i feel like this just perfectly captures their relationship

Good Stuff: Baman Piderman

WARNING: When making Kool-Aid, buy two packets for better flavor. Thank you, take care out there, and enjoy.

Holy Slamacow, this show is the tops and bottoms

Before Tumblr became my glory hole for art and visual entertainment, I had more complex sites like Newgrounds, Stickgames, and Youtube before it became a sellout. And in Youtube, there was a channel called Mondo Media that felt like a reject Adult Swim sub-channel. And in that, Mondo had stuff like Dick Figures, Gundarr, and Larva that would produce new episodes by the week and I’d check in every time. Not Happy Tree Friends though, that scared me. But I saw a particular series that I then I unfortunately sweeped under the rug like a pak of gummi blobs. Let me tell you, I was a FOOOOLISH child for thinking this was nothing but nonsense scribble dribble! This was/is the best thing to enter my life, and it deserves all the praise and love and cake and ice cream that one might be able to get. Why I skipped out on such a delight back all those years ago is a certain mystery. Then again…

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Made by Lindsey and Alex Small-Butera, a couple of artists whose fluid yet jittery outlined animation can be recognizable if you’ve seen an Adventure Time or Ed, Edd, n Eddy. Not saying they were involved in the latter, but this show takes the style from the Eds and pictures from the early days of animation reels. And if you haven’t seen Ed, Edd, n’ Eddy as a child, then I feel sorry for you. This was what got me hooked at first, with simple motions the characters look like something from old Fleischer or Disney shorts, but when it needs to pick up the motion can be as smooth and well flowing as a… Ghibli film? No, that’s more grounded. Steven Universe? No, that’s too floaty. I GOT IT! Have you ever heard of The Snowman, a small film about a boy that flies with a snowman he built himself that is just genuine Christmas? Now have you ever heard of this one commercial that parodies that movie where this child and a snowman were flying through the winter air while the child had a Scottish soft drink in hand and the snowman ditched him since he was too spoiled to share? See below, but Baman Piderman is like that with its direction, except it doesn’t have as detailed an art style as the commercial or the film.

it also doesn’t have a punk who REFUSES to spare a sip!

The second, and personal favorite, element of the series are the characters. Admittedly, BP’s first season didn’t do much for me beyond introducing most of the main cast. It’s silly hijinks for a start, but season two certainly picks things up. My favorite character will go to the ghost girl Wanda, not just for her giddy prankster attitude but because her past is very intriguing; originally a haunter in Piderman’s house it changed somehow but more on that LATER! Though, I’ll say the evolving couple of Pumkin and the very big squib are a well featured dynamic, with Pumkin’s laid back charm in contrast with Squib’s enigmatic attitude. Their episode here perfectly captures their gentle and fun togetherness, as well as the central mood for the show, and I hope their kindling relationship blooms like a cloud in the sky.

It’s also the simplicity of it that gets me

This can be a silent film sometimes and there’s a comforting sense of passion that shows how much the creators care about this and you, esp. when some feels step in. So many feels. I highly recommend this to anyone who would just like a nice time passer or a spirit booster when times get tough. As we speak, a new episode of their third season is almost finished (that’s gonna be spoopy), so that can be something out for as well. But that’s all; just wanted to persuade you into checking this. You may continue with your scrolling.

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And I’m off to dream…peace


Ok, so I’m getting kind of annoyed and it’s only been a few hours since the episode debuted.

1st things first, you can ship Clace, I really don’t care about that, to me personally they’re just another straight couple like so many we’ve seen represented in books and film and… nearly every media outlet ever. But again, that’s my opinion. If you could stop ragging on about how Malec is now dethroned or stuff like that I would appreciate it though

2nd The Malec scenes, quite a few people seem to like stirring up drama and blaming either Magnus or Alec for their interactions. Magnus is hurt and vulnerable, and putting on a show. We realize this because he’s slipping into his persona to hide just how much what happened in 2x12 is affecting him. However, I understand Alecs desire to have Magnus be professional and not be there as his boyfriend during the meeting. Politics, be it downworld-shadowhunter, or real world, is complicated, and a minefield. It is true however that Alec isn’t very good at verbalizing his feelings, and sometimes will put his foot in his mouth when it comes to that. Magnus has every right to be upset, and less of his normal understanding self right now. And Alec wasn’t wrong with his request that Magnus be a warlock representative. 

In my personal opinion I think that Magnus’ presence helped reassure Alec, but he just didn’t want to have accusations of bias and favouritism thrown his way. Magnus is still trying to deal with the consequences of what happened to him, but he was still there for Alec when he needed him. Do you realize how difficult it must have been for him to admit to the other downworlders that Valentine had been in his body?? Yes their relationship isn’t perfect. No relationship is. But would you STOP blaming Magnus for everything just cause he has more experience? (This bit has to do as much with this episode as last week’s)

3rd Luke, I personally loved Lukes scenes, I feel like it was a great development of his story, and considering the hatred he harbours for Valentine, after everything that happened, Isaiah played the scenes perfectly. 

4th Mr. Psychopath has made his appearance, finally. I loved how Will Tudor managed to capture that demeanour, and that attitude. 

5th Was I expecting the seelie queen to be so young? No. Do I mind? Nope. The only thing that made me sad was Simon getting so hurt. Even though we knew it was going to happen it was still heart wrenching to see it, props to Alberto for his performance. 
Oh and stop criticizing Clary for going after Simon, it’s a normal reaction. 

6th Meliorn and Raph are awesome. But I am glad Rizzy is officially over. Meliorn: “Shadowhunters all look the same to me.”

kind of continuation of adrien not being an innocent child since he’s a denizen of hell the internet

  • he has several accounts in different social media sites, not as chat noir nor as adrien, but just an anonymous guy who’s a big fan of ladybug
  • like, he would write metas about ladybug’s character and getting into wars because other people don’t agree with how he characterizes ladybug (which, excuse you! she’s ladybug with or without the mask. she doesn’t need a miraculous to be miraculous!) it was no question that he would defend her honor with or without his suit.
  • people would actually send him messages/asks about his headcanons/metas about ladybug and he was cited to write the most comprehensive character analysis about her
  • but when people ask about his opinion on chat noir, he’s just, meh. chat is an okay guy, i suppose? like he’s nothing without ladybug, anyway.
  • and this is where the real wars come in because people would actually fight him about his lackluster attitude towards chat noir. it totally warms his heart because people like him and defend him, but he’s only speaking the truth when he says that chat is nothing without ladybug.
  • he also writes fanfics about ladybug and chat noir and they’re some of the best non-romantic fics in the internet. like, he perfectly captures their relationship and their feelings - the simple joy when patrolling their sleepy parisian home, the rush when facing an akuma attack, the euphoria after a job well done.
  • he’s also a big ladynoir shipper, at least at first, except when he read his first ladynoir fic, his heart just broke because the chat in the story was happy with his lady and he was not. well, of course he was happy when he was with his lady, but the chat in the story, he’s happily in love with his lady and she loves him in return. not to say that his lady doesn’t love him, but just that, she doesn’t love him the same way he adores her.
  • and because he’s always a people-pleaser, no matter his identity, he relents and writes a ladynoir fic for his followers.
  • it was a work of art, even if he does say so himself. but it’s just so sad and angsty that no one could read it more than once because their hearts weren’t meant to be broken like that.
  • it’s basically a one-sided ladynoir with chat devoting his life to his lady and when given a choice of his death or his lady’s, well, it has never been a choice for him.
  • and it’s just the best and the worst ever!
  • somehow, his fic gets to alya, lady blogger extraordinaire, and she just cries the ugliest tears ever. then recs it on her blog. then reads his other works, about their partnership and his fics are just so beautiful and profound that she recs the author himself.
  • and definitely recs it to marinette, who’s just so confused now because no way would her alley cat feel that strongly towards her.
  • (for the record, he does you silly woman!)
didsw’s reigisa fic recs!! :O

(haha, get it? rec it? whatever fuck this)

I’m not good at summaries or anything (in fact, these summaries are awful) but I’ve always wanted to do something like this so yeah! I’m sure many of you have read a lot of the fics on here but hopefully there are a few you have missed! I didn’t put all my favorite fics on this list, though–the ones with trillions of kudos I left out because I’m pretty sure most of us first filter by kudos on AO3 anyways, so it would be a boring list. 

They’re not in any order (I repeat: NO ORDER), and I will definitely undersell them because I’m trying to make this concise but I GUARANTEE each and every is a treasure! So please, everyone, find it in your heart to read! For reigisa! For fanfiction!

Not under a cut because I think it can be kind of difficult to read on my blog. Sorry for the (very long and unnecessary) post!

Ink on Paper by RicePilaf: Rei (away at uni) writes Nagisa a letter and for some reason the letter is like? the cutest thing I have ever read? It is so so lovely and sweet and short but worth the read! 

Three-Fourths Cotton, One-Fourth Polyester by brumalbreeze: I’m sure many of you have read this, but hits a few of my deep dark secret kinks. (Mouth-fucking, anyone? Goddamn) Rei’s lowkey a pervert but it’s okay! Because Nagisa is too! (Also I guess brumal heard that I was putting this on the list bc SOMEONE (see below) couldn’t keep a secret and did some mad editing so even if you’ve read it a billion times already give it another go)

Grand Pas de Deux by Shaples: Seriously, who hasn’t read this yet? Stripper!Nagisa and Bartender!Rei, except they’re not reduced to super shallow tropes. They’re multi-dimensional characters who have hopes! And dreams! And sex! And a lot of alcohol. (Ongoing)

Blast from the Past by jenatwork: “Oh, teacher-student relations? That’s gross,”–me, a fool, before this fic. It’s NOT teacher-student…..it’s teacher-FORMER student and it is hot af. (AND LEGAL!) Like, my god, take me now Ryuugazaki-sensei! 

When You Leave by letters_of_stars: Rei drowns during training camp and Nagisa casually falls apart because of it. To make matters worse–Rei’s ghost has come back but Nagisa is the only one who can see and hear him. Now, I know what you’re thinking: you fucking masochist! Why would you read this! How dare you rec this to me, a happy shipper? Um, maybe because its beautifully written? Seriously guys, this fic is so, so good–well thought out, humorous at times, and captivating even with it’s dark theme. I seriously teared up at parts while I was reading, but like, in the good, I-read-fanfiction-to-hurt-myself, kinda way. (Ongoing)

Will you love me tomorrow by hentaihorseface: “Ugh, not another mpreg fic,” I say as I click the link. “What is this, 2007?” As usual I’m completely wrong because this fic fucking. ruined. me. I’m not kidding. The emotions I feel when I read this fic are just so intense–I’ve really come close to crying from a) sadness b) happiness c) any other emotion because it would provide an outlet for my INCREDIBLY INTENSE feelings. Why is Rei as a baby daddy so appealing? Why Nagisa as a hormonal pregnant teenager is somehow heartwarming? This fic has it all: angst, sex, fluff, family drama, hurt/comfort, you name it. All those filters on ff.net? Yeah, they’re all here. No, I’m serious everyone–Rei and Nagisa as teen parents is such a gift. (Ongoing…so she says)

X and Y by emkayss: All you really need to know is: fem!Reigisa. But if that didn’t convince you, it’s got pining and seemingly unrequited love and a happy ending. And if that didn’t convince you, I don’t know if you can truly call yourself a reigisa shipper. As short and sweet as Nagisa herself!

Let Go of Time for You by walkalittleline: Remember that super angsty reigisa mook KyoAni threw at us a couple months ago? On one hand, it was like “Fuck this, why didn’t they make Rei bite Nagisa’s neck or rescue him with an underwater kiss?” but on the other hand it was kinda like “Oh god Rei’s so goddamn head over heels for Nagisa he fucking brought a photo of the two of them on the aircraft despite weight limit regulations.” (Seriously, do you know how anal space travel is? You can’t even have an extra screw lying around) Also, he built a fucking NagiDroid 2.0. (Which is creepy, but since it’s Rei I’m willing to interpret that as an act of love). But anyways–another plus was/is the influx of Reigisa mook stories, like this one. What I like about this fic is that it’s written from Nagisa’s point of view and shows his struggles of being left behind on Earth while Rei floats around in outer space. It’s sad and truly heartbreaking at times but the ending will make you squeal and giggle and clap your hands because you’re an idiot who lets fanfic dictate your life. Or maybe that’s just me.

Sandalwood by Deanon: General rule of thumb: Arabian AU always slays, always. My god, this fic is just so precious! Rei is such a sweetie and Nagisa is a temptress, but in the angelic sort of way. And Kou is a very good friend. 

chasing magic by Growlithe: How could I not include this fic? This work + au inspired me to write my own Reigisa au! So there was no fucking way I was going to leave this treasure out. Questionable Bartender!Nagisa and Magician!Rei. Rei’s a total dweeb in this, but then again, when is he not? And while this fic is entertaining and Nagisa’s internal monologue is downright hilarious, it also manages to portray Rei and Nagisa’s budding relationship as incredibly soft and sweet. You’ll get warm fuzzies reading it or your money back!

Grand Optimist by 3cars: A heartbreaking “25 Lives” trope. Reincarnation is always a bitch! This is one of those fics that leaves a sort of empty ache inside of you, even before you’ve finished reading. It’s not a sad ending but it’s somehow not particular happy, either. It’s so lovely and bittersweet, like the darkest chocolate or the oldest wine. (This is me trying to be fake deep.)

Thinking Out Loud by youcanbeking: A truly wonderful fic by one of my best friends! Do you daydream about Reigisa weddings like I do in class? Because in this fic, Nagisa sure does! A super cute story about Nagisa and Rei’s developing relationship that dives into deeper, more serious topics that arise when you’re dating someone. Or maybe Nagisa just over thinks things. 

helpful tips 4 u! by venusianeye: Honestly fuck this fic for making my heart explode into tiny little bubbles of joy every time I read it. It is just–okay, read it and you’ll understand, alright? Nothing I say will do it any form of justice. I just–oh my god I’m getting a lil emotional thinking about it–the way it’s written is just so amazing. And the way Nagisa talks about his Rei-chan is literally, LITERALLY going to send me to an early grave. There are some really fucking cute phrases he uses and his love for Rei really comes through. Enough gushing! Please read this! 

Late Night Call by ZWorld: Dweebs in love. Dweebs having…phone sex?! That’s sexy, but this fic is honestly just so sweet and innocent. I feel like a weird, perverted mom reading this because the whole time I’m like “omg babies you go! get the boy! have all the phone sex I’m so proud!” A very, very cute fic about Rei and Nagisa’s first time diving into that aspect of their relationship. 

like i’ve never seen the skies before by sylveonimbus (cloud_sakura): Another truly paintful Reigisa mook story. How the author was able to perfectly capture the voice of Nagisa the android is beyond me. This fic cut rights into the heart–but if you like angst, please read this. I don’t want to ruin the fic, but rest assured it is absolutely beautiful. 

cohabit and inhabit by magicianprince: Domestic Reigisa for the soul. Reading these two fics is the equivalent of drinking hot chicken soup on a wintery night, when you’re all bundled up in the covers and tired from a long day. They are perfect portrayals of Rei and Nagisa living together–I love these two fics with all of my heart. Reading this before bed is a surefire way to ensure sweet dreams. 

kiss him silly, kiss him sillier by suitablyskippy: Honestly, the writing and vocabulary and voice in this fic is just goals. Like, who did the author have to sell their soul to to so perfectly capture Nagisa, Nagisa’s thought process, and his interactions with Rei on top of incredible wording and vivid imagery? This fic transports you back to the sticky heat of summer, the excitement of having a crush, and the wholehearted fun of adolescence. 

So that’s the end of my rec list! Again, sorry it was so long, but I’m too fucking weak to my blog aesthetic to change it to make it a little bit easier to read. 

I hope there was at least one fic on here you haven’t heard about–and everyone, if you DO choose to read, leave kudos! Leave comments! Who fucking cares if it was written in the fandom Stone Age EVERYONE loves to have their ego stroked! I hope this was as fun for you guys to read as it was for me to write. And if you have some recommendations for ME, I…probably have already read it, to be honest. But send me the titles and authors anyways! Because I could spend my life reading about these two lovebirds falling in love and having sex and making out over and over and over again <3 


But have y'all ever seen this gem? I swear this video just had me feeling all tingly inside about how pefectly it captures the essence of kagehina
I think I’ve watched it on repeat for like half an hour the first time around???
There’s not one thing that can better express how I feel about this ship, how I don’t even care if those two date or not, for all I care they can get married to someone else because whatever relationship choices they make the link between Kageyama and Hinata is just so amazing, they understand and complete each other so perfectly and whatever label they use, nothing else will ever quite match how perfect they are together.
And now I’m ramblig again because this glorious video bought back the feels.
Just, shoo. Go and watch it.

Author Spotlight: atetheredmind

This feature is a collaboration with panempropaganda and everlarkedalways as part of Panem Propaganda’s 100 Days of Mockingjay: Shipping and Fanfiction.

This interview is a companion piece to an article written for Panem Propaganda, available at X.

With many thanks to panempropaganda, everlarkedalways, and muttpeeta.

Graphic by everlarkedalways. Interview by papofglencoe​.


“[She] is pretty much one of the cornerstones of Everlark fanfiction… She always leaves you wanting more, and it’s always so easy to get lost in her stories.” -wrestlerpeeta

What is so unique or special about Everlark to you?

I love how their relationship subverts your typical romance/contemporary fiction tropes. It’s refreshing. But while Katniss and Peeta both defy accepted gender norms, they don’t completely shirk any and every masculine or feminine attribute associated with their gender. They encompass all of it. They’re just very human. And I think their malleability as characters make them very easy to insert into just about any fanfic idea or scenario you can dream of.

Also, I don’t want to downplay the importance of Katniss in her own narrative because she is such an important female character, but as I read more and more, I’m realizing male protagonists like Peeta are so, so rare. Finding a male character who is strong but vulnerable and emotionally available, assertive but respectful of his love interest’s agency and feelings, and is just charming and witty and compassionate and smart is just a literary treat. His strengths and characteristics just really help elevate Katniss; they bring out the best in each other.

What inspired you to write Everlark fanfiction in the first place?

I was thirsty for more after finishing the series. This was back in early 2011, so fanfiction for THG was still relatively sparse at the time. I eventually read everything there was, but I still wasn’t satisfied. I kept daydreaming scenarios for Everlark in my head, particularly in their “growing back together” phase after Mockingjay, and I was so frustrated that nobody else was imagining the exact same things I was! So one day I just bit the bullet and started writing my own fics. I had never published any fanfiction before Everlark and THG.

What’s your personal favorite of your own fics and why? What inspired it?

I guess I’ll always consider Hero of the Story to be my fic baby. I was inspired to write it after seeing a discussion on tumblr about birth control methods and job opportunities in District 12. I started to imagine Katniss as someone who would take a vested interest in helping provide her people with old-fashioned birth control and home remedies. I think I love HOTS because it tackles some heavy issues, and for an in-Panem AU, it’s kind of fitting for the tone and reality of the series. It’s hard to find fiction that tackles the subject of abortion, and it’s something that’s pretty important to me. And for some reason I like making Everlark do abhorrent things like cheating while figuring out how to make them likable and sympathetic. I think it’s a testament to the strength of their characters and Suzanne Collins’ story.

What’s the greatest challenge for you to writing Everlark?

I think capturing their voices will always be the hardest part. They’re so distinct in canon, I think, and capturing their unique chemistry and rapport is one of the biggest challenges in writing them, just capturing what makes Everlark so shippable for lack of better wording, but it’s fun trying, at least.

When you’re pushing the limits of character or situation, what ineffable traits of Katniss and Peeta/Everlark do you keep intact to preserve their characters?

I guess I already inadvertently waxed poetic about Peeta’s character, but I think something essential to Katniss’ character is just how stubborn she is. Honestly, it’s how unlikable she can be. (And again, shout-out to Suzanne Collins for making a female character so unlikable and likable at the same time). For all Katniss’ good characteristics, like her compassion and quick thinking and intelligence, Katniss can also be mean and spiteful and suspicious. Normally, when it comes to writing fanfiction, you worry about Mary Sue-ing your main character, but that’s almost inherently not a problem with Katniss; sometimes I think we struggle more with not making her so unlikable- which is usually a result of Gary Sue-ing Peeta I guess, but that’s a whole other issue.

What’s your favorite Everlark trope and why?

I guess I’m a bit of a sucker for the enemies-to-lovers trope, antagonistic!Everlark. It usually entails delicious, delicious banter and unresolved sexual tension, and that’s just really fun to write (and read).

What is an Everlark fanfic that has stayed with you? Why?

I can’t sing the praises of The Unrecorded Hours by hollycomb enough. It was one of the first THG fics I ever read, and it filled the hole left by Mockingjay and satisfied my curiosity about Everlark growing back together. She captured Katniss and Peeta and their individual voices perfectly, and she also captured the sweetness and uncertainty and desperation of how I imagine their budding romantic and sexual relationship would be after the war.

What is your favorite Everlark headcanon or fanon?

I don’t know if this is a headcanon or if it’s actually canon- but since Katniss never defines or acknowledges her feelings about Peeta prior to the games, I’ll say it’s headcanon: I like imagining that Katniss developed a crush on Peeta after the bread incident. It’s why she kept tabs on him, not just because she felt a sense of debt/connection, but because she started to crush hard on the guy. She watched him heft flour bags around, knew he was a wrestler (I like to think she’s watched him in a match or two), knew he was popular and had a lot of friends. She was preoccupied with her family’s survival of course, but in her own way she started falling for Peeta from a distance. I just think it’s so cute when both OTP halves are so into each other but don’t realize the other likes them too.

atetheredmind is the author of works such as A Thin Line, Best Laid Plans, For a Good Time Call, Hero of the Story, The Act, The Education of Peeta Mellark, and Voyeurs. She is on AO3, FF, and on tumblr as muttpeeta.

panasonicrxft500  asked:

hi john! ever-faithful practicing bacchant frog with a burning question i can't seem to find an answer to anywhere else: for the sake of those who seek pilgrimage to it, is the tree on the cover of "the sunset tree" actually located anywhere specific/significant (near the original pantry? the tyrolean alps?) or is it just A Picture Of A Tree You Guys Found Somewhere? cheers!

Here’s how cover art works, roughly: the band chooses a designer, or is paired with a designer somehow. 4AD has a longstanding relationship with beyond-legendary designer Vaughan Oliver/v23; one of the first questions Peter and I asked when 4AD called was “does this mean we get Vaughan Oliver to design our sleeves?” At the point of The Sunset Tree, we’d worked with Vaughan twice already and we were friends; I’d especially loved the We Shall All Be Healed sleeve – feel like that design captures the mood of the record just perfectly. So Vaughan got the advance of The Sunset Tree and – I don’t have the emails handy, I don’t remember what his words were exactly, but I remember him saying he thought something simple would frame the album best. Austere. For my part I remember talking about how the sleeves of old classical music LPs from the 40s/50s/early 60s felt like an avenue worth looking at – that often-literal-minded, often-appropriately-so approach. Some leaping trout on the cover of Schubert’s Trout Quintet, you know. I don’t remember how many passes the process went through – what happens after the artist talks with the designer is the designer sends some early ideas, the artist can say “yes, but can you” etc etc or “no, this isn’t the avenue I was thinking” or “what if this, but” etc. Sometimes it takes quite  while. My thoughts here were that a literal image would draw the listener’s attention to the title & its source, and that sunset would be the right mood…to bring the image into focus, to have it present for anybody who’s a listener in the way I was as a teenager: sitting with the album, looking at the cover as it begins to play for the first time.

The actual tree is not a tree I’ve seen in the real world, and I don’t know where they sourced it from. Somewhere in those old emails I may have information about it, I don’t remember. Sometimes it works other ways – for Transcendental Youth, I knew I wanted a painting by Aeron Alfrey. Anyway that is the story of that album’s cover.

anonymous asked:

I'm just now realizing that your username is a lyric from Partition and I feel so slow. Whole time I was just like wow that's really creative lol! But if you had to choose one Beyoncé song that best describes Richonne what would it be?

Haha! Well it’s still creative, just not on my part! 😄But I feel like most people don’t know that until I tell them, so you’re probably ahead of the curve, friend!

As for your question, oh man. So the first thing that came to mind, which isn’t really a Beyoncé song, per se, was ‘03 Bonnie & Clyde. It so perfectly captures the beautiful balance in their relationship, how badass they are individually, but they make one another better. I honestly cannot listen to that song without a series of their scenes together flashing through my head.

But if we’re talking about strictly Bey, there are so many options, but I have to go with Halo. From the very first line, Remember those walls I built? Well baby they’re tumbling down, and they didn’t even put up a fight; they didn’t even make a sound. Listen. LISTEN. If that’s not Rick and Michonne, I don’t know what is. And now I’m thinking about how she says “I ain’t never gonna shut you out” and how that kiss from 7x05 illustrates that so perfectly, and suddenly I’m trapped in a glass case of emotion. 

anonymous asked:

Top 5 Free! fics

okay look this sounds easy but it’s not i’ve read so much fanfic for this fandom okay um 

1) moments: a critical perspective by nagisa hazuki because it’s beautiful and funny and endearing and perfect absolutely perfect
2) Dead Reckoning because it’s such a great MakoHaru fic and it’s so sweet and realistic and just really perfectly captures their relationship

3) Eight Days A Week (I Love You) because the conflict just stuck with me and really the ending is just the best and it’s so sweet and fitting gosh dude

4) I Don’t Know Why I Got Married because we all need a little Gou perspective and her relationship with Mikoshiba is so sweet and it just really feels like an extension of the anime the characters are so well written

5) The Theory and Practice of Male Bonding because it’s not only the most realistic angle of growing up! MakoHaru i’ve ever seen but also because it’s just so well-written gosh dang man 

Special mention to The Mating Habits of Snails and i thee wed which are both really beautiful and sweet and MakoHaru ! 

anonymous asked:

That question about Chrmdpoet's fic wasn't by me, but i got curious. Why is that fic so good?

So, I promised i would tell 20 reasons to read this fic. x. Now I’m kinda regretting that I promised 20, but here we go…

  1. It starts right where season two ended
  2. and the story line/writing is so realistic that it feels like the perfect season three.
  3. but just with clexa
  4. The inner monologue of Clarke is amazing, the writer has captured the pain and guilt that Clarke feels really well.
  5. and the feelings she has towards Lexa are explained beautifully and realistically. You really get the sense of confusion/passion Clarke has towards Lexa
  6. Lexa is explained perfectly. You really get the feeling that she is young while being eternal. 
  7. The clexa relationship does not escalade too quickly, which I think is one of the biggest reasons why the fic is so realistic.
  8. There is no cheesy “lets cry together and forgive ourselves and each other” scene. 
  9. Or a random sex scene, which I think suits Raven’s personality, but not Clarke or Lexa’s.
  10. The scenery is described beautifully
  11. For example Polis is not described as I originally thought it would be like, but through the writer’s detailed description it has become the real Polis for me.
  12. Some simple things, like putting on grounder’s clothes, are described with much detail, which makes everything more real and more alive
  13. Questions like, what about dental hygiene? Or hygiene in general? Or going to the bathroom?? Are finally answered.
  14. Or what about periods?? All the “basic” surviving thing that the show doesn’t tell are told!
  15. My kind of fic is where nothing that dramatic really happens, but then again on a personal level so much is happening. (makes so much sense right)
  16. The fic updates frequently! And I mean like almost every other day, which is amazing.
  17. It has 35,564 hits, so I’m not the only one loving it
  18. And 700 comments. And I still haven’t seen a negative one.
  19. The author, Chrmdpoet, seems like such a smart and nice person
  20. And i’m writing this instead of studying for my finals, which tells a lot about my priorities atm, but also a lot about this fic.


i don’t normally fawn over fics–but i read one monday-tuesday that absolutely crushed me in every way possible, but in a good way. recently i’ve only read fics that are placed in the bunker because i like that sense of tfw having their own little burrow and actually knowing what it looks like, and it’s generally always just one-shots. if it’s more than that, i kinda’ just skim it.

…and then Ghost Dance by omphalos happened

this may be one of my favorite fics ever. it tackles a storyline perfectly, so much so that it’s one of those things i can’t believe didn’t really happen. this fic is nearly how i would like the series itself to end. it covers everything and it just, it–it does it so well. it’s one of the only things i’ve read that truly captures the feel and emotion of all of the relationships as well.

so if you guys have some time to spare, definitely read this one. i have a huge crush on this fic