to think about things related that day.I did not think… ”

“That there really was someone who loved you? Someone who would never leave you or hurt you like this?” You took a step forward, insecure but determined. The old popular saying that your mother used to say hammering in your guts: go, and if you’re afraid, you’re keep going. “I’m still here.” You put a hand on his shoulder gently, and Savitar turned to you. You could finally see the vulnerability spreading all over his face and body. You put your hand on his scar, trying to show that you were not angry. You loved every bit of him, even if he hated it, especially when he hated it. “I still love you.” You made the confirmation of your suffering as gently as you could, and you received your reward as he closed his eyes and leaned unconsciously toward you. You gave a warm smile, the hope was still there. “It’s not too late.”

Because you always knew that people were like beaches, and that beaches could be completely detonated. But its beauty would always be hidden behind the horrible things they’ve been through, and with the right work… They could shine again.



I finally did it. I managed to escape that horrid camp. I need to keep moving though. The raiders will be looking for me. They will always be out there searching and I will always need to keep moving. I have no choice now. Not after what happened. Maybe one day I’ll tell you. For now it’s enough to know I’m alive. I am well even if I am shivering from cold. I need to find shelter and warmer clothes as I journey into the mountains.

For now I have Mama’s supply kit. She has a small thermal tent and sleeping bag for when she’d need to spend the night. I feel her presence around me like I’ve always felt yours. Whether dead or alive your both still with me. Mama helped me to escape. Told me to keep running. To not look back no matter what. I don’t know what happened to her. I kept my promise and kept running.

I’ve finished setting up camp and spraying the zombie repellent Mama made on everything I have. Now I’m surrounded by the smell of death. I need to be careful not to use too much. I do not want to have to make more. That would require me killing zombie’s and always in the back of mind I’ll wonder if that thing was you. 

With love,


@legendofsim‘s Safe Harbor BC

Beginning / Previous / Next

Y’all I don’t think this anon is lying. There is a tweet that directly says they saw [and MISSED] some of the EW covers because they weren’t paying attention, but they caught the Finn+Rose and Holdo+Poe one.

I think they’re telling the truth, but admitted they didn’t see the one cover with possibly Leia/Holdo+Luke/Poe on it. But they seem legit. The fact that people are tweeting about it, and that the show obviously JUST happened… like, the anon even tried to “clarify” by saying they didn’t see one of the covers well enough to tell who was on it…

Just, fyi, the psychology behind lying is that you usually don’t feel a need to “clarify” something because you think you got it “wrong”. Lol, lies don’t work that way.

EDIT: So I think they’re telling the truth about the Kylo+Rey cover… might be proven wrong in a matter of hours but… just be on the lookout. Send me a link if you see it. I’m in a different time zone and might sleep soon… but now I CAN’T SLEEP

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What holds back "Last Strike" the most? I know there'd need to be a minor update to combat rules, but that Comp. rule updates happen with Keywords anyway. Double Strike I'm guessing would probably need to have it's reminder text more often, but it's not exactly a common ability anyway, so I don't feel like that would be too problematic...

I tried to do Last Strike in Future Sight. Then Rules Manager Mark Gottlieb (who as a design team member first suggested it) explored what it would take to add to black border. It turned out it required significant fiddling with the rules and opted not to do it. It’s not any easy fix.

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What really happened is before their interview was filmed the interviewer asked "Ok before we start who are your celebrity crushes" & he hears "Tinashe! Rihanna! Normani! Bey-" & the ppl are like "Wait wait I don't think any of those girls were invited & since this is the 'CMAs part 2 pop music edition' we're gonna need you to name some other people so we don't feel left out so here pick a name out of this hat" 1 of the boys is like "but idk who th-" but he's "AND WE'RE ON IN 3 2 1!" Lol jkjkjk!

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I think in all honesty I'd fucking love to see someone tell them to redo the tackle hug from the first one (is that not realistic? I dunno)

I wish that would happen but I feel like if it was an ask it would be super awkward. Phil just needs to surprise dan and do it!!

tbqh todd and farah waking up together and dirk waking up alone and scared in bart’s cell is pretty emblematic of one of my biggest fears wrt todd/farah, which is that they’ll get together and dirk will feel like the third wheel and like they don’t need or want him around?? even if you accept the premise that dirk’s feelings for todd are 100% platonic (which i think you all know i do not), todd is so important to him—he said he’s the first person who’s actually wanted him around, and the official twitter said that he’s the best thing to ever happen to him!—and i don’t want to think about what it would do to him to think that he’s just in the way of todd’s relationship with farah (and, by extension, in the way of todd’s happiness)… this isn’t me prioritizing dirk over todd and farah (farah in particular is a wonderful angel who deserves all the happiness in the world), it’s just that they both have some sense of self and purpose that’s not wrapped up in their relationship with each other or with dirk, you know? they’re in difficult positions, but they’ve both led lives where they’ve had family and friends and presumably other romantic relationships. dirk has nothing. at the end of the day i just don’t want him to be alone, partly because i love him with all my heart and he deserves to be happy, and partly because i really don’t want to see the gay-coded character be hurt and left out due to a het romance… idk this isn’t particularly eloquent or anything but i’m just really worried about my boy and even though there are aspects of todd and farah’s relationship that are progressive and important i really really don’t want that to come at the expense of dirk (who, again, is very strongly gay-coded, whether or not that was intentional) having to feel alone and out of place??

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That fic! Was so! GOOD! I fucking love the description and the fact that you didn't just go "and then they talked about everything that was bad and it was fixed and everything was okay forever" like others might, since life doesn't work like that. AH! You're such an AWESOME writer! I was close to tears. Also, take all the time ya need to write; it's fine. I hope you have a nice day/night/week! <3


yeah! like honestly, this is just one of the many conversations that will happen or probably need to happen and fights are messy and making up is messy and sometimes you start out talking about one thing and end up talking about another, and its almost worse when both people care about each other because then feelings are hard. but its okay. they love each other, and everythings gonna be fine eventually. 

THANK YOU also….that is very nice of you to say…….i hope you’re having a good night/day/week as well <3 

I’m rewatching the first episode of Stranger Things and I’m like damn, the Byerses used to have a dog!  I can’t remember seeing the dog in Stranger Things 2, did something happen to it in season one and I’ve forgotten?  Or did it just disappear between seasons?

and then I was like “They got Bob”

and I was like “Oh yeah.”

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As a shipper for reylo and finnrey, I'm so happy for latest tv spot. But I went to finnrey tag and there are still people screaming: suck it reylo or " tlj heroes tv spot are so f valid. the tlj official trailer can CHOKE." just being nasty overall. When we get the hand moment in the trailer, we never went lol f all the other ship reylo is the only valid. why would they feel the need to act that way?

I just checked the tag and yeah :/ Some of the first posts I saw were along those lines. They feel the need to act that way because they think our mission is the same as theirs, i.e. proving that our ship is better at the expense of another ship. So obviously that must mean we are unhappy like they are when anything close to Reylo or Kylo redemption happens, right? 

Except we don’t operate like that and never have.